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Friday, January 18, 2019

Supporters of President Obama no doubt still harbor lingering pangs of jealousy over the star-studded parade of hip celebrities who lined up to throw their considerable weight behind Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in the 2012 presidential campaign — Meat Loaf’s stirring rendition of “America the Beautiful” in particular causing the green-eyed monster to rear its ugly head.

But one of Mitt’s all-star team has broken free from the pack — yes, Detroit’s own Kid Rock, a conservative who campaigned and performed at events for Romney after extracting a promise from the candidate to “help the state of Michigan,” has done an about-face of sorts, telling Rolling Stone that he’s “embarrassed to be a Republican.”

Sounding an awful lot like a socialist and nothing at all like Paul Ryan, the usually reliably right-wing Rock blasted the current state of income inequality, telling the magazine, “Athletes and musicians make astronomical amounts of money. People get paid $100 million to throw a baseball! Shouldn’t we all take less and pass some of that money onto others?”

But wait, there’s more! “Think about firefighters, teachers and policemen,” continues the pro-choice, pro-marriage equality Rock, making his bid for Liberal of the Year and practically guaranteeing himself a starring role on Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. “We should celebrate people that are intellectually smart and trying to make this world a better place.”


Take a moment to relocate your jaw from the ground back up to your face before trying to absorb this next bit, as Rock explains that he’s planning to charge only $20 per ticket for his next tour… even if he doesn’t make any money, because the idea is to — wait for it — share the wealth: “Don’t guarantee me a dime; if nobody shows up, I’ll lose money. It costs us $125,000 to show up with our crew and whatnot,” he begins. “But I want to share beer, parking, hot dogs. Let’s put the money in a pot at the end of the night and figure out, based on the numbers, what I’ll get paid. Even if it sells out, I’ll take a pay cut. Fortunately, I’m able to do that.”

And lest you think he couldn’t stomp on the spirit of capitalism any harder… think again. The first two rows at each show will not be sold; Rock will send his roadies to the back of the venue, and bring some of the unfortunate riff-raff up front to enjoy the show from the best seats in the house — there will be none of that “he who pays the most gets the most” at a Kid Rock concert… no, everyone, be they taker or maker, has the same chance at a free front-row seat.

The newly benevolent star would also like to make rows 2-18 available only by paperless ticketing but has run into trouble with states that have outlawed the practice. And if you’re thinking that this is where the other shoe drops, this is where he finally does what Republicans are genetically wired to do — blame President Obama and the Democrats for the whole sorry mess — you will be disappointed. But happily so.

“That’s one of the times I’m f***ing embarrassed to be a Republican,” he rants to the delight of everyone who shares even a passing acquaintance with reality. “It’s f***ing Republican lawmakers passing those laws, you dumba**es.”

You don’t say.

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

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117 responses to “Kid Rock: I’m ‘Embarrassed To Be A Republican’”

  1. AMinNV says:

    His overall message, if sincere (and it probably is), puts the majority of so-called conservatives to shame. The man deserves a thumbs up.

    • robthom says:

      “Supporters of President Obama no doubt still harbor lingering pangs of jealousy over the star-studded parade of hip celebrities”


      Because thats the only thing that libtards respond to,
      jealousy and celebrity worship.

      • angemon3690 says:

        “Because thats the only thing that libtards respond to,jealousy and celebrity worship.”

        How do Rush Limbaugh’s balls taste? I can hear you sucking on them thousands of miles away.

        • Bitchy, bitchy, bitchy. LIBERALS never allow anyone else freedom of thought or speech, in my experience. How is that for IRONY???

          • You clearly have no idea what freedom of speech means. It does not mean “freedom from criticism.” You have every right to say stupid things, but we liberals have every right to tell you you’re wrong (and vice versa). Oh, and what you claimed would be “hypocrisy,” not “irony.”

          • idideat12 says:

            Yes. Thats why liberals are always calling any criticisms by conservatives “hate speech”. Nice soapbox you are on.

          • Oh and you do it quite often don’t you

          • Jamin Hughes says:

            Conservatives have the right to tell liberals when they’re wrong? Wow! News to me!

          • Randy Kitchens says:

            The Italian word for dumbass is ‘Liberalia”.

          • lana ward says:

            Liberal policies have ruined everything they touch

          • Syrie Marcum says:

            WRONG Neal Blaise Salogar. Wikipedia: rony (from Ancient Greek εἰρωνεία (eirōneía), meaning “dissimulation, feigned ignorance”[1]), in its broadest sense, is a rhetorical device, literary technique, or event characterized by an incongruity, or contrast, between what the expectations of a situation are and what is really the case, with a third element, that defines that what is really the case is ironic because of the situation that led to it. The term may be further defined into several categories, among which are: verbal, dramatic, and situational.

            Once again, proving that you as a Liberal talk without knowing what the FACTS are. Research can be a valuable tool when trying to prove a point in your favor. Otherwise, you just come off looking ignorant.

        • idideat12 says:

          At least republicans don’t worship their political representatives. They expect them to do their job (represent the will of the people) or they vote them out. You probably get a thrill up your leg whenever you see your dear leader.

        • There are nuts on both sides of the lines .

        • rudy88 says:

          angemon/i don’t know if you drink but for that post about Rush ball someone owes you a round(lmao)

      • algionfriddo says:

        Why would Obama supporters care if Meat Loaf took time out from his run on Your’re Fired to support Rmoney? You are delusional.

      • Hey Einstein, the author was being sarcastic. Perhaps you actually like the Republican “stars” he mentioned, but most would consider them has-beens or never-weres.

        • idideat12 says:

          Conservatives can spot a RINO buy the liberals who support them. I bet your were on the straight talk express with old man McCain.

    • bcmugger says:

      No his comments are meant to sell records.

    • Boetica says:

      Taxes mean the government is forcing you to labor for someone outside of your scope of responsibility. That violates the 13th Amendment. Conservatives give more money to charity than so-called “liberals”, who like to be generous with other peoples’ money. He doesn’t deserve ANY thumbs up.

      • Listen teabagger, good luck running a large society without taxes. I’m sure those roads and schools will just appear by magic.

        • idideat12 says:

          The Tea Party doesn’t advocate not paying taxes. There are some states with no income taxes. They have higher property and sales taxes. The federal government is not supposed to give your healthcare, welfare, and wipe your ass.

        • Boetica says:

          Why do you insist on attributing a homosexual sex act to people who celebrate the tax revolt known as ‘The Boston Tea Party’?

        • rudy88 says:

          stop being logical Neal/teabaggers hate logic/barbra eden will build those schools by blinking her head

        • lana ward says:

          Look numbnut,Obamas new budget includes $800 billion in tax hikes and $7.3 trillion in new debt. And it will hurt the middle class. Is that enough taxes for ya???

    • idideat12 says:

      He is a liberal idiot that thought he was a republican. Thats what drugs and alcohol will do to you.

  2. Papa Juan says:

    I came here with the thought of, “no, sorry, you don’t get to be embarrassed.” But I have to say I am happy for him and appreciate his sincerity.

    • idideat12 says:

      I agree. He is pretty dumb so whatever revelations he has no matter which way are to be greeted with a blank stare and just nod your head while you ignore him.

  3. Mark_in_VA says:

    What finally woke him up?

    • Conditions in Michigan and what he saw come of Republican help.
      I voted for Ronald Reagan when he ran for President. I figured the man deserved a shot.
      In general, I’m that rarest of political birds–a centrist. Much like the Kid, I find myself recoiling toward the liberal because the right wing is getting just that repugnant these days.

      • USMCJock says:

        What’s taking you guys so long to figure this shit out? Why wouldn’t you listen to people (i.e. Progressives) telling you “Hey Reagan and the GOP in general are no good. They are anti-American”?

        How can you not see what the fascist GOP is all along? I’m just curious.

        • Boetica says:

          Fascist? The kings and queens of euphemisms, speech codes, and destruction of once great cities (like Detroit) have so much nerve to call the GOP fascists, and blame them for the destruction that their “progressive” policies have brought upon the poor.

          • Yeah, those liberals really trashed the city of SF. Nice try.

          • Yellow Devil says:

            Actually it’s worse than that. It’s the whole state of CA. Four cities have either declared or facing bankruptcy: Stockton, Atwater, San Bernardino and Mammoth Lakes. This is despite the beautiful scenery and enjoyable weather. And, according to NBC news, the municipal ‘disease’ is spreading. So, yes, the Neo-Liberals are doing a number on that state, and give it time for SF to finally fall victim to this.

          • John FitzGibbon says:

            How interesting for right-wingers forget that the biggest city/county bankruptcies in California were Orange County that was/is run by the republican party. And the bankruptcy occurred when times were good!


          • Boetica says:

            They got sick of the homeless crapping in their doorways, and urinating in the streets. “The poor” cannot afford to live in San Francisco, so they tear up Oakland instead.

          • lana ward says:

            Yes they did!!

        • idideat12 says:

          Hmm. Democrat run cities like Detroit, Chicago and Washington DC that keep blacks trapped in welfare and failing schools is real Americana. Trying to do anything about it is un-american. You are so smart.

        • Marine, WTF? Hitlers Plan Was National Healthcare,Gun Registration And Confiscation And He Used False Flag Events And What Minority Is Our Common Enemy…If That Ain’t Obama’s Wish List, I’ll Swallow A Willie Pete….Wake The F@#K Up, Brother

        • JP says:

          The party of less government (not including RINOs) cannot be fascist by definition. The party of more government is.

          You really should look up the meanings of words before you use them.

        • kevin72132003 says:

          While not keen on everything the GOP does I will not support the democratic party because its policies are ultimately aimed at producing the Greek financial situation in this country.

        • Which party continues to take your freedoms?
          …trick question the answer is both of them. This country is a soft fascist state. Wake up Marine.

    • idideat12 says:

      he really is one of the dumbest republicans. but they take what they can get.

  4. clarenceswinney says:

    The General Accounting Agency reported that the Republicans in Congress spent $110,00,000 from 1995 to 2001 on Hearings and Investigations on the Clinton administration in a concerted organized effort to destroy it.
    Obama is getting the same treatment only a different approach. Do not allow him any programs that will help the middle class and poor and build his reputation. It was a disgrace to kill the American Jobs Bill in a severe recession with high unemployment.
    The list of Filibuster set new records by far. The Republican even got so petty they would not pass the Budget Resolution that always passed with ease.

  5. bpai99 says:

    I give the guy credit for waking up and realizing what Republicans now stand for. A real shame what has happened to a once-great party.

    • pappadaddyo says:

      If they would get back to the party of Lincon, T.R., and ike, they would be the malority party overnight!

      • idideat12 says:

        Yay for Lincoln. He freed the slaves and then gave them to the DNC to trap them in cycles of welfare in all our major cities run by …… DEMOCRATS! So nice of you to give advice to the party or Lincoln.

        • pappadaddyo says:

          Yes Lincoln freed the slaves, Teddy gave us the national parks system and was the first to propose a national healthcare system. and Ike gave us our interstate highway system, got any more of them stashed away anywhere?

      • Elliot J. Stamler says:

        Yeah, well and it would be wonderful if the Messiah appeared tomorrow and we had a cure for cancer discovered today. The Republicans no more are today the party of Lincoln, TR and Ike than Sarah Palin is Eleanor Roosevelt. (I walked out of the GOP more than 25 years ago realizing even in the 80’s what it was rapidly becoming.)

    • idideat12 says:

      Awww shucks. You really have a soft sport for the once-great party. What a nice person you are.

    • Yes the other party is doing so well too .LLOOOLLL

    • And The Other Party?…It Would Be Nice To See Jack Kennedy’s Views On His Former Party, He Wouldn’t Be Allowed In

  6. Kind of funny, because it’s all those people in the bottom half paying the athletes and musicians.

    • Michael Kollmorgen says:

      It’s all wholesale Brainwashing. They think by supporting these rich bastards, one in a million of their kids will someday be like the people they support.

      GOOD LUCK!

      • I thought it was because we liked watching sports. Crazy me.

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          Well, sure people love the stuff. It’s very addicting.

          But, these kids playing junior sports all hope to be professional when they grow up. Parents all hope the same thing.

          And, once a judgement falls against a player on the field, watch the parents go nuts, start fist fights with the referee, etc. Hell, even between themselves.

          It’s all Brainwashing. And it all makes huge amounts of money for the equipment suppliers, sports stadiums, players, everyone concerned with sports, except of course for the cities that host a professional stadium. Schools are falling apart, neighborhoods are still ghettos not far from them. But people LOVE their sports.

          • Not every kid that plays pee-wee ball thinks he will become a pro. Many dream of it, but find out along the way they won’t make it. Does that mean we should just quit playing little leagues? According to you all that comes out of it is parents starting fights. So, let’s just keep those little buggers from playing. Then the parents can fight over who let their dog crap on the front lawn. Those kids don’t need dreams, ambition, or even exercise.

            Michael Kollmorgen has decreed that kids will no longer participate in sporting events. They will stay at home and play educational video games. Oh, and they can only eat BK and Big Macs.

    • Only the ones foolish enough to fork over money for tickets when they can watch it on tv or online.

  7. july860 says:

    I hope the author was being sarcastic when he mentioned the “A-list” celebrities who performed for the GOP (I mean Meatloaf, c’mon!)

  8. rustacus21 says:

    Conservatism is ALL about make-believe: that is, making believe they can do what is intuitively against their nature – caring for, working with & on behalf of others. As the ‘con-game’ works, they sucker people in w/their ‘prosperity for all’ screed, but it actually turns out to be pure, unadulterated greed – wealth taken from those willing to suspend reason, better judgement & common sense just long enuff to get a small taste. If able to overcome their conscience at taking from the poor, unsophisticated, even the marginally wealthy (particularly the vacant variety), U can become an unrepentant, sociopathically successful conservative! Good for Kid Rock for KEEPING his conscience AND sound, reasoned judgement intact long enuff to discover his error…

    • Boetica says:

      I’m sorry that you have been so unsuccessful in your life, but don’t project your own character flaws onto your enemies. I understand that you believe anyone believing they have a right to their own labor is your enemy, even when they give significant amounts of their earnings to charity. YOU and your ilk would rather be generous with other peoples’ money. What poor character you have. Why don’t you move to Venezuela and see how well Obama’s policies really work. Oh wait, we see the results in Detroit, Newark, Compton, and other “progressive” hell holes.

      • Yeah, those poor millionaires buying all the $1mil houses in SF have really been crippled by those progressive policies. If you want to live in a society free of any restrictions or financial responsibilities, feel free to move to Antartica.

        • Boetica says:

          The “progressive” policies of San Francisco keep poor people out. The elitests there keep them away from their pristine homes.

    • idideat12 says:

      How are they taking wealth from others? You mean they actually walk up to someone and take money out of their pockets? Oh .. you mean trying to get people off of entitlement programs. Those same programs that have never been cut (national debt).

      • rustacus21 says:

        Now, do U really expect me to answer, or do U want to think seriously about what U’r actually ‘thinking’ (I guess, U could call it…), rephrase it into something coherent, reflecting U actually know WE the People pay into these programs, the same way U pay into an annuity or 401K & the return reflects what is OWED US! Sure there’s problems w/the system, but so too is the case when banks & investment entities walk away w/trillions (since ’01) & U want to worry about a couple of million here or there? There’s proposals to make Wall St. more accountable (thus more effecient, less corrupt) & banks less apt to gamble w/YOUR & my $$$, which total yearly in 10’s of billions in lost revenue for the government. That’s per year! But still, as a conservative, I expected & U didn’t disappoint, not answering my charge that conservative are at the root of our social, political & economic calamities, by convincing conservatives like U somebody is taking something from U that U don’t even HAVE! Wealth, that is, or else U’d be on Capital Hill, bribing or paying off the Congresspersons who voted for legislation that keeps U & the rest of US un-rich in the poor house!!! Brilliant!!! Read U’r Constitution & try it again…

  9. I am happy you came in to the real world.

  10. Deemic Cimeed says:

    He just lost his seat at the Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly circle jerk fest.

  11. bcmugger says:

    Note to humanity, not everyone “makes it” in life. Life is a B….get over it.

  12. john mason says:

    Kid Rock is not known for being articulate, but I understand some of his message. Still he best be careful, because the libs just love love love republicans who bash their own party, look at John McCain or Krispy Kreme the Sandy Hurricane turncoat. No, I am upset that the repub, did not fight the MASSIVE AND OBVIOUS VOTER FRAUD. That is most upsetting. I am thinking of joining Rand Paul as a Libertarian. The repubs can keep us Tea Partiers only if they start showing more courage of conviction. Let the New York Times rage! Who really GAF? They will hate us no matter what we do. They are married to their hate.

  13. Any Republican should be embarrassed to have him as a member of THEIR party!

  14. Charles___Darwin says:

    He’s still better than all the coke snorting rich trash Hollytards who support Obama. Why, it may even drive Cher and Ashley Judd crazy. Wait, they already are!

  15. Just a cover tune jockey who has always been a wanna be. Too much drugs, booze and STD back stage bitches, done rotted his balding squash. BFD, he thinks we should give others money away so he can sleep better at night. Go ahead join the Democrats, never saw that lending his name ever did any good anyhow. Marginal voice mediocre talent and nothing original about him anyway.

    • Garet43 says:

      Sour grapes much?

    • Randy Kitchens says:

      The Kid is not dumb. He was married to Pam Anderson, a position most American Males would DIE for. I digress. I think the Kids message is to the Repubs caving in and not standing by ANY personal beliefs.

  16. CrashDavis15555 says:

    Michigan is the way it is because of Republicans…..please tell me how.

  17. Nell says:

    Supporters of President Obama no doubt still harbor lingering pangs of jealousy over the star-studded parade of hip celebrities//

    This line made me LOL. Literally. You are talking about a bunch of washed up B-listers, dear. When it comes to celebs the libs have the A-listers.

    • Boetica says:

      Basking in their wealth, and looking down upon “the little people”.

    • july860 says:

      Yeah, like I’m just burning with passion to see that excuse for a human being, Ted “they call me insane” Nugent play.

    • It was SUPPOSED to make you LOL. It’s called “sarcasm,” and pretty damn obviously so in this case. Geez!

    • idideat12 says:

      Darn. All those intelligent actors and singers that do drugs, make violent movies, spend millions on themselves and their entourages. Sure .. the republicans need more of those people to look like a party that cares about the average guy.

  18. Sounds a little socialist to me ,perhaps he should become a libtard dimokrat.Eh Comrade!

  19. José Luis Garcia says:

    Well you dont have to be a poor peasant to be able to belong to the Democratic Party, which is the way the Republicans view people who do not think the same way they do, that is why you live in a Country with Democratic views and Ideas which is one of the great gifts from our forefathers and the Constitution protects you, but with too much gerrymandering in the Senate, and the House of Representatives in Washington, they twist and turn all of the Constitutional bills and amendments to favor some of the people and ruin the rest, and that rest of the people is losing the battle due to too much money exchanging hands.

  20. I’m waiting to hear that he has distributed most of his extensive wealth. Sell one of his fabulous houses, auction off his expensive cars. That’s what dem eschew publicly, but none of them do. They only want to redistribute OUR money.

  21. MikeV12 says:

    Sounds more like a healthy endorsement of private voluntarism to me. Nothing inconsistent about that. Unless, like LaurieInQueens, you don’t actually understand politics.

  22. impeachhobama says:


  23. Juvenal451 says:

    He should have is Personal Assistant go to the Registrar of Voters and change his registration.

  24. Duude says:

    Kid Rock has been hittin’ the crack pipe again. Stay tuned for the latest details on his next trip to rehab.

  25. siggyvidir says:

    Just curious for you dems here. Did you know both Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi are “farmers” in New Jersey. Wanna guess why? Its to avoid taxes! So save the self righteous BS of your party ok? Absolute Hypocrites!

  26. brbroberts says:

    And the media winds up the so-called politically savvy posters again, once again turning them into a left-vs-right spin, all the while passing things like CISPA and allowing banksters to get away with the plundering of the American Citizenry’s wealth, and guaranteeing we’ll never eat normal food again by passing bills that support the likes of Monsanto.

    Very few of you realize how badly you’re getting screwed by both sides.

  27. Elliot J. Stamler says:

    KId Rock should be embarassed and then get the hell out of the Republican Party. Personally the only thing Kid Rock has ever done I think memorable is to ball Pamela Anderson a few hundred times. I can’t think of anything else but then I am not into rock music.

  28. Democrat run State CA, Feinstein/Boxer is in red $180Billion, all propped up by Federal Reserve notes, Gov IOU’s, to pay for welfare programs that you Liberals love so much.

    Where Democrats rule, we see debt, interest payments and high taxes, all feeding the .01% Banker class that loans paper money to the Dems to “pay” for their nonsence.

    Good for Kid Rock,, he shares his own wealth.

    Dems method is to force others at government gunpoint, to share their wealth. At the heart of Democrat theory beats heart of Karl Marx. Face it , your Marxists.

  29. Randy Kitchens says:

    Kid, BE a Conservative! Most if not all RINOS are not Conservative. There are a few newcomers in Congress. Check them out. It actually costs you years of your life to be a Liberal, worring about taking stuff away like liberty, freedom, and peoples money. Conservatism is free and you live longer. Plus our women are prettier.

  30. He should be embarrassed to be a musician.

  31. Liberals suck. Kid Rock sucks more. I cant wait for Hillary to get eaten out in the white house with a cigar in 2016

  32. says:

    Funny how he wants everybody to attend yet rows 1-25 are $250 a ticket in his PLATINUM TICKET PACKAGE. This isnt mentioned in this “everybody gets a chance” article. He’s acting like he isn’t making any money. Nobody else charges $250 PER SEAT for the first 25 rows.

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