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Thursday, October 27, 2016
  • Jim Myers

    And the beatings will continue until morale improves…

  • Donald Granger

    All Politicians! How about spending some time and effort getting something, anything accomplished! This congress has done less to help the American people that any congress on record, while spending more! What is the return on our investment on the ridiculous mess in Washington. Think of the waste! Think of all the Senators, House Reps, staff, administration, and associates we (the people’s tax $) are paying for what? So we can listen daily to both sides put a political spin on each and every issue. When do the American people get what they deserve? Just a little representation, just a little bit of leadership, and some thought about all the countries passing us by as we argue daily about each and every issue. People do not want to hear anymore of the B.S., they want something done! The expense we are saddled with for absolutely no conceivable improvements is a travesty. The gravy train is about to end! We will be surpassed by most every country in education, financial stability, and safety. We sit and watch for some leadership as thousands of foreigners stream across our borders on a daily basis. How do you know these are not our enemies entering our country. If we go to war, our enemy is already here due to the ridiculous inaction of our government. There is no spin that congress can put on their unproductive selves that will make any sense. Don’t you know that the American people are tired of both parties finger pointing on a daily basis. We are tired of the retread politicians and their over blown political budgets to convince voters that they are a game changer. Our politicians don’t vote anymore, their party votes for them. Votes are purchased, this has been going on too long!

    • Allan Richardson

      The problem is that one party’s definition of “accomplishment” is the other party’s definition of “a disaster we must prevent at all costs.”

      While Democrats are TRYING, while outvoted in the House and filibustered in the Senate, to SOLVE the problems of America’s middle class, and those who aspire to become at least middle class, get different races, religions and sexual orientations to get along peacefully, get a reasonable level of tax revenue out of those who have done so well for themselves by shortchanging the workers who make their success possible, and end unnecessary involvement in foreign wars — and I almost forgot, make it financially possible to stay healthy even if you lack money, the Republicans are out to STOP anything good for the middle class from happening, PROMOTE division by race, religion, and the like, PREVENT the wealthy from having to pay ANY taxes, KEEP us involved in endless war — and oh yes, 50+ TIMES yes, STOP Americans from getting affordable health care.

      When you have two teams on opposite ends of a rope in a tug of war game, and BOTH teams are strong, the rope doesn’t move. It’s not because both teams are weak, it’s because one team doesn’t WANT results!

  • Barbara Morgan

    It is past time that we have an amendment that sets term limits for members of Congress and their work schedule and pay including benefits and perks. Right now the first 4 hours they suppose to be helping govern this Country etc they spend collecting money for their re election campaigns which they were not elected to do,,then 2 hours with “people from their state and or district ” visiting DC, something else they aren’t elected to do while on the taxpayers clock and maybe the last 2 hours of their hard day at work debating passing or killing bills if they are not in a committee meeting or secret meetings with their rich donors (owners) . We have to actually show that we are doing the job our boss pays us to do, so should they have to show their bosses( the voters-citizens) their productive card and time card. They want to spend 4 hours raising money then they don’t paid for those 4 hours, they want to spend 2 hours “meeting people” no pay, that is suppose to be their reason for not working 46 weeks or more a year like we do. Only do the job they were elected to do then 2 hours pay is all they get and no more than $ 7.25 an hour, they do minimum work they should only be paid minimum pay.