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Monday, July 16, 2018

Although everyone from President Barack Obama to House Speaker John Boehner has lamented the negative impact of the $85 billion budget sequestration, at least two major Washington figures are thrilled about the severe cuts. For Charles and David Koch, the sequester accomplishes the goal that motivated the billionaire brothers to help launch the Tea Party movement in 2010: weakening the federal government. And now that the cuts have begun to take effect, the Koch brothers are reveling in their success.

Americans for Prosperity, the right-wing dark money group founded by the Koch brothers in 2004, sent out an email to supporters over the weekend claiming credit for sequestration. The email, from AFP President Tim Phillips, claims, “While Speaker Boehner and the GOP deserve credit and thanks for taking a gutsy stand, it’s important to realize what an incredible impact AFP activists like you” have had in convincing Congress to slash the federal budget across the board.

“These combined efforts helped spread a message across the country that enabled House Republicans to take heart and do the right thing knowing that conservatives had their back,” Phillips continues. His full letter, which also brags that USA Today “recognized the effectiveness of AFP activists and gave us the opportunity to articulate the importance of sequester cuts,” can be read here.

The Koch brothers are also taking to the airwaves to keep up the pressure for even more cuts. Public Notice, to which Charles and David Koch donated $8 million between 2009 and 2011, released a new ad Tuesday minimizing the impact of the sequester — and encouraging the government to make even deeper cuts.

“President Obama calls sequestration a ‘meat cleaver’ that will ‘eviscerate’ government services,” the ad’s narrator ominously charges. “What is sequestration? A three-percent cut in government spending. Three cents out of every dollar the government spends. We’re more than $16 trillion in debt, and the government wastes billions each year on duplicate programs.”

“Americans have made tough choices and cut back. Washington refuses,” the ad concludes. “Call Washington and ask them why it’s so hard to cut spending.”

The ad — which ignores the fact that government spending under President Barack Obama has grown at a slower rate than it did under any president since Dwight Eisenhower was president in the 1950s — will reportedly run until March 15.

Charles and David Koch’s enthusiasm for the sequester isn’t hard to understand. Although the cuts will have a devastating effect on society’s most vulnerable, they will likely boost Koch Industries’ bottom line. The budget sequester is expected to hamstring the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory efforts, and Energy Secretary Stephen Chu has warned that “under sequestration, funding reductions would decelerate the nation’s transition into a clean energy economy.” Both outcomes would seem to be very good news for the oil billionaires.

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80 Responses to Koch Brothers Revel In Sequester

  1. Yet the dumb keep insisting it is all Obama’s fault, while ignoring the traitor conservatives who are really driving the devastation of our society.

    • Obamas about face on his sequester. Type that in on youtube. Obama wanted to keep the sequester more than anything

      • There was a recent poll taken by a non-partisan group that showed the FACTS…..that FOX news watchers are LESS informed than people who do not watch ANY news. hahahah !! TRUTH…. Yes, Ms. Ward you are entitled to your OWN Opinions but not your own facts….Like Pontius Pilate, you want to come up with your OWN facts/truth….which you are NOT etitled to. JESUS the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. FOX news is NOT in the bible although they seem to want to rewrite it.

          • You don’t even watch Fox , so how can you say they don’t tell the truth??? If you watch it you know they do tell the truth–that’s why Obama hates it!!! He can’t except any truth reported about him!!!

      • Be careful what you wish for, Lana. Obama put forth the idea of the sequester to motivate congress to do something. Republicans in congress voted for the idea of the sequester in droves. They did nothing. When you cut government, you cut JOBS. With hundreds of thousands of upcoming layoffs, our economy will tank even further than it did under W. The Republicans and their ultra-wealthy friends like the Koch brothers are to blame.

        • Obama can cut programs that won’t hurt Americans. He wants to hurt the Republicans but has to hurt us to do it. He could startby cutting the billions of dollars that he gives to our enemies

          • Well, let’s go one step further. I googled DRONES. There are approximately 7,000 drones in ‘service’ to the USA. I Googled the cost – anywhere from a few million to 12.5 million to 35 MILLION dollars per drone. HEY – AMERICANS – do the math. Sequester? Why don’t we stop building drones. Guess what? We’d have the money to PREVENT the sequester if the Military Industrial Complex wasn’t hell-bent on blowing up things, and people, and children. Obama ridiculed Bush for military practices. Yet, he’s the SAME.

          • EXACTLY – there are TONS of places the government could save money, but instead they are choosing to target cuts at places that will hurt citizens.

          • Educate yourself. The sequester is an across the board cut of the military and all discretionary funding. Unless congress acts, there is no ‘choice’.

          • Of COURSE there is a choice! Do you not understand the most simple aspects of budgeting?

            The people running each agency choose where to spend the money they have in their budget. Let’s say an agency had funding of $100M last year (2012). They wanted a 10% budget increase in 2013 ($110M), but because of the sequester they are now only going to get a 5% increase to $105M. How they choose to spend that $105M is still COMPLETELY THEIR CHOICE, but they still have MORE money then they did in 2012, so there are no real “cuts” at all!

            Basically what the white house is advocating for every agency to do is to make sure they cut the services that people will notice and where it will HURT the citizens the most. And there are so many idiots in this country that just eat that propaganda up that it’s terrifying!

          • The WH has sent out an e-mail telling federal officials to be careful to make sure to implement the sequester, mandated cuts in the most painful way possible because if the cuts have minimal impact, it would contradict the warnings they have submitted to congress about the dire impact cuts would have on their ability to perform. Omuslim PURPOSELY wants to hurt us so the Republicans will cave. He sure loves America, doesn’t he so–EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!

          • Since 1/20/09 the only ones that were out to hurt this Country because they hated President Obama, is the “Just Say No’ Party. They even say no to policies they were in favor of when there was a Republican President. Austerity is not the solotion it will cause greater economic issues.

            Cutting spending is only one aspect, increasing revenue is the other part of the equation. If they had passed the American Jobs Act the President put forth, people would have gotten back to work. That would have increased revenue and decreased the number of people receiving unemployment, food stamps, welfare, snd housing assistance.

            The items the Koch Brothers want are: segragated schools, no minimum wage, no unions and no EPA. They want to be free to pollute the air we breathe and the water we drink.

          • Obama is going to hurt us as much as he can with the sequester because he’s not getting his own way. I’m sure it’s going to backfire!

          • That’s a lie and you know it. WHY would Republicans want to breath polluted air and drink polluted water, are you nuts???

          • Exactly. Obama is going out of his way to choose cuts that will hurt Americans. The sequester consists only of cuts to planned increases, NOT actually cutting any budgets so they are less than last year. So the idea that people need to be furloughed and jobs need to be lost is 100% manufactured by the politicians to try to push their high-spending agenda. They don’t want people to realize that you could actually cut quite a bit more and the sky wouldn’t fall. Because when you shrink government, then you can shrink the amount of taxes you have to pay (after you pay back all the irresponsible borrowing of course) which leaves more money for companies to use to expand, and more money for citizens to spend on products and services, which is what REALLY drives the economy.

          • Those on this site will never get it. That “person” in our WH has so many brainwashed, there is no hope for them

      • What about the awol coke head that lied us into two wars, was convicted of war crimes and tried to bankrupt our country and his about face on those pesky weapons of mass destruction or his lies about “stabilizing oil prices” by invading iraq?

        And you were stupid enough to vote for him twice.

        Understand why nobody really appreciates you?

        • Whats that got to do with Os sequester? He doesn’t want it now because he wants more taxes. He is going to make it as painful for us as possible until he gets his own way. He’s nothing but an evil, America hater, coummunist spoiled bitch!!!

        • I’m more of a libertarian (little L) but I’m registered Republican, and I don’t see too many people defending George Bush nowadays. I didn’t vote for him, that’s for sure. So go ahead and do your “tit for tat” thing by saying bad things about Bush – I’m right there with you. I think Bush’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lie to get us into war with Iraq borders on treason… Just like Obama’s lies about Iran to try to get us into war with them, or Obama’s giving money to get the Muslim Brotherhood elected in Egypt. They *both* should be in Gitmo right now – you won’t get any argument from me! But we need to drop the whole “tit for tat” thing completely, because political parties are what the elites use to control people and keep us fighting each other so we don’t notice as they pillage and bankrupt our country! I think the best thing that could happen to our country right now would be to outlaw political parties. If you could only vote for *candidates* and they didn’t get to put a letter after their name, we would have *infinitely* better candidates!

    • If Obama had any balls he would use the Sherman Act to break up all republiCON run companies.

      He could put the cock brothers out of business and force them to blow all of their money on legal representation, sort of like the government does to regular folk, daily.

      He would use the Sherman Act to lower gas prices.

      He would use the Sherman Act to break up the banks

      He would use the Sherman Act to destroy the insurance cabal. Oh, I forgot, he ordered 350 MILLION Americans to buy “health insurance” from that criminal cabal.

      In fact, Obama being the highly educated Constitutional lawyer that he is, has known about the Sherman Act for a long time and see no place to implement it.

  2. Let us see if they still want to take credit when the truly painful cuts start to take affect on the American People. These individuals have no concept of what thew average American’s life is like. Nor, do they care. I can only hope that their businesses suffer under these cuts. For that is the only pain they will understand.

    • People like the Kochs never suffer from any financial losses because of the giant percentage of the wealth that they control on all fronts. These guys are so demented that they will cling to their dogma even on their death beds.

  3. The goal is to turn the U.S. government into the servant of the corporations. Complete laissez-faire capitalism is the goal of the right-wing elite, and they won’t be satisfied until all decisions, including who will represent the elite in the government, are made by the elite themselves. (The effort to make voting as difficult as possible and to disenfranchise as many minority voters as possible are two parts of this scheme.) The Tea Party sheep who follow the Koch brothers, et al., don’t realize that the trail they are following leads directly to the abattoir.

    • You’re so right that that is the goal of corporations like the Koch’s. You can be very thankful Mitt Romney didn’t get elected or America would be run by corporations with Mitt as nothing more than a figurehead to oversee getting all the legislation passed that would make corporate profits really soar; and the middle class even more corporate slaves.
      (He already had corporations intimidating their employees by sending out letters telling their employees they may be laid off if Obama won the elecltion – the Koch’s, the CEOs of GE and BofA, and others did just that.)

  4. My family has had to cut back more than 3% over the last 4 Obama years. I say it’s time the gov’t cut back and stopped wasting the tax dollars we do give them. I think the president (Small p) is grand standing and cutting the programs that he will get the most media attention on. His biggest bang for the buck. If you don’t get a raise from your boss, you have to cut your spending. Shouldn’t the country be ran the same way we have to run our private lives? Spend more than you make and try to get a bank loan, it just doesn’t work.

    • You really aren’t that clueless are you. The portion of the Sequestration the President has control over is miniscule compared to the cuts that the House dictated in the legislation. If there are any dramatic cuts, they’re ones the teabaggers in the House intended to happen – not the President!!!!!!

  5. Gee less…EPA….more “FREEDOMS” for the OIL Barons. FREEDOM isn’t FREE. In the case of liberty and rights, freedom has costs the lives of many patriots of this country. In the case of freedom to “prosper” (Make a profit – maximum profit that is). It usually comes at the cost of our environment because of OIL Greed…and at the cost of our credit and ability to borrow…based on WallSTREET Greed. “GREED is NOT Good and GREED does NOT work!”

    • Rick Perry’s determination to thwart a great deal of what the EPA woud like to enforce certainly hasn’t helped Texas with respect to polution from its oil industry: Texas is now considered to have the most polluted environment in America because of its numerous oil spills and very dirty air around several of its cities – especially Houston.

  6. Obviously, Charles, and David Koch, worth about 50 billion each, want to spend s little as
    possible on their slave quarters. More commonly known as, The United States of America.
    Or, as the Koch Brothers like to call it, The Plantation. As the Right Wing continues to act
    on the behalf of them, and other like minded, SOBs, who’s gluttonous, and insatiable,
    compulsion to own, or control, everything, and everyone that walks the face of the Earth.
    I think it is high time, we all had better ask, just where are they going with all this?
    Have they ever mentioned a point where they will be content with their profits? So then,
    the day will come that they, in contented, gratitude for all our sacrifice, will say, well done!
    And, here’s your long awaited reward! How many of us believe that day will ever come?

      • Batistia (if I spelled correctly) in Cuba, Koch brothers in USA. Not a good thought. As bad as it was in Cuba ,things did not get better after with Castro.

      • Well, yes. Yes they do. When unregulated, and unmitigated Capitalism if left to run it’s
        natural course, it impoverishes the multitudes. Where any compensation to labor
        beyond that necessary to sustain life, and life being necessary for labor, is not following
        the basic tenet of Capitalism, which is to maximize profits. Capitalism has but one God.
        It is not the God of Jehovah, that teaches compassion, and altruism. Nor, is it the God
        of justice. Whereby the gluttons, and liars, users, and the great debauchers, of society
        are ever called to account. Indeed, it is those who practice these things, to the fullest
        degree possible, that are the most richly rewarded for their efforts. A true Capitalist
        serves only one God. and sacrifices all, at the alter of the bottom line!

        • Theodore Roosevelt called the rapacious rich the “malefactors of great wealth.” I think that he was right. Given the political and economic passions of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Roosevelt may have saved capitalism in America, because he provided a safety valve. Bismarck did the same for Germany with social welfare legislation.

          For those countries like Russia that did not learn that lesson, the results for the rich were catastrophic, because they lost their fortunes and in many cases their lives.

    • So, everyone give up your weapons so as to make it easier for them. Can’t have them worried someone with a weapon may not like them.

      • This is not a gun thing. It’s an economic fairness thing. It’s about the value of work,
        versus the compensation received, thing. It’s about the kids, and what kind of a Country they will inherit, when they begin making a living. It’s about opportunity, and upward mobility. And, it is also about motivation, and buying into a system, where if you’re
        willing to work hard, not only can you make your version of the American Dream a
        reality. But as a parent, you will be able to leave a better would for your children,
        than you had. And I don’t believe the Kochs share in that vision. In fact, it’s a worse
        world than 20 years ago. But it’s not about the false sense of security that comes
        from having a weapon. It’s about real security, that comes from hard work, and
        having a system that rewards it.

    • You guys need to realize that all this “Koch Brothers” stuff sounds even more tinfoil hat then people saying Obama is a communist.

  7. I guess the Koch’s are happy with the party they bought still following the playbook, even though they couldn’t buy the presidency. Poor Mitt & Ann, lamenting that if they were just in the White House, all these problems would be non-existent. Plus, we may have been in the midst of preparations for new wars, who knows?

  8. Of coure the Koch brothers are reveling on their success. Nothing like torpedoing the U.S. economy, furloughing or laying people off, and seeing unemployment go up while they enjoy record profits from their investments in places like Libya, Sudan, Algeria and other Islamic countries. I wonder what kind of feedback they have been getting from their buddies in Libya…

    Anyway, their administrator, Karl Rove, is likely to spend – and waste – as much money in domestic crusades as he did last year. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

  9. Government doesn’t work that way, Mr. griggs. One president advocated keeping the government’s accounts on the same basis as commercial enterprises do. That president was Thomas Jefferson.

    • That fight is on and the sides are confusing. The liberals are pushing for more control, a national data base, outlaw semi auto guns, smaller magazines, etc. The NRA and repubilcans are fighting the effort. And when we are unarmed with no arms to fight the takeover. They will laugh as they walk all over us.

  10. I despise the Kock brothers and their objective of increasing the wealth of the wealthy, their own included. However, 47% of the sequestration cuts are to the Defense budget, and that’s something that can and should be cut. In fact, the Defense cut could easily be paid for by immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan, and more than that could be saved by cancelling the F-35 program, which has already cost us hundreds of billions.

  11. Let me get this straight….when Republicans were overspending, it was REALLY A BAD IDEA, but when democrat liberals want to do the same thing, it’s a good idea???
    Does anyone remember when your hero said the following?:

    “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

    ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006
    OK, obama…look in your MIRROR and tell us what you see? A FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP!

    • What you’re not telling anyone with the quotation is that Obama made it after Bush had been running up close to 1/2 trillion dollar deficits for 6 straight years. I think given Bush had been spending like a drunken sailor for 6 straight years of deficit spending that Obama had a right to make those comments at the time – they were totally appropriate. However, when he pushed for raising the debt limit last year, it was to pay the bills that BUSH and the GOP had forced America to racked up in order to keep a recession from turning into the GOP’s second created Big Depression. Your demented mind seems to refuse to accept the fact that since taking office, THE DEMS HAVE NOT BEEN SPENDING!!! Obama has a negative budget increase percentage of -1.4% per year over the past 4 years because HE’S CUT THE BUDGET FASTER THAN ANY PRESIDENT IN OFFICE SINCE WWII. Contrast that dimwit, with the 8.7% per year budget increases of America’s biggest spending president EVER – Ronald Reagan. And the 8.3% per year budget increase percentage of Bush!!! Now if you want big spenders – those two top the list of America’s biggest spending presidents in history.

      • Thanks for clarifying….and all along we thought it was Bush’s fault….NOT… are more salient facts: your boy has racked up more useless debt than ALL presidents combined since our (once) proud country was formed. He agreed to sequester rules a long time ago to avoid his current problems, but now his chickens have come home to roost. His former followers are scattering like rats from a sinking ship. leaving him with only a 43% approval. He has shown massive inability to govern effectively. His own words from 2006 now haunt him:

        “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

        ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006

      • What you have neglected to mention is that obama has overspent more money than ALL the previous presidents of our (formerly) great nation combined. He is NOT cutting the budget, he is RAISING THE BUDGET more than ANY president in history, and with reckless spending. It was just reported that 61% of welfare recipients are REFUSING to prove their eligability to receive these benefits, and liberals are doing NOTHING about it. Only in America can the “rich,” who pay 86% of all taxes, be accused of not “paying their fair share” by people who don’t pay any income taxes at all?????

    • Here’s some facts, that might help you get it straight. With Bush, it was not only the
      amount of money he spent. It’s where he spent it. Then, failed to pay for it. If Obama
      had had a fairly solid economy coming in, as Bush did. Then, needlessly spent 2 trillion
      dollars on a problem that, as it turned out, didn’t exist, Then, you’d be closer to getting
      it straight. Something that would help to straighten this all out for you is, while Bush’s
      spending on the wars, and rebuilding the economies of Iraq, and Afghanistan, were
      unfunded, like the drug benefits added on to Medicare, all discretionary, all voluntary.
      The reason President Obama’s spending is different, is he proposes spending the
      money here. Upgrading, and repairing, and modernizing, and protecting the Country’s
      infrastructure. Putting people to work, rather than having to spend billions of government
      dollars providing healthcare, and a minimum of the necessities to the out of work.
      And he proposes to pay for these necessary investment in this Country. by closing
      loopholes in the tax code, that benefit only the top 1% of the wealthy. Which the Country
      can no longer afford, if it means we have to cut investments in research, and education.
      Lay off inspectors of our food supply, or trim back, custom, and border patrols. Or,
      security at our airports. Not only here, but flights around the world headed here.
      Now, those are the choices, and the differences of how Bush spent money.

  12. Let’s all send the same thought (concentrate real hard and project as if your life depended on it because for many of us, it does): give all the Kochs cases of incurable cancer so that they are dead within the next three months.

    Barring that, anyone still with flu symptoms, cough into a tissue and send it to their corporate headquarters.

    And for those of us who believe they are actually vampires, get silver bullets and aim for their hearts (as if they had any). Double tap because these m-fers are hard to kill.

  13. The REALLY, REALLY, REALLY KEWL thing …about the KOCH Bros. IS….
    “You cannot serve two Gods. You will love one and despise the other.” They serve MONEY… trailers on a hearse….baby. SORRY KOCH Bros….in the END YOU LOSE…..BIG TIME! REPENT while you still can.

  14. CPA…yes indeed in their small minded world, in their evil hearts, greed works, for them. Greed gives them the ability to have more THINGS. So WHAT? They will die and not even their MONEY will miss them. THINGS cannot be taken to the hereafter…Naked they came into this world…naked they will go out. JUDGEMENT awaits them if they do not repent.

  15. Fox News has not enough grey matter to know the truth just like the person who wrote that it tells the truth about the President, lana ward try using that peanut brain for some good if you can or maybe you are like the rest of the clowns on fox all the know know is how to Bash peoples, learn how to d some good for a change and stop letting everyone know how stuip you really are

    • I agree with the overall characterization of much of the monied elite. They truly
      have no morals. Nor, do they feel any sense of obligation, many of them, to America.
      A Country, to which they owe a great deal of their success. One that has provided the
      necessary safety, and security, and the enforcement of contract, and property laws,
      that formed the foundation, for their empires. America has educated their workforce,
      and bought their products. Built the roads, and paid for much of the research that made
      their products world class. But now that America needs to share in their success more
      than ever before, they could not care less! Even as their profits soar, Fueled by the
      zero interest capital provided by us, through our government, to use to put hard pressed
      Americans back to work. Their investments are all about cheap labor, and offshore bank
      accounts. The Stock Market hits new heights, while our government runs deficits
      trying to bring a minimum of the barest necessities, to the millions of the still idle, and
      still waiting. It is a sad commentary about the situation we find ourselves in. When the
      investments in America, by people like Koch Brothers, find their greatest returns, in corrupting the government to work in their interests, instead of the Country’s.

  16. Of course the Koch’s are happy with the sequester. This is what they are all about. Destroy the middle class so that they can turn America into a nation of cheap labor in order to create more wealth for themselves. Then, they can buy more politicians, and recreate the nation in their libertarian vision; eliminate regulations, pollute with greater impunity, destroy unions, public education, social safety nets… and establish themselves and their heirs as the new american aristocracy.
    We have given enough over the last 30 years. Middle Class incomes have declined, while productivity has skyrocketed. Our families are suffering and our qualities of life have declined (they always do under Right Wing policies). The 1% income has exploded (transfer of wealth), and corporate profits are at all time highs (but they are not hiring – Greed?). As long as we allow the current system, our circumstances will only get worse.
    Move to Amend. We have got to start somewhere.

  17. Dominick, you have such clear insights. Hope that you’re using that big brain to lead the rest of us toward positive involvement!

    Move to Amend (.org)!

  18. I wrote a note of encouragement by reply, but it seemed to disappear. Hope you’re taking positive action to make things better. We need your big brain engaged in activism.

    Move to Amend!

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