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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

David Letterman showed the latest similarity between Jeb Bush and George W. Bush.

In a further piece of bad news coverage for Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL), his lavish spending and travel adventures were featured on The Daily Show.

Larry Wilmore highlighted the news story of people applying for a potential one-way trip to Mars — something that’s a little space-nerdy even for him. And he even brought one of the candidates for the voyrage, Sonia Van Meter, on to the show.

Jimmy Fallon discovered exactly what celebrities are whispering to each other on the red carpet at awards shows.

And Conan O’Brien called attention to the latest objections to legalized gay marriage — from the Ku Klux Klan.

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  • underledge

    Why anyone would even think of considering another Bush as president is beyond me!

    • idamag

      I like your avatar. They elected the war criminal twice.

      • Independent1

        Just goes to show how big of ‘sheeple’ some Americans are. They’ll vote according to the GOP’s 24/7 anti-liberal propaganda even if the GOP candidates they’re voting for have clearly demonstrated criminal tendencies; or actually been convicted of a felony. And even if it can be clearly shown that the GOP candidate they’re voting for has a prior political record that has been mediocre or even worse.

      • plc97477

        Except that he was not elected either time. The not-so-supreme court appointed him the first time and he stole the election with the help of diebold the second time.

  • Kurt CPI

    As a side from the article, anyone having trouble with nucular (not a word) vs. nuclear, try this: Separate it into two words, “new” and “clear”. Now just say them together with the emphasis on the first: “NEW-clear”.

  • Kurt CPI

    So you gotta laugh, right? The “Smarter” Bush doesn’t seem any too smart, So what does that make the brothers, dumb and dumber?