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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Seth Meyers examined the big new anti-Hillary Clinton book, Clinton Cash — and that even by the author’s admission, it doesn’t actually prove its allegations of corruption. But beyond that, Seth realized there are only a few kinds of books that ever sell these days — and the cottage industry of anti-Clinton writing is one of them.

Jon Stewart sat down with Neil deGrasse Tyson, who spoke about the increased public interest in science — and the rise of the geek in modern culture.

Larry Wilmore looked at the latest antics of money-grubbing televangelist Creflo Dollar (yes, really). And it turns out Larry is all in favor of giving that guy a billion dollars — if it means he’ll get sent to Mars, and never come back.

David Letterman spotlighted one of the latest possible Republican candidates for president, with a brief segment called, “Lindsey Graham: A Passion to Lead.”

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  • FT66

    I think the Clintons have to stop once and for all those who are making money by tarnishing their names. They need to sue them. If at least one person will be taken to court, it will be a lesson to those who want to fall suit. Anyone writing about them must have the evidence on hand. Contrary to that, they must be ready to face the music. Some people shouldn’t use them as their money making machine.