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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Washington pundits of the moment – a group that includes such blinding lights as Maureen Dowd and Ron Fournier – seem to believe that if only President Obama would provide adequate “leadership,” the partisan polarization on Capitol Hill would evaporate and America’s problems could be solved at last. While the president rightly mocked this notion as a fantasy worthy of Hollywood’s Aaron Sorkin, it does raise the vital question, however obtusely, of what Obama might do as he confronts an oppositional Republican-led Congress.

Whatever the punditocracy may imagine, there is no way for Obama to force his agenda on the Republicans in the House and the Senate, who range from scheming partisans like Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor to Tea Party zealots like Ted Cruz and Michele Bachmann. Unlike Abraham Lincoln or Lyndon Johnson, the two brilliant manipulators with whom he is sometimes compared and found wanting, the president is not equipped to bribe, blackmail, or herd in the style of those Machiavellian chief executives. If he were so equipped — and indeed used his power as ruthlessly as Lincoln or Johnson — the same pundits who now complain that he isn’t controlling the agenda would shriek about his misuse of power.

In this journalistic mindset, the president (especially a Democratic president) is always wrong; using power is bad/unethical/cynical, while failing to use power is weak/aloof/naïve. Both ends of this stick have been repeatedly applied to Obama, of course, just as they were constantly used to punish Bill Clinton.

Alternatively, those calling for presidential “leadership” — especially the oh-so-serious Beltway types — want Obama to prove his bona fides by abandoning Democratic programs and principles, even though the Republicans have showed no willingness to cross their redline on taxes. In fact, the president has offered an excess of compromise already, while failing to elicit any fresh initiative from the opposition. Yet somehow, in the pundit mindset, Obama and the Republican leadership are equally at fault.

The president understands that critics who play such jejune Beltway games don’t deserve much of his time or attention, unless they can serve as absurdist foils for a funny dinner speech. The most salient fact in American political life is (and for some time has been) the intransigent extremism of the Republican Party. Any columnist who tries to ignore or excuse that extremism has nothing useful to tell any president.

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  • The recent rejection of the expansion of Reagan’s background checks, which was ostensibly influenced by a desire to deny President Obama a victory after he extended an incredible olive branch to the GOP in the form of the infamous “chained CPI” suggest that the only language radicals understand is a good kick in the behind. The answer, under the circumstances, is not leadership, which President Obama has demonstrated time and again, but ruthlessness as pervasive and cynical as that of his opponents. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

    • sigrid28

      I was impressed, Dominick, with Joe Conason’s solid argument for a somewhat more nuanced approach than “No more Mr. Nice Guy” (his conclusion bears repeating):

      “mobilizing citizens on the largest possible scale, every day; . . .

      making sure they know that the president is on their side, shares their values, and will uphold his promises to them. . . .

      explaining to the American people, with fearless candor, that the Republican Party is unfit to participate in national governance – and unless that party is defeated decisively next year, no important objective can be achieved.”

      • AdamMos

        well said

    • jgsoliveira

      I said that from day 1. and while Obama was trying to compromise with the Republicans, what were they doing? Town hall meetings where they said Obamacare would kill grandma! Obama made a huge mistake. When Republicans where hiding their affiliation like rats because Bushed screwed up the economy, that was the time to draw blood. He should have gone after those regulators who were asleep at the switch (what a nice name for corrupt) and stick a lot of people in jail. Instead, he said lets forget the past. He did not have the right to forgive the crooks who put us where we are now!

  • commserver

    Obama can’t prevail as long as there are those who oppose anything that he does.

    He shouldn’t acquiesce to them.

    • The most remarkable accomplishment made by President Obama is how much he has achieved in spite of the overt obstructionism and partisanship shown, time and again, by the opposition. Political disagreements are not new, and neither are spirited debates. What is new are politicians willing to sacrifice their country to achieve their narrow ideological goals.

      • mike

        Lets see accomplishments. Obamacare-a trainwreck about to happen(Baucus, Reid).
        Stimulus-weak economy, fewer jobs now than before the stimulus. Average new job cost $311,000 per job. Real efficient. Right?

        Unless the economy comes back everything else is moot.

        • And the Republicans are desperate to keep the economy in the doldrums as long as Obama is in office, lest he receive any credit whatsoever. The economy, as you pointed out, is the key element, and it’s to the GOP advantage to depress it in order to deny Obama his third term (sarcasm). No matter what Obama does, the GOP will oppose, denounce, and sabotage him out of pure animus.

          • mike

            We would love to see things better, but not on the backs of our kids and grandkids. Obama wants only to spend and tax, produce more debt. If he got his way the govt. would control everything, he is a statist and we don’t believe that is the answer.
            Obamacare is a disaster as Reid said a train wreck about to happen. The stimulus produced few if any jobs. Just more debt and deficit. He has a credibility in leadership. So many things he said would and would not happen have happened. No tax on Middle Class-happened, Obamacare-would lower premiums, cost and people would keep their doctors, Premiums up from 4% to 25%, people losing healthcare because of costs rising business can’t afford it. Pre-existing conditions has 100+k people on books but the AFA will no longer take new people because it has almost gone through 5 billion dollars in less than 3 years. I could go on but I disagree that the Rep. are the total problem.

          • mike

            What has he proposed to move the economy forward other than more govt. spending that can only be financed by borrowing more money. 40% of our spending is borrowed money. Why not start the Keystone Pipeline, why not stop the 4000+new regulations coming down the pipeline that is killing the private sector from hiring. Obamacare is so bad that almost half(48%) of all business say healthcare is the reason for not hiring, 46% say regulations are the cause for not hiring(Gallup).
            Regulatory Uncertainty is 3 of the top 5 problems facing small business.
            Quit blaming the Republicans for all the ills, many are caused by this admin. trying to transform this country.
            Face the facts: too many Americans have been unemployed far to long, For millions, the economy is simply not working.
            Worst recovery since 29, lowest labor participation since 79.
            Close to 70%(can’t be all reps.)of American People say country going in wrong direction(several polls). He ignored Boles/Simpson commission suggestion, a commission he asked for and then ignores it. Your party refused to let Obama put SS, Medicare on the table last December.
            No, quit saying it is all Republicans, it is far deeper than that.

        • charleo1

          Still lying I see. You know, it doesn’t matter how
          much smarter you think you are, than the rest.
          Most of us are capable of reading, and have been
          following economic matters for some time now.
          So, do want to try that again? Or just stick to
          the ridiculousness? There are other websites,
          where they would cheer your insightfulness, and
          praise your wit. Just not this one.

          • mike

            What is so pathetic is your inability to refute the facts. I can give you page by page but oh no you are too lazy and afraid to really read what is going on. Expand your reading and find the real world we are in.

            My little brain dead person refute the facts.

          • charleo1

            Dear Mike, I have no obligation to take you to
            school, over every asinine comment you make.
            You do seem to be wandering around through
            the various subjects. Economics, foreign policy.
            Venting your frustration at the lack of mental
            acuity of all those about you. Even the President,
            with a staff of thousands, is no match for your
            clear eyed, solutions to all the problems of mankind.

          • mike

            Dear old charleo1, just refute the facts. You are right you have not obligation but you should not be “intellectually dishonest”or just plain lazy either. A person with your mental acuity and wit should be able to devastate with one stroke of your fingers on the keyboard, but alas, you can’t face the facts and prove I was wrong. When you can’t refute you look for a catchy statement like asinine. Pathetic!!!

            Why should I leave this site every asinine statement you make I show you how wrong you are and how little you know. I must be right because lo and behold you want me gone.

          • jgsoliveira

            Why did you have to call him lazy you blabber mouth. And besides, you are not very smart. You keep repeating the regulations mantra and quoting some source. Guess what, youtube says Obama is a Reptilian. Why don’t you use that one?

          • mike

            As to blabbermouth, I think you need to look up the word because there are no secrets I’ve told. No idle chatter from my end. Just the truth which most/all of you don’t want to admit.

            Because it is true. I have given facts that are all verified from left and right sources all one has to do is get off ones lazy ass and refute them if he can.

            Hey, you forgot “Intellectually Dishonest”.

        • AdamMos

          This is the president who delivered the security of affordable health care to every single American after 90 years of trying. This is the president who brought Osama bin Laden to justice, who ended the war in Iraq and is ending the war in Afghanistan. This is the president who ended “don’t ask, don’t tell” so that love of country, not love of another, determines fitness for military service. Who made equal pay for equal work the law of the land. This is the president who saved the American auto industry from extinction, the American financial industry from self-destruction, and the American economy from depression. Who added over 7 million private sector jobs in the last two-plus years, more jobs than George W. Bush added in eight.
          If the best you can do is hope for a bad implementation of Obamacare than you will surely be disappointed. There is no way that this administration will allow that to happen. You are watching history being made and Obama will earn his place as one of the most transformative Presidents in our lifetime. He is our Messiah.

          • mike

            It seems you forgot the other 26 million not included-businessinsider. He did get Bin Laden, but the war in Iraq was already a done deal, what he did do was remove the remaining troops that had been agreed upon to be left as trainers. We will see on gays in the military. Auto industry got money from Bush and Obama increased it to protect the unions. Tarp was the method used to fix the financial industry under Bush. 7 million new jobs, I don’t think so, Explain the 11 million still unemployed or the other 6+ underemployed. EPOP is unchanged at 58% compared to 63% in 2007. Last 20years has been at 66-67%. Private nonfarm jobs stood at 111 billion 2009 and is now at 111.3. That sure doesn’ add up to 7 million.
            Don’t put words in my mouth about Obamacare. Reid and Baucus both said it was a train wreck in the making, Not My Words.
            Explain why business exchanges have been set back to 2015. Explain why Obama said you can keep your doctor, premiums will go down and cost will be lower. HHS Sebeli admitted all these were turning out to be wrong in Senate hearing two week ago.
            You can have your messiah but he is far from one. Transforming, more likely the most mediocre president who presided over the worst recovery in American History.

          • jgsoliveira

            Let me show you how you twist the facts. Bush gave them money (auto industry) and Obama increased it to protect the unions. The same act of giving money from Bush is to help the auto industry, but from Obama is to help the unions.

          • mike

            So 21 billion to UAW trust fund, another billion to restore pensions to retired UAW members, another 4 billion, because no concession by unions which happens in a normal bankruptcy(source: US Treasury). UAW ended up owning half of Chrysler, far cry from normal bankruptcy where they would have gotten nothing.
            And I have it twisted. What a laugh.
            Bush loaned industry 17 billion with conditions and Obama 60 billion and no conditions.
            To date: Taxpayers have lost 23 billion.

          • jgsoliveira

            The 11 million still unemployed are the result of outsourcing, cutting the work force to increase profits (1 does the job of 2, got it?), and the continuous Republican philosophy of cutting expenses at the Public level. That money saved is people out of work. Maybe I should draw you a picture, but I’m not good at that. I’m out of here. Have a good life, you and your kids and all your Chabang.

        • jgsoliveira

          Mike, you didn’t tell me you could read a crystal ball too. a train wreck about to come. What time does that train live the station? Did you contact the emergency services in that area letting them know there is a wreck coming?

          • mike

            Ask Reid and Baucus, their words not mine.

  • 165,000 jobs were added last month. The unemployment rate is down to 7.5% and dropping, and according to the obstructionists Americans are dropping like flies as a result of mass starvation, economic Armagheddon is destroying our country, and the future is a mix between doom and gloom. Thanks Mr. President for a job well done in spite of the intolerance, hatred and greed of the neanderthals.

    • Germansmith

      My next question would be
      What kinds of jobs? Are these employed people be able to make it paying for their own healthcare, housing and food Or are they still going to need government assistances like subsidies, food stamps, etc.
      We have learned that if you throw enough money around, have a war going on, economy must improve…as long as the money flows.
      Are these employed people expected to start paying taxes as to reduced our deficit?
      Is Obama and his far left wing of the party willing to sit down and negotiate with willing Republicans and maybe eliminate tax loopholes to increase revenues.

      • Bill P

        I think your last sentence should be reversed. Is the extreme right wing of the Republican Party willing to eliminate tax loopholes that benefit only the rich? I doubt it.

        • Germansmith

          Republicans are willing to simplify the tax code eliminating loopholes as long as the rates do not go higher.
          Obama gets his revenues, Republican keep their promises of no higher taxes. Everybody can claim victory as the working taxpayer class get screwed again.
          by the way tax loopholes will not hurt the rich as much as the middle class Ex Home Mortgage deduction.

          • The only thing that is evident when we analyze the Republican record of the past 4 years is that they are willing to sacrifice the well being of the middle class and the poor to preserve the privileges they enjoy.
            Everytime President Obama took the GOP at its word and tried to negotiated he came out of it with a bloody nose. There is absolutely nothing in Republican rhetoric that suggests they are willing to eliminate loopholes or subsidies, including the mortgage deduction which would, indeed, hurt the middle class, the real estate and construction industries, and the economy.

          • whodatbob

            Republicans give lip service to eliminateding loopholes as they do to any resonable proposal. But they are unwilling to compromise. Republican actions do not follow their worde.

          • charleo1

            Well, I’m all for Republicans keeping their promises.
            Like their promise, if taxes were lowered, to unprecedented
            levels for the wealthy, and corporations The increased
            economic activity, and jobs flowing from that, would more than
            make up for the lower rates. In fact, the Bush Administration
            dedicated itself heart, and soul, to reducing taxes, and reducing
            regulations, on banks, on oil companies, the environment.
            Allowed corporate to repatriate overseas profits at 5%. so
            they would invest, and there would be more economic activity,
            and more jobs, flowing from that. Instead, they just bought back
            their own stock, and bought out the competition, and down
            sized their workforce. And by the way, elimination of the
            mortgage interest deduction need not harm even the well
            to do Middle Class. Cut the break at one million. Raise the
            Social Security cap to 250,000. The fixes are not half as
            hard as Grover Norquist makes them out to be for his pledges.

      • Republicans willing to eliminate tax loopholes. Make sure you don’t mention their names or they will be dead meat when they run for re-election. When President Obama proposed eliminating loopholes and some subsidies to raise revenues, the GOP made it perfectly clear that tax loopholes and subsidies are off the table. The only tools acceptable to the GOP to help reduce our budget deficits and dependence on borrowed money is austerity, limited to the middle class and the poor.
        Public investment is an absolute necessity to get an economy moving when the private sector is more inclined to invest in places like Bangladesh than Peoria. What remains to be seen is when is the private sector going to remember their loyalties ought to be.
        I believe the key to sustainable growth and prosperity is a robust private sector, but when its interests are limited to high sales, investment in expanding markets, and high profits regardless of how they may affect the folks at home, the only recourse is for our government to step in and get us out of the mess we were in January 2009.

        • mike

          A true Statist at heart. So you want the govt., this highly efficient body, to control our lives. Now that is the perfect storm to watch.

          Villa, loopholes are on the table by republicans.

          If you want to get the economy going stop regulating us to death. Fact 64% in new hires from small business, NFIB govt. regulations top concern. 4062 new regs. in pipeline, 400 fed. regs. and notices directly impacting small business, Admin. posted 6,125 regs. and notices, EPA paperwork alone took 176.2 million hours and $2.4 billion-a 30 billion dollar increase in last 4 years. According MAPI it costs between $256 billion and $726 billion a year to comply with major regulations.
          40% of companies say policy uncertainty in Washington is preventing them from investments and jobs creation. Cost of regulations by Obama 2012 exceed Clinton and Bush first term combined.
          By 2014, heightened EPA regs. will cost the nation between 476k and 1.4 million jobs.
          And you think it is the fault of business for not be LOYAL. It is govt. that is causing the problem. Refute those numbers.

          • Private investment overseas has a lot more to do with with a higher return on investment, driven by low wages and substandard benefits in Third World countries, than regulations. Regulations are needed to prevent Wall Street corruption, to prevent mining and oil companies from taking short cuts that endanger the lives of their workers, to limit the probability of selling dangerous food and medicine to consumers, to prevent chemical companies from dumping dangerous pollutants in our rivers and lakes (think kepone), to prevent oil companies building inadequate oleoducts and/or storage facilities pronone to spills, and to guarantee the safety of workers.
            I suppose we could let companies operate Bangladesh style, is that what you are suggesting?
            BTW, the number of regulations applicable to small businesses has gone down since President Obama was elected in 2009. What we need is more effective regulations, and a government willing to find or shut down businesses that put profits ahead of workers and public safety. Destroying our country to make a buck is not a solution and should not be an option.

          • mike

            I doubt you even tried to find the truth in B&W print. “Clinton/bush combined”-GW’s Regulatory Studies center,2013.
            Show me the BTW study. Below is where to find mine.
            64%-small business admin. 4062 regs-office of information and regulatory affairs, United Agenda 2012, EPA papework-Am. Action Form, $256 billion-Manufactures Alliance for Productivity, 40%-NY Times 8-5-12, 476k lost jobs-American council for Capital Formaton.

            Regulations play a major part, you want jobs get off the back of business you left wing looney.

          • AdamMos

            Has nothing to do with regulations. Jobs are created by consumer demand for products and services. Consumer demand is created by stimulus like infrastructure spending and low interest rates. When people have money they spend it. As a business owner I only hire when demand exceeds supply. We call it capitalism. Just because you eliminate regulations does not result in increased demand. In fact regulations are needed since corporations do not act morally or ethically. That is not what they are supposed to do- they are supposed to make profits and therefore require govt oversight to balance things out. Ask those folks in West , Texas what happens when you live in a state that does not have or enforce regulations?

          • mike

            You tell that to real business owners small and large.400 fed. regulations which directly impact small business-Offcie of information and regulatory Affairs.Complying with federal regulations is the most important problem facing small business-Gallup. Nearly half of small business owners surveyed point to potential healthcare costs(48%) and govt. regs(46%) as reason for not hiring new employees-Gallup. SBA office of Advocacy states compliance with fed. environmental regs. cost firms 364 % more than large firms.

            Just remember small business hire 64% of new hires, keep adding costs and more regs and see where the economy goes.

            Growth comes from the private sector not the govt., Where does the money for these govt. projects? Loans which raise the debt which raises interest payments which means higher taxes. Or the taxpayer, and what happens when he pays more and more taxes? He has less money to spend. Less money less growth. Growth again comes from the private sector.

            Never said eliminate regulations just put them in perspective of getting people back to work. Right now 4,062 new regulations in pipeline-Huffington Post.

            3/4 of Americans prefer govt. focus on jobs not new regulations-Small business for sensible regs. survey(2012).

            Latest report show fewer hours worked, economy showing signs of weakness which points to slower growth -NY Times.

            Keep fooling yourself that regs. not count.

          • jgsoliveira

            Good boy! That’s the way you do it! Quote the sources. now, remember, not all sources are credible, like inflation. No gov in the world will tell the right number.

          • mike

            “Office of information” for your information is a section of The Office of Management and Budget. OMG!!! it is the Fed. Govt.. So the fed. govt. is not credible? So we should trust there numbers on Obamacare, implementation of law, when they are not credible. Funny!!!

            I guess you don’t know the SBA either. How about a branch of the FED. Govt..

            From now I shouldn’t believe Gallup?
            Wake up

          • jgsoliveira

            Even with regulators they let Banks laundry money to drug cartels.

          • Somehow you forgot that you are driving on government supper highways and the electricity you use was brought to your house by government transmission lines, and the electricity was made by government dams, and you gross over government bridges, the medicine you take and vaccinations were financed by government paid labs. Don’t forget the railroads, ranchers wells fences, the first circle sprinklers were gov loans, FDIC on banks and government guarantee on mortgages, and yes your children go to free schools and get breakfast and lunch.

          • jgsoliveira

            Why did you tell him that? A little knowledge can be dangerous. Now that Mike knows things like that he may run for President of Macoco Island.

          • [email protected]

            Obamas’ Benghazi lies hopefully will do him in. He’s a murderer

          • mike

            You forgot to add every business owner who started his own business didn’t build it. Nice try!!!

            I guess you are a Statist also.

            Where did all the growth come from?? That’s right from taxes, who paid those taxes? The taxpayer!!!

            What is astounding is that you have no skepticism of govt. or concern of their policies. I guess you want more freedoms taken away.

          • AdamMos

            The republicans are clearly on record for no additional tax increases. Eliminating tax expenditures are tax increases. You will see progress on this front when the Dems retake the house and Reid changes the filibuster in 2014. We just have to be patient.

          • mike

            Even NY Times has come out and said it is an uphill battle for the Dems. in the House. There are only about 74 seats that could be in play and of those the Reps. needed just 1/3 to hold house. Election is a long time off and many things could happen. But if this economy limps along, unemployment still high(not rate), Obamacare continues to kill jobs one could see gains in the house. Historically, after a bad recession one sees a strong recovery. Not happening with administration.

          • jgsoliveira

            We are where we are because we did not regulate Wall Street! If I were a Republican I’d call you a moron, but, considering the fact that Dems tend to be polite and caring, I’ll say instead you are uninformed at best. Another thing that people who go to Universities learn is the fact that any assertions should be supported by the facts and, consequently, you must say the source. Something like this: By 2014, heightened EPA regs. will cost the nation between 476K and 1.4 million jobs. (Fox News, March 4, 2013) If it were a publication, you should mention the name, issue and date, as well as the pages you are referring to) This is done so that people can verify facts and do not waste time listening to someone who may be just pulling things out of his (you know what).

          • mike

            Get off your lazy ass and Google NY Times, search: Democrats unlikely to regain House in 2014. I find it fascinating your ilk attacks but doesn’t have the motivation to look up the info and prove me wrong. Stay with MSNBC, Media Matters they are about your speed. There is not one thing I have said that is not documented. In this electronic world it is all there.

            Here is another for your lazy ass to look up; again google: House, Senate democrats face tough election fundamentals in 2014-The Hill, source Center for voting and Democracy.

            I’ve wasted enough time on your lazy ass, look who is the uninformed now.
            As to the moron remark look in the mirror.

        • jgsoliveira

          What makes you think this guy understands that?

      • jgsoliveira

        “willing Republicans” AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! The “far left wing” (another name for communist in this species lingual). AH! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!
        Sorry I have to stop. If I keep laughing like this I may piss my pants. Thanks for the joke. Did you ever consider stand up comedy or even joining a circus? I think you should. You are FUNNY, man!

      • tax payer

        Toilet cleaners, but only the illegals need to apply.

    • Betta

      “165,000 jobs were added last month. The unemployment rate is down to 7.5%”

      BWAHAHAHAAAAAAA. And you believe that? Please! Only half of the population is working supporting the other lazy half. 7.5% is NOT a true number, Lets try 10%-20% for unemployment.

      • Duh! Only half of a brain is working to support the dead space in the other half of your near-empty skull. Denial should be the 8th deadliest sin, as you clearly are engulfed in it.

      • jgsoliveira

        Read what I said about how rude Republicans are.

      • BDC_57

        Shut up liar you sound like a broken record of fox fake new.

      • [email protected]

        I think Obamas’ Chechens have come home to roost. Plus finally, hopefully, his Benghazi setup will do him in!!

    • [email protected]

      Obama is a murderer. Benghazi will bring him down

  • Gregory Williams

    The President should stop negotiating PERIOD … the extremist conservative obstructionists do not deserve any victories and they should called out and exposed for the RWNJs that they are.

    No more compromises with the conservative cultists that do not compromise.

  • charleo1

    One more thing that bears remembering, these ultra Right Wingers,
    are not speaking for most of the rank, and file Republicans. And
    owners of businesses, not called Wal-Mart, or Home Depot. These
    people understand, that if the majority of people are going around
    with empty pockets, they are not going to get enough customers
    able to buy their product, or service, to stay in business. They are
    agreeing with the President, and progressives here. They are saying,
    as business people, we realize the recession called for economy
    supporting spending, through the Government. And, I’ll bet a majority
    are not for economy stalling austerity measures like the sequester,
    either. Because, at best it does little to staunch the debt. And at worst,
    will result in lost business, fewer jobs, and more public debt than the
    total of the cuts, because it slowed the growth of the overall economy.
    So the next time John Boehner comes on your T.V. and starts blubbering
    about small business. And how the debt in Washington is strangling
    small business. Do not cuss at your television. My wife will make you
    turn it off. But do remember, they are not for the small business person.

  • The progressives, unfortunately, need to come up with catchy phrases, (but not blatant lies), like the so called “JOB PRODUCERS” needing MORE WELFARE FOR THE WEALTHY.

    This premise was started by President Reagan, with his famous “TINKLE DOWN” theory, which TRIPLED the national debt. Certainly it added jobs, but when President Obama tries to create jobs with more debt financing, the so called “Conservatives” howl in pain.

    Of course, the National Debt would have massively soared MUCH HIGHER under a Romney Dictatorship, but that would have been okay with the “Conservatives.”

  • Betta

    “scheming partisans like Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor”

    Umm, that’s a joke, right? You want to talk about schemers? Lets start with your golden boy, Obama.

    Fake birth certificate – Using an SSN# that was not issued to him – ID theft is a FELONY
    All his records sealed – What’s he hiding?
    Benghazi – Murder
    Fast and Furious – Gunrunning
    obamacare – a monstrous train wreck forced on Americans
    Blatant Constitution violations – Treason

    You do know that the rest of America is on to him, right? So, what is taking you guys so long to recognize what is so glaringly visible to the rest of us? Our government and this illegal administration are so full of corruption that it stinks like a dead body. Ever smell a dead body? It ain’t pleasant and will make some people vomit.

    Looking forward to the day when his handlers throw him under the bus and the scales fall from your eyes. He is KILLING this country and you guys support it. That makes you enemies of the US in my book. Your freebies won’t last forever because they are unsustainable. But you’ll find that out for yourselves. You should be forewarned that it will hurt and hurt bad. It will be quite painful when you realize you have been duped and lied to. You’ve made your bed and will soon be required to lie in it. Have fun!

    • charleo1

      I’m thinking you ought to up your medications.

  • iDonald

    Inferentially your story shows Obama in a hopeless bind and has no choice but to give up and I agree about that. He is a failure because he got rid of those who helped him get elected and brought in the tired Third Wayers who protected banks, wall street, pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, &c., not doing what people wanted and losing the House. That was the end. A leader who did not know how to lead and a faux Democrat from the beginning, observable clearly during his run for the primary. Today he is even gun-running in Costa Rico. And Hillary would not have been different.

  • elw

    Whether the crazy, far, Right likes it or not, the President has shown leadership qualities that we have not seen in a President for decades. It is amazing how much he has accomplished while fighting an up-hill battle with an opposition that openly admits they will do anything to stop his agenda. He has done it with dignity and has given the Right more than enough opportunities to move to the middle. The GOP knows it has lost the mind and the heart of the majority of Americans and is desperate, so they call names, dig their feet deeper into the hole they have dug and continue with their obstructionist games. My advice to the President is keep doing what you are doing, it is working. I have no regrets about the two votes I have given you.

  • bcarreiro

    we need a congress with individuals not parties whose only objective is to not undermine a president and the people who vote for him. obama could have had the job done the first term but our dear republican agenda prevents us from that.

  • Its just my opinion, but I think Obamas problem with gun issue isn’t a big one…its just an issue to keep him from keeping focusing on real problem which is economy. And without pointing fingers I am simply stating that developed countries are facing existential crisis, where all the money is gone along with jobs…and who is rising? Except one nation and we all know its name. Not that I am jealous I just think its very wrong to strip nations off of its wealth and create such a big problem for nations. I could think of a movement started by Mahatma Gandhi during India independent struggle from British Empire, which led entire nation (India) at that time to abolish everything made in England to strengthen the economy and buy everything india made. You can look it up here this is the best thing I could find. But before I finish, I would like to point out a fact that if everyone stops buying from a corner store, that store would loose its business and shops closed….

  • Since Presidents Reagan and Bush II permanently “borrowed” a couple of trillion dollars from the Social Security Fund to finance schemes ( their “Trickle Down” economy ) that they didn’t want to tax for – add wars and tax breaks for the wealthy – then why shouldn’t President Obama, by Executive Order, and in order to alleviate the debt crisis, permanently borrow a couple of trillion dollars from the Bush Tax Breaks for the Wealthy?

    Supporters of Bush and Reagan claimed that SS did not work and was insolvent! Duh, what program wouldn’t be insolvent after being robbed of its funds? Let’s see how willing the wealthy elite are to permanently “loan” a few trillions to their needy country.

  • jgsoliveira

    Republicans used gerrymandering to attain majority, which makes them crooks, and brag about it, which makes them impudent. Many people voted for them. If you subtract a small minority with a private agenda (their own) you end up with a lot of people voting against their own interests (like people living on SS and using Medicare). Why? Brainwashed, maybe? Another thing I notice about Republicans when reading comments on line is how rude they become from the start, insulting people they do not agree with, making up facts as they go along and, for a great part, showing an ignorance of the subjects they talk about. They make comments like this: Kill all liberals (how nice!). They like to call people communists, but they cannot define communism. They do not even know what is Liberalism, Socialism, much less Social Democracy. I do not hate them, because it is a waste of energy, but I immensely dislike them. So, if you are a Republican out there please do not even bother to reply, because, guess what, I do not read it.

  • tax payer

    He won two terms, so does he think he lost?

  • tax payer

    I’m counting the days, months and years, and I know he’ll be gone within time. Please no more like him as President.