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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Don’t ask us to congratulate him.

Not today. Not this week. Not ever, probably.

He stands for so much of what we’d dared to hope was behind us as a country. Bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia. He spewed it with reckless abandon, and now he is going to be our next president.

Of course we are distancing ourselves. We love our families, our communities and our country. Our commitment is not a charade. And we want to live with ourselves.

This is not a sporting event. This is not about good manners. Sometimes there is no deliverance in the fake smile, the phony congratulations.

This would be one of those times.

We are exhausted but wide-awake aware. We have no choice, because we are his targets — a diverse group, which, in his view, qualifies us as the collective enemy. We are women. We are immigrants. We are black and Latino. We are Muslims and Jews. We are gay and lesbian, bisexual and transgender. We are the people on the margins, the ones invisible in plain sight.

We have listened to him talk about us for months. We know him.

We know whom he threatened and whom he bullied. We know whom he hates. (Let us raise our hands.) We know that he bragged about grabbing women by the genitals and that he mocked a gold star family and a man with disabilities. We know he lied. Over and over, he lied. And he got away with it.

This new job title will not change who he is.

So we are hyper-vigilant. We know the list of what he promised to do and whom he promised to harm if he became our next president. We are watching and waiting. We cannot yearn for unity with such a man.

We are not sore losers. We just don’t have the luxury of indifference. We don’t benefit from pretending that all will be fine.

As it was for millions of other Americans — the plurality of voters, it appears — this election was personal for me. In the wee hours of the morning when election results were still coming in, I kept thinking about my two Latino grandsons. These sweet boys I love — our “bad hombres,” our family tried to joke. I look into their bright eyes and see the reflection of my growing fear, one that I can no longer rationalize away. In rhetoric and deed, our next president has made clear that they and millions like them are “the other.”

How could so many Americans vote for this man?

That is the question on so many minds, including those of the many millennials who reached out to me Wednesday — through email and Facebook and taps on my office door at Kent State.

Where’s the hope now? they asked. What’s the point?

We must not give up, I tell them. We must not surrender to this despair threatening to claw our hearts into pieces.

Had my generation given up, we would never have seen the passage of civil rights, marriage equality or President Barack Obama. For starters. Had the women generations before me given up, I would not have the right to vote.

Every morning, we are faced with a decision before our feet hit the floor. Will we join the defeated, the ones who finally caved? Or will we continue to fight? I know from long experience which answer will rouse us from our beds with our character intact.

First, though, we acknowledge our sadness and disbelief, lest that darkness feast on us. As for grief, well, there’s a stubborn monster. The longer we ignore it the harder it pounds on the door. Only after we let it in do we discover its temporary hold.

So, let’s get on with it. Let’s invite our grief to sit with us until we get bored with each other — and then watch that monster march out the door.

Connie Schultz is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and professional in residence at Kent State University’s school of journalism. She is the author of two books, including “…and His Lovely Wife,” which chronicled the successful race of her husband, Sherrod Brown, for the U.S. Senate. To find out more about Connie Schultz ( and read her past columns, please visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at

IMAGE: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada June 18, 2016. REUTERS/David Becker/Files

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218 responses to “No, Let’s Not Congratulate Him”

  1. Box says:

    Katy Perry calls for Revolution.

    Im begging you, be careful, the outcome wont be as pretty as you hope. Dont do it.

  2. Box says:

    “How could so many Americans vote for this man?”

    Easy. The country rejects Communism and globalism. And it will keep rejecting it no matter what you communist agitators do.

    • FireBaron says:

      Rejects Communism – so they supported a man who supports a man who is trying to restore the Soviet Union

      Exhausted – that’s because you think you will have a free ride to trample the rights of others

      A past – yep. They escaped from an oppressive regime coming to this country with NOTHING (just like you are – NOTHING) and built a life for themselves. Then their son did something unimaginable in your petty mind – he gave his life in defense of his fellow Americans. I don’t hear you bragging about running down to serve our country.

      Signed – US Navy Submarine Veteran, 1980 to 1992 with 8 Ballistic Missile Patrols. So, yeah, I have earned the right to confront “fairweather patriots” like yourself.

    • The lucky one says:

      Does anyone not have a past? Are you disputing that they were in fact a gold star family? They lost a son serving the country. There are many unknowns with Trump but one thing we know for sure no Trump family member has or ever will be lost serving our country.

  3. AgLander says:

    To the author and all the other militant anarchists and American hating misfits here at NM: Donald Trump will be president on January 20th. You don’t have to like it. And we don’t really care whether you like it or not. BUT, you DO have to accept it. You have NO choice.

    • Daniel Jones says:

      I^&*^*%&E$^*#^*(%^*_(&)((+^*$R&$&)%%^_& you.

      As a couple of Congressmen said when Bill was elected, “He’s not my President.” You misanthropic hosers can HAVE him.

    • Agatha, Trump is your emperor but he has nothing to do with the rest of Americans who had the foresight and insight to see Trump for what he is—A Gigantic Con Artist with a HUUUGE ego, and who easily duped the likes of you.

    • Independent1 says:

      You do realize that Hillary is going to possibly win the popular vote in the election by over 1/2 a million votes just like Gore did in 2000 when Jeb and the SCOTUS stole it!!

      • AgLander says:

        ….And Donald Trump won ALL of the White House! You go ahead and take comfort in California’s meaningless 4 million vote margin for Clinton which really isn’t an election but a vote held among hoards of illegals who vote for whomever their Democrat party employed bus driver taking them to the polls tells them to vote for in return for a sandwich and bottle of water!

        • itsfun says:

          Trump won something like 64% of the states. I wonder how many illegals voted for him? Probably none because he actually believes in enforcing our laws.

          • The lucky one says:

            That’s a good guess because no “illegals” voted at all.

          • itsfun says:

            That is something we will never know for sure. In California they have drivers licenses. If a drivers license is used as ID in California, how many millions of illegals voted?

          • The lucky one says:

            Yes we do know for sure. An ID is not sufficient. One must be registered as an eligible voter in order to vote. Despite repeated allegations of voter fraud such as you imply there have been less than a dozen instances that have ever been documented. What we do know is that the GOP in some states like so-called swing states FL & OH many voters have been inappropriately purged form the voter rolls and effectively disenfranchised. No one knows who those people would have voted for but it is voters of color and in predominantly DEM districts that have been targeted.

            The allegation that ” many millions of illegals voted” is totally baseless, much like the birther claims that Trump promoted long after they were proven false.

          • itsfun says:

            In my state, you can register to vote when you get your drivers license, what makes you believe that didn’t happen in California?

          • The lucky one says:

            I don’t believe that the driver’s license was the ONLY proof you had to provide to register. It is just to document that you are who you say you are unless citizenship is required for the license in which case it would be sufficient.

          • itsfun says:

            Its all I had to do . When I did live in Florida, though it seems I did have to show a birth certificate to get my drivers license. I don’t remember for sure, but I think I did.

          • The lucky one says:

            Two questions. What state do you live in and what are the residency requirements for the driver’s license? If you live in a state that only issues licenses to citizens then the license would be all that’s needed to prove it and be registered.

          • itsfun says:

            With all the hate filled and filthy responses I already get from many on this site, I would rather not answer where I live.

          • The lucky one says:

            I hear you. that’s why I blocked my comment history but I don’t think it would help anyone find you with just your state unless your last name is itsfun (excuse my attempt at humor). I get the hate from both sides because I see Trump and Clinton both as demagogues unworthy of the office.

            I just wanted to research what the requirements are to register to vote in your state because as I said I believe there is a proof of citizenship requirement in all states.

          • itsfun says:

            I didn’t support either Hillary or Trump. I felt and still do that this was the weakest combination we have ever had to choose from. A strong candidate on either side would have walked away with the election. I strongly believe that a President has to be a person of great character and I don’t see much character in either Hillary or Trump. There is so much hate now, that I think the next 4 years could be ones of no gains for anyone. I do want strong borders and better health care. I would love to see the ghetto areas in our cities disappear and become areas of progress, good schools, safe family neighborhoods. Places where our young people don’t think they have to be in a gang to survive. I want us out of wars, We have been in some kind of war for over 8 years straight now. Every year I hear politicians talk about that, but nothing ever happens to fix it.

            There are big problems to fix, but so many seem to worry about saying even one word that would offend someone and being politically correct instead of doing what it take to fix things. Enough of my soapbox.

          • The lucky one says:

            “this was the weakest combination we have ever had to choose from. A strong candidate on either side would have walked away with the election.” I agree. IMHO the best ticket would have been Sanders vs. Kasich.

            “There is so much hate now, that I think the next 4 years could be ones of no gains for anyone.” Unfortunately I also agree with that statement, except of the course the 1% who will continue their grasp of the nation’s wealth.

          • itsfun says:

            I also think Kasich would have been a good candidate. I also believe Sanders would have been strong. I lived in Florida when Rubio first came into office and I must say I like him. He came from no where and has seen both the poor side of life and the more advantageous side of life. He is still close enough to the people to know what life is like in the real world, not the fantasy world of career politicians and Hollywood. The 1% will always be there.

          • Bill P says:

            Name one illegal alien that voted. All you have is conjecture and innuendo, nothing of substance.

          • itsfun says:

            Just asking a question?

          • Bill P says:

            No you weren’t asking a question. You were making a statement without being able to back it up with provable facts.

          • itsfun says:

            there you go again, reading what you want to into my questions.

          • Bill P says:

            If it were true that you were just asking a question why would anyone on this site or any other site know how many illegal aliens voted. The only answer right now would be 0 since there have been no arrests for doing this. That aside you are just a pathetic weasely old toad who plays a silly little game. You know it was a statement road.

          • Bill P says:

            I amazes me how every day you write a comment puts your ignorance on this page for all of us to see. You make the ludicrous claim that Trump has some power to prevent people from voting.

          • itsfun says:

            Where did I ever make such a claim. Every day you just make up stories and try your best to spin what I post. To bad the truth and my questions hurt you so much. I said Trump won 64% of the states. Where does that fit in your claims? I said he believes in enforcing laws. How does that fit into your claims and story making? I realize you are used to a President and AG that only enforce laws they like, but that not the way it is suppose to work. President Trump get use to it.

          • Bill P says:

            When you claimed that no illegal aliens would vote for Trump because he would enforce the law. So tell how a private citizen would do this.

          • Sonia S. Liskoski says:

            …or breaking them when it suits him!

      • loveofcountry says:

        Who cares!

    • itsfun says:

      What was it Obama told Republicans: Something like “elections have consequences, get use to it”. Translated that meant “my way or the highway” which is exactly the kind of President he is.

    • madmatthew56 says:

      Seig heil!

    • Sonia S. Liskoski says:

      here…you can have my share of the koolaid

    • iamproteus says:

      I may have to live with it, Aggie, but I don’t have to accept it.

  4. 1standlastword says:

    An old Irish Journeyman once told his apprentice: “You get &hit from &hit, and that is all you can get!”

    Our broken government gave us two false choices and the People selected one or they sulked, sat in the garden eating worms!

    Given the history of our modern government, this outcome is as it should be, it could not be any other way! Hard to accept because Humans tend to desire their own dreams to come true regardless what reality avails.

    Reality is American leadership has been morally corrupt for a long time and it still is so ‘now’ we have a leader who embodies ‘naked moral corruption’ And worse, We The People must out of necessity go along with this event while hoping for a better outcome despite what history avails.


    If you are an America, Trump is your president! How can it be any other way…He is president elect of the United States of America and we are Americans.

    The best we can do now is each person has to monitor his and her own partisan propensity so that we don’t end up shooting at each other. We have to deal with ‘real’ not ‘imagined’ injustices as they arise.

    Our government is going to change because it needs to change. It’s unfortunate that the change agent has narcissistic-sociopathic behavior patterns but be that as it may change is a process not an event.

    Trump is an event the process is evolutionary not totally up to him. People have a stay involved in the process iw ways that are not self-defeating….tall order!!!!

    Trump is soon to be our POTUS!

    • Independent1 says:

      Sorry, one of the choices we had this year was without question the most qualified person to ever run for the presidency and someone who has done more for millions of people in America and around the world than any politician you can even begin to dream up. It’s sad that even you have bought all the bad propaganda about Hillary that the right-wing has been spewing for about 3 decades!!!

      • 1standlastword says:

        Truthfully, I’m more politically agnostic and painfully anti-establishment for all the harm establishment politics have created over decades for the 99%

        HRC has an establishment outer-skin that I have found harmful the level of the street and this has already been litigated in conservative and progressive circles. It is true she has been on the side of the political continuum that better serves the People; however, she has aligned herself mostly with policies that have built-up a Trump, Sanders anti-establishment sentiment at the level of the street.

        If I had to point to one thing that is most ruinous to a politician like Clinton is the tendency of most politicians these days and that is to make politics into a lifetime career that leads to excessive personal wealth and this is a consequence that makes public service attractive to the con artist!

        The longer politicians bask in the rays of power the more corruptible they become. The political environment is flooded with money and the seductions are very powerful and compel further damage to the People’s democracy that ultimately gets sold out.

        There are many thoughtful people more politically savvy than myself who hold the same beliefs and feelings about the Clinton’s as I have that you call propaganda. I can’t recall anything I’ve posted as propagandizing (show me please) Its known by many that Clinton has tainted her legacy using her position to enrich herself and do favors to support her craving for power.

        Finally, Obama beat Clinton using the same establishment objections that Sanders used and those alone had a powerful effect in her defeated with Trump.

        Her qualifications didn’t help her because she didn’t represent ‘Change’.

  5. What sense does it make to congratulate a con man, a serial groper, liar, tax evader, and a bigot? Such a person deserves no congratulations—otherwise, we may as well congratulate Hitler for his efficiency in killing millions just because of their heritage, or Stalin for his political and ideological purges, or Jack the Ripper for preying on innocent victims in London with the cunning of a carnivore.
    No Trump deserves opprobrium of the highest order. How many deplorable people who lauded Trump for his skillful manipulations of people’s fears congratulated President Obama for his nomination? Probably none, including the choice made by the electoral college which assured that a total misfit would be granted authority to sit in the Oval Office on what may as well be a diamond-studded throne to be built by some unlucky chaps in the “Red Zone”, and a crown to fit atop his orange pompadour.

  6. patty7beth says:

    Here’s my congratulations:
    “Congrats, douchebag – they bought it!!”

  7. Independent1 says:

    There are a couple possibilities which may keep Trump from getting to the oval office: 1) He may be convicted of a felony in one of his upcoming trials which require jail time; and 2) if we can mount enough bad press against him with outstanding lawsuits, some of the electors Trump won may choose to not vote for him in the 12/19 Electoral College voting in case he’s not convicted and sent to jail in his Trump University fraud and the sexual assault trials he faces (he’s also committed elections fraud and tax fraud which should be prosecuted).

    See this article on one scenario which could keep Trump out of the White House:

    And I’ve created a petition on the White Houses’ ‘We the People’ forum, to ask the IRS to investigate Donald’s fraudulent tax returns over the past 25 years.

    Please checkout my petition at this URL, I need to get lots of signatures so if you could share the URL with friends it would be a big help:

  8. TMZ1928 says:

    This article is total crap.

    • Independent1 says:

      I guess you’ve joined the ranks of those who voted for a crook, con man, sexual pervert, racist, bigoted, misogynistic nut case named Donald Trump. Welcome to the crowd of the minority of Americans. At least the majority of Americans new better than to vote for such a worthless piece of trash!!!!!!

      • EvenstarMtl says:

        What a shame that lies continue about Trump. He is not involved with: Bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia. But if it makes you feel better knock yourself out. Trump will be a far better president than you think. He has a sensible platform and if he is able to implement it, this country will be better for it. FYI, I am female, my parents are immigrants from a minority. The difference is that I never believed I was inferior to anyone else, I have always been treated the same as any other American. Trump is the only one that made any sense to me.

    • Maybe you should try reading it. Having an open mind rather than a stodgy and closed one might help as well.

      • FireBaron says:

        Aaron, TMZ has a history of not reading the articles, just looking at the title, the byline and the comments.

      • loveofcountry says:

        Can you hear yourself. You ask others to have an open mind? Stunning!

        • In an echo chamber like yours, sounds are distorted. So, when you hear something unusual to you it sounds like a false message, and when you hear rancor and hate of racist elements, it sounds like sweet music. Happy listening.

          • loveofcountry says:

            Sorry that the next eight years will be so difficult for you. But please open your open mind and see the truth and it will be a lot easier.

          • They’ll be difficult for all, even though you think all will be well inside your bubble. The planet is an integrated entity and bubbles like yours will be negatively impacted as well. Even faking to be a Muslim, or professing “love of country” won’t spare you.
            For a Muslim, it’s odd to see you talk more of secular things than about spiritual things. and which may be the root of your confusion.

          • loveofcountry says:

            The comical melt down of the left is amazing. You have been lied to and had paralyzingly fear shoved down your throat. Obama has not been good for this country! America is for everyone. It will be restored to our American founding. Do not be afraid it will get better.

          • You may not feel so smug after Trump’s fraud trial. Now, that is going to be comical and humiliating.

          • Also, Emperor Trump’s fraud trial is due later this month. Will you serve as a character witness for Lord Trump? He’s trying desperately to delay the proceedings. Give that a thought.

    • loveofcountry says:

      I totally agree. Nothing but spewing hatred and division.

  9. Darsan54 says:

    “We are not sore losers. We just don’t have the luxury of indifference. We don’t benefit from pretending that all will be fine.”

    Yeah, like those gracious Republicans who insisted Obama was foreign born, a dictator, traitor and only an affirmative action hire. Yes, what polite and gracious people they were. Twice.

    • Dominick Vila says:

      We don’t have to support the man who encouraged his supporters not to accept the results of the election if he was not the winner, but at this point the best thing we can do is accept the reality that Donald Trump is our President Elect, and will be our President for the next four years. Most importantly, for the sake of our country, our families, and our values, we should do whatever we can to ensure he succeeds when he pursues endeavors that will help us all, such as investing in infrastructure.
      It is entirely up to him to send unmistakable signals to both Republicans and Democrats, regarding some of his most radical proposals, if he truly wants to be a President that represents all Americans and wants to do what is best for our country. Until he does that, protests are likely to continue, calls such as those proposing an Independent California, calls for the end of the electoral college, and rejection of his presidential victory will continue regardless of how futile those endeavors are, how counter productive they are, or whether or not they are not too dissimilar to what happened when Barack Obama became President and when he was re-elected. He already took a baby step towards that end when he referred to President Obama as a good man, and stated that he welcomes his counsel. More clarity on issues such as immigration reform, deportations, building a wall along our Southern border and making Mexico pay for what we want, banning Muslims from entering the USA, opposition to existing trade agreements and those that are being negotiated (TPP), calling China a currency manipulator, expressions of admiration towards a foreign totalitarian leader, and naming a special prosecutor to put Hillary in jail, would help calm nerves and lead towards acceptance of a reality that is not going to change regardless of how much we protest.

      • sigrid28 says:

        Nevertheless, it beggars belief when I hear that Trump’s children are to play a formal role on his apparently nepotistic transition team, that Steve “KKK” Bannon and Sarah “I can see Russia from my porch” Palin are on short lists for appointments to his administration, and that creating jobs are third on his to-do-list after, first, “the wall” and deportation, and, second, repealing the ACA. His malevolence and willful ignorance are so astonishing I cannot get my head around the situation, though I might be able to play along like President Obama has and members of Congress who are at the epicenter of the debacle–in Washington. Like the majority of Americans, I am helpless to do anything more than protest about the very real threat Trump’s presidency poses. If protest is the least we can do, at least we must do that. I am loath to let Trump assume that he can fulfill the many threats he has made against me and those I love. He has to know that “the whole world is watching” and will hold him accountable.

        • Dominick Vila says:

          There is nothing wrong with protesting. Unfortunately, the only thing that will accomplish is magnify our frustrations and impotence.
          The sad truth is that the GOP is going to control the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and soon the Judicial branch. In addition to that, they will control most governorships and state legislatures. That augurs a minority status for the Democratic party for many years to come. Democrats in the House and Senate will have no choice but to go along with most of what their Republican counter parts propose, or they will risk oblivion. They are likely to voice concern when outrageous policies, that border on unconstitutionality are proposed, but they know their efforts are going to fall on deaf ears and are bound to fail.

          • sigrid28 says:

            Boyhowdy, is that all TRUE! Yet I feel so much better when I hear you say it, Dominick, than I do when I hear Trump and his apologists set forth the same ideas. So I’m counting on you and other voices of sanity on the NM and its comment threads to keep that articulate though “sad truth” in the mix. While you are at your laptops and the Dems are out-numbered throughout our government, like proto-revolutionaries in pre-Revolutionary France, the rest of us shall be in the unenviable position of Voltaire’s most violated and down-trodden heroine, who must at last admit that we have only one option: “We must cultivate our gardens.”

          • Dominick Vila says:

            Thank you. BTW, I also see parallels between the French Revolution, and even the Bolshevik revolution, and what is happening in the USA now.
            Many factors influenced the debacle we just had, including Comey’s memo, the ACA premiums going up, the fake Clinton Foundation scandal, Benghazi, and even the fact that the incumbent President is an African American, but IMHO what motivated so many blue collar Democrats in the the Midwest, so many coal miners, and so many steel workers to either vote for Trump, or not vote, are the economic problems they are facing, due mostly to automation, robotics, new processes, and to a lesser extent outsourcing. Like most people, when we face difficult conditions that affect our livelihoods, they lashed out against the incumbent, and a successor considered an extension to the incumbent’s agenda. The fact that their situation has nothing to do with anything President Obama did, or anything Hillary planned to do, is irrelevant to them. They needed to blame someone for their misery, and as is happens so often, the incumbent, and his apparent successor, paid dearly for it.

          • sigrid28 says:

            The 2016 election in a nutshell: Trump, who was brought to power by “the proletariat,” will rule like the last king of France or the last tsar of Russia–and that is just what his followers want of him and his family. It is a reverse-French Revolution, putting the king back on the throne, reinstating primogeniture, and reinstating the social contract of feudal Europe, which promised that the royal family would protect the well-being of its subjects.
            Trump’s voters are certainly angry, but they are also willing to abdicate their own self-determination, turning it over to Trump, who is–I think many of us see quite clearly–poised to violate their trust. They will still have no decent options, they may be even worse off economically, racial and ethnic divisiveness will still fuel their rage, and when Trump not only fails them but betrays them, they will be even angrier than they were when they elected him.
            Will they take to the streets? Trump seems to be preparing to militarize the police. Will they write books and stand on soap boxes in opposition? Trump threatens to curtail Freedom of Speech. Will they refuse to pay taxes and squeeze his government dry? He may have done so without incurring any unpleasant visits from the IRS, but not his followers who try to avoid paying taxes: Trump’s IRS will hound them to their graves and beyond. Their only hope will be term limits on the presidency, unless Trump does away with that, too, or sets up one of his odious sons to succeed him.

          • Dominick Vila says:

            A few days ago I read an opinion on the Electoral College that highlighted the mentality that influences so many fellow Americans. It said that the rationale for the EC was to prevent the tyranny of the majority, and prevent their ability to impose their will on the minority. The message was, obviously, that a minority of the populace should be allowed to impose its will on the majority, regardless of whether they like it or not.
            With the GOP in full control of most states in the Union, we can expect more election results like the one we just had in years to come. Winning the most heavily populated, affluent, and progressive states, is not going to help us get control of the WH, Congress, ans state governments any time soon. It will take a total debacle, similar to 9/11 and the near collapse of the U.S. economy, to wake up those more inclined to be influenced by facile slogans and promises, than spend the time to research policy proposals to reach logical conclusions.
            Add to that the effectiveness of the Republican demonization strategy, the fear of change and diversity that so many people have in the heartland, and overt ethnic and cultural hatred, and the best way to describe the last election is that it was a perfect storm.
            BTW, the heavy involvement of Donald’s kids in the 2016 campaign, and now the transition, goes beyond family loyalty. For a narcissist like Trump, the ultimate feather in his cap would be to see Ivanka become the first female U.S. President, or Eric his successor.

          • sigrid28 says:

            My laptop for the moment is limiting my ability to surf about happily, so I cannot give you the book’s author or name. However, I saw an interview with its author on CNN. He said that the Electoral College was, in fact, a truly eighteenth-century institution, meant to make the selection of a president an affair among, in the phraseology of the time, “men of worth,” wealthy landowners. They were the only ones on the ballot, originally, not the nominees who might (or might not) get their vote. The idea was that lesser men and men who were shopkeepers and owned small patches of land would elect the great landowners who belonged to the leadership class in the country, and this minority would then vote. In this sense, the whole point of the Electoral College, from its inception, was not to provide a check and balance but to enforce the will of the privileged few on the many. It may not happen soon, but it is possible– after the perfect storms that occurred in 2000 and 2016–that an amendment will abolish it and its antiquated furtherance of the will of the elite, just as amendments have updated the constitution by abolishing slavery and giving women as well as men the vote. But I won’t be holding my breath . . .

          • Dominick Vila says:

            The anti-democratic Electoral College will be abolished when it is no longer a valuable tool for the GOP to win elections and advance its agenda.

          • sigrid28 says:

            Agreed, but sadly.

  10. Budjob says:

    I will NEVER,EVER refer to Trump the Fascist as my president.EVER!!!

    • FireBaron says:

      Bud, I agree with you. However, we must refer to him as “our President”. Thanks to the vagaries of the Electoral College, the 4th Republican who did NOT receive a majority of the votes in the country (Hayes, Nixon – ’68, GWB – ’00) being sworn in as President. We must respect what the framers created and we must respect the office, however, thanks to the 1st Amendment we have a right to protest against the individual in that office.

  11. sarah.chen says:

    1 yr ago I decided to abandon my office work and it changed my life… I started freelancing over internet, over a site I found over internet, several hours daily, and I earn much more than i did on my last job… My last month check was for $9k… Amazing thing about this work is the more free time i got with my family…

  12. sigrid28 says:

    Well, for the third night this week I can’t sleep. Connie Schultz has captured my mood precisely: defiance and despair, personal loss and anger about it, worry for Hillary Clinton herself as well as for those belonging to constituencies this president-elect saw fit to threaten and denigrate throughout his campaign, our family among them. Families of survivors of the Holocaust have no illusions about Trump and his alt-right crony Bannon, whose name has been bandied about as Trump’s choice for Chief of Staff in his administration. Families who love and cherish members on the autism spectrum have no illusions about what it means for someone like Trump to strip away hard-won health care coverage and the other supports we have cobbled together: once again our families will face bankrupt
    I live among the angry, naïve, impoverished voters who think Trump can improve their lot. While despising him, I cannot help worrying a bit about them, too. They have voted against their self-interests this time in a way that stands a good chance of further lowering their standard of living and I don’t think the cynical coalition behind his rise to power want the change he promised the Iowans who voted for him

    • loveofcountry says:

      Take a deep breath, it will be okay. We have survived Valerie Jarred and Huma Abidin with their Muslim Brotherhood connection. Just a few more months now.

      • Independent1 says:

        You clearly are not even remotely putting into perspective the disaster that Trump can descend on America with his friendship with mobsters, which he’s been friendly with for over 40 years, his now unnatural friendship with the leader of another disastrous nation on our planet, Russia and owes many Russians big bucks, and his willingness to inflict outright harm on anyone who disagrees with him.

        I guess you’ll only wake up when you are enslaved and hauled off to that land of no return.

        • I would have felt the same way as you if Hillary had won.

          • Independent1 says:

            What rubbish!! For the most part, Hillary would be little different than Obama – and the past 8 years despite GOP obstruction have produced more jobs than under both of the last two GOP presidents put together; cut the most deficit spending in America’s history; reduced America’s involvement in foreign wars: produced by far the longest period of positive jobs growth in America’s history by over 3 years longer and maintained favorable relations with America’s allies; and there has been no recession in America for only the 3rd presidency since 1900.

            Sadly, what the Trump presidency offers is just the opposite:

            Economists have predicted that if Trump follows through on his nonsensical promises:

            1) America’s debt will soar as tax revenues plummet.

            2) A recession/depression is in the cards as America’s economy tanks.

            3) Virtually all non white Americans of another ethnic minority need to fear for their lives.

            4) Despite the conciliatory mood of America’s allies at the moment, few if any will maintain any trusting relationship with Trump.

            5) Trump’s cozy relationship with Russia will produce terrible days for America’s allies, especially those in Europe.

            6) Millions of Americans will lose their healthcare as Trump trashes ACA with the life expectancy of Americans plummeting even further than the poor longevity in Republican-run states has already driven it to below even some 3rd world nations.

            And on and on.

            Anyone moronic such as yourself who would believe Hillary would create the disaster that Donald Trump will, is about as ignorant as he or she gets!!!!!

          • Independent1 says:

            And read through this a little dummkopf:

            Garrison Keillor: Trump voters will see his disasters fall on them—more than anyone else

            Just a brief excerpt:

            Keillor writes the Trump voters will see that the disasters he will bring onto this country will “fall more heavily on them than anyone else,” and adds that those “uneducated white males” will not like what happens next. He says, ”Resentment is no excuse for bald-faced stupidity,” and Keillor writes he believes America is still the land where “the waitress’s kids can grow up to become physicists and novelists and pediatricians—but whooping it up for the candidate of cruelty and ignorance does less than nothing for your kids.”


          • Max says:

            Illiterate? RV”s? spotted owls? Really? See why you lost?
            You lied cheated stole hundreds of thousands if not millions of votes, you had 24-7 Trump bashing on and in DamnNear every MEDIA outlet and still you lost…
            I gotta thank you though.. Have you seen the NEW map of Republican Control? Its RED! ALL RED! City COUNTY STATE FEDERAL ALL RED!!!!!!!!!

            Now if that’s not a MANDATE I don’t know what is… Thanks we couldn’t of done it without Liberals like you Obama and all your fellow INSANE hypersensitive politically correct brothers sisters and confused inbetweeners..

            Ha Ha ha ha Time to go to your safe space..

          • Independent1 says:

            Go ahead moron! Just keep living in your own denial until it’s you on the wrong end of what ever evil notion Trump and Putin devise together to destroy even your own worthless little world!!!!!

          • Max says:

            Keep it up” We can use all the help you want to give us, Your insanity just drives more people to fight you, Your bought and paid for public temper tantrums are just solidifying our base and driving MORE and More to our side, the wages of Liberalism of your lies and insane hyperbole is just more wrack and ruin for the Democrat party.. You yours and the Liberal MEDIA are sealing the Democrat parties fate.. Keep up the GOOD work……………
            Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.</b.

          • Independent1 says:

            Just keep on with the denial!! You’ll get yours!! It’s just a matter of time!!

          • Max says:

            Auto fatality rate? Really

            See what I mean? KEEP IT UP..
            You are our best spokesperson, I wish we could get you on the BOOBTUBE…………..
            The face of the left INSANITY!!!

          • Independent1 says:

            And I’m sure you must think it’s great that our illustrious new VP of America did such a great job of governing Indiana that he turned it into the nation’s 3rd most miserable state to live in. Isn’t that just great!! Now he can work to turn all of America into the entire World’s most miserable country to live in:

            From the

            Indiana ranks No. 3 in ‘most miserable states’ list

            INDIANAPOLIS – For all of the positive national press
            Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio seem to receive on a regular basis, a recent breakdown of the Gallup-Healthways 2014 Well-Being Index makes the region look less appealing.

            Analyzed by Yahoo’s 24/7 Wall St. blog , Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio landed among the nation’s 10 most miserable states, according to key measures of the index.

            Areas such as poverty, unemployment, obesity, mental health, smoking habits, vaccination and insufficient sleep were highlighted in Yahoo’s ranking.

            Indiana fared worse than Ohio, ranking number 3 on the list with a 31.8 percent obesity rate, among other measures.

            Ohio ranked fourth on the list that also included Tennessee, Missouri, Michigan, Alabama, Arkansas and West Virginia.

            For Ohio that meant a 16 percent poverty rate, 7.4 percent unemployment rate, 30.4 percent obesity rate, and 23.4 percent of adults with a smoking habit.

            Neither state could beat Kentucky with its 18.8 percent poverty rate, 8.3 percent unemployment, and 33.2 percent obesity rate.

            As a matter of fact, the only state to do so was West Virginia, a state that sat at the top of Yahoo’s worst list for six years, with a 35.1 percent obesity rate.


            I’m sure you must be just proud as punch that your right-wing nutcase Mike Pence is now in a position to make even your life a bit more miserable!! Welcome to the disaster called America!!

            And by the way, Indiana under Pence was the 3rd most miserable state for 2014 and 15; while Ohio under Kasich was #4 in 2014 and #2 in 2015 – Kasich beat Pence out by increasing the most miserable nature of Ohio while Pence kept things static misery for the people of Indiana!! So in your distorted mind is Pence a loser because he wasn’t successful at making Indiana even closer to a 3rd world country like Kasich managed to do??

          • Max says:

            KEEP IT UP!! Our party is growing by the second..

            Why don’t you just move to Spain?..

          • Independent1 says:

            The GOP is growing only because of the GOP’s efforts to cheat, don’t think I’m not aware that a lot of those battleground state wins were rigged by the GOP governments that are controlling most of those states – through voter suppression and maybe even ballot rigging.

            And by the GOP’s 24/7 constant brainwashing with lies and propaganda that have muddled the minds of most people living in GOP-run states. And I even have family who unfortunately watch Faux News and have been brainwashed into believing Trump is some kind of successful businessman when he’s the biggest business disaster walking the earth today!!

            The only way the GOP can win anything is through propaganda, lies and outright cheating!!!

            Trump’s many business failures


            Donald Trump Reportedly Used Campaign Donations to Pay Himself $8.2 Million


            And I could post link after link showing just how outright corrupt and evil Donald Trump is: you mindless conservatives who live in total denial, can’t even realize just how outright evil Donald Trump is. If you think he’s going to address any of the things he campaigned on, you’re living in your own fantasy land. Donald is all about making money, and he’s going to work to enact whatever legislation Donald can that dumps more and more money into Donald’s pockets – whatever that is he dreams up!!!!

          • Max says:

            Ha ha The Demoncrat MOB is the party of corruption, Hell just listen to and look at your leadership, You exercise double standards wherever and whenever you can, Yes corruption is your hallmark, You ignore Damning Emails saying they were “stolen” therefore illegitimate, but had you got them on Trump they would of been on 24-7 display, You’ve corrupted the Executive branch the injustice department the FBI leadership you’ve politically weaponized the IRS the EPA and really all federal agencies, you’ve corrupted the courts, and rigged elections.. You support George Soros funding of violence extreme hate crimes and agent provocateurs… You support EVIL you represent EVIL and the people of the USA have realized this and acted to put an end to the tyranny,
            I would look for indictments lots of indictments as justice and the rule of LAW is restored in USA under Donald Trumps Leadership…

          • Independent1 says:

            And why is it Max, that you right-wing nuts suddenly aren’t concerned about Trump being so cozy with Putin?? How come after Romney saying Russia was America’s worst enemy that you seem not to care that Putin and many Russian investors have a noose around Trump’s neck?? (Which is one reason why it’s clear that the Trump’s battle ground state wins were rigged because Trump could not allow himself to loose given how beholden he is to Putin and Russian money – they own Donald Trump!!! He’s arguably 2.7 billion in debt and had he lost the election he would be soon be living in the gutter.)

            Better watch this Max from

            Why George Will Might Be Right About Vladimir Putin’s Hold Over Donald Trump (VIDEO)

            …At a minimum, Trump appears to have a deep financial dependence on Russian money from persons close to Putin. And this is matched to a conspicuous solicitousness to Russian foreign policy interests where they come into conflict with US policies which go back decades through administrations of both parties. There is also something between a non-trivial and a substantial amount of evidence suggesting- Putin-backed financial support for Trump or a non-tacit alliance between the two men.

            2. Post-bankruptcy Trump has been highly reliant on money from Russia, most of which has over the years become increasingly concentrated among oligarchs and sub-garchs close to Vladimir Putin. Here’s a good overview from The Washington Post, with one morsel for illustration …

            Since the 1980s, Trump and his family members have made numerous trips to Moscow in search of business opportunities, and they have relied on Russian investors to buy their properties around the world.

            “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” Trump’s son, Donald Jr., told a real estate conference in 2008, according to an account posted on the website of eTurboNews, a trade publication. “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”


          • Max says:

            Its because he is not cozy with Putin..
            Besides most of us more informed know that it is the USA that has caused ALL the trouble between the USA and Russia on Obama Clinton and Karry’s watch..
            The US installed puppet Neo-Nazi government in Ukraine under Obama.. In an effort to egg on Putin, and Crimea wasn’t annexed they pretty much Seceded, And the USA middle East policies are all part of an insane Globalist agenda !! Growing funding and training ISIS, destroying Libya the only glowing light in northern Africa, destroying Syria one of Russia’s only basses, and then adding insult to injury by blaming ALL the USA’s giant messes on Russia.. Come on.. Obama Hillary Karry are as hawkish warmongering and Neo-Conish as you can get doing the bidding of their globalist war mongering world domination MASTERS.. Thank God that is ALL coming to an END, we may have averted WW3 or 4 depending on how you look at it..

          • janoe8816 says:

            Oh bless your heart. You got alot of pain coming.

          • Max says:

            Just shut up and eat your Crow, Like a good little Libtard………

          • Independent1 says:

            Not cozy huh!! And the denial goes on and on!!!

            Putin is giving aid and comfort to Trump. Today we found out why.

            Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Confirms Russia Worked With Trump Campaign… but emails, right?


            Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Confirms Russia Worked With Trump Campaign… but emails, right?


          • Max says:

            Russia is no longer the Worlds boogeyman, after the Bush failed policies and wars of aggression and with the same policies being fallowed and even escalated by the Obama regime the USA is now the Worlds boogeyman.. I am glad that Trump has inroads into the Russian leadership, Thank GOD he’s not trying to pick a fight, Russia could be should be the USA’s greatest ally, not its manufactured scapegoat enemy…….

          • Independent1 says:

            Wow!! You really are mentally challenged. The last thing America needs is to become cozy with a nation where the country is run by a dictator who ensures he stays in power by controlling the media and rubbing out anyone who disagrees with his policies.

            You are as clueless as it gets!!!!

          • Max says:

            Oh yeah but its perfectly OK for Hillary to take BIG money from the Saudis, Human RightsBeDamned ..
            Russia is doing everything Right these day’s, In fact they are to be commended for not falling for any of Obama’s Globalist Traps.. After all they are pretty good at chess, They TRUMPED Obama at every turn, making him look like the rank armature-fool that he really is.

          • Independent1 says:

            And just in case you’re not aware, Russia only bluffs when they make threats today, because they know that America has a deterrent to their threats at the moment. But that will most likely all go away if Trump gets into the presidency.

            Spend 25 minutes viewing this video to see why Russia, North Korea and Iran are only bluffing when they threaten to attack America because they know with the current U.S. leadership that should they start anything, their entire countries could be leveled within minutes. But with Trump in the presidency – who knows!!!

          • Max says:

            Are you fcking kidding? Russia may not be as BIG and BAD as the USA, But they are BIG and BAD !!enough!!, If the SHTF Not only would they be goners but SO WOULD WE DUMBASS!!!!!!!

            Russia has a lot of updated weaponry that makes a lot of our conventional not top secret stuff obsolete, But you can’t make multiple nuclear warhead intercontinental missiles obsolete just yet especially with the numbers they could launch, they also have great cruise missiles that can defeat our radar systems .. It wouldn’t be good, it would be much better to just have them as allies.. MUCH BETTER!!

          • 788eddie says:

            So, during the run-up to the election, when Trump said that Russia has all new nucs, and ours are old and inefficient and need to be replaced, that was another Trump lie?

            Russia will never be an ally; they still want to bury us, Max.

            As for being “goners,” the purpose of electing a responsible person to a leadership position is to minimize that possibility.

          • Max says:

            I feel so sorry for you lost souls..
            Reality is something that you people will probably never know..

          • Independent1 says:

            Why are you stating exactly what the GOP has been doing for the past 3-4 decades or more?? The GOP insists on governing with austerity and the stupidity of trickle down economis when history has proven over the past 100 years that austerity is the worst thing you can do in guiding any national economy!!

            What you are stating nitwith is the GOP’s modus operandi – do tomorrow exactly what you did 10 years ago which failed and resulted in a recession or depression (like cutting taxes for the wealthy like Bush did which ended up generating the worst economy America had seen since the Great Depression.)

            What kind of total idiot are you??? You don’t even know that it’s the GOP that does the same thing over and over again and expect somehow that someday it will work when 100 years of history show that it never works!!

            Here, just check out this chart and you’ll see the Republicans are always a failure!!!!


          • Max says:

            dependent1 I never read anything you write if its longer than a few sentences, Its all BS insanity anyway , so really you should just stick to calling me names.. You’ll never convince me to enter your alternate universe where Dems are saints and Republicans are Demons, See I am of the opinion that they are ALL, or mostly ALL, DEMONS!!
            And Trump is there to DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!

          • Independent1 says:

            Is the indy channel lying when it recognizes that all ten states it finds most miserable are GOP-run states?

            Indiana ranks No. 3 in ‘most miserable states’ list

            INDIANAPOLIS – For all of the positive national press Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio seem to receive on a regular basis, a recent breakdown of the Gallup-Healthways 2014 Well-Being Index makes the region look less appealing.

            Analyzed by Yahoo’s 24/7 Wall St. blog , Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio landed among the nation’s 10 most miserable states, according to key measures of the index. Areas such as poverty, unemployment, obesity, mental health, smoking habits, vaccination and insufficient sleep were highlighted in Yahoo’s ranking.

            Indiana fared worse than Ohio, ranking number 3 on the list with a 31.8 percent obesity rate, among other measures. Ohio ranked fourth on the list that also included Tennessee, Missouri, Michigan, Alabama, Arkansas and West Virginia. For Ohio that meant a 16 percent poverty rate, 7.4 percent unemployment rate, 30.4 percent obesity rate, and 23.4 percent of adults with a smoking habit.

            Neither state could beat Kentucky with its 18.8 percent poverty rate, 8.3 percent unemployment, and 33.2 percent obesity rate. Asa matter of fact, the only state to do so was West Virginia, a state that sat at the top of Yahoo’s worst list for six years, with a 35.1 percent obesity rate.


          • Independent1 says:

            Is WalletlHub lying when its survey found that all 10 states with people the most broke are GOP-run states? And if you check their map, it’s actually virtually every GOP-run state, about all 30, where the people are the most broke. Check it out dummkopf:

            Here’s the list, check it out: MS, WV, AL, SC, NM, KY, ID, AR, MT, ME

            Top 10 States Where Americans Are Broke



          • Max says:

            Ha ha ha Laughable!!

          • Independent1 says:

            Is this article lying when it says that 9 of the 10 states that are the most corrupt in America were GOP-run states at the time of the survey?

            Survey findings: The study looked at 25,000 convictions of
            violating federal anti-corruption laws between 1976 and 2008, and also generated a “corruption index” comparing convictions and the amount of government employees. After looking at the data, the researchers determined the top 10 most corrupt states are:

            1. Mississippi

            2. Louisiana

            3. Tennessee

            4. Illinois

            5. Pennsylvania

            6. Alabama

            7. Alaska

            8. South Dakota

            9. Kentucky

            10. Florida


          • Max says:

            Trump is not even a Republican… Hell he’s more of a democratic than anything else, Why do you think that a lot of the ultra right hated him? Humm…
            The thing about Trump is that he is NOT owned Like Hillary is, He will set America FREE from the Global crime cabal that has been systematically DESTROYING US, I expect that things will get worse before they get better but they WILL GET BETTER in the long run..

          • Independent1 says:

            So is it insanity to fear GOP governance because where the GOP governs there’s more violence, murder, and poverty?

            Is lying here when its surveys show that 8 of the 10 most dangerous states in America are red or purple states with a lot of GOP influence (and the only two blue states are right next to Washington which has the nation’s highest crime rate because of all that goes on there).

            And note that the high spender state of Alaska is actually listed as having the most violence/and lots of murders: AK, NM, NV, TN, LA, SC, DE, MD, FL, AR.


          • Max says:

            Don’t you understand just WHO is responsible for ALL that BULLSHITpropaganda you consume and regurgitate? YES the same people that are responsible for ALL the chaos poverty death and destruction in this World, its a control mechanism divide and conquer a Information WAR a syops and you are a extreme example of a completely programed victim of that WAR that control mechanism that massive psychological operation against humanity…..
            I feel so sorry for you and others that have fallen so far from reality just to serve the EVIL forces of this planet.

          • Independent1 says:

            It’s become clear that trying to reason with you is a total waste of time because you’re clearly mentally deranged. Only someone with a mental problem would deliberately refused to acknowledge that GOP-governance is a disaster when every survey that’s done by reputable survey organizations points to the fact that it’s GOP-governed states THAT ARE BY FAR the worst in every measure that these companies are doing surveys on; and that includes GOP-governed states dominating the nation in killing off their state residents in every form you can name, including auto accidents.

            So take your mental derangement and go bury your head in a toilet somewhere because everything you post in rebuttal to what I’m posting for you is nothing but outright BS/CRAP!!!

            And GOODBYE!! I will no longer respond to any of your mentally retarded posts!!!

          • Max says:

            That makes about 8 times now that you have promised to never respond to me again.. Ha ha ha

            You are by FAR the clear winner where being mentally deranged is concerned, I think any competent psychoanalyst-psychiatrist would see you as a treasure trove of varying psychosis, in fact I am amazed that no one has brought you into an institution or at the very least attempted to study you.. Really you stand FAR FAR above your average Liberal LOON that’s why I have taken such an interest in you, And while I am by no means a psychoanalyst-psychiatrist or am I even in the psyc field I do find the depth of your insanity the complete abandonment of reality intriguing as HELL.. You are a case study of sorts for me, a curiosity, that’s why I poke you, just to see how elaborate the manufactured evidence can get that you will use to build and support your case, I like to see what kind of NONSENSE you will spew, It truly is interesting, and sad.. You are like a minor demon spewing propaganda as you are made to believe-in by and for the dark-side..
            Again I feel SO sorry for you, you have lost your way, And I fear it is too late for you to be redeemed.. You now serve EVIL pure plain and simple no turning back for you now.. The only real question I have for you, a question that I know you WOULD never answer honestly if you knew, and if you don’t know you COULDN’T answer honestly, is DO you know you are serving evil? or are you oblivious?

          • Independent1 says:

            And is lying when it lists results from a 24/7 Wall Street survey which shows that all 20 states where personal consumption is below $36,184/yr because the GOP has dumbed down the economy, passed right-to-work laws so employers can pay below poverty level wages, and the taxes have been rigged so state residents can barely live from payday to payday are all 20 GOP-run states (ID, MS, AL, AR, OK, TN, SC, NC, KY, WV, GA, LA, TX, NM, AZ, UT, IA, IN, NV, KS (not necessarily in that order).

            And notice that TX is in that list, the state with the 2nd highest GDP in the nation but where people have next to nothing to spend. Take a few minutes and analyze this link and tell me I’m lying:



          • Max says:

            GOP dumbed down the economy? Yes they are lying dumbing down everything anything everyone is one of the expressed objectives of the crime syndicate known as the Democrat party..

          • Jan123456 says:

            A mandate is when the overwhelming majority of people sign on.

            Trump got a minority of the vote.

          • Max says:

            Still, it WILL come to pass most absentee ballots are military and the military is solidly for Trump..

            You little crybaby…

          • Jan123456 says:

            Well you let me know if that happens. It appears you’re saying the election was decided without counting military votes.

            As far as your name calling is concerned, when you can’t refute the message, attack the messenger.

          • Max says:

            Name calling? Crybaby? Is name calling?
            I think crybaby is a kinder gentler but still accurate description of a bunch of sour grapes losers gone bonkers..
            And yes they are still counting ballots, and I haven’t even mentioned the 100’s of thousands if not MILLIONS of stolen votes that the Democrats are SO famous for and brag about on hidden camera and in Emails..

          • Jan123456 says:

            I was hoping you wouldn’t embarrass yourself by repeating the long debunked claim of stolen votes. Guess I overestimated you.

            I also overestimated you thinking you would come up with actual facts. Got to lower my expectations.

          • Max says:

            long debunked? By WHO? other Demoncrats Ha ha You people are SO sad, we have your leaders on TAPE both video and audio and in Emails BRAGGING about it.. Everything Evil about your party gets debunked by the agents of Evil that promotes your party. The party system in general is just a TOOL of division, A divide and conquer system with the weaker more emotional minds falling on the left and the more practical pragmatic minds falling to the right, Yet both sides are highly susceptible to being turned into MINDLESS LYNCH Mobs.. Its your side that is the mindless lynch mob at the moment.. I stand outside of the party system and I believe Trump does as-well..

          • Jan123456 says:

            You believe is out of the party system? The man who just appointed the RNC head as his chief of staff? During the campaign he said that he knew all the best people that most of us never heard of. So far, his team is all names we know.

            And yes, independent investigations debunk your claim. The New York University law school throught the Brennan Center produced a paper on investigations over years. Of course since this is not what you want to read, you will decry the source.


          • Max says:

            Trump is entering the DC jungle he needs experienced DC insiders as guides that know their way around so he can drain the swamp……..

            As for your studies I have found that Liberals are the most gullible creatures on Earth, worse than Dodo birds and therefore doomed to extinction, The only question is will you take the rest of us with you..

            The power elite has got your number they know that all they have to do is release a “academic” study a “official” government statistic or a “official” statement back it up with popular media Judas goat entertainers perceived to be intellectuals spewing the usual media talking head jargon and you people will disregard your own eyes your own experiences your own common sense in favor of a so called academic or official statement-study-narrative no matter how counter intuitive it may be, especially if it supports your insane partisan philosophies, in fact you people seem to want to embrace the most obviously absurd establishment assertions notions narratives, with closed minds and open arms, The more insane the better……….

          • Jan123456 says:

            Trump is entering the DC jungle he needs experienced DC insiders as guides that know their way around

            I agree, however it’s just another of those campaign statements that have turned out to be wrong. We on the left knew it all along, but his sycophants fell for it hook line and sinker as they did many other of his fake proclamations.

            See? I was right. Anything that disagrees with your confirmation bias is automatically discounted. That’s what you do when you can’t refute with facts….attack the messenger.

            And you’re still allowed to procreate.

          • Max says:

            Wow you really got me, Now I have no self worth, ;(

            You don’t understand, I am right you are suffering from delusions, the reality you live in has been manufactured for you, I don’t even know why I talk to you people you are SO completely under your prison masters control.. It truly is sad.. But from this election forward hopefully we can slowly start to reverse the programing.. Kinda like the hundredth monkey effect, I think we are already there it just needs to spread..

          • Jan123456 says:

            Manufactured for me????? Sweetheart, you didn’t even read the paper before basically saying it was bogus. You have your own manufactured bubble and never let any information in that might pop it.

          • Max says:

            I am in my late 60’s I was a WEST COAST Berkeley riot attending late 60’s early 70’s crazed raving Liberal , back when Liberals were for Freedom Liberty and the real intent of the Constitution,,

            Talk about getting your bubble popped , I had to abandon the liberal movement when they became petty violent illogical tyrants that try and silence demonize and destroy anyone that doesn’t march in zombie like lock step with whatever insane liberty and freedom crushing notions the usurpers of the liberal movement decide to foist upon the American people..

          • Jan123456 says:

            And I might add, you discount without reading. That’s what you do.

          • Max says:

            Rationalize this……

          • Jan123456 says:

            And the filmers of this refused to provide unedited footage or a transcript of the unedited recording.

            They were probably afraid the editing would show the same type of deception they foisted on us regarding Plan Parenthood.

          • Max says:

            Yeah its all made up.. That’s what the independent1 said when I showed him this video of the Rachel Madcow Show.. Yeah I edited her show to make her say what she says…………………..

            You people practice willful Ignorance….

            I will leave you with these words of wisdom
            Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
            its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

            Winston Churchill

            Enjoy………….. See ya..

          • Independent1 says:

            And just in case you’re not aware, people living in red states ARE BY FAR more uneducated and without the skills to truly provide for their futures than in any of the Blue States. Texas is by far the cesspool of America with the least percent of its residents that have a college degree. And as the need for understanding technology advancements around the world rises exponentially over the next decade or more, its more and more morons like you and your ilk who will find themselves left behind the eightball and sucking wind in just trying to stay alive!!

            Welcome to your own disaster lowlife!!!!!!

          • Independent1 says:

            What is wrong with you mindless conservative nutcases that you can’t see the outright evil lurking around you whose name is Donald Trump???

          • sigrid28 says:

            But you would have been worried over nothing.

      • sigrid28 says:

        I see that Valerie Jarred and Huma Abedin will also have something to fear from a Trump presidency and from Trump supporters. It will be a rude surprise for Trump’s working class followers when they see that his call to “beat the heck out of” anyone who opposes him can just as easily be turned upon them.
        Let’s look at just one case in point, the loss of mental health parity that will occur when Trump repeals the ACA. It took years for this provision of the ACA to take effect. It requires that insurers treat mental health treatment, both medications and services, as the equivalent of what in insurance parlance is called medical treatment–like coverage for a broken leg. Before mental health parity kicked in outside of Massachusetts (where it has been the law since the advent of Romneycare), even people with lifelong disabilities like autism or Down’s Syndrome had to pay privately for therapy and medications (which can come to as much as $1,000/mo out of pocket), because insurers either did not offer any coverage or only covered the slightest costs. Please note those who will not be able to pay for mental health coverage include the very people the NRA and second amendment advocates blame for gun violence. If president-elect Trump is a true supporter of the NRA why would he eliminate the only initiative the NRA approves for curtailing gun violence? Surely, lack of mental health treatment endangers gun owners MORE than those of us who do not have weapons in our homes, because they will have no recourse if a distraught family member uses the household weapon to hurt himself/herself or others: Then even with all of Trump’s promises it will be too late.

        • loveofcountry says:

          The American people were lied to about Obamacare. I.e., if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. We have to wait until Obamacare is passed before we can see what is in the bill. Americans will have health care. It just will be enacted with transparency and with people not paying outlandish amounts similar to monthly mortgage payments to get it.

          • sigrid28 says:

            When you whine that you “were lied to” about the ACA it means nothing about the ACA. All it means is that you accept without question just what you hear in the media: You are too lazy or ignorant or incurious to try to understand health care benefits for yourself.

            Or it can mean that you accept what the partisans on Fox News tell you. Willful–I would even call it spiteful–ignorance in this regard can hurt you and those you love very badly.

            Here’s another example of how repealing the ACA might affect you, whatever you pay for health insurance (I get it that you don’t care about the well-being of other Americans). Without the ACA, no matter how much you and your employer paid for health insurance or how long, you can be dropped the moment you and your loved ones are most in need of medical care: if you have received a costly medical diagnosis (like cancer, for example)–or because your baby needs high-cost post-natal care. Mr. Trump will be able to cover these costs himself out-of-pocket. Will you?

          • loveofcountry says:

            You are getting ahead of yourself. We have to wait and see. Bernie said he is willing to work with our new president. Ask yourself this, if Trump ends up proving you wrong and enacts health care that is good for all Americans, will you support him?

          • sigrid28 says:

            Why don’t you instead say that Trump got ahead of himself, in declaring that he would have to build a wall and repeal the ACA and ban all Muslims and put his opponent in jail? He repeated these threats over and over. Why should we give him time or doubt his intentions? He lies 75% of the time. He has sold you and everyone of you who voted for him a bill of goods. What he does in the White House will be good for only one American: Donald Trump. He has promised harm and he will deliver.

          • loveofcountry says:

            You are over reacting and hysterical. No will be harmed. If Hillary did something wrong she will should be held accountable. Trump has said he is for keeping some of the provisions in Obamacare. He wants to protect our borders. No country if we have no boarders. And again, Americans voted him in as president because they want the things that
            he said he would do.
            God bless our great country!

          • loveofcountry says:

            One other thing, I hope that monster, Cecile Richards is quaking in her boots!

          • sigrid28 says:

            More misogyny.

          • Independent1 says:

            Wow! You are a delusional wacko who does nothing but suck up every bit of Faux News lies and propaganda. By providing safe abortions for the women that Planned Parenthood could not talk out of having an abortion; and by providing all women that came to them with contraceptives and advice of how to prevent a pregnancy in the first place; Planned Parenthood has prevented thousands upon thousands of abortions.

            So if there’s anyone evil in the mix here – it is you mindlessly stupid right-wingers who refuse to understand that by shutting down PP clinics and supposedly making abortions illegal, THAT IT IS YOU THAT ARE CREATING MORE ABORTIONS AND BEING THE EVIL ONES!!!!!!!!!

          • sigrid28 says:

            Trump did not receive the majority of the popular vote, so he does not have a mandate for these extreme measures he has proposed in detail for many months. It is wishful thinking that he will alter his agenda now that he is president-elect, much less when he is in office. Again, the claim that women who articulate concern are over reacting and hysterical is another form of misogyny. I support the claim that those who lose their health care benefits will be harmed with logic and facts. You would be more convincing if you would do the same instead of throwing about schoolboy insults and empty platitudes.

          • loveofcountry says:

            I do not want Trump to change anything that he has said he would do while on the campaign. Neither do the American people who voted him in as our next president. I suggest you put aside your hate and anger in order to see clearly. I wish you good luck.

          • sigrid28 says:

            Why did you and others vote for Trump if you did not want him to do what he promised he would do?

          • loveofcountry says:

            By the way, this Obamacare had no bipartisan participation. It was pushed through with executive order. And in case you are fuzzy on how that got this lie through, google, Jonathon Gruber for a primer on the facts.

          • Independent1 says:

            All you do is spew flat out lies; the initial ACA legislation was crafted by a core group of 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans who met over a six month time (one of those Republicans was Cynthia Snowe and another was a guy named Grassley); and then in the last days prior to it coming up for a vote, the GOP submitted almost 300 amendments, a large number of which were actually accepted and included in ACA. It was this large influx of GOP amendments which prompted Pelosi to say that she couldn’t be absolutely sure all of what ACA encompassed until the vote was completed, because Republicans kept slipping in Amendments even during the voting. That was the Pelosi comment that you right-wing nut cases tried to turn into some negative about Pelosi for months afterward – when it was in fact an indication of just how many GOP submitted amendments the current version of ACA includes.

            So stop your flat-out lies!!!

            And only someone as cruel as a right-winger can get to be, would be constantly trying to repeal legislation that has resulted in saving well over 100,000 American lives the past 5-6 years.

          • Independent1 says:

            Instead of posting lies, spend a little time reading about facts:

            After his inauguration, Obama announced to a joint session of Congress in February 2009 his intent to work with Congress to construct a plan for healthcare reform.[131][132] By July, a series of bills were approved by committees within the House of Representatives.[133] On the Senate side, from June to September, the Senate Finance Committee held a series of 31 meetings to develop a healthcare reform bill. This group — in particular, Democrats Max Baucus, Jeff Bingaman and Kent Conrad, along with Republicans Mike Enzi, Chuck Grassley and Olympia Snowe — met for more than 60 hours, and the principles that they discussed, in conjunction with the other committees, became the foundation of the Senate healthcare reform bill.[134][135][136]


        • loveofcountry says:

          I can see by your writings sigrid28 why mental health issues would be if concern to you.

          • sigrid28 says:

            That is the oldest variety of misogyny in the book, and besides it shows a true callousness toward the many people in the U.S. who have to cope with mental illness. I am proud to say that I do what ever I can to make their lot easier and to see that services for them are provided.

          • loveofcountry says:

            Misogyny? What exactly are you talking about? Castor have a logical conversation here.

        • loveofcountry says:

          You must be talking about the thugs and criminals on the left who are hate filled and are violently acting out. Just watched a video on television of a group of wonderful tolerant leftists who tried to beat the heck out of a citizen of the united states for his constitutional right to vote his candidate. I don’t remember a single incident of this happening in 2008. Your hypocrisy speaks volumes. Just as what is happening in our cities at this very moment, only helps Donald Trump.

      • janoe8816 says:

        You do not love your country. You merely love your tribe. Admit it, you would turn in your neighbors if Trump told you to.

        • loveofcountry says:

          What are you talking about?

        • kep says:

          That comment coming from a blind liberal drones that will not even consider anything that is not approved by your foreign handlers? Open your eyes and take a good long look at what the Democratic Party has become. It no longer serves the people, but serves the elite ruling class, just like a communist party.

    • 788eddie says:

      Well written, sigrid. Thank you for posting that.

  13. itsfun says:

    The party of tolerance, love, forgiveness, only has these qualities when they win and get their own way. Instead we see riots, beatings, fires, property destroyed and damaged by these people of tolerance and love. They try to hide behind the Constitution saying they the right to protest. They do have the right to peaceful protests, not the right to destroy and hurt and threaten to kill. I see groups of people saying its okay for their groups to all think alike and vote alike, but it is racist if white people vote alike. The only group of people that don’t have the right to agree is the straight white people according to these groups. We are told we cannot use some words because someone may be offended. Where is it written that one has the right to not be offended? Instead of finding ways to be pissed off, why don’t we find ways to rebuild our cities and get rid of ghettos, protect our borders, fix our healthcare system, fix our schools etc.

    • Sonia S. Liskoski says:

      well you are going to have to look way farther than the one that you drank the koolaid from!

    • FrankInSFO says:

      Typical. Always lump some to represent the entire party. There are tens and tens of millions who voted for Hillary, and I can assure you that tens and tens of millions aren’t out there rioting and destroying or setting property on fire.

      You also seem to think people who aren’t white or straight, only vote for their own interests. Wrong. People in disenfranchised groups typically vote and support other members in other disenfranchised groups. We believe in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

      In Trump’s case, because of his words and actions, he has shown his contempt and dislike of people who aren’t white and straight. And, yes, if you’re female, he likes them, really likes them. So, if you support such an individual, without knowing his positions or how and if his policies will be implemented, allowing him to ascend the presidency without seeing tax returns to assess his conflicts of interest, and knowing how he can govern without benefitting his own interests.

      So, in Trump’s case, it’s understandable why his supporters would be, wrongly or rightly, be viewed as racists. But, what is your rationale for lumping some law-breaking protestors as an entire party?

      • itsfun says:

        Not what I was saying. I was saying its okay and wonderful when some groups of people get together and all vote for the same interests, but it is called racist and bigotry, and hate if straight white people vote for the interests. Trump not wanting criminals from other countries coming into the United States is not racist, it is protection of our borders. We are a sovereign nation and have the right and duty to protect our citizens from criminals. He only said he wants people to obey our immigration laws and for people from countries where terrorism is a big problem he wants them vetted as they should be. He has said nothing about legal immigration or stopping that. Why didn’t we get to see the transcripts of Hillary’s speeches to private rich bankers and such? Why didn’t we get to see the emails that she had illegally deleted? Trump wants to get rid of corruption in Washington and give the government back to the people of our nation, instead of the professional politicians and lobbyists that now control our country. Trump did nothing racist. Ten years ago he did have a terrible locker room conversation. Have you or any of us said anything 10 years or more that we are not proud of???

    • loveofcountry says:

      Very well said. Professional agitators are being bused in to disrupt our cities. We will have law and order soon. This has got to stop for the good of our country. Elections have consequences. President Trump won in an honest election. We will move forward.

    • Independent1 says:

      Do you GOP lovers even begin to realize the outright danger that Trump is presenting for the GOP? Now that the GOP has aligned itself with an individual who is so narcissistic and ruthless that he would enter into any nefarious dealing with the Russians, another foreign country or even gangsters, if he thought it would put money in his pockets?

      History over the past 40 years has shown that Trump will engage in any ruthless dealings, with gangsters or foreign nations, if there’s money for him involved; and he clearly doesn’t care what his actions damage (America, its people or even the GOP) as long as it’s not him or his family that gets hurt. So he could clear engage in activities as president that would not only endanger America and the GOP brand; but which also would be virtually irrepairable possibly for decades or ever.

  14. EvenstarMtl says:

    Wow, it’s hard to read the lies about Trump that everyone that has listened to his speeches know are untrue. HE IS NOT A BIGOT, XENOPHOBE, MISOGYNIST and stop bringing up sins of the far, far past that do not reflect who Trump is today….people change and Trump has made many good changes. Trump has a sensible platform and will more than likely be a decent president. He has sacrificed a lot and I am confident that he will do some very good things for this country. I am also looking forward to Trump cleaning up corruption and terminating the old system of owing those who financed your campaign…(bankers, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies etc.). Let’s hope that Trump will be beholden only to Americans and no one else. I am so relieved to see the Clinton empire crumble…career criminals, they are a blemish on America….good riddance!

    • KathyKursh says:

      So we don’t believe the words Trump has said everyday for the past 18 months because they are in the past?
      OK – I await his actions in January. Enjoy the dictatorship that will be coming!
      By the way did you hear his proposed cabinet members? Wall Street, old Republicans who were in power 18 years ago, kinda sounds like establishment.

      • kep says:

        You’ve already have had a taste of dictatorship under Emperor Obama. He has shown he thinks he is supreme ruler and that our laws do not apply to him.

        • KathyKursh says:

          Well if the republicans in congress would have done their jobs instead of obstructing everything it might have been a little different.
          I think you can gloat and be so happy about this election until he is unable to do the things he promised! Build a wall, deport 11 million, increase police through the USA, and drastically cut taxes! You do realize everything he proposed costs money?! The draft will most likely have to reinstated in order to fight all the wars a bad story in a foreign country’s newspaper gets started by him. You prepared for that?

          • kep says:

            Perhaps if the Emperor would have done his job, and not that of other branches, we would have been further along without him flaunting our Constitution.

          • Independent1 says:

            You keep mouthing nonsensical accusations – how about being specific about all these terrible things Obama is supposedly done.

            Especially considering that of the presidents in office over the last 115 years, he’s actually acted the least like an Emperor of almost all of them except for Ford (who really didn’t have much of a chance to be an emperor). Obama has written by far the fewest Executive Orders and has actually done about the least to get around a do-nothing Congress than even the 1st 3 GOP presidents last century who all wrote more than 5 times the EOs that Obama has to get something done when the Congresses of their time insisted on doing nothing!!!!!

            And if Obama has done such a terrible job, why is it that America is now in the longest stretch of positive jobs growth in the nations history by over 3 years time?

            And why is it that under Obama, almost twice the number of jobs have been created in America over the past 8 years as were created by the worthless two Bush presidents put together over a 12 year period??

            And why is it that America’s deficit spending over the past 8 years has fallen further and faster than at any other time in our nation’s history (and America’s budgets would actually be seeing surpluses today if it wasn’t for all the unfunded legislation the last GOP administration signed into law).

            And if Obama is so bad, why is he only the 3rd president since 1900 who will complete his time in office without a recession beginning?? With all three of them being Democrats: LBJ, Clinton and Obama.

            And if Obama is such an Emperor, how come under his watch that America has become the largest producer of gas and oil on the planet? And why is it also that more troublesome illegal aliens that have been costing America big time, have been rounded up and deported than under any previous president?

            I’m just getting started WITH FACTS, how about you posting SOME FACTS to prove all your mindless accusations – or go somewhere and bury your head in the sand.

    • The lucky one says:

      Have YOU ever actually listened to him?

      • KathyKursh says:

        Yes I listened to his speeches. I watched all the debates. His words were offensive. Now what happens when he cannot do what he promised? Is he draining the swamp by placing the swamp dwellers in positions of power? It is going to be an interesting few years. Think I better go get one of those AR15’s like everyone else.

        • The lucky one says:

          I agree. I was asking evenstar who apparently has not actually listened to Trump’s spoken words and tweets. It’s obvious really in that he refers to Trump’s “sensible platform” though it is so ambiguous and generalized as to mean almost nothing at all, other than “we’ll build a wall and mexico will pay for it”.

          Maybe he’ll just do like Bush and just declare “Mission Accomplished”. America is now great again.

    • Sonia S. Liskoski says:

      you are kidding!

    • Independent1 says:

      Oh really?? So you’re living in total denial that Trump has numerous times come out and called women fat pigs and slobs?? And has completely treated them like nothing but meat that he can grab and manhandle as he chooses. And he’s currently facing several trials pending (and 3500 others) which prove he’s a conman and pervert in that there’s a witness who can back up that he’s committed statutory rape?? Wow! You’re clearly either a pathological liar with respect to your background or your mindlessly moronic, or my guess is you’re both!!!

    • janoe8816 says:

      I guess you’ve seen a different person than the rest of us. He’s a dick and he’s all yours. He speaks for you. Own it.

    • wkmtca says:

      did you listen to a word he said? he is all those things and more. he is evil and horrible and a menece to the world. did you see the response of the other countries? they are terrified and with reason.

    • kep says:

      Liberals refuse to even glimpse at anything that might ring as truth. All they do is repeat what they are told to say by the regime. Anything else are lies. They are content to be I’ll informed, blind , stupid drones.
      Why isn’t the Emperor and Hillary denouncing these protests? Why is the liberal media promoting and fanning the fires? Do you really think liberals will get their way? Do they think they should start another civil war, in which they have no chance, considering they fear firearms? I still can’t believe my democratic party has been hijacked by communist liberals.

      • 788eddie says:

        Hey, kip, you appear to have a mental and an emotional astigmatism triggered by the utterance of the word “liberal.”

        So sad.

    • Natalie says:

      Are you a Russian troll?

  15. Gail Ferraiolo says:

    This is just ignorance at work! I’m tired of people still calling themselves Americans and Christians yet they are the haters! Mr. Trump hasn’t even had a chance yet! At least give him a chance!! He’s a doer doesn’t waste money are country is in so much debt! What is wrong with you people grow up get over yourselves!! You are all feeling sorry for the wrong person! When anyone does wrong and breaks the law God says show them no pity!! Because you are no better!! Than the criminal!!

    • 788eddie says:

      So, why isn’t Trump is jail? Instead, he is given the presidency? I guess that proves you wrong, Gail Ferraiolo.

      • Maybe for the same reason Hillary isn’t in jail.

      • kep says:

        Why hasn’t Hillary and Bill in prison? He has committed sexual assault and rape, she treason. The Clinton’s are a corrupt crime family that you liberals elevate, just like you did that lying deceitful thing that will hopefully be leaving our White House. And for the people that preaches love and peace, why is it that when you don’t get your way, you riot , destroy property, and hurt and even kill those that you THINK disagree with you. America now has a chance to rebuild after a too long period of being destroyed by liberals. As your divine Emperor said after he was coronated, “GET OVER IT.”

        • 788eddie says:

          Sentence Structure, “kep.” Please re-read what you/ve written before you hit that “post” button to see if it really makes any sense.

          The Clintons are not a “corrupt crime family,” as you postulate, and I’m not a liberal (I’m a registered Republican [a moderate] and not a member of the “rabid-right” as you appear, from your rantings, to be.

          Who is the “divine Emperor” to whom you refer?

          As for getting over anything, I accept the results of the election. However it will be interesting for our country to see how we handle the situation of having our president elect due in court in a couple of weeks on fraud charges, let alone being convicted, if that happens.

          And I’m not too enthused at having nude photos of the First Lady elect available on the internet for all to see (it doesn’t speak well of developing the respect of the rest of the world).

          As an American citizen, I am a little leery of putting all branches of government in the power of any one political philosophy. But then again, this Republican administration will have no excuse not to be able to produce everything promised (with the exception of “Make America Great Again” [I feel we never lost our greatness]).

          • Box says:

            Foreigners? I have news for you, they love Melania’s pics. Second, they couldnt understand the fuss about Monica, it was perfectly reasonable and understood. On top of anything else, are you a prude?

            Second, the fear about one poltical group controlling all is unfounded–this time anyway. Many in Congress are RINOs, hence the disbelief by GOP loyals the expressly non-GOP decisions that have been made for years.

            I dont think people truly understand the extent to which the Clintons are a crime family. I didnt think so when Bill was elected, nobody really knew his Arkansas history. But that was nothing, it was after he left office that the corruption built up bigly. Also, as an aside as Trump noted in the debates, how does one build up a $250 million fortune on a civil servants salary? Ok, you say donations. If donations went to charity as she claimed, she wouldnt have any money of her own, right? If the donations went to her personally, then why, for fun, for nothing, for no reason? It doesnt add up–except to call her corrupt to the bone.

          • 788eddie says:

            I’m sorry, Box, but the Clintons are not a crime family. It’s an easy “escape-hatch” label to put on them, but it’s, to say the least, inaccurate. The conservatives have been out to get them for decades. They have never been convicted of anything, nor have they been punished for anything (“they’re very clever,” say you? If they’re that good, then they must be geniuses – the both of them).

            How did they get wealthy? Many wealthy people have have paid them lots of money for giving advice and speeches – they earn millions each, every year. I’ll admit, I wish I could do that. If I had lots of discretionary income, my first choice would be to hear Colin Powell, who is an honorable man who, in my opinion, was shafted by the neo-cons. I think he could have made a good President if Alma would have let him run.

            As for criminality, it will be interesting to see what happens with the President-elect, who may be coming to a trial courtroom near you.

            As for shady dealings, what’s with Trump trying to get his family members into positions in the administration? And don’t say “JFK did that.” It wasn’t against the law then. And Trump has business dealings and holdings in Russia and China, and other parts of the world, but no “blind trust” for him? No, of course not; the kids can handle those. That reeks like three-day-old fish.

          • 788eddie says:

            I’m sorry, Box, but the Clintons are not a crime family. It’s an easy “escape-hatch” label to put on them, but it’s, to say the least, inaccurate. The conservatives have been out to get them for decades. They have never been convicted of anything, nor have they been punished for anything (“they’re very clever,” say you? If they’re that good, then they must be geniuses – the both of them).

            How did they get wealthy? Many wealthy people have have paid them lots of money for giving advice and speeches – they earn millions each, every year. I’ll admit, I wish I could do that. If I had lots of discretionary income, my first choice would be to hear Colin Powell, who is an honorable man who, in my opinion, was shafted by the neo-cons. I think he could have made a good President if Alma would have let him run.

            As for criminality, it will be interesting to see what happens with the President-elect, who may be coming to a trial courtroom near you.

            As for shady dealings, what’s with Trump trying to get his family members into positions in the administration? And don’t say “JFK did that.” It wasn’t against the law then. And Trump has business dealings and holdings in Russia and China, and other parts of the world, but no “blind trust” for him? No, of course not; the kids can handle those. That reeks like three-day-old fish.

    • Independent1 says:

      Give him a chance to do what? What he’s promised??

      Give him the chance to drive America into another recession or possibly another depression as virtually every economist who has looked at his ignorant economic plans has predicted?

      Give him a chance to almost double America’s debts as these same economists have predicted?

      Give him a chance to drive more people into poverty and welfare which is what his policies would result in because it would trash the economy and he would eliminate virtually every program America now has that benefits the middle class and poor??

      Give him the chance to shorten the life span of America’s people as the GOP has already worked hard to do by driving millions more Americans on the healthcare they need to stay alive by trashing Obamacare, Social Security and Medicare???

      Give him the chance to reverse all the foreign relations advances that the Obama administration mended over the past 8 years after the last GOP president alienated virtually every ally that America had??

      Give him the chance to enact who knows what heinous legislation that would endanger the lives of virtually every American in an ethnic group not popular to Trump’s way of thinking which is virtually every American other than white males??

      And I could go on and on!!

      You really want all this evil inflicted on America??

      • InformedVoter says:

        What a crock you posted! 95 million American CITIZENS not working. Record number on food stamps; record number on welfare; stagnant wages; economic growth at 1.5% (lowest in 65 years); race relations worst in 75 years; TRUE unemployment at 11.8%; Obamacare premiums rising 150% in 2 years. Yep things have been great for 8 years.

        The public grew weary of all the EOs Obama issued to skirt congress.

        The market is up almost 1300 points (don’t forget the futures were down 800 after President Trump won) in less than a week and he’s not even in office yet!
        Obama had 2 years with total control, just like President Trump will have. If he doesn’t deliver, we’ll take away his congress. That’s what the people did to Obama in 2010. They saw the failure of Obamacare and that was the ONLY legislation the FULL DEM congress could pass in 2 years! And you wonder why the public threw congress to the GOP.

    • Budjob says:

      Give him a chance,give him a chance!!?? Are you out of your God-Damn mind?Give him a chance to screw everybody out of social security,give him a chance to eliminate medicare,give him a chance to push the nuclear button?:Let me answer my own question,yes YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!!

  16. woodrose says:

    This article has some good insight to what happened, and why pundits were so blindsided:

    ELECTION 2016
    Is This the Death of the Democratic Party? The Death of the Liberal Media? And by the Way, Bernie Would Have Won
    Neoliberalism has gifted us with a serious regression to the past.
    By Anis Shivani / AlterNet November 9, 2016

    There have always been two narratives about this election. One predicted what actually happened in the end, while the other missed the boat completely.

    Narrative 1. Bernie Sanders represents the unachievable in American politics. Hillary Clinton is the candidate of experience and realism. Donald Trump is a temporary phenomenon, feeding on passions and resentments, not meant to last the duration. Trump’s supporters are more economically privileged than Clinton and Sanders voters, and are motivated by pure racism and misogyny. The election is about the cultural values of tolerance, openness and identity, therefore we must support Hillary. Anyone who doesn’t support Hillary must be suspected of harboring racist and misogynist feelings themselves.

    Narrative 2. Bernie Sanders is offering necessary correctives, at the most minimal level, to the excesses of the neoliberal economy of the past 40 years. Hillary Clinton represents the essence of said neoliberalism, embodying its worst practices, from trade to immigration. Donald Trump has tapped into real economic anxiety among those—half of the country at least—who have lost under neoliberal globalization. This election is about returning equal economic rights to all citizens. Only Bernie Sanders has the winning message for this explosive situation.

    Everyone who propagated Narrative 1—which is nearly 100 percent of the liberal media, the intellectual community as a whole and elite professionals—got it wrong every step of the way. The utter failure of predictive power means that the model was flawed.

    Those who believed in Narrative 2—which included a vanishingly small proportion of intellectuals—got it right at every turn. Trump won, Hillary lost, and we are in for a very bad time, just as our model predicted. Zizek had it right, Michael Moore had it right, and I had been saying all along that this outcome was inevitable. I wrote back in May that Trump would win by pinning neoliberal failures squarely on Hillary’s shoulders.

    more at link

    • patricia.franks says:

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