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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Letter: On Israel, “Disproportionate Is A Code Word”

Letter: On Israel, “Disproportionate Is A Code Word”

I am 89 years old. In 1945, after 82 days of combat on Okinawa, as an 18-year-old private with the Marine Corps’ Sixth Division, I was on Guam preparing to invade Japan the following spring. The war ended after the US dropped atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. That “disproportionate” action by my government saved my ass.

I suppose Senator Sanders would call the 42,000 Germans who died in the bombing of Hamburg also disproportionate, ignoring the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis those same Germans had put in power,

To criticize Israel for the casualties civilians sustained in Gaza ignores reality. Hamas was firing rockets from positions in residential areas. Israel did much to protect non-combatants, even warning occupants of buildings, by a “knock on the roof” that they would be destroyed, giving them time to escape.

Disproportionate is a code word used by those who hate Israel and oppose its right to exist.

And I am no right-winger. I oppose the continuing expansion of settlements in the West Bank, a policy that makes peace more difficult to achieve.

Robert Wanderman

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11 Responses to Letter: On Israel, “Disproportionate Is A Code Word”

  1. Ah, yes, the famed “two wrongs make a right” strategy.
    Oh wait. that’s not a thing.

    Precisely BECAUSE Jews like us have experienced genocide, we have a special duty imposed upon us, by God, to be messengers for the “Never Again” edict.
    NOT for the “I got hurt, so I will take it out on some-one else”-tribe.
    That mob works for the devil.

    So, your reasoning is: 6 million of us got murdered 70 YEARS AGO by a whole different group of people, this gives us licence to kill children? Puh Leeze. Reasoning like that would give Native Americans licence to exterminate whites to the last man, woman and child and with a whole lot more reason. Likewise, African-Americans.

    Fact of the matter is, you, ARE TOO, killing kids NOW.

    The power differential between Israel and Palestinians always makes me think of an IDF soldier in full battle gear with 3 UZIs strapped to his back with his heavy combat boot on the neck of an 8 year old girl flayling mightily. And he snaps her neck.

    Oh, and YES, Dresden was war crime. So was the refusal of Eisehower to bomb the gasovens of Dachau and Auschwitz when asked by the Brits and some Jewish organisations.

  2. The problem, sir, is that you are conflating the Japanese to the Palestinians. The Japanese were a powerful military on land, sea and air. The Japanese proved time and time and time again that they were ready to die for the Emperor – and kill as many Americans as possible. The nation-states of Japan and the US had openly declared war on one another, and it was a fight to the death for the Japanese and to unconditional surrender for the US. I could go on but the point is that the “conflict” between the Israelis and the Palestinians – which is really slow-motion annexation of Palestinian territory –
    is a completely false comparison. When a nation-state which possesses the most
    advanced weaponry in the world attacks an unarmed nation of desperately poor and isolated people – civilians — that is the very definition of disproportionate, and rises to the level of a war crime. Hitler and his henchmen were convicted of war crimes – conspiring to commit, and committing, an unprovoked act of aggression; crimes against humanity in their dastardly program of extermination of an entire nation of people. The actions of
    successive right-wing Israeli governments differ only in degree, not kind.

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  3. This article makes me sad. It’s so wrong on so many levels and the comparisons are so inept, it’s impossible to embrace.

  4. Bullshit…….I’m 78 years old and I’ve been to Isreal and seen the discrimination first hand…..Jimmy
    Carter is right, many,but not all, Isrealis practice Apartheid with their Palestinian citizens. The so called new Zionists view Palestinians as vermin to be eliminated from their holy land. See former Mossad cheif Efrain Halevy’s comments on the issue in NY Times editorials. Thank God Bernie the NY jew is speaking about it. You can’t accuse him of being anti semetic. There is no code involved , just the plain truth.

  5. My father was on Guam in 1943 and 1944, serving in the U.S. Navy. Though I was born after the war was over, I have read a lot about it. If strong military action can ever be justified, the action the United States took during World War II was surely justified, because we were attacked without justification by Japan. And any decision on war tactics must, either knowingly, or otherwise, balance the number of deaths of civilians against the number who would die if a different tactic is followed. Israel is in a difficult position, because their citizens demand that they take action to try to stop the constant attacks on them, yet the rest of the world condemns their actions. Unfortunately, the Israeli government has also, with its constant expansion of settlements that crowd out the Palestinians, and other actions that have caused great economic hardship for Palestinians, made the Palestinians more desperate and more willing to take the only action they think they can take: attack Israel until it gives up and leaves.

  6. Once again, another piece trying to legitimize Israel’s existence. Nations have risen and fallen throughout the history of mankind. Israel collapsed 6 millennia ago and was ressurected using someone else’s military muscle after it adopts a population (US Jews) and uses that population to control the US Congress. What unmitigated bullshit. Well, The Palestinians deserve the same treatment if Israel is left to stand as a nation.

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