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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lindsey Graham Does A Quick Trashing Of the Constitution On Twitter

Before calling it quits after the worst week ever, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made it clear on Twitter that he’s ready to throw out the Bill of Rights:




And of course, Twitter responded:





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  • Sand_Cat

    Lindsay Graham is an idiot. What do you expect?

  • charleo1

    For almost as long as the Country has existed, our system of jurist
    prudence has in turn dealt with swindlers, serial killers, Old West Outlaw

    gangs, inner city gangs, prohibition gangsters, and more common wife
    beaters, than you could shake a stick at. And although it’s far from perfect,
    it can never be. People are involved. But, it beats anything out there,
    and the world respects it. So, why does the Conservative Right, think it’s
    inadequate? Or, too lenient? Or, a former JAG lawyer, as Graham is,
    doesn’t think reading a defendant, a U.S. citizen, his Miranda Rights,
    is a good idea? It is if you want a conviction. I’m no lawyer, and I know
    that much.

  • Lynda Groom

    The Senator is suppose to have been a JAG lawyer and as such should already understand that the special exemption allows the government to not provide the killer with his Constitution rights. By then again we are talking about one of the dimmer bulbs in the Senate.

  • option31

    So we’re worried about the Constitution in this instance but not on the other amendments…This why their is no credibility – no consistentcy.

  • docb

    The old desk jockey jag lawyer does not want the suspect read his rights!..He is an American citizen.!.

    He and the mccain buffoon along with paul, and mcarthy cruz…are just looking for attention! Idiots… Leave this to the people that know what they are doing..The career bagger politicians do not!