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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Little-Known Reagan Home To Be Spitefully Razed For Obama Library, Say Conservatives

Little-Known Reagan Home To Be Spitefully Razed For Obama Library, Say Conservatives

In what could be the most desperate right-wing attempt to manufacture an Obama-related scandal we’ve witnessed in some time—quickly eclipsing the “uppity” First Lady’s inauguration day eyeroll that was felt around the world—conservatives have worked themselves into a self-righteous lather over a building where Saint Ronnie once lived. For a year. As a three-year-old.

Yes, the latest wingnut conspiracy has it that a University of Chicago-owned apartment building that briefly housed Ronald Reagan as a toddler will soon be torn down—paving paradise to put up a parking lot—and one day turned into Barack Obama’s presidential library. All to spite conservatives.

The Washington Times, that bastion of impartiality, sets the tone by asking, “Is it politically motivated? Is Mayor Rahm Emanuel behind the move?” and then provides us with a comically melodramatic overdramatization of just how important that fleeting year in a Chicago apartment was in transforming wee Ronnie into the fearless defender of conservatism we all knew and loathed:

Young Reagan would watch the horse-drawn fire engines galloping wildly down the streets to save the day and he decided that he, too, would become a firefighter. It was here, too, that he survived a bout with pneumonia – he had the fight in him even then.

You can almost imagine him skipping down these streets, playing with his brother Neil,  whose nickname was “Moon.”

What makes a man great? And what makes a great president? Historians pen large tomes about that. Every man is the sum of his experiences – his loves, his losses, his achievements, and failures. How he sees the world and how the world sees him.

And this place – this place was a part of Reagan’s formative years – what he discovered and experienced here in Chicago helped him on the way to greatness.

And lest we not realize at once that OMG, there is totally a conspiracy here, people!! the Times ominously reminds us:

First Lady Michelle Obama and the president’s close advisor Valerie Jarrett are former top executives of the University of Chicago Medical Center. President Obama was a lecturer at the law school for twelve years. And let’s not forget, Obama’s Hyde Park home is here too.

This is still Chicago. Barack Obama’s Chicago. Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago.

It is safe to say that Democrats don’t want any reminders of a Republican president named Reagan and his glory days a stone’s throw from a future Obama Presidential Library.

(Because, um, Ronald Reagan’s “glory days” were between the ages of three and four?! You said it, not us.)

The Chicago Sun-Times is a bit more… sane in its depiction of the building’s actual place in history, explaining that Reagan “spent just a year at the home as a 3-to-4 year-old from 1914 to 1915,” and pointing out that “the university’s controversial new Milton Friedman Institute — named in tribute to the architect of Reagan’s free market policies — is just a few blocks away from the former Reagan home.” You know, because Obama and his “Chicago thugs” have made the Windy City unsafe for conservatives.

And in another nod to reality sure to rile the Reaganites, the Sun-Times adds this little nugget:

Ironically, if Reagan’s father had not enjoyed his booze a little too much, the home’s presidential history might have been lost long ago.

Park Ridge resident Tom Roeser, 82, discovered the link in the early 1980s when he pressed Reagan for details of the home during a visit to the White House. Reagan couldn’t remember the address, but passed on a message: “My father was picked up often as a common drunk — the police records police records should have that fact.”

Reagan’s dad being arrested for public drunkenness is one thing, but Ronnie, it seems, couldn’t even remember the address of the building they’re frothing over, the place that so completely shaped him as a person and leader.

Which makes sense. Because he only lived there for a year. When he was three.

Photo: Reagan Library Archives

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  • These quacks don’t give a wet match about Ronald Reagan. They are just… pathetic, really.

  • The GOP is beyond pathetic – they have actually become pitiable. Poor guys ~ sad really.

    • joeham1

      Study! learn!

  • tman000

    So sad that the GOP has to think and put efforts into such nonsense. What about working toward issues that are real, that helps build America’s economy and safety.

    • bckrd1

      They would first have to care about America’s people and their economy. They have shown, in the past four years of obstruction, just how little they do care. Imagine where we might have been had they put the country first instead of their party.

    • This highlights one of the reasons Republican policies and Mitt Romney were rejected in November. Instead of focusing on ways to strengthen our economy, lower unemployment, and invest to achieve sustainable growth they are obsessing over the remote possibility that a building where Ronald Reagan spent a year when he was a child may be turned down – and horror of horrors – President Obama’s presidential library may be built in its place.
      The worst part is that there are still prople who support and vote for these pseudo leaders, better described as opportunists who will stop at nothing to inflame passions to distort the persona of a man they love to hate.

      • sigrid28

        If they like this building so much, and wish to preserve it, Republicans should rent all of the apartments there; or, better yet, purchase the building for whatever it takes to buy the thing, and turn it into condominiums where loyal Republican leaders could proudly live, soaking up all those good Reagan toddler vibes.

        Oh, wait. No Republican would want to live in that neighborhood. The Reagan’s didn’t want to live there when THEY rented the apartment. God forbid that Republicans would support legislation to improve living conditions in the neighborhood surrounding Hyde Park, where Hadiya Pendleton, the fifteen-year-old who was so proud to perform for President Obama’s second inauguration, was gunned down yesterday.

        On second thought, they have it right after all–do nothing, lie like crazy, complain bitterly, and froth at the mouth.

        • joeham1

          Wow, you are such a partison hypocrite!

          • No, hambone! You are he of whom you speak.

          • joeham1

            lol..Good one Doctor T

          • he was talking about idiots like you.

          • joeham1

            Good one Merl! They finally let you say something on here!

          • I think you mean partisan there is no suc word a partison. The real partisan hypocrite in this matter is the Washington Times and the 3 stooges on Fox & friends.

          • Frodo44444

            When people cannot refute arguments, they immediately drop back to punt with name calling and personal attacks. Mission accomplished!

        • joeham1

          Well let’s see…The democrats have completely ran the city of Chicago for years! Why don’t they do something about the living conditions? OH wait, that’s right, they have been for 30 years! They lie like crazy, line their own pockets, complain bitterly, and froth at the mouth! While morons like you blame the repubs who aren’t and haven’t been in power for years! How’s the education system? The dems run that too!

          • Smurfet

            Don’t forget Detroit :-). They & the unions have done a bang up job there too. They have run several cities & heck the state of California right into the ground. Yep, it’s paradise in the demorat Utopias

      • Mulligatonney

        …sounds like you’re obsessing over the issue just like the “abominable republicans”…

        Otherwise, why would you even respond to something so clearly beneath your intellectual level as some republican hillbilly not wanting Reagan’s house to be torn down? Why sir! That kind of ignorance doesn’t even merit a response from one of your education and superior opinions!

        Unless, of course, you found out that the Bush family was building a library on the very site where the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior used to have a lemonade stand one summer when he was 6. Then, I would wager you would lose your focus on the economy, unemployment, “sustainable growth” and express your indignation that the memory of one of your favorite martyrs was being treated with contemptuous disrespect, or some such nonsense…

        Joeham1 was right about the hypocrite part… don’t know about the partisan part, since you studiously avoid talking about what you really stand for.

        Although it should be fairly obvious to even the most casual and/or misinformed reader….

        Tell me true, Mister Vila, wheela-deela! Let’s hear some more of that magnanimous, illogical, nonsensical prattle…

        It will give me a great backdrop to compare the truth to.

        • The story is that there is no story at all, it is just some fabrication. As for Joeham1 he just parrots whatever he heard on right wing radio or tv.

          • Mulligatonney

            Shakespeare said it pretty well…

            “Much ado about nothing”.

            From both sides.

            Boys will be boys…

          • joeham1

            Bill I realize you have very little intellect. Study the facts! The democrats have ran Chicago for over 30 years. FACT!!! They do exactly what the president is doing, spend and tax, and spend more and tax more. NOw today the conditions in Chicago for the poor are worse then ever and taxes are driving businesses out of the city! But instread of dumb asses like Bill studying the cities and California, He just repeats the left talking points with no knowledge of the truth!

      • pbrower2a

        The surprise is that that building still stands.

  • lambypie

    to tmanooo if the GOP did what you suggest that would require them to do the jobs they were “hired” to do. What a comcept!

  • If it means anything to republicans I would gladly touch it with a match.

  • latebloomingrandma

    And they say Obama supporters “drink the kool-aid”. (I hate that expression) There has been plenty of slathering about St. Reagan, the President with the teflon coating, who has somehow entered mythical status.

    • Was no great actor, and not great as ‘acting’ as president either. Just had a Will Rogers sense of humor, his only asset in my book.

      • joeham1

        Cuz your to stupid to read what he did! 23 million jobs and he took the unemployment rate from 10.4 % to 5.6%.

    • joeham1

      He took a 10.4% unemployment rate and reduced it to 5.6 while creating 23 million jobs! Learn something and stop drinking the Kool aid!

      • latebloomingrandma

        Then why don’t we go back to the Regan era taxes? You know, the higher rates that are NOT job killing? Can’t have it both ways. And before you say he lowered taxes, which he did inititally,he then went about raising them several times during his 8 years.

        • joeham1

          Reagan did sign a tax increase in his second term as part of a compromise he(I know thats a word the president doesn’t understand) agreed to raise taxes but only after the unemployment rate was under 6%. If we go back to the Reagan tax rates then the 50% who pay no taxes will have to start paying. The middle class will also have to pay more. That would hurt to many people. The point you miss is spending cuts. The CAO has identified 67 billion in waste. The President could use that money. Instead he ignores the report so he can continue his demonization of the right.

  • docb

    The comedy of the do nothing know nothings worthless right..they have nothing left but to make things up..They can not report or govern…

  • typical reaganite bulls–t

  • Lovefacts

    And to think, the GOP keeps saying it has to stop being the STUPID Party.

  • WHO CARES!!!

  • This would be really funny if there weren’t so many people who are ready to believe it.

  • blueindy1

    Reagan? Why are the Fascist Reich Wingers so worried about what happens to the Far Left flaming Liberal Ronnie Raygun’s brief childlhood home? -far-Left, at least compared to the wingNUT fringe today? Just when you think they can’t get ANY dumber…

  • This is your brain ().

    This is your brain on RepubliCon conspiracies (&%#@%*).

  • It’s the free market in action. If Reaganites want to save the building, let them pull together the private funds to buy it.

  • charlots

    Elisabeth, I agree. They are never going to change because they simply don’t know how. The GOP must die out completely before these sad creatures go away. Hopefully, the next republican party will not identify themselves as a Grand Ole Party or a bunch of raving theological lunatics. And maybe we can get some balance back in government.

  • Huge request on leaving history alone? Reagans home should be left alone, marked as history and preserved. Not torn down :(. Reagan changed history with his love for
    his Country/.. this is not how we treat our beloved President, GOP/.
    Thanx and smiles to all, May we all have peace, joy and be bold/careful with expressing
    our comments/feedback. And never giving up on our dreams! If you have been phyically or mentally abused.. get out of there and report them immediately. Start a better life,..
    You are worth it. If you believe in God.. go to your local church and start talking there.
    Bond with them and your family/.

  • elw

    Yikes, is it possible that they are actually running out of conspiracies to blame on the President and his family? This sounds pretty desperate to me, not to mention stupidly ridicules. A year spent as a toddler in a home in no way could have been the deciding moment in Reagan’s life; he barely even remembered the place and he grew up to be an actor not a fireman.

  • pak

    If it were that important it would be a historic landmark and would be preserved, I bet if it were to be raised for anything else it would just disappear.

  • You know, if they put as much energy and creative thinking into actual governing as they do into wild conspiracy theories and imagined slights, they might be worth something.

    • sigrid28

      You are an optimist and welcome on this comment thread.

  • old_blu

    Reagan wasn’t all that anyway. Obama is going to go down as a lot greater President than Reagan.

    • joeham1

      How? besides doubling the debt in 8 years and having the highest unemployment rate of any President ever, Maybe as a President who blames everyone but himself? The best demonizer ever? What the hell can he be considered great for? The great Partisan? Most holes golfed of any president? Your a freaking retard if you really believe he will be considered anything but horrible!

      • old_blu

        Are youi that slow? This thing is a month old. *fuck* but here you go anyway, I’ve talked to you before and you’re just a troll if you answer me this time it will be the first time.
        1. Passed Health Care Reform: 2. Passed the Stimulus: 3. Passed Wall Street Reform: 4. Ended the War in Iraq: 5. Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan: 6. Eliminated Osama bin laden: 7. Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry: 8. Recapitalized Banks: 9. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: 10. Toppled Moammar Gaddafi:

        • joeham1

          You freakin idiot!
          1) Passed health care reform (said it would cost 900 billion) CBO says it will cost 2.8 trillion) It does not lower costs
          2) The stimulas: over 3 milllion dollars per job! it failed you asshole!
          3) Passed wall street reform: The dodd frank bill was not wall street reform. Are you that fucking retarded! It crwated 4 banks that are to big to fail. The opposite of what it was intended to do.
          4) The Iraq war was over when he took office. He just expidited the troops removal and failed to get an agreement to keep some forces there. Now Iran has total influence there. Read something you fucking hack!
          5) Began drawdown in Afganistan! Bingo you are correct!
          6) Eliminated Osama: Bingo again he sure did!
          7) Turned around the Auto industry. Wrong dumb ass, He gave them a government loan, and turned the companies over to his union buddies. The underlying reasons they went bankrupt are still there. Had they gone through normal bankruptsy they have reorganized and corrected the issues that caused the bankruptsy.
          8) Recapitalized banks: Wrong again fool. That was done during Bushes term
          9) Repealed don’t ask don’t tell.: Who cares, The results are still to come
          10) Toppled Moammar Gaddafi: Nice try we flew some missions and it helped the Al Quada take over and then get our Ambassador and 3 others killed!
          It’s asshole like you that help him get away with the spending, blaming and deminizing he does.

          • old_blu

            Holy fucking shit you are nuts but the meth pipe down. And shut off Fox and Rush Limpdick.

        • joeham1

          Here is the real record of the worst President ever!
          1) Passed health care bill: Said cost would not exceed 900 billion. Now cost exceed 2.8 Trillion (Source: CBO)
          2) sold 1,500 military style guns to the mexican drug cartel. Didn’t track them, 2 americans and over 100 mexican’s dead.
          3) Did not protect American Embassy in Libya. 4 dead
          4) increases deficit 6 trillion in 4 years. Projected to AT LEAST double the deficit after 2 terms.
          5) Increased Taxes $660 Billion in January 2013 and let’s the sequester happen in March because of his demand for more another tax increase 45 days later.
          6) Campaigned on transparency and did the opposite
          7) Campaigned on cutting the deficit in half, doubled it
          8) Increased poverty 6.1% in 4 years
          9 Mandated religious groups to pay for contraception regardless of their beliefs
          10) Invested $500 million in Solyndra and they went bankrupt 12 months later
          11) Cancelled the Keystone pipeline, gas has doubled since he took office!
          12) and finally: the first President in the history of our country to have less jobs after his first term then when he took office!
          That’s his real legacy. Not a left or right issue. He is horrible for our economy and our country

  • Cairndance

    I seem to remember that Reagan was a Democrat when a few wealthy men decided that he would make an excellent REPUBLICAN candidate! The R’s love to rewrite history.
    This is pathetic!

  • At some point, I have to stop rooting against today’s Republican party and I have to realize that we NEED a viable opposition party… Today’s Republicans most CERTAINLY are not a viable opposition party as they are; standing waist deep in the smoking wreckage of a once great organization.

  • The Republican’s next tactic will be to convene a committee to impeach Obama for stepping on a sidewalk paving stone that was once blessed by the touch or Saint Reagan’s left foot. HERESY!!!

  • Reagan did nothing for the people.

  • Reagan did nothing for the people if they were not rich.

  • We are in the situation were in because of Reagan’s economic policies. Remember trickle down economics. The only trickle down we got was from the 1% pissing on the rest of us. His policies marked the begenning of the end of the middle class in this country.

  • HAHA! TeeHee! the bigots are at it again! Do these idiots have nothing more to do with their time than to dream up such tripe as this? And even if true, so the f—what? Are were to worship and bow down to every place Reagan or any other president set a foot down? This is so much hypocritcal BS! Reagan has a big ass library in California. He wasn’t that great an actor or a president. Drop with this faux hero worship!

  • Ronald Reagan’s policies resulted in the tearing down of the Berlin wall, and the end of the cold war. Gorbachov unilaterally agreed to a reduction in nuclear arms resulting in the INF treaty that reduced both countries nuclear arsenals. Reagan put the nation back into growth after Jimmy Carters double digit inflation and un-employment. Remember stagnation? No jobs and ever increasing prices. I can only think that you lefty wing nuts are too young to remember the Jimmy Carter years. I am not and it sucked. There is good reason he is considered the worst or second worst president ever. Reagan was the fresh air the county needed and was re-elected with a 49 -1 state majority. But the winners write the history books. That is why the great one will be remembered so fondly by you left wing cool aide drinkers.

    • oeb25

      Left wing trash are all mentally 4 years old.

  • To begin with, Reagan only lived there for less than 1 year, while he was just a kid. Secondly, the University says talk of tearing the apartment down has nothing to do with any potential Obama library, talk of demolishing it was only TALK about options to get more parking for the university. Lastly, it is likely that the Obama library will be built in Hawaii WHERE HE WAS BORN, if only to piss off the birthers!!

  • Another day, another right wing nut freakout. You’d think they’d get tired of it after a while, it must take a lot of energy to find something to be OUTRAGED by every damn day.

  • Ronald Reagan, a second rate actor who was just a loveable, second rate president who was asleep half the time, and experiencing memory loss the other half. Who would give a rat’s ass where ronald reagan lived as a toddler? How many of us can remember where we lived at three years old? Somebody else reminded him. At three years old, how in hell could he remember when as president, he didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground? It’s a bad situation in the Republican/Tea Bag world when they have to reach back into the past to dredge up a god to worship to make themselves feel better about 2012. Somehow, they have convinced themselves that Ronald Reagan was a god when in fact he was just a likeable old man.

  • Wow, mulligatonney, while reading your post, it dawned on me that you sound just like Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs! Are you a cannibal too? Do you eat dick and nuts with farva beans and a fresh chianti? Amazing!

  • humourous and funny.

  • Ok everybody ! Hey we have something here from deepestr darkest Africa ! Oh so we have a real live GOP hater ! tmanooo ! The GOP it’s self a–wipe has not said a word ! And besides that
    people in congress , the President , they can not walk around , thinking about ” America’s economy” 24/7 ! They are talking about taring down Ronald Reagun’s childhood home so rich man president Obama can have a parking lot for his libary ! You and DomVila ! Almost all Mitt
    Romney talked about DOM was to strengthen the U.S. Economy,lower unemployment, and all this other you named and more ! do you really hate Mitt Romney and the GOP so much you missed what Mitt and the GOP stands for ? pseudo leaders ! Who are you calling ” Pseudo leaders” you
    dumb f–k ! Prove Obama was born in the U.S. ! You really can not do that not with that phney pivce of paper that says he was born in one of those three hospitals ! Also he was just an average student when all of a sudden he got scolarships from Harvard and Columbia universities !

  • nobsartist

    Too bad repub;liCONs cannot be sued for forcing that senile asshole and his ex-cia loser vice president on us and completely wrecking our healthcare and financial systems.

  • make reagan’s dad proud turn the place into a bar then john boehner can drink there

  • Marisa Lemm

    Republicans should remember that Ronnie was a good liberal (if not socialist) when he was president of the Screen Actors Guild (a UNION). He changed party and became a Republican only when General Elctric demanded he do so in order to be given the sponsorship of their products. LOOK IT UP. Furthermore, is anybody out there aware of where he lived rent free from the time he left the White House until he died, and where Nancy still resides? Well, in a beautiful mansion in Bel Air, California. All these years rent free. Wonder what he did as President for the guy who owns the mansion???!!!!????

  • Please. Build this great and important Library for the Obama legacy on the spot, and include in the exhibits the fact that the GOP even stooped to making this depraved and desperate conspiracy allegation.

    Include pictures of the obscure 4-year old who went on to “act” in movies while real men were fighting WWII, and then accused his competition of being “communists” and got himself elected President of the Actor’s Union (SAG) which he parlayed into fronting for the political plutocrats. And now that California is finally starting to recover from the disaster of his Governorship of the State, and after we saw how the policies of relieving the Rich of taxes destroyed the U.S. which President Obama stepped up to redeem, we can appreciate the irony.

    It is exactly this contrast–with the GOP Saint Reagan (who else do they have?) which shows how great President Obama is. This library will be the one with the biggest section on the Constitution — our first law professor/ community organizer to become a President. We already know it will be a wonderful legacy.

    • oeb25

      Dude, you are delusional. Get help. Now.

  • JanNH

    One of the biggest problems that Republicans have is thinking that young people (1) remember Reagan; and (2) have forgotten Bush. College kids equal Bill Clinton with liberalism and George W. Bush with conservatism.

    That the GOP thinks Ronald Reagan is anything more than a name in a history book for today’s young voters is the joke

  • Frodo44444

    The only meal the GOP has served for the last fifteen years is smoked red herring served on a lazy susan, for the proprietary spin effect.

  • Smurfet

    I can hardly wait til we can tear down some lefty hero’s home.