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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What do you call a GOP ticket without a Bush on it? A loser.

One of the more startling facts of American politics is that the Republican Party has not won a presidential election without a Bush on the ticket since 1972. So when Jeb Bush stood at the podium of the 2012 Republican National Convention to speak about education, you couldn’t help but assume that he’ll be headlining a GOP convention before long – perhaps in 2016, as the Daily Show suggested all last week.

For Democrats who believe that Jeb has the likability of George W. mixed with the pragmatism of George H.W.,  a Republican ticket featuring this particular Bush is a frightening possiblity.

All that stands in Jeb’s way is what his brother George’s legacy has done to the Bush brand, which is still used, appropriately, to sell beans. Sensing his branding problem, the former governor of Florida used his first minute at the podium at the RNC to attempt to erase eight years of his brother’s nearly unmitigated arrogance and incompetence.

On Friday, Bill Maher pointed out that the GOP is attempting to wipe W. from history by omission. In all three days of the convention, no one besides his brother mentioned “He-Who-Must-Must-Not-Be-Named.” This GOP has been trying to erase the Bush years from our memory since the day President Obama took office. First they used Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. (You probably noticed that neither of those were mentioned at the RNC either.) Now, Paul Ryan – who voted for everything George W. Bush proposed — is the shiny object that is supposed to replace all who came before him.

Ignoring past failures instead of making amends is to be expected from this Republican Party. But what Jeb Bush did was to go beyond pretending Bush never happened. He decided to rewrite history.

“My brother, well, I love my brother,” Jeb said. “He is a man of integrity, courage, and honor, and during incredibly challenging times, he kept us safe.”


President Bush totally kept us safe – except that one time.

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  • Recoloniser

    Normally it takes twice as long to set something right as it took to wreck it. Therefore the projected time to recover from the Bush wreck will be 4 presidential terms, assuming that no Republican wrecking crew intervenes.

    1 down, 3 to go.

    Who is going to step in Obama’s shoes in ’16. Hillary has said it won’t be her, so who?

    • marrieah

      Hillary can always change her mind.

      • Recoloniser

        True, but I think she’ll be 69 in ’16. Two terms would take her to 77 and she may feel, with some justification, that she’s done her bit.

        Also, I think, both Hillary and the DNC may feel that it would be better to put their money on a younger candidate who’d appeal more to the population as a whole, or be more in tune with it.

        This is, quite frankly, why I would have preferred Hillary for President back in ’08. She could have bowed out in ’16 and handed the staff to Obama. Also, because she’s a bit tougher and has some fewer illusions about the pliability of the GOP, she’d have been better equipped to cope with the obstruction Obama has encountered.

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  • Namtaey

    Um, George H.W. Bush lost to Clinton in 1992, did he not?

  • marrieah

    It kills me when Republicans always blame Obama for not creating jobs. It would be interesting to see what ideas Romney and the GOP would come up with for job creation. Romney has already set a precedence as the head of Bain. He preferred to send the jobs overseas rather than pay the employees a decent wage and then hid profits in offshore accounts as to avoid paying taxes on those profits, but he kept the status of this being an American company so as to claim loses of taxes. OK, I concede that much of it has to do with the tax codes allowing him to do so, but now this guy wants to be president. It has to do with ethics. Now what has that to do with Geo Bush and the GOP its an ethical issue. As an American citizen I would prefer to have a my leader someone who can identify with me and my woes in an ethical way.
    As for Bush keeping me safe, I’m still one of those folks who haven’t been convinced that Bush and Cheney didn’t created a situation in which they could come back and say “look as what I did”. Over the years I’ve seen how things are dismantled or destroyed by management and then they come back with the ‘new and improved’ plan which looks exactly like the old one with a new name. I can’t help but notice the parallel. Silly and cynical me. No Bush didn’t save anyone.

    • LOL, and Obama doesn’t pal around with the head of GM and your trying to come down on Romney? You guys get so caught up in trying to smear a conservative’s success you loose out on seeing the failure of Obama. The man’s had 4 years with a Dem. majority to get the job done, hello? One thing is for sure, if Romney has as much success in running our country and helping us make a national economic gain as much as he had success in running Bain, we will be the better than running up our national debt even higher and still at a record jobless nation like Obama has done. Ohh I’m sorry, that is still Bush’s fault after 4 years, LOL! Bush was by no means a success story at all, I’m not trying to make him our to be some hero, so come on, look past party lines and look at the issues, if we continue on the same road as the past 4 years, what’s the definition of insanity, doing the same thing and some how expecting different results! Putting people on Government assistance without stimulating business and creating new jobs will lead us done the road of Greece. I don’t care how much one can identify with someone, if they can’t get the job done then it’s time for A CHANGE WE CAN REALLY BELIVE IN, even if we don’t identify with them or not!

      • Once again a Republican trying to rewrite history. No, President Obama has not had four years in office with a Democratic majority. First of all he has not yet had four years. In 2010 Republicans took over the House and it has been down hill from there.

        You also do not understand the situation in Greece. The austerity plan simular to Ryan’s budget is part of the problem there.

        Most non partisan experts on the economy agree that there is nothing in the Ryan/Romney plan to stimulate the economy.

        Our country cannot be run in the same way as a Corporate; we cannot shut down failing cities and we cannot declare bankrupcy. A Romney win would be a ruturn to the policies of Bush and that would truly be insane.

      • dsand1445

        none: Here you go with the Fox News aka ( The Official Network Of The GOP) talking points. Seams like every four words that comes out of Romney/Ryan’s mouths are lies;not to mention that any sane person with INTERNET capability can fact check for themselves. Whats really insane is for people to believe Romney’s policies which are the same policies as Bush 43 can get the economy up and reduce unemployment. Now let see if you erase 2001-2008 from everybody memory then you might have a chance. Civics 101 the president is not a king. the first year in office with the majority in congress was spent bailing out the banks and wall street on top of massive layoffs and the housing market. Second year the president got health care passed. All this with unbelievable republican obstructionism. Which in 2010 the republicans now control the house. whats the first thing they do pass an anti abortion bill. Hmm so much for jobs.Now the presidents writes a bill sends it to congress what do the do they don’t pass it it dies in the republican control house and if the senate pass a bill that make it pass a filibuster it then dies where in the republican controlled house of misrepresenter’s. That is what you call gridlock. Nonesense

      • mah101

        You know, if you actually look at the data I would think you might want to continue doing many of the same things and expect the SAME result. Regardless of what they tell you in the republican echo chamber, this president has been largely successful at accomplishing an economic turnaround while implementing many of the policies he promised in his campaign to pass healthcare legislation, improve domestic energy, and reform govt regulations and efficiency. I keep hearing the term ” failed” associated with Obama, and I just cannot reconcile that with any objective data. And that’s without resorting to the nearly treasonous republican opposition designed to destroy his presidency ( and the country – well certainly our credit rating). All objective analysis further shows that Romney/Ryan policies will increase the deficit, while slashing federal programs, reducing benefits, and increasing taxes on all but e wealthy.

        So, yes, I would like to keep doing much of the same. Any republicans want to start working for this country, rather than for their partisan interests?

      • Kyle Stumborg

        he had two years retard which he had to spend trying to figure out how to fix the insane clusterfuck of a economic situation he was left with than the other two he got to deal with a republican majority which was in total agreement of halting all democratic progress for the purpose of this election you’re clearly well informed

      • Why not give Obama the same time you gave Bush? He had 8 years to create this mess and Obama gets 4 to fix it? Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

      • I’m curious, what success are you referring to when you talk about Romney? Yes, he made millions at Bain, but by loading debt onto companies and sending jobs offshore.
        And you say, “what’s the definition of insanity, doing the same thing and some how expecting different results!” Yet that is exactly all the Republicans offer, more of what G.W. Bush was doing, more of what drove the US to the brink of economic collapse.

      • Boy are you stoooopid. The hous is controlled by republican obstructionists.

      • You are like the name you use. Here are some of the things that reflect your person. brains/character/imagination/personality NONEe

      • Excuse me, sir. Lets see. in the last several generations….66 million private job sector growth. In those years, 24 Democrats in control, 28 Repubs. In the Repub period, 24 mil jobs versus 42 mil in jobs during Dem years. Do the arithmetic, bud. Start using your noodle instead of your bigotry.

    • montanabill

      If you don’t know how or why jobs are created in the private sector, it would be better not to comment.

  • bcarreiro

    Hey jeb, lets not forget that Kerry won that election and he is a true veteran…if it werent for you pulling the strings in FL your bro would have seen the truth that he is just a warpig who suffered from shortman syndrome who started the war looking for some payback. see when u are born into wealth u really dont have the understanding or knowhow to work from the groud up, only a leg up. if it werent for your brother we the people would have been “better off” 2day. get a real job that requires blood, sweat and tears. Its our “MILITARY” (left, right, left) who keep us safe!!!!

  • We need to eschew, ignore, and banish the Repulsive Party lest we have them win and create the government *against* the United States of America.

  • It is to be expected. After all Jeb is attempting to protect his brother, George – who will go down
    in history as the dummest and worst president we ever had. Remember, because of Bush, we, the United States, attacked a country, Iraq, which did not, could not, and never even thought of attacking us. We started an unnecessary Preventive War, which cost us over 4,000 of our fine
    troops KIA, well over 40,000 wounded in action, and God knows how many innocent Iraqii women and children were killed & wounded, not to mentioned the almost one trillion dollars wasted on this war.
    It was bin Laden, and not Saddam Hussein, who attacked the US and the facts have proven that Saddam had no contact with bin Laden, and no nuclear or biological weapons. The NAZIs under Hitler attacked Poland, using a LIE to justify their attack, and in the end paid the penalty as War Criminals at the Nuernberg Trials. It appears that We, the USA, did the same thing, because We
    the People, and the Congress, were LIED to.

  • Regarding “None’s” comments. When Obama took office, Senator McConnel, the Republican Minority Leader, came on record stating his goal was to make Obama a “One Term” President. Since 2010 the Republicans have controlled the House of Representation, and if you will objectively check you will find that they BLOCKED every initiative put forth by the present administration, being bound and determined to have Obama FAIL. The attempts to raise taxes on the Rich, called the Buffet rule, and the Disclose Act, intended to have Super PACs reveal their donors, NEVER even came to a vote. Both of these Bills were FILABUSTERED by the Republicans. Whose at fault? We the People, because we don’t do our homework and elect self-serving garbage to Congress. We can change
    the playing field, giving the Common People a “fair shake” as Teddy Roosevelt said back around 1901, by limiting the terms of members to Congress to 8 years, as we do with the office of the
    President, and go to “Public Financing” for elections, strictly limiting donations from Big Business, called “Traitors to the People” by Teddy Roosevelt, Banks, Super PACs, Unions, etc.
    As Barry Goldwater, a Republican and a decent man said when testifying in 1985 before the Commission on National Elections: “Electors must believe their votes count. Elected officials
    must owe their allegiance to the people, not to their own wealth or to the wealth of interest groups who speak only for the selfish fringes of the whole community.” Let’s face it, campaign funds are nothing but BRIBES. Our Founding Fathers knew that corruption destroyed the prime requisite of Constitutional Liberty.

    An Old Soldier- who served for 43 years

    P.S. I am not a Democrat, and I am not a Republican. I am an American.

  • Yes “W” kept us all safe – Safe from accountability in High Office, Safe from Freedom (The curse of the Patriot Act, the illegal wiretaps, etc) and safe from a sound economy. Any more of the Bush Brand of Safety and America will join Rome in the “Historical Artifacts” bin.

  • Yodaandiam

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Oh I thought this was a comedy piece.

  • exitright

    I remember “Tricky Dick” Nixon was first elected as VP to Eisenhower and
    now we have “Lying Ryan” as VP to Romney”. 2 of a kind.

  • msrita

    Presidents can not create jobs they can hire contractors for the work. They hire friends and family. The only jobs a President can create is people he hires when he gets in office.

    Good Luck with ID laws we have a law already its the Voters Rights Act 1965. Good luck overturning it freaking idiots. Read the constitution so you wont look like idiots.

  • Jeb was just following form with the other republicans at the convention, i.e. making up facts as it suited them. At least he had the guts to mention his worthless brother who must have been watching this republican freak show with some remorse. I really believe that GWB began to understand at the very end how he’d been misled by Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest and regretted much of what had been done in his name. Now the republicans just want him to be forgotten forever so they can blame Obama for all GWB’s missteps.

  • rustacus21

    Ummm, OK… Whatever… & after dismantling the anti-terror & white collar crime units & swapping their ‘experts’, what was suppose to happen subsequently? In “Against All Enemies…”, by Richard Clark, I think we have an astounding inside look at the utter incompetence of a White House w/no ‘administrators’. As a result, the nation slowly unraveled, leaving all but the very wealthiest Americans ‘exposed’ to the utter catastrophe that laid waste to America & that President Barack Obama would eventually inherit. As a means of off-setting reality, truth & even sanity, conservatives simply view 2001-2009 as a ‘vacancy’ in history – the unaccounted time ‘gap’ picking up in 2009, making the time-line connect directly from Clinton to Obama. The ‘omissions’ during the whole of the convention did, as Bill Haher stated, ‘wipe out’ history, pouring in a caustic concoction of swill mislabled ‘integrity’, ‘honor’ & ‘courage’, to fill that space, w/a stench so foul it guaranteed no one dare get any closer than Jeb! Meanwhile, Romney/Ryan propose the same ‘formula’ used in the mad science experiment of 2001-2009… Conservatives can buy up as much of it as they want, but we who exist in the real world will re-elect a ‘real’ President, that has, all be it slowly, mended a broken, busted nation & pointed it in a positive direction. Imperfect as is Democracy, the Obama administration represents the future. Moving backwards (Romney/Ryan) & especially to ‘THAT’ nameless past is as irresponsible as it is unconscionable…

  • jarheadgene

    “We the People” must FIRE the obstructionist congressmen….VOTE them out, get the names of those that held the House Seats and continued to go along with Sen. McConnell. Boehner,Ryan,Bachman,etc,…etc., GONE they NEED to be GONE…they do not care for America as much as they do party and selves.

  • montanabill

    Golly, maybe Obama ought to ask the expert, Bill Maher, how to do his job. He should immediately make him his VP choice. Biden is infinitely funnier than Maher, so they could just switch places.

  • I saw a bummper sticker the “problem is Obama in O8” are you kiding me …the problem is the previous 8…you can not de-regulate wall street and the banks and not have the same problems we faced 3 years ago….if Mr. Mitt Romney has nothing to hide about his money ethnics then why wont he show his taxes??????COME ON I’m not saying I agree with every but when the President Clinton was in office, a democrate, we had a surplus, then Bush, look how far he took us down in 8 years we cant take another 8 like that,I heard 6-8billion dollars have been wasted in over seas contractors, WOW I wonder how far that money would go over in America, working on our infrastructor???????? and wasn’t Bushes vice president Channey in with the contractors over seas????I rest my case…..

  • In-f#$%ing-credible!

  • A big YES! George W did keep Americans safe by trying to put them into an iron safe where they could rot in, the iron safe being what Romney & Ryan are ranting about at the calling of BIG MONEY the ACHTUNG type of Law & Order loving dumb, dumber and the dumbest. The reason he failed and not because of trying enough was because his other name is Dubya!

  • It’s like Mrs Ripper talking about her husband Jack. He is a good, and family man and is alway taking care of the kids. buying what ever the kids need.
    God only knows where he gets his money. He has no patients visiting him for consultation. The only thing I don;t like that he goes out at night 2 to 3 times a week. But as my husband, I trust him. He also has weird friends who he sees and listens to.