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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

LOL Of The Week: Mitt Bends To The Press (And The Press Reciprocates)

LOL Of The Week: Mitt Bends To The Press (And The Press Reciprocates)

Apparently Mitt realized that there was nothing he could say in private worse than what he said in London. Nor could anything be more controversial than what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said with Romney standing at his side.

Interjecting himself into the American election in an unprecedented way, Netanyahu made the claim that the sanctions supported by President Obama hadn’t stopped Iran from pursuing a nuclear bomb “one iota.” (This claim was immediately rejected by Joe Cirincione, President of Ploughshares Fund, who tweeted: “Bibi is flat out wrong. Iran’s program has been slowed, limited, and in the case of the missile program, blocked.”)

So eager was Romney to get his London gaffe spree out of the headlines that he was even willing to talk about his tax returns. ABC’s David Muir asked him whether there was any year when he paid a tax rate lower than the incredibly low (for his income) 13.99 percent. Mitt said that he’d have to go back and look.

This was a staggering admission from Mitt for two reasons: He acknowledged that voters have the right to know about his tax rate and that it is something he can easily check.

Of course, Muir didn’t follow up with the next logical question, “Why not just release all your returns since you began running for president in 2006?”

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