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Thursday, October 27, 2016

LOL Of The Week: Mitt Reminds Us That He Profited From Outsourcing

On June 21, The Washington Post published an article headlined “Romney’s Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas.” And the lede told the whole story:

Mitt Romney’s financial company, Bain Capital, invested in a series of firms that specialized in relocating jobs done by American workers to new facilities in low-wage countries like China and India.

(So Mitt does have some foreign policy experience: exporting American jobs.)

You can imagine that the Romney campaign was prepared for this line of criticism, which they’ve only known was coming for nearly two decades. Their response? To parse the meaning of the words “outsourcing” and “offshoring.”

Inspirational, isn’t it? Mitt wanted the workers who lost the jobs he helped displace know that he didn’t offshore their jobs. He outsourced them. What a relief to hear that, as you stand in line at the unemployment office.

The Post story hit home—especially in rust belt states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, where people have firsthand experience listening to guys in ties who use euphemisms to tell you why layoffs are really wonderful. It reinforced a campaign to define Mitt Romney by his Bain record.

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  • William Deutschlander

    The ELECTORATE would serve themselves well to remind themselves, that Romney & Bain’s business model, served exclusively to benefit Romney & Bain Partners, while contributing NOTHING, NOTHING, to anyone else or the economy in general!

    • ctruskey

      And who is getting more money in campaign contributions from Bain Capital, Republicans or Democrats, Romney or Obama? Yep Dems and Obama, enough said.

      • CPANY

        Really? Wow, that’s interesting. Would you mind submitting some independent proof of that statement? It sounds as if you just pulled it out of a hat.

      • Peoples425

        I would be appreciative of the logic that supports this outlandish claim especially how a company that was started and headed up by Romney would support the Re-Election of President Obama. Other than this accusation, do you have any proof?

  • ctruskey

    Okay now the Post story was fact checked and found to be full of false information but the post refused to withdraw the fairy tale.

    • Miranda

      Fact checked by who? I didn’t see the Washington Post article on Politifact, do you have a link?

      • ctruskey, Mitt Romney not only acknowledges his involvement in Bain Capital, which does include massive outsourcings and the closure of many plants after the CEOs, shareholders and Bain got their cut, he is actually proud of it and has made it a centerpiece of his campaign. As a former manager, I understand that sometimes management has no choice but to reduce the workforce to keep a company afloat, but deliberately shutting own businesses and moving them abroad to maximize profit at a time when Americans are struggling to make ends meet is not a good strategy for a person running for POTUS.

    • CPANY

      Really? Wow, that’s interesting. Would you mind submitting some independent proof of that statement? It sounds as if you just pulled it out of a hat.

    • phantomoftheopera

      fact checked by whom? sarah palin?

  • Melvin Chatman

    “Go MITT”
    Go away, excuse yourself, leave the building, leave the Planet, raise up outta here, see ya,
    be gone, vanish, report yourself missing, hide, get lost on the freeway, a country road, hold your breath for 3 hours, shut up, time out, – something we can all agree with – PLEASE!!