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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The entire Republican National Convention was based on a bad inside joke.

Did you hear the one about the president saying you didn’t build your business? Except he clearly meant you didn’t build the roads and bridges and schools we all use. But let’s pretend he didn’t say that and base our entire convention on it!

And how was this joke supposed to engage or reassure Americans who are out of work or worried because their house is under water? No one bothered to explain. Instead we heard a constant refrain of “We built this!” and cutaway shots to a debt clock that reminded people which president built the surplus and which president blew it.

In contrast, the Democratic National Convention seemed designed to reach key constituents of the president’s winning 2008 coalition. In the early hours, Democrats reassured young people, union workers, Latinos, and women that Democrats champion their issues. In prime time, they targeted the Democratic base with Michele Obama. Bill Clinton spoke directly to swing voters. Finally, Vice President Biden and President Obama made their case to the middle class.

The results were clear: Almost zero bump for Romney, and, to date, as much as a seven-point bump for the president. With a bump like that, shouldn’t Todd Akin demand that it be carried to a second term?

Still, Mitt Romney did one thing right at his convention. He kept the crazy off the stage, or at least out of prime time — almost.

Rick Santorum made a speech about “hands” – not in prime time. Newt Gingrich appeared with his second trophy wife to deliver a benediction on St. Reagan – even earlier in the evening than Santorum. Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann worked the crowd but didn’t make it up on stage. Sarah Palin wasn’t even invited. Birther Donald Trumps’s lame sketch where he likely fired an Obama impersonator was cut completely from the agenda.

Romney even attempted to lurch toward the center by having Clint Eastwood – from Hollywood! – perform a bit of improv before the former governor’s biggest speech of his life. The Eastwood monologue played more like a parody of a Romney supporter than a plea to the center. But it was an attempt.

So what did Mitt do as soon as the Democratic convention was over? He appeared with possibly the most notoriously extreme member of the U.S. House of Representatives – Steve King.


Then the next day he appeared at a speech with extremist icon Pat Robertson.

Double LOL.

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  • So, at a time where unemployment is an issue you have a convention built around smug business owners patting themselves on the back and talking about how they did everything for themselves, without help not only from government, but apparently customers, employees, etc. Yeah, that was going to work, if you want ONLY business owners to vote for you.

    • Mitt cruising around Tampa Bay in a 14o foot yacht sporting The Cayman Islands flag while entertaining his million dollar donors, really was a hit with the middle class! This one picture circulating on the web probably cost him a million votes alone.

      • The Money That Bought The Yacht Was Money Made From Stripping American Companies And Shipping American Jobs Oversea Along With The Disposal Of Aborted Fetuses!!! ROMNEY IS THE PROBLEM!!

      • joyscarbo

        It SHOULD cost him votes…but republicans are working hard to supress the vote!

      • patuxant

        I surely hope so. Absolutely amazingly out-of-touch. Must feel confident that the billionaires are going to guarantee his entry into the WH. Wouldn’t we be surprised to find Eastwood in the cabin below sucking on his gin and grinning at an empty captain’s chair?

    • RNC Will Go Down In The History And Record Book As The Largest Group Of LIARS Ever Held Together On One Stage!! Romney Didn’t Move Only One Point Maybe After That Lie-Fest Only Thing People Remember Was The Empty Chair And Romney Cut That Out On The RNC Video!! RNC= FAILED!!! DNC The GOP/Tea Party Was Handed They Lying Asses Back To Them On A Silver Platter The Broke Down The Lies One By One, They Slap The GOP?tea Party In The Face With The TRUTH!!!

    • Yep, your comment and the ones below…all the same thing. RmOney and his wife have a big problem. They seem to be lacking a regular ol’ folks social filter. They really don’t get that the crap that flows from their lips is offensive to regular ol’ folks. “You didn’t make those, you got them at 7-11….you people…..Hispanics need to get over their bias….women just need to vote for Mitt….It’s Mitt’s turn…..the Caymans yacht….you really paid big bucks for those raincoats…..I have friends who are Nascar owners….”. I could go on and on, but you get the point. I guess they’re so wrapped up in their wealthy white people bubble, they lack the ability to relate to anyone outside that group. Then they try, and they probably really think they’re trying, they fall flat.

      I noticed long ago, and was kind of heartened to see Bill Maher actually mention this same thing, that RmOney never talks about anything except small businesses. In his world, that’s all that registers on his radar. They don’t even see the rest of us, the nurses, teachers, the lady who sells you your car tags, the worker at WalMart who has to be on food stamps to even survive, the guy that goes out and fixes our roads every day. It’s as if we just simply don’t matter, we’re expendable. Well, newsflash, Mittens, there’s tons more of us than there are small-business owners.

    • So being broke and hanging with other poor persons would qualify you to be President in a country that is desperate for work? The Democrats in Washington D.C. and their total wealth far exceeds that of the Republicans. The Heinz fortune alone that Sen. Kerry married into is more than almost all of the Republicans put together. You have the Hollywood A list as supporters, you know the $20,000,000 a movie crowd. You have no problem getting money for campaigns at all. According to the New York Times Obama has raised over $587 million dollars compared to $524 million for Romney. Tell me did the disenfranchised middle class and poor provide that money to Obama??? How is it that the evil rich Republicans do not have more money than the working class Democrats? The reason the Democrats raised more money is because they have more money. They don’t want you to know that because the class warfare they keep selling would shoot themselves in the foot. Please get an education before you try to claim how the ‘rich’ Republicans have the money and want to keep it. Where did the Democrats get all that money if they are not evil rich corporate people like the Republicans are supposed to be?

  • Wow, not even in my wildest dreams did I expect Mitt Romney to share the stage with the likes of Santorum, Gingrich, and Michelle Bachmann. I hope this is not the last time he does that. What a bunch of losers, first they blew it during their convention, now they are digging themselves a deeper hole trying to convince the faithful that the mess we had 4 years ago is worth going back to and that the economic recovery and job creation record we have seen the last couple of years is a terrible thing that must come to an end.

    • Why Not Share The Stage?? They All Are Full Of SHIT And They All Are A Bunch Of Low Life Knuckle Dragging LIARS Romney Is In Good Company He’;s With He Own Kind!!!LOL

      • Because it is too good to even imagine. Hopefully this will not be the last time, and if I could I would encourage him to add Todd Akin, Allen West, Mourdock, Tom Smith and every other Tea Party nut to his entourage.

    • The man is ready to play every trick to win

      • The way things are shaping up he is going to need more than a trick, he needs a miracle! Unfortunately, I don’t think we are going to make too much headway in Congress. There are just too many Democrats running for re-election in the Senate, and the GOP majority in the House is too large. I think we will hang on to the Senate, but just with a very slim majority, and we will reduce the GOP advantage in the House, but with Boehner, Ryan, Cantor, McConnell and the rest of the gang in Congress things are not going to change and obstructionism will remain the order of the day.

        • karinursula

          When will the American people say “enough is enough”?

          • joyscarbo

            Americans will change when they think with their brains instead of react in fear. You can’t think straight when you’re in “fight or flight,” because republicans are telling you that the sky is falling and it’s all doom and gloom.

  • I started my own business I bought the bldg and equipment. My family didnt have 300,000 to lend me so I got a SBA loan guarantee when Carter was President. Couldn’t have done without government help. No bank would evevn talk to me.

    • alumahead

      That is so un-American. Where is your pride, man?!

      (kidding, of course)

    • Some people tell the truth and some are complete LIARS, you are not one of them When you tell the truth you say it just once, but the LIAR will say different things at different times

    • joyscarbo

      Thank you VERY MUCH, Mr. Sabin, for giving some credit where credit is due.

  • The one thing that seems to be missing from both sides in this economic mess is this. We are not alone. Every country is behind the 8 ball. I think Obama has done all he can do without the help of a Congress hell bent on getting in his way.

    • Funny you should say that. Please check Australia’s economic outlook. Low unemployment, economic growth and a possible return to surplus next year. All that with universal health care, regulated banking sector and taxes based on the ability to pay with minimum avoidance.

      • Very true. We have also done so in Australia with a moron at the helm of the country and a party that dilutes its focus upon important economic development to no end. Although, the industry size of the mining industry is one of the few reasons for this sustainability and growth. Once natural resource projects slow down, don’t expect Australia to continue in its rich vein of economic form. Gillard needs to slow down on spending vs. GDP (which is low by world standards already) and for a change leave some surplus for a Liberal government to really take the country forward and to provide economic foresight for the tougher times to come 12-15 years from now. If we are lucky enough to last that long.

  • alumahead

    And yet Mitt is loving him some Obamacare.

    You can hear tea party heads popping in the distance.

  • Mitt Romney’s actions are consistent with my interpretation of the Mormon cult and their practices. All of the oddities of Mitt are rooted in a couple things… He thinks that because of his enormous wealth commoners should look-up to and honor him – that’s why he doesn’t connect with ordinary folk. The teachings of the Mormon church is inconsistent with Christianity doctrine and belief, therefore, should not be lumped into the same sentence – as though it is! That’s why he doesn’t want to get into specifics concerning his beliefs – he was a Priest in the Mormon church for god sake! Mormonism is steeped in overt racism – the “Curse of Ham” says it all, but unfortunately that is just the beginning. So, his alignment with the extreme right-wing and the avowed racist element is natural.

    • willardcottrell

      you forgot to mention ‘lying for god’. This kind of theological thuggery makes god look impotent. Just another mormonism that is bullsh1t.

  • His tacit endorsement of facets of Obamacare is likely to cost him the election. He committed Tea Party sacrilege, and he is going to pay for it. He has pissed off the Tea Party, African Americans, Hispanics, foreign leaders, gays/lesbians, seniors, students, and women. Shoot, that only leaves a few white-male hate groups…methinks he has a problem!

    • BDD1951

      Pretty girl in your pic.,Dom

    • joyscarbo

      I heard him say on Meet the Press that he wants to use “HIS” healthcare plan from Massachusetts. Aren’t they virtually one in the same?

  • The millions Romney has amassed did not only come from his notorious exploits at Bain, out-sourtcing, or the lucrative contacts and networking he did as governor of his state, but from inheritances from his family. When Romney was in college he was already in the millions. However, those millions did not send him through college. He went through college from the government benefits and grants offered to him from his father’s passing, death benefits, which is tax payers’ money, i.e. welfare. The largest majority of the money corporations and industries use to start their businesses are tax payers’ money, tax-breaks, incentives, and grants given to them from states and the federal government, i.e. welfare. So, really, they DIDN’T BUILD THAT. . . WE DID! It was our money, tax payers’ hard earned dollars that Republicans/Tea Party use to become the snobbish, arrogant jerks they are, then turn it around as if they are our leaders, as if we are dumb beasts of burden subject to their whims. They should get their priorities straight, and we should remind them who they work for. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Don’t be surprised if an IRS investigation into potential insider trading is conducted after the election.

  • I am an Obama voter so my comments are only reflective of some personal analysis. Both Repubs and Dems lie: almost all the time. The Dem platform of 2008 and the campaign of hope and change won an immediate and severe reaction from the Repubs when he won. Dems squandered their House majority, showing little to no concern about jobs or an overt show of bipartisan attempts to work with Repubs (who I might add, showed that would have been impossible given their almost 4 years of no). A severe Dem mistake and gave Repubs the true opening they needed to take over the House. So here we are; once again hopeful somebody would say something that was realistic to where we are in a global economy. Content on that point was missing entirely from the Repubs (who missed quite a few important Repub stances of the past) and the Dems had a week to edit their draft script and hone in on Repub obvious ommissions. The incumbent has that edge: they do not go first. Candidate Romney is a very poor candidate: Congressman Ryan appears not to be able to tell any, or very few, truths. Neither are forthcoming with details. What do they now expect? Our country’s demographics have changed: Dems are looking very much like the party of the majority of Americans and the Repubs look like a country club, and much worse, they act like it. Repubs show in their platform how Government will take over freedoms we the people have fought for and won over the years – and while they are social programs, it is highly important to me this huge Repub misstep into my personal freedoms. For me there is no real choice: the economy will take a long time to really improve; we have to build a new labor base to be competitive in the electronic world we live in today. Foreign policy favors the Dems who would like to stop borrowing money and get out of the Middle East and use diplomacy wherever possible. Secretary Rice sealed the deal for me to not even consider the Repubs on foreign policy. She being there was a mistake I think. And, thank goodness the sitting President did not talk pie in the sky. We have a lot of work in this country and fighting over social issues I was hopeful, was a thing of the past. Social issues, I contend, will be a huge consideration in who gets the votes of the middle class because we know enough not to buy into hope and change and those issues are vital to the majority of non-rich Americans who rely on social programs. Everyone agrees we need increased revenues: we fight over where we should get them. Let’s re-elect President Obama: he does have a message most of us can relate to and, if I may say so, has tried to get jobs for Americans: Repubs say no.

    • joyscarbo

      I think that some of the phenomena of the 2008 election was a visceral reaction to a presidential candidate who successfully conveyed hope and caring—not all the dirty politics that the republicans had use in many campaigns before.

  • There was an old comic strip called Pogo, a collection of swamp creatures, that commented on social and cultural issues. In one skit the ending comment was ..we have met the enemy and it is us. Since the beginning of this country we have been arguing about the best way forward and adapted compromising stategies to counter balance party tyranny tendencies. The neocons have jettison this approach and seem to be attracted to a one party one rule approach of our way or the highway. This, in my view, makes them totally un-American and unfit to lead this great nation.

    • CPANY

      I remember Pogo. The funniest strip pictures one of the the swamp animals that bore a close resemblance to Senator Joseph McCarthy. The Joe McCarthy swamp animal tries to kick Pogo in the balls because Pogo disagrees with him.

      Joseph McCarthy was one of the biggest scumbags in American politics. He was a drunk and died fairly young, possibly from alchoholism.

    • If your man Romney gets in welcome to The Corporate States of America….if you want to live in a Dystopian Plutocracy go right ahead and vote for the Robme/Lyin Ryan ticket….I will not!

  • If it wasn’t for the big donors that still hope their political ads will influence a favorable electoral outcome in November, and a financial bonanza for them immediately thereafter, the only headlines Mitt Romney would be making would be in Comedy Central. He has managed to upset the middle class, veterans, African Americans, Hispanics, gays and lesbians, teachers, students, union members, women…and even the Tea Party! At this rate the only constituency left for him are members of hate groups. Heck, we might as well save our money, this guy is committing political harakiri without our help!

    • Yes he is. And, the more he screws up the better I like it….


    Mitt Romney is either completely stupid or he thinks everyone else is. Now he’s in favor pf parts of Obama’s health plan, but I haven’t seen which parts. Typical Romney bullshit. The man is a total incompetent.

    Another thing: Romney is always being cited as the founder of Bain Capital. What about William Bain? Didn’t he found the firm?

    • Mitt “founded” Bain Capital with seed money from William Bain. Since he did not use government money in the form of a SBA loan he clearly “built that” himself!

      Mitt has had every opportunity handed to him on a golden tray. That is why he sucks as a politician, he thinks that since in his view, Obama failed, it does not matter what positions he actually believes in.

      The only positions that matter are the ones that he has calculated our right-center enough to win the election. He will leave the governing part to the same Republicans that have not been completely drummed out Washington following the Bush Administration epic failures(ie Rice, Rumsfeld, Cheney). You can find the rest of them now “advising” Romney or holed up somewhere in one of the many right-wing DC lobbyists waiting for their political obscurity sentences to end.

      They don’t like Romney, but they also know he is their meal ticket back into the halls of power. The fact that Romney is even considering the likes of John Bolton to advise him on foreign policy should frighten everyone. Oh, you can find him hold up with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

      This is directly from Wikipedia on the AEI:

      “Some AEI scholars are considered to be some of the leading architects of the second Bush administration’s public policy.[3] More than twenty AEI scholars and fellows served either in a Bush administration policy post or on one of the government’s many panels and commissions.”

      “leading architects? yikes! ‘nuf said…

  • very well stated. Couldn’t have done better. The truth should end the crazy hold on the GOP. At least get the crazies out of politics.

    • grammyjill

      it was the only job they could get

    • willardcottrell

      i agree; but I believe the crazy will continue their trek down the path to obscurity. Mind me, I hope this is so. To rebuild the party will take tremendous effort and cooperation. These are not republican traits. They love fighting for power, but hate the effort of actual leading.

  • Elsa

    I wonder how his extreme conservative supporters feel about him keeping parts of ObamaCare?

  • ridemybroom

    sounds like someone is losing thier religion…man cant embrace his own religion…sounds like he may be alot of smoke and ashes…thats about it…if he cant embrace his own morman religion…why would he think the country would embrace him….oh the wicked things these ppl do….not only do but say as well

    • I would venture to guess that even the Mormon heirarchy is embarrassed by Mitty at this point…and, the BS Ann said about how she and her husband pay a tithing of 10% is more than likely also BS…since nobody knows how much he absconded with in any given year, hard to tell what ten percent is….

  • The Repuppetcon “Party of NO” has been not only determined not only to block every effort Obama has made to improve America’s situation, but even more than that, to get Obama out of office. How can anybody work with that kind of determined opposition? I do give Obama credit for holding out the olive branch.

  • MichiganAndy

    I have wanted to ask Pat Robertson, where natural disasters are the result of some immoral situation and condition, what’s up with Texas? What’s up with all the Red states getting the worst of nature’s wrath, coincidence? Well if it disfavors his opinion and views, then of course it is not God. That’s why we need to re-open all those institutions for the mentally ill that Reagan closed, and get these people the help they sorely need. That, and get their psychosis off of mainstream TV.

    • willardcottrell

      god reminding the faithful that the world is full of evil and growing. god understands that the people in the south are a little short on education and intelligence and so he uses actual events to reinforce theological concepts.

  • joyscarbo

    Did anyone catch Mitt’s comments on fixing the economy on Meet the Press??!!
    Mitt commented on how Obama has failed at fixing our economy in the last 3.5 years.
    Mitt was then asked how long would it take him to fix our economy?
    Mitt replied that the economy wouldn’t be fixed in his “first term.” He said you just can’t fix it that easily!!
    Does anyone see a double standard?!

    • More than recognizing a double standard, I recognize Romney’s inability to think on his feet….he flip-flops so quickly and decisively that he cannot remember what he implied two minutes prior….he really is showing that in addition to being a pathetic candidate for POTUS, he just ain’t that bright…

  • patuxant

    Very good piece. How many ways can the GOP screw up this country and step in cow pies? What is astounding is Pinocchio Paul/ aka Lyin Ryan. Open mouth, insert two feet but act like Urkel after he gets caught. He is worse than Palin and that goes a long way down the pike. Mitt claims he is an experienced business manager. Could have fooled me by the selection he made for VP.

  • patuxant

    Yes, that is a great possibility and these people (House Leaders) are vile evil people. They are so filled with their own agendas and hate that they are deliberately running this country into the ground. Sickening!

  • patuxant

    I hope so! But I think he had to make some sort of remark since we know this topic will come up in the debates and he now has already laid down his flipper status. Thing that gets me about his entire family is their arrogance and sense of entitlement….that he has all of those sons and none of them serve in the military? That he “excuses” his failure t mention Afghanistan in his speech because “he spoke to a VFW group the day before”? Come on now!!!

  • howa4x

    He can’t hide Geroge Bush forever, and Obama needs to resurect him as often as possible to show that Mitt’s policies are a redo of BushII. Mitts other problem is the radio talk show hosts who are stars of the right, like Rush L, Ann Coulter, Hannity, Beck, and O’Reiley. We don’t know what any of them will say on a given day. Will Rush start up with contraception again? Will Coulter and Fox and friends start up with Wall st deregulation. Beck can always be counted on the stir up the Tea party. The religious right is always a threat, is there anoither Akin out there? But Romney needs to move to the center. Let’s see if all of them let him get away with it, or try to drag him kicking and screaming rightward.

  • mostunusual

    We conveniently forget that most of our prosperity is due to our legacy of fossil fuel. We refuse to think about what will happen when it’s gone. We pretend that world population is not a critical issue. We are ruled by corrupt, dishonest politicians who are more than happy to aid our denial of reality. We are ill-informed, irrational, and delusional. We foolishly expect a return to the good old days, what ever we imagine they might have been.

  • I was on politico, the conservative website reading the postings. The funny thing is, there were no comments about the republican adgenda. They only made negative and racial Obama comments. The only reason they are pro Romney is because they are anti-minority-or a business owner. If they only knew that Bain Capital is a company that buys struggling companies and strips them dry, leaving its employees with no pension, job, health insurance or dignity. You have to be really ignorant and foolish to think this won’t happen to your company if you vote for Romney. There are three generations of company pilagers in the Romney family tree. The irony is, Romneys forefathers, like him, were mormon liberals. Mitt will be anything you want him to be if it means earning a dollar.

  • Nonsense. It was very clear from the construction of the speech what he meant. You have to jump back two sentences to construct a flimsy excuse for the President.

  • motorfingaz

    Something is mentally wrong with Willard!

  • Ken

    I think Romny is the better candidate. I favor his approach to growth, jobs, and energy. I favor his approach to foreign relations. He had lived as an adult in France for 2 1/2 years. He has work internationally in business. He believes in a strong America.

  • arealbrother

    what a country. Frankly, I don’t know what to believe. A month or two ago, the conservative media, said that the president didn’t have a chance at winning reelection. What a difference a month or two have made… It reminds me of a time when a white girl I had a dispute with (in leaving) yelled out that Barack Obama would not win the election. White haters of the president, get ready to once again sniff the presidents’ heinie. lol

  • crabman2

    This is my first visit to this site , and I have to say that this is without a doubt the most Far Left , looney , radical , disillusioned , ill-informed , forum for Liberal talking points that I’ve ever seen . Apparently , there is noone at this site who can think for themselves . Have fun .
    I won’t be back .

  • You didn’t build this is wrong. It is the epitome of what is wrong with the Democrats. The roads and the bridges, who built those? Did the government build those? NO. Don’t be stupid. The government has not built anything or done anything. WHERE does the government get money if it does not operate as a business???? It gets its money from the PEOPLE. Every single bit of money our government has ever had comes from the American people or borrowed from foreign governments based on the strength of the American economy which is based on its people. The richest people in this country provide 70% of the tax revenue no matter how small a portion of their income it is. Once again who built the this??? WE did. The small business owners who cannot afford to pay someone to help them dodge their taxes are the ones who paid the lions share of the money for the roads and bridges too. Obama wrong! America right. Deal with it.

    • “The richest people in this country provide 70% of the tax revenue no matter how small a portion of their income it is. Once again who built the this??? ”

      –when you own 85% of the wealth, you should AT LEAST pay 85% of the tax burden, not 70%

  • “Mitt” Happens!

  • The only “bump” O’Preezy has felt lately is a giant lump on his head that President-elect Romney gave him in that a$$ whipping debate. Come soon November … come SOON!!!