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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mitt Romney — the world’s all-time “Pants on Fire” champion, a man who opened his campaign with a misleading edit of the president,  a man who wrote a whole book and organized an entire convention around blatant falsehoods, a man whose campaign proudly ignores fact checkers – is suggesting that the president says “things that aren’t true.”


This goes beyond the usual Karl Rove “project your weakness onto your opponent” tactics. This goes well beyond a pot calling a kettle black or the Mitt calling someone a “Willard.” This is amoral, post-truth nonsense.

Days ago, Romney accused the president of sympathizing with terrorists because diplomats issued an unapproved statement that Romney later echoed. That was one of the most vile, indefensible lies ever spoken by a national candidate in the modern era. And it is the sort of nonsense that only persuades  the same people who nod their slumped heads when Rush Limbaugh says that al Qaeda gave Osama bin Laden up to make Obama “look good.”

That Libya lie was only one of the 36 documented lies that noted Mitt Mendacity-ologist Steve Benen documented — just this week! Such disregard for the truth would be amusing if it weren’t masking the big lies at that heart of Mitt’s campaign:

He promises to cut the deficit and grow the economy and proposes the exact policies that created the deficit and crashed the economy.

He promises to “save” Medicare and proposes a grossly inefficient system that passes the costs on to seniors when some seniors can’t even afford the costs they currently have.

He accuses the president of being weak on Iran and proposes the exact same policies toward Iran that the president has in place.

One of the most satisfying experiences of the 2012 presidential campaign is realizing that the ability to make a profit off of anything isn’t an advantage when trying to become President of the United States.

Mitt Romney is used to people believing whatever he said because he was the richest guy in the room. But all the money in the world and all the lies cannot buy back the harm he has done to his own reputation.

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