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Friday, July 20, 2018

How pro-life is Rick Perry?

He’s so pro-life that he made sure all 250 prisoners he’s executed had an ultrasound before he put them to death – just to be sure.

Okay, the governor of Texas isn’t that pro-life, but he might as well be. And as he faces the end of his fourth term, Perry is looking ahead to his legacy.

Rick Perry’s record-breaking tenure as the Lone Star State’s chief executive will go down in history for its remarkable economic growth – much of it fueled by the federal government Perry loathes – and its even more remarkable assault on the well-being of women and children.

Though he went down like a dopey combination of the Titanic and the Hindenburg in the presidential primary, the governor is still trying to sell — outside of Texas — his vision of a government unburdened by concern for the poor.

Last week Rick Perry spent $24,000 of his state’s money to advertise in California about how great it is to start a business in his state. California governor Jerry Brown called that amount “barely a fart,” but the editorial board of the Sacramento Bee took the attack even more personally and decided to sell its readers on Texas:

Check out a state that ranks dead last in the percent of its population with high school diplomas. Come check out a state that is last in mental health expenditures and workers’ compensation coverage. Come check out a state that ranks first in the number of executions, first in the number of uninsured, first in the amount of carbon dioxide emitted and first in the amount of toxic chemicals released into water.

The truth is that Texas is a wonderful place for rich polluters. The rich pay some of the lowest state and local taxes in the country and the poor pay the sixth highest.

And the joy for Texas’ poor doesn’t stop there.

Though the state ranks 47th out of 50 in physicians per people, Perry turned down hundred’s of millions from the federal government because he wants to exclude his state’s Planned Parenthood, which performs no — seriously, not one — abortions, just  because it has the name “Planned Parenthood.”

When Perry isn’t busy punishing the poor, he also takes time to weigh in on the crucial issues of the day.

Just days before he released his ad bashing California, Perry commented on whether the Boy Scouts, an organization that has received millions in federal funds, should allow openly gay members.

“I think most people see absolutely no reason to change the position and neither do I,” Perry, a former Eagle Scout, said.