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If Perry Wants To Help Texas, He Should Follow Brown’s California Model

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If Perry Wants To Help Texas, He Should Follow Brown’s California Model


Remember Rick Perry and his inability to name the three federal government agencies he would eliminate if, God forbid, he won the White House? Yeah, that guy. Oh yeah, and he is still the governor of Texas, a red state with a growing Hispanic population that has Democrats dreaming blue.

Perry’s latest late-night punchline is a $26,000 radio buy in California markets aimed at luring Golden State businesses to the Lone Star State. In the ad, Perry says “building a business is tough. But I hear building a business in California is next to impossible. This is Texas governor Rick Perry, and I have a message for California businesses: Come check out Texas.”

California governor Jerry Brown fired back, calling Perry’s ad “barely a fart.” In a scathing editorial, the Sacramento Bee went even further, writing that “we think it’s more than a fart. It’s a cry for help. Perry can’t create jobs, he can only steal them from other states. His campaign for the Republican presidential nomination was a joke. His beloved Dallas Cowboys haven’t been in the Super Bowl since 1996.”

Perhaps Perry should spend less time trying to poach businesses from California, and more time learning from how Brown and the majority Democratic state legislature finally balanced the budget after years of shortfalls. And listen closely, Governor Perry: California is poised to end its next fiscal year with an $851 million surplus, the first in more than a decade, Governor Jerry Brown said as he unveiled a budget that includes revenue from voter-approved tax increases. And how did Brown do it? By doing what President Obama has repeatedly called for on a national level: a mix of spending cuts and tax increases. A recovering economy has helped too.

Meanwhile, Texas is facing a $5 billion budget shortfall because the state intentionally underfunded Medicaid last year. Texas also slashed $5.4 billion from public schools. In 2011, Texas faced a similar $27 billion budget gap to California. But their approach, with only spending cuts and no new tax revenues, has resulted in the $5 billion budget deficit. Compare that to a $2.4 billion budget surplus this fiscal year in California, as the result of a mix of spending cuts and tax increases on the wealthy.

What was the election line about Republicans and math?

But Perry has bigger problems to worry about. The state that continues to elect politicians — including Perry — who deny manmade global warming is facing the second-worst drought on record, and state climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon predicts some parts of the state will experience the worst drought in history this year, saying, “high temperatures caused by climate change have exacerbated the drought. Increased evaporation because of climate change also increases the severity of wildfires.”

Photo credit: Senate Majority Caucus via Flickr


  1. ORAXX February 7, 2013

    If Rick, “the wholly, holy, macho man,” Perry, wanted to help Texas, he would MOVE to California, and remain very quiet.

    1. Tessa Strickland Morgan February 8, 2013

      No, no! Not welcome in California

      1. ORAXX February 8, 2013

        I’d hate to do that to California and I would only reccommed it if he promised to be very quite. A small hut in the middle of Death Valley would be ideal.

      2. AMADAL February 8, 2013

        hahahahahahahaha Even though I recommended he go to California–I’m happy to hear even ya’ll are too smart and proud to accept that peice of scum

      3. Tom February 9, 2013

        The only thing that keeps me in Texas is being married to a Texas Tech I love very much. My body may be in Texas, but my hearts in Oklahoma.

    2. neeceoooo February 8, 2013

      or he could find some quiet Texas hole to crawl into

    3. Gerald Larey February 8, 2013

      Yes…directly to a landfill.

  2. Dominick Vila February 8, 2013

    The most expeditious way for Gov. Perry to help Texas is to resign. He has been an ineffective Governor, an embarrassment as a presidential candidate, and a man whose only concern is what is good for Rick Perry.

    1. Kelly February 8, 2013

      I have lived in Texas all my life and I agree with you 100%. Perry is such an embarrassment. And with Bush Jr still fresh on people’s minds, it doesn’t look good for us. Know that we are all not ignorant, we all don’t love guns, we all do not ride horses, we all are not bible-thumpers, and any other stereotype associated with the Lone Star State. However, we do seem to breed these types of idiots, and I apologize for that. I’m just waiting for the red to turn blue – and it will!!! My son moved to CA upon graduation and my other two kids are already talking about getting the hell out of Texas as soon as they can. Sad that the smartest kids are leaving because they see how backwards-ass this state is.

      1. Dominick Vila February 8, 2013

        Most of us, especially those who had the opportunity to visit Texas, don’t take the stereotyping very seriously. Yes, it would be nice if the Lone Star state turns blue, but that may take a long time. The level of brainwashing done against Democrats during the past few decades has been so intense that even when the truth is in front of some people noses they continue to reject the obvious.

        1. AMADAL February 8, 2013

          I totally agree, the best thing Perry could do for Texas is get the hell out—maybe even to California where he might actually learn something. Remember, Texas was a solid blue state, but the Repukes gerrymandered controll of the congress 3 years before the 2010 census to retain controll. Hopefully more Mexicans will move here and help us get rid of the scum that has destroyed our once great state.

          1. Independent1 February 9, 2013

            Wish you luck with that (getting rid of the scum): Texas’ ratings on so many measures paint a pretty sad picture: such as; the state with the most polluted environment (combo of damage caused by oil spills and bad air around a couple cities); state with one of the worst educational records: 46th on SAT scores of their students while leading the nation in HS dropouts; 3rd in the nation in the percent of the population below the poverty level, and much more that doesn’t look good.

          2. AMADAL February 9, 2013

            If you lived here you would know much, much more about the crap thats going down here–just think about it—we went from George Dubya Bush to Perry and the two of them have just about gutted everything that was good about Texas. Thanks for the wishes. we need all the help we can get.

          3. Tom February 9, 2013

            Independents:: I’m one also. Schools of education like the one at the “Rich Bitch” University in Dallas will never turn the situation around. The other schools are more interested in football. At least A & M got wise and moved to the SEC.

        2. Tom February 9, 2013

          Dominick:: Sooner than you think!

        3. joeham1 February 11, 2013

          The level Brainwashing done to you is amazing. Texas, Despite the federal Government is in good shape! If your model is California then Texas will never turn blue! What truth would it be, in someones noses? What’s obvious? Is 9.8% unemployment better then 6.1?

          Where is your honesty? California is a prime example of what being a blue state gets you. Insane taxes and spending, over regulation, and the the democrats owned by the unions!

      2. joeham1 February 9, 2013

        The problem with you partisons is that the truth and the facts are just things that get in your way! California has a 10% Sales tax (highest in the nation) they just raised it to 13% on the rich, They have 3% higher unemployment then Texas, and they balanced the budget by kicking 28 billion in debt down the road. Over a dozen California cities have filed for bankruptsy. That’s your Blue state! If your that ignorarnt you should move there!

        People who have guns don’t love them! It’s their right. That may bother you as much as murdering unborn babies bothers the right to life people!

        You see the President has turned our country into blue hate, red and red hate blue! People like you and Dominick and others have bought into it! So now anything that goes wrong, he has you to to help him keep us divided.

        You should definately know that California has been and is in huge trouble! The average state worker makes over 100,000 a year and the majority of their salary when they retire as their pension! Solely paid for by the tax payer! That alone, along with the corruption is the reason they have such high taxes. They have billions in unfunded debt they won’t be able to pay. Don’t let the National Memo be your sole source for news. If it is you won’t know the truth!

        1. Tom February 9, 2013

          The National Memo has nothing to do with my opinions. The merely serve as an avenue to vent my frustrations with the ignorance in this nation.

          1. joeham1 February 11, 2013

            If you think the economy of California comes close to the economy of Texas you need to read something. California has choked themselves with incredibly high taxes, over reach on regulations and a public union that owns the democrats there! The business climate is bad and therefore unemployment is high.

            The national Memo loses a lot of credibility trying to say Texas should look to Californnia for anything!

            California Unemployment: 9.8%
            Texas: 6.1%

      3. Tom February 9, 2013

        Kelly:: Thanks for using a real name. I moved to Texas from Oklahoma in 1964 when the state’s voters still had their heads screwed on straight. I too am embarrassed by what the great TEXAS ELMER GANTRY said. California has had their problems financially, but remember the number of years they had Mr. Sportsnager as governor. I” glad Brown has managed to lead them out of the great teapublican depression without harming education. I’m also proud of the fact they’ve finally got rid of the showboy. Just remember one
        thing, better days are ahead in Texas and I’m sure California won’t have to stoop to such low tactics to attract industry to stay ahead of the braggadocios of Texas.

      4. joeham1 February 11, 2013

        Only the ignorant think Texans are ignorant. People who have guns don’t love their guns they just have a right to own them. There are a lot of Bible thumpers and thank God for that! Gov Perry may not look good to you but that state destoys California on how to run a state! California is a state that has been ran by the left for years. The economy is in horrible shape unemployment is 9.8% compared to 6.1% for Texas. The Public Unions own the Democrats in California and regulations and taxes have choked that state into oblivion!

        If you think Texas is backwards while talking about Califonia, maybe you should either study or move!

    2. Progressive Patriot February 8, 2013

      When Perry bragged that his state was leading the nation in job creation, he neglected to add that they were leading the nation in MINIMUM WAGE JOB CREATION!
      That is what radical, free market (venture/vulture) capitalism is all about. That is what his good buddies, the Koch’s are all about; and that has been their agenda for the last 40 years!
      Follow the money!

      Move 2 Amend!

      1. johninPCFL February 8, 2013

        And a significant portion of the jobs created, about half, were state government jobs, the kind he HATES.

        1. Progressive Patriot February 10, 2013

          You won’t hear that on Fox Fake News!
          Good one john.

    3. joeham1 February 11, 2013

      Wake up Dominick! Texas has a 6.1% unemployment rate, and the 3 fastest growing cities in the country. Austin, Dallas and Houston. They are a model for how the economy should work! In contrast, California has a 9.8% unemployment rate, incredibly high taxes and a public union sector that owns the Democrats! They just balanced their budget but sent 28 billion in debt down the road. Califonia is a prime model for how not to run a state! One thing you said is true. Perry was not a good presidential candidate!

  3. Lovefacts February 8, 2013

    What’s interesting is that it was Governor Brown, a Progressive Democrat, along with a Democratic legislature that accomplished turning California around. Under the last great Republican governor, Schwarzenegger, and his refusal to do anything but to cut services and try to lower taxes the state’s economy tanked further.

    IMO, what Republicans fear is an educated populace. Therefore, the first cuts made to the budget are to education—the rich send their kids to private school. The second to any service, especially food, shelter, and medical, that helps the poor. What they don’t get is that business goes where the population is educated and healthy and there is a good infrastructure–which are the Progressives goals.

    1. Ed February 8, 2013

      Though I hate to say this, I have long felt that ALL politicians fear an educated populous. Learning a trade to work for the masters is OK. But getting and education on how the wlorld w woerks, or how government works is a no no!

      1. Tom February 9, 2013

        I went to school 22 years, earned three degrees to become an educator. Texas destroyed all my motivation with their dummer than dum philosophy. Anybody can wear cowboy boots and talk tough, but what more do you expect with a dummed down population. Intelligence, being ignorant and dumb added up become stupid. Want another Elmer Gantry as govenor in Texas?

  4. Michael Mitchell February 8, 2013

    Don’t worry it won’t be long before Perry stars squealing for that federal money.

  5. Dianna S February 8, 2013

    Actually, Rick Perry might be useful in the blizzardly states. His hot air could melt the mounds of “snow” that he tries to shovel here in Texas. He is happy keeping needed funds from Education in Texas schools, while stats place Texas ranking in the lower 40’s on education. As a former Texas teacher, I know how hard our teachers work. Our school taxes are based on property and cannot be raised any higher unless the State allows it to do so. Which they haven’t. I am all for bringing any businesses to Texas. But for years clothing factories hummed and provided jobs for many before they were closed and sent overseas. Let’s get those jobs back. My car was built in Texas. Let’s increase the production line there. And let’s focus on providing the best education in the country, increasing technology, math and science programs and stop tying teachers hands to tests that are not geared on using the information that is taught. Let teachers return to using their creativity and multi-sources to teach their subject matter instead of just feeding facts and figures into children’s brains for tests. And finally…….Get the Tea Party and Rick Perry ideology out of Texas government.

    1. AMADAL February 8, 2013


    2. Tom February 9, 2013

      Dianna S: I have taught grades 5,6,8,9,11, & 12 and spent two years at Baylor, Oklahoma State, and SMU. I finally decided it was better for me to use my psychology training and spent 35 years working with veterans disabled by the fruits of war in a mental institution. I have been asked many times why I left teaching. It.s very simple. I had rather be locked up with patients on a lockward than be dummed down in the classroom due to lack of funds. I will always admire teachers for their work, but I will never be a slave to ignorant leaders that can’t chew gum and walk straight at the same time. Governor Perry is simply a product of such a system.

  6. ggsboy February 8, 2013

    Many of us find it amazing that Perry, head of the Texas Taliban, is trying to lure companies from California. Texas ranks low on all of the state health and quality of life indicators that appeal to progressive and innovative people. It adores its state mandated right to presume to invade women’s health rights with physically and mentally abusive tactics. One assumes that the city most attractive to high tech companies would be Austin. But over the years, through gerrymandering, the Texas Taliban has sliced and diced that population to the extent that the political preferences of that population is not represented at the state or federal level. What an attractive sales pitch Perry can make: “Come to Texas where we hate women, don’t believe children should have health care, doubt and even hate science, believe low taxes and deregulation produces public health, and only like the federal government to the extent that it gives us more money that we send to it and continues to put a lot of federal dollars in military expenditure. Oh, and by the way, we still think that the federal government does not appreciate how richly we deserve to have one of the shuttles. So, as we say, move your company to Texas, and get here before we secede.”

  7. Julia February 8, 2013

    this just proves what most of us already think of Texas, it is for the stupid and stupid is as stupid does!!!

  8. Jonny Dancer February 8, 2013

    Texas is going down hill since Bush and then Perry took over!

  9. ExPAVIC February 8, 2013


    Perry save who from whom? Good God people after his debate blowup, this guy should be patrolling border fence and that may prove to be too much for his lame brain.

    Understand they have recruited sheep “Dolly’s” daddy in an effort for the GOP to clone a couple of viable candidates. They sure couldn’t do any worse than Palin, McCain, Ryan, and Romney. Gracious, where do they find these people.Tell Bobby Jingle and Marco Rubio to stand up and take their lumps too.

    Rubio giving counter to Obama’s State of the Union Speech? What a stroke of genius, more like stupidity to be honest.

  10. nobsartist February 8, 2013

    Perry only wants to help the oil companies.

    Just like bush.

    And Obama.

    1. HistoRet February 8, 2013

      The mark of the CYNIC is to insist “They all do it! Everybody is looking out for Number One! Everybody lies and cheats and steals!” Whenever one of my students started on that rant, I let it run until he was out of breath. Then I said that it must have been hard growing up with uch a mother as his. It usually took a few seconds for him (or her) to realize he’d been talking about his Mama, along with all the rest of us who make up ‘everybody.’ The FATE of the CYNIC is to turn out to be wrong almost every time. Cynicism is just another way to justify lazy pig ignorant opinion as a substitute for clear, careful, discernment.

  11. jstsyn February 8, 2013

    If Perry really wanted to help Texas he would resign.

  12. Robert A. Williams February 8, 2013

    If California is so flush in cash, why does the Sacramento Bee say the following…

    “The trust fund that provides pensions to the state’s retired teachers has a $64 billion deficit and would need a $4.5 billion-per-year infusion of revenue to become fully solvent, according to a new internal study.”

    If California is so well managed, why does it cost over $50,000 per year to incarcerate each prison inmate, when Texas does it for about $20,000? One reason, of course, is the insane salaries and benefits given to the Prison Guards. They even get paid “Walk Time”, which pays them from the time they get out of their car until they reach their duty station.

    State Income tax – California is up to over 13 percent. Texas is still zero.

    Jerry Brown apparently forgot everything he hopefully learned at divinity school, as he is and has always been a Major League BS Artist. California can’t afford road repairs, but we can pay our cops $150,000 salaries. We have cities and towns around the state going bankrupt, such as San Bernardino, Vallejo, Mammoth Lakes and Stockton. According to CNN Money, “California bankruptcies are only the beginning”.

    According to one report, California has had about 10 million folks move here in the last 10 years. We also had 7 million folks sign up for Medi-Cal during that time, and only 150,000 new taxpayers. You do the math – 150,000 new taxpayers to support 10 million new Californians, with 7 million of them receiving free medical care. A study done by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) found the cost of illegal immigrants in California to amount to $10.5 billion annually, and over a billion dollars just for incarceration of illegal alien criminals.

  13. Delores S February 8, 2013

    perry really don’t care about texas any more just all the money that he get from us here in texas tell me how can he save texas from anything nothing at all california is in bad shape as texas mr.perry has hurt texas so bad we can’t get anything from the grovement in washinton mr.perry mess that up will bad 4 texas mr. perry it is time 4 you 2 get out of office when is the election 4 grovnor comes up

  14. Michael Ross February 8, 2013

    Perry is the type who would rather watch everything burn than admit he was wrong, and who would even sooner watch everything burn than let a Democrat into the office.

    And the more Perry tries to fight the science and fight the math, the more clear that becomes to his constituents.

    Texas is still a long way away from ever becoming blue, but unless he steps down or gets defeated at a primary, we will see Texas elect a democratic governor soon enough.

  15. Pamby50 February 8, 2013

    Jerry Brown has it right. Just a fart. That’s all Rick Perry is. I can’t wait for the state to turn blue again. I wish Ann Richards could see that happen.

  16. Calvin L. Williams February 8, 2013

    >> I live in TX but I recently returned here from CA. The most pressing issues in TX is education since most Texans are illiterate and mentally challenged. In Fort Worth, TX is the MHMR capital of the world for people with mental disabilities and homosexuals.
    >> Perry is cranking up a re-election campaign but he’s short of money, now he owes everybody because he went into office broke ands ran for President with loans from major contributors, right now all he does is has fundraisers but it appears his candidacy is doomed, he even forgot his home town and folks there remember how he dissed them …
    >> Most folks here are fed-up with the empty promises and knuckleheaded policies of his Austin regime, folks here in TX want him out and he will not endure, rest assured, Perry is kicked to the curb.

  17. k.b. February 8, 2013

    If Rick Perry REALLLLLLY wanted to help Texas (God bless our state) he would relocate to the artic circle ,my first thought was he could do no harm but his hot air would melt the ice so fast Kansas would become costal on 3 sides in a jiff.
    He manages to spent 50.7 % of the states budget flitting around the country paying for for new jobs simular to some 20,000 a year jobs he recently brought to the Austin area that only 178,000 each .
    I cant deny having had thoughts of how nice it would have been to move him on up to D.C. but then Texas (God bless our state) would sure nuff have to succed from the union again ,but not to worry we would be able to send forgeion relief to the other 49 states in our saving by being rid of him .
    Cowboys have it in their blood to not talk bad about folks but he just has a way of bringing it out of a feller.

  18. joeham1 February 9, 2013

    The National Memo is not capable of telling the truth! Now I have heard it all! The responsible Government in California kicked 28 billion in debt down the road. That’s the only way they balanced the budget!

    They Got a yet another tax increase in Prop 30 when they already had highest state taxes in the country! Then they gave the unions a raise for helping get the tax increase!!! There unemployment is 3% higher then Texas and the Memo says Texas should look to California? They are pathetic on that one! The fastest growing cities in the country are Austin, Houstin, and Dallas! It’s sickening to have a publication spout off on such a lie! California needs to look at Texas and they may have a chance to make it. One note: It was amazing to see California actually cut spending!

  19. ridemybroom February 9, 2013

    An idiot cant fix Texas….he can only screw it up more !!!….resignment is the only way Texas will be saved…otherwise,the people of Texas dont have a snowball’s chance in hell of being saved !

  20. Robert Medina February 9, 2013

    Simple Solution: Put Gov. Perry out to pasture and elect someone that has some sense.

  21. judgeglenda February 9, 2013

    the free health care along the border is out of sight,something must be done about it. i was a winter texan and had to stop because the health system was so bad. even with insurance you can’t trust it. perry must do something about it.

  22. bchrista February 9, 2013

    Well from the information I’ve read here Rick Perry is doing such a great job in Texas maybe he could move in with his asshole buddy Joe Ham1, Ole Joe seems to be the only authority on Texas andCalifornia and everybody else that lives in those two States don’t know what they are talkng about, Friends let me tell you about Ole Joe he hates the National Memo so bad that he would burn it down if he could but instead of going to Fox or some other channel he forces himself to post comments here with us, what he can’t realize is that he would be doing himself and us a big favor if he just went away because if he can’t tell the truth, we are not interested in his bullshit lies.

  23. Chayo07 February 10, 2013

    Some years ago Rick Perry support changes for the Food Stamps, Medicaid, TANF instead hired more Advisors he is been supporting the “private industries” running the show with TIERS (Texas Integrated Eligibility Redesign System), funded private companies by ex-Texas Dept of Human Services, now Texas Health and Human Services Commission commissioners that some suddenly resigned others retired, calling 211 people complains that their called lost, or nobodyknows how to help them, application from clients have been lost when they received them by the Portal. Investigators & Home visits Techs should be hired due to client has been missusing the benefits, selling (Food Stams & Tanf (Cash assistance) I have personally seen people in stores like Wal-Mart & HEB doing this type of transactions, and when we report this to 211 they do not do anything. This will help the economy of this State even the Nation. I feel so sorry for the elderly thay they really need the assistance.


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