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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

According to every study that has ever looked at Romney’s plan, there are only two ways he can make his tax cuts revenue neutral —  as he’s promised. Either he raises taxes on middle- class Americans or he expects the tax cuts to pay for themselves with the same old voodoo fairy dust Republicans have been promising forever and has never, ever happened.

The difference between the Republican Tea Partier base and the Republican pros who get paid to elect Republicans is that the pros know their ideas will lose. That’s why Romney could be honest about his tax breaks for the rich during the primary and is forced to hide them now.

How do you know for sure that GOP establishment recognizes that they can’t even try sellling disproportionate tax breaks to the top 1 percent anymore?

They’ve appropriated “Trickle Down” — the term Democrats have used to describe Republican policies for decades. Mitt Romney attempted to spin it back on the left by describing President Obama’s policies as “Trickle-Down Government.”

On the campaign trail, as he preaches to the converted, Romney gets huge cheers for saying that he wants to get rid of PBS and Big Bird. But since the debate, he’s been mocked for saying he’d cut a beloved program that represents less than 1/100 of the budget. But that was Mitt’s one big pander to the right in Denver (besides selling out our ally Spain). He did well because the rest of his rhetoric was sanitized and poll-tested to make sure he didn’t reveal his actual “Trickle Down” plans.

Let’s be clear, Mitt Romney has not actually moved to the center.

His ideas are not any more rational or moderate than they were in the primary. And he’s clearly said he would sign the Ryan budget the GOP passed in the House, which cuts taxes for the rich by trillions to pay for huge cuts to Medicaid and Medicare.

Romney’s rhetorical move to the center is an attempt to hide that what he’s proposing is still “Bush on steroids.” Tax breaks that he doesn’t pay for, deregulation he won’t describe and a belligerent foreign policy that could easily lead to new wars that cost America untold lives and treasure. Plus he’s promising to take health care away from 30 million Americans on his first day in office by repealing a nationalized version of his own health care plan.

Mitt Romney is a man who will sell out his own sons to make a point. He’ll sell out his own greatest accomplishment to win the GOP primary. And he’ll erase 30 years of American history to win a debate.

The only thing Republicans believe in recycling is bad ideas. But at least Mitt Romney is smart enough to realize that he has to change the packaging of his BS if he wants voters to believe they’re buying something new.

Photo: AP Photo/Reinhold Matay

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