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Saturday, October 22, 2016

In recovery, the first step is admitting that you have a problem. For Republicans to ever get to that step, they’ll have to admit that they’re capable of having a problem.

Forget the polling data that says vast numbers of Republicans think an organization that no longer exists stole the election, or that one of the most investigated presidents in American history is hiding something, or that the economic crash of 2008 is the fault of the Democratic Party because of a bill passed in 1977.

This is a party that still brags about George W. Bush’s average unemployment rate of 5.2 percent, which is like boasting that the Titanic’s average location was somewhere in the middle of the ocean.

This is a party that blasts “socially liberal fiscal conservatives” for not caring about the debt, as if the world isn’t aware that their real goal — tax breaks, especially for the richest – is the reason we went from surplus to a deficit faster than W. could invade the wrong country.

This is a party that is still defending Mitt Romney’s most ridiculously offensive lie just days before the man who beat Mitt by about five million votes is about to be sworn in… again.

The one enduring honor Mitt Romney won in 2012 was PolitiFact’s “Lie of the Year.” And Republicans are still arguing that Mitt was telling the truth when he said that Jeep was moving American jobs to China.

Of course, arguing with PolitiFact is a bipartisan sport. Democrats appreciated that Sarah Palin’s “death panels,” 2009, and Frank Luntz’s “government takeover of health care,” 2010, both took the fact-checking website’s annual prize. And they were aghast when the left won the award in 2011 for saying that voting for Paul Ryan’s privatization plan was a vote to “end Medicare.”

The proper phrasing was “end Medicare, as we know it,” which was objectively true. Ryan basically admitted that Democrats were right when he rewrote his plan to include a trace of the Medicare guarantee and a “public option” for people who wanted to stay on traditional Medicare. Regardless, Democrats may have taken to hyperbole and PolitiFact relished the chance to display “balance.”

But Mitt Romney’s 2012 Jeep lie was a lie that’s rarely seen in politics. It wasn’t poll-tested word play, as PolitiFact’s previous “biggest lies” had been. It was lie so objectively false that a corporation was forced to fact-check the man who said, “Corporations are people, my friend” – Willard Mitt Romney.

It’s a lie so damning that when you read all the way through the “Whoops: PolitiFact’s ‘Lie of the Year’ Turns Out to Be True” post on the Weekly Standard website, you get to an update that basically admits that PolitiFact was right and Romney was lying.


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  • old_blu

    I don’t know how you are going to get the Republicans to admit they have a problem they still think they won the election, they can’t even admit that they lost.

    Did Romney ever congratulate President Obama on his win?

    • charleo1

      It’s also true Republicans will not recognize the votes not cast for them as legitimate.
      Since they claim the vast majority of Americans agree with their policies. Any election
      they lose must be attributed to ACORN, stuffing the ballot box. Or busloads of illegals
      hauled over by the Democrats. Or, an armed gang of Black Panthers were scaring all
      the Republican voters away. Or, the people voting for the Democrats only do so to get
      free stuff from the government. So it’s not a real vote, at all.

      • old_blu

        Yeah you’re right I even made a list awhile back, cuz they sounded so silly.

        Reasons Romney lost
        1. Voter Fraud
        2. Hispanics Voting
        3. Illegal Immigrants
        4. Dead People Voting (that’s my favorite)
        5. Obama Gives Things Away
        6. Vote Counting
        7. People In Urban Areas Voted
        8. Some People Voted Twice
        9. Voter Intimidation
        10. Republican Ballots got Thrown Out

        Not one time has anyone said it was because Romney was a douche, and he picked ly’n Ryan for a running mate.

        • charleo1

          Exactly! I had forgotten some that you remembered.

        • thanks for the chuckle old_blu….and, once again, Mr. Vila is spot on! Let the right keep going with their conspiracy theories and blind rhetoric….they continue to be their own worst enemies….and we should all applaud their stupidity…Obama – forward!

          • old_blu

            You’re right we are watching them implode right now.

        • idamag

          I watched Ryan leaving the innauguration. He was behind Beyonee and almost salivating.

          • old_blu

            So he’s a letcher too I should’a known. LOL

  • The longer the Republicans remain in denial, and the farther they move to the right, the better off we will be in 2014. We should not try to change their minds, we should encourage them to continue to bury their heads in the sand and pursue the same policies that were so soundly rejected last November.
    Unfortunately for them, most Americans remember what the unemployment rate was on 1/20/09, when President Obama was inaugurated, 7.8% and climbing rapidly, we remember what the DOW average was, 6,500 points, we remember we were losing 800,00 jobs a month, we remember bankruptcies and foreclosures were at record highs, the stock market had collapsed, our financial institutions were on the verge of collapse – a reality acknowledged by George W. Bush in 2008 when he proposed the TARP to help prevent the unthinkable – we remember GM and Chrysler considering bankruptcy and tens of thousands of auto workers wondering if they were going to have a job a weeks to come, and we remember 9/11/01, the lies used to justify the invasion of Iraq, the disinformation used to redefine Inquisitorial torture as “enhanced interrogation techniques”, and all the other lies that were an integral part of Republicanism when W and Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney were in office. Yes, we remember, and we don’t want to go back there.
    That’s why Mitt Romney and Republican policies were rejected in November, and that’s why republican policies and candidates will be rejected in 2014. So, do Republicans want to persist and insist on the implementation of their failed policies and advancing their dismal record? Let them, we will not even have to spend money in campaigning to get control of the House in 2014!

    • alsoavietnamvet

      The Republicans have a new strategy to get their policies (policies roundly rejected by the majority of the voting public). Since the election was “stolen” from them, they will change the method by which electoral college votes are distributed. If they are successful, even if the public rejects them (again) they can still win the presidential election. They are hell bent to win, even if we, the people, don’t want tem!!!

      • lousgirl84

        I was just going to make that argument. Than, you. It is a very scary thought a d it keeps me from sleeping at night

      • Changing the electoral college is the wost idea to ever come from Republicans. Talk about stealing the vote and rule by minority rather than majority, this would do it. A voting Blue state could end up giving the majority of the votes to the other candidate which is not what they voted for. Well I guess is you can not rig the election any other way you just have to do what you have to do if you can not fund and present ideas and candidates that the majority like.

      • Sand_Cat

        If we got rid of the electoral college, they couldn’t rig it.

        • Amen, soldier!

        • GerryAsia

          Yep…if the Repuds try to bastardize the electoral college, folks will rise up and demand that it be abolished. Everyone knows that if we revert back to the “popular vote” for the POTUS…the Retards will never win another one. Go ahead, A-Holes…step in it again!

      • I DO agree that the Electoral College should be changed. It should be dropped. Our Founding Fathers instituted this particularly peculiar institution for the purpose of counteracting whatever vagaries may have occurred at the polls in any particular state, basically because they did not trust the populace to make informed and intelligent choices. Today, the literacy rate is much higher than it was in 1776, and the voter eligibility rate is also higher. With 24/7 news media, widespread print media, movies and radio, a higher percentage of the public is exposed to the various opinions about public issues than Washington and Jefferson could have ever imagined. Voter eligibility has been greatly expanded, including blacks,women, and non-property-owners. And as well as the Constitution has managed to consider pretty much all eventualities, The concept of the Electoral College is the one basic concept in the entire Constitution that seems to circumvent one basic idea of Democracy, and that is the idea of one-man-one-vote. Al Gore lost the election in 2000, even though he won the popular vote by a significant margin, a greater margin than Kennedy won by in 1960. Even Obama’s win in 2012 was 53 – 47 percent, a much closer race than shown by the margin in the Electoral College of 330 – 230 (approx.), even though the popular vote left no doubt as to who actually did win. The Electoral College is a ritual whose time is past, and by eliminating it, politicians would have to spend time and money in all 50 states, in rural and urban communities, and, hopefully, the ritual of primaries would follow in its trail.

    • idamag

      Dominick, the problem is those areas that send people like Bauchmann and Issa to congress. They will continue to be out of touch with reality.

    • Sand_Cat

      I wish you guys would stop insulting Darth Vader by using his name for Dick Cheney. Remember, there was still good left in Darth!

      • Replying to Sand_Cat –

        AND, DARTH VADAR HAD A HEART. Not one stolen from someone else.

  • Free American

    I dont care who won the election all I have to say is the man that won that postion had better start working for the people and do what the people tell him to do or step down

    • english_teacher

      Then the House of Representatives should start doing its job by finding a way to work with the president. They need to offer legitmate, workable proposals that will move the country forward and be for the good of all the American people. The House must learn how to compromise and stop toeing the far right-wing ideological line. If the Republican-controlled House continues to send budget proposals that further shred the social safety net while providing more aid and comfort to the 1%, continuing corporate welfare, and fattening the already gluttonous military budget, then the president is working for the people if he rejects those proposals.

  • alsoavietnamvet

    The Republicans have a new strategy to have their rejected policies forced upon us. Since the presidential election was “stolen” (their word) from them, and their policies were roundly rejected by the majority of the voting public, they will simply change the method by which the electoral college votes are distributed. If they are successful, even if their candidate loses the popular vote, they can STILL win, and force the policies that we DO NOT want, on us!!!

  • alsoavietnamvet

    He can’t do anything for the People, without Congress. Why don’t you insist that the people who won Congressional elections start working for the people, and do what the people tell them to do? After all, they’re supposed to “work” for the people, NOT for Grover Norquist/their rich campaign contributers!!

  • jstsyn

    republicans don’t have to admit or believe anything they don’t have a mind to, they will just cheat to win the next election. Rigging the electoral vote should do it.

    • idamag

      I don’t know how we can do it, but there needs to be national voter protection laws.

  • The GOP lie, a better question would be when have they told the truth and when will the people who believe what they say wake up?

  • Repeat a lie enough times and some people will actually believe it.

  • Really l do not know how long will it take the Republicans to stop day dreaming that the last election was stolen from them.Over five million votes made difference between lies of the Republicans and the poli truth of the Democrats.

  • dslocum

    Unless the GOP can raise the bar for the truth, their racist viewpoint, and war on women and the middle class, they are going to implode. Between Fox News penchant for lying and distorting reality, along with the extremist pundits blathering, the party seems to actually have trouble recoginzing the truth anymore. It’s a sad day for the Republican party. While I was growing up, they were reasonable and respectable. The right wing extremists are bringing them down!

  • The Republican party is dead, let it go.

    The party of old greyed rich white guys is now deceased.

    Thank GOD.

  • onedonewong

    GAC Fiat automobiles a joint venture with Fiat Chrysler Guangzhou is done deal and the agreement was signed in 2012 for Jeep to be producing their entire line up in China. Sounds like the only folks that don’t get it is the author

    • GM said it was building a plant in China to build jeeps there for China by the Chinese and said at the same time it was expending the Jeep plant in Ohio and hiring more workers. While don’t you stop posting since all you do is post stufff that has already been been proven to be lies more than once?

      • onedonewong

        Your a wealth of knowledge aren’t you….You do know that GM doesn’t own Jeep don’t you?? Oooops sure makes you look like a DOLT