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Thursday, January 17, 2019

By the January 1, 2012, we’d left most of the best laugh-out-loud moments of the 2012 campaign behind us. Rick Perry (R-TX) had already named “Oops!” as the third cabinet-level department he’d eliminate; Herman Cain already fell into a trance when asked about Libya; Michele Bachmann (R-MN) already told the Today show that she met a woman who’d sobbingly confessed that the HPV vaccine had caused her daughter to suffer from “mental retardation.”

When it comes to slapstick self-parody, it doesn’t get better than that.

But this year –  despite tragedy, turmoil and poll unskewing — did offer its own share of hilarity. Though it was more subtle and telling.

Because we all need a laugh right now, here, in reverse order, are the moments that made us LOL hardest and longest in 2012.

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21 responses to “LOL Of The Year: What Was The Biggest Laugh Of 2012?”

  1. nobsartist says:

    It had to be when romney lost the election. His group of liars had 47% of voters fooled into believing he had a chance when in reality, he was about to be beaten quit badly.

  2. Jim Lou says:

    Clint did more to help Obama then was anticipated.

  3. Jim Lou says:

    Rick couldn’t get reelected in his own state. He is just going to wither in the wind.

  4. Jim Lou says:

    With the tension in East Asia, it is going to be important that the NAVY is able to project power. That is done with the right mix of ships. Size isn’t everything. You could have all the ships but if they are ineffective then they are useless.

    • Ed says:

      Jim, FYI- At the present time the United States has 15, count em, 15 carrier taask forces on duty around the world. A task force includes missle cruisers, missle destroyers, and attack subnarines, AKA “hunter killer” subs. Every carrier carry a variety of aircraft, from AWACS to SAR helicopters.

  5. Not only that, Romney LIED about the bayonets line. He went around telling voters that Obama had said they don’t use bayonets anymore, when Obama had actually told him during the debate that they used FEWER bayonets today.

    It wound up illustrating (to me, at least) just how devoted Romney and the Republicans were to this strategy of inventing an imaginary political opponent instead of addressing reality. He spewed off a lie that he knew in advance that everyone would recognize as a lie.

    • I think of Romney’s constent spewing of either blatant lies or distortions, the one that I remember the most is the one that it seems like he dreamed up on a moments notice; the one in the 2nd debate about him asking his new staff in Mass to put together a binders of women he could use to select women for his cabinet. He apparently was recalling that when he was elected governor, that a nonpartisan women’s group which had compiled binders of women they felt were qualified to be in his administration, had presented it to him for him to use in selecting his staff. So he apparently grabbed on that in trying to sway the opinion of women in the audience with just one more blatant lie; which of course when he was debating with Newt Gingrich in the preelection GOP debates, he had said that it was okay to lie when you’re trying to win votes. But what’s even more damning, is that he never asked the nonpartisan women’s group to even see the binders they had put together, and at the close of his administration there were fewer women on his staff than of any other recent Mass governor, and when he was CEO of Bain, there was never a woman above the level of secretary. Mitt Romney obviously considers women to be second rate citizens.

  6. A plurality of Americans had the last laugh.

  7. SaneJane says:

    Megan’s question to Rove was what cracked me up.

  8. P.T. says:

    Watching Rove’s meltdown, along with the “proceed governor” were two of my favorite moments of the entire election cycle. It was evident (to me) that Rover tried to pull another election steal but obviously underestimated Anonymous’ skills at preventing it. I give them all the credit for the Rove meltdown. The fix was NOT in.

    • When Mr. Obama said…”Please, proceed Govenor.” I jumped off the couch like I just saw a last minute Hail Mary caught in the Superbowl!! It was awesome watching Ol’ Mittens slip into his lying abyss both feet forward….And watching Rove’s head explode was almost better, almost that is.

      BTW, remember the puzzled look Romney had when O gave the “proceed” comment?? For everything else, there’s MasterCard……

  9. Anthony_JK says:

    I like this Top 5 list….but I don’t know…..the Unskewed Polls guy (Dean Chambers) deserves some love here. Anyone so off base that he predicts a 350 Electoral Vote landslide for Mittenz when it turns out to be a 332 EV minilandslide the other way deserves at least some recognition.

    But, Prez O punking Mittenz on the Benghazi presser….still as sweet as when it hhappened.

  10. Bruce388 says:

    Put on a pair of magic underwear and you can lie about EVERYTHING.

  11. batavier says:

    Kafka, had he been alive today, woulda had a field day!

  12. jG says:

    That was a thing of beauty.

  13. ralphkr says:

    I was so disappointed that Clint Eastwood blew the two best punch lines in his speech. After the invisible Obama obviously said that Romney should fornicate himself Clint answered “I’m afraid that it is not possible for Romney to do that.” But he forgot the best part “because Romney and Ryan shall be far too busy doing that to the citizens of the US who are not multimillionaires.” I do believe Clint’s best line “When a man does not do his job he must be replaced” (drew a standing ovation) but Clint never delivered the rest of the line “That means good-bye to most of the Republicans in Congress”.

  14. onedonewong says:

    I created 2 milllion jobs barak obama

  15. CVBeethoven says:

    Looking back on it, my biggest laugh would have to be the entirety of the Republican primary debates. Not only did each and every candidate beclown him/herself at some point (perhaps Huntsman didn’t go to clown school but he did raise his hand saying he wouldn’t raise taxes by $1 for every $10 in cuts), but it provided Romney with such an echo chamber that he thought he could say ANYTHING once he was on the big stage. Sadly for him, it was not to be.

    This all resulted in the huge laugh: “Our campaign isn’t going to be guided by fact checkers”…

    It sure wasn’t.

  16. gargray says:

    I think the best lol was horses and bayonets.

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