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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Yesterday—for a few moments—the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act was deader than the 45,000 Americans who die every year for lack of health insurance, according to a Harvard study. On TV and on Twitter, CNN and Fox News reported that Roberts court had, as most observers expected, struck down the mandate, maiming President Obama’s signature achievement. Then the magical power of reading comprehension saved the day.

Within minutes, word spread that Justice Roberts recognized his court’s credibility was on the line and saved the law. Conservatives freaked. They immediately turned on their golden boy Roberts. Some, hilariously, vowed to move to Canada, which has single-payer health care and legalized gay marriage. Mitt Romney—whose health care law was Madonna to President Obama’s Lady GagaCare—responded with a speech that listed every debunked lie about ObamaCare, except Death Panels. And he promised to repeal the law and replace is with the healing power of lower taxes for the richest.

Thus, the 2012 election has shaped into a real question of what kind of America we want to live in. Are we America that will live with Mitt Romney’s health care plan or an America that lets Mitt Romney take away his health care plan?

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19 Responses to @LOLGOP’s Tweets Of The Week: ObamaCare Edition

  1. ObamaTaX supported by dumbasses Illegal Aliens and lazy moochers on Entitlements who want their free shit and vote for DEMS …This law is so good that all of Pelosi’s donors have gotten exemptions …seen ANY republicans get an exemption ? the answer NO . This is a TAX on the MIDDLE Class and on Republicans who work for a living … Govt Unions Illegals and entitlements voters get taken care of at your expense

  2. What is bad about Obama care, can you answer that queston? no you can’t. The right claim it will raise taxes, wrong only congress can raise taxes not Obama. They won’t throw you in jail for not buying health insurance the only penalty is you won’t get a tax refund fron the IRS. The poor will get help with their insurance, but might have to pay some. This will save lives and money spent on doctors and hospitals.

    • No, they won’t throw you in jail for not buying health insurance but there is a movement afoot (I kid you not) to return to using “debtor’s prisons”. There is a guy in our town who wants his delinquent tenants thrown in jail for not paying a civil suit for past due rent. I have seen reports that this is popular among right wing folk nationwide. I believe the Founding Fathers, whom the right wing so often likes to quote, considered it one of their proudest moments when, in 1830, debtor’s prisons were abolished. Not only will we be carrying the burden of the upper crust not paying their fair share in taxes, next, because of their poor judgment in lending/renting, we will be paying to feed and house their delinquent debtors.

  3. Stoll Correct most repoublicans work for the government, and make lots of money. They don’t need any help, remember congress has a good health program that you pay for and they make lots of money.

  4. How can anyone except of course people who can afford healthcare be against this plan?
    Why should people pay the insurance for congress if they can’t afford their own. It is
    really kind of sad.

    • Not sad.. Mortifying! The lot of them have the best insurance tax money can buy yet a ‘certain’ party scoffs at our adequate med care simply because it’s associated with Obama.. and I don’t know whether their objection to national health care resonates around their hatred toward the man, the color or the administration.. Probably an equal amount of them all.

  5. This Health Care Bill Will Save A Whole Lot Of LIVES!!! The Is The Law Those Who Don’t Like It Can LEAVE!!! Guess What All The Other Countries Have A Health Care Bill Also!!! So Suck It Up !! Matter Of Fact Romney Passed The Same Kind Of Bill When He Was Governor In His State And They Love It!!

  6. Romney plans on running for POTUS against a law that is exactly like the one he engineered while Governor of Mass. Only in the Republican mind can this make sense.

    Prolly have to wait for the debates to hear Mitt try and explain this one away.

    It’ll be worth the wait….

  7. Congratulations for you all American citizens!! Finally you’re getting access to something closer to what’s a modern health care system, already in place in developed nations.

  8. To All The Whiners Here’s Your Choice, Get With The Program, Live Off The Grid, Get The Hell Out Of America, Or DIE The Choice Is Yours!! So Suck It Up Make Your Choice And Please STFU!!!

  9. Shannon Bream proves the worst part of American Education. College graduates can’t read, just take what they want to hear and omit the rest. FOX News is so wrong for America.

  10. The Mandate has a clause where they can’t go after your Tax Refund,the POOR and WORKING POOR has nothing to fear only the ones that can afford should get Health Ins.I strongly believe most of those picketing are being paid to do so,with the economy so bad they are selling out.I hope that when the time come to Vote they do the right thing,those people do not care about them,living in their Mantions and have Health Care

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