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Monday, October 24, 2016

Looking For That ’47 Percent,’ Mitt? Check Red States And Elderly Republicans

Looking For That ’47 Percent,’ Mitt? Check Red States And Elderly Republicans

While Mitt Romney may well wish he had expressed himself more “elegantly” at the swanky Boca Raton fundraiser where he denounced half the voting population as shiftless, government-entitled moochers, he isn’t backing away from those secretly recorded remarks – although what he said was entirely inaccurate as well as obnoxious.

Watching him on video, the Republican nominee sounds not only vulgar and arrogant but profoundly ignorant about the nation he hopes to govern. “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what,” said the Republican nominee, who proceeded to describe those people.

“All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government…”Those people,” he went on, “believe that they are victims…believe the government has a responsibility to care for them…believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.”

Let’s stop right there: Whatever percentage of Americans plan to vote for the president, there is no plausible evidence that they all think of themselves as entitled to government benefits. Nor is there any evidence that all of Obama’s supporters are in fact “dependent on government.” And there is plenty of evidence that Romney supporters – like Obama supporters and like many Americans who will not vote at all — receive Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment benefits, housing vouchers, veterans benefits, and other forms of federal assistance.

The Republican-leaning moochers, as defined by Romney, can easily be found in the red states, which contribute far less in federal taxes than they receive in per capita benefits. Alabama, for instance, receives almost $4000 per capita in federal spending on retirement and disability, while contributing just over $1000 per capita in federal income taxes. Kentucky receives upwards of $7000 per capita in direct benefits, including retirement, disability, student assistance, and unemployment, but contributes slightly less per capita than Alabama in federal income taxes.

Roughly the same dispensation exists across much of the old Confederacy, where white voters in lower income brackets  will faithfully vote for Romney despite his sneers at them. Across the red states generally – from Mississipppi, Arkansas, and South Carolina to Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri, Oklahoma, the Dakotas and Alaska — there is a clear pattern. More money flows in from Washington via government spending than goes out to Washington via federal taxes, which belies the incessant whining of their “conservative” elected officials. (The difference is made up in revenues from the blue states – New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Minnesota, among others – that receive less from Washington than they pay.)

“These are people who pay no income tax,” Romney told his well-heeled audience in Boca Raton, suggesting that voters who don’t pay income taxes comprise the same alleged 47 percent who will vote in lockstep for the president.

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  • My mom lives in a retirement community made up mainly of older Republicans living on Social Security and covered by Medicare. She tells me all the talk at meal time is about being tossed under the bus by their own man. Perhaps Mitt should not continue to count on those he insulted. This latest exposure of the ‘real’ Mitt is going to have long lasting effects. Way to go buddy.

    • Great It’s Good That They Are Waking Up Like I Say Some Times These Polls Are Taking In Favor Of Who They Want To Win!!! Yes Romney Will Throw A Whole Lot Of People Under The Bus More Than The 47%!!

  • old_blu

    There are a lot of people (tea baggers) that are part of the 47% and even after he has told them he don’t care about them they will still vote for him, in fact they will come on here and defend him in 3….2….1

    • neece00

      I refer to them as the Walmart Republicans.

      • old_blu

        You’re funny neece00. : ))

    • Like Rick Santorum Said ” We Never Will Have The Smart People On Our Side” The People Voting For These Thugs Are Either Rich Or DUMB!!

      • old_blu

        Once again Fern you NAILED it, if you want to have some fun google santorum, and let me say I’m sorry now for telling you that.

        • LOL Like Always Too Little Too Late!! LOL It’s Out Here And You Can’t Take It Back LOL

    • Just like the old Indian tales.. A young Indian boy start down the mountain ran into a snake. Who beg the boy to take him down because He the snake was freezing.
      When he made to bottom of the mountain, he when to put the snake down in the warm grass. The snake turn around and bit him. The Indian boy said I just save your life, Why did you bite me…

      The Snake, You Knew What I Was A SNAKE

      So the FOOLISH TEA BAGGERS know Who Romney is, but they still truth He.

      • old_blu

        Good story bold1, I hope you don’t mind if I plagiarize it from you, with credit to you of course.

        • No problem this is was real American people are about sharing.

          My mom said learn to Love, Share & Care with those who respect you. The Lord will take care of those who don’t.

          That why the Lord is on Obama Side He never Retaliate and I Respect Him for that.

      • grammyjill

        very good

  • dellmartin

    What will it take for the republicans who now know without a doubt that they are voting against their own self interest to not vote for Romney? Does he have to caught with his hand in the collection plate at the Senior Citizens’ Home? Oh wait…

    • This Tell You That We Have More Work To Do We Must Get Out And Spread The Word That This Is A Election On Where You Want Your Life To Go In America And Why There’s No One Better Than Our President Obama Cause He’s Has All The American People Best Interest In Mind!!! With Romney He Will Make Life A Living Hell Here In America There Will Be No Get Help When You Need It From Government!!!

  • As incredible as it may seem the more desperate and illogical Romney sounds the more support he gets. He is now lagging President Obama by only one point in some polls!
    I heard several interviews over the radio yesterday, many involving seniors, and could not believe the level of support that Romney enjoys among them. Most are convinced that 47% of Americans are, indeed, free loaders living off government handouts. Logic and the evidence that can be found around our homes, places of work, or where we shop does not bother them in the least.
    Needless to say, it is easy to use numbers to prove a point when the explanation is crafted to mislead the public. It would not surprise me if 47% of the population does not pay taxes when we consider that many of them are children under 18, seniors struggling to make ends meet on a meager SS check, handicapped Americans, the unemployed, and those earning minimum wage. The cynicism of this argument reaches epic proportions when this claim is followed by calls for more tax breaks for multi-millionaires.

    • That’s Cause They Now Are Polling The American Taliban Members More Of My Co Workers Clients And People I Meet Daily Are Not Voting For This Thug And The Ones Who Were Now Changed They Minds!! Remember When Times Get Tough They Only Polls The Ones Who Works In Their Favor!!

      • I hope so Fern because I don’t even want to think what will happen if Mitt Romney is elected. The worst part is not so much what Mitt will do, but the fact that he would be such a weak President that he might as well move to the Executive Mansion and let Paul and the neocons run the show from the Oval Office.

    • neece00

      I agree, it is hard to grasp the fact that these people now stand behind him even more. GOP (gullible ordinary people). These 47% still pay taxes, maybe not federal but some do pay state tax, sales tax and property tax.

      • I worked 44 years, was never unemployed, never collected welfare, paid taxes, paid FICA, and continue to pay taxes after retiring. I am embarrassed to admit that my 1.5 year old great grandson does not pay taxes, and is not trying to offset the effects of the loopholes that people like Mitt Romney use to pay little or no taxes. One of the most vexing parts of this issue is the cynicism of those who accuse the working class of not paying taxes while they hide their assets overseas to beat the system!

        • neece00

          Same here, I have worked for 40+ years and still work. Never collected anything from the government, even as a young single mother. I was very proud of the fact that what I had, I earned it. Yet, according to Romney, I am the 47%.

        • OMG, I confess that I have collected unemployement for four months in 1970. I am also retired….still pay taxes after working from age 17. Another confession, after serving in military, I used the GI bill to complete my education (while working). I am so sorry to be part of the goverment entitled blood sucking 47%. Please forgive me.

      • I See A Lot Of Polls This Morning And These Polls Have Romney Still Behind In All Of Them Just Wait Till The Debates Then Watch Where They Go!!!

        • The latest Reuters poll shows President Obama leading by 5 points, and a WSJ poll show him leading comfortably in Florida, Ohio and even in Virginia. If the latter holds it is over for Mitt.

          • neece00

            One interesting pole I saw was that he was leading by 14 with the female votes in Florida and Ohio.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Unfortunately, Obama Derangement Syndrome is so severe in some quarters that all they think of is to put anyone in but Obama. I read an article about Michele Bachman, and one of her supports at a rally gushed to the interviewer that she would vote for Charles Manson before Obama. I remain constantly flummoxed over this attitude–how and why it started , and how and why it was methodically proliferated. I think the rise of right wing radio has done much damage to our country. Angry people have been primed and nourished at the feet of Godfather Rush, the most dangerous and vulgar man in the country, and all his disciples on radio and Fox. This has then spawned a whole cottage industry of anti-Obama books, which are geared toward people who already hate him. This has resulted in more hate and anger and great wealth to the authors and publishing houses of such books. Time magazine did a story on this 2 weeks ago. One publisher actually compared the popularity of the anti-Obama industry to the popularity of soft core porn. He admitted that publishers care about sales. “It’s not for the high minded, but pays for their houses in Sag Harbor.” High minded indeed.
      Meanwhile, Rush is laughing all the way to bank. He is defintely much more well off since Obama is in office. I wonder if he’ll secretly vote for him to keep his money making machine going. .

      • CPANY


        The reason Bachmann’s supporter would vote for Charles Manson before Obama is Manson is white.

      • The far right in this country has managed to create so much irrational hatred and takes extreme, inflexible positions. What ever happened to reasonable compromise? As a registered republican I am ashamed of what the party has become.

    • joyscarbo

      I can’t believe that senior citizens actually think they’re party of Mitt’s “in crowd”!!! Some seniors live off of social security and only have medicare. My dad worked as a maintenence man for McDonalds after retirement. My parents watched their retirement dwindle when the stock market tanked in W’s administration.
      My adult son, who is mentally handicapped, relies on Supplemental Security income and medicaid. He lives in a group home with two other disabled men and his income doesn’t even approach the poverty line. How poor is $8,640 per year? He is also one of the shiftless, lazy moochers. Months ago, “montana bill” told me that my son was a freeloader. To him, there shouldn’t be government subsidized or funded programs that help the disabled. How does a person think that?! All humans should have a measure of compassion. Where is it in the republican party?!

      • CPANY


        Don’t listen to montanabill. He’s an idiot. As for compassion in the Republican Party leadership: have you seen the famous video tape of Romney’s address to his 150 fatcat contributors? I spent an incredulous hour last night watching it on television.

      • JSquercia

        Speaking of Retirement , let’s NOT forget that Mitt and the other Vulture Capitalists (like the guy whose estate Mitt was speaking at) had a habit of looting the Pension Funds of those Companies they drove into Bankruptcy , leaving the Federal Government to pick up the Tab .

      • Don’t listen to “montana bill” – his name says it all. He must be one of the new and distorted “Good Christians”. The Republican Party that was once logical and respectful has been replace with this “New and Extreme” Republican Zealots.

      • sigrid28

        Joy, I agree with you entirely. Romney’s remarks in the video reveal the kind of gratuitous, destructive intolerance that goes way beyond a lack of compassion, in my view. Why does he have to burden the rest of us with his selfish presidential ambitions if he doesn’t want to work at it any harder than that? He should just sit down at the banquet with his cronies and count his blessings, instead of coming after ours. The poor, racist, impoverished Republicans who vote for him will only be saved from their folly if WE are not lulled into complacency by these outrageous excesses, set our astonishment aside, recognize Romney could still win, and continue to work each day until the election to get out the vote for Obama. Otherwise, the ditsy Republicans may get their just desserts. It is really is Romney’s “Let them eat cake” moment.

      • The people tha defend the right of the unborn to live are the first ones to deny the living of the most fundamental needs to exist.

        • dotutz

          I had a Republican man tell me that I couldn’t be a Democrat and Catholic because all Dems believe in abortion. I could not believe that an over 80 yr. old man still thinks like that. This is the calibre of the Repulicans. Of course I am one of the “needy” seniors living on SSI, still trying to work and when I get a job, I pay payroll taxes, how great is that????

      • emadis41

        This is why we need a governement for. The GOPers and Tea Partiers, believe that the Gov. should be only for Military and Foreign Affairs, they want ot cut all other program that does not help the rich. Even SS and Medicare supposed to be independant agencies, they were raided since Reagan took office to balance the budget.
        Romney and his supporters are against programs that was advanced by former GOP Presidents, such as “Earned Income Credit” for poor workers with children and Food Stamps for needy, but we are living the era of the Superpaks, where the like of Kuch brothers, Karl Rove and others wanted to buy the election, and where GOP is trying to block the poors’ vote.

      • after reading your comment. It looks like mitt romney and the republican party wants to reienact Scrooge. Are there no prisons, are there no work houses.

    • JSquercia

      Yes I know of cases where firefighters who were injurewd on the job receive tax free Disability . I guess they too are Freeloaders Eh Mitt

    • When I needed SSI, it was there. When I needed Medicaid, food stamps, and unemployment, they were there. When I needed a job-training program, it was there. All of these things helped me to become a productive worker who pays taxes. Without those programs in place, I would have simply become a useless, nonproductive person who would have had to take MORE from the system instead of paying it back.

      Now I have paid back many times over. As an independent contractor, I pay double income taxes. I never minded it. It was tough because of all the medical bills (which now amount to more than $100,ooo of uncovered bills WITH insurance). I’m still working and paying those taxes.

      Any time I look at or hear about a person using social programs, I think, “there but for the grace of G-d—and those programs—go I.” I feel glad that I am contributing to help these people. I know where they are at. I’ve been there, done that.

      Now I want Social Security and Medicare to be there because I don’t have hardly anything saved for retirement—that is, IF I can retire.

      Why shouldn’t I believe in entitlement? It’s my Christian, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to contribute to helping other people in need. That is what Jesus taught us. In fact, most religions do say that we have a moral responsibility to help the poor (yes, the Mormons have that in their credo too). It’s also my civic duty to contribute to these programs.

      How could I NOT have empathy for people on these programs? How could I NOT have empathy for the working poor? Despite the fact that my family has a higher than the median income, living in an expensive state and extremely high medical bills make us feel very poor although our income on the charts is somewhere around middle-to-upper-middle class.

      What Mitt Romney said just enraged me to the point of no return. I’m part of the 53% who is paying taxes. I’m part of the 47% who is voting for Obama. And THAT’s because I’m part of the 99%.

      • JSquercia

        Well said Billie !!!

      • 113121

        Same for me. I am proud to pay my taxes. All those years ago a few weeks of food stamps helped me be what Mitt doesn’t understand. I’m at the top and I will vote for Obama and I have given to his campaign and I am hosting a party to help some more. In fact now that I think of it,I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been helped by our government. And they are all voting for Obama. Let them come up with some responsible ideas and put up a reasonable candidate. There is just too much crazy in the Republican party for a normal person to vote for them.

        • dotutz

          Funny that Ole Mitt is part of the 47% who doesn’t pay taxes. Maybe he’s going to vote for Obama too!

      • RIGHT ON BILLIE SPAIGHT !!! Eloquently said, and should be sent to President Obamas campaign manager. THIS letter needs to be in the news. PLEASE DO IT BILLIE, AND THANKS FROM ALL THE REST OF US IN THE 99%!!.

      • lebh

        Awesome! Very well put.

    • Voter Ignorance is NOT bliss Its dangerous

    • MPD

      You have a point, but be patient on the polls…let’s check back next week. Two came out today showing a substantial lead for the President.

  • Polish_Princess

    I bet they think it is someone else, not them.
    One of the early Dixiecrats used to say: “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that guy behind the tree.”
    It is always someone else responsible for the situation, right?

    • johninPCFL

      In 1968 most of the Dixiecrats bolted from teh Democrat party because of LBJs support for the civil rights act. The modern GOP contains all of the old KKK Democrats.

  • Talking about moochers, I have 1 stupid question! Here is a supposely educated man insulting 47% of us complaining about spending and those not paying taxes I want o know how much all these countries that expect us to defend, build, and continuing to ask for more aid. Instead of giving our money to real moochers why not pay spend it on “job creation”.

    • I Agree It’s Time For America To Start Taking Care Of America!!

      • CPANY

        Well said and to be more specific, let’s get out of that dump called the Middle East and just buy the oil that we need. We don’t need troops there to just buy oil. We’ve been supporting freeloading countries long enough. They don’t appreciate wehat we do for them, never have.

        After World War II, we instituted the Marshall Plan, also called the Economic Recovery Program. We had other programs, such as “Bundles for Britain.” Did our efforts earn us any gratitude? Nah. Just the opposite. We were accused of cynically acting in our own self interest. Same thing is happening today. No Middle Eastern country shows any gratitude or respect, not one.

  • They need to proof read;
    “– are among the Southern whites inclined to vote for Romney. In 2008
    , “Election day is Nov 6 2012. Romney/Ryan weren’t running 4 years ago.

  • AlfredSonny

    Did Mitty include Fat Cats like himself in the 47% moochers?

    • He Should Cause He’s Been Mooching And Sellout America And The American People For Years Now!!!

    • JSquercia

      So I guess when Paul Ryan was getting social security HE was one of those Moochers .
      The most interesting thing is that this shows how the 1% feel about the rest of us.

      Romney’s excuse that it was off the cuff is actuallly WORSE because “off the cuff” is when our TRUE feelings come out .

  • I can’t delete my comment, I need to poof read.

  • The worst part of the GOP strategy regarding the claim that 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes – besides the truth – is that we, the American people, know better! The arrogance of a man who has spent much of his life trying to figure out how to beat the system and pay little or no taxes, while the rest of us have taxes deducted from our paychecks and pay the IRS whatever we owe when we file our income taxes is an insult to the middle and working class.

  • “It’s the Negro Stupid!”

    It could have been a conversation in the 1700’s. It could have been a conversation on inauguration day 2009. Those that really run things in America have always known a good thing when they see it, a way to take or maintain power in a racially divided America. When the captains of commerce in Colonial America needed cheap labor for the tobacco and cotton fields and someone to manage the slaves, they turned to those that they could manipulate through fear and loathing to help them maintain power. They turned to the lower class, the uneducated, those that would do their bidding and never know it wasn’t really in their best interest. Managing the poor is an age old enterprise. It is in the DNA of those that would rule the world.

    The election of Barack Obama was a godsend to those that would manage the poor and the more poor, the merrier. It is a “gimmee” for those that would put a match to the tinder box of hate and racism in an uneducated lower class that would do their bidding in the name of “I want my country back.”

    Janes Carville had ir right in the 1990’s when he declared, “It’s the economy stupif!”

    Rove and his ilk may not have said it out loud, but they know their only way back to power in 2012. “It’s the Negro, stupid!”

  • The state figures cited are stunning. Red States Alabama and Kentucky will get the biggest surprises and tragedy if the Romney-Ryan cuts in “entitlements” go through, in order to reduce taxes on the wealthy. And a current surprise: The “wealthy” States (mostly blue) are supporting the middle class and poor States (mostly red).

  • ram1020

    Romney is just too honest. The twist that Americans are free loaders can only be gleaned from well edited versions of the tape. If 47% pay no taxes, they will not be engaged by a policy of tax cuts. That is just logical. Many people feel they are victims of the economic collapse, and blame government policies, or just George Bush. If they feel wronged by the government, they would expect the government to compensate. This was a blunt, but accurate assessment of the problems that his election effort is facing.

    • carsrus

      We need an HONEST President, like Mitt Romney, not a lying sob as is this fedit, marxist-maoist, muslim, pathological meglamaniac, Obama!

      • So, exactly when is the Sleeper Muslim terrorist going to unleash his nefarious agenda? LOL – you Repugnantcans are so delusional it borders on insanity…

      • YepThatTell

        Is ‘fetid’ the Word of the Day? Try looking up ‘fascist’.

        • CPANY

          He probably meant to say “fetid,” but wrote “fedit” instead. He probably can’t help screwing up what he writes due to a mental disability.

      • CPANY


        You are truly a Neanderthal. You’re also full of shit.

      • old_blu

        carsrus, I have left you alone until now because I like your name, but “HONEST” —–Really?

        Put the pipe down that shit ain’t good for you.

      • grammyjill

        why not just tell the truth, you don’t care if this country goes to hell as long as the black guy, who is actually helping us gets thrown out, you damn racist you.

        And I’m sure you Carsrus is in that 47%

    • YepThatTell

      So you think someone working and earning the US Minimum Wage, who gets a refund of payroll taxes withheld, is a Freeloader? Really? Mr. Romney’s comment as released was not taken out of context. I, too, thank Mitt for his honesty, because it casts him in a bright light, revealing who he is and for whom he would govern. I will so much enjoy President Obama’s landslide re-election victory…and – if we had a popular vote instead of the Electoral College system, it would be a greater margin of victory.

    • CPANY

      “Most Americans” blame the collapse of 2008 first on the bankers and stockbrokers who caused it, then on the GOP scumbags who pushed through the deregulation legislation that greased the skids. Finally, they blame the GOP and the Republican-intimidated regulators who have and to this day are failing to enforce the watered down laws that are still on the books.

      ram1020: You are so full of shit.

      • karinursula

        What about all the Oil Companies who receive subsidies even though they make million $ profits every year? And G.E. who received tax returns, do they belong to the 47% . The only liars I see are Romney and Ryan. I like to hear Ryan’s answer why he excepted SS when he was a young man.

        • CPANY

          Good luck with getting an honest answer from lyin’ Ryan.

  • That old argument about who pays taxes is here again. The reason, learned Republicans, that the wealthy pay such a large percentage of tax collected is, I am sorry to say, because so many don’t earn enough to actually pay a tax.

  • carsrus

    Fact is there was a dirty, fetid democRAT spy in that Invited only room. Fact is ROMNEY told the TRUTH, something Obama and his minions CAN’T! Fact is, 47% of American’s DON’T pay income tax, and the majority of those are BRIBED by the 21st Century commie party aka democRATS, DAS LEADERS, by buying thier votes! Barack Obama is a slavemaster, holding down the indigent, unemployed and generational DOLE takers so they are beholden to voting him in again to keep receieving freebee’s, dole and free condoms! SICK, if this is today’s AMRRICA, and sicker if this inetp, forked tongued, snake oil salesman LIAR were to be re-elected! ONLY HOPE is that WE, the PEOPLE, those of US who have WORKED all our lives and PAY taxes are planning on defeating this community agitator on November 6,2012, IN A LANDSLIDE! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA

    • Denial is a horrible thing.

    • johninPCFL

      Sure, all those seniors on social security are all commie marxists. The soldiers are all commie marxists. All those thousands of millionaires who avioided taxes using business deductions are all comie marxists.

      And your depends need changing…you’re so full of shit it’s leaking out.

      • BDD1951

        Love it PCFL

    • awakenaustin

      You really need to get back on your medication. Seriously!

    • You really need help because your comments aren’t even worth commenting back on they’re based on total ignorance of the facts.

    • YepThatTell

      This white, middle-aged southern woman is going to vote PROUDLY and ENTHUSIASTICALLY for President Obama, and I will try to persuade as many of my family members and friends as will listen to do the same.

      Your comment is so false and based upon fear, prejudice and undisguised hatred, there is no speaking the real truth to people like you because you are not going to hear it no matter what. It would be easy to say I hope you get what you wish for, but unfortunately, too many millions of good, hard-working people would suffer for your stupidity.

    • CPANY


      It doesn’t matter what motivated someone in the room to tape what Mittens said. All that matters is that he said it and what he said was an insult to the American people.

      On a related matter: I saw some of the tape on television last night. Would anyone like to comment on Mittens’ advice to the Iranians on how to attack America? Granted that he was speaking metaphorically, but it was in such poor taste. The man is an inconsiderate clod.

      Oh, and just to round out my reply: Your diatribe shows that you’re a total asshole.

    • karinursula

      First you are an Idiot, second I worked in this country for over 40 years and paid my taxes and everything else the Government took out. I also paid state taxes, sales taxes and all the other taxes we have to pay. I will vote for President Obama.




  • William Deutschlander

    When Romney talks about ENTITLED he is actually talking about himself and his family, who never having worked for a livlihood, FEEL THEY ARE ENTITLED TO ANYTHING THEY WANT by whatever devious means they may use, to extract their ENTITLEMENT from the ECONOMY.

    Bain Capital was a DEVIOUS means to extract CAPITAL from the ECONOMY and convert same to personal wealth. Bain Capital was not and is not a TRUE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE, it is a QUASI LEGAL enterprise to extract working capital from true businesses and replace the working capital with DEBT, that in most cases can not be repaid and results in default and bankruptcy, leaving employees without income or benefits including pensions.

    Mitt is a disgrace to ALL AMERICANS, he is a MOOCHER!

    • CPANY

      Poetry for today: Mitt is a piece of shit.

  • JohnRNC

    I can’t speak for the tax structure for seniors on SS but I can speak for the teenagers and the self-employed. We all pay taxes – regardless of how much we earn. My youngest son got an “internship” between his Jr & Sr years in college. He received $7,000 for 12 weeks of work and paid close to $1,o00 in federal taxes (including the self-employment tax). That was the only income he had for that year. I have worked every year since I was 16 years old. I have received tax refunds but never all of what I paid in – even the years when I was really scraping the bottom I still ended up paying something to the feds (and the state and so on).

    The “47%” is another big lie in a campaign that is built on lies.

    • johninPCFL

      The chart I saw last night showed that the very lowest earners pay 12.3% aggregate tax rate, the middle 50k to 100k pay over 11% and teh top 0.1% pay 8.9%.

  • You are all in the tank for Obama anyway. Doesnm’t matter whatyou think about the truth.

    • neece00

      And you are not in the tank for Romney

    • And exactly what is the truth? That since Reagan’s nonsense about trickle-down economics which was proven a blatant lie by Bush when he gave the rich the biggest tax break in decades and had the worst job creation record in 100 years except for his dad’s worst record, that the GOP’s modus operandi is now to rob taxpayers blind. How you ask: by starting wars (as Romney is threatening to do) and at the same time cutting taxes (like Bush did and Romney says he will do) because their crony millionaires/billionaires don’t want to pay their fair share (why Nordquist got all Repubs to sign a no new taxes agreement), so that the country’s expenses will end up as a debt (read that deficit) which you, me, our children and grandchildren will have to pay (Reagan and the two Bushs are responsible for at least 90% of our current deficit). And you ask, how are they robbing tax payers bline? By all their defense industry and associated companies drastically overcharging taxpayers for everything associated with airplanes, tanks, humvees, guns, etc. etc. and support services including oil, gas for the equipment etc. etc. Why do you think Bush and Cheney lied their heads off to start the Iraq war…so Haliburton and their other defense industry related buddies could pocket huge amounts of taxpayer money and at the same time not have to pay as much for it themselves because Bush and Cheney gave them all, including themselves, a big tax break. No what was the truth again?

    • CPANY


      You’re an asshole. If you’re going to disagree, then present some facts.


      That Romney, INC will somehow cut taxes on the richest people this planet has ever seen, and will actually make everything better for the rest of us in the process?


      He will make George the Second look like a saint.

    • old_blu

      So Robert you know about truth, please inlighten us.

      I suspect you won’t.

  • daniel bostdorf

    Looking for that 47 percent Mitt?

    First, I would like to remind everyone that the do nothing Republican House still has not passed Obama’s jobs creation bill from a year and a month ago.

    Second…One year agoTODAY—- In a White House address President Barack Obama demanded that the richest Americans pay higher taxes to help cut soaring U.S. deficits by more than $3 trillion.

    He is still waiting, and the “fiscal ledge” looms while a do nothing Republican Teaparty controlled House sits idley by while the 47% suffer…

    One of the best summaries Conason has written:

    “Romney said “my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Perhaps that cold remark falls within the category of opinion rather than fact. But does Romney truly believe that a lifelong worker, an impoverished veteran, a struggling student, an elderly widow, or any of the millions of Americans in similar straits don’t merit the concern of the president of the United States?

    That ugly sentiment, an insult to every citizen of this country, would be hard to express more “elegantly” without the use of a four-letter word.”

    To all you Romney apologists:

    Romney won’t be elected, but if some catastrophe befalls the Democrats, and somehow Romney/Ryan/ Koch Brothers et al are elected to the Presidency, this entire planet is “in the tank.”

    Another point of history regarding the phrase “in the tank.”

    Bush Senior utilized the phrase with clear reference to where it came from in his speech at the Republican National Convention in 1992:

    “After all, my opponent’s campaign is being backed by practically every trial lawyer who ever wore a tasseled loafer. He’s not in the ring with them; he’s in the tank.”

    In Romney’s case, he’s backed by every Republican fascist billionaires and “Karl Rove “super pacs” that wants to buy our government, and steal the election with voter registration suppression.

    Yes—trying to suppress the “47%” Romney so despises.

    • And why do you suppose all those billionaires/millionaires are pouring money into Romney’s campaign? Because they know that if he gets elected along with a GOP majority in congress that Romney and congress will set things up again so they can rob taxpayers blind like they did during the Iraq war…and not really have to pay their fair share of the costs themselves because Romeny will give them a huge tax break (see my comments to Robert).

    • grammyjill

      And now we have true the vote to intimadate people and lets not forget election fraud!

  • marriea

    Some of the things Ronmey has said just leaves me plain old speechless. My brain is just stuck in this, what??where did he get his info?/I can’t believe he actually believes that..kind of mode. And it’s bewildering that the folks he is really insulting, don’t believe he is talking about and to THEM!
    I guess that’s why he generalizes stuff, to make it sound like he’s talking about the other guy…..WOW. Some folks just don’t get that THEY ARE THAT OTHER GUY

  • I have never felt insulted by a presidential candidate until know. I am independent, all members of our family are college educated, working and pay takes. No one has received welfare, unemployment or went to school on the government’s dime. I voted for President Obama because I felt he cared about the greatest majority of people in this country and the world. He is not perfect nor a miracle worker, he has not had much help. We have all worked for people who seem like Governor Romney, they market very well, say they want you to succeed, are vague how, yet you know their primary interest is their own, they will benefit and you will pay the bill. Comes down to who you trust and who you do not.

  • I am pissed WTF is it with Mitt Romney. I am a Republican. I am also a disabled veteran. I depend on the government to support me due to military service. I am part of that 47% that do not pay income tax. VA disability is not taxed. Me and allot of disalbed veterans are in the same boat. We just bearly make it with what we get for disability. Now Mitt Romney wants veterans to support his cause. I
    am thinking that Mitt Romney is not in my best interest now after the remarks he has made. I was going to vote for Mitt Romney now I am swinging towards Obama now. My Romneys remarks veterans that are disabled think we are entitled to benefits. Well yes we are after we give ourselfs for the freedom for others and also his freedom aswell

    • BDD1951

      Thank you so much for your service!!

    • neece00

      Mitt Romney is so out of touch with the general population. I get the impression that he looks down his nose at the regular people, the 47%. Although he does think that the middle class make between 200000. and 250000. each year.

    • old_blu

      Thanks for saving are ass in more ways than one Skip.

    • Well Skip Stewart The Republican Tea Party just block a Bill today for Military Veterans Support and Jobs Act. God Bless your service.

  • Can anybody say “George Orwell”? Remember “double-speak”?

    According to Mitt Romney 47% of the population is not paying taxes and they are all Democrats who will not support him. Anybody who is a Democrat is a moocher (never mind whether they are students, old people, disabled, or simply cannot find jobs or jobs that pay enough to generate income taxes). This 47%, according to Romney, does not have a sense of personal responsibility and cannot be convinced to assume that responsibility.

    HOWEVER: We NYers who live in one of the most expensive states pay MORE taxes to support people who live in the least expensive states. And those people pay fewer taxes. Our state is BLUE, the other ones are RED. Yet, WE are not calling THEM moochers. THEY are calling US moochers. ????

    As part of the 53% who is PAYING taxes (double as an independent contractor) I am still part of the 47% who is voting for Obama. After paying all that tax because I am taking personal responsibility and working despite having multiple disabilities, I will absolutely, 100% need social security and medicare—which I believe I am entitled to. (1) I paid MORE into the system percentage-wise than most people. (2) I am more than $100,000 in debt because of high, uncovered medical expenses, so have not been able to save for retirement (which I doubt I will be able to do so I will KEEP ON paying taxes).

    In the meantime, I am NOT complaining about supporting all those Republicans who are not paying taxes. Why? Because I believe that those of us who can still work and are fortunate enough to have jobs have a PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to contribute to social programs for people in need (even if they will vote against such benefits).

    So, what was that again about the 47%? How is it that some of the 53% are in the 47%? Maybe because we are all part of the 99% who are not rich. Maybe the arithmetic of Romney—a so-called business-smart guy—does not add up.

    Now, let’s go over to race, which was not mentioned here. So people like Condoleeza Rice and Herman Cain will not pay taxes and vote for Obama? So will Marc Rubio and the children of Jeb Bush? According to Romney, they won’t because of their ethnicities.

    And this white lady who is 63.5, according to Romney will vote for him? I’m paying taxes. I’m white? I’m older.

    I don’t THINK so. . . .! Not gonna happen! NOT!

  • axxan3

    If I had been born rich I would believe the same as Mitt. I went to college my father was not rich. I join the Army unlick Mitt. I believe in the lies that I was told about if you complete your military service the Gov will pay for you educaton. It was true if you went to a trade school are a 2 year college. I rember my mother crying because milk was in a glass container when I was 2 years old and that and some bread was all we had. My mother broke the milk bottle. My mother and father never took a dime of wellfare except for their social security.
    Mitt you and others ever time a mid east country deceides to get rid of there Gov that you dont like believe we need to go to war. But because you are gready want tax cuts. You can not have it both ways someone has to pay the bill. Next time lets do this everone that believe we need to fight must agree to split the bill for the cost. I believe the cost for Afganastan and Iraq are about 1 trillion for ever year we have been there you and John McCain can pay you part and we want go up on your taxes but you want get the tax cut for that cost. Everone that has paid into Socail Securty will get their money back pluss what it was worth when the Gov took it pluss interest. And Bush that was suppose to be aRepublician that sponcered drug for senior with out funding this program can pay this bill.
    You have used the number 47 per cent can you explain just who this is, dis able vets, mental ill,
    men and women over 62, children that do not have a father or mother that are drawing a gov check, ex congress and retire military that are drawing a gov check, men and women that job were sent overseas, construction workers that can not find jobs, men and women working for place like Walmart that do not make a decent wage,. Can you be a little clear as to which Americian you as president will nor be their president?
    I have an ideal lets take away everthing that you have make it against the law for you to make no more than min wage let you live on the street like those men and women that job went somewhere out of the us lost everthing that they had for 1 year and see if you like being in the 47 per cent

  • Romney jut finished a $50,000 a plate fund rasing dinner in Dallas last evening.

    Along with his 1% supporters was T. Boone Pickens.

    Real Median Household Income in Texas

    2010 1 Year Change 3 Year Change

    US $50,046 -1.97% -6.20%

    Texas $48,615 -0.90% -2.77%

    Let them (the people) eat cake!

    These people ARE OUT OF TOUCH with the midddle class!


    The American South acted stupidly in 1860, but they’re acting even more stupidly in 2012, by voting for a couple of bastards who are out to pick the pockets of the poor and middle class by reducing their health and social security benefits.

    • EXACTLY. When the South wanted to secede, I would have favored saying this: “You have to stop slavery. If you stop slavery, you can secede.” Then we wouldn’t have to put up with having so many red states.

    • YepThatTell

      Remember, voting fraud and stupidity are not the exclusive province of the South.
      Most of us are in this together, no matter where we live. The GOP loves this petty divisiveness.

  • ram1020

    YepTellThat, Learn to read and don’t tell me what I think. Those who get withholding refunds often pay tax. They don’t get 100% back. Do you deny that those who pay no taxes are not motivated by tax cuts?
    Furthermore, it is the media, not Romney using terms like “freeloaders” and “moochers”. If you have no ability to discern what is said from what is spun, then I can see why you support Obama.

    • YepThatTell

      I think your comment makes no sense but if you had placed it in reply to my comment we’d know what you’re talking about.

      ” Those who get withholding refunds often pay tax. They don’t get 100% back.” Yes, I agree.

      “Do you deny that those who pay no taxes are not motivated by tax cuts? ” What do you mean and why does it matter?

      “If you have no ability to discern what is said from what is spun, then I can see why you support Obama.” I can and do discern the truth from the spin. That’s why I am voting for President Obama.

  • JSquercia

    Elderly voters favor Romney by 15% . Are these people FN CRAZY or perhaps just SELFISH
    I thought that they would see through the Republican Trick of letting those 55 and older retain Medicare as it now exists but either they STUPID or they really don’t care abut those Grandchildren we all hear crying abut when they speak about the Debt .

    Of course many of them are Tea Party types who are BOTH selfish AND stupid . You know the ones who wanted the Government to keep its hands off their Medicare . Medicare is of course the PERFECT example of Government run SINGLE payer Health Insurance .

    The solution to Health Insurance would be that which they showed on the West Wing Medicare for all . This would have the added benefit of stopping all this BS from the Catholic Church ( I am a Catholic) about THEIR religious Freedom being violated .Indeed it is the church that seeks to violate the religious Freedom of those Non Catholics who happen to work in Catholic run Enterprises .

    • Right on!

    • CPANY

      Most are averse to voting for Obama because he’s black. Actually, he’s half black.

      I believe that they’re smart enough to know that they’re voting against their own financial self-interest, but they can’t break the hold that their racial perjudices have on them.

  • Ugh, what idiotic “logic” in this editorial.

    According to the US Census Bureau, something on the order of 70% of blacks in the United States live in “red states”, too. By the “logic” used in this dopey article, that means most blacks vote Republican.

  • It is very sad but there are lots of people who are just struggling to get by day-to-day who hang on every word of the elite class in the misguided belief that someday, if they just hate those whom they are directed to hate a little while longer, somehow their ship will sail into harbor. Somehow the teeth that are rottening in their young children’s mouths will be miraculously restored and the ailments they suffer due to mal-nutrition will of a sudden go away. It seems that no matter what the likes of Mitt Romney actually do or say, the same faithful hoards of disenfranchised poor folks in the back woods of Alabama, Mississippi, the hills of Appalachia and Kentucky… these folks steadfastly believe in them and do their bidding… even at the cost of their own well-being and that of their children. They are easily fooled, easily manipulated, and are securely imprisoned by their own biases. They won’t even consider why it is that the promise of privilege has never come through for them. It is convenient for them to believe as they are told and so they hang their hats on the falsehood that all of their problems were caused by Barack Obama, and no amount of facts will sway them from that belief. To face the truth is to admit that they have squandered the lifetime of every generation since the Civil War being hood-winked, exploited, and tricked into serving as a buffer between the elites they serve and the rest of us… and for what??? What do they gain beyond a pat on the head and few more lies served up through fake smiles???

  • 1standlastword

    If the 47% is a Republican demographic and they know in advance that their candidate has political intentions to increase their hardship by turning medicare into a voucher plan, privatising services (nursing homes, planned parenthood) turning social security into a wall street product, plus the elimination of the EIC credits, home mortgage deduction credits and child dependent tax credits: and likely send their children of to fight more rich guy resource wars– the only thing I can rationally concluded is these 47%ers down in the old confederacy are more tolerant of economic hardship at the hands of a Romney and Ryan than they are the sensitivity and compasssion of Barack Obama

    Why is that?


    This just proves RoMoney is totally out of touch with the majority of America. To paraphrase Ann Richards (former Govenor of Texas), Poor Mittens, he was born with a silver foot in his mouth. He proves this every time he speaks. I am part of that 47%. I am retired with only SS as an income. I worked for most of my life and paid an average of 30-35% of my income in taxes because I usually had no deductions. This is not an entitlement, I earned my retirement and will probably not live long enough to collect all of what I paid. Any body that votes Repukelican’t that is not part of the !%, does not have the inteligence to vote.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    The Obama 47% does not vote in large numbers. This is way the Political Class which includes a large % of the Media never get the numbers correct. They are completely out of touch with the American Public.

    Government entities, Federal, State and Local have been on an expansion binge, resembles the Housing Bubble. We might as well call it the Government Bubble. No matter what, get ready for it to crash. Want to know what is likely to happen if it is not corrected? Look at California. Look at the sub-prime mortgage crash. No difference.

    • Seniors vote in large numbers and so do veterans. Both these classes of voters are the majority of the 47%, so your first sentence is dead wrong. If anyone is out of touch with America, it’s Mitt Romney.

    • Sand_Cat

      And who was in charge during the housing bubble and subprime mortgage frauds?

  • Romney’s 47% are probably right there with Obama’s midwestern losers who cling to their guns and religion amd don’t like anyone who is not like them. But then,again, they may be in with all those people who are the recipients of Obama’s “redistribution of wealth”.
    How childish does this get? We have the whole world on fire because of Obama’s failed foreign policies. We have 29 million people unemployed, yes, 29 million, 6 million fewer business licenses issued in 2012 than in 2008 with, at least one person at each business losing their job, but those people can’t collect unemployment and don’t get counted in the statistics, but are, nevertheless, unemployed. We have a staggering debt with 1/3 of it, $5.6 TRILLION incurred by Obama and the democrats in the last 4 years, after Obama said he would cut the original $10 TRILLION in half by the end of his first term. We have a dead ambassador and three others because the ambassador had less security than Valerie Jarret, Obama’s closest advisor,while she is vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard. We have the Afghan women living in dread of the US leaving their country and going back to the Taliban ways after Hillary CLinton pledged the US would never abandon them. And all we hear about is some films from years ago by both candidates. Only the stupid among us will vote for Obama again after all his failed promises and failed policies.

    • Only the even stupider of us will vote for a man who hides his money in offshore accounts and could care less about most people, as he so eloquently stated. You love calling people stupid. Blaming everything on President Obama is stupid and ignorant, imo. Go rant at G.W. Bush – he got us here. Everytime you blame Obama, I’m going to blame G.W. Bush.

    • Sand_Cat

      Your comment on Obama’s foreign policy shows your profound ignorance.
      Your comment on the debt ignores the handsome contribution of your buddies who destroyed the govenrment’s revenue base while starting an unnecessary war and managing another with such ineptitude that it was around for Obama to [stupidly] adopt as his own while helping to crash the economy and make all those people unemployed. Despite nonstop obstruction and slander by your friends, Obama did manage to at least stop the economic free-fall and bring about a very modest but steady job-growth.
      In short, you are either incredibly stupid and / or will fully ignorant, which amounts to the same thing. Why don’t you take your lies and inanities where they will be appreciated: on some right-wing loony site, and leave intelligent people alone.

    • grammyjill

      So now Obama is supose to rule the whole world? In case you didn’t know it, all the other countries are now willing to work with us as long as Romney doesn’t get elected. They don’t like him. And ambassadors have security when they are at an embassey, he wasn’t. Try getting your news from a real news station.

  • howa4x

    Let’s get to the elephant is the room. When Mitt was hiding his money off shore in Switzerland, the Caymans, and Bermuda did he or did he not pay taxes on the interest? We will never know that question because he has such contempt for the American people he won’t release them. He could for all we know have the same attitude as Leonia Helmsley who said “only little people pay taxes’, as she tried to write off her girdle.
    Romney considers himself to be an American aristocrat, who has no idea about the struggles of the working poor. This is why he says very flipently, that he would do away with programs such as Head start, and Pell grants. These programs, which are a pimple on a elephants ass in terms of federal expendures, help working mothers by providing Pre school to lower income families, and college assistance to young people who don’t want a welfare check but want a career, and know that they need higher education. We have a crisis in innner city education where the kids already start school academically behind their counterparts in surban districts, and head start helps end this dispariety. The right wing is attacking the very programs that are trying to end the welfare sate that they scream about.
    The red states are the ones on the dole. All these tea party type that live there should take a Norquist like pledge that they will reduce their dependence on the federal government and pay their own way. Let the people in south that march around with signs about ending the nanny state culture practice what they preach. Start by sacraficing. Isn’t that what they want the rest of us to do?

  • daniel bostdorf

    I think it is important to get some prospective and allow a little leeway (synonyms for actual meaning) regarding definitions of words like “freeloaders” and “moochers.”

    MOOCH is a verb used with object…..
    also means:
    1) to borrow (a small item or amount) without intending to return or repay it.
    2) to get or take without paying or at another’s expense; sponge: He always mooches cigarettes.
    3. to beg.
    4. to steal.

    FREELOAD is also a verb used without object.
    It means: to take advantage of others for free food, entertainment, etc.

    I believe that Romney has factually implied that the 47% that he holds distain for are moochers and freeloaders given his statements.

    If you disagree, YOU have no ability to discern what is said from what is spun by your own words.

    The media should not be blamed here. They are utilizing correct synonyms to describe Romney’s attitude towards the 47% and I dare say the 99% of us….

    He belongs to the 1% “let them eat cake” fascists.

    Romney is to blame. Romney’s campaign is dead on arrival.

    Mitt’s not fit… be president.

    • Sand_Cat

      He’s a MITTWIT (MITT-WIT or MIT-TWIT, take your pick)

  • I can see a leftover BDS person in poor latebloomin. Those of us in small business only dislike Obama for what he has done to this country. His adminstration has come up ewith over 11,000 new regulatons in 4 years that has made it much tougher to do business. I have had to lay off 2 people just to keep up with the costs of those regulations. Since you have no problem voting for and supporting someone who doesn’t keep his promises and hasn’t done his job of making the economy better, I can’t talk ratoinally to you. If I had en employee who made all these promises to me about how he was going to make everything better, and then failed to live up to his promises, I would fire him. If you can’t see that this is simply the case with Obama, you are too stupid to talk to.

    • I can’t help but notice how you give the GOP a pass and lay all the blame on the President. Did you forget about the record number of filibusters and all the obstruction by the GOP? A President cannot run this nation alone. He must work with Congress; however, if over half the Congress has vowed not to work with a sitting President, how can you blame everything on the President? Doesn’t Congress owe some explanation for refusing to work with the President thereby doing absolutely nothing to help the country? My tax dollars and yours pay the salaries of these Congressman and Congresswomen. Why are we paying them to do nothing? If anyone needs to be fired it’s Congress.

      • Sand_Cat

        Are you sure Todd pays taxes?

    • daniel bostdorf

      Your comment is so full of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck lies and distortions, it is frightening.

      What is your full name Todd?

      Are you a Karl Rove operative?

    • Sand_Cat

      Perhaps you should look around (perhaps in the mirror) to see who’s to blame for all the alleged new regulations; those who abuse the system the most are always those who howl the loudest when someone puts a stop to it.

      And obviously the fact that Obama failed to fulfill those of his promises you mention is due largely to the filibusters of the people you obviously voted for, who care about you so much they deliberately tried to make you and everyone else so miserable they’d blame it on Obama and vote for Mitt. And you are obviously too STUPID to see it.

    • johninPCFL

      Let’s see…GWB posts 40,000 new regulations, and that’s OK. Obama posts 11,000 and it’s the end of the world. GWB does nothing for small business taxes, and that’s OK. Obama adds $260B in tax credits to $500B in stimulus spending (that’s where the $787B comes from, you know) and it’s the end of the world.

      If you can lay off two employees and not lose business, then it seems you don’t know the meaning of the word “efficiency”. But that’s OK. Even with the new regulations, I’ve added your two trained workers to my payroll this year, and got some local property tax deferments to do it.

    • Dave_dido

      I’m a small business owner and I like Pres. Obama. My business has been steady for the past four years. Maybe you need to advertise, Todd.

  • karinursula

    I worked over 40 years in this country, and I was told that I have to pay for SS and Medicare. Now I’m 68 and yes I live on SS. I do not consider myself a victim!! I will vote for Mr Obama, because I always believed that the Democrats care more about the working people than the GOP. It is shameful that Mr Romney thinks that I’m a lesser human being than he is.

  • JoanWile2












    • Awesome, Joan! I love it!

    • Dave_dido

      Art as political commentary- very well done, Joan! My favorite is the last stanza.

  • My brother and I concluded that this campaign is more of a race war than a consideration of the real political issues at stake.

    • 113121

      I am old and white and I am going to vote for Obama. I don’t know anyone who is white that will be voting for Romney. None of us can afford another Republican in power. Rich or poor.

  • I think mitt romdey needs to go and hide under a rock this man does not have a clue he talks about people who are not paying taxes he doesnot pay any taxes and hidding his money in other countries he really is a very stupit person. I am a working american and you do have working people a lot of them and sometimes you do need a little help. and what he said about the 47% that goes to show you he is only for the rich and latter for everyone else this is not the man to run this counrty he is a biogt. If it was not for those GOPS this counrty would not be the way it is George Bush did a lot of harm to america stealing for himself and his other rich friends that’s all that they do those GOPS are not for everyone

  • Dominick Vila, I do not know what alternate universe you live in but Robot Romney is not lagging just one percent behind Obama. It is about five percent or more. These polls have remained consistent unless you are watching and listening to conservative polls. So many Americans are so misled by the polls. Polls do not elect a president. A president is elected by electoral votes. Obama is far ahead of Robot Romney in this regard and his numbers have remained steady. So we can argue back and forth about popularity polls but those carry very little weight in a general presidential election. Ask Al Gore about that. Even though he had a larger percentage of popular votes than George Bush, he still lost the election because Florida awarded their electoral votes to Bush which put him over the required 270 to become president. We know the fiasco of that situation but my point goes back to the thing that we really need to focus on and this is electoral votes. Still, if you insist on looking at the popular vote, Obama is ahead of Robot Romney in most of the swing states. So don’t feed into the frenzy that right-wing polls may be trying to get you to believe.

    • daniel bostdorf

      Romney is lagging behind Latinos 67% Obama to 24% Romney

      Woman 53% Obama to 42% Romney

      Blacks nearly 92% Obama

      The 47% voter—well…I think that is obvious now…..
      If you are one of the 47% or 99% and you vote for Romney….then you deserve what will happen to this country…

      There will be an “American Spring.”

    • Sand_Cat

      The fact that Mitt Romney is within 40 points of the sane guy in any poll is a truly terrifying – as well as revealing – prospect.



    If you think this is the last of RoMoney stepping on his own toes, think again. There are still seven more weeks left for Mittens to further screw up his chances at even out doing that dynamic duo of McCain-Palin in 2008.

    Question from this writer is “Where does the former GOP find these clowns who believe the electorate is as stupid as they think.” In the good old days, we had to wait for the excitement of the debates to make our final decision, but with this current pair the debates will only be the icing on the cake.

    It’s a good thing Ryan still has his senate campaign going since the only way he will see the White House is from the tourist tour line. Note that RoMoney has not been invited to “campaign” for Ryan.

  • I do not understand how any person with a modicum of good sense could believe anthing that fat lying drug addict says. Some of the things comes straight out of the mouth of that fat ugly drug infested moron. I read these comments all the time and some of these people say things that are so far off base that any moron could dispute them. They must have a computer to check these things out. They just don’t because they wouldn’t have anyrhing to whine about.

  • fastfootedd

    I see it as a result of discrimination – Those elderly whites – especially men – just can’t stand the fact that a black man is our commander and chief.

    Perhaps the Democratic Party should push for new voter registration laws that would eliminate anyone over say 65 or 70 from being able to vote – after all they probably shouldn’t have a say in who should run our country since they probably won’t be around long enough to be affectedd.

    I even heard one young white girl age 11 from a very affluent family say out loud that we can’t have a black man for president during the last election – all in front of one of her figure skating coaches who incidently was of black decent. I wonder how she obtained her point of view?

    Even my Father-In-Law age 89 can not be pursuaded to vote for the best candidate, I know it’s because he sees the President as a black man even though he don’t come out a say it. I guess it’s because he’s polish – oh there I go discriminating myself.

    We need to convince people to vote for the best person for the job – regardless of color or party affiliation. Plain and simple. And any one with an IQ greater than a meatball should choice Barrack Obama and not a nut job like Romney.

  • The 47% that Romney refers to are comprised, in large part, by the working poor. As a percentage of gross income, the working poor pay about 6% to 8% of gross income in Social Security, Medicare, etc. It may actually be a higher percentage than that.


    And he does not have to deal with those taxes, because the vast majority of his income is in dividends, etc.



  • maesea

    This will be the dirtiest campaign we will ever see. We thought the Nixon election was.

    • fastfootedd

      I say we go to a lottery system for all public offices – you get selected and serve your one term and done. This eliminates the big money, eliminates all those dam commercials and allows for some people other than the very rich who are generally out of touch with the regular people from directing our country into the toilet for their own greed and percieved power trip. Of course those in prison or too young to vote should probably excluded. The billions not spent running for office could be used to reduce our debt or used to create jobs – rather than give to the big media bosses ldike Ruppert “dick” Murdoch who just turns around and donates it back to idiots like Mitt Romney. Problem solved…..

      Of course this to will not work as I’m sure a means of FIXING the lottery machines/selection process would be undertaken by the money bags again. But what better way to ensure you have good crosssection of american people representing us and make decissions that would be best for the majority of our people.

      One things for sure – election reform is a must – no one should be able to pay billions in propaganda meant to brainwash to media who could careless whether or not the information is factual all for money. It is the root to all evil and those who are throwing it in Nitt-Wit Romney’s way are doing so for their own ultimate benefits – more money! They are simply EVIL.

  • How dare Mitt portray folks as lazy bums who live off gov’t welfare FACT is
    SS and Medicare are earned NOT welfare Wall St got the welfare Many of those 47 % are seniors, students, Veterans, people in nursing homes who spent down all they had, working poor. We paid lots of taxes all our lives I paid double SS tax as self employed. Now as a widow I am lower income I get my earned SS Medicare and a tiny pension that was reduced to a pittance after my husband work hard in a factory 10 hr days for 40 yrs. Stop treating people like less than human.
    Your arrogance is showing MITT Come down from your Ivory Tower.

  • I wonder what percentage of our active military pay income taxes. I would think a great many of them are in the 47%

    • johninPCFL

      I would guess anyone below a commisioned officer. Especially all the combat troops with families living off-base.

      Go ahead, Mitt. Call them moochers. Tell them they are too lazy to take care of their own lives.

    • grammyjill

      None of our active military pay income taxes. Their only benefit of putting their lives on the line.

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    The rightwing and tea party like their Southern voters dumb, ignorant and oppressed. When ever someone makes a good point they call him a marxist or a welfare recipient . I love it because they are so comical in their zombie uniforms. Every time Romney changes they go “that’s right..duh that’s right….then he changes again and they jump up and down and go..duh that’s right!

    • YepThatTell

      So as not to sound like the rightwing and tea party you (rightfully) disdain, please remember we Southern voters are not all dumb or ignorant. I worked for the WELFARE department when I graduated from college (!!) and I know some things about welfare recipients and the ‘largesse’ that they ‘enjoy’ from their government. I also seriously doubt all the idiot apologists for Romney/GOP/teabaggers are from the south.

      The GOP loves this talk, ‘though. They’d love for us all to hate each other. That way they can make their power and wealth grab while the rest of us oppressed ones are fighting among ourselves.

  • carsrus

    karinursala’It is u the IDIOT anyone who would vote for this marxist-maoist muslim shill is a TRAITOR to this Great Constitutional Republic! 4 more years of this “commrade” we will be part of commie china, with that fetid fool as Vice Chairman of the Peoples Republic of the United States!U vote him in U DESTROY AMERICA!

  • carsrus

    CPANY u creep it is U democRATS who are full of shit, with the main shit thrower presently ON HIS way OUT of the Oval Office on November 6,2012, when WE, the PEOPLE throw his ass out for GOOD!


      Keep smoking that good stuff! Romney will not even be elected Dog Catcher.

      • old_blu

        He can’t be the dog catcher, he would transport them on the roof of his car.

        • RUKIDENME


  • And this is the person that wants to be President??? If he does not care about 47% of the people, I have not idea how he is going to divide the country he wants to run!!!!! This guy is a shame and a BIG ARROGANT!!!!

  • daniel bostdorf

    The point of this article has nothing to do with “carsrus” and whoever it is behind the fake name.
    Quit hiding! What is your real name?
    You post only to distract from competent, thoughful dialogue.

    Distraction is a Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Gllenn Beck tactic….

    Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (like Linmbaugh, beck and Rove believe) said it best:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    or as Adolph Hitler stated:

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

    Keep the lies coming Mitt, Ryan, Beck, Limbaugh, Rove and Teapartiers…

    The truth:
    Mitt not fit….to be President.
    Obama is.

    This is the point from Conason:

    “Summing up his erroneous assessments, Romney said “my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Perhaps that cold remark falls within the category of opinion rather than fact. But does Romney truly believe that a lifelong worker, an impoverished veteran, a struggling student, an elderly widow, or any of the millions of Americans in similar straits don’t merit the concern of the president of the United States?

    That ugly sentiment, an insult to every citizen of this country, would be hard to express more “elegantly” without the use of a four-letter word.”

  • Romney must not know that in the 47%, farmers who generally vote republican, also rely on the government dole. Crops fail, government insurance, drought, government insurance, cattle having to be sold because of the drought, government steps in. Everyone pays taxes in some shape or form. Romney is a man, one should pity, not vote into office.

  • daniel bostdorf


    British author, man of letters, and one of England’s most outstanding authors , Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784, said it best back during America’s Revolutionary times:

    “If a madman were to come into this room with a stick in his hand, no doubt we should pity the state of his mind; but our primary consideration would be to take care of ourselves. We should knock him down first, and pity him afterwards.”

    The “madmen” of the Republican party, its propagandists both print and broadcast media, must be “knocked down” first.

    RE-elect Obama and “knock down” this fascist madness.


    • daniel bostdorf

      A pleasant reminder….when you respond to a poster, please don’t start a new comment because Billie’s post was 5 hours ago, and I had no idea who you were talking about.

      Nicely suggested 🙂

  • LeoPFlood

    Mr. Romney, you are telling me that since I rely of the government for some of my needs you are not considering me as a viable voter that can make a decision as to who I will vote for? Just so you know; I am a retired Disable Veteran that served our country for well over 20 years. During my service to our country, I was KILLED in Vietnam when a decision was made to spray the fields and wooded areas of this country with AGENT ORANGE. I and many of my comrades are suffering because of this spraying and have to rely on our government to provide services to us because we can no longer work sufficiently to provide for the basic items for life.
    Not only are veterans being placed in the category that you referred to, there are others that are now Senior Citizens that have paid into a fund that was meant to provide for them during their senior years, but to you they mean nothing now that they rely on our government to provide for what they have paid so many years for. How can you aspire to become our Commander-in-Chief and the President when we do not mean anything to you? Remember, what is in your heart comes out through your mouth.
    You say that you have all of Americans welfare at heart, but your mouth pour out your desires to help only those that are, “so call” equal to you in the wealth that you have. There are those within that group that you have written off that helped you and your family to acquire the wealth that you have now. I and many of my comrades fought forces that may have come here to America to keep you from obtaining the fortune that you now have. There are seniors that paved the road for you to walk on to achieve the status that you now enjoy, but you say they rely on our government so you don’t worry about them. Since I don’t mean anything to you, I am going to encourage those that are my Comrades-in-Arms not to vote for you. I do not need a Commander-in-Chief that tells me and others that they do not mean anything to you.

    • daniel bostdorf

      Leo…thank you for this post. Well thought out. Free from rants and ravings from some who post here…

      Refreshing to hear first person outrage at what Romney’s foul and reprehensible comments mean to those of us at the 47%, or even 99%.

      You stated it best:
      ” I do not need a Commander-in-Chief that tells me and others that they do not mean anything to you.”

  • dggrundhoffer

    Well he is uninformed . A paid politician for the elite. Very simple fact.

  • LeoPFlood

    Mr. Romney, you are telling me that since I rely on the government for some of my needs you are not considering me as a viable voter that can make a decision as to who I will vote for? Just so you know; I am a retired Disable Veteran that served our country for well over 20 years. During my service to our country, I was KILLED in Vietnam when a decision was made to spray the fields and wooded areas of this country with AGENT ORANGE. I and many of my comrades are suffering because of this spraying and have to rely on our government to provide services to us because we can no longer work sufficiently to provide for the basic items for life.
    Not only are veterans being placed in the category that you referred to, there are others that are now Senior Citizens that have paid into a fund that was meant to provide for them during their senior years, but to you they mean nothing now that they rely on our government to provide for what they have paid so many years for. How can you aspire to become our Commander-in-Chief and the President when we do not mean anything to you? Remember, what is in your heart comes out through your mouth.
    You say that you have all of Americans welfare at heart, but your mouth pour out your desires to help only those that are, “so call” equal to you in the wealth that you have. There are those within that group that you have written off that helped you and your family to acquire the wealth that you have now. I and many of my comrades fought forces that may have come here to America to keep you from obtaining the fortune that you now have. There are seniors that paved the road for you to walk on to achieve the status that you now enjoy, but you say they rely on our government so you don’t worry about them. Since I don’t mean anything to you, I am going to encourage those that are my Comrades-in-Arms not to vote for you. I do not need a Commander-in-Chief that tells me and others that they do not mean anything to you.

  • Most of the 47% are conditioned to fall in line and vote against their own best interest each and every time!

  • boxersdaddy

    according to the latest pew poll, obama is leading romney by 51-43% nationwide. willard is just trying to continue to foist supply side economics on a somewhat unsuspecting rw public.

    • rainbowvow

      You should visit Rassmussen and Gallop more often

  • ayayaboy

    Romney’s recent comments are not surprising to us in Massachussetts. Romney is not one of us – the ordinary people. Romney lived swimming in pools of money as a child; he never took public transits like us; he calls anybody that is not rich “lazy”; he does not pay correct taxes and avoids payment of taxes at all until time to run for office; he destroyed records in Massachussetts Governor’s office to hide his crooked means; he outsourced American jobs to exploit cheap labor; launders money offshore; took away his and his father’s wealth from Michigan to cover his tracks to Cayman Island, Swiss Bank, Ireland, India and China; said his own hometown – Detroit should go bankrupt; Romney now accuses 47% Americans of not paying any taxes but he does not call out himself as the chief tax evader. Romney says if he was born Hispanic he may have won the presidency; Romney calls ordinary Americans “Welfare Victims” who will vote Obama nomatter what. I told you guys long ago that Romney’s candidacy is a visit of daddy-long-legs in America. Romney donated lots of money to defend Warren Jeff who raped several underage girls in Mormon church. He tells minimum of three lies before the cock crows; he wants to protect Donald Trump and others but to throw you and me under the bus; He wants to deport Hispanics for political interests; he is a disaster in International diplomacy; wants to limit women rights like mormon church does; wants to close ministry of education and create department of Tax Cut for the rich. Romney will sink America if elected.

  • carsrus

    U, below, Hatred is oozing from Barack Obama as he moves ahead to DESTROY our Great Constitutional Republic! Any so called American who would vote for this marxist-maoisr, muslim shill, is a TRAITOR! May God Bless US as he helps remove this wicked man from the White House!

  • carsrus

    U below ALWAYS pull the race card when u have nothing to go on but a marxist-maoist muslim shill of a president who is DESTROYING our Great Constitutional Republic! Barack Obama has set race relations back to before the 1950’s! He has DIVIDED US more than any one man on earth! The Great Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave seeing Obama destroy ALL the GOOD he did! U r a gd racist, and I say it as did the racist, America hating Rev. Wright, who said gd America over and over again! Un-American commies., ALL of U!

  • onedonewong

    No plausable evidnece. The welfare queens and foodtamp receiptents and free medical care are the base of the democratic party. Who are the predominate users of the hanouts?? Blacks, Illegals Hispanics.
    That’s the 47% that Romney was talking about

    • No, he was talking about the 47% of Americans who pay no income taxes. And he is actually one of them, that’s why he will never show you his tax returns. Because he is a moocher, like 100 of the top 400 richest people in the U.S. who do not pay a penny in income tax. Moochers who live the American dream like no welfare queen could ever dream of.

  • “Those people” ???? Who do you think you are. MOST people that are on assistance do not want to be on it. Do you know what it is like to have to chose between milk for your children or paying the electric bill?! DO you know what it is like as a parent to go without your basic needs so you can clothe your children for school?! My Husband works his hiney off 50+ hours a week. I cannot work because of a heart condition that I cannot get fixed because I cannot afford to, thanks to health care costs! We are NOT freeloaders. We are ashamed to need help with our basic living expenses! Maybe if things could be changed to where a person is payed according to the cost of living there wouldnt be so many people needing assitance!! Maybe if people didnt have to pay so much for healthcare things would be different. I WOULD GLADLY go to work but cannot because I am a liability. All the aside, now you want to say that or veterans are freeloaders?! My father STILL has nightmares from his term in vietnam. This country does OWE them. My poor father struggles every month because of all the paycuts veterans have been getting on their SS. He can harldy afford his medical care due to increases in cost for medicare. There is something so wrong with this picture. Somebody needs to open thier eyes and look around. DO NOT catagorize me in your 47% Mr. Romney! You dont know what its like in the real world!

  • The re;ublican party of Lincoln and Regan has disappeared. The new republican party consists of emotional radicals supported by national banks, big businesses, wall street and above all, self intrests. They have not forgotten how to say NO but have forgotten how to be politicians who represent the best intrest of this great nation.

  • ridemybroom

    his 47 % probably on the toilet paper he wipes his behind with….


    OBOZO Where are you?

    Come on let us hear something cute from your twisted viewpoint.

    Surely with all the good news, your American Taliban Republican twisted mind must have something to say.

    Have you been reading the current polls lately?

    Hope you are well, that is well constipated and miserable.

  • Willard the Windsock continues to bedazzle the befuddled.

  • sadie1ne

    Mitt Romney is a A**H*** TO MUCH B.S. with this guy.

  • ignorance and racsim will lead many gov. dependant people to vote Romney. they think he given a sirt about them.

  • excavatoreddie

    I agree that Romney is not the best person that we could pick to run the country. I do feel, however, that he would be better than the clown that is running it now. I own a small business, looking for people to work for an honest living, which are very hard to find, since many have gotten used to the government pay ing them to sit on their asses & do nothing, all paid for by my tax dollars that seem to be getting pulled out of my pocket more & more every year. We do need to take care of the elderly, who have been unable to save enough to live, once retired, as well as those people who are really physically or mentally incapable of working. But when I see the vast amount of lazy bastards that can work, but won’t, just sucking off of the system, it makes me wonder why I should work so hard, just to support them!

  • english_teacher

    Of course, I don’t know the situation because you didn’t describe your business. Could you describe what kind of business is it, the kinds of jobs available, the wages are you offering, the hours expected to be worked for the pay, and whether the working conditions like. If you are truly offering good, decently paid jobs, then I find it very hard to believe that you can’t find people who want to work for an honest living.

  • Melford

    46.4%, by the Government’s own figures. IF that is a lie, it is a lie owned by our Federal Government, and that Government is directed by President Obama. Fortunately, Obama has not convinced those who make these reports to “cook the books” for him, although we can expect that soon. Romney should not have rounded it up. 46% would be more accurate than 47%. Tut, Tut. Now that is *only* those who do not pay *income taxes*. Many of them *still* cough up dough for Social Security and Medicare — all of those actually working a payroll job at all. I wonder if they can get their money back and not pay any taxes at all…

  • Mitt Romney has paid no taxes for quite some time. His Super PACs and billionaire friends also have not or has large accounting firms seeking ways for them to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. They live off of the taxes of tax paying Americans through subsidies, grants, and tax breaks offered to them to bring business to states. Former President Bush redistributed a multimillion dollar surplus as tax breaks to them during his administration, then borrowed eight trillion dollars to pay for two wars and a national disaster that he and Dick Cheney profiteered from. And that’s information that we know of. Just think of how worse it would be for them if we knew what they are hiding from us.

    • daniel bostdorf

      Exactly—the real “moochers” and “freeloaders” are the banks who got bailed out, and billionaires who pay little or no taxes.

  • daniel bostdorf

    This article by Conason is about Mitt Romney. The main point from Conason:
    “Summing up his erroneous assessments, Romney said “my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Perhaps that cold remark falls within the category of opinion rather than fact. But does Romney truly believe that a lifelong worker, an impoverished veteran, a struggling student, an elderly widow, or any of the millions of Americans in similar straits don’t merit the concern of the president of the United States?
    That ugly sentiment, an insult to every citizen of this country, would be hard to express more “elegantly” without the use of a four-letter word.”

Mitt not fit….to be President.

    Obama is.

    This article has nothing to do with “carsrus” and others who post here behind fake names.
What are your real names? Quit hiding! You posts only distract from competent, thoughful dialogue about Mitt Romney.

    The article has nothing to do with Obama.

    Distraction is a Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Gllenn Beck tactic….Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (like Linmbaugh, beck and Rove believe) said it best:
    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    or as Adolph Hitler stated:

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

    Keep the lies coming Mitt, Ryan, Beck, Limbaugh, Rove and Teapartiers…and some of you who post here under fake names.

  • “The character of a man is known from his conversations”
    —Menander 342BC 292BC
    It seems the more romney runs around with his foot in his mouth, the more revealing his character becomes.

    • daniel bostdorf


  • daniel bostdorf

    What Conason broadly speaks about is the nature of Romney’s character.

    “But does Romney truly believe that a lifelong worker, an impoverished veteran, a struggling student, an elderly widow, or any of the millions of Americans in similar straits don’t merit the concern of the president of the United States?”

    Arthur Schopenhauer states it best about Romney and his ilk:

    “Men best show their character in trifles, where they are not on their guard. It is in the simplest habits, that we often see the boundless egotism which pays no regard to the feelings of others and denies nothing to itself.”

    Secret video stated it all.

  • jackiejan

    I can not believe he went back to Florida looking for the Latino vote.

    He was in Florida earlier this year speaking to a group of unemployed people.
    They were stressed out because they could not find work, they were losing their homes, and worried about feeding their families.
    His remark was something like this,
    Right now I do not have a job either.

    HOW CRUDE AND RUDE. He has som many homes he does not know which one he is going to sleep in this week.

  • jackiejan

    Talk about feeling Entitled-

    -MITT did NOT want to do anything about–
    The Big 3 automakers- some of the largest companies in the world. Pension, pay checks, research and development. Do Nothing

    -MITT did NOT want to help families losing their homes. After the banks made a mess out of the home mortgages. He said let the homes go, let the developers and builders buy them cheap, rent them out, or tear them down. Let the families go to the streets. Do Nothing.

    -MITT did NOT want to have talks with Palestine or Israel, according to his video. Just let them fight, they have been fighting for years. Do Nothing
    So he wants to set in the Oval Office and do nothing.
    Isn’t that called thinking he is ENTITLED

    -He used millions and millions of TAXPAYER MONEY to save the Utah Olympics. At the time even McCain called it a waste of Federal Money, and said it was hurting the TAXPAYERS, in order TO MAKE HIMSELF LOOK GOOD.
    Now he is worried about Federal Spending after he got his hands in the cookie jar.
    Then he opens his mouth and puts his REAR and BOTH FEET in his mouth when England put much more work into the Olympics. This is his International Policy he has, cutting down other countries that are our friends?

  • We have all known that the poorest states in the Union are mostly Southern states that of course usually vote Republican. Unknowingly Gov. Romney was talking about them when he cited the 47% . I think we should call all the governors of those states together and ask them for their plan to raise their constitutiency out of poverty. Maybe Governor Romney, as a past governor, would like to organize and head up that committee. G. Clyatt