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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Paul LePage

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Maine governor Paul LePage, a Republican, has reportedly decided to seek a second term in office in 2014. According to the Maine Sun Journal, LePage made the announcement at a private fundraiser hosted by former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

LePage’s decision — which represents an about-face from the previous week, when he suggested that he would not run again — promises to be unwelcome with many Maine voters. After all, LePage is consistently rated as one of the least popular governors in America. Political comedians, however, must be thrilled with the prospect of another LePage campaign. Although LePage’s bombastic leadership style is often unsuccessful, it certainly is quotable.

Here are 5 of LePage’s most outrageous statements:

17 Responses to Maine Governor Paul LePage’s 5 Greatest Hits

  1. Just another screwball teabagger that “won” the Governorship with 37% of the vote.The repulsive republicans will probably throw another hat in the ring and this fat clown will probably win with an even smaller percentage of the vote>

    • You’re right, we DO need to see more of these people in public life.

      At least when they come out of their caves, people hopefully will see them for what they actually are; Barbarians to a T!

      I used to call these types of people Neanderthals. But, I won’t anymore. That’s degrading the Neanderthals……………………

      • Yes paying taxes should be a choice and of course our betters like Mittens should’t have to pay any at ALL.
        As for kissing his ASS my reply would be nO thanks it looks too much like your FACE

  2. It is great to attend tea party rallies and march around chanting slogans in 3 corner hats, but then you win and have to govern. This is where the tea party governors get in trouble. They forget they are governor of all the people and not just the TP. They try to enact laws at the behest of the Koch bos and people rebel. People don’t want the right to work for less. They want health care and they want clean drinking water. So far none of the tealiban governors have been successful at these endeavors. Most people want government to be efficient and work to reduce spending and deliver services at the lowest cost. They don’t want a meat ax taken to government, and want cuts to be deliberate and thought out. This is the mistake the tea party makes. They give big tax cuts to corporations and cut services for the struggling people. They have to wake up and realize that what is good for the Koch bros may not be good for the people, and the takers aren’t just those on welfare but every senior and those with disabilities. Don’t claim to be a Christian then favor tax breaks for corporate jets and take food away from children.

    • Except for the Koch and 3-cornered hat reference, you seem to have accurately described the Obama Administration.

        • You obviously keep your buried in too many liberal blogs. If you step back and read your own post without bias, the description applies just as well to the DNC as it does the TEA party you abhor.

          • Really!! Let’s look at some other tea party governors and see how they are doing. We can start with Rick Scott in Fla. The previous moderate republican administration of Charlie Christ worked out a program with the EPA to get a sustainable water program started in the everglades which supply all of southern Fla with drinking water. He worked out an 8 million dollar grant to do it. Scott took office and canceled all the federal grants including that one. The money will not come again and drinking water will still be an issue in south fla. except now there will be no money to correct the situation. Currently Scott’s numbers are underwater
            Let’s move to Mississippi the fattest state in the country. The Repub governor there turned down the Medicaid expansion based on ideological grounds. Obesity is known to cause a host of health issues that require hundreds of millions to be spent on diabetes, heart disease, cancer, hip replacements, amputations, COPD, and the list goes on. Now the state will be solely responsible for all the costs that exceed the original Medicaid threshold. Smart move right?
            How about Nikki Haley the tealiban governor in SC. She passed a right to work for less at the behest of the Koch bros. Even though it is a costal state and sea levels are rising, and anyone with a brain knows that, she passed a rule that said you can’t mention it in any state document. So now anyone who buys a house on the cost won’t be able to see available reports. Her poll numbers are below sea level
            All the Tea party/republican governors belong to an organization called ALEC the American legislative exchange council. Being on this allows corporations to write laws that benefit them and not the public. This is why the term tea party is reviled with the young, independents, minorities, Latinos, and due to the flurry of restrictive anti abortion legislation with women. It is a party made up predominately of older white Christian men and their subservient wives. Just look at their rallies. Most are overweight, angry people, with no intention to solve Americas problems.

          • Brilliant! Sadly you are likely talking to people thoroughly inoculated against reason. Keep going though because at some point these folks will see their own jobs exported, their parents’ medical care suspended, and their children’s futures turned into a lifetime of impoverished corporate subservience. I saw and warned of it in 1981, when Reagan and his cohorts of the phony right-wing decided they wanted this country to become the next Brazil. Sadly, they have nearly completed that destruction and they did it with the complicity of millions of foolish Angelsincas as accomplices.

            To this very day, when I ask my neoconservative friends which country they would flee to if they were deported from the United States, they always name a country to the political LEFT of the U.S. Because the countries to our political right are shit-holes.

          • Good thing there is no bigotry targeting older, white, christian or conservative people. That wouldn’t be American or legal.

            Let’s look at CA Governor Jerry Brown (D). He ordered the cancellation of all redevelopment fund prjoects and steered that money into the general fund to help cover pension commitments. The monies were being used to eliminate blight throughout the state by investing in poorer neighborhoods. This enabled municipalities to encourage business with tax incentives to particiapte with jobs to help the poor out of poverty. Redevelopment is a renewable resource that keeps retuning what is put into it through human capital and self improvement. The b;loated six figure pensions were more important. The neighborhoods are returning to blight.

            It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that helping business helps those that want to work. Since the gutting of NASA and its repurposing as ambassadors for Islam, it makes sense why we simply don’t have the talent anymore to understand why we are witnessing generationally historic levels of the non-working. Thanks.

        • Hey howa4x, you got it right. Angelsinca then came along and gave you a dose of the old pre-adolescent “I know you are but what am I”, routine. I’ll bet you are just devastated to be laid low by a Pee Wee Herman impressionist. Do you ever picture these people doing something like lighting a gas water heater? Kablooey!

  3. Tea baggers are like children who never stop testing their limits until they get slapped down, and not always then.

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