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Sunday, January 20, 2019

As right-wing Republicans in Congress prepare to defy a popular president, the will of the American people, and the Constitution of the United States by again holding the debt ceiling hostage, a new Washington Post/ABC poll on the fiscal cliff deal shows that bringing the global economy to the brink of disaster is probably not a good negotiating strategy for the GOP if they want the public on their side.

A majority of Americans (51 percent) disapprove of House Speaker John Boehner’s handling of fiscal cliff budget negotiations, while a majority (52 percent) also approve of the way President Obama handled the negotiations — 45 percent of Americans approve of the agreement that was reached to avoid the fiscal cliff.

Broken down along partisan lines, the difference in public opinion regarding the deal is stark, but does show a cross-party increase for both Boehner and Obama from December — 66 percent of Democrats approve of the deal, while 63 percent of Republicans disapprove. An impressive 81 percent of Democrats approve of Obama’s job performance, compared with 27 percent of Republicans, up from 8 percent in a December poll. Only 38 percent of Republicans approve of Boehner’s job performance, while 27 percent of Democrats approve of his handling of the fiscal issue, up from 14 percent in December.

Perhaps most troubling for Boehner is that ideological conservative disapproval of Boehner jumped from 36 to 61 percent. The pressure is squarely on Boehner in the upcoming debt ceiling battle, but given his unpopularity among every demographic, the question is, which path will he take? Will he appease the uncompromising hard right wing of his party with a provocative stance? Or will he work with the president and congressional Democrats on a deal and continue to see an uptick in his approval ratings among the majority of the American people?


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20 responses to “Majority Disapprove of Boehner’s Handling of ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal”

  1. Lynda says:

    Looks like the American public has yet to get back to business as usual. By that I mean being out of touch with the political arguments happening after a big election. That is the usual time for the pols to strike while the public slumbers. Nice to see that many are staying engaged and paying attention.

  2. Based on what I saw and read about the fiscal cliff negotiations, I believe the criticism may be misdirected. Speaker Boehner showed signs of willingness to compromise throughout that debate, including willingness to compromise on the revenue issue. Tea Party advocated within his party rejected his offer, and refused to compromise on anything proposed by the administration or the Speaker of the House.
    Considering that more than half of the states in the Union are solid red states, and that their voting record at a national and state level is usually far right, there is a very good chance control of the House will remain in Republican hands for years to come.
    The problem is not Boehner, the problem is Republican ideology, obstructionism, greed, intolerance, lack of compassion and supine ignorance.

  3. atc333 says:

    The state of our current economy, jobs, and distribution of wealth in the US is the “New Normal” for the GOP. They are quite happy to keep things the way they are now, and look forward to 2016. After all, it is all about winning, not about Nation or People.

    • CPANewYork says:

      The Republican Party likes things the way they are because the low wages stimulate bigger corporate profits and thus benefit the Party’s constituency.

  4. frida says:

    Republicans are all the time asking leadership from the President. They are quite wrong. They should ask Boehner instead. The progress which the country needs or the failure depends entirely on Boehner. It is like in a very functioning Office, if the Secretary is very active and NOT the boss, everything will go smoothly and will bear very fruitful results.

    • The only reason the Republican Party is asking for leadership from the President is so they have a scapegoat if and when the far right express their hatred of anything even remotely suggesting President Obama may be right. They fear the far right more then life itself.

  5. Mem says:

    Boehner has a very tough job. I do believe he is trying to wrestle his party from the tea party radicals, who are trying to take over. While I do believe the tea party has weakened a little, in the national election: it seems to be as strong as ever in the local elections. When one sees the calibre of elected tea party candidates in Congress, it makes me ask, what were the people who elected them, thinking? These radicals are numerous enough to make it very hard for more moderate Republicans to pass any kind of reasonable law.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Boehner isn’t the biggest problem. They keep him on as all Republicans do as a figurehead they need to be their “face.” As such, Boehner is totally debilitated and he knows it. The real jerks of the GOP are Ryan, Cantor, Issa, McConnell and Cornyn. These good ole bois think they own the US Treasury and will direct the course of 325+ million American lives simply by dictating where OUR tax dollars will be spent.

    But, if you take the time and trouble to study 2012 and where the GOP allowed spending, it was to the same states…Ryan’s, Cantor’s, Issa’s, McConnell’s and especially Cornyn’s. Funneling money to their states is causing a huge drain on all of the other states. But these good ole bois don’t care. They are power mad and determined to continue their fearmongering all while they spend on their states, most of which is more pork than a herd of pigs can provide.

    A perfect example is how they made certain Big Oil got its $12 billion last year and how Cornyn’s Texas got billions for those idiot hurricane domes all while the victims of Hurricane Sandy are still homeless. Now that there are wildfires again, caused largely by spewing tons of petrochemicals into the airstreams in huge volumes, these jerks will be the first to make certain their states get FEMA funding in days…not 2 months after a disaster.

    Once you see the picture of what these Republicans are doing you see how people living in other states are being used like workhorses to provide federal tax dollars to these porker states that live off federal taxes.

    • latebloomingrandma says:

      I am halfway through reading “The New, New Deal” by Michael Grunwald, an investigative journalist. It is about the financial collapse and the Recovery Act. I knew politics was a dirty business, but these games played by the Republican Party, to me, seemed almost treasonous. But, it turns out, that the Recovery Act was a good thing, saved our butts from the repeat of the 1930’s, and there are great things going on regarding green energy, and a lot of advanced research in the Dept. of Energy. After reading some of these things I heaved another sigh of relief that Romney didn’t win and cancel it all. If you like politics, this is a great read, and not too dificult to follow.

  7. michael_rocharde says:

    Boehner is an ineffectual leader of the House because he will not take a firm stand against the extremists for fear or alienating the Conservative base who are not interested in any ‘sensible’ measures to help improve the economy or the lot of the people.

  8. gargray says:

    Boehner has a job to do if he can’t do the job step down.

  9. ococoob says:

    The TeaTard Party is the new Nazism! See ya in 2014!

    • What’s unfortunate is that the Tea Party leadership has hoodwinked many of those who support the party; resulting in a large number of Tea Party zealots not fully realizing just how far out of step they are with the rest of America.

  10. Jim Myers says:

    The Turd Party still wants to cause as much destruction as possible. That’s Boehner’s problem, not the problem of the Democrats.

    Sure, the Democrats suffer because of the Turd Party, but so do the Republicans.

  11. jstsyn says:

    “The pressure is squarely on Boehner in the upcoming debt ceiling battle, but given his unpopularity among every demographic, the question is, which path will he take?” I’m afraid we can guess the answer to that one.

  12. S-3 says:

    And people are slowly waking up… That’s all that matters to me, though it ain’t much.

  13. howa4x says:

    The ultra right wing dosen’t understand global economics and the position of the united states in that. If we default it will send an economic tsunami around the world causing intrest rates to rise for every american, and punch a hole in the recovery, causing us to sink back into recession. Lets not forget it was republican policies that caused the deficit to begin with. Obama inherited all the debt accelerators, like the 2 wars, the unfunded drug program for seniors, and the tax cut for the wealthy. Raising the debt ceiling is really paying off Republican bills. They would rather do this than getting the IRS to go after offshore accounts bringing a trillion into the treasury, stopping tax subsides to the oil companies, Agra business , and cutting back on a military that spends more than every country in the world combined on what ifs, with no real enemy. Obama has shown that the war on terror can be waged in a cost effect manner with drones and special forces. Savings will accumulate with the end of the war in Iraq, and letting the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy expire. This is all too much for the right wing to comprehend. They are stuck on ideology and have blinders on. Boehner is to blame sice he knows better but is afraid of the right wing. If he sits over the top of the default his party will be driven from office, and out of Washington

  14. Jim Lou says:

    Boehner is in a tight spot. He wants to keep his job but doesn’t want to take the blame for any economic disruptions.

    He brought it on himself.

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