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Monday, October 24, 2016

Man With A Plan: Obama Pushes Second Term Agenda [Video]

As the campaign hits its final stretch, President Barack Obama has begun aggressively promoting his agenda for the next four years.

The plan, titled “Blueprint for America’s Future,” is a 20 page booklet highlighting President Obama’s plans to encourage American energy production, improve education, continue to strengthen health care, and preserving the social safety net (among other proposals.) Politico reports that the Obama campaign says 3.5 million copies of the booklet are being printed, with 1.5 million copies being sent to field offices.

The Obama campaign may have decided to release a detailed compilation of the president’s second-term plans to rebut the constant Republican criticism that Obama has failed to lay out clear proposals for the next four years. Although the talking point is not true — Obama has actually been rather straightforward about his agenda — it nevertheless seemed to be gaining traction, giving the campaign reason to push back.

In addition to the booklet, the Obama campaign also released a new television ad this morning in which Obama briefly recaps the accomplishments of his first term, and then highlights the topics covered in the “Blueprint for America’s Future.”

“There’s just no quit in America and you’re seeing that right now,” Obama says directly into the camera. Soon after, he lays out his blueprint: “Making education and training a national priority; building on our manufacturing boom; boosting American-made energy; reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where we can, and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. And ending the war in Afghanistan, so we can do some nation-building here at home. That’s the right path.”

President Obama also pushed the Blueprint for America’s Future at a campaign rally in Delray Beach, Florida.

“I’ve laid out a plan for jobs and middle-class security. And unlike Mitt Romney, I’m actually proud to talk about what’s in it — because my plan actually will move America forward,” Obama said. “And by the way, the math in my plan adds up,” the president added in a shot at Mitt Romney’s flawed jobs plan.

For its part, the Romney campaign responded to Obama’s second term plan by calling it a “glossy panic button.

The Blueprint for America’s Future is available in its entirety online, via Politico:
Cover and “Economy”
“Manufacturing” and “Energy”
“Small Businesses” and “Education”
“Tax Plan” and “Health Care”
“Retirement” and “Moving America Forward”

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  • daniel bostdorf

    Obama needs a second term. We MUST NOTE vote for the neo-fascists Romney/Ryan/Rove and their billionaire friends.

    Here are the defining issues that only Obama can handle. We don’t need a “CFO President….” We need a president like Obama that understands the whole picture.

    U.S. troops are still in Afghanistan, 11 years after they invaded. Why? The answer boils down to one word: al-Qaida. The goal is to damage the terrorist group enough to prevent a repeat of the 9/11 attacks.
    After nearly tripling the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan in 2009-10, Obama is pulling them out, aiming to end all U.S. combat there by December 2014. He says Afghans are now “perfectly capable” of defending themselves. Romney now endorses ending combat in 2014, saying flatly “we’re going to be finished” then.
    Only small numbers of al-Qaida fighters are still in Afghanistan.

    Syria’s conflict is the most violent to emerge from last year’s Arab Spring. The fighting has escalated into a civil war that has killed more than 33,000 people in the last 20 months, according to activists.
    Obama wants Syrian President Bashar Assad to leave power. But he won’t use U.S. military force to make that happen.
    Romney says “more assertive” U.S. tactics are needed. Yet in the final presidential debate, he ruled out U.S. military involvement for now.
    The future of Arab democracy could be at stake. After dictatorships fell elsewhere, critics say Assad’s government has resorted to torture and mass killings to retain power.
    Assad has long helped Iran aid Hamas and Hezbollah, destabilizing Lebanon while threatening Israel’s security and U.S. interests in the Middle East.
    But extremists among the opposition, Assad’s weapons of mass destruction and worries about Israel’s border security have policymakers wary about deeper involvement.

    An estimated 11.5 million illegal immigrants are living and often working in the United States. Figuring out what to do with them has confounded Washington for years.
    Lax enforcement could mean more illegal immigrants competing with citizens and legal immigrants for jobs and some social services. A too-tight policy could mean farmers and others in industries that rely on the cheaper labor of illegal immigrants are left begging for workers, passing higher costs on to everyone else or going out of business.
    Obama backed the DREAM Act, a failed bill that would have provided a path to legal status for many young illegal immigrants. In June, Obama decided to allow as many as 1.7 million of them to stay for up to two years. Romney has said he would veto the DREAM Act.

    The U.S. accuses China of flouting trade rules and undervaluing its currency to helps its exporters, hurting American competitors and jobs. But imposing tariffs could set off a trade war and drive up prices for American consumers.
    Tensions now have spread to the automotive sector: The U.S. is seeking international rulings against Chinese subsidies for its auto and auto-parts exports and against Chinese duties on U.S. autos.
    Cheap Chinese goods have benefited American consumers and restrained inflation. But those imports have hurt American manufacturers. And many U.S. companies outsource production to China. One study estimated that between 2001 and 2010, 2.8 million U.S. jobs were lost or displaced to China.

    Anyone remember Bain Capital?

    Terrorism is not a top concern for voters this election, polls say. That will change if terrorists pull off anything on a large scale or if overseas attacks like the one in Libya keep happening.
    Osama bin Laden is dead and there hasn’t been a successful attack by al-Qaida-inspired extremists on U.S. soil since the deadly shooting rampage in Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009. But terrorism remains a reality, as seen in the Libyan attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. The assault injected the issue of diplomatic security into the presidential campaign and renewed questions about the quality of U.S. intelligence.
    Also a reality: the huge expense of homeland security more than a decade after 9/11, the cost to privacy from surveillance in the U.S. and the toll in innocent lives from U.S. drone attacks that have killed known and suspected terrorists abroad.

    Wall Street regulation:
    The debate over banking rules is, at its core, a dispute about how to prevent another economic cataclysm.
    The financial crisis that peaked in 2008 touched off a global economic slowdown. Four years later, the recovery remains painfully slow.
    After the crisis, Congress passed a sprawling overhaul of banking rules and oversight. The law gives regulators new tools to shutter banks without resorting to emergency bailouts. It restricts risky lending and establishes a new agency to protect consumers from misleading marketing and other traps.
    The new rules also boost companies’ costs, according to Romney and many in the business community. Romney believes the law is prolonging the nation’s economic agony by making it harder for companies to invest and grow. He has pledged to repeal it. Obama fought for and supports the law.

    Abortion and birth control are divisive issues in politics, and they’ve flared up at times in this campaign despite the candidates’ reluctance to dwell on them.
    President Barack Obama supports abortion rights. And his health care law requires contraceptives to be available for free for women in workplace health plans.
    Republican Mitt Romney opposes abortion rights, though he previously supported them. He says the Supreme Court ruling establishing abortion rights should be reversed, allowing states to ban abortion. He’s also criticized mandatory coverage for contraception as a threat to religious liberty.
    Romney’s ability as president to enact federal abortion restrictions would be limited unless Republicans gained firm control of Congress. But the next president could have great influence over abortion policy if vacancies arise on the Supreme Court. If two seats held by liberal justices were filled by Romney-nominated conservatives, prospects for a reversal of Roe v. Wade would increase.

    Auto bailout:
    There’s little doubt the government bailout of General Motors and Chrysler kept the automakers afloat and saved huge numbers of jobs. But there’s also little chance the government will get all its money back.
    Taxpayers are out about $1 billion on the Chrysler rescue. GM stock is selling for less than half the price needed for the government to recover all of its nearly $50 billion investment in that company.
    Obama carried forward a bailout begun by his predecessor. Romney opposed it. He said the companies should have gone through a private restructuring, with certain government guarantees after they reorganized.
    Three years later, both companies are profitable. Chrysler has added almost 12,000 workers; GM, about 2,000. It’s been estimated that 1 million jobs have been saved at automakers, parts companies and related businesses.

    Almost every U.S. taxpayer faces a significant tax increase next year, unless Congress and the White House agree on a plan to extend a huge collection of tax cuts expiring at the end of the year.
    And there’s a huge debate over how to overhaul the tax code to make it simpler, with lower rates balanced by fewer deductions.
    Obama wants to extend Bush-era tax cuts again, but only for individuals making less than $200,000 and married couples making less than $250,000.
    Romney wants to extend all those tax cuts and enact new ones, dropping all income tax rates by 20 percent. Romney says he would pay for that by eliminating or reducing tax credits, deductions and exemptions. But he won’t say which ones would go.

    Social Security:
    Unless the REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED Congress acts, the trust funds that support Social Security are on pace to run out of money in 2033, triggering an automatic 25 percent cut in benefits that millions of older Americans rely on for most of their income.
    That may seem far off. But the sooner Congress acts, the more time to phase in changes slowly.
    Social Security could be preserved for generations with modest but politically difficult changes to benefits or taxes, or some of both.
    For millions of retired and disabled workers, Social Security is almost all they have to live on. Monthly retirement benefits are $1,237; average disability benefits, $1,111.

    Civil rights:
    What, exactly, is discrimination and what should be done to fight it? This election offers choices on the answer.
    In areas such as mortgages, voter identification and immigration enforcement, the presidential candidates differ over how to use laws that guarantee equality and how far the Justice Department’s civil rights division should go to ensure all Americans are treated fairly.
    The election also will shape the Justice Department’s actions in continuing court cases that challenge voter ID laws passed in some Republican-led states. Opponents contend such laws unfairly discourage minority voting.
    Under Obama, the government has aggressively prosecuted cases where statistics show that blacks and Hispanics are hit harder than whites. Under recent Republican presidents, the Justice Department has limited its enforcement to cases with evidence of intentional discrimination – not where statistics show that minorities were broadly disadvantaged by a particular practice.

    Climate change:
    This year America’s weather has been hotter and more extreme than ever before, records show.
    In the U.S. July was the hottest month ever recorded, and this year is on track to be the warmest. Scientists say that’s both from natural drought and man-made global warming. Each decade since the 1970s has been nearly one-third of a degree warmer than the previous one.
    Sea levels are rising while glaciers and summer Arctic sea ice are shrinking. Plants are blooming earlier. Some species could die because of global warming.
    Obama proposed a bill to cap power plant carbon dioxide emissions, but it died in a REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED Congress. Still, he’s doubling auto mileage standards and put billions into cleaner energy. Romney now questions the science of man-made global warming and says some actions to curb emissions could hurt an already struggling economy.

    A sea of red ink is confronting the nation and presidents to come.
    The budget deficit – the shortfall created when the government spends more in a given year than it collects – has topped $1 trillion for a fourth straight year. The government borrows about 31 cents for every dollar it spends.
    The national debt is the total amount the federal government owes. It’s risen to a shade over $16 trillion.
    Obama has proposed bringing deficits down by slowing spending gradually, to avoid suddenly tipping the economy back into recession. He’d raise taxes on households earning more than $250,000 and impose a surcharge of 30 percent on those making more than $1 million. Romney would lower deficits mostly through deep spending cuts. But many of the cuts he’s pushing would be partially negated by his proposals to lower top tax rates on corporations and individuals.

    Defense spending:
    At its core, the debate over how much the U.S. spends on defense gets down to this: What is it that America should be defending against?
    There are plenty of potential security threats on the horizon, not to mention an unfinished war in Afghanistan.
    The size and shape of the defense budget go a long way toward determining whether the U.S. can influence events abroad, prevent new wars and be ready for those it can’t avoid. It also fuels the domestic defense industry in ways that affect the vitality of communities large and small across the country.
    Obama wants more restraint in military spending while Romney favors expansion. Obama also wants more focus on Asia-Pacific security, reflecting China’s military modernization. But that and other elements of military strategy could come apart if Washington doesn’t find a way to avoid REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED automatic budget cuts starting in January.

    The job market is brutal and the economy weak. More than 12 million Americans can’t find work; the unemployment rate fell in September but is still at a recession-level 7.8 percent. It had been more than 8 percent for 43 straight months. A divided Washington has done little to ease the misery.
    The economy didn’t take off when the recession ended in June 2009. Growth has never been slower in the three years after a downturn. The human toll is staggering. Forty percent of the jobless, 4.8 million people, have been out of work six months or more – a “national crisis,” according to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Wages aren’t keeping up with inflation.
    Obama wants to create jobs by keeping taxes low for everybody but the wealthiest and with public-works spending, clean energy projects and targeted tax breaks to businesses. Romney proposes further cuts in tax rates for all income levels; he’d also slash corporate rates, reduce regulations and encourage oil production.


    Education ranks second only to the economy in issues important to Americans. Yet the U.S. lags globally in educating its children. And higher education costs are leaving students saddled with debt or unable to afford college at all.
    State budget cuts have meant teacher layoffs and larger class sizes. Colleges have had to make do with less. It all trickles down to the kids in the classroom.
    Although Washington contributes a small fraction of education money, it influences teacher quality, accessibility and more. For example, to be freed from provisions of the No Child Left Behind law, states had to develop federally approved reforms.
    Romney wants more state and local control over education. But he supports some of Obama’s proposals, notably charter schools and teacher evaluations.

    American energy is booming and that’s got consequences for the economy and the environment.
    Obama embraces both traditional and renewable energy sources. He’s spent billions on “green energy” and backs a tax credit for the wind industry that Romney opposes. Romney pledges to make the U.S. independent of energy sources outside of North America by 2020, through more aggressive exploitation of domestic oil, natural gas, coal and more, and approval of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada.
    U.S. dependence on imported oil has declined because of the economic downturn, improved efficiency and changes in consumer behavior. Production of all types of energy has increased, spurred by improved drilling techniques and discoveries of vast oil supplies in North Dakota and natural gas in states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and West Virginia.

    More oil has been produced under Obama.

    If Obama wins re-election, he could get a second wind on environmental regulations that were delayed in his first term.

    A Romney presidency is likely to roll back what Republicans consider excessive and expensive rules.

    Obama achieved historic increases in fuel-economy standards and imposed the first regulations on heat-trapping gases blamed for global warming. His administration tightened standards on mercury pollution from power plants and set new controls on soot.
    Romney questions the cause of climate change and he’s criticized Obama’s treatment of coal-fired power plants. He opposes treating carbon dioxide as a pollutant and wants the cost of complying with regulations given more consideration.

    Gay marriage:
    Both sides of the gay marriage debate agree on this much: The issue defines what sort of nation America will be.
    Half a dozen states and the District of Columbia have made history by legalizing it, but it’s prohibited elsewhere and 30 states have placed bans in their constitutions.
    Obama supports legal recognition of same-sex marriage, as a matter decided by states. Romney says same-sex marriage should be banned with a constitutional amendment.
    The debate divides the public down the middle, according to recent polls, and stirs up passion on both sides.
    In November, four states have gay-marriage measures on their ballots. In Minnesota, the vote is whether to ban gay marriage in the state constitution. Voters in Maine, Maryland and Washington state are voting on whether to legalize gay marriage.
    Thus far, foes of gay marriage have prevailed in all 32 states where the issue reached the ballot.

    Health care:
    America’s health care system is unsustainable. It’s not one problem, but three: cost, quality and coverage.
    The U.S. has world-class hospitals and doctors. But it spends far more than other advanced countries and people aren’t much healthier. And in an aging society, there’s no reliable system for long-term care.
    Obama’s expansion of coverage for the uninsured hits high gear in 2014. Obama keeps today’s Medicare while trying to slow costs. He also extends Medicaid.
    Romney would repeal Obama’s health care law but hasn’t spelled out what he’d do instead.
    The risk of not expanding ObamaCare: Millions continue uninsured or saddled with heavy coverage costs as the population grows older.

    Income inequality:
    The income gap between the rich and everyone else is getting larger, while middle incomes stagnate. That’s raised concerns that the middle class isn’t sharing in economic growth as it used to.
    Obama would raise taxes on households earning more than $250,000 a year, plus set a minimum tax rate of 30 percent for those earning $1 million or more. He also wants to spend more on education, “a gateway to the middle class.” Romney would cut taxes more broadly and says that will generate enough growth to raise all incomes.
    Income inequality has risen for three decades and worsened since the recession ended. The Census Bureau found the highest-earning 20 percent earned 51.1 percent of all income last year. That was the biggest share on records dating to 1967. The share earned by households in the middle 20 percent fell to 14.3 percent, a record low.

    Much of America’s infrastructure – the interstate highway system, mass transit networks and more – is well-over half a century old and in need of serious repair and modernization. System breakdowns and bottlenecks are slowing commerce, at a cost to the economy and America’s global competitiveness. The World Economic Forum put the U.S. 24th last year in the quality of its infrastructure, down from fifth in 2002.
    The dilemma facing any president is how to maintain critical public works when budgets are crippled. Both candidates say infrastructure is important. The divide is over how to pay for it, and which projects.
    Obama has favored stimulus-style spending and pushed for innovations like high-speed rail. Romney favors less federal involvement. He also shuns the idea that public-works spending is a good way to jumpstart the economy, saying decisions on projects should be based on need and potential returns.

    With the Iraq war over and Afghanistan winding down, Iran is the most likely place for a new U.S. military conflict.
    Obama says he’ll prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. He hopes sanctions alongside negotiations can get Iran to halt uranium enrichment. But the strategy hasn’t worked yet. Obama holds out the threat of military action as a last resort.
    Romney accuses Obama of being weak on Iran. He says the U.S. needs to present a greater military threat. Yet he says sanctions are working and war should only be considered when all else fails.
    Attacking Iran is no light matter. That is why neither candidate clearly calls for military action.
    Tehran can disrupt global fuel supplies, hit U.S. allies in the Gulf or support proxies such as Hezbollah in acts of terrorism. It could also draw the U.S. into an unwanted new war in the Muslim world.

    As concern intensifies over Iran’s nuclear program and the rise of Islamist governments in the Middle East, America’s top ally in the region, Israel, has become increasingly wary. Israel’s security has been a U.S. foreign policy priority of both Democratic and Republican administrations since the Jewish state was created in 1948.
    Although small, Israel has significant influence in Washington and presidents of both parties have pledged their commitment to its defense. And it’s always a potential flashpoint in a region that the U.S. depends on for oil.
    Obama has continued the strong support for Israel. Both American and Israeli officials say security cooperation is as strong as it has ever been. But the Obama administration has become embroiled in several very public spats with Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.
    Romney sharply criticizes Obama’s policy on Israel. He’s friendly with Netanyahu, visited Israel in July and vows unreserved U.S. support.

    Unions have long been viewed as a way for workers to gain job protections, boost wages and benefits and live a middle-class life. But organized labor has been in a tailspin for decades, losing millions of members and the influence it once wielded in the workplace.
    About 14.8 million Americans are members of labor unions. That’s just 11.8 percent of the workforce – down from about a third of all workers in the 1950s.
    The numbers have dropped as domestic manufacturing jobs go overseas and businesses take a tougher approach against union organizers.
    Union leaders want Washington’s help in making it easier to organize members and promote the use of union labor. They’ve had some success under Obama. But Romney says as president, he would reverse all of Obama’s union-friendly executive orders. And he’d seek national right-to-work legislation prohibiting unions from collecting dues from nonmembers.

    A more racially and ethnically diverse population is rising in the U.S. and, perhaps within three decades, whites will no longer be the majority. That means shifts in political power, the risk of intensified racial tensions and also the opportunity to forge a multiracial society unlike anything in America’s past.
    Nearly half a century after the signing of the Civil Rights Act, America elected its first black president in 2008. Obama says that milestone changed attitudes on race, but he never thought his election would bring about a post-racial America. He’s tread carefully on matters of race, in some minds too carefully.
    Romney appears to favor the melting pot ideal more than the mosaic, envisioning a future in which Americans put aside differences grounded in race and ethnicity to stand as one people. But blacks and Latinos continue to see their interests better represented by Democrats.



    High unemployment and economic weakness have fueled fears that the U.S. is losing well-paid jobs to low-cost countries such as China. The decision by high-tech firms such as Apple to manufacture in China has raised concerns that higher-skilled jobs are also being lost.
    Obama has proposed a variety of tax changes that he says will discourage outsourcing. Romney promises to make the nation more attractive for businesses to locate by cutting taxes and reducing regulations. The issue has arisen even as there are signs the outsourcing trend is slowing.
    Wages are rising in China while wages and other costs are falling in the United States. That’s eroding China’s cost advantage. Obama and Romney hope to encourage more companies to keep jobs in the U.S. But it’s unlikely that anywhere close to the 6 million manufacturing jobs lost from 2000 to 2010 will be regained.

    And the most important consideration of all….Supreme Court appointments:
    With four justices in their 70s, odds are good that whoever wins in November will fill at least one Supreme Court seat. The next justice could dramatically alter the direction of a court split between conservatives and liberals.
    One new face could mean a sea change in how millions get health care, shape gay rights and much more.
    Obama already has put his stamp on the court by selecting liberal-leaning Justices Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, 50-somethings who could serve a quarter-century or more. Romney has promised to name justices in the mold of the court’s conservatives.
    Since the New Deal, Supreme Court decisions have made huge differences in American lives, from rulings to uphold Social Security, minimum wage laws and other Depression-era reforms to ringing endorsements of equal rights. Big decisions on health care, gun rights and abortion have turned on 5-4 votes.

    • Chris Herz

      A masterful exposition of the moderate, liberal point of view. Too bad I cannot vote for any of these carefully groomed war criminals.

  • Sadly, this is the only area where President Obama is vulnerable and the reason he is lagging in some polls. While it is true that he has articulated his vision clearly and explicitly, I believe it is also true that he has not presented a plan – and how he will pay for it – in a simple, concise and clear manner. A large number of Americans plan to vote for Romney, at least in part, because he showed a plan that, although it is simplistic and nothing more than a rehash of previous and existing policies, it is nevertheless a plan; and they contrast that with what they believe is President Obama’s lack of a plan for the future.
    The President has just two weeks to turn that around, and the sooner he does it the better. His campaign must advertise a clear plan that includes both the agenda and how the President plans to implement it. The time for platitudes and feel good rhetoric is over, we either step up to the plate and hit a homerun or things are going to get rough.
    I believe President Obama still has a good chance of winning the electoral college vote and be re-elected, but we can not afford to take anything for granted and whatever shortcomings are contributing to the perceptions that are influencing the decision-making process of so many Americans must be addressed immediately, effectively and forcefully.

    • Ed

      Dominick, as a great admirer of you (and a fllow traveler) I kno you know the president needs the help of congress to accomplish his goals. And teh repubs decided the day after his election they would NOt cooperate with Oboma!

    • ObozoMustGo

      Dom.. though we are on opposite endsof the political spectrum, I commend you for your honest and objective assessment. This is not common for Obozo supporters on this site.

      Have a nice day, Dom!

      “Tell Vladimir, after my next election, I will have more flexibility.” – Barack Hussein Obozo caught on microphone promising Vladimir he will screw America after he does not have to worry about the stupid voters again.

      • foolsdance

        Really? How can you expect to be taken seriously when you call the President a stupid, childish name? Every comment section is filled with this sort of ‘red neck’ rhetoric – calling the president cutesy little names you have made up, attacking every democratic poster by assuming they have no job, live on welfare, do drugs… on and on it goes with you people.
        Romney as president frightens me, the complete lack of intelligence and decorum of his followers is an element of that fear.
        Hopefully when the election is over, your ilk will return to following alien abductions and big foot sightings.

        • ObozoMustGo

          fool… TRUTH —-> Obozo is lying to cover up the fact that he’s supplying heavy weapons to terrorist organizations in Libya and Syria. This is true and the cables to the White House, State Department, and Pentagon within minutes of the attack prove that they knew it was a terrorist attack. The next day and for a month afterwards, Obozo continued to blame that stupid 2-bit YouTube trailer as the cause of a spontaneous riot that broke out.

          What the hell is wrong with you? You must be a battered women, getting beaten up and coming back for more. Your blind support of Obozo is no different.

          Have a nice day, and count yourself amongst the oblivious!

          “The difference between being stupid and being a fool: A stupid person at least has an idea about their own inadequacies. The fool is oblivious to them, and is more inclined to believe their own fantasies and lies as truth.” – ObozoMustGo

          • foolsdance

            Thank you – you just proved my point about you and yours. Of course, must say the ‘battered woman’ attack is a new one for me. Course, it took you 30 minutes to come up with it…
            Silly little man.

          • ObozoMustGo

            fool… the battered woman analogy is one I have used for some time now. And it makes the point quite well. You are being abused and lied to by Obozo and you still support him no matter what. Like you are getting beaten and keep coming back for more. It’s a perfect analogy.

            TRUTH –> Obozo is lying to cover up the fact that he’s supplying heavy weapons to terrorist organizations in Libya and Syria. This is true and the cables to the White House, State Department, and Pentagon within minutes of the attack prove that they knew it was a terrorist attack. The next day and for a month afterwards, Obozo continued to blame that stupid 2-bit YouTube trailer as the cause of a spontaneous riot that broke out.

            Have a nice day! Enjoy the cartoon I’ve posted here.

            “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

          • foolsdance

            Certainly I understood they analogy – but it’s just more of you throwing insults and assumptions because you don’t have an intelligent argument to make your point – again, very chidish of you.
            And – I hate to break it to you – but everything you read on the internet isn’t true. Step away from the conspiracy theory websites, and interact with other humans so you can learn to be civil and erudite. Only then will anyone take you seriously.


            Do you EVER try to get educated and watch the NEWS so you know what’s going on in the world or is it
            ALWAYS ALLLLL ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • ObozoMustGo

    Henry Decker, another useful idiot at The Memo, makes attempts to distract all of you leftist freaks and fools from the real issues at hand. What is the real issue of the day? Obozo’s lies and cover up about Benghazi.

    The truth about Benghazi is coming out. Just like I said it would. The Ambassador was the point man on Obozo’s scheme to deliver weapons to the terrorist rebels (Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda) in Syria from Libya through Turkey. Obozo LIED to the world when he and his staff of fools paraded in front of TV cameras blaming the incident on a protest gone bad that was over a 2-bit YouTube trailer that no one had seen before. He perpetuated that lie so that no one would know that he was giving weapons to terrorist organizations. Russian news is now reporting that Syrian rebels (hear terrorists) are now in possession of American Stinger missiles. Those weapons were run from Libya to Turkey and then into Syria. This is what Obozo is hiding.


    It’s that simple!

    Obozo should be impeached and imprisoned for these crimes. He is a sociopathic liar and a scumbag that must be thrown out NOW!

    Have a nice day!

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

    • Bozo you say nothing but use quotes that you look up at some on-line site. Also you have this bad habit of calling people idiots – remember Bozo called Paul krugman (Nobel Prize winner) an idiot but never offers an alternate solution. Now the President Obama is a liar and scumbag. Bozo the onl scumbag I know is the one your father should have been using before you were conceived. Again you assetions that you can’t back up with any facts so I’m guessing that you are part of Romney’s campaign staff (maybe you are the punk tough guy Tagg). Bozo you are the typical ring wing coward who hides behind an alias and sound tough on-line but never face to face. Don’t have a nice day instead GFY.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Bill, the truth about Benghazi is:

        1) that Obozo was running weapons to terrorist organizations in Libya.
        2) Obozo knew the terrorist attacks on the consulate were planned
        3) Obozo knew within 2 hours of the 7 hour attack on the consulate that they were in trouble.
        4) Obozo knowingly chose to let them get attacked and went to bed without ordering in quick strike task forces to save them from being killed.



        Go back to your crack pipe, you leftist freak!

        Have a nice day!

        “Tell Vladimir, after my next election, I will have more flexibility.” – Barack Hussein Obozo caught on microphone promising Vladimir he will screw America after he does not have to worry about the stupid voters again.

        • foolsdance

          You, sir, are an embarrassment to man kind. What are you, 12?


        Heeeeeeyyyyy you IDIOT BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Did you read ANYTHING obozo wrote?????

        Maybe you should READ what he said and take it in!!!!!!!!!!!



        • foolsdance

          Quick, allllll – run to the television – there’s been a REAL big foot sighting!!!


            ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • foolsdance

            or maybe we could all be abducted by aliens, allllllll – then you you could read all about it! hahahahahahahaha!
            you people are an endless source of amusement, thanks.


            You are some kind of FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!

            open your eyes to the FACTS and stop saying
            STUPID Ridiculous things—-

            you Must be DRUNK

      • foolsdance

        It is apparent, Bill, that Bozo does not have the intellectual capacity for anything substantive, only name calling and ill conceived unsustantiated insults. I think he may be 12 year old, he certainly acts like it.

  • ralphkr

    OK, Obama’s blueprint contains everything that every “true patriotic American” is against. “True patriots” are against green energy because it is a Communist plot to destroy America. “True patriots” are against government meddling in education because pointy headed professors poke holes in the rantings of “true patriots”. “True patriots” are against government mandated health care because it is part of Satan’s agenda to destroy America’s backbone and, besides that, it might mess up their Medicare which they refuse admit as being a gummint program. “True Patriots” are against all forms of welfare and unemployment payments (unless they are out of work). And that is just a smidgen of what “true patriots” abhor. (Sometimes I wonder if I am perusing too many conservative web sites)

  • The problem with Romney’s plan is it has no depth. His 12 million jobs that he started after the following: The Congressional Budget Office predicts employment growth of 9 million jobs by 2016, but Moody’s Analytics, an economic research firm, forecasts growth of 12 million jobs. These growth forecasts are for no matter who is sitting in the White House. So is Romney’s plan to take credit for what may happen anyway?


    Henry Decker—(the national memo reporter)


    You NO GOOD PRICKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    They were talking about this LAST NIGHT on the REAL NEWS!!!!


    Obama DEFENDS Libya!!!!!

    U.S. Department of State ‘knew of attack plans up to 48 hours ahead of time but did not tell diplomats to go on lock-down,’ sources say
    Obama KNEW it was a terror attack, WENT TO SLEEP then flew to Vegas to raise money. EVIL!!!!

    We let a bunch of effete politicians and diplomats call the plays and our people get killed.

    Now the likes of Obama and Hillary Clinton and their lackeys can engage in endless rationalizations and excuse making, which accomplishes nothing and perpetuates the status quo, as they are the very people responsible for the debacle in the first place. More rhetoric while the victims of their ineptitude lie dead. SICKENING!!!!!

    Officials at the White House and State Department were advised two hours after attackers assaulted the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11 that an Islamic militant group had claimed credit for the attack, official emails show.
    Report: Emails Show White House Told of Terrorism Claim Two Hours After Benghazi Attack
    Of course that’s just the White House, so that’s a building in no way connected to barack HUSSEIN obama or Joe Biden.


    The president then went on for two weeks lying and claiming it was a video. The maker of the video sits in prison without bail.

    The brief emails also show how U.S. diplomats described the attack, EVEN AS IT WAS STILL UNDER WAY, TALKING TO WASHINGTON!!!!!!!

    Then five days later Susan Rice lied on national television, on five different programs.
    The president then again DOWN RIGHT LIED on The View, Letterman and six times at the UN.
    Administration spokesmen, including White House spokesman Jay Carney, citing an unclassified assessment prepared by the CIA, maintained for days that the attacks likely were a spontaneous protest against an anti-Muslim film.
    Seventeen days——-And most of the media was willing to let them get away with it. Think about that.

    U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the Benghazi assault, which (OUR SUPPOSIDLY) President barrack HUSSEIN obama and other U.S. officials ultimately acknowledged was a “terrorist” attack carried out by militants with suspected links to al Qaeda affiliates or sympathizers.
    The records obtained by Reuters consist of three emails dispatched by the State Department’s Operations Center to multiple government offices, including addresses at the White House, Pentagon, intelligence community and FBI, on the afternoon of September 11.
    The first email, timed at 4:05 p.m. Washington time – or 10:05 p.m. Benghazi time, 20-30 minutes after the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission allegedly began – carried the subject line “U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi Under Attack” and the notation “SBU”, meaning “Sensitive But Unclassified.”

    The text said the State Department’s regional security office had reported that the diplomatic mission in Benghazi was “under attack. Embassy in Tripoli reports approximately 20 armed people fired shots; explosions have been heard as well.”


    BTW, Obama DID build this!

    • daniel bostdorf

      Obama deserves a second term to clean up the Republican mess he inherited.
      His video states it all.

      Regarding Lybyia attacked, Hillary Climnton states it best…..that State Department emails that a group with al-Qaida links claimed responsibility for the deadly September 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya do not tell the whole story.

      Clinton told reporters that the claim of responsibility noted by department officials was posted on Facebook and “is not in and of itself evidence.”

      She cautioned against “cherry picking one story here or one document there” and said it is critical to look at the totality of information before coming to any conclusions.

      To all you fascist right wing posters: please quit “cherry picking one story here or one document there” as justifications for your propagandist lies and childish whining.

      As of today Obama has 253 electoral college votes, as Romney’s disasterous debate performance continues his slide. Obama is leading in Ohio. Romney simply can’t win.

      This information was gleaned from 12 national polls showing Obama will easily win the electoral college despite all the Rove/Koch Brothers and billionaire superpac money.

    • Kitalaq

      A great report and proof of delusional case of Romnesia…
      Thank God we are free to think and decide for THOSE OF US THAT SUPPORT OBAMACARE ourselves of what we think is best for America…
      Third Debates of Romney’s AGREEABILITY, SUPPORTING OF OBAMA’S POLITICAL PLANS FOR OUR NATION AND THE WORLD was,is and clear indication that Romney can not, will not be able to even have a chance & hope of getting any national support of the American citizens without flat out “lying about his core stances publically” to steal votes from the public that are easily fooled by his self baseless amiability. Interesting, your very welcome to respond with your delusional thinking anytime. It helps to express it so that you can become or get to the point that you get to recognize and understand(self-aware) that you got the case of Romnesia. Just to let you know, like Obama say’s… “It is covered in ObamaCare…”


  • Campaign contribute pray and vote!