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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Many Catholic Women Refuse The Notion Of Never

Many Catholic Women Refuse The Notion Of Never

Some of the strongest women I know are Catholics who disagree with their church, but refuse to give up on it.

There are the nuns, of course, including Sister Simone Campbell. I met her and her merry bus of truth tellers last year after they rolled into Cleveland during their four-day, nine-state tour to educate Americans about the real Paul Ryan plan.

The Republican congressman may have held his own in the vice presidential debate with Joe Biden, but he was no match for Campbell. Her fact-laden fight for those living in poverty left Ryan’s sham of a plan in ruins.

Many Catholic women — nuns and laywomen — are activists in their communities, which is how I’ve met so many of them over the years. Any reporter or columnist who covers vulnerable populations knows to seek out Catholic charities serving those neighborhoods. Talk to the women who keep them running and you’ll soon understand more than you even knew to ask about the people they serve and the political leaders who’ve failed them.

The Catholic women I know best are dear friends who’ve shared my politics for decades. My friends Maura and Sue come immediately to mind. Both were born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and then moved away to build grownup lives somewhere else. They never knew each other until they met several years ago through me, their non-Catholic friend in Cleveland. Within minutes, they were talking about the Catholic parish of their childhoods. Like many lifelong Protestants, I envied their immediate bond born of a shared religion.

Women such as Maura and Sue are the face of the Roman Catholic Church’s future. They bow their heads in earnest prayer, contribute time and money to their parishes, and ask themselves regularly what Jesus would do.

They also believe in empowering other women. When it comes to what is possible in the Catholic Church, they refuse to accept the notion of never.

I’ve met countless Catholic women like Maura and Sue. They reject the argument that women never will be ordained. They do not believe the only way to change the church is for women to leave it in droves. They are determined to change the church from within. They celebrate success in its smallest increments.

Such Catholic women are virtually fearless. They also are capable of healing the world.

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8 responses to “Many Catholic Women Refuse The Notion Of Never”

  1. There is nothing wrong with dreaming and hoping for fairness, but the Church of Peter and Paul is not going to change anytime soon. What will be interesting is to see if the College of Cardinals elects a non-European Pope. With Europeans increasingly moving towards agnosticism, and the Church being under attack in the USA, the obvious geographic area is Latin America. I guess we will find out soon enough…

    • JSquercia says:

      Indeed it appears as if two strong candidates are from non European counties and are black .
      God it would be wonderful if THEY elected a nun (haven’t heard any stories of them molesting children) .
      There is a story which I didn’t get to follow about a serious split in the Vatican Administration .

    • Barbara says:

      I am glad that Sister Campbell is speaking out but, I left the Catholic Church
      45 years ago and have never regretted it for a minute. Between the pedophiles
      and Magdalenes, I hope to never hear anything about this cult again.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      If they go outside Europe, Africa seems more likely: fanatic defense of the status quo and execution of homosexuals are only two of the “advantages.”

  2. Jim Myers says:

    Here in the United States, we elected a Black Man as President. There is serious talk of a Female President.

    There may be a time, hopefully soon, when a female Pope would not be considered extreme.

    After all, females make up a little more than half of the world population. It is time to hear their voice.

  3. elw says:

    I doubt that anyone will ever change the Catholic Church. In truth it really does not matter what the Church tells its member, most of them do not obey. I have known a number of Catholic women in my days and all of them used birth control, have pre-marital sex, and have gotten divorced. The Church can live in the past, its member will move on and the church will slowly but surely lose its power as their membership moves on to other religions in which they feel more comfortable.

  4. Melissa Wess says:

    Is this the reason we have a pro-choice, pro-same sex marriage president in office? Way to advance the Catholic faith, nun…

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