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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Marco Rubio: Blame President’s ‘Behavior’ If GOP Refuses To Pass Immigration Reform

According to Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), comprehensive immigration reform faces a rougher road “because of the way the president has behaved towards his opponents over the last three weeks.”

The Republican senator and oft-rumored presidential hopeful – who helped pass the latest immigration legislation through the Senate – told Fox News Sunday that “immigration reform is a lot harder to achieve today than it was just three weeks ago,” because President Obama refused to give in to the GOP’s demands that he defund or repeal the Affordable Care Act in exchange for ending the government shutdown.

“The president has undermined this effort,” Rubio said.

Rubio’s assertion rests on what he describes as Republican mistrust of the president over his handling of the government shutdown. Thus, because Obama refused to give in to an absurd demand this past month, the stubborn GOP is now more inclined to kill reform. Rubio even agreed with Republican representative Raul Labrador of Idaho that the House GOP leadership would be “crazy” to negotiate with Obama.

Rubio’s comments come just days after the president urged Congress to pass an immigration bill “by the end of this year.” Since Obama’s comments on Thursday, several GOP lawmakers have expressed their unwillingness to pass immigration reform legislation in the wake of the governing crisis.

Echoing several of his fellow party members’ doubts, Rubio suggested that the president would not enforce an immigration reform bill, even if Congress passed it.

“You have a government and a White House that has consistently decided to ignore the law or how to apply it,” Rubio said.

Still, Rubio acknowledges that “the immigration system has to be fixed.”

He added that the “House deserves the time and space to craft their own solution,” which he suggests could be better than the bill passed in the Senate.

Rubio and his party seemingly need a reminder of a lesson they just learned: No talking points can justify or obscure an obvious act of spite, and refusing to negotiate is only going to hurt the party’s already damaged reputation less than a year ahead of the midterm elections.

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29 Responses to Marco Rubio: Blame President’s ‘Behavior’ If GOP Refuses To Pass Immigration Reform

  1. Geez. This guy almost did not vote for his OWN bill. And now he’s too wishy washy to publicly throw his support behind it…because he knows full well that he can never be seen on the same side of an issue as Pres Obama. Instead of ‘pushing’ for his own bill, he would rather it fail so he can blame the Pres.

    • He made a major faux pas when he under estimated the hatred that most Tea Party demonstrate towards Latinos. The only compromise the TP will accept on this issue is mass deportation. Period. Marco blew it and he is now trying to deflect attention from what he did by blaming the President for what he embraced.

      • Ah, Dom, remember Rubio and his buddy, Cruz, are the acceptable Latinos – Cubans! They could care less about Mexicans, Guatemalans, etc., and only give lip service to those from Puerto Rico, who are already US Citizens because they are already damnably reliably Democrats.

          • Actually an, “escape,”in those days consisted of Rubio’s
            Parents buying a ticket, and hopping aboard a boat. The
            Rubios did not, as Marco claimed, “Escape from a Communist Cuba.” Bastista, and the mob was still in charge. And his parents were economic refugees. No different than the others who want to come here. The truth is Marco Rubio has never done anything exceptional in his life.

          • Mario and Oriales, Marco’s parents, left via airplane from Cuba in May of 1956. At that time Castro was still living in Mexico. Castro came back to Cuba in December of 1956 and took over in 1959. Of course Cuba was no picnic under Bastista, and was certainly no ‘Liberal’ paradise.

  2. Hey Rubio. Obama is not running for office so you withholding immigration reform will hurt the Republicans more because it was done out of spite. Something the Republicans are doing a lot of. Spiteful things.

    • Since when has a Cuban, whose fellows benefit from the open door policy we have to anyone from that country, ever cared about other immigrants other than how cheaply they can hire them.
      Yeah, I know his parents were economic immigrants when Batista was still nominally in charge of the Five Families’ Playground, and the CIA had only recently finished training Fidel Castro to slightly destabilize Batista to keep him dependent on the US. But, still, as long as Cubans have open access and automatic “legal” status as soon as their feet are above the high tide line, why should they worry about the path anyone else needs to take to get here.

    • Hate spite against our leader. Where were they on GW Bush Great Recession–Two Wars-Part D Medicare–Huge tax cut for top 10%–Lies galore by his team.
      WMD? Ha!–Doubled debt (5800B to 11,900B)? 90% increase in spending (1800B to 3500B)—
      That is goal Attack O to forget B

  3. Young Mr. Rubio protest and project too much. He, like most in his party, can’t accept responsibility for their own failures. That constaint refrain of Obama did it is very, very old and non-productive. Immigration belongs to Congress and if they can’t face up that responsibility everyone will point the finger in the correct direction.

    • They tried. The problem is the Tea Party appealed to the lowest common denominators among Republican Voters to ensure the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, drooling, grade-school-dropout conservative core had people they could identify with elected to congress.

  4. Whining babies trying to blame their manufactured Shutdown and lack of immigration reform on the President..Really! This is again about lives and they give a rumps end about people and the State of the Nation! Disgraceful little childish liars and irresponsible elected repub baggers!

  5. Yes, because blaming Obama for the shutdown did wonders for your opinion polls, didn’t it?

    This is the political equivalent of a kid throwing kicking and screaming as his parents drag him out of the toy store. Rubio knows he’s in trouble, he knows his idiocy is what got him there, and now he’s launching a Hail Mary by doing exactly what got him in trouble to begin with: Pandering to crazy and blaming Obama for the results of it.

  6. Translation: President Obama is responsible for the likely failure of immigration reform because he did not capitulate and accept the demands presented to him by the Tea Party! This is the kind of mentality that has prevailed since President Reagan declared that the government is the problem, not the solution. It also exemplifies why civil dialogue and attempts to find middle ground are just a dream. Compromise for people like Cruz, Rubio, Rand, Lee and the rest of the gang means capitulation and unequivocal acceptance of their demands.

    • Of course, what every Republican who quotes that bit of Reaganism forgets is he used the government as much as possible and grew it’s size (i.e. civil service bureaucrats) greater than any President since Franklin Roosevelt and was only outmatched by that other great paragon of fiscal conservatism – George Dubya Bush!

      • You have presented it in a Leftist dishonest fashion. The great Ronald Reagan did not want to reduce the size of government; that is a Liberal Lie.

        The venerable Ronald Reagan wanted to decrease the RATE OF GROWTH of the government! And he succeeded, despite the Liberal traitors and liars in Congress that betrayed their own promises!

    • The venerable Ronald Reagan was right, and the people of the United States of America rated him at the #1 president in our history for three years in a row!

      • Iran-Contra, the cut and run in Lebanon, funding death squads in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Colombia, demonizing the institution of government, increasing the size of our military and government while taking an anti-tax stand, increasing the debt ceiling 18 times, and other similar “achievements” are not things to be proud of.
        However, he did the right thing when he vowed to protect the safety net, he did the right thing when he championed immigration reform and gave amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants in 1986, and he was definitely an inspiring and charismatic president. The latter would make him a RINO by Tea Party standards.

        • and was a protectionist when it came to American jobs and manufacturing. A policy stance that is lost in todays parties.

      • Well, Ronald Reagan said a lot of things. He said he wanted to
        reduce the size of government, but when given the option of
        either making the recession worse by cutting government spending,
        and reducing the size of government. Reagan increased the number
        of people on the government payroll by 280,000, and spent, and
        borrowed lots of money to cut taxes, and inject money into a sluggish
        economy. Things that worked to end a recession about a fifth of the
        size of the one faced by President Obama. So, again we see the
        T-Party either ignoring history, or attempting to erase it, when it
        fails to support their ideology. Then, when it was clear receipts
        because of the overcorrection in reducing taxes, were not sufficient
        to pay the Nations bills, Reagan increased taxes, to help balance
        the books. How many of those things would the T-Party have accepted, or supported? How many would they have demagogued as not listening to the American people, to cut the spending? Or follow the Constitution? Again, a country is not run by ideology, but by dealing with the facts at hand, and doing what is necessary to
        address the problem.

  7. there is a bagger troll among us…foundingprinciples will not find succor nor satisfaction here, because this is not red state or breitbart…

    • I am not a troll. I will stand by what I write. It is easy to simply scream “troll.” One can avoid defending and explaining one’s assertions and programs. That is all it is – calling someone a troll – an intellectually lazy and dishonest way to end any disagreement.

      • No. it is the falsehoods you are espousing that is doing it…I may be wrong occasionally, but not lazy, and certainly not dishonest…I have studied what makes people lie, and how people lie…as in body language and subtle nuances in what people say…but writing on a comment is much more difficult to suss out folks eye movements and hand gestures, I fall back to what I KNOW is the truth backed up by facts, and what is being crapped out of the computer keyboard by folks who believe their own lies…

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