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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Even the Republican candidates for president — and their respective billionaire donors — aren’t too impressed with the other Republican candidates. The only one who has been scared out of running is Mitt Romney — and even he appears on Fox News all the time, begging to be lured back into the race.

For the first time in decades, there isn’t anyone resembling a clear frontrunner in a GOP presidential primary. And while several candidates are raising millions of dollars, “Undecided” leads most of the likely candidates in the polls.

It’s not hard to see what’s so unimpressive about the Republican frontrunners.

What Scott Walker lacks in economic results, he makes up in deficits and divisiveness. Ted Cruz was most popular among primary voters when he led the party to record unpopularity. Jeb Bush hasn’t won an election since his brother became widely regarded as the worst president of the last century. Rand Paul may appeal to young white conservative males but he could drive women and seniors from the party in droves. Louisiana Republicans are eager for Bobby Jindal to run, so in his absence they might have some hope of fixing their budget and jobs crisis. Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina have never won an election and it’s not hard to see why. Rick Santorum resembles a Mike Huckabee “after” picture in looks and beliefs, and the two of them could cancel each other out in Iowa, then have little chance of winning anywhere else. And Chris Christie may avoid being indicted, but the only thing he’s led New Jersey to is being the state people are leaving faster than any other.

That leaves Marco Rubio.

Once regarded as “the GOP savior,” the junior senator bet his career on his belief that Republicans would be smart enough to take immigration reform off the table for the 2016 election. He lost that bet, but he’s still the favorite of his billionaire backers and other savvy Republicans and analysts who recognize that only Bush is running a campaign that might have some appeal beyond Fox and Friends. They prefer Rubio to Bush, recognizing that the younger Bush is least popular among the diehard fans of his brother George W. Bush, while most everyone else sees his last name as shorthand for “I’m with stupid, who wrecked our economy and lost two wars.”

“Marco Rubio is the Michael Jordan of American politics,” Rubio’s pollster Whit Ayers, who surprisingly is a big Rubio fan, recently said. “Anyone underestimates his ability at their peril….He’s substantive, he’s talented and I am very confident that once the voters get the chance to see the kind of candidate he is and the kind of vision he paints for the country that they will place him in the top tier.”

Rubio won’t have to be Jordan to win the GOP primary. He’ll have to be Barack Obama.

To usurp Jeb Bush, his former mentor, he’ll have to wrest control of the party from the establishment that help elect two Bushes. And he’ll have to beat the former twice-elected governor of Florida in the Florida primary, or at least deny Governor Bush a convincing victory. That would be an impressive and highly unlikely feat — on par with what the current president pulled off in 2008, when he edged out Hillary Clinton despite the Clinton family’s enormous political capital. Though Rubio pulled off a similar fear before, when he knocked out a sitting Republican governor in a GOP primary, it’s more likely he’ll play the role of spoiler for Bush this time.

Despite his once-sane views on immigration, his pleasant demeanor, and his optimism — “There’s nothing that’s right with America that can’t be made righter by what’s right with America,” he seems to say at the beginning of each speech — his policies are atrocious. Possibly even more atrocious than those of his Republican competitors.

Here are five reasons President Marco Rubio would be horrible for America.

1. A tax cut bigger than George W. Bush’s
Rubio has managed to pull off a miracle. He came up with a massive tax-cut plan that conservatives such as Larry Kudlow don’t like. At $4 trillion, it’s larger than the Bush tax cuts and more weighted to the rich by eliminating all taxes earned from investments. But Kudlow and company don’t like that it doesn’t slash rates enough. And it would actually raise taxes on many middle-class families. When W. proposed a massive giveaway that led to the first decade without any net job creation since the Great Depression, we had a surplus. Rubio is proposing this as we still have a deficit that could grow quickly as more Baby Boomers retire.

Dynastic concentration of wealth is at near-Gilded Age peaks and could undermine the stability of our economy. But Rubio’s plan — like nearly every Republican tax plan — is a plot to make the richest, who have never been richer, even richer, while justifying cuts to the ever-shrinking services we provide to working people.

2. He’s not a scientist
The first-term senator pioneered the talking point, “I’m not a scientist” when it comes to addressing climate change. Though he lives in a state that is already threatened by the effects of global warming, he refuses to accept scientific consensus that humans help cause it. “Our climate is always changing,” he says often and despite economists, generals and insurance companies warning that unchecked carbon pollution could wreck our economy, Rubio believes the real danger is doing anything about it.

Of course, this doesn’t separate him from his Republican competitors. The only major party nominee who will accept climate science — and fight to keep President Obama’s historic efforts to tackle it — will be the Democrat.

3. Goodbye Obamacare and Medicare
The president’s signature health reform has expanded coverage to at least 11 million Americans while predictions of health spending for the next 5 years are now $2.4 trillion lower than economists estimated before Obamacare became law. Rubio wants to erase that coverage and risk those savings by adopting a “plan” that would eliminate most of the help the ACA gives to working families. It would also change the ban on discriminating against pre-existing conditions into high-risk pools, an unserious policy that was included in the Obamacare ramp-up and failed.

Like fellow Obamacare hater Paul Ryan, he would turn Medicare into a premium-support system that resembles today’s Obamacare, leaving seniors with greater health needs to the whims of the insurance market. Rubio suffers from the same unwillingness to accept that Obamacare is working as all his fellow Republicans. But if he really believed that, why would he punish seniors by putting them on it?

4. Same-sex marriage
Marco Rubio is very mad at those in the LGBTQ community for trying to pursue their right to marry by using the courts. He doesn’t believe in a constitutional right to same-sex marriage and wants Florida to keep fighting to keep its ban.

“Sen. Rubio seems indifferent to why we have a Constitution and why we have courts, or else he wouldn’t be condemning the courts for upholding constitutional guarantees of equal protection and the freedom to marry,” Evan Wolfson, president of Freedom to Marry, said. “Over 60 courts now, state and federal, with judges appointed by Republican as well as Democratic governors and presidents alike, have found that discriminatory restrictions on the freedom to marry (some enacted by legislatures, some by ballot-measure attacks) violate our Constitution.”

Bans on interracial marriage were eventually ended by the Supreme Court. Does Rubio think we should have waited for all 50 states to have figured that one out?

5. The end of reproductive rights
Senator Rubio has been very clear that he would only nominate Supreme Court Justices who do not support Roe v. Wade‘s guarantee of reproductive rights based on “a right to privacy.” He cited Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s acceptance of that right as a reason why he opposed her nomination.

During the next president’s first term, four Justices will not only near or pass the recent average retirement age for the position, but all four will exceed or be on the verge of exceeding the average life expectancy for their genders. If Rubio wins and any three of these four aging Justices who support Roe — Anthony Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer — leaves the court, that would be end of a constitutional right to control your own pregnancy.

If President Rubio were able to replace all of the court’s octogenarians, that would be the beginning of a conservative majority that could last until the middle of this century.

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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  • Dominick Vila

    Sen. Marco Rubio is an intelligent, articulate, well educated, and likable candidate, but his chances of winning the GOP nomination, let alone the 2016 election, are slim to none. As damaging to the nomination as his endorsement of immigration law reform is, what is going to scare the daylights of most Americans is his reckless tax cut proposal, his focus on helping the elite accumulate more wealth, and his proposal to privatize the social programs that millions of seniors depend on to survive.
    The only thing his candidacy may accomplish is to take enough votes away from Jeb Bush to hand the GOP nomination to either Scott Walker or Rand Paul.

    • charleo1

      Right Dom. Rubio is a handsome, articulate, if rather shallow fellow. But he’s probably counting on his willingness to stand for reckless tax cuts, and the privatization of Medicare. Together with his own strong personal belief in his Party’s single minded determination to dismantle the social safety net. As proof he could be, “their guy.” “Bold, and courageous.” in pursuing those goals. That’s how the Right described Paul Ryan’s budget, or Gov. Walker, in his success in Wisconsin to deny collective bargaining rights to most of that State’s public servants. But as you say, and the article mentions, he’s got his fundamental flaws. There is immigration, for which the base will never forgive. Then there’s the reckless tax cuts not being quite reckless enough to reflect the desires of the 350 or so uber wealthy ideologues, that now finance 90% of the Republican Party’s election efforts. Being merely reckless, just doesn’t get one very far in today’s GOP.

    • adler56

      I’m guessing your intelligent, articulate views stem from your last name- you left out extremely thirsty under pressure. If he can give the nomination to Walker- a sure win for any Democrat- I hope you’re right. Walker is a college dropout and other than being a toady for the Kochs, he has no usefulness to the Republican party or the people of America.

  • Paul Bass

    The average GOP/TP primary voter wouldn’t even accept Romney, and you think Rubio has a chance with this bigoted right wing wacko group?

  • adler56

    Rubio is like many of the 70’s and 80’s Cubans who came here and freeloaded or managed to bring their wealth with them and became Republicans even though most Cubans in Miami live in their own ghetto. They claim to want to return “home” when the Castros are gone but the old song- paraphrased here- “how you going to keep them on the farm once they’ve been to the big city” applies to all of them. Hanging around coffee shops most of the morning- talking loudly with hand and arm gestures dangerous to those nearby can’t be what they want to go back to. Claiming to be Republicans makes them hypocrites since most of them were raised Catholic. A Republican world view and a Catholic world view can’t be held in the same mind. Either you care about your fellow man
    or you’re a Republican.

  • Carolyn1520

    This one isn’t getting past women.

    • Kim Serrahn

      I’d bet you that there are A LOT of women out there that would vote for him on looks alone.

      • Carolyn1520

        I agree. Probably the same women who would have voted for Sarah Palin and ran out and bought hair bump its so they could look like her.
        Fortunately they are still in the minority.

        • Jane Caspar

          I know a woman who voted for Bush “because he is cuter than the other one”!

  • Just an FYI. Tax cuts work. If you haven’t noticed that, you haven’t been paying attention. I live in Florida, we’ve had a lot of rain so no global warming. If you’re confusing climate change, which of course exists, with the planet dying, then you need to go back and research life in general.

    Obamacare has been a disaster, no matter how many times they break the law to try and make the law work. What right do people have to other peoples money? They don’t. It’s stealing, whether the thug on the street does it or the gov. steals it. Theft is theft. You can’t justify taking money from someone and giving it to your voter base. That’s just wrong on so many levels.

    Same-sex marriage…have you read the constitution? We have 50 republican states. Read the constitution. The states are supposed to make up their own laws. If you want a gay state, go live there.

    Ending reproductive rights…what are you talking about. Obamacare puts the government in your Doctor’s office. What rights are you going to have when the government is able to decide what treatment you get? There’s a difference between killing an unborn baby, and in some cases, a failed aborted baby, and your rights to medical treatment. You can decide whatever you want to do with your body. When there’s another life involved, at what point do you feel the constitution protects that other life? That’s what the issue is about. Nobody is trying to stop you from making bad choices in life. We will let you. But you don’t have the right to kill another citizen of the Union.

    • edwardw69

      Bilge water.

    • jmprint

      Michael Barton here’s to you:

      Have you been keeping up with the disaster the tax cuts have created in Kansas. FYI they DON’T WORK.

      ACA is not a disaster, it’s not perfect, but it’s good start, and has helped millions.

      Same-sex marriage, it’s an individual’s right to love whom they please, and no other person has the right to dictate where they need or want to live. remember this is a free America.

      You are not a women, I can see from your photo, so women’s reproductive rights are non of your concern. A fetus is terminated, a baby can only be killed if it is born, most abortions are done when the fetus is not completely formed and CANNOT survive outside a womb. The womb belongs to a women, it therefor is her decision. How can a fetus be a citizen? you are just repeating man’s word, and clueless.

      • janis mcdonald

        I agree jmprint! Re abortion, I suspect the only reason fetuses conceived in rape or incest are always considered to be legally “abortable” is because even the most pro-life types understand how despicable it would be to force a woman to carry to term babies conceived under these abhorrent circumstances. But the question remains — why don’t these particular pre-humans not have a right-to-life? It’s either murder or it isn’t.

        • Typical liberals, farting and then enjoying the smell. You’re talking about rare instances, and the justification is the well-being of the mother’s mental state.

          • janis mcdonald

            I suspect the mother’s mental state is ALWAYS an issue when considering abortion. Why would it be up to a bunch of strangers to assess whether or not that mental state is deemed acceptable or justifiable? And are you suggesting that a baby murder only in “rare instances” is OK?

          • It’s not up to a bunch of strangers. If you are calling your doctor a stranger, then maybe you should find a new doctor. Like I said, in rare instances, it may be allowed to kill the baby. The mother and father have to live with that decision.

            It always seems to come to this. Liberals thinking they’re on the moral high ground when they’re the ones out there killing babies.

          • janis mcdonald

            Well, as long as the ideal would be only killing a baby now and then ….. I’m sorry, what was that about taking the moral high ground?

          • It’s hard to explain. It’s how liberals act when they get all excited about killing babies.

          • @HawaiianTater

            Christians get all upset about abortions and use sensationalist terms like “killing babies” but their own mythical god certainly has no problem killing babies; just ask the Egyptians. Oh and these were living, breathing human beings who were already born. Yeah, the god of the bible was a dick like that.

          • angelsinca

            You can’t claim God is mythical, and still blame Him for the evil in the world.

          • @HawaiianTater

            You’re right. It’s a good thing I wasn’t doing that then. The stories about the mythological old testament god are the stories of a deity who was a dick and had no problem killing babies. I was talking about the myth, not saying any gods exist. So while I can’t blame something that doesn’t exist for the evil in the world, I CAN blame people’s belief in gods for much of the evil in the world. People have been fighting and killing each other for the entire history of mankind because they can’t agree on which one of their myths is the one true myth. It’s sad but thanks to science and continued learning of reality, more and more people are coming to realize how ridiculous religion is. We’ll all be better off when religion is left in the past where it belongs.

          • angelsinca

            Witness the abandonment of religion. It’s all around you. Things don’t look any better without religion. They look worse. Much worse. Tribal urges with no accountability should be left in the distant past.

          • @HawaiianTater

            First of all, religion still holds the majority, so while people are abandoning religion in droves, we haven’t arrived at a place yet where religious beliefs aren’t causing a world full of problems. Secondly, the reason things are looking much worse now is because the hardcore religious nuts are seeing their religions dying and are trying to clamp down even harder on society to continue forcing their special brand of crazy on everyone. The biggest jerks are the loudest. That’s why things look so bad now. It’s a “night is darkest before the dawn” situation.

            Marriage equality is a good example of this. Gay people have slowly been gaining in acceptance and equality for a long time. Now that the Supreme Court is on the verge of ruling nationwide marriage equality, the religious right is doing everything they can to continue to try to outlaw it. The good thing is, not only will they not succeed, not even the majority of the USA still agrees with them. This is a battle that sane people have already won. All these so called religious freedom laws and gay marriage bans in certain states are nothing more than a desperate last gasp. You better get used to it because equality will always win out in the long run, no matter how badly the bigots try to fight against it. It happened with black rights and it happened with women rights and now it’s happening with gay rights.

            What theists can’t seem to understand is that the harder you try to oppress and keep society stuck in the past, the faster people get fed up with this crap and leave religion. Sanity is winning. Change is coming. You can either accept that or you can continue to fight a losing battle.

          • jmprint

            God has no blame, but false religion does. Religion is the richest cult, with all the money they bring in, you would think they would be able to fix some of the ailments of this world, but instead they build multi-million dollar complexes, they drive $80,000 vehicles and wear $60,000 rings. Greed! And then they want to convert people to zombie to think, talk, walk like they do in pretense. I am speaking of the false region only, please do not confuse with true Christians. All you have to do is follow the money, to see the GREED. The followers of the republicans. The ones that cry about our taxes helping the poor and middle class to rise.

          • angelsinca

            My Pastor drives a Corolla.

          • jmprint

            Does the word false mean anything to you, your Pastor very well could be an honest man. I am speaking of false religion that rely heavily on greed and money.

          • angelsinca

            That’s the problem. Your kind tends to condemn the actions of an entire aggregate (in this case, religion) based the looney actions of a few. Just as in the tens of thousands of hours of news programming on FoxNews, a few of you might have heard about several instances of inaccuracy. So, your linear little minds condemn the entire network AND all of its viewers. So bigoted, so divisive, so ignorant.

          • jmprint

            I am NOT grouping all religion, just the false, follow the money and you will learn.

          • jmprint

            There’s no excitement. You brought it up, you got others opinion. Women don’t like having abortions, there is a lot of pain and anguish that goes into this decision. Women’s rights are just that, men want to abolish a law that was passed to help women, and all for political stance. You republicans do this because this is the topic of your conversation at the time, have you seen the amount of legislation on this topic, unreal. Abortion has been legal for how many years? But 2014-15 is the year to abolish it because the t-party needs the church goers vote.

          • SusieQ666

            The Roe v. Wade decision was handed down over 40 years ago. An entire generation of young women were able (providing they didn’t live in a state with flaming hoops to jump through to secure even an 8-week termination–the “vacuuming of a microscopic cluster of cells” from the uterus in a procedure akin to a D & C, standard after a miscarriage. I was in college pre-Roe, and the nation almost lost a future physician because she had a “conctraception failure”, when she took antibiotics, which she wasn’t informed by the prescribing doctor could negate the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. Back then, at a major university in a Red State, we had to take up a collection in our dorm to raise money for her to get an abortion. It was literally a back-alley butcher job, in the next state over. Our friend almost bled to death on the backseat of another woman’s car, and when we returned to campus, it took a large team of ER physicians and nurses to stop the bleeding and bring her back from shock.

            Whenever I hear someone bring up the topic of turning back the clock on Roe, I think of this most horrific of experiences, and wonder “how many young women are they willing to sacrifice on the altar of self-righteousness” to win a few votes? How many?

            This isn’t the world of the 1950s anymore. Women are not only persuing careers, but let’s face it, two incomes are needed to even think of living “the American dream”. Too many young people as it is are unable to save enough money (after living expenses) to come up with a down-payment on a home now. It’s become a fact of life in America: Student debt in the stratosphere, taking years to pay off; living costs and wages and salaries that are so far apart that young couples can barely think of affording marriage, much less saving for a home and starting a family.

            Why do so many Republicans have complete disdain for one of the greatest members of their party? (I’m leaving out Lincoln, as he was a Republican at the very beginnings of the party, which was not analogous to today’s party.) I’m speaking, of course, of Theodore Roosevelt, who absolutely cared about the American economy during the “Gilded Age” and age of the “Robber Barons”, but also cared about the welfare of the citizenry as a whole—not just in the sense that they were simply “laborers” that help made the wealthy even more so. T.R. saw the disparity of income and standard of living among the various classes of the American populaion, and knew that something had to be done to prevent the economy from turning into…well, a “corporatist” economy as we have today. Now Theodore Roosevelt was a genuine Republican and yet he managed to be true to his beliefs without leaving the rest of America “in the dust.”

            jmprint, I know that Michael Barton will either not read this (from the sophomoric comments he’s made to previous comments I made, while stating as much) or will come after me with his usual name-calling, but I tend to think I’m just a tad more qualified than he to make blanket statements about things like the ACA (Obamacare) or comparisons to European systems of healthcare delivery (I lived as an American Expat and know of what I speak), and all the other “talking points” tripe he spews over and over ad nauseam. I’m getting tired of his continued name-calling directly from the right-wing demagoguery playbook. I do this in my spare time to “vent” and to keep my economics background and work in “the dismal science” (which I find exciting and anything but dismal). Sadly, I think that Michael Barton may have nothing better to do than to get into imaginary sparring matches with strangers. (I think he needs to get a real life.) I somehow think you know what I mean.

            It’s a very late hour here in SoCal, and that brings to mind another comment he made. It involves the drought here in California. He seems to think nothing of pointing out that there are cycles of drought and rain in this state, but his example of Lake Tahoe in the northern high Sierra, is a poor one. That area of the state, admittedly, has gone through cyclical periods of heavy rains and less precipitation, but the fact that the giant redwoods and sequoias have survived for centuries tells one that there was a time when there was plenty of water in the Northern reaches of the state. The danger is the fact that the southern part of the state was originally desert, until people moved west and started planting and settling the area. I can even remember that during my lifetime, as a young child, it never felt humid at all during the summer months. But over the years, as more people came and settled, and more development took place, there was more demand for water, more use of water, which in turn evaporated into the air (and granted, this is extremely simplistic) and gathered to form clouds, and emitting more moisture into the air (in the form of humidity), thus changing, even though somewhat subtly, the “moisture content” and local weather in SoCal. But as urban sprawl continued unabated out from LA metro area, there was a greater demand for water and other resources. All these things ignored the cyclical nature of the weather here. We are in an extremely serious drought situation, which affects so many aspects of life here, including things we take for granted, such as firefighting in the forests and other areas vulnerable to fires. The dry air has given rise to much greater amount of dry brush and foliage, and even dry lighting that can set off a fire with a single strike. Normally, firefighters use “super scoopers” that are planes that scoop up water from the ocean or other water sources around the state, to be dropped on fires burning out of control. Well now, we’re more vulnerable than ever, while concurrently having a shortage of water to fight such fires. And those fires don’d discriminate who is affected. They can affect poor, destitute areas just as easily as the large estates owned by wealthy families and “celebrities” in areas difficult to reach via ground.

            I don’t know what it will take to get those who will not, cannot, or who are just too lazy to “do their homework” to educate themselves, so as to make intelligent decisions for themselves rather than just buy into some sound bites, hook line and sinker. If people take the bait so easily to buy into some nonsense spewed from the mouths of a Rand Paul, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, or other ersatz “libertarian”. I just hope they realize that those people have one goal in mind and that is to do the bidding of their “benefactors” (who are not “benevolent donors”) and make naïve individuals “vote against their own best interests”. That sums it all up.

          • jmprint

            Totally enjoyed your response, I will also continue to fight, as I am fed-up with these pretenders.

          • jmprint

            “The mother and father have to live with that decision.”

            Exactly, every women that has to make this decision goes through mental anguish and it is between her creator, her doctor and only herself. She will face judgment day and you won’t be there to say I told you so. Liberals don’t kill babies, quit lying. Women make decisions to terminate a pregnancy, that’s her choice, her right. You want to call them murderers, but stop short of excepting that guns kill and death row kills.

          • Wootyloops

            Grow up.

          • Educate yourself.

          • Wootyloops

            Being a partisan shill doesn’t qualify as an education bruh.

          • Using a word from a crappy song doesn’t make you smart bruh bruh.

          • @HawaiianTater

            “Education yourself” tells you all you need to know about Michael Barton.

          • LOL like you’ve never made a typo.

          • @HawaiianTater

            You don’t even comprehend the difference between a typo and using the wrong word entirely.

          • Wow, a man types the wrong word, fixes it within a few seconds, and a liberal grammar nazi comes in trying to position himself as smart. Welfare check hasn’t arrived yet?

          • SusieQ666

            As soon as anyone uses “nazi” or “Nazi” in a comment totally negates anything that person has/had to say. Give it up, Michael Barton. You’re a trainwreck.

          • The same could be said when you have 666 in your screen name. If we don’t learn from history, we’re destined to repeat it.

          • oldlion

            I worry about YOUR mental state.

          • LOL wow, you’re special.

          • johninPCFL

            Pregnancy rates don’t change whether the sex was forced or not. The same percentage of women who engage in sex get pregnant.

            The GOP position gives the rape babies’ father the rights to visitation.

          • I didn’t comment on that.

            There is no GOP position that gives rape baby’s father the right to visitation. There are states that do not have laws about that, yet, but that does not imply it’s a GOP issue.

          • johninPCFL

            Yes, you did comment on it, the same way all zealots do. Pregnancy from rape is not a “rare instance”, it occurs at the same rate as pregnancy from non-rape. To the uterus, sex is sex.

            The fact that the anti-abortion plank is pushed so hard and the consequences are ignored is the positioning of the GOP. The consequence of forcing a mother to bear her rape-baby without noting the consequences is to force HER to deal with all of the issues: visitation, child support, etc. In effect, the GOP position is that the raped mother is simply divorced from the rapist father, and all of the child-rearing issues apply.

          • jmprint

            One women raped and forced to carry an unwanted embryo, to remind her every minute of what she went through is one too many.

        • jmprint

          I do feel that a human life trumps pre-human, when it’s the decision a women feels she has to make.

      • That’s sexist to say a man has no right in that decision. Considering women want men to pay child support when the relationship doesn’t work out. I mean, if you’re fine killing babies, go right ahead. Whatever helps you sleep at night, fetus or baby; change the wording all you want.

        Same-sex marriage is a little bit more than whom you love. Marriage is a legal contract that is decided based on the state they live in. I’m not saying I care, I’m all for people marrying if they want to. But trying to take away the state’s right to make their own laws is going against the constitution.

        ACA is a disaster. It stands to reason if you pay for poor people’s insurance, then more people will have insurance. That’s common sense. But saying the law is working well ignores reality.

        Lowering taxes is similar to a business offering coupons. You gotta be smart in how you offer coupons. You gotta do the math and make sure your expenses are low enough for the “couponing” to work. To think that lowering taxes in order for businesses to move there would work over night is ridiculous. It takes time for a business to make a move. It affects lives. For a state to lower taxes, they need to play the long game. When you tax, you get less of. It stands to reason lowering taxes will create more of what was being taxed.

        Why do you think liberals are trying to “tax” carbon. Because they want less pollution, right? The same principle. You tax businesses, you get less businesses. You want more jobs? You create more businesses. How do you do that? You take away the hurdles that people have to go through to create businesses. It’s not rocket science.

        • jmprint

          DIfference is you are speaking of women that have sex with a man they know nothing about or later find out something dark about them, I don’t speak for those women. I speak for the abused women they need that right. If a man doesn’t want his fetus aborted, then he can take it to the courts.

          Explain to me why ACA is bad, it saved me $600.00 a month, it insured my spouse who has had major heart surgery. And has helped many families insure their kids, who otherwise would be at the emergency center.

          You didn’t answer the question about Kansas, are lowering taxes working for the people, or the corporations?

          I have been in business 34 years in June it will be 35. I think I know a little bit about running a business.

          • Robbing Peter to pay Paul isn’t really a solution. Just thank your neighbors that are paying more to subsidize you and your family.

            Kansas has an issue with “why would you live there?” Tax cuts help small businesses, and they’re trying to get rid of all state income tax. How does that not help the working people? An extra few thousand a year in your pocket sounds good to me. The problem being, they need to cut spending. Until they’re able to cut spending, they’re not going to be able to balance their budget. Like I said, tax cuts work. Kansas just doesn’t have enough of a reason to move businesses their quickly enough. In the long run, Kansas will be just fine, however.

            I don’t like Rubio. I just didn’t agree with the article.

          • jmprint

            Look you need to get off this verbal crap. How do you know that my neighbor is paying more to subsidize me. It’s a lame statement that you guys keep repeating. You know the tax cuts are not going to effect the middle class. The republicans don’t care about the middle class or the poor. Peter has been sucking on liberty tit for too long, they need to put it back in the system. The system that has allowed them to flourish.

            Yeah Kansas has issues, the same issues you guys want to impose nationwide.

            You can’t cut spending if you want the world to turn in the right direction. Yes we can stop the waste, which is what congress should be working on, but instead they waste our money and time on frivolous law suits and endless investigations. We don’t need to subsidize the rich, and all these non-profits that are spending billions on political BS.

            I say tax all the non-profits, on ALL funds that are not being used to help the poor and destitute. That alone will turn our deficit into a profit. But then the republican party can’t survive without the non-profits.

            Michael here is the truth as why you come on this site to pander your baby killing and gay BS. It’s because the republicans cannot win an election without the religious zealots, and you are just doing your part to get out the word, because that’s what they told you to do.

            Abortion and gays are not what has American where it is, it’s GREED! You guys want more, more, more, but you blame the poor clueless individual that knows nothing about politics.

            Cruz, Rand and Rubio they are all the same, bought PUPPETS!

          • “your neighbor” being anyone that has to pay more to cover your subsidy. As much as it hurts your feelings, it’s something you need to deal with. Someone else has a harder life because they are working to support you or your family. This isn’t how America was supposed to function.

            Individualism + Capitalism = the only reason America was able to become America. Once you take away what made America great, you have the same failures you see in other countries. Socialism has failed every time it’s been tried.

            Greed is why millionaires take that pile of swampland and turn it into a million dollar shopping center. Without greed, we’d still be riding horses.

            I bet Cruz, Rand Paul and Rubio have someone pulling their strings, and I believe someone is pulling Obama’s strings. But the Republican way of life promotes a better life for more Americans.

            The problem with socialism is, eventually you run out of other peoples money.

          • jmprint

            Just like my taxes help subsidize your farm family ie, Michele Bauchman and many, many more RICH folks, that have acres, and acres of land with one cow on it to call it a farm.

            You said a mouthful when you said individualism, because that is exactly what the republicans are destroying when they make corporations humans. Now think about this for a moment; remember when the Asians countries economic was the pits, Malaysia bounced back quicker, why, because he raised taxes and spent more.

            It does not take greed to make America so wonderful, without the workers to work the swamplands, they would be just that. You are soooo backwards, obviously the economics that are being taught by (Rubio) and others like him, think they have it right, but are too young and foolish to know better.

            Please do tell me HOW the republicans promote a better life for American when: They are totally against women, bringing the minimum wage to a cost of living standards as it used to be done, that and the unions is what made the middle class.

            We don’t need other people’s money, we just need our tax dollars vested in us and not the rich, that take, and take and take.

          • Independent1

            You’re obviously totally ignorant about how insurance works – Insurance works because everyone who has insurance subsidizes someone else that has insurance. If that wasn’t the case, how do you suppose that insurance companies would be able to pay all the claims they get and not go broke??

            They’re able to create premium levels for people because they know that ALL THE PEOPLE THEY INSURE will not need to post claims in any given year. And aside from that, the subsidies that some ACA insureds are getting because their incomes are too low, IS NOT COMING from other ACA insureds, NOR is it coming from the taxpayers. Those subsides are coming from the 716 Billion IN SAVINGS in reduced MEDICARE EXPENSES that were projected during the development of ACA.

            And those savings are being realized in a number of ways. For example, ACA mandated that hospitals WOULD NOT be fully reimbursed for the costs associated with patients that were READMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL, withing a given time of having been discharged – signalling that they had contracted a different illness while being in the hospital. Sadly, more than a hundred of thousand people died each year from illnesses that they contracted while supposedly being cured for a different illness.

            Well, ACA has been doing a bang up job of that. Because after ACA was enacted hospitals realized they wouldn’t get fully paid for treating readmitted patients, they started cleaning up their act – doing a better job of cleaning their hospitals and doing a better job of cleaning their hands and equipment before treating people and doing a better job of ensuring that the care they were giving to every patient was actually the care, including the medication, that patient needed or insurance companies wouldn’t let them have because of supposed pre-existing medical condition.

            Well guess what, the readmissions rates for hospitals in states that have embraced ACA has dropped sharply over the past 5 years such that medical analysts have projected that more than 50,000 people are alive today who may well have died had the readmissions rates not declined. And on top of that are the tens of thousands of people who are alive today, simply because ACA made insurance available to them and they got the medical care they’ve been needing for years but couldn’t afford.

            Well all these people not dying and not costing hospitals money ontop of money, HAS SAVED HOSPITALS AND TAXPAYERS BILLIONS OF DOLLARS over the past year plus!! Better wake up because you don’t know one thing you are posting about!!!!!!!!

          • angelsinca

            The ACA has doubled premiums and quadrupled deductibles for most people that already had plans. YOU don’t know what YOU are talking about. The ACA is a ponzi scheme of redistributed dollars that is harming a lot more than it is helping. But wait! The sleeping dogs of the IRS assigned to assure forced compliance haven’t even started attaching wages and confiscating assets in the name of Obamacare yet. Unless more political delays are issued by the WH, we should start seeing the full train wreck of the ACA happening this calendar year.

          • Independent1

            I have no clue why I’m even responding to you since you’re such a flat out lying piece of garbage.

            Do you even know what the average monthly premium is for the 16 plus million people who have purchase health coverage on the exchanges?? It’s 105/mo and that’s without the tax credit. The vast majority of those 16 million are paying less than $50/mo for health insurance.

            And sure, existing health insurance customers are having to pay more, because ACA has required insurers to provide a ton of new benefits to everyone who has insurance – like annual checkups with no copay, annual mammograms for women with no co pay. Insurers can no longer decide to suddenly drop an insured because they have some medical condition that is going to cost a ton of money, like they used to do routinely via a practice called RECISSION; they even used to give bonuses to claim people who would cancel the most policies in time to save the insurer tons of money.

            And insurers can no longer claim an annual or lifetime cap on benefits they’ve had to pay out. and they have to insure a policyholders children now to age 26.

            And you’re lying about the copays and deductibles because one of the objectives of ACA was to prevent insurers from setting deductibles and copays so high that they put a burden on insured. ACA has caps on deductibles and copays that are almost always far less than what insureds were previously paying unless they’re working for a company that has gone to a plan which provides much higher benefits.

          • angelsinca

            I know what MY family’s premiums were before the ACA and what hey are now. I know what MY deductibles were before the ACA and what they are now. I know what health care services I had before the ACA and how limited they are now. How in the world can my reality be a lie? You really are blind to the truth. For this, you remain a fool. Your anti-GOP propaganda is effecting your sense of truth.

          • Independent1

            Well, has it occurred to you that your problems may be related to the state you live in? Because I live on a small island off the coast of Maine; we have a small medical center here on t he island. And the improvements in the medical care we’re getting here are light-years better than they were back in 2008.

            Virtually everyone of the doctors has their own laptop computer which they use during 2 exams we get per year. One is a physical and the other is an in-between visit to ensure we’re adhering to our medications and following through on any recommendations the doctor had given us. Whenever we need a prescription or a referral to another doctor; all of that is completed by the time we walk out of the medical center. Appointments are automatically made with a specialist if that’s needed and prescriptions are waiting for us by the time we get to the pharmacy. All of this has been paid for and is been done to complete requirements contained in ACA. Yes, our premiums did go up somewhat, but as I explained, that’s because we’ve gotten a lot of improved insurance benefits.

            We have a daughter and son-in-law in Conn., who lost their insurance back in early 2009 when he got laid off and they couldn’t afford the more than $1,000/mo premium that they were paying. In addition, my son-in-law has a history of asthma and once losing his company-paid coverage, find an insurance company that would accept that pre-existing condition was virtually an impossibility. So they went for at least 5 years unable to get, or afford, health insurance – until early 2014 when they enrolled via an ACA exchange, and now have an excellent policy for which they pay nothing close to the $1,000 they were paying before – it’s costing them less than $50/month today.

            So you can whine all you want, but my guess is, you should start blaming your state government representatives for not making enough effort to increase the competitiveness in the health insurance sector of your state. Because looking at the list of states that are changing their premiums for 2015, far more are reducing them, than increasing them. And there are only 2 states out of the 50 which are averaging double digit increases. Far more are reducing the ACA premiums – which of course are mainly those states who haven’t dragged their feet with respect to implementing the ACA exchanges, expanding Medicaid and otherwise promoting ACA.

          • angelsinca

            It wasn’t my state that caused the increases. It was the ACA. Happy for your friend’s windfall with the ACA. You’re welcome. Whining? I’m not whining. I am defending myself against your false accusations. In my experience, people that casually bear false witness will just as easily covet your stuff, or take your stuff, or worse. It all heads in the wrong direction.

          • Independent1

            Problem is, I believe you like I believe the world is flat. Fact is, that between 2000 and 2009, healthcare insurance premiums averaged 8-15%/yr increases, while between 2010 and 14 the increases averaged less than 1/2 those increases 4-7%; and for 2015 the majority of states are actually averaging -2-3%. I’d say you’re full of total BS!!

            What you and your mindless minions fail to understand, is regardless of what your premiums are today, had ACA not been enacted in 2010 – it’s quite likely that your premiums today would be 35-60% higher than whatever you’re paying today; just from the fact that the prospects of ACA dampened the much sharper annual increases in premiums that had historically been going on for the past couple of decades.

            So as I said whine all you want about your premiums – but you can’t in all honesty blame whatever those premiums are on ACA. And while you’re whining, consider the fact that there are between 75 and 100 thousand people alive and walking around today, because the ACA legislation either improved the conditions in hospitals such that when they were in the hospital they didn’t contract a fatal illness not related to why they originally went into the hospital (ACA has greatly reduced the hospital readmissions rate) or ACA allowed them to afford health care or even purchase it when they had been refused in the past, and their healthcare visits have detected what would have been a fatal illness had it not been caught in time.

            You really have to stop being a lowlife and aligning yourself with the MURDERS in the GOP!!!!!!

    • The lucky one

      “I live in Florida, we’ve had a lot of rain so no global warming.” WTF, are you really that ignorant? But you’re right about the “planet dying”. That’s not likely but many animals and people dying due to man made climate change is pretty much ordained at this point and will only get worse when some people think a rainy season or cold winter negates that fact.

      • You’re trying to change the wording because liberals lost the global warming argument. Global warming was always about how earth is going to get so hot that all life will cease to exist. Now that no one believes that you’re changing the wording. Of course there’s climate change. Of course humans have an affect on climate. A beaver builds a dam, the water changes course, right? Everything on Earth has an affect on climate.

        • The lucky one

          Nothing to do with changing the wording. First, off it’s not a liberal vs. conservative argument. It’s a science based observation that nearly all, 97% of scientists with expertise in climatology, agree on. Climate change is a more accurate term because even though global temperatures are rising some areas will actually be cooler. Secondly, I’ve read quite a bit in this area and have yet to see anyone claiming that all life will cease to exist. Does it really have to be that drastic a prognosis before we will act.
          Your idea that “no one” accepts the idea is way off with most polls showing it’s about 50% who accept the idea. Of course as I said those with the best information and training to interpret it agree 97% that man made global warming is real.

        • Sand_Cat

          That says it all: “liberals lost the global warming argument.” Just another political issue to be defeated by the usual GOP disinformation, lies, and money. Science? What’s that?
          If you ever had any brains, you’re one of those who lost them, when they moved to the sunshine state; excessive heat isn’t good for the brain.

        • Independent1

          “Lost the global warming argument”?? And you live in Florida??

          I hope you’re not in the counties of Florida that cover West Palm to the Keys. Because in case you’re not aware. Sea level rise has already been found to be polluting the ground waters along that coastline as far inland as 6 miles from the shore. If something can’t be done to prevent the creep of seawater into Florida’s drinking water aquifer along that stretch of coast – 60 million people could soon find themselves with little or no potable water to drink.

          And are you even remotely aware that even a 2-3 foot sea level rise would put large portions of that section of Florida underwater? Four counties in that area – 2 run by Republicans and 2 run by Democrats – have been working together to do what they can to keep sea level rise from claiming large portions of the coastline and roads that run along the beaches through those counties. YES!! Sea level rise has already come up that far.

          The fact that some outlets are changing from calling what’s happening to our planet ‘climate change’ instead of ‘global warming’ is just to appease morons such as yourself who are too clueless to accept reality. What’s happening to our planet is clearly GLOBAL WARMING!!

          Yup!! Especially starting around 1850-1860 to today, there’s no other word for it than GLOBAL WARMING!! But then when you have kindergarteners such as yourself who get freaked out by words such as GLOBAL WARMING, like little kids the narrative has to change so as not to freak you children out to much.

          But take a look at how devastated some glaciers in Alaska have become over the past decade, and see what you want to call what’s happening. The glaciers have melted at such a rate that water along the Alaska coast has been pouring into the Gulf of Alaska at a faster rate than the water that’s pouring into our oceans from the 6 largest rivers in the world all combined!!! Now that’s some serious melting!! Think about it for a minute. Temperatures have risen on the earth so high that glaciers in Alaska are melting so fast that the run off into the Gulf of Alaska is pouring more water each year than flows out of the 6 largest rivers in the world ALL COMBINED!!!

          Certainly you have to realize that can’t keep up for too long before the oceans start rising to the point where large sections of Florida find themselves under water.

          And here’s a little excerpt from an article which states just how vulnerable Florida is to the sea level rise from GLOBAL WARMING!!

          From ClimateProgress:

          Florida’s Climate Denial Could Cause Catastrophic Recession

          It’s a trillion-dollar bubble. And it looks like American taxpayers are on the hook for much of it.

          Florida is ground-zero for this bubble for several reasons. First, as the chart shows, Florida’s $484 billion leads the country in “the value of property covered by the National Flood Insurance Program, often at below market rates.” Indeed, its covered property is three times as much as the next state, Texas.

          Second, Florida’s topology makes some of its urban coastal areas especially vulnerable to warming-driven sea level rise and storm surge. Tampa Bay has unique geography that puts it atop Climate Central’s listof U.S. cities most vulnerable to a direct hit from a major hurricane. And Miami is second on the list!

          The Miami area is so flat that even with a mere three feet of sea-level rise, “more than a third of southern Florida will vanish; at six feet, more than half will be gone.”

          Third, Miami-Dade County by itself has some $94 billion worth of property along coastal waters — and the city can’t protect itself the way many coastal cities can. “Conventional sea walls and barriers are not effective here,” explained Robert Daoust, who works at a Dutch firm specializing in designing responses to rising sea levels. Why? As Jeff Goodell noted in Rolling Stone:

          And here’s a video you really need to watch:

        • Independent1

          If you really don’t believe in Global Warming, explain away for me the two graphs I’m posting: one shows how the average earth temperatures for each decade were virtually always below the mean average earth’s temperature before

          • **yawn** trees love CO2. What’s the overall temp. rise from the past 100 years? What will be the predicted temp. rise the next 100 years? Wasn’t Al Gore already proved wrong about all this crap? You can yell it all you want. You’re not believable. If global warming did exist, then I’d be able to find a snap shot of the ice caps each year and be able to compare myself. Typically, when the information is hidden, there’s a reason for that. The optics of anyone being able to see the images of the ice caps year over year would prove global warming. But they don’t provide those images because it would expose the lies. Give me actual images and not faked data.

          • Independent1

            I guess they’re right when they say ‘YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID’, especially when someone is AS OUTRIGHT STUPID AS YOU ARE!!!!

          • jmprint


          • johninPCFL

            Yes, trees convert CO2 to O2 during the day. BUT, they convert O2 to CO2 at night. The only carbon absorbed is that used to produce wood: “Espírito-Santo found that dead Amazonian trees emit an estimated 1.9 billion tons (1.7 billion metric tons) of carbon to the atmosphere each year. In a normal year, the Amazon rainforest absorbs about 2.2 billion tons (2 billion metric tons) of carbon dioxide”.

            Current human output of CO2 is 29 billion tons per year. Given the delta of 0.3 billion tons for the Amazon, we’d need an additional 95 Amazons to absorb the carbon humans currently emit each year.

          • Don’t eat at Chipotle, and you’ll save the world. I’m bored with this topic. I’m sorry. It’s just never going anywhere until the north pole melts.

          • johninPCFL

            The north pole is sea ice and the ocean levels won’t change when it melts. All we’ll notice is a continuation of the trend of earlier appearances of “black water” in the north atlantic.

            When the Greenland ice sheet melts we’ll notice because that water is trapped over land. Similarly for Antarctica. Do you think Rick Scott will be smart enough to notice when the first floor of his Boca mansion is underwater?

          • No but I’ll ask him.

          • joe schmo

            Why don’t you get your head out of your arse for a change.
            This disproves your theory….


          • Independent1

            Why am I not surprised that a low IQ RWNJ such as yourself would believe a RWNJ website that represents less than 3% of scientists who discredit global warming?? You fit right into that low IQ group Joe. Keep it and you’ll look like these idiot idiot GOP legislators in a few years:

          • Independent1

            And if global warming isn’t real, explain to me why the glaciers in Alaska along the Gulf of Alaska have been melting so fast over the past decade that more glacial water is pouring into the Gulf of Alaska each year than dumps out of the 6 largest rivers on the planet ALL COMBINED???

            Better watch this video Joe before you let that RWNJ science crap that you believe in leaves you swimming for your life!!!

            Massive Glacier Melt and Fresh Water are Pouring into the Gulf of Alaska



          • Independent1

            And also explain to me why that despite RWNJ idiot Rick Scott’s mental retardedness that four counties in South Florida – 2 run by Republicans and 2 run by Democrats have been working feverishly to keep RISING ATLANTIC WATERS from not only washing away sections of Florida shorelines, including roads, but also inundating not only the aquifer that South Florida needs to get water to 60 million people, but the salt water is also backing up into the water canals that farmers and fruit growers need to water their crops???

            Why is that happening Joe?? If there’s no Global Warming, why is the Atlantic Ocean getting so high sometimes at high time that it’s getting sea water in places IT HASN’T BEEN IN THE LAST 200 YEARS???? WHY JOE?? WHY???

        • jmprint

          Yes, and some things are really, really bad, like the republicans.

      • joe schmo
        • The lucky one

          People who substitute weak humor in place of evidence and logic to support their views are the joke. PS Rush Limbaugh is not an expert on climate science, or anything else for that matter except entertaining and duping morons.

          • jmprint

            And this moron is very duped.

    • johninPCFL

      Tax cuts work for the very rich. Those cuts allow them to move more of their money offshore.

      How many jobs has Mitt Romney created with what’s left of his $400MM inheritance? None. Money doesn’t create jobs. The needs of business creates jobs. If Mitt’s businesses don’t need more people, they don’t hire more people. Lower taxes just allow Mitt to move more money overseas.

      • joe schmo

        How many FULL TIME jobs and BUSINESSES have been created under Obama? Well under the number it should be.

        • jmprint

          How bad did the economy get under Bush term? If the republicans would get out the women womb legislation, maybe it would have been better. If President Obama did such a bad job, why are the unemployment numbers better then under Bush?

          • angelsinca

            We can gauge the success by how divided the nation has become the last 6 years. During Bush, we only heard the chants of the anti-war protesters and the Bush haters. Now we have half the nation feeling undeserved, underpaid, under represented. Fine job you folks are doing, real fine.

          • jmprint

            angel, cut the crap. The gun toting, bible thumping T-party has the plaque on that one, so go spew to some one else.

          • angelsinca

            jmprint, you really have no clue what the conservative is. So, you repeat the same stupid, hateful liberal narrative about your countrymen that only serves to prop up that phony air of superiority. You have fallen hard for the Liberal Deceit. If you only knew how damaging this ignorance is to the nation. If you only knew.

          • jmprint

            angel, all you are doing is trying to turn the wheels in a different direction, this is what we having been telling you since day one on the conservatives, but you are trying to use reverse phycology. It’s not going to work. IT’S ALL T-PARTY DECEIT. Your ignorance, sucking up to the rich is what has this country where it is going.

        • johninPCFL

          More than the number LOST under GWB.

    • kimbanyc

      ” Just an FYI. Tax cuts work “. THUS ENDS YOUR CREDIBILITY

      • Oh yeah? Because you’ve made up the rules and made the decision? Do some research. Look at history, and your eyes will open. By the way, If you don’t want a tax cut, don’t take a tax cut.

        • kimbanyc


          • Sounds like someone needs a nap. What was the lie?

          • kimbanyc

            Nap?? Why are all you baggers so childish???

          • When you type in caps, that’s considered yelling. When you’re yelling and screaming like a little kid, that tends to imply you need your nap. Is your photo not childish? Trying to call me a name like “baggers” doesn’t make you seem very mature either.

          • kimbanyc


          • Nap time?

          • kimbanyc

            Sad Bagger begs for my attention…….No more wasted time on you putz

          • joe schmo

            Michael you can tell when you have won the debate. The moron becomes devoid in facts:)

        • jmprint

          Michael when I pointed out the most recent disaster on tax cut (Kansas) you totally ignored with a response of, who would want to live there. You are totally in denial. Did you look up the history of Malaysia recovery? It was done with tax increase and spending. Facts are Facts.

          What is your problem:
          a) religious fanatic, or son of a preacher man (like CRUZ)
          b) Inherited bunches of money
          c) paid troll
          d) brain washed
          e) to dumb to know better

          • I told you why they’re doing what they’re doing [Kansas], and that they’re not done doing what they’re trying to do. They pushed the first phase of tax cuts, and weren’t able to cut spending. They’re still in the process of trying to cut income tax.

            I’ll research Malaysia over the weekend. Just like there’s more than one way to skin a cat, there’s more than one way to do a recovery. We tried a stimulus in America, it failed. So let me research Malaysia so I can tell you that you’re wrong again =)

            My problem is f), all my poor friends are Democrat, the rich Dems are racist; my Republican friends have their heads on their shoulders and are very charitable.

          • jmprint

            The stimulus did work, you felt it in your pay check, when you didn’t have to pay the ss, and med part. Those fund went in the economy buying power, that’s one of the reason that kept us from going into a depression, how soon you forget.

            Really you don’t know any republicans that are poor. Look at all the red states, the majority survive on gov. tit.

          • jmprint

            Talk about racist how many KKK members do you know that are Democrats?

          • dpaano

            As a note, Michael, the stimulus didn’t fail. It fell short of what it wanted to accomplish, but it didn’t fail in the least! Maybe you need to go back and do some more research and quit researching just your conservative areas! Maybe you need to check the information from the CBO

          • dpaano

            All of the above!!!

    • Independent1

      Obamacare is a disaster?? Would you care to call Jan Brewer who was governor of the red state of Arizona and let her in on that little secret??

      Yeah! Tell her that Arizona didn’t need to save all that money from the reduction in uninsureds coming to get care they couldn’t pay for: nor the added boost to Arizona’s economy because Arizonians had more money to spend in their pockets, and the 15,000 or so jobs ACA was projected to add:

      See this clueless:

      Arizona hospitals already reaping benefit of Medicaid expansion

      Gov. Jan Brewer’s decision to harangue her Republican legislature to accept Medicaid expansion is paying off for the whole state of Arizona, but especially its hospitals. A new report from the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association says that uncompensated care has been reduced 31 percent in the last four months compared to the same period last year. During that period, enrollment in the state’s Medicaid program swelled. Enrollment was encouraged communitywide as part of an effort to meet a federal requirement through President Obama’s Affordable Care Act that all Americans, with certain exceptions, have health insurance this year.

      The Arizona hospital report shows the average operating margin of Arizona hospitals has gone up from 4 percent in 2013 to the current rate of 5.2 percent — a signal to some health experts that the Affordable Care Act will be a net positive for hospitals’ bottom lines. […] Nearly one in every four residents in Arizona is now covered by Medicaid, which in Arizona is known as the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).

      State data show the number of Pima County residents added to the AHCCCS rolls has jumped 21 percent since last year. The latest numbers show 239,828 Pima County residents are enrolled in AHCCCS. Enrollment is 1.55 million statewide.

      Uncompensated care is both charity care provided by hospitals and bad debts they have to write off, and in Arizona it spiked after the state decided to drop the childless adult population from Medicaid in July 2011. The numbers of childless adults in Medicaid has rebounded 247 percent since the decision to expand Medicaid and allow them back in, which obviously makes a big difference in the amount of uncompensated care hospitals are providing. One, Tucson Medical Center, reports a 45-percent drop.

      That’s money that the state doesn’t have to try to come up with to reimburse hospitals to help keep them afloat. The business school at Arizona State University estimated that the expansion would bring more than 15,000 jobs to the state by 2016, increase state revenues by over $2.8 billion in the next three years and increase personal disposable income by more than $1.6 billion. The decline in uncompensated care is just a drop in the bucket for what Medicaid expansion is likely to do for Arizona.

    • SusieQ666

      I don’t know where the Florida in which you live is located, but I have family in Florida and they are “true blue”, meaning they have to work their asses off at ANY and ALL elections, from local school boards, municipal elections, county, to state and federal elections to make sure qualified, registered voters are not intimidated and/or turned away from exercising their right to vote! Try as they might, the Republicans have been unable to come up with any sizeable numbers of illegal registrations among the voting rolls in any of the states, including Florida, USA.

      The ACA, Medicare and Social Security are integral parts of so many Floridians’ lifelines! Many people are there because they planned ahead to retired in warmer climes after living and working in cold states in the Northeast and Midwest. Many are on fixed income, and rely on Social Security, Medicare, and services offered by the State and local governments.

      My relatives in Florida include those in the legal and medical professions, including retired military physicians, surgeons, nurses. Veterans. They are able-bodied and find that they are never at a loss for work to help fellow vets where the government has let them down.

      Tax cuts do NOT work. Period. I’m too tired and the hour too late for me to get into a basic lesson in economics for you, but if you took the time to educate yourself on basic macroeconomics and macroeconomic theory, including the basics of Keynesian economics, which basically is what has always been the best way to do the most good with tax revenue collected by the IRS. In short, putting some “discretionary” funds into the wallets and pockets of middle- and working-class Americans. Basically, that money is spent, which in turn boosts up the need for producing goods and providing services. The more times money changes hands, the more it stimulates and moves our economy along. The greater the percentage of funds in the smallest percentage of individuals, the less money that moves through the system. In short, it just “sits” in banks here and more often now, abroad, or in capital investments, earning a return on said investments without creating a single job, (the opposite of what Mitt Romney tried to convince the public into believing) or stimulating the economy in any productive way that benefits the public.

      In short, Florida is not some sort of “Pot of gold at the end of some tax-cut rainbow”. It has been taking numerous “giant steps backward” ever since the Republicans took over running the state. I don’t know under what delusions you’re operating Michael Barton, but your statements sound more like the talking points and other drivel promoted by the Dominionists (theocrats) and far right-wing demagogues (like Phyllis Schlafly) who use various “untruths”, i.e. lies, to frighten people into believing their crazy ideas. I particularly find your argument regarding the ACA, particularly wrong-headed and deceptive. You think that the ACA puts the government in a doctor’s office along with a doctor and patient? (I paraphrase here) It’s quite the opposite. No doctor is going to allow the government (or any other entity) to cause them to break their Hippocratic Oath to “first do no harm”. At least not any REAL doctor who takes their profession and its oath seriously! C’mon. No one is going to make a doctor tell a pregnant woman she MUST have an abortion, unless her life is in serious jeopardy. That’s just ridiculous! But it plays well in sound bites, on Fox “News”, and is easy to remember by those who are easily frightened and are also gullible. You are like Sen. Rubio, I think, and figure you can write-off women voters and still win an election.
      You don’t win hearts and minds by calling women “murderers”, or forcing rape or incest victims into carrying a pregnancy to term! That’s crazy-talk.

      I hate to tell you this, but as much as you may think otherwise, you sound just like the old “states rights” Southern politicans, and now, the “neo-Confederates”. You think that marriage equality should be decided on a state-by-state basis? What happens then, if a same-sex couple and family need (or want) to move from a state where their marriage is fully recognized to another, where such rights are not fully realized, for the sake of a job, for instance? Must a family give up its rights because they needed to remain with their job? It’s just crazy-talk. Each state cannot interpret the national Constitution in its own (most “convenient”) way. That’s why we have the Supreme Court. If each state has its own rules, we’re no longer the “united” states. We become nothing but a loose confederation of geographically connected states. This kind of government was outright rejected by the founding fathers when they decided against adopting the Articles of Confederation in favor of a national Constitution that carefully outlines the various powers and how they are “divided up”.

      So, if the “Florida” in which you live manages to be some Valhalla with large tax cuts, while continuing with a wonderful standard of living for all, including good healthcare for all, without the ACA, or the “meddling” of the federal governemnt, then I’d like to know on what planet in which galaxy your Florida is located! It’s obviously better than the one here in the U.S. that calls itself “The Sunshine State”. Or perhaps you went to Disney World and got locked into Fantasy Land and never returned. Whatever…
      One cannot run a country based on make-believe! It just doesn’t work except in fairytales. (And even in fairytales, there are plenty of witches, cruel characters, and horrible things that happen to young children and princesses!

      • I appreciate that you would type all that up, but there’s no way I’m reading all that. Florida doesn’t have income tax, which saves me thousands a year. I appreciate that. If you don’t believe tax cuts work, then next time the Republicans give you one, don’t take it.

        • jmprint

          That is just it, they are ONLY willing to do tax cuts AGAINST the middle class and poor.

          • Your reply makes no sense. Middle class do no pay income tax in Florida. Which is also what they’re trying to do in Kansas. An extra few thousand in your pocket sounds good to me.

            Why rob Peter to pay Paul when you can just let Paul have more of his money to invest in the things he needs?

          • jmprint

            What a crock, everybody pays income tax, state tax is different.
            Peter is the robber. Paul is trying to stop Peter from taking it all.

          • Right, no state income tax. It’s not your money if you didn’t earn it.

          • jmprint

            What do you mean by: ” It’s not your money if you didn’t earn it.”

          • If you’re robbing someone to get it, you’re obviously stealing it; thus, you didn’t earn it.

          • jmprint

            Well that is only common sense, I just don’t understand the need for you to have to tell that to responsible adults.

            FYI: I pay into tax systems, through forms 941, 940, 1120, 1140, sales tax and TWC. Small business don’t have the luxury of using loop holes.

            You are defending the rich, they have the attorney on staff that keep them from paying taxes through loop holes, they don’t pay their fair share, so stop defending a group of greed.

          • You’re being kind of greedy. 18% tax on 30 grand is less than 18% on 2 million. Rich people pay more than their fair share.

          • jmprint

            Loop holes keep them from paying what they should be paying because instead of paying 18% on the billion, they are only paying 18% on a million. Most corporations are funded by other people’s money. The CEO who does not own the company (an employee) will make over 300% more than the worker bee. They set the pay scale they rob from the worker bee. How can the economy be strong when the pay scale is not. I don’t think you are a rich dude, so stop defending the rich.

          • Even if, 18% on a million is still more than what a worker bee is paying. The worker bee is paid what the worker bee is able to get paid, based off of market rates and skillset. If the worker bee wants more money, the worker bee should ask for more money, or switch companies.

            Life isn’t supposed to be fair. But in America, you have the ability to make as much money as you can dream of.

          • jmprint

            You’re soooooo dumb. Yes and if they all wanted to be rich all they would have to do is get rich, and if they all wanted to be white all they have to do is change color, and if they all wanted not to be sick all they have to to is get better. Yes life is so simple in some people’s delusional world.

      • joe schmo

        What you have written is a bunch of baloney and comes straight from Obama’s warped ideology.

        Michael Barton makes a valid point, and it is the ‘good ole American’ way of looking at life in the United States. What I believe all his jargon meant was to state that it is up to the individual what they do, not the governent and not the state not you, not me. Our Constitution grants us the right to agree or disagree but to does it in a discreet manner meaning we don’t have to agree with you when you want to marry another man because it is soley up to you. What right do you have to stick it in my face and demand that I agree with you. Just as it is with abortion. Hey, doesn’t mean I agree with it but, hey, if you are a woman and want an abortion that’s between you and your maker.

        As far as Obamacare, i really don’t give a hoot whether your family was Dr. God. I have been under Medicare for a long long time due to an illness. I have had to deal with many many Drs. Since the inception of this socialized mess, I have had horrible health care and it is getting worse and worse and, by the way, I live in the most blue state in the union. Namely, California. Please spare me the agony, I have family in Europe. I hate socialized medicine. I know how it works. The rich in Europe pay for quality health care while everyone else’s is mediocre.

        Guess where all our tax dollars go in this state? The ILLEGALS. They get the jobs, the free housing, the welfare checks, the free food, the colleges don’t get grants if they don’t cater to the Hispanics, if you are a bilingual instructor you get payed more and the list goes on and on. California has the largest disparity between rich and poor. The rich pay the poor profit. It is a lose lose situation.

        As far as the drought goes. California has had droughts since the dawn of time. They just did some research on a tree in Lake Tahoe. What we have is nothing seems that before the native Americans, there was a 400 year drought and also a 150 year drought much later that curved the native American population. Differing opinions is one thing but lack of common sense is quite another.. You modern Liberals lack the latter and tend to live in a utopia where coexist does not even exist. Spare me the agony.

        • jmprint

          Joe what you don’t understand is that yes it is ok to disagree, but it is not ok to hurt people in the process. And the ideology you follow hurts millions.

          1) “…if you are a woman and want an abortion that’s between you and your maker.” THAT HOW WE FEEL, but the republicans have passed more legislation in 1-15 against this. Who do they hurt? Women.

          2). If the rich weren’t making profit, they would be able to afford the luxuries in California, get a grip. Your post should not be sugar coated, just come out and state: YOU HATE ILLEGALS, get it off your chest and be gone. You benefit from the illegal, but will never admit it, because of your hatred.

          3). You lack a lot of common sense, it shows on ALL your post.

          • 1) You can win on this one because it’s not an issue I care much about. The only time I’d change my mind is if a GF of mine went out there and had an abortion without my knowledge and I later found out. I’d be pissed and would like some kind of protection or legal recourse.

            2) A. Making a profit is why most people go into business. You don’t work for free do you? Your pay check is your profit. If you didn’t make a profit, you wouldn’t work.

            2) B. Not wanting people from another country to suck our country dry should not be seen as hating illegals. We benefit from lower wage workers, just like anyone does. You buy a burger from McDonald’s; you’re able to get it for dirt cheap because the labor costs are so low. But we’re not the ones forcing people to work for so little. That’s the market you fit in when you lack skills necessary for you to make more money. Part of it is because businesses are too big these days. I believe in monopoly laws. There shouldn’t be just one Walmart, break it up into 50 different businesses. Another topic, I know.

            But point being, people would get paid more if the market for their skillet wasn’t so competitive. Illegals come into the market and keep the wages lower. Why? Because they’re willing to work for the low wages. Same thing with housing. Crappier housing still exists because people are willing to pay for crappy housing. If you lower illegal immigration, you have a shot at raising the wages.

            3) How about let people have their own opinions and stop trying to call people stupid just because they do not agree with you.

          • jmprint

            A paycheck is not a profit it is payment for a job done. Profit is when you sell something for more then you paid.

            People from other countries is why this is a great nation. You tend to judge people that need help. Is that what Jesus wanted from us. You will fine people taking advantage of our system in ALL aspects of government, even our legislative personnel, but that doesn’t mean that all immigrants are takers, most are not. joescmo hates illegals, read all his post from the past, stop trying to defend a hater.

            McDonald and Walmart for years have been taking advantage of the labor force. Most of the labor are Americans like you and me, all while they are making billion dollar profits on the sweat of hard workers, stop defending the rich.

            I didn’t call anyone stupid, even though you seem to be.

          • dpaano

            Your comment is just too long and too ridiculous to refute!!! But, you are wrong on ALL points.

          • Right, because you’re just so smart.

        • dpaano

          No, it’s not baloney….and, as I said, if you’ve read the Constitution, it clearly states that Federal law trumps state law. Federal law calls for all states to adhere to the federal law, no matter how much they hate it. Most states nowadays, especially those with GOP governors, seem to have forgotten that point. I also live in California, and I don’t find any problems with Obamacare here….in fact, my doctor, who is a member of a large medical group (Healthcare Partners) feels that the ACA has helped considerably. Their group is getting more and more patients and are caring for more and more ill people BEFORE they are forced to go for more expensive treatments!! They’re very happy with the way things are going and would not want to see it changed.
          As for the illegals…, they don’t get free housing, welfare checks, free food, etc. I’m not sure where you heard that or why you keep grasping on to these lies. I also have friends that work in colleges in the state….they are getting grants and they have NOTHING to do wit whether or not they cater to Hispanics (in fact, very few illegal Hispanics can’t afford most of our California colleges). And, one of my friends is a bilingual instructor….she does not get paid more than other teachers, and all of her students are aliens who have enrolled because they are working towards their citizenship. IN order to become a citizen, you must speak the language. If you’re that unhappy with California….why don’t you move to Florida and live with Rubio??? We will certainly allow you to go, and we won’t even miss you!

    • dpaano

      First of all, Obamacare has NOT been a disaster and you can ask the 11M people who have signed up for it. It isn’t stealing other people’s money, and I don’t understand how you figure that. It’s stealing other people’s money when uninsured individuals go to the ER and can’t pay…’s we, the taxpayers…who end up paying for that visit. I’d rather they pay a little and be insured so my money doesn’t pay for their care. Secondly, have YOU read the Constitution? Have you even read the Bill of Rights, especially the part about “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable (not able to be given or taken away) rights, that among those are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” You might also read Amendment 9 of the Constitution which lists the rights of the people of the United States, including the right to marriage. As for abortion…’s YOUR interpretation as to what constitutes a life, and medical science doesn’t always agree with your interpretation. I’m personally against abortion; however, I am pro-choice. It’s up to the mother, the father, and her doctor what she wants to do…’s NOT the right of the government to make that decision! It’s amazing that so many GOP want to ban abortions; however, when an unwanted child is born, they step away from anything to do with caring for it, including welfare, child care, etc. Interesting how that works!

      • It’s hard to ignore reality, but you’re doing it. Obamacare is a disaster. Of course if you offer people subsidized health insurance, you’re going to have more people insured. That shouldn’t be the measurement of success. Let it play out, and you’ll be begging for the Republicans to fix things, like we always do.

        You’re mistaking the declaration of independence with the constitution. We are created equal, but that doesn’t mean I have to pay for other peoples failures.

        It used to be easier for liberals to lie to people, but now we have the Internet and we can fact check your lies. I’d quit trying to quote things you don’t seem to understand, like the 9th amendment.

        I’m glad you’re against abortion. Maybe someday you’ll realize the constitution should protect the unborn as well.

  • jmprint

    Rubio has nothing good to offer America, he is wishy washy and bought, just like all the republicans. They are not allowed to think or make decisions from the heart.

    • joe schmo

      ? Liberals run the same, hot and cold. Only they can lie and not have a conscience to boot. Plus, get away with murder, literally.

      • jmprint

        The biggest difference is that they are not bought by the Koch brothers. Are you aware that the Koch’s fund the non-profit that is pretending to help the Veterans, but instead are on their way to dismantle the VA. The republicans are candyman, they lure your votes with total deceit, all on pretense that cutting taxes will somehow help America. With the rich getting all the tax cuts, that just drops the level of the poor to the poorest and middle class to poor. I sure hope you are at 1%, because you are voting for someone to take your medicare and social security away.

  • @HawaiianTater

    I think it’s safe to say that if the uneducated masses somehow manage to get a Gopper into the WH after the next election, our country is royally screwed. That part about nominating new SCOTUS judges terrifies me. If conservatives get a majority there, say hello to theocracy.

    • joe schmo

      We are already screwed. If Mao Clinton gets in….Say goodbye America, hello USSA….

      • johninPCFL

        Yep Little teabaggers always gotta be terrified of something. Might as well be the next president.

  • Do you even know anything about the Koch borthers, or are you just repeating crap thinking you’re smarter than everyone else?

    • Tom dailey

      The teaptarty founders,the koch brothers, are fronting nearly 900 million dollars in the next election cycle. Little marco was present in their recent closed doors meetings ….you can bet he will be feeding heavily from the koch trough in the up coming months
      Its a shame that people are too stupid to see them for what they are and what they stand for

    • jmprint

      Why do you think Cruz wants to abolish the IRS?
      Because his billionaire donor owes billions in back taxes, but you think he is thing about you.

      • So you’re saying Democrats do not have billionaire donors? I don’t know this specific person you’re talking about, but I do know that more Democrat celebrities have “tax” issues than Republicans.

        • jmprint

          Where do you read that in my posting. Greed comes in every form and shape, but the democrats are not pushing for the middle class and poor to suffer more at the expense of the filthy greedy rich, that want more and more and not just our tax money, but our health and our environment.

  • FT66

    The problem of Rubio is: he blabs so fast like a sewing machine that older people can’t pick up points of what he says. That is the sign of lacking self confidence. Even googling him, it shows he has a very, very, very thin biography to lead the greatest nation on earth.

  • fortunev

    This rube will never be president. With Rubio’s ignorance and low information mind I do indeed hope he wins the rethug nomination. Hillary Clinton, or any dem candidate really, will demonstrate to the country the clown car caliber of their conservative orgasmic fantasies.

  • howa4x

    His climate change myth may not go over well is drought stricken California, and most Americans think the wealthy have enough and the middle class is in dire straits. I always love to see republican plans for doing away with the ACA, since it was a republican plan to begin with. Having people go back to the pre existing days will not go over well. I think he hasn’t realized that once you give a benefit it is hard to take it away, unless you have something really good which he doesn’t. Latino’s don’t trust him after he left them flat on the immigration deal so I don’t see where his main constituency is?.It sue won’t be women, gays, young people or environmentalists

    • California is a desert. Just because you feel someone has too much, doesn’t mean you have the right to steal from that person. That’s evil. One day you’ll have money, and one day your fellow Democrats will try and steal it.

      • howa4x

        First off I’m a registered independent and think both parties suck. Second how do you feel that the wealthy are paying less taxes than the middle class. Do you like subsidizing Wal-Mart or Mc Donald’s when they pay people so little and then guide them to take food stamps and housing vouchers? That is stealing from the middle class. Or how about companies taking tax write offs for out sourcing jobs? Or taking Bush tax cuts and building factories in other countries like Gates did when he built his new plant in Bangalore. We have to fix the roads and bridges and if not everyone pays a fair share you and I will have to make up the difference. So who is stealing from whom?

        • joe schmo

          Unfortunately for you Howa4x, I was registered as an Independent for a time. That is until the primary rolled around and I could not vote Republican. Then I switched back. I thought that the better of the two evils was better than one.

          • jmprint

            Get over it and vote Democrat, and let’s make this country great for ALL.

          • Take a look at Detroit and see how your Democrat utopia plays out.

          • jmprint

            Michigan problem’s, didn’t happen over night, they have been dealing with a lot of internal problem for years, even before President Obama was elected.. Kansas was a direct impact of tax cut to the rich. You have to be realistic.

      • jmprint

        Greedy is what is evil, Greedy is what the republicans are. You are evil.

      • dpaano

        No, Michael, California is NOT a desert. In fact, we’re doing quite well despite the drought. We’re working through it with conservation and climate control. As for taking money away from people who have too much….that’s not even anywhere near the point!!

  • 1standlastword

    I want to live long enough to see The People (my fellow Americans, Red and Blue) take our country back from a pernicious republicanism.

    I feel like 2016 is make or break for ‘everyday America’.

    The nation cannot tolerate more republican gains like those of 2010 and 2014. The first 16-years of the 21st c. have been game changing in every conceivable facet of our political scene: Nothing is more obvious than the horrible consequences of great scads of money and the perversion that corporate money alone has had on the most feeble and corruptible politicians; including our justices.

    For the first time in our history we are seeing the formations of a paradigm shift in how real life blood Americans are devalued wholesale by our conservative leadership.

    I think we are going to witness Karmic Laws take hold of this pernicious republicanism THIS campaign season!!!!!

    I hope The People will awaken from their deep apathy and take notice of how far we have fallen and how much further we can fall if any of the representatives of pernicious republicanism are allowed to succeed.

  • dougom

    Some other reasons:

    1. Senator Rubio as POTUS plus a Republican House and Senate = lots of overseas American military adventurism.
    2. Rubio will undoubtedly continue to expand the “Imperial Presidency” model.

    3. Rubio would not work in any way to curtail the disastrous “War on Drugs”; would he do anything to try to overturn or trump state laws legalizing marijuana? Seems likely.
    4. Would Rubio continue the Bush pattern of putting loyal political hacks in key offices?
    5. He’s a proponent of voter ID laws, and would no doubt be supportive of laws that further disenfranchise traditionally Democratic constituencies.
    6. As a general rule, the economy does much better under Democrats than Republicans. He’s a Republican.
    7. Would he work with a Republican congress to gut Dodd-Frank? Seems likely.

    I could probably come up with more if I tried. IMO the worst danger is the havok he would wreak on the Supreme Court. Just thinking about it gives me the willies. I want so much for Obama to get the chance to name the replacements for Scalia and Thomas, but it’s pretty unlikely.

  • terry b

    All of the current GOP candidates make George Bush look good. Pretty odd thing to have to say but very true. I do not compare Bush to Adolph Hitler but many of the current crop of GOP candidates seem to love many of that monsters policies that he hoisted on Germany. History will be repeated should a republican take the White House. Hitler promised rise of a fourth Reich but nobody thought that something like that would occur in America.

    • What, like nationalized health care? Didn’t Hitler do that? The next step with Obamacare is going to be forcing you to eat shitty food. Why? Because you’re not eating healthy enough and only the government knows what you should be eating.

      • terry b

        Hitler’s Germany did not have a nationalized healthcare program for everyone dumbass. That didn’t happen until decades later. Only a true idiot would know that the majority of American’s do not eat healthy. Obama care does not force anyone to change their eating habits though it does recommend it for health reasons. Do even know what the real similarities to the Nazi party and the GOP are? Only the truly ignorant do not. I suspect that you are one of that rather large crowd. All of our allies have national healthcare plans. Going to bitch about them too? Michael you really need to be a tad more educated if you truly want to discuss these issues and any others out here or anywhere else that deals with the current version of the Nazi party!

    • joe schmo

      That’s because George Bush was a psuedo Republican that most Conservatives loved to hate. The only thing going for Bush was his support of the military.

      Well considering that you all have Mao Clinton to contend with. Wish you all well with that one. I would state…..she’s off to a bad start when the only thing your media can gush over her is what she ordered….. A chicken chipotle salad with ice tea…..Give me a break!

      • terry b

        You mean that Bush wasn’t a member of the rightwing crazies that permeate the current GOP? That would certainly be an intelligent and correct belief. I compare the current GOP to the old Nazi party. I like my politicians to be decent and fair minded. Something that is beyond any of the so called conservative crazies commonly referred to as republicans.

      • SusieQ666

        Those people like Bush who are lauded for “supporting the military” do no such thing. They support the Pentagon and the military contractors, yet when it comes to those who actually volunteer and sign up to serve in the military services, they couldn’t give a s**t. They love those soldiers, sailors and veterans as long as they provide a good photo op. Once those people come home from fighting those “oil wars” on behalf of a few über wealthy families, those “gung-ho” types could care less whether they get appropriate medical care, assistance in finding employment, or even the educational benefits “promised” the recruits when they sign-up. That’s not “supporing the military” in the least!

        To all those who claim to “support the military”, I ask, “How many of you have ever served? And of those who did serve, how many were in combat, in the line of fire?”

        On the streets and sidewalks of our major cities, too many of the homeless population is made up of veterans who didn’t get proper interventional care.

        I don’t want to hear about “supporting the military” by those who supported an administration that failed our veterans when they returned home.

  • dpaano

    If Rubio should happen (and it won’t happen) to win the presidency….I think we should all plan on moving to Cuba!!! We’d have a lot more freedom there than what he’s proposing!

  • Chris19741949

    Would y’all who write this stuff please stop saying “Democrats are afraid” of this or that? We aren’t.