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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Senator Charles Schumer rolls out a bill explicitly designed to force the likes of Facebook founder Eduardo Saverin — who renounced U.S. citizenship for tax purposes — to pay up.

Are we successfully tracking the injuries of American soldiers in Afghanistan?

The fate of John Edwards is now in the hands of the jury as closing arguments in his criminal trial ends.

Get ready for Code-Name Geronimo, also known as “the Osama Bin Laden movie.”

The TED talk on inequality that originally was deemed too partisan to run on the site:

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One response to “The List — May 18 Edition”

  1. SaneJane says:

    Everyone should read Mr. Hanauer’s speech or see the video. I will be forwarding this to my brother-in-law and others who kiss the feet of the rich and consider the “job creators” the engine that keeps our country moving. We are the engine and all we need is some fuel to get things moving.

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