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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Whether it’s his long record of accelerating executions and refusing except when compelled by courts to commute death sentences, his promotion of incompetent, flagrantly political lawyers to top posts in Texas’ legal system where they prevent exoneration, or his comments recently that Texans might treat “treasonous” Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke “pretty ugly,” one has to wonder if the governor’s approach to these issues isn’t so much the product of conservative legal theory or a right-wing attitude about law and order but simply a carnal attachment to state-sanctioned murder.

Consider that Perry has overseen in excess of 230 executions as governor, far more than the executive of any other state in recent history. This figure accounts for about 40 percent of all executions in America since Perry first took office in 2000. He makes George W. Bush seem warm and fuzzy.

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One response to “Maybe Rick Perry Just Likes Killing People”

  1. historyfan says:

    He seems to think that killing people will further his career in a gun and violence culture in TX (how did Molly Ivins come from that same state?). Apparently that’s what you need to get elected in TX. I remember W. pointing out with glee (no other word for his facial expression and tone) saying that a man who had dragged and killed a black man would come get his due. “You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to KILL him!”
    Is life considered so cheap in TX? Why? What’s wrong with these people who elected him?

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