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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Royal Birth Luck

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4 responses to “Meet The Royal Baby”

  1. Jim Myers says:

    Why ridicule the Royal Family? We have plenty of enormously wealthy and powerful families here in the United States.

    The Royals go far beyond fame, celebrity, wealth and power.

    They share nearly unanimous admiration and respect. Something extremely rare here in the United States.

    Some of our wealthy help those less fortunate than themselves. Some scorn those less well off than themselves. Still others treat the poor and middle class like scum, or some sort of disease, sucking all the money out of the “Real” Americans. You know – the wealthy “Job Creators.”

    The ones who create jobs overseas, draining the very lifeblood out of the poor and the middle class. And then look down their noses at us for being who we are. All the while demanding lower taxes and reduced regulations from the politicians they have bought and paid for.

    So, I ask again.

    Why ridicule the Royal Family?

  2. Allan Richardson says:

    I do not think the cartoonist was ridiculing the Royals in particular, but was pointing out that the new prince, along with babies born to most of the wealthy families around the world, will most likely have no MAJOR challenges in life, barring the rare occurrences of medical problems (as the Kennedys and the children of Victoria faced), criminal actions by family members (like the Menendez brothers in California), or civil insurrection or war (as Victoria’s daughter’s family the Romanovs suffered). While the majority of people in war-torn nations (and geographical areas so undeveloped they hardly deserve to be CALLED nations), and significant numbers even in developed industrial democracies, face a daily struggle for survival, and in some countries that should know better, such as ours, the middle class is gradually being pushed down into poverty by a small evil SUBSET of the wealthy and powerful.

    The British Royals (in recent decades), the Kennedys, the Gates family, and a few others with great wealth DO advocate, and personally support, relief for the poor and suffering, and societal “repairs” (known to our Jewish brothers and sisters as TIKKUN OLAM, “fixing the world”) to remove as many causes of poverty as possible. Other wealthy families such as the Kochs, the DeVos and Van Andel families, the Adelsons and the like are supporting the FURTHER impoverishment of middle class people with their political donations.

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