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Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    “Hey, Boris.”
    “What, Ivan?”
    “Listen to this recording we made of Chancellor Merkel complaining about the Americans bugging her phone.”
    “So, this means she hasn’t found ours yet?”

    “I say, Myles, old boy. Have you a mo?”
    “Certainly, Benton, old bean. What do you need?”
    “Listen to this recording of FSG agents discussing the CIA’s bugging of Chancellor Merkel’s office.”
    “Well, Benton, I certainly hope they don’t find our devices.”

    • RobertCHastings

      And Merkel seems to be entirely out of the intel loop. Or, as a conservative, is she playing a game? Is it a problem that she heard a “ping” on her phone, or does she have intel that her conversation (to whomever) was recorded? Do WE or does Merkel know exactly what happened and whether any secrets were gathered or revealed? Let’s face it, folks, EVERYONE’S phone activity is being monitored. But there is a big difference between that and actually listening in on conversations. Our local police can gather a great deal of information from a discarded phone without actually being intrusive.

  • Jim Myers

    How did she know it was an American bug on her phone, as apposed to other
    Germans, the French, the Russians, the Chinese, etc?

    • ralphkr

      Just possibly the “Property of the NSA” sticker on the bug might have given her a clue.

  • Archies_Boy

    THAT’S Obama???!!

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    It is probably true that everyone spies on each other. Technology is so sophistical, just about anyone can now get into the game.

    However, spies used to be thought of as against an “enemy” of one sort of the other. You know, Bond 007 at its finest.

    We don’t need 007 anymore though. Just a phone tap here or there will work just as well and way more cheaply. But, when you do it to your Allie, well, here is where it gets sticky. And, sticky it has gotten and for good reasons.

    People here have given their privacy up in the namesake of security. But, overseas, they take their privacy way more seriously.

    We are dealing with these visions. One is of an open society including snooping in our private lives here. Over there, a private society where there are strict laws that protect privacy.

    I wonder which vision is going to finally win out. I hope their’s does.