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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Even after Mitt Romney lost Michigan to President Obama by 9.5 percent, the state’s Republican governor Rick Snyder still had a 10 percent favorability rating, according to PPP Polls.

That’s changed quickly. After an “inflamed duck” session where Republicans passed and Snyder signed so-called “right to work” legislation cut-and-pasted from an out-of-state Koch brother-funded organization without one public hearing, Snyder’s approval rating is now -18, making him the third least popular governor PPP has measured.

In the same poll, voters said they would elect every Democratic competitor named over the governor. Some wonder if even the hated Ohio State Buckeyes are more popular in Michigan at this point in history.

Additionally, 51 percent of Michigan voters also disapprove of the legislation, which allows workers to benefit from union contracts without contributing dues — 49 percent would like to repeal the law and only 40 percent would keep it.

Snyder was elected as a moderate and by largely staying out of the 2012 election, he maintained that stance. However, his complicity in the attack on unions may have irreparably harmed his brand. Only 32 percent think he now lives up to his self-chosen moniker — “One Tough Nerd.”

Republicans passed a total of 268 bills in the session after the election and before their majority is trimmed in January. The bills include measures to make it much more difficult for women to have a safe abortion, renew the “emergency managers” that voters rejected on the ballot in November and make it nearly impossible to recall state representatives.

Snyder tried to take a step back to the center Tuesday by vetoing a bill that would allow concealed weapons in schools. After the tragedy in Newtown, that idea was too extreme even for Snyder.

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38 responses to “Michigan Governor’s Popularity Nosedives After Anti-Union Bill”

  1. Sand_Cat says:

    They still voted him in, and I’m sure the signs were there for anyone willing to look.

    I wouldn’t bet against his re-election when the time comes, either.

    How anyone could have lived through the last 30 years and still not realize that this kind of thing is lurking just beneath the surface of anyone brazenly shameless enough to still call himself a Republican and to run as one is one of the deepest mysteries in the universe.

    47% voted for Romney and Ryan (how could so many possibly be that ill-informed, stupid, or malicious?), and Obama is acting as if they won, no surprise after watching his first term in which overwhelming popular support and control of Congress just wasn’t enough.

    I’m getting on in years, and I have to hope I don’t live long enough to see those chickens come to roost, but it looks like most of them are here already.

  2. Lynda says:

    Not much of a surprise since the state ranks 5th in union membership. However, it can’t just be union membership alone. I believe that most of us don’t like to see the rights of anyone taken away for political purposes. There will be some payback over this, but it will take time, and in the meantime people will be hurt to satisfy the governors needs.

    • Ed says:

      Always good to remember that the “Right to Work Law” was just one stick in the arsenal that the repubs have used to take freedom away from Michigan citizens. As someone omce said “The republicans believe that every american has the righ to sleep under bridges and beg for food.”!

  3. nobsartist says:

    DICK snyder has been a disaster since he was elected. He is the best thing that ever happened to the Michigan Dem party.

  4. Unfortunately, the anti-labor and anti-middle class lesgislation passed by the Michigan legislature and signed by Gov. Snyder has a totalitarian provision in it that stipulates it can not be overturned by popular vote! Not even Mussolini, Franco, or Castro thought of something that original…

  5. stcroixcarp says:

    He vetoed the guns in schools bill because the bill would allow unionized teachers to pack heat. The second amendment is supposedly protection against government tyranny. Maybe union members and women should arm themselves in response to the tyranny of the state of Michigan. (notice my irony)

  6. Richard Weiner says:

    The 2014 Michigan campaign has to be the Democrats versus the Koch brothers. Don’t refer to any Repub by name. Just “vote for the Democrat, because every Michigan Republican only does what two fat slimebags from out of state tell him to do.” Over and over. Put up billboards of the Koch brothers all over the state. Saturate the airwaves with ads featuring them. Pin every Repub in the state to them. And start that campaign NOW!

  7. The Michigan voters who put all thos repugnicans in office should be ashamed of themselves. They KNOW the repugs are against anything that helps the middle class. Unions have made this a SAFER place to work, stood up for women and equal rights. NOT something any repugs do.

  8. Ed says:

    So the citizens of Michigan should target their legislator representing their district. And the Governor. They should also challenge any law that says the people may not repeal it as a violation of their right to “petition the government”!

  9. The people are waking up to the fact that the GOteaP is a party of insane bigots being led by the nose by the greedy rich.

  10. Snyder is nothing short of a greedy ASSHOLE i bet he can t walk out of his office without looking over his shoulder. He is a total ASSHOLE.

  11. howa4x says:

    A wolf in sheeps clothing always gets discovered. Moderate republicans have to realize that they do not have to lean to the far right to get elected. The voters resoundingly rejected the tealiban message, and republican governors have blinders on if they think that in their state it’s different. Especially if you are in a blue state having run as a purple canidate. The Koch bros have become the poster child of why a majority wants to raise taxes on them. They are not loved by the common middle class people who see them as distant oligarch’s trying to hold on to ultimate power by kicking the middle class in the gut when its down. The Koch bros belong in the south where their racist, sexist, anti gay, enviornment, and anti union attitudes still flourish. All they are doing now is putting the moderate republican party of the north in electoral jeporday. They are trying to implant their reactionay views in areas that are split, and driving independents onto the democratic side of the ballot. Snyder will be the first causualty with Walker close behind. Both states went for Obama over them and showed their dwindling politcal clout. Democrats should thank the Koch’s for all the work that have done to assure a their victory. As for Snyder, already having signed the restrictive abortion bill, will have to go all the way leftward just to get back to the center.

  12. one_veteran says:

    Is not working in a place with a Union but not paying dues to help pay for the benifits gained by the Union eqivilent to “on the dole”? If they choose to not pay dues, they should NOT get any benifits gained by the Union! I live in Wichita, KS (home of the Koch brothers) and I say screw them!

  13. jr_06498 says:

    Some labor union policy are not helping the company, I was working before as a salary employee to the company with labor union and because of my status, I am not allowed to perform or to be trained because I am not a union member.

  14. kanawah says:

    Insted of “One Tough Nerd.”, it should be “One Tough Tu%#”

    Come 2014, hopefully Michigan will be deep dark blue, and he “right to work for less” will be history.

  15. bckrd1 says:

    A.L.E.C. is the biggest threat to us. The damage they are doing to our freedom is insidious.

  16. bckrd1 says:

    Or any candidate that has a Koch, Rove, DeMint. Archer, Palin, etc, you know who they are, anyone who is backed by them or any ad paid for by them is the candidate you DON’T vote for. But be careful because they could be doing the opposite and backing candidates they don’t really want in the hopes you will vote for the guy they really want. Who knows. Just get informed. Ignorance is going to kill us all.

  17. William says:

    He’s just another GOP ass hole that’s going to be kicked out of office in the next election, the problem is, can the damage he did be reversed?

  18. One Tough Nerd?

    More like One Turd’s Enough!

  19. CYNICALZ says:

    Mr. and Mrs union, welcome to Obama’s 2016. Somebody must of liked it because the governor was elected. What next, union employees going to request modification to allow drinking and sharing a joint in the Chrysler parking lot is deserving? Instead of being terminated they were found not guilty as the union runs the place.

  20. onedonewong says:

    This is a great source if you want to waste money. Its a left wing nut polling organization. That has polled such questions as When barak dies will he be admitted to heaven. And is God real

  21. gargray says:

    It is a good thing we elected Obama not Romney.

  22. I remmber Arizona going right to work—-I also remmber my father being mad as heck. I am now 77 yrs young, hate to see what the GOP, TEABAGGERS have done to our country.

  23. Cynicalz– How many non union jobs have u held?? or better are u one of those that have it all.

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