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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Koch Brothers Win, Democracy Loses: Michigan Passes ‘Right To Work,’ Governor Will Sign

Koch Brothers Win, Democracy Loses: Michigan Passes ‘Right To Work,’ Governor Will Sign

Without one hearing or any public comment in the midst of a lame-duck session after an election where Republicans lost five seats in the State House and their presidential candidate lost the state by 9.5 percent, Republicans in both Michigan’s House and Senate have passed so-called ‘right to work’ legislation.

Republican governor Rick Snyder, who campaigned as a moderate and continually said that ‘right to work’ was not on his agenda now, says he will sign the legislation.

Thus Michigan will become the 24th state in the union to pass legislation that bars unions from automatically collecting dues from all employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement. This highly symbolic move to strike at the heart of unions in the state where unionized auto workers helped create the middle class would not be possible without the support of multi-billionaires, specifically the Koch brothers and Rich DeVos, founder of Amway.

The bill that Snyder will sign is nearly identical to model legislation written by Koch-funded group American Legislative Exchange Council. Another Koch-funded group, Americans for Prosperity, has been advocating for the legislation, reportedly pressuring lawmakers including Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, who had previously refused to support the anti-union measure. For the Kochs, the intent of the bill is to clearly to diminish the power of the group that fuels the progressive movement–organized labor.

A group calling itself “Freedom To Work” has deluged Michigan’s TV airwaves in support of the legislation, arguing that the bill would both create jobs and “protect collective bargaining.”

According to state rep. Brandon Dillon, Freedom To Work is funded by Amway’s DeVos, a Michigan resident who ran for governor against Jennifer Granholm in 2006 and lost.

Longtime Michigan political advisor Dana Houle insists that this bill isn’t about making Michigan more competitive, as Governor Snyder suggests. It’s a about enacting a vast scope of right-wing legislation.

“Don’t anyone think that passing ‘right to work’ in Michigan is about economics, about jobs, about business,” Houle said. “It’s about wiping out the political and electoral power of unions so they can’t stand in the way of Dick DeVos electing apparatchiks who will enact his radical religious-right and anti-public schools agenda.”

Outside the Capitol, thousands of union supporters protested and several were hit with pepper spray, including former congressman Mark Schauer.

Unions are considering their options to undo the bills, which were designed so they cannot be overturned by a popular vote.

For those still wondering how ‘right to work’ or ‘right to work for less’ or ‘freedom to freeload’ could happen in a union stronghold like Michigan, take a look at this helpful breakdown of where the AFL-CIO thought the votes would come from. It turns out they were right.

Photo: AP Photo/Carlos Osorio; Chart: AFL-CIO

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  • Michael Kollmorgen

    If this same thing would have taken place a hundred+ years ago, the unions and their supporters would have been rioting in the streets before the legislature even took a vote on it, let alone allowing the governor to sign it.

    The PEOPLE would have never tolerated this sort of crap.

    Our Great Grandparents, some of which died trying to defend union representation, should be turning in their graves about now.

    • That’s about all unions are good for…rioting an such crap (using some of your own words).

      • Fubom

        You are an idiot! Unions brought you the following: Fair wages, 40 hour work weeks, retirement benefits, medical coverage, vacations, safety standards in the work place, and many more advantages that you take for granted. You are truly and idiot, and vote against not only your own best interest, those of your children, if you have any, and their future. Personally I hope you do not have any children, another generation with your rot in their brains is highly undesirable. Workers of America Unite!!!!!

        • 1standlastword

          Without insulting a fellow poster you are absolutely right about the historic benefits of unions and people who value the unions are acutely aware of the protections.

          However, I’ve heard some unions are better than others so republicans are trying to play the numbers again and I predict they will loose again because the republican party is the businessman’ rich folk’ party.

          The working stiffs in this country are wising up to the businessman’ party

          I predict this will back fire on the republicans

          • I sure hope so!!

        • So many people are ignorant of that fact Fubom. I live in a RTW state but remember before we were I had a job with benefits-quite a relief when you have children. oh well so goes the world when money has the loudest voice. Wonder who they will make all their millions off of when none of us can afford to work and have to resort to living off GOVERNMENT you stupid rich idiots.

        • Fubom, you obviously didn’t get the memo that the retirement benefits negotiated by your beloved union is…oh how shall I say this…BROKE! It is unsustainable and there is never enough money to cover the payments. Just read a report on it. You sheeple are being duped and you’re too ignorant to see it.

          Your messiah BO wants to snatch your 401K (those of you who work that is) and nationalize it to help pay for the union retirement benefits. LOLO!!!!!!

          You guys are really not paying attention to what is happening to you. Can hardly wait to see the look on your faces when you figure it out too late. If you’re getting a free check…it’s gonna be cut down the road. But you didn’t hear that from me.


        • oldtack

          If you do a one minute channel surf you will find that Coyote butt for brains is exactly what one would expect. He came from Florida and now lives in Texas. He is a graduate of United Electronics Technologies and is owner of Coyote Electronics on Old Denton Rd. He has a penchant for old western serials like “Lonesome Dove”and waxes emotional over young children singing Gospel music.

          Typical right wing nut job.

          Go on line and you can find him and his quotes, his likes, his dislikes and who knows what. He leaves a wide path.

          Just a troll. Ignore his diatribes.

      • akcoins

        They were also good for getting child labor laws passed (we are not talking about teenagers), weekends, vacation and sick leave, livable wages and health benefits. Your grandparents worked for an honest living? As opposed to all those WWII vets who came home and joined unions didn’t?

      • Yes, you certainly have a coyote brain.Does your brain ask you to go hunting?

      • They are good for making people who disagree with them disappear too. Naw, unions have become commie, strongarm politcal weapons and have literally priced themselves out of business. They were certainly useful in the past, but they like the dems have morphed into lacking common sense and morals.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        You right wing wackjobs LOVE Cherrypicking words, don’t ya………

    • BTW, My grandparents worked for an honest living without bankrupting their own state and paid their taxes without getting overblown entitlements from the liberal gubment.

      • Fubom

        Right, and they hated the Police, firefighters, military personnel, teachers, and any other unionized groups just like you, right? Ya moron.

      • If your grandparents drew Social Security then according to the Republicans they were getting an entitlement and the baby boomer generation paid the money to Social Security that your grandparents drew. You need to change your name because a Coyote has more brains than you do.

        • InsideEye

          All WORKERS pay into SSN, some free-loaders do not and they steal the benfits in a sense, there it is not an entitlement, nor is MEDICARE, we pay into it, but not enoughmto support it .

        • citizenmb

          Bravo Hillbilly! I was thinking in terms of the Coyote who howls at the moon, to no avail, but I second your “brainy” comment.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        Actually, your Grandparents lived in an entirely different time than the one we are living now. There is no comparison between the two.

        During their time, corporations used every conceivable means to quash any union organizing including but not limited to murder.

        It was your great-grandparents and grandparents which enabled much of what we take for granted today by establishing unions across this country.

        You are a fool for wanting to turn back the clock to what it was once like. If you what to see what it was like, it still is very much the same in countries like India, Vietnam, many parts of South America, Africa where slave labor is routinely used, not to mention child labor, unsafe working conditions, extremely low wages.

        You are an example of why our Middle Class is in decline. Grow Up!

    • Any Time The Koch Brothers Wins The American People Loses!!! Why In The Hell Do The Troll That Trolls Here Think That A Win For Them?????? None Of These Fools Are Rich!!!

      • OakenTruncheon

        But they may be on the payroll.

        • I Doubt That They Are Too Stupid For Anyone In Their Right Mind To Hire Them!!!

          • OakenTruncheon

            Right mind? That kinda does beg the question, doesn’t it?

          • LOL You Got A Good Point There!!! LOL

          • onedonewong

            Guess that you and Fern are on welfare then doesn’t it

          • Guess You Know Your Mother Is A Whore!!!

          • onedonewong

            Have you started recovery yet?? Being on crack and welfare and foodstamps?? I realize that life style is part of the colored DNA and has been bred in thanks to slavery. But you seem to forget that slavery also taught colored a trade and it would be nice if you learned one. there are plenty of companies looking for people to clean houses, garden, pick crops

          • Sounds Just Like Your Mother You Know That Bitch Is On Meth Not Crack Meth!!! Rush Limballs Left You A Message He Want His Daily Blow Job!! Better Get To Sucking Bitch!!!

          • onedonewong

            Hows your messiah doing?? Did he provide you with any give aways today??? He has to keep the natives pacified and I do mean natives

          • Did You Remember To Give Rush Limdick His Blow Job Today???

          • OakenTruncheon

            Guess again. What sort of grammar is that, by the way? Guess English isn’t your native language.

      • onedonewong

        The MI legislature was voting on a bill SUPPORTED by the vast majority of the taxpayers of MI. This is a win for Democracy pure and simple

        • Glad I Don’t Live In MI!! I Be So Glad When Your Ugly Ass Learn To Read !! S T O P T A L K I N G T O M E BITCH!!!

          • sikathelibsheet

            I’m glad you don’t live in Michigan too. You might be glad when onedonewong learns to read, but we’ll all be glad when you learn how to talk and spell. “I be glad” “Any Time The Koch Brothers Wins The American People Loses” How about no “s” after “wins” “no “s” after “loses”.” Why In The Hell Do The Troll That Trolls Here Think That A Win For Them” There is an “s” after the first troll, no “s” after the second troll and an ‘s after that, as in that is. What is that? Ebonics? What’s up with capitalizing every word? If you’re trying to shout use all caps.

          • Shut The Fuck Up Asswipe!!

          • 11 Likes LOL

          • Inthenameofliberty

            Your mother must be proud of the upstanding, respectful and courteous young lady that she raised.
            Just. So. Proud.
            Hope you don’t have children. Or I will need to feel sorry for them that their mother has no manners and unfortunately can not pen a grammatically correct sentence: ” I be so glad”.
            Nice. Yes, you should be proud of yourself.
            But that’s ok – I’ll be ashamed for you. You are another example of why this country has NO CHANCE of getting back on its feet.
            Adult humans suck and can never get along. You are one of those. Great job.
            Now I am turning into a disrespectful ass, just like you. Congrats! You win.

          • 4 Likes LOL

          • sikathelibsheet

            With your lack of basic grammar and spelling. I sure hope your employer carries a high medical malpractice insurance policy. I can see where it would be very difficult for someone to read and understand anything you’ve written.

          • With Your Lack Of Not Being Able To Read You Too Can Suck Out Of A Dead Moose Ass !! Tea Bagging BITCH!!!! STFU Talking To Me Cause I Will Rip Your Dumb Ass A New ASSHOLE!!! Kepp It Moving Asshole Nobody Making You Read My Statement BITCH!!! I’m Write The Way I Want To Write Shankonasheet!! You Still Only Got 11 Likes LOL Dumbass Thug!!

      • RobertCHastings

        probably none of the folks in the Michigan legislature who voted for the passage of these laws will be affected by increasing the taxes on the wealthy. They will all be more affected by the collapse of the middle class, and by the ensuing double-dip recession. If our wealthy US Congressmen, making minimum salaries of $160k from their Congressional duties, allow us to go over the fiscal cliff, they will not be affected; but the rest of us will. Many economists stated before the election that, regardless of who won, the economy was on the way to recovery, and Romney’s claim to 12 million jobs over the next four years was attainable. I wonder what they are saying now with the Fiscal cliff a near certainty. I used to laugh at the guys on TV plugging gold. Looks like a good investment, now.

    • 1standlastword

      The republicans are claiming that if people value union representation then they can have it, so the viability of the unions is in the hands of the people.

      Republicans also acknowledge that right to work states have a higher level of poverty because employers naturally prefer to pay less than living wages: so, based on the wages–why wouldn’t all employees prefer union representation?

      If right to work legislation gives employees a choice they previously didn’t have, and if union sponsorship assures higher wages then people it seems reasonable that most all employees should choose union representation.

      If employers don’t discriminate against people in the hiring process by selecting a certain kind of employee over another: that is if there isn’t some kind of “values screening tool for candidate hirees” then this conservative legislation should back fire like on conservatives in the way everything else they’ve tried since Obama’ WH

      • onedonewong

        You’ve answered your own question that the Dem talking points have no basis in logic and are made up. If the Dems were truly interested in full employment and people making a living wage they would be opposed to illegals living and working in the US and demand that they be deported rather than be allowed to stay under barak

    • The worst part is that language is being introduced in this legislation to ensure a popular vote cannot overturn this decision. Sounds like totalitarianism to me…

      • Throw every one of them that votes for it out the next time they come up for elections, then, have a vote to revoke it

        • RobertCHastings

          This all came about because of the 2010 election, when the Dems became complacent. The Republicans took over the House of Representatives, and dozens of state legislatures. With those wins, they were the wons who were allowed to redraw voting districts aroound the country because of the 2010 Census. Though the Democrats have won the national election, they still do not have control of state legislatures, which WILL continue to pass legislation such as we see today in Michigan.

          • That’s Why I Said We Should Pledge To NEVER Have Another 2010 Election Ever Again In Life!!! I Voted, I Always Vote Cause I Know That Every Election Is Important And ALL Votes Counts!!!! Come 2014 Time To Get Back To Cleaning House People!!!

          • The people that voted these reps in made a big mistake and they still don’t realized what they did.They think that they are messing the demo up but instead they are messing themselves up.Now, this people probably won’t get a raise for a lon,long time.Pity when one is not well informed about what or how one is voting for.

          • Did you also voted these reps in.And if you did why.It sounds like you regret it.Also what counts is that you are aware of what these reps are doing.From what I heard, they ran on jobs.Where are the jobs.All they doing is attacking the people by the thing they have been doing and that ‘s no job.I call this destruction.Attack on women,attack on spanish,attack on blacks. Look at what this pathetic McCain did to Mrs. Rice.Pure accussation.You know they really messd up with all of Obama supporters for a long time.Are these reps trying to make this country a communist place? I only started to pay attention to politics two years ago just to see what was going on.And can’t believe the things that’s going on specially with these reps.They really earning some people hate specially mine.


          • CPANewYork

            The Democrats should organize a recall vote to get rid of Snyder.

      • onedonewong

        The vote happened in Nov and was defeated by 15%. MI voters are opposed to required union membership

        • Inthenameofliberty

          Yes – freedom in this country means that I should be able to decide whether or not I wish to join a union. It is not American that I be forced to do so.

          • Progressive Patriot

            Who is your President for the next four years (even if you, personally didn’t vote for him)? That is democracy.

            Unions are a democratic organization of workers within a place of employment. If some are allowed to reap the benefits, without paying their fair share, that’s Welfare.

            Seriously, without Unions, we are just Serfs to the Feudal Industrial Lords. The Middle Class fades. Our quality of life continues to decline. Democracy dies.

          • Inthenameofliberty

            ‘Democracy is a sheep and two wolves voting on dinner.
            Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote.’

            We are NOT a democracy. We are a constitutional republic. I did not make it so. Yet so many Americans believe we are a Democracy.
            We are not.

            Perhaps I am not being fair. I have never been in a union. Yet, I have heard hundreds of stories from my friends, pros and cons, about their being a part of a union.

            So sorry to say – MANY more negatives then positives. Because the heads of the unions stop listening to their members. Because the heads of the unions stay in power and become corrupt.

            I understand that unions have done very many positive things. I get it. Unfortunately, too many have gone down the wrong path.

            People keep saying that ‘some reap the benefits without paying their fair share’. Well, what happens when the ‘some’ don’t agree with the ‘many’ and the ‘some’ are actually the ones in the right? To hell with the ‘some’, in this instance? What happens when the leaders are wrong, yet no one can do anything to stop them? Again, to hell with the ‘some’? Why should people be forced to back leaders that they are morally and ethically opposed to? Who fixes the union leaders when they are broken? WHO?

            I want to know. Convince me. Convince me that more unions do good than do bad. Convince me. I watched union members throw punches today [on the internet] towards someone that was backing Right to Work.

            What the hell is wrong with people? When did it become ok for grown men to physically intimidate someone who disagrees with them? What is WRONG with our country?

            My teacher once told me ” you don’t need to love your neighbors. But you need to respect them’.

            Where is the common decency and respect from a union member who punches someone who disagrees with them. I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT.

            So if we live in your world of a Democracy then people should be allowed to back Right to Work without fear of physical reprisal. After all, you keep saying this is a Democracy, right? Freedom of speech and all that.

            Or, is it just Freedom of Speech as long as the speaker agrees with your viewpoint?

          • I’ve been trying to tell these people what democracy really is. They are so under a kool-aide trance that it is almost scary.

            These are people who are voting in our races, who have no concept of the difference between a democracy (mob rule) and a constitutional republic (rule of law) which is what America is. They see “republic” and think republican. Yes, their comprehension skills are lacking.

            I see a way to remedy this problem for future generations. Make the Constitution of the United States required learning from K-12 and pass the test to graduate from high school. Twelve whole years to learn the Constitution is not too much to ask.

            Parents can also make sure their children read, understand and know what the Constitution means and what it stands for.

            Maybe one day we can have some common sense in a small constitutional government as was the original intent.

          • DurdyDawg

            No, it’s one out of a hundred who makes the most noise while demanding you focus on. You say the unions are corrupt as if the other institutions (big pharma, oil moguls, corporations and politics) are immune. All organizations needs to be scourged and cleaned up.. That we point only at one is allowing the others to run amok. Yes, where humans are concerned, in all instances (given time) each will become corrupt.. our misfortune is that we don’t have nor allow if we did, advocates who would watch these money pits but then again it has occurred and with time the human element became corrupt in that instance as well. We can only hope that these institutions will do the right thing, when we become intent on destroying one then the others will weasel in and offer us no hope at all.

          • Progressive Patriot

            Inthenameof… Please direct me to the words in the constitution that clearly spell out that we are a Constitutional Republic? That is an area that I am not sure of.

            As for convincing you of the good unions do; just slow down for a minute, and take a look at our lives, the lives of the poor, and working classes, before unions. People burned to death in fires, locked inside by their employers. Children worked 12 or more hour days, 6 days a week. If you got sick, you were fired. The Robber Barons hired police officers to shoot, club and kill striking workers. Talk about intimidation. The boss was essentially a feudal lord and master. Where is the Liberty in that?

            Yes, Unions have done far more good than bad; and yes some can be very corrupt too.

            That being said, I see that as Union membership drops, so does middle class income. Down go benefits, many have no insurance, no retirement. Safety drops and accidents and mortality on the job rises dramatically. That is what I’m focused on right now. Right now, I’m not seeing a lot of Union intimidation. In Right To Work states, use of welfare and the social safety nets rises, so that We The People end up subsidizing low wages with corporate welfare. Also, I’m seeing a lot of intimidation of workers by CEO’s, and Businesses. I’m seeing thugs like Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Kasich, and Snyder trying to force anti-union legislation without allowing for debate. These are the real villians, the broken leaders that you are referring to. And since this is a democracy, We The People are responsible to “fix'” our broken leaders, by speaking out against them, and working to vote them out of office.

            I only wish I had a Union in my profession, as work demands have risen exponentially, income has declined significantly. Can’t talk about Union intimidation of workers, but I agree that nobody should be punched in the nose. Still, I’m reminded that many workers paid for the benefits we have today with their lives, and now the corporate masters are trying to take it all back, so that they can have even greater profits, while we are forced to work two and three jobs, just to pay the bills. And let’s not forget that plenty of corporate fat cats (like the Walton’s) have employed untold numbers of intimidation tactics, in order to prevent or discourage Unions. How is that not an assault on our freedom to organize?

            So, I guess that the whole,”Freedom of Speech as long as the speaker agrees with you,” part of your rant is your issue, because I’ve never suggested anything except freedom of speech; wether you agree with me or not. Perhaps you hear more anti-union flack because you hang out with the Repubs and Libertarians.
            I’ve heard that Sheep story you mentioned above, told by a Wall Street Hedge Fund Fellow in a documentary about the how Big Banks and Wall Street contributed to the recession. He didn’t like democracy, either. Of course, he likes the inequity just the way it is.
            As for me, I feel the need to speak out loud and clear, and push back against the loud and misleading Fox News, corporate media echo chamber. How come your not equally outraged by Big Businesses assault on the rights of We The People?

        • Progressive Patriot

          I’ve heard, on MSNBC and The National Memo, that only 6% of Michiganders polled, approved of RTW.
          What did you hear?

          • onedonewong

            You left off the 5 before 6

          • Progressive Patriot


          • onedonewong

            Detroit Free Press and the Wash Post

        • onedonewrong, these fools don’t realize that joining a union means less money on their paychecks. It’s not about the Koch Brothers at all.

          These are also fools who are content with their government handouts paid for others who work everyday. Most here are uneducated, as evidenced by the nonsensical posts and atrocious spelling, and refuse to use their own brains for some much needed research.

          The time they spend spewing juvenile and idiotic nonsense would be better spent doing due diligence. Instead it is easier to just suck the life blood of others like the vampires that they are. They are exactly the types the government loves. Sheeples with free phones oblivious to what is obvious. I guess it can get pretty busy burning up 250 free phone minutes on BS phone calls.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            This issue along with many other current issues is exactly what this is about; power versus those that don’t have power.

            Yes, this very much involves people like the Koch Brothers, huge Corporations and their cooperating politicians.

            These entities have been acting as if they are not responsible to no one other than themselves. Our Supreme Court has even given these Corporations right similar to actual human beings.

            And, this is how Corporations and the people such as the Koch Brothers like it; less competition, quashing labor at any cost, including decimating our environment in the process.

            Ever since Reagan busted the Aircraft Controllers Union the demise of Unions has had a direct effect on the Middle Class; lowering our standard of living in particular, outsourcing of our jobs, our technology and our county’s wealth to countries such as China. This has also minimized the POWER of the Middle Class.

            They use such handy catchphrases like Globalization as an excuse to claim: “If we don’t lower our wages here in the US, China will beat us at our own game”. This is true overall.

            I don’t care how low you lower wages, you can never compete with wages such as what is paid in China, India, Viet Nam.

            Even with Modernization such as robotics taking the place of the hourly worker, you still can not compete. It was tried 13 years ago in the Plastics Industry. Companies thought by investing into Robotic Plastic Routing Machinery, that would give these companies the “edge”. They were wrong. There are hundreds of empty building across this country where companies went bankrupt trying to play that game.

            The only solution is to bring back our Industrial Jobs, primarily our Hard Industries. Put in place high tariffs on all imported industrial products. This will allow our companies once again to manufacture our own products for purchase by our own citizens.

            To hell with the rest of the world. We don’t need them. At one time, not too many years ago, the US was virtually self-sufficient.

            We need to take care of our own people. And, if that means to some, re-distribution of wealth, so be it.

            Yes, I will agree, “some” unions over the years has been granted too much control and power. But, this is not the norm.

            Most Unions afford the common worker equal access to wages, bennies, worker safety. Without them, we will return to the days of child labor, unsafe working conditions. OSHA is nothing more than an insurance company for the company to NOT pay damages. So is the Workers Compensation Program.

            The only security we have against the power of the corporation is Unionization.

          • CPANewYork


            When they handed out brains, you must have been the last in line and didn’t get any.

      • A federal suit will be bought on constitutional ground. Possibility much will be ruled as unconstitutional. See Wisconsin ruling.

    • the ppl. are getting to soft and stupid . thy should take up money donations and put a contract on the pair of kroch bro,s and realy tee that pair of nuts that swing in a bulls sack but making the contract a sale like a two for one hit .

      • sikathelibsheet

        Typical union thug mentality. If you don’t get your whinny way you call for the assassination of someone you disagree with.You should be arrested for domestic terrorism.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Why not? Wasn’t it the Tea Party calling for Obama’s death at least an a assassination attempt as well?

          Sure looked like it to me.

          To me, if it smells and looks like its a call for an assassination, it probably is.

          • sikathelibsheet

            Really??? When??? Where??? If you are claiming it, prove it. You can’t because it does not exist. Only in your mind.

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            Do I really need to go though all the video that was taken and point out every little detail that any same person would notice as being rather vile?

    • DurdyDawg

      Only because of the ignorance of their offspring who have believed for decades the propaganda that the word ‘union’ represents communism and that the benefits floating around because of it was directly associated with humanistic employers instead of this corrupt body.. How wrong they’ll realize (too late) when they discover twenty years from now that their hourly pay has not increased and those nice benefits (vacation, sick leave, etc,) is just an old man’s memory. They actually think ‘right to work’ relates to their well being, their future.. Hell, we’ve all been free to decide which job we wanted to get into so long as there was openings.. What will right to work add to this reality? It’ll add “You’re Fired” as a reason that will no longer carry any employer consiquence.

      • citizenmb

        Love the caroon, DurdyDawg! Your comment underlines that truth; unions kept workers from being boxed in by employers who would consider their hirees as mere cattle, to be turned out to pasture, or worse, if their wishes ruled the labor force. But the Big Boys (not many Girls!) just keep trying, anyway.

    • Ummm….no. Our forefathers fought for FREEDOM. Not unionization. Why do you guys insist on building prisons for yourselves?

    • onedonewong

      We fought a war over Slavery and MI has finally is now compliant with the 13 amendment. Why have a constitution if you can just ignore it??

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        Our Constitution is a piece of Trash!

        Everything in it is NOT Guaranteed in any form, only concepts.

        I could argue about this all day long. But, why bother, you have your mind set and wouldn’t be open to anything of any major thought.

    • Very true. Once again, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Lots of blood shed to give the working man a safe and livable wage job.

    • RobertCHastings

      100 years ago, the government woould have sent in armed troops. Most major industries 100 years ago had their own militias to counter the unions, in many cases they were more powerful and more effective than the police. Thanks to the unions, this activity has stopped, and unions are able to operate freely (or, should I say, WERE allowed). These laws, along with those enacted in Wisconsin, are setting back the era of improvements in conditions and wages for workers who are unionized. Because things have, seemingly, improved over the past 40 – 50 years for the middle class, there has been a growing complacency around the country toward unions, and a general willingness to overthrow them. God help the middle class if this happens. If the unions go under, we will see a return of millions of jobs to this country, with lower wages and abominable working conditions, and the cycle will have to repeat itself.

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        We are probably never going to bring back Slavery as it once was. But, we have instituted Economic Slavery for the entire population of the US by the demise of Unions and policies that keep people poor.

        I can’t believe people would actually vote against their own self-interest and the general welfare of their fellow man. But, knowing the typical American, this seems to be the case more and more.

    • Michael this one went right over your heard, you missed the point. Republicans were bought out by the Corperations….> they want to use us only as cheap labor,
      look at Wall-Mart, largest employer in US, and worst record for taking care of workers (37hr work week) to the point most are on State or Fed aid!!
      Weakend Union mea
      s less push-back from the left to the Corporations taking over America!

      • Michael Kollmorgen

        Of course, these Republicans are bought out by Corporations way before they even get elected.

    • montanabill

      Did you watch television coverage?

  • Why shouldn’t it not be okay for someone be able to work without joining a union if they didn’t want to? Seems like strong armed tactics on the part of the unions.

    • johninPCFL

      They can. What this means is that if the union negotiates a better contract and you are covered, you don’t have to pay for it. It’s a ‘frredom to freeload’ bill – let the union members pay for the negotiator, you get all the negotiated benefits for free.

    • I agree with you 100% Lisa. Forcing someone to join a union is almost communistic. Let the freedom ring!

      • As usual the right wingers talk about freedom, that is freedom to be paid less or work part time only, freedom to not have health care benefits, paid sick days or paid vacation. I have never been in a union but understand their worth from having relatives who worked in union jobs. Well freedom has rung in Michigan and workers there will be paid less and not get benefits they would if they had a union job.

      • Since you do not want people to join unions, do you think that the ones that don’t join should get the same benefits and pay as the ones that do join and pay union dues? I don’t . If you don’t want to join the union fine but you shouldn’t get the benefits and pay that the union members because the union isn’t representing you just its members.

      • Progressive Patriot

        Your comment brings to mind that most communistic of events that occurred about 148 years ago, MrPayback Coyotebrains. As true now as it was then?

        “Forcing someone to join a union is almost communistic.” Wasn’t that Abe Lincoln who said that?

        Let Freedom Really Ring! Union Yes!

    • ChristoD

      Simple answer Lisa. Ever heard of a Democracy ? THAT is what a Union is. It is voted on by all workers who work for a firm and if the Union is accepted by the majority of the voting workers, the Union REPRESENTS the workers and the workers are part of that Democratic body. Soooo, just like we pay takes for infrastructure, security, retirement benefits, etc. so must Union members for THEIR benefits and the common good of the Union.

      I find what happened in Michigan as repulsive. It is pure unadulterated partisan politics at its’ obnoxious worst. The REPUGNicans are at it again. They are ignoring the will of Union democratic charters in the hopes of ‘breaking’ unions ala His Excellency Ronald Reagan did to PATCO. Another notch in the belt of the REPUBNicans bowing to the wishes of their self serving party and the uber rich. Well done REPUBNican dictators ! You continue to create your alternate reality and make utter fools of yourselves. (This coming from a non-union retired Marketing Executive).

      • InsideEye

        It is not a Democracy to to have be forced into a union…it is than Tyranny or Dictatorship. Let people join if they want to. there are enough NLRB laws on the books to protect workers rights if abused we all stick together on that.

        • ChristoD

          OK InsideEye, should a citizen of the US NOT want Democracy they still have to pay taxes. Are they living under a Tyrannical or Dictatorial government or just simply doing what the law requires and frankly what is right and fair since they are the recipients of all of the benefits that the government provides ? The FEDERAL law states that if you are a member of the union you pay dues for the ressons I wrote. Your position is not true UNLESS the workers vote out the Union. We, as a country need to stop splitting hairs and recognize that there are some things we don’t like but they are what they are and they are right and fair based on laws and historical precident. I find that the REPUGNican party is all about throwing the ‘right and fair’ out the window in favor of ideology. This law will be challenged and thrown out, of that I am certain.

    • No one is forced to join the union. It is voluntary. When I went to work in a union shop, I was asked if I’d like to join. I did and I am glad I did. It was well worth it for $42/ month. The health insurance alone was worth it. Emergency surgery is not cheap.

    • Fubom

      Keep drinking the kool aid Lisa. It is working.

    • akcoins

      Because they reap the benefits that the union members paid dues and fought for. They want the benefits but don’t want to pay. I guess that makes them 47%ers.

    • jointerjohn

      Lisa, ChristoD did a pretty good job answering your question. To work in a union shop and not hold membership is like attending a dinner banquet without buying the ticket. You take the benefits without paying your fair share. Imagine attending a church, refusing to join or tithe, then expecting to get help from the members welfare fund when something goes wrong. Neither of my examples is the moral ethical way to live, and neither is enjoying the fruits of collective bargaining without paying your fair share. It’s just not what decent, conscientious people do. It disappoints me that so many Americans are willing to work right beside their fellow employees and behave so shamefully as to freeload the small cost of their union dues. They’re certainly not coworkers who would look out for you if you were about to accidentally step in front of a lift-truck or something. They are basically saying, “to hell with you all I care about is myself.” Despicable.

    • If you get all the benefits, pay, insurance, vacations, pensions etc that the unions provide including job protection then you should support the unions by paying your unions dues!

    • metrognome3830

      It is OK, Lisa. Anyone is free to go work in a non-union workplace. Even in a non-right-to-work state. But, if you want to work in a unionized establishment and take advantage of higher wages and benefits, then you pay dues like everyone else at that job. Otherwise you are taking advantage of wages and benefits and not paying the dues. What do you see as fair about that? Even when you choose to work at a non-union job you are most likely to benefit from union-negotiated benefits and wages. When people are able to work at a union job but not pay the dues — well, unfortunately, many of them will elect to forgo paying a few bucks in dues and reap the benefits anyway. The only purpose of Right-To-Work laws is to take revenue away from the unions to the point that they will no longer be able to operate. Then you will find out the hard way just what the aim of Right-To-Work laws really is. If you think they are for your benefit, I have some shares in a gold mine — that I am sure will start producing any day now — to sell you.

  • Unions have almost destroyed America. The Michigan law is “RIGHT” law.

    • johninPCFL

      Other than creating the middle class, of course. So what in the hell are you blabbering about?

    • Another paid poster for the Republicans and anti workers rich. I hope that they aren’t paying you well and you have nightmares because of your lies about unions. Have an unrestful day and night.

      • metrognome3830

        Don’t even bother replying to Coyotebrains. He doesn’t have anywhere near the brains of a Coyote. I would call him a Jackass but most of them are smarter than he is, too.

    • old_blu

      Why do you think the Koch brothers are backing this? Do you think they have the best interest of the people in mind? Hell no they don’t, they are self serving ass holes and anything they back is only good for them. Jeeezz open your eyes and put down the Kool-Aid.

  • bbezaire

    The majority of voters in Michigan approved of this legislation. They voted for a Democratic president but in favor of politicians who support individual decision rights and opposed forced unionism

    • johninPCFL

      It’s not about forced unionization. It’s about paying for what you get. The union members pay for the benefits negotiator, the freeloaders get the benefits for free.

  • Union thuggery on the way out in Michigan now. It’s about time dontcha think?

    • oldtack

      You soundd a lot like old “catfish” that lives over in the Allen/ McKinney area.Is that whole area of Texas as mind polluted,biased and racist as you two are? All of your postings bear an eerie semblance of hatred for anyone or anything that threatens your perceptions of Religion or Politics.

  • oldtimedemocrat

    Why should someone be forced to pay union dues that go to a political party they don’t approve? Why shouldn’t the $100 million be kept by workers who don’t want it going to democrats?

    • johninPCFL

      Because the union negotiator doesn’t work for free, but now the non-union employees get his services for free. It’s appropriately named the ‘freedom to freeload’ act.

      • oldtimedemocrat

        Are all union members too stupid to negotiate and sell their skills to their employer?

        • johninPCFL

          No, they can do that just fine.

          So, let’s see. 350,000 autoworkers in three companies. And they’d, of course, be negotiating their employment anually. So the individual auto companies would be negotiating with 500 employees per workday. So, to do that, they’d need a few hundred more HR people, right?

          Seems like negotiating with one union rep makes a TON more financial sense, doesn’t it?

    • Sheri Crosby

      So it’s okay with you that corporations to take money out of the pockets of workers and/or their pensions or wages that people have worked hard for and give it to super pacs of their political choosing that work to keep wages and benefits down while striking down any regulations that keep corporations from harming families and entire communities. You are willing to make corporations your keeper/dictator/doctor and government representative. This legislation is does nothing for the economy – its only purpose is to weaken the unions’ ability to raise money so that it can do less and eventually break them altogether.

      • Progressive Patriot

        Way to go Sheri! What is the National Chamber of Commerce? A union of corporations! Nobody says a word about their outright attempts to buy and influence our political system with their billions. Without Unions, there is no Middle Class.

    • Union members vote on which party they want to make money donations to and because the Democrats represent the workers better than the Republicans ever have the members vote for the money to go to the Democrats. If their is a tie in the vote then they split the money between the two parties.

    • Progressive Patriot

      Maybe when the Repubs decide to put forth policies that are good for workers, the Unions will support them too.

  • firebirdrancher

    Lisa, While I think your comment on the surface is a fair one, I have to tell you that I live in a right to work state (one of the first) and we have one of the widest disparitites between uber wealthy and unbelievable poor. Our average wages are of course below the national average. We continually loose middle class. I have lived in many non-right to work states and the differences between them and this one are stark. I think the idea of getting new business to settle in Michigan will be at the cost of the middle class. I don’t think the uber wealthy need any more “help” in order to get even more uber wealthy.

  • ChristoD

    FU Rick Snyder ! You are a TRAITOR to the American Dream and should be tried for High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Union and non-union workers of Michigan, start your engines in preparation for the next Governors election and throw this as—– and his cronies out in the street.

    • How did the legislature and the government become Republican ? It’s clear that Michigan voters elected them.Even though the media depicts the GOP as evil,racist,and greedy people.

      • ChristoD

        Lawrence, what the hell kind of question is that ? I am not questioning who elected whom, I am responding to ACTIONS by the politicians. Please read what I wrote and it MAY make sense to you. I am not a media person and frankly make my own opinions about what I have been involved in in my own personal life and what I WITNESS based on comments from politicians themselves. THAT is how I make judgements or form opinions. The media has NOTHING whatsoever to do with Republicans being called anything they do not deserve in spite iof many on the right willing that to be the case. Evil, racist and greedy applies to those people who have DEMOSTRATED that they deserve the label and rightfully so because they have demonstarted that that is what they are. Now, if you want to comment on everything I wrote, have at it but cherry picking doesn’t work for me to respond.


    • johninPCFL

      This is even better. The union members pay for the negotiator, the negotiator gets the benefits package, and the freeloaders get the benefits.

    • Must be a minimun wage earner going nowhere, eh Julie?

    • Progressive Patriot

      How so, Kuether Julie? How did you come to this self-sabotaging belief that Union Workers are thugs?

  • AlfredSonny

    1836: Remember the Alamo
    2014: Remember the Labor

  • Cuvac

    Nice country, where the superrich taliban gets more and more power.

    Republicans are not here for the workers, the workers are here to fund the republicans.

    So funny to see the poor rednecks voting for the rich freeloaders.. LOL

    Every country gets the regime they deserve…

    Greetings from Holland where the situation is not much better and the workers are squeezed and where the rich dont feel nothing at all.

  • ram1020

    Everybody that works in Michigan wins. The Union Bosses lose. Does Koch Industries have factories in Michigan, or are you just trying to drum up hate against the name? Amway has skin in the game.

    • Koch brothers don’t have to have any business interest in Michigan to stick their nose and money in the debate. All they want is to take this country back to the time before there were unions and safety regulations that gave the workers a safe place to work and to make a decent salary. It would not surprise me to see the Koch brothers try and do away with the child labor laws and other work places safety regulations.
      I live in a right to work state and as all have posted living in a right to work state means lower salaries, no benefits and no health insurance. A lot of people in the right to work states are working sometimes 2 or 3 jobs and still have to get food stamps to feed their families so they can use their salaries to pay the rent or mortgage, utilities, life insurance, buy clothing for family members and if they have to have a car to get to work car payments or bus fare with no extra money if a medical emergency happens That is why the corporations and people like the Koch brothers want states to become right to work states so they will have more money to put in their overseas accounts(Cayman Island).

      • hillbilly is right on. This is not an issue of freedom or even politics . It is an issue of human rights . Why do you think Unions began in the first place ; to counteract the abusiveness of the ” Gilded Age” industrialists who were reaping obscene profits on the backs overworked middle class workers. The Koch bros. and all the others of their ilk have enjoyed a continually decreasing tax rate since the 1950’s. Their wealth has grown over 200% over the past 20yrs. They think the best way to be competitive in the global markets is to bring the pay rates of India and China to the American shores.They can not do that while the Unions protect the workers. Thus the need to subvert the Unions, with the ultimate goal being their elimination . The Unions have no more or less corruption than any other group of people.The corruption is not systemic, it is inherent to the individual leaders of the Unions, depending on the level of greed they allow. This is no different to the corruption in wall st. or in the state or federal governments. But you do not destroy the process , that has produced a better way of life for Americans than any other country in the world , to reward the greed of the 1% ,whose only goal is to further increase the income inequality that already exists. Unions are a basic foundation of this country , and they must not be allowed to become non-existent.

  • without unions the middle class will shrink and work conditions will continnue to go downhill

  • ram1020

    That generally isn’t true. You still have a union shop, and in most contracts, all covered employees pay dues, members or not. This will prevent job sites from being specifically union or non-union, so if you have a storm, you won’t have to turn away help from Alabama utilities because they aren’t union.

    • jg112

      That is a Fairy Tale that you repeating from people who have no idea what they are talking about. No utility workers wer turned away by anybody. I know, I was there

  • The reason the rich don’t want the union in their jobs is because they would be force to pay their workers a descent salary. Pay a portion of their health care, pension and give the serverence pay if they close their business down. I worked in a right to work state. When we picket the people who was not a member got the same benefits we want the picket lines for . Remember the squeaky wheel get what they deserve. As long as we let the rich have their way and the people we elect work for them. We will continue to have jobs close down and workers who have been their for 30yrs not get what they deserve. Your Gov. is not doing you a favor. Ask Illinois and Ohio and any other state where big business have no union. Wal-Mart is a great example of that.

  • Snyder and devos are a couple of right wing NUTBARS and greedy REPUKE ASSHOLES.

  • ram1020

    I know that they would want you to believe that about work conditions, but there are federal laws that prevent that now that didn’t exist when that was true. Labor is a competitive market just like anyting else.

    • Federal laws that aren’t always enforced when the Republicans are in charge , look at how many times Robert Anderson a Virginia Coal mine owner has been fined for unsafe working conditions that have caused the loss of lives and how many times he hasn’t paid the fines nor repaired the unsafe working conditions he was fined for. He also got all the money rewarded to the families of the miners killed overturned and hasn’t paid a cent to their families because it is rumored that he bought the judgeship for the judge that overturned the judgments against him.

    • Progressive Patriot

      Right now it is an employers market, by far (thanks to free trade, off shoring, and greed), And they are taking full advantage of it. Reducing hours, benefits;, increasing work demands and decreasing wages (except for CEO’s).
      I still can’t get over the gaul of Greenspan saying that his job was to create a level of uncertainty for the American worker. This anti-worker sentiment is really top down stuff.

      The Aristocrats use their massive profits (wealth transfered to their own pockets, direct from the middle class) in attempts to deregulate, and rewrite the laws in their favor. They use their corporate media to pound the airwaves, besmirching the reputation of Workers and Unions. That’s what happens when corporations are allowed to stay on Corporate Welfare for so long. They invest the wealth that they transfered from workers and the middle class into transforming our government from a democracy, into a Corporatocracy.

  • The Koch brothers are going after unions for two reasons: (1) self interest, and (2) ideology. “right to work” is a euphemism used to describe taking advantage of blue collar workers. The goal is to eliminate or undermine all the gains achieved by organized labor during the last century, ranging from the minimum wage, to overtime pay, paid vacations, paid Holidays, participation in thrift plans, safety regulation. The ideal worker for people like the Koch brothers is one willing to accept whatever they offer them, without complaints, and total passivity. Their nemesis is a blue collar worker who expects a livable wage to support his family, and benefits comparable to those in other industrialized nations. In summary, they prefer modern-day slavery without an overseer and a whip.

    • Progressive Patriot

      So true, Mr. Vila,

      They suffer from a multi-generational grudge left over from their Daddy. They are out to destroy the New Deal, and restore the Gilded Age. They’ve been raised from pups to hate us. They believe that they are better, and are entitled to EVERYTHING!
      They are the population out liers. Like Romney, they lacked for nothing from birth to present, and failed to develop empathy.

  • BettyBenson

    Did you note who the major backers were for this piece of legislation? The Koch Brothers and another Zionist, DeVos. The right-wing and their puppet-masters are still trying to bring this country down. Do you have any opinion about this Americans? If you have – voice it loud and clear and prevent your State from passing this Right to Work legislation (which eliminates all collective protections to keep you from getting screwed by the corporations). Also, Governor Snyder – who originally said Right to Work was not on his agenda – is now signing it. He has obviously been coerced to change his position.

    • citizenmb

      I am appalled by your reference to “Zionism” to the point that I question if you know that it refers to the Jewish people who have long been supporters of the little guy, having been in those shoes themselves due to such comments as yours. I am a Catholic, but respect all religions that teach love and forgiveness to every race, religion, and ethnic group.

  • nagena

    There have been Good Republicans before, and, God willing, will be again. But the present bunch, with such as Romney, McCain, and others even smaller to list, are not of that tradition. What will spur the better type again, is for a very long space of time to elapse as the GOP quietus in the wilderness. Being myself by age one year off the three-quarters of a century, I pray I shall rest without the resurgence, Amen. nagena

  • 1AmericanHoney27

    For many years my father worked for Carpenter’s Local 213… His union dues guaranteed him a comparable wage… Insurance at a reasonable cost and over-time any time he worked over 40 hrs aweek…. Frickin non union Yankee’s (scabs) came to Texas and worked for chump change.. no insurance benefits and as many hours as they were we required with straight time pay…. This is seriously another way for the Fat Cat Asshole company owners to stick it to the middle-class while trying to keep them working yet for near minimum wage…. Anyone backing a move like this is in need of some serious therapy…… Well they say Dumbasses are borned every day …. Non-unionwork ethics is exactly why places like Wal-Mart make billions in profits while screwing over their employees without as so much a kiss or K-Y…. Give me a break from stupidity… Just when ya think people can’t act any dumber… SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!

  • karinursula

    I believe that such big changes to the law should be voted on by the people who live in that state.

  • hapsterpolly

    From Lisa’s comment, the voters and pro-union people did a horrible job educating the public. If the people of Michigan voted for a right-to-work state, then wish them good luck and move on. If they are among the folks who think like Lisam then they desire what they let happen. Forget the Koch crooks, blame the voters who wallow in going through life uninformed.

    • Progressive Patriot

      We’ve still got 26 states to save, hapsterpolly. It’s not time to throw in the towel. It’s time to get mad and fight back.
      But I do agree with you, they did do a lousy job of selling that proposition. Do you think the Michigan Citizens were still traumatized from the Governor’s “emergency plan,” that took control of local governments if they struggled to balance their budget? That Brownshirt Policy ought to be enough to tell you what kind of guy, Snyder really is.

  • The reps voters ask for it and they got it.Now, these employers will do what ever they please when ever they please.So, now Michigan went back on history for the sake of a little job.But they will be crying soon.

  • L feel sorry for those poor people .I can’t imagine having to take a lot less pay in order to work at the same job that got them into a decent living and a home justto loose it so the rich can have their money and not even need it .This what happens in King and Queen lands the rich rape the poor to death .This is to much to fast of course every one needs the right to work but that is un called for and completely un fair to the working class and it will spread .I don’t like and have never liked the unions unfair ness to the average American but fair is fair to drop the pay rate so fast and hard should be crime for the rich the CEO should have to make it up .and they should have to work hired outside person in on a 1 to 5 basis or some thing to make it hit a lot slower or no pat drop at all .I like all the bad comments about the unions but let’s also be fair OK .I always wanted union pay and benefits but I had to get mine a different way like on a commission basis and things it was hard very hard I just hope something good does come out of it .

  • akcoins

    ram1020: And it was the unions that brought about those changes in federal law.

  • Progressive Patriot

    Snyder is just a lacky for the Koch’s, DeVos and other members of their anti-worker, anti-poor, anti-working and middle class Kabal. The whole process of this attack on unions and workers, smells of ALEC et. al. We know who is calling the shots. Their whole life is dedicated to destroying our democracy, and enacting a form of Vulture Capitalism that will mean the death of the middle class. The freedom that the Koch’s, DeVoss and their ilk subscribe to, means freedom for them to bully, intimidate, bribe, buy and impose their vision of an unregulated nation, where the rich and powerful are calling the shots, and riding roughshod over the populous.

    They use words like “freedom,” but it is clear that their definition of freedom is not intended for We The People, or democracy. For them, it is survival of the financial fittest. They worship unregulated Vulture/Venture Capitalism. That is what they mean when THEY talk about “freedom.”

    Notice that they are sneaking the law in under the cloak of night, after Snyder straight face lied to the electorate, saying that he had “no intention,” of signing the bill. Their methods are the same as when Walker, Kasich, and Daniels went at it in their states.

    People, if these bullies (not the Pols., they are just the puppets) are not challenged, we can expect more and more of their efforts to thumb their noses at the will of the people. Only 6% of people polled wanted RTW.

    This is what comes of 30 years of Reaganomics. They have quietly, and stealthily infiltrated and purchased our government; financing and placing their minions in legislative and judicial, national and state offices. Thank God that they didn’t get The White House this time!

    Right to Work equals right to work for less. Average wages drop over $5000 in right to work states. A great percentage of workers go uninsured. Work days are longer. Schools spend over $2,500 less per pupil. There are dramatic increases in workplace fatalities and injuries. Use of the social safety nets climbs in RTW states.

    As union’s decline, so do the wages of the middle class. RTW means lower wages and worse working conditions. RTW is only good for lining the pockets of Corporations and the New Self-Appointed American Aristocracy.

    Statistics from the U.S. Census and the Department of Labor.

    • InsideEye

      Obama is alackey for SOROS.

      • Progressive Patriot

        OK InsideEye, I’ll bite. How do the political contributions of George Soros compare with the Union Busting, Anti-Worker, Safety Net Destroying, Wage Cutting, Politician Buying, Democracy Killing, Covert, Clandestine, and Outright Mean and Nasty antics that the Koch’s, Walton’s, DeVosses, Adelson’s and their like are engaged in as they attempt to reshape our nation in their Venture/Vulture Capitalistic, Aristocratic image?

        • InsideEye

          • . How do the political contributions of George Soros compare with the Union Busting
          People should not have to forced into unions unless they want it, the money used for dues is certainly forced into the coffers of a single candidate, that may not be wanted by a particular worker….there are independents out there.
          • Anti-Worker, Safety Net Destroying, Wage Cutting, Politician Buying, Democracy Killing, It Is not A demcocracy to force a worker to be in the union…Many workers in the private sector pay partially into insurance and retirement ALONG WITH A GOOD WORKING SALARY. No ones job is guaranteed for life, considering that technology/automation is changing, we have to adapt, get more education or training
          • Covert, Clandestine, and Outright Mean and Nasty antics that the Soros’ and Bill Ayres and wife (murder, bombings…similar to Tea Party I guess ??) ??? , there is just as much PAC and under the Table dealing going on both sides. I want my children to be aristocrats and so do you after the age of 50 let us say….have to have them have some initiative to keep contributing on some level.
          All PAC money and lobbyists should be banned, they suposedly spend a Trillion dollars pushing their wares. Viable Candidates (determined by 3 highest vote getters in a party) should be given Free Air Time for a period of 3 months before the election …no longer in order to state their case. …no nonsense. this applies to all parties. The peol;e in the middle support the Lowly poor/Welfare,and the highly paid Corporate ,Tax hiding Wealthy. A Flat SALES tax for all would equally force everyone to CONTIBUTE something to the cause. CPA and accountants could be re-trained in other areas like we all have to occasionally

          We are the victime of Middle Men, pitting one against the other. The politicians work for us, PAC’s should speak to the Common Interests of all of us and not their self interests.

          • Progressive Patriot

            Though I don’t agree with you on the Union issue, Inside eye, I do believe I’m with you on the issue of reforming the campaign finance laws, and getting Big Money out of politics. This issue is HUGE! We need to work together on this! Awsome!
            Still, I don’t trust business to look out for worker interets (look at the conditions that some multi-nationals force on laborers in other countries-they’d do that to us too if they could), and I’ve seen our rights and quality of life decline over the last thirty years (Walmart workers trying to raise a family on $20,000 a year? forget about it! Can’t be done. These are the kind of jobs the Aristocrats have in mind for us, Inside…). Yes, I do want my children to be successful (but not aristocrats, that’s a bad thing), but I do not believe that the majority of the population has to suffer, in order for them to achieve success. They are smart enough to succeed in a society that offers opportunity to all; not just to the wealthy.
            The fact remains, and is indisputable, wages drop as unions decline.

            They clearly ARE deploying DEVIDE and CONQUER. Let’s not let them do that.

          • InsideEye

            HUGE is this ISSUE and it has to be stopped. Look what happened to Scott Brown of Mass. He stopped the Congress from benefitting from inside trading and now he is gone…a sort of middle of road guy. Our Elected leaders must speak up and make things right already, they are all too silent when it comes to this. Sarbanes-Oxley act enacted some rules on …of all things …” undue influence by Corporations” …conflict of interest rules…..SILLIEST thing I ever heard of… that congress can pass laws on Conflict of interest !!!!!!! they should of course be experts in such things. They should negate the PAC action monies….that was big mistake…. We have to join forces and this one issue will go a long , long way 99 % in solving problems.

          • Progressive Patriot

            Tried to leave you a message, but they are reviewing it. On the web, look up the Move to Amend movement.

          • InsideEye

            I see the F word and other things…..and they are reviewing us ?????Censorship .
            WOW…… E.J Dionne, et al. help us out here

  • InsideEye

    but this is an individual choice for yourself, No one should force you to do anything.
    If I wanted to make more money I have to find a job that makes more money, I worked on assembly line once and saw that I wanted to to more for more, and I chose to do so.

  • 13observer

    Hey, the republicans are passing laws now just like the democrats and Obama when he gave AMNESTY to 1.7 million. WTF happened to the “MANDATE” Obama had? Didn’t work in Michigan!

    • InsideEye

      Not only did not Obama work in Michigan… he NEVER worked anywhere ! bad joke

  • well its eather the ppl. stop being so stupid and voteing in the GOP . its every one crys about all the B/S that the GOP ding dongs do but thy keep voteing them in office . so now who,s realy the idiots ? well now for you UNION members its time for you to get it together . set up these greedy bastards and all the ungreatful rich POS and set up hits on them . it,s a selfdefence mode thy are stealing and trying to rob your money so thy can make more money . thy want you to work for less with no protection of a union . what would jimmy Hoffa do ? you understand thy are throwing the first stone . and thy will never stop throwing stones at the ppl. even if thy get all thy want . thy will never be happy . till thy get the mioddle class as their slaves . im sure after a few of them drop by the ppl,s 9mm. thy will get the point and make sure you drop a few more after thy get the point . just like thjy do to you . takeing your last $ buck . feel for them as thy feel for you . thy feel nothing for you only ur money money to them is the drug and thy need their fix . thy are truly money junky,s

  • rustacus21

    The fact that there are so many ignorant people in MI & around the nation thinking just b/c there’s a Union @their place of employment, they MUST join! This ignorance is devastating but is why there’s knowledge all around us (see > http://wwwdotcsupomonadotedu/~jis/1995/hoshmanddotpdf http://wwwdotcbppdotorg/research/indexdotcfm?fa=topic&id=121 http://wwwdotoffthechartsblogdotorg/what%E2%80%99s-driving-projected-debt/ http://wwwdothuffingtonpostdotcom/bob-cesca/repeat-after-me-obama-cut_b_1955561.html <), by putting us at war w/each other, when we should already know better than to play such childish games as 'I don't like him (Obama/Dems/Unions) & you shouldn't either'… when Obama/Dems/Unions are the only thing between the Middle Class & working poor & total, utter destitution! Another component of Democracy was lost today, thanx to conservatives & lazy, ignorant non-voters!!!

  • Who are these tea party polls commenting here from their rat brains? The destruction of the unions is for one reason only: the destruction of democracy by the plutocrats. Unions have allowed us to evolve from the 1911 fires where women jumped to their deaths. You people are either masochists or “le poires” french for those who allow themselves to be exploited. In Bangladesh the average wage is $37 a month. Walmart, Sears, Disney, and the Gap won’t pay more so hundreds are locked in factories and burn to death. Unions protect worker. Workers are the people. The people are the backbone of the nation. Idiots! Get off this site. You are hired to write these comments or you wouldn’t even be on this site which is for the rights of the people.

  • Without one hearing or any public comment in the midst of a lame-duck session after an election where Republicans lost five seats in the State House and their presidential candidate lost the state by 9.5 percent, Republicans in both Michigan’s House and Senate have passed so-called ‘right to work’ legislation/// the GOP lose but thy are still are running and in the drivers sit in too many places . wake up ppl. stop being so stupid . thy care not for any one but the greedy bastards 2 % rich cant you see this by now ? you all cant be that dumb blind and stupid can you ?

  • Progressive Patriot

    Only with without the honor and dignity.

  • Thus Michigan will become the 24th state in the union to pass legislation that bars unions from automatically collecting dues from all employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement. This highly symbolic move to strike at the heart of unions in the state where unionized auto workers helped create the middle class would not be possible without the support of multi-billionaires, specifically the Koch brothers and Rich DeVos, founder of Amway./// the unions just take the money from the ones that want to pay and only protect the ones who pay . and then let the ones that dont pay know how much the real union members make . and when thy have a hard time the union checks their books and if thy dont pay their dues then no help for those dopes

  • these korch bros are playing it like AL COPONE played it its just a matter of time before thy fall just like AL did

  • The shirt waist fire in 1911 should tell you something of where we are headed if the Koch brothers and the corporations have their way. In Bangladesh hundred are trapped in factories and burn to death in fires. They have no unions. Their average pay is $37 a month, yes, a month! Walmart (if you shop there shame on you), Sears, Disney and the Gap say that they can’t pay more because we like cheap clothes. Boycott these stores unless you don’t care about who died making them. We are headed there. The enslavement of the workers is gathering steam. “When will we ever learn?” Unions, today, tomorrow and forever!

  • You fools. Democracy is MOB RULE (unions?). America the Beautiful is a Constitutional Republic, RULE OF LAW. Please guys do your research. You are sorely lacking in knowledge. Pitifully sad, really.

  • Bob Williams

    Damn! I guess this means that no more unskilled labors will be able to walk into a $200K job. That’s completely unfair. Or is it?

  • If companies were fair with their benefits, managing of people, listening to their people, having people on their boards for the input and rewarding people financially because of their productivity, then maybe unions would be needless. However, it is due to companies not completely respecting their work force that brought about unions to begin with. I believe they were firstly called guilds which later became unions. Dick DeVos, whose dad founded Amway, disliked unions because he saw some workers riding on the shirt tails of other more productive workers and receiving the same pay. But management could have curtailed this practice had it been more insertive instead of sitting back and blaming the unions when they do the managing. So, yes, I am opposed to this so-called right to work agenda taking place in MI. Both sides need to compromise and be fair.

  • If the USA is smart it will do one of two things;First choice; bend to the conservative Nazism and forget about all the work of the past.Second choice: round up all the rich and powerful and take all their money and use it to put people back to work and let the use-to be rich and powerful do some gainful employment.To use an old phrase Power to the WORKING CLASS to HELL WITH THE REST.

  • Soon we will be back to owing our soul to the company store, and working for Chinese slave labor wages, and we will die before we are 50, and our children will not receive medical care. Hospitals will be only for the rich, and medicine will be only for the rich. Hopefully the people voting this into law will be forced labor in a barracks situation soon.

  • How did the legislature and the Governorship get elected as Republicans when the media depicts
    the GOP AS EVIL,RACIST,AND GREEDY.Michigan voters elected these politicians in to represent them.Who’s fault is that ? Now the unions want to scream ,and cry just like they did in Wisconsin.

  • I have a hard time believing that ALL Republicans have sooo much hatred of our first black president that they will lie and cheat to get what they want. What justifications do the rest of the Repubs have for going along with the totally un-American antics of someone like Michigans governor Snyder? Is this the way Repubs demonstrate how they are good for the country? How can Repubs belong to a party that rams through legislation knowing that doing so is not an act of a democatic country. They have consistently demonstrated dirty politics and show the world how far we, as a country have regressed. Is this the shining example we want to be to the world?

    Its time for Michigan to circulate a petition to kick the governor out of office.
    Its time to take away Republicans majority in the house and vote in Democrats. Republicans are the shining example of who we DO NOT want to be.

  • Not true.You can’t get a job at UPS in California unless you are going union.Period.

  • jointerjohn

    So you claim that mandatory membership is tyranny, but then talk about ‘we all stick together’ in the next sentence! Amazing, utterly amazing. Tyranny is when you are disallowed the right to organize and democratically select a closed shop, not the other way around. NLRB, (national labor relations board) applies only to collective bargaining function. No unions, no NLRB, and the same people are out to destroy both. If you work under no employment contract, in most states you have no rights at all.

  • DurdyDawg

    You mean, just like the mafia, politics and all other industries that have the potential to gain through corruption. The unions aren’t exempt from corruption because it too is an industry and like all corruption, it expands with the presence of human control. You think only the unions are corrupt then you truly are sleepers.. The g’ment who’s supposed to over see such corruption to protect it’s citizens has also been paid off to look the other way and as such has itself become corrupt. All it takes is honest advocates to keep the criminal mind at bay but nowhere today can we find these advocates. The one thing different between this corrupt union and all other corruptions is that the unions help the common man along the way. You people must love serfdom, well.. you’re about to experience it once our voices are no longer heard.

  • Friend,you need to talk to FEDEX.They are non-union.Everybody is always harping on Walmart,but ball I see when I go into Walmart are happy workers with smiles on their faces,and they have’nt been complaining for the most part except whgen some political group on TV complains about Walmart workers.

    • Progressive Patriot

      I’ve sworn off Walmart, Lawrencew. Don’t like the disparity in wages between male and woman employees, lack of benefits and cuts in scheduling in order to avoid paying benefits. Don’t like the off shore manufacturing strategies, their treatment of workers in other countries, the harm caused to local businesses. Don’t like having to subsidize Walmart’s low wage, anti-union policies, providing them with corporate welfare from our Social Safety Nets.
      It’s been a very long time, but my memory is one of tired workers at the registers, and very few in the isles to stock and assist customers.

  • The cretinous electorate of Michigan–including many union members no doubt–voted right wingers into office. How did these people not know what would happen to them? You get what you vote for. The real purpose of laws such as this is to further drive down wages of workers. I’m just glad it’s not my state that’s doing this sort of thing.

  • What does being a Zionist have to do with Michigan voters electing these GOP politicians into office to represent them in their districts ? Please stop the racism.

  • adriancrutch

    Now the Kochs can=Cut down Nugent’s woods,crap in nugent’s lake, put Nugent in the funny farm,etc.!!

  • Cairndance

    George Romney must be turning in his grave right now! He was a huge Union supporter!

  • citizenmb

    It took a Great Depression to get Dems out to vote in the 30’s and 40’s. Let’s hope this set-back prompts not only Democrats, but everyone who works for Big Business to think again before they vote for a Republican to represent them. The R’s don’t work for the little guy/gal, but for the corporations who give them the money to hoodwink voters into forgetting their history lessons.

  • dalnb

    The “right to work” should be a god given right for anyone desiring to work; the mandate to be a union member should always be an option! BUT ( BUT ) taking away the right for ALL or ANY portion of labor regardless of their union membership (or not) should never be put in jeopardy based on political whims or desires to estalish party dominance (as used by Mitch McConnell when he stated that to be the Republicans number one objective; not fixing Americas problems!).

    Every employee needs protection against poor management, unhealthy- hazardous and dangerous working conditions, forced labor, unrealistic demands on workers and unrealistic wages so poor employees can not make a living while managers, CEOs and investors get wealthy on the backs of near slave labor work forces.

    This seems to be the goal of Republicans funded by the wealthy who obviously care little about the nations economical and labor stability. Republicans claim there are federal laws that protect labor so unions are nor needed but these are the same federal laws and organizations the Republicans are pushing to do away with.

    I agree Unions should have limited power in many areas they have gained power in thruought the past but the unions exist because management was failing to do the right things. If Management did the right things there would be no need for unions – But – we have all seen why we need unions and why Management should be held to certain standards that protect the health, welfare, safety and integrity of Americas working people. NO EMPLOYEE should have to work under early American labor conditions or the conditions we see workers in third world countries being subjected too today!

    Every employer needs to be held to high standards in their relationships and dealings with employees; every employee needs to be held to equally high standards in their relationship with employers. If management gets too strong labor suffers; if labor gets to strong management suffers. Anytime the pendulum swings too far to one side or the other America suffers. There should be no reason why either has to suffer – this is America and very person legally in our country and legally employed in our country should be treated with respect and a mutual understanding for its work force from top to bottom who keep that company solvent.

    Our goal should not be reducing America and its working class to slave labor and unprotected standards or establishing labor environments that ensure the wealthy become more wealthy on the backs of employees – it should be ensuring our nation remains – of the people for the people; All Of Them All Of The Time!

  • Alvaro

    Ignore this People,are Frustrated Republicans,Like The Brothers.

  • $$$ TALKS TO Grand Old Pricks there day is coming soon

  • Money speaks loudest sometimes……but not always

  • fastfootedd

    It’s called capitalism – “MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY … MONEY” – the workers/slaves be dammed. Now that they are a right to work state their wages will be cut a long with all their benefits. They be used abused and sent off to the graveyard with no retirement since they’ll steal that from them too since they have no one to represent/support/protect their interests. They call this demogracy when a group of idiots who despite being sent a clear message the they suck can ramrod this through without public consideration. We are living in a Totalitarianism country. It’s time the people in this country rise up and treat these pompus asses light the French manarch – off with their heads.

  • This is what happen when you vote them tea party in office . In 2010 they was trying to get back at Pres.Obama so now they are paying for it let see what happen in 2014.

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower,
    Five Star General
    34th President of the United States 1953-1961

    “Should any political party attempt to abolish Social Security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things, but their number is negligible and they are stupid.”

    “Today in America, unions have a secure place in our industrial life. Only a handful of reactionaries harbor the ugly thought of breaking unions and depriving working men and women of the right to join the union of their choice. I have no use for those — regardless of their political party — who hold some vain and foolish dream of spinning the clock back to days when organized labor was huddled, almost as a hapless mass”

    Romney isn’t the 1st Republican to “flip-flop”


  • onedonewong

    Th vote falls in line with the wishes of the voters in MI. The vast majority favor the law, Dem’s made this an issue during the last election when they attempted too make mandatory Union membership part of the MI constitution. It failed by 15%, based on the public’s sentiment the MI house and Senate brought up the bill to comply with the majority of MI voters.
    MI now complies with the 13th amendment to the constitution which ended Slavery

    • daniel bostdorf

      absolute malarky as Biden would say…this has NOTHING to do with slavery…

      • onedonewong

        A forced union shop is on par with slavery or an indentured servitude

    • Progressive Patriot

      I’m told that the Koch’s and DeVos spent a large fortune to misinform the electorate and defeat the proposed amendment.
      And I thought you were a Union Man.

  • daniel bostdorf

    I am continually amazed that “onedonewrong” …who really is a Koch brothers operative along with “obozomustgo” and all those synchophants sympathizers of neo-fascist right wing propaganda… even think that those of us here give any thought of you folks being anything more than propagandists.



    It isn’t about a right to work but rather a right for workers to choose whether they want to join a union or pay fees that amount to union dues. The legislation prohibits what are known as “closed shops,” where workers have no choice but to join a union or pay those fees.

    The issue is EQUAL PROTECTION for those who are in unions…

    It also means a right to work for less, and dismantle the unions bargaining rights.


    The GOP majority used its superior numbers and backing from Gov. Rick Snyder to RAMROD challenges by Democrats and cries of outrage from thousands of union activists who swarmed the state Capitol hallways and grounds. Snyder signed the bills into law Tuesday, hours after the final House votes.

    Classic GOP tactics…bullying.

    “ONE DONE WRONG WHO IS REALLY VERY WRONG”…. and your Teaparty friends don’t count anymore.


    Michigan is nothing more in a battle in the new war against organized labor.

    Here is what you and Rove and your other right wing friends tried to do to the REAL AMERICAN people—-straight out of the propagandists playbook.

    In this case, the Teaparty’s favorite propagandist other than Rove:

    Hitler’s Mein Kampf lays out blueprint of Nazi propaganda efforts. 
Hitler writes in chapter VI:

    “Propaganda must always address itself to the broad masses of the people. All propaganda must be presented in a popular form and must fix its intellectual level so as not to be above the heads of the least intellectual of those to whom it is directed. The art of propaganda consists precisely in being able to awaken the imagination of the public through an appeal to their feelings, in finding the appropriate psychological form that will arrest the attention and appeal to the hearts of the national masses. The broad masses of the people are not made up of diplomats or professors of public jurisprudence nor simply of persons who are able to form reasoned judgment in given cases, but a vacillating crowd of human children who are constantly wavering between one idea and another. The great majority of a nation is so feminine in its character and outlook that its thought and conduct are ruled by sentiment rather than by sober reasoning. This sentiment, however, is not complex, but simple and consistent. It is not highly differentiated, but has only the negative and positive notions of love and hatred, right and wrong, truth and falsehood.”

    The American people SEE through you and your ilk and the propaganda that was in the guise of “truth.”

    I’m glad Michigan happened….now the “American Spring” uprising continues against the “American Taliban” of Rove and Koch…

    • S-3


      Anarchy and Violent Revolt in the US!!

    • Progressive Patriot

      Well said daniel b! Well said.

  • It wont last, Unions have been sleeping Giants for years, they will rise up again, believe ,e.

  • peteserb

    Only in the liberal mind, is the freedom of choice a bad thing. The ability of the union thugs to dictate is a good thing?

    • Progressive Patriot

      Please explain more about how you’ve come to refer to Union Workers as “Union Thugs,” pesterb?

  • State and local elections need to be taken as seriously as national ones. It is in these closer to home offices that legislature more directly affects you. There was so much emphasis on the national election that local issues and candidates are unknown. As grass roots helped propel Democrats to victory in the Presidential race, the same kind of effort needs to be made locally. The DNC needs to get involved as do eduction of voters. We found when voters so the difference in the parties position that Democrats have a better than even chance to come out on top.

  • They no there are enough of us left to try and get our brothers and sisters to under stand we care for every one, If people could only under stand the damage Ronald Reagan actually did to the working class they would have a better under standing of how greed works, Republicans along with Democrats need to stand and say we the people will decide not the Kooches are any payed puppet

  • Dear Lord, give people brains!

  • RobertCHastings

    They will try anthing and everything to make sure they didn’t really lose the election. This is the first sally in the 2014 election, and the Democrats had best not rest on their laurels. Hopefully, Michigan’s recall election will be more successful than that in Wisconsin. Recalls do work, but not always. Look at California, after all. They won, but, in a way, they lost, although Arnold was a very centrist Republican, thanks to his marital ties.

  • ABkr

    Maybe tax reform will limit the amount of campaign and political donations that can be written off in personal and corporate taxes. If those who have more money than good sense can not write off their wealthy donations maybe they will find some more constructive way to spend their money. Some, like the Koch brothers and the casino owner in Las Vegas are becoming the worst enemy of Americas best interests.

    Americans will need to take our nation back from radical people who use their money to intimidate and buy favors. We need to watch companies and industries who seem to use their wealth in other than the best interests of ALL OF AMERICA! Consumers need to become aware of radical corporations and links from wealthy radical donors like the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, and the Las Vegas casion owner and do as much as we can too boycott thier business’. .

  • When Satan makes a deal, he offers wealth and power, not one or the other. Together, wealth and power are the roots of damnation, and that is what the Koch brothers and DeVos have in abundance. The only way to break their power is to follow their money and bring whatever they do to the light of day and put it on blast. Make everyone aware of what they are doing and how they are doing it. People like the Kochs and DeVos are abusing their power by weilding their money, and they shold be stopped.

  • I think we need to hit the Koch brothers in their pocket by striking their products

    • InsideEye

      and place many workers out of work ???

  • The Michigan governor has caved in to the bullies. The Koch brothers. No courage to stand up to them. It is clear just watching Rick Snyder on TV that he is insecure. He has no business being a governor of a state!

    • This is the same gov that attempted to take Benton Harbor and turn it into a resort for the Country Club Crew… under the flashing blue lite special… “Manager’s Special”… hurry, hurry….before the citizens catch on that we are giving away their counties to the more deserving people of this state… people with money and connections…. who see a great place to set up a playground for the gof community….. can the residents of Benton please move elsewhere?…. Quickly…Quietly before anyone can take a vote on it…

  • ooo

    y dont these powerfum men with money is oppressing poor workink people i wish they
    could be inflicted with terminal disease then they will see what their money can do for them steve jobs was a good man and he died y these bitches dont die

  • sikathelibsheet

    As the dem’s like to say “We won you lost, get over it.”

  • woodworker75

    If it were not for the ulnions, All you people would be working for $3.oo a hr. and no benifits. You would be renting a co> owned shack. Unions are good

    • InsideEye

      Cars would then be $5000 and not 50K

  • Inthenameofliberty

    Yes – you should be SO PROUD of your wonderful self. So. Proud.

  • Inthenameofliberty

    I feel sorry for you. Perhaps I will pray for your soul…….no, I don’t think so. You are, unfortunately, beyond hope with your anger and hatred. Your kind of speech will not help our country. So sad………maybe you will be enlightened one day and strive to make a positive difference instead of spewing offending comments that do nothing but make you think you are a special person. You are a bully. Congrats on that!

  • Inthenameofliberty

    Oh – the respectful and witty comments on this page keep getting better and better.

  • Inthenameofliberty

    More respectful comments! Way to go!

  • Inthenameofliberty

    More respectful communication – how will I ever stand the sweet words that I see written on this page……?
    Ok – there is nothing wrong with unions. The problem is the refusal on this page to acknowledge that FORCED unionism is unconstitutional. And to acknowledge that there are DOCUMENTED union leaders that abuse their power.
    It’s just that simple. I can not understand, for the life of me, why this is so difficult.
    Ok -time for me to be an ass, too. What is the average IQ level of the people that post on this page? It is seriously suspect.

  • Inthenameofliberty

    Fred – no. It’s not nonsense. The 401k’s are on the table. Obama said so himself. Where have you been?

  • Inthenameofliberty

    well, if union bosses did not make insanely high salaries that they will defend at all costs……….and if some unions did not terrorize people that decline to join them…..and if was all as black and white as you seem to believe…..then just MAYBE you would be right.
    Alas, you are wrong.

  • Inthenameofliberty

    It was very nice to read a thoughtful and respectful reply on this page. I thank you for that! It is, indeed, very rare.

  • Inthenameofliberty

    Ok – I take back what I just wrote about you writing in a respectful fashion. You are writing as an ignorant person now.
    We are not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic.
    In this republic, one should NOT BE FORCE to join any organization they do not want to. ‘Unions are democracy’, you say? Ok. I have one for you:

    “Remember, democracy never lasts long.
    It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.
    There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

    John Adams

    I am thinking that John Adams is a wee-bit smarter than you.
    I’ll side with him.

  • Inthenameofliberty

    Yes, but there are SO many documented cases of people being terrorized if they DON’T join the union.
    If you don’t join, then you don’t get as many benefits. But NO ONE should be forced to join the union if they don’t want to. I have many friends in unions. And just as many of them like their unions as DETEST their unions. And all of them have been FORCED to join.
    Great country we live in, eh?

    • “There are SO many doc cases of people terrorized”…Really?…. Please advise where you located tht info?…link…. a site… a column… anything….. They have been “FORCED” to join and make them damn good wages and get damn good benefits…. how dare they force a worker to do that….BUT there’s always Walmart… they force no one to join anything…and you get to work 30hrs/wk and then get foodstamps/health assistance… its a win/win….

  • Inthenameofliberty

    No – they don’t get all the benefits. They. Don’t.

  • Inthenameofliberty

    And guess what, Mr Bill? That is their CHOICE since they live in a constitutional Republic. And if they don’t like that choice then they can join the union later when they realize how much better it is. CHOICE.
    When did living in America become the place where one’s choice was taken away?
    It is just so sad. Our country is falling apart and I see no evidence that we will fix it with this small and nasty bickering on this page.

  • Inthenameofliberty

    Really? Well, the people I know in unions do not agree. They have no power to contradict the union leaders, and the union leaders stay in power and do whatever they want, whether it is ethically correct or not. Not all unions, but so so many. The union members are shunned if they disagree with their leadership. The discussion of ideas is one-sided. Decisions are made ONLY by the union leaders who think they so obviously have all the correct answers. And that, sir, is why there are problems with unions. What ‘decent, conscientious people’ should do is respect the opinions of their members and leave their egos at the door.
    Oops – that sure as hell doesn’t happen very often. Just look at what is being written on these pages!

  • Inthenameofliberty

    Ok – There are hundreds of documented instances where unions have forced their way into a work place by bulldozing people into joining, making all kinds of promises, and putting pressures on people that won’t join. What does one do then – leave the job? I suppose in your world that is what they do.

    If every union where run in an ethical fashion then Right to Work would not exist. ETHICS – thrown out the window time and time again. In example after example. Go ahead – go online and read about what has happened to people that refused to join a union after a place became unionized. Read about how people were terrorized into voting FOR a union.
    yes – what a great country we live in. Just. Great. When one’s wishes are ignored and a person is terrorized into doing something they don’t want. Why is this being ignored?
    Again – a well-run union is a fantastic asset to the people. What is in question are those unions that are run by corrupt and nasty people. Seriously – are you telling me that you believe that does NOT happen? What planet do you live on?

  • Inthenameofliberty

    Why do people keep playing the race card? RACE had no bearing when I voted for Ob— in 2008 and then did NOT vote for him in 2012. Give the race card a rest already. The reasons I don’t trust our current president have NOTHING to do with his skin color and EVERYTHING to do with all the lies he told me in 2007 and 2008. Funny, how Democrats forgive our current president’s lies, yet lined up to take their pound of flesh out of Bush.

  • Inthenameofliberty

    Oh, I see – like the freeloaders that sit on their asses in Phila and don’t work and get free healthcare and childcare and food stamps and housing…..those kind of ‘freeloaders’? Perhaps it is clearer to me now….nope, it’s not.

  • Inthenameofliberty

    Now, now, now. That’s not nice.
    Funny as shit…but not nice to throw their words back in their faces!

  • Inthenameofliberty

    If that goes for both sides of the fence then I am ALL for it!

  • tobewan

    Sounds like a ‘spoiled-brat’ reaction-ism by those who lost the national election, and just the beginning of their attacks on the American people over the next four years, which would make the past four years look like tidily-winks, due their vicious attitude about losing and about NOT getting ‘THEIR WAY.’ If you’ve perceived a conspiracy on their part over the past four years, well, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Pampered people seem to live by the reverse ‘Golden Rule.’ “Do undo to others before they do unto you.” And, everything they can get, IS THEIRS!
    And dominating the work-force, robbing them of sufficient income, robbing them of medical benefits, robing them of pensions, and/or social security, is just ‘fair-game’ to them. as they seek to destroy what they perceive to be a ‘strangle-hold’ from gaining greater profits, little do they realize they will be ‘shooting their own foot’ — because it has been the great American labor-force that has built America and their profits in the market-place, which will diminish as people will have less and less to spend, and less and less be able to pay for medical, housing, and food.
    Are they ALL like that? Must allow that a few are not; but those who are, will and are geared and gearing for a battle, to bat-down and keep down all ascendency to a decent level of life. And you thought Scrooge in Christmas Carol was just a thing of the past? Hmmm…

    PS: Those getting soc. sec. benefits (by reason of the long service to America) are not a liability!!! They are an ASSET to any community they live in – paying taxes, shopping, spending locally, etc, without TAKING anyone’s job – they contribute to health and wealth of the economy – they ADD-TO, NOT TAKE-AWAY!!! Considering us as a liability is evil!

  • ridemybroom

    what a sad day for the state of michigan….

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    When you look at it right, two things are happening to US Labor that will have massive consequences. First, you have some of the US wealthiest men buying our elections and then sabotaging labor using your tax dollar. Second, these same wealthiest men are the first to gripe about how much of their wealth they are losing because of their costs for unemployment benefits and welfare they are the cause of.

    Guess who’s stuck in the middle of this game of pushme/pullyou?

    • InsideEye

      All PAC money and lobbyists should be banned, they suposedly spend a Trillion dollars pushing their wares. Viable Candidates (determined by 3 highest vote getters in a party) should be given Free Air Time for a period of 3 months before the election …no longer in order to state their case. …no nonsense. this applies to all parties. The peol;e in the middle support the Lowly poor/Welfare,and the highly paid Corporate ,Tax hiding Wealthy. A Flat SALES tax for all would equally force everyone to CONTIBUTE something to the cause. CPA and accountants could be re-trained in other areas like we all have to occasionally.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    There is only one way to stop what’s happening and it has to come about with solidarity of the Middle Class. That’s to demand the government stop handing your tax dollars to corporations who are already far too profitable. All they do with your tax dollars is pay the bills. This leaves billions for them to spend on CEO salaries, reckless high risk investments, all while they cut jobs and dump the costs of healthcare and pensions on what remains of their employees.

    Think about it. Would these CEOs be able to receive such hideous salaries if they weren’t receiving wads of your tax dollars? You bet they wouldn’t.

    160 CEOs are pushing the GOP right now to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security before a they have to pay higher taxes, which by the way are far lower today than in 1990. What does that tell you? That they’d take what you pay for every pay period before they’d see a dime of their wealth lost to paying their fair share.

    In the mind of the 160 CEOs, fair isn’t a word that exists. Teach them the meaning…demand an end to their helpings of your tax dollars. It’s really that simple.

  • charleo1

    More legacy of the 2010 elections. As President Obama commented yesterday. Corporations
    will always find a Country willing to treat it’s citizens worse than the one they are working in
    now. A race to the bottom is exactly what RTW is all about. Well, that and strangling the
    opposition. But what it eventually creates is a society no one wants to live in. And ironically,
    one where new businesses are reluctant to move. First, their managers have to hire where the majority of the people who live there, are less educated, and therefore, it’s harder to
    find skilled workers in those fields that bring good salaries. And with those good salaries,
    come successful small businesses, that fund city governments, to provide adequate Police, and
    Fire services. Good schools, and roads, and a safe place to raise one’s children. What the Kochs,
    and politicians they fund, fail to realize. There is more responsibility of Business in a community,
    than simply driving down wages to increase profits. Or, perhaps there is a part of America they
    care so little about, that the consequences of their actions are of no great import to them at all.

  • nobsartist

    DICK snyder needs to be investigated because he refuses to say where he got the money in his bribery fund.

    Michigan is a harsh place. It gets real cold and real hot. People get killed here all the time, Sometimes they get fed to hogs and it takes decades to figure out where they went.

    I predict that if snyder makes it thru the next 2 years, he will have to leave the state because otherwise he may wind up with the hogs.

    The koch brothers on the other hand, should they ever appear in public in michigan again, will await a much more certain fate.

    they dont call detroit murder city for nothing.

  • Rich DeVos. Is he the amway founder that flew to Europe for a heart transplant and purchased from china the harvested heart of an executed political prisoner? Or was it the other one?

  • montanabill

    I’m confused. If unions are so strong in Michigan and the state went Democrat and is generally considered a blue state, how did so many Republican state legislators and a Republican governor get elected? I mean, Detroit has been the model Democrat city for decades. A shining example for other cities. Why hasn’t that translated statewide?

  • CPANewYork

    Hopefully, this will result in the Michigan legislature’s going Democratic in future elections. Then, the legislature can reverse the anti-union statutes on the state’s books.

    Rick Snyder, the GOP governor, has shown himself to be in the mold of Mittens Romney, who couldn’t even carry his birth state: He’s a barefaced liar.

  • one_veteran

    Lets get law that non union members do not get any benifits gained by the union (NATION WIDE!)

  • Men who have so much money, and think themselves much more important than the average citizen along with their well paid will do anything for you lawyers are out to dominate this country. People don’t want to recognize that we are entering a time of the haves and the have nots. Money should not be the precursor of passing laws. Citizens United has a lot to do with these people and their attitudes. We need to dismantle Citizens United, and get back to spending smaller amounts to elect people. Those elected seem to be living in fear of those who have money and power. It’s almost a rerun of the Mafia age only with people who don’t use guns to settle matters. Every citizen needs to keep hammering at their representatives doors to make sure they understand that our votes count.

  • quasm

    Mr. Sattler;

    Your title is most informative. Democracy is well described as a situation where two wolves and a lamb vote on what to have for dinner. When the referendum to change Michigan’s constitution to enforce collective bargaining was resoundingly defeated, did democracy win or lose then?

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

  • oldtimedemocrat

    Why do 40% of union members want out of paying union dues? Could it be their dues are not purchasing anything of value to them?

  • oldtimedemocrat

    Just maybe unions will have to start providing something of value to earn membership and $ ?

    • You mean like decent living wages and benefits… pensions?… you mean the thug lobbyists fighting for the working man… against people like the Koch’s?

  • oldtimedemocrat

    What is at stake here is Money! Union bosses want money. democrats want union money! So they partner to each get what they want through any means they can. Union thugs get high pay, so they are sent out to do their skilled trade on anyone they want. obama spreads lies and says your rights are being violated! but ignors a person right to choose. But then again, without the union money obama would have possibly lost that tiny bit of vote and be given the pink slip.

    • all this law does is “redistribute” wages to the Proprietors…. period…

  • Robert Reich was great on this issue on Wisconsin Public Radio Kathleen Dunn Show!

  • Kathleen Dunn had three guests on her WPR talk show this morning talking about the Right to Work bill in Michigan. All provided different views and points, but Professor Robert Reich was outstanding. Of course, that is his field.


  • These laws made by ultra right billinaires are designed to create a new slavery system called economic slavery,any politician sponsoring this “Right to Work” scam should be repudiated by the Free Americans who still beleive in The Constitution.Michigan,,,fight this until the last consequenses,dont get intimidated or you will loose job security,employee rights and more,we have more numbers then them,,crush them!!!

  • browninghipower

    The time is nearing for taking to the streets and not stopping at the Capitol doors. At first try voting the bastards it the democratic way..and if that doesn’t work…massive strikes…then take to the streets. The Kochs and this Amway asshole need to be in fear of their worthless lives. They must not ever be allowed to rise to this level of power again. It’s systemic. The DC Dems MUST reform the filibuster in the Senate; Obama MUST finally fill all the Federal Judicial vacancies with Liberals; he MUST re balance SCOTUS to invalidate the assholes like Alito, Scalia and Thomas; in 2014 the Dems MUST elect Progressives and retake the House; and the Progressives MUST retake the Industrial states, like Wisconsin, Ohio, MI and overturn those draconian fascist gop laws against Labor and Women. Whew!….it may take a few election cycles, but the gop and the plutocrats and their cronies in the Courts must be castrated once and for all.

  • 38maryart

    A simple fact regarding the forcing of unwilling (unwilling to pay union dues that is) workers to belong to unions, is that even if they don’t join as in an open shop, they still reap the benefits won by the unions during contract negotiations, and if they have a situation that might threaten their job, or might get bypassed for a job posting, well, the union is by law required to fight for their rights too….the whole concept of requiring folks to pay for their own protection, be it on the job, accident and health insurance, etc. seems fair to me….wondering why for example I am having x amount of money deducted from my pay for union dues, and the guy next to me has none, yet the union must stand up and fight for his rights, no matter how costly it might be….There is after all unfairness and favoritism in the work place, that the union can prevent….just saying

  • hapsterpolly

    PP–my point exactly–26 other states so why chew our nails over a state (what is the dem majority there anyway) where the people want to work for less. If those voters do not get the message, then move on to protect a more enlightened state… with better PR! No illusions about Dayton or the other troglodytes supporting the program…

  • InsideEye

    Maybe getting too close to the TRUTH here, PP ?????

  • All workers should have the right to have a union but no worker should be forced to join one! If, we Liberals/ Progressive beiliev in rights and freedoms and the right of free choice then if we say that someone has to be in a Union to get a job is just being hyprcritical

  • Now I do not like the part that says the RTW laws can not be overturned by popular vote how is that possibel I would be surprized that it would be constitutional.

  • Such a provision is anti democratic ( not the party but the political system)