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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Here are some interesting stories on the midterm campaigns that you may have missed on Tuesday, October 14:

• In a major blow to Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes’ Senate campaign, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has stopped running TV ads in Kentucky. The move strongly suggests that the committee has given up hope that Grimes can unseat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Grimes — whose campaign will continue to air ads, and receive on-air support from outside groups — trails McConnell by 3 percent in the Real Clear Politics poll average.

• According to a new CNN/ORC poll, Republican incumbent Rick Scott and Democrat Charlie Crist are tied at 44 percent in Florida’s contentious gubernatorial race. That marks the fourth consecutive poll to show the race within 2 percentage points; Crist leads by less than 1 percent in the poll average.

• Another poll of Alaska’s Senate race has found incumbent Democrat Mark Begich trailing Republican challenger Mark Sullivan. The survey, from Rasmussen Reports, has Sullivan up 3 percent, and he leads by 4.4 percent in the poll average. But that might underestimate Begich’s chances, due to his robust get-out-the-vote operation and the notorious unreliability of Alaska polling.

• Democrat Mike Michaud has opened a 6-point lead in Maine’s three-way gubernatorial race, according to a new Bangor Daily News/Ipsos poll. Michaud has the support of 42 percent of likely voters, followed by incumbent Republican Paul LePage at 36 percent, and Independent Eliot Cutler at 16 percent. The poll pushes Michaud into a narrow lead in the poll average. Were LePage to win, he would likely become the first governor in U.S. history to win back-to-back elections with less than 40 percent of the vote.

• And in North Carolina’s Senate race, Republican candidate Thom Tillis is facing some tough questions over his past declaration that the government had provided “de facto reparations” for slavery by having “redistributed trillions of dollars of wealth over the years.” Incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan holds a small but consistent lead in the poll average.

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  • CPAinNewYork

    So, despite being a member of NATO, Turkey refuses to join the anti-ISIS coalition. That’s not surprising: the Turks are Muslims and we didn’t back them when they attempted to send the humanitarian aid flotilla to Gaza that the Israelis attacked.

    What goes around comes around.

    • jmprint

      Well then they can just open the border to ISIS and let them enjoy what they get. We don’t need to send our troops into this religious war, which is exactly what ISIS wants. I just we wish we would attack the funders of ISIS as well.

      • Allan Richardson

        If our petroleum industry had not been in bed with Saudi Arabia all these years, and controlled our Congress (and some of our Presidents) with lobbying money, we would have already developed and deployed “green” energy sources and taken the oil money out of the Muslim world. Then, without funding to fight each other and everyone else over religious controversies, those countries would have been forced to allow modernization of their economies and political structures, or remain economic backwaters without the spare change to buy a rocket launcher.

        • CPAinNewYork

          We should have nuked the Saudis.

      • CPAinNewYork

        If by the funders you mean the Saudis, I agree with you one hundred percent.

        The Saudis have been the funders of every Muslim terrorist, including Osama bin Laden.

  • Allan Richardson

    On the topic of the Senate race in Kentucky, I hope whatever races WILL get the money which would have been spent on Kentucky are REALLY WORTH IT. Giving up when we have a chance not only to KEEP the Senate, but to kick its minority leader out of his “OWN” seat, seems like a big blunder. Or are Democratic leaders afraid of whoever might become the NEW minority (or, worst case, majority) leader, and would rather keep the turtle they know rather than deal with a shark?

    We should really double down on the hypocrisy factor. Put Alison herself on the screen, explaining how Kynect CANNOT operate without Obamacare.

    • JPHALL

      That is the one thing I still do not get. Why do Democrats running for office refuse to talk about the ACA even when it could help them?

      • Linda Turner

        Because of POTUS’ unpopularity in red states. There are many reasons why candidates should be proud of his accomplishments, but they’re playing their game and “distancing” themselves from the president. Only Dems in safe districts can speak out. That’s why electoral politics is so dirty.

  • stcroixcarp

    The polls are reporting bad news. I might as well cover my head and plug my ears like the climate change deniers and pretend that everything is wonderful.

  • Linda Turner

    This is why I don’t give to umbrella collectors who decide who to give my money to. No Democratic Congressional or Senatorial campaign or Emily’s list. I give directly to candidates I support. By pulling out of Grimes’ campaign ad funding, they’re announcing to the electorate that they don’t think she can win and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.