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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Here are some interesting stories on the midterm campaigns that you may have missed on Thursday, October 16:

• The National Republican Congressional Committee’s latest ad reveals exactly how worried they are about Rep. Lee Terry’s (R-NE) re-election hopes. The vicious 30-second spot, titled Nikko, is basically the infamous Willie Horton ad on steroids. Terry is widely considered to be trailing his Democratic opponent Brad Ashford, partially due to his tone-deaf comments on last year’s government shutdown.

• Could Republicans end up sweeping the Kansas elections after all? That’s the contention of the Kansas City Star, which reports that “rather suddenly, Republicans are thinking they are going to have an enjoyable Nov. 4 night of watching election returns” due to a series of polls showing Governor Sam Brownback and Senator Pat Roberts rising, and a surge in Republican voter registrations. Brownback leads Democrat Paul Davis by 0.6 percent in the Real Clear Politics poll average, while Roberts is deadlocked with Independent Greg Orman.

• Outside money is also helping Roberts stave off Orman’s spirited challenge. On Friday, the National Rifle Association began running a new ad accusing the Independent of supporting “the Obama-Bloomberg gun control agenda.” Although Orman has largely tried to dodge the topic, he did acknowledge at a debate last month that he favors some restrictions on gun sales.

• Less than a week after the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee stopped running ads in support of Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes, a new Rasmussen poll shows her trailing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) by 8 percent. Other polls have found a closer race — McConnell’s lead in the poll average is 4 percent — but Grimes’ chances for victory seem slimmer than ever.

• Could Massachusetts Democrat Martha Coakley be on the verge of blowing another winnable election? In a poll that’s sure to remind Democrats of Coakley’s shocking collapse in the Bay State’s 2010 special Senate election, the Boston Globe finds Coakley tied with Republican Charlie Baker at 41 percent. Baker has now pulled into a 0.2 percent lead in the poll average, which should be setting off alarm bells in reliably liberal Massachusetts.

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4 responses to “Midterm Roundup: Willie Horton 2.0”

  1. David says:

    Kansas will deserve to be bankrupt. They should further cut education to bolster their Republican constituency. Meanwhile, out here in ultra liberal California, Governor Moonbean has largely wiped out the debts caused by having a Republican President and we are back to having an economy larger than almost every country on earth. The GOP theory sounds great, only thing is, it does not work. It is just a story they tell the greedy and ignorant in order to move the available prosperity into smaller and smaller circles. When in power they goon incredible spending sprees, and then tell their voting base that it was the Liberals who did it. The only hope for the future of the GOP is that they can make the population so stupid that no one will understand how bad they were ripped off. I for one think that someday the uneducated masses of present day Republican voters will have someone read an almanac to them and explain why and where their country went and that there will be a total upheaval of our society and that on that day the GOP and the tiny percentage of Americans they legislate for will regret having made sure so many people have so many WMD’s at their disposal. Consequently, we are sailing away next week on our boat, as I think it is nearer than later that some of the least ignorant will come to see what was done to them and to the future of their children.

  2. jointerjohn says:

    It’s a mighty sad day when a candidate can be pounced upon by the NRA and see his polling dip simply because of saying that he “favors some restrictions on gun sales”.

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