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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

The 100-year-old Goodyear Farms Historic Cemetery in Avondale, Arizona, was vandalized in a possible hate crime, a local ABC affiliate reported Thursday. Contractors informed the police after discovering racial slurs and a swastika graffitied on the grounds.

Migrant farmers who picked cotton in World War I are buried at the historic graveyard, also known as Pioneer Cemetery, along with military veterans.

“It just hurt, just like a knife stabbed me,” said Carol Santos, whose family is buried there.

Members of the community held a vigil late Thursday denouncing the desecration.

“We are deeply saddened and shocked by this outrageous incident. Such acts of intolerance and hate will not be condoned in our community, and we hope that those involved will be brought to justice,” said Avondale mayor Kenn Weise. “On behalf of the Avondale City Council, our hearts go out to the families and the descendants of those buried at the Goodyear Farms Cemetery. The city of Avondale stands by you.”

According to police, the perpetrator could be charged with a felony. For locals, it was a major wakeup call.

“There’s a group of bigoted people who may be living out here,” remarked local Mike Segovia. “It’s scary.”


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11 responses to “Migrant Farmworkers’ Cemetery In Arizona Vandalized With Racial Slurs”

  1. Dominick Vila says:

    Acts like this prove that inhumanity are not the exclusive purview of thugs like Bashar al Assad.

  2. This goes beyond desecration and hate. This is the work of such pronounced and profound profanity that only a satanic force, as embodied by Trump and the general evil odor emanating from an ideology called Conservatism, could cause demented people to arise to carry out this satanic act.
    Even jihadists aren’t this depraved. The name of Christianity once again is stained indelibly. Only ghouls, not humans, would be motivated to carry out this dastardly act

    • Alicia Gleason says:

      Your comparison and assumption of all conservative Christians, shows your huge lack of understanding of Islam. That you ‘ASSume’ a Christian conservative did this plays exactly into what this act intended – for fools who do not reason to lash out incoherently. Stop reacting and start thinking – staged acts of “racism” are designed to do what they have done to you – react without thinking.

      • Well, given the adoration of a segment of society for Trump, the rhetoric directed against immigrants and Muslims, who would you conclude desecrated the tombstones with racist graffiti—German immigrants, Jewish congregants, Muslims? Or maybe, you think it was Mexican immigrants and their friends?
        Use your brains, Alicia. The only group which has been most vocal in their racist sentiments over the past decades, in both America and in Germany and South Africa, have been those of Christian backgrounds. Even a dunce could have explained this to you. The evidence from past history is overwhelming.
        So, the next time you feel compelled to post malarkey, use your head for a change.

        Good day!!

      • Independent1 says:

        First thing, there is no such thing as a ‘Christian Conservative’. The terms conservative christian is an oxymoron. Being a conservative prohibits anyone from being a ‘true’ Christian. The basic tenet of being a Christian is to ‘ Think more of others than you do of yourself’. And no true conservative could ever claim to do that – because just by definition, being a conservative means you’re concerned about yourself than you are of others – THAT’S WHY YOU’RE A CONSERVATIVE!!!!

        All you have to do is look at the actions of the GOP idiots in Congress: when there was a major disaster in the northeast a few years back caused by hurricane Sandy, and there hundreds of thousands of victims who had lost their homes and were looking for help to rebuild their lives, what was the response from the Republicans in Congress when it came time to shell out 60 Billion to help rebuild the northeastern states???

        The hemmed and hawed about providing that aid because they could figure out which social benefit to steal the money from because they certainly weren’t going to pay one more dime of faxes to help anyone.

        If you think you’re a Christian Conservative, you’re living an outright lie!!!

      • Hello again, Alicia. I hope you had a nice time at church. While you were at church, I also hope you took the time to reflect on what I wrote regarding the history of racism in the country.
        Also, you are well aware of the GOP’s claim to be a Christian, family oriented, God-fearing political entity—to the extent that they preposterously think of themselves as having the corner on being Christian. Surely you must be aware of the slogan “The Moral majority” and two of its ideological parents, Pat Robertson and Rev. Jerry Falwell.
        These two have gone beyond the pale in smearing the name of Christianity with their ludicrous and often incendiary remarks about Muslims, and those Americans who don’t share their rabid interpretations of the Teachings of Jesus. The Republican Party has closely aligned themselves with those who claim to be the Moral Majority. And Trump, in some ludicrous way of thinking, likes to think he’s a Christian simply because he makes a once a year appearance in a Church.
        Just because people over the centuries have claimed to be Christian, the evidence, some of which I alluded to is still overwhelmingly convincing that their actions are anti-Christian. Let me provide for you a brief summary of the atrocities done in the name of Christianity:

        1) The theories of racialism arose in the heart of Europe by Christian philosophers and scholars, including Francis Galton, a Briton of Christian background and considered one of the founders of the Eugenics Movement. Galton favored classifying people as superrior or not, depending on the false label called “Race” which he claimed to be biological.
        2) The Christian Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth in desperation to find a new home, encountered Indians here, were helped, and in later times would turn on their benefactors, killing men, women and children as they slept one pre-Thanksgiving Day.
        3) The Conquistadors in the Southwest and down into Central and South America would maim, rape, pillage, and murder, in order to secure riches and fame. They were Christians from Spain and Portugal.
        4) The Dutch Calvinists, Afrikaners, would invade southern Africa, brutally usurp the rights and the take the land from the Khoisan and Xhosa tribes there, making them slaves and strangers in their own lands, subject to apartheid and notorious Pass Laws.
        5) Slavery in America was actively supported and encouraged by Christians, and brutally enforced, often raping slave women, while the rapists would sanctimoniously attend church each Sunday, after weekends of raping their “favorite” slave women.

        I could go own, but it should be obvious to any dullard, that when their are events characterized by racist epithets being uttered, racist graffiti scribbled on churches and overturned tombstones, and school bus children traumatized by parents and adults in South Boston, Chicago, and elsewhere in the country, 99.9 % chance that the perpetrators are “faithful” church-goers.

        Hopefully, you see the light. If not, let me know.

        • Alicia Gleason says:

          Proverbs 29:9, Proverbs 18:2, Proverbs 18:2, Proverbs 14:7-9 Proverbs 23:9

          • So, Alicia–Who’s the wise man, as cited in Proverbs? You?

            Citing Biblical verses without context is meaningless and indicates you’re not paying attention to what I wrote. Instead of responding to clear evidences I took great care to humbly present to you, your response indicates that I may as well have been casting pearls before swine, as Jesus cited.

            Instead of responding to any one item I presented to you, you didn’t have the courtesy to respond to either one. And posting several citations from the Bible shows an inability to grasp the inner meanings of the verses from Proverbs you presented, neither do the verses relate to the topic of the article.

            So, again, I ask you to reread the article, grasp the inner meaning and the major themes, and try again, please?

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  3. Thomas Martin says:

    Why travel to Arizona? It is on my no travel list. Their state legislature provides political entertainment for the rest of the world. Assad, Putin, Trump, May, Bobo Lugnut Luftwaftikin and the Stupids all would feel at home in this dump. Bevis and Butthead would be totally bored in this state.

  4. itsfun says:

    There is no place anywhere in the world for that kind of behavior. I hope those thugs get caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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