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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The New York Post’s front page has been a source of mildly guilty amusement for many years, at least since the classic “Headless Torso in Topless Bar.” (For that one, they even checked the facts!)  But the paper’s choice of words and targets never fails to reveal the low character of its editors and owner, a certain K. Rupert Murdoch — who is known to review its display copy every day, no matter where he is.

So how did the Post greet Chelsea Clinton’s newborn girl, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky? In case you missed it: “Party Pooper: Another liberal crybaby for Dem Clintons” – a nasty, witless, and gratuitously mean bit of snark.

Of course, the old reprobate has occasionally seen fit to suck up to the Clintons, too — like that unforgettable moment several years ago when he appeared onstage at the Clinton Global Initiative, with Barbra Streisand of all liberals, to utter a phony commitment concerning his company’s carbon footprint and make a $500,000 donation.

The Post’s right-wing readers evidently require incessant bashing of all things Clinton, even an innocent baby – so that’s what Rupert’s minions deliver. What a revolting enterprise.

AFP Photo/Kevork Djansezian

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  • elw

    You should try reading the Yahoo comments section on the birth of Chelsea’s baby. It was horrible. You have to wonder about people who would take their anger out on a new born infant who did no more than be born. Of course, they have clearly shown they care little about babies once they are born and that they thrive on calling names and picking on anyone who they think will not fight back. Chelsea and her parents are strong and much experienced at ignoring the jerks. Truth be known Conservative behaviors and mean words have always hurt them more than the people they target in the political world, it was what got Clinton elected in his second term and it what will help them lose the Senate this November and the Presidency in 2016. It time to take their power away and get rid the pain they have cause the middle class for good. VOTE

  • Barabbus

    It is revolting. Not quite as revolting as having to tolerate all of the liberal media’s obsession with proving that Trig Palin was actually the son of Bristol Palin and not Sarah. Or when Bill Maher called the child “retarded” and the Huffington Post ran to his defense. Ah! The good old days of liberal civility. Where have you gone?
    But then that was back when attacking a republican politician’s baby was good sport for a Joe Conason and his pals. A source of humor to be cackled at.
    And it wasn’t just some one-off headline in a newspaper. It became a cottage industry for liberals to engage in. And old Joe C here never said a word to his liberal friends about maybe laying off the babies of politicians. Not even the ones who are mentally handicapped.
    But now here he is all outraged at a headline about Hillary’s grand daughter. If there is one thing for sure you can always count on from a goof ball liberal like a Conason, it’s that his level of hypocrisy will make you gasp at it’s sheer magnitude.

    • They never went away, prick. Half of that is shit you made up completely.

    • Barbara Morgan

      Children born with Down syndrome are also called retarded or mentally deficient by the medical profession and people that research Down syndrome, while it is not a nice thing to say about a person, it is a correct diagnosis. Since you seem to think so highly of the Palin family did you read about the party where Sarah and her older son were the only’s invited to the party and they brought the whole family including friends of the family, the older son was drunk and sexually insulted the wrong woman and was knocked cold by her husband, his uninvited friends started a fight to show support for the son, they were also sexually insulting women , Sarah joined in the fight, dad did also after he arrived uninvited joined in and ended up with a bloody nose and Bristol was hitting the host of the party in the face because he asked them to leave while her 5 year old son was asleep along in the Hummer Limo they had arrived in. Also most of what you posted are proven lies and goes to show you are a troll.

  • So I guess that “the kids are off limits” stuff only applies to kids who made really stupid decisions when they should have been old enough to know better. Once again, the Torys refuse to live up to the standards they constantly demand the Democrats live by.

  • Allan Richardson

    Rush Limbaugh was known to refer both to Amy Carter and to Chelsea Clinton, when they were teenagers, as “ugly.” Both of them were, and still are, lovely young ladies, with more grace and good manners than Rushbo ever showed! And more honesty to boot!

    • Billie

      I always wonder when people make remarks like that if they ever look in the mirror.

      • Allan Richardson

        I was trying not to go there, but you’re right, he’s no George Clooney, or even Morgan Freeman, in the looks department. Thanks for the laugh!