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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Why the Republicans chose Mitch Daniels — the former Indiana governor who once thrilled right-wing pundits as a 2012 hopeful — to deliver a rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union address is puzzling. His uninspiring remarks surely killed the Daniels fad, revived lately as Republicans fret over the unappetizing choices available in their primary.

By shining the spotlight on Daniels, the Republicans risked losing much more than a political rescue fantasy. He isn’t merely a politician who looks like an accountant; he actually was an accountant — or at least he played one during the Bush years, when he served as director of the Office of Management and Budget. Listening to him drone on about fiscal rectitude just might have reminded voters of the true source of our national problems.

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11 responses to “Mitch Daniels: Bombast From The Past”

  1. freethinker says:

    I think you have your facts wrong. Clinton didn’t generate a surplus. Newt Gingrich did. Presidents have no budget power other than veto. Daniels speech wasn’t bad, but then Conason would have found fault with an Abraham Lincoln speech, simply because he was a Republican. Smearing is his job 1.

  2. rktrask says:

    My friends from Indiana have always touted Daniels for his “straight shooting”. Now I wonder.
    When are conservatives going to discard their almost religious belief that cutting already low taxes will spur economic growth. If marginal rates were high(70% or above), it might be true. But 35%!! Come on!

  3. SandyJ says:

    You are correct! It was a bit difficult to watch Daniel’s whole speech. I’ve been scoffing at the GOP’s failed efforts to present a qualified candidate to Americans (no matter what side you’re on, I’m sure you’ll all agree it’d be much healthier than what’s goin’ on now). But, it isn’t so funny now. There seems to be an element of genuine belief in that whole model they’re advocating for. They should re-think that and raise the bar in order to get a real conversation started. From my perspective, it’s getting harder every day to keep an open mind. GOP beware: Americans are hurting and pain tends to make minds a lot sharper real fast. Dump these guys and give us someone thinking people can respect.

  4. Rebecca says:

    What a great analysis by Joe Canoson! As a voter I had no doubt after listening to the President’s State of the Union and the rebattle from the Republicans that Obama has a vision for America; and the Republicans’ agenda is taking us back to the failed policies that brought us in this Mess. Look at Mitch Daniels, after accepting the stimulus of the Recovery Act, he calls it “borrwoed and blewed money” without that money Indiana would be in a worse position. Romney and Newt are both thieves who are ready to come in and plunder and send their investments off to Cayman Island Luxemburg… there is no difference between them and the dictators that rob their own countries! They are so selfish and comflouge under the conservative dogma!

  5. efreml says:

    The GOP can’t avoid lying and Daniels is no different: he said that raising taxes on the rich would destroy small business-it didn’t happen in the Clinton years at the same tax rate, so why now? Then he said it wouldn’t raise revenue! WHAT? We just gave millionaires over $1Trillion dollars in the Bush tax cuts, and reversing it won’t raise revenue? Are you nuts or stupid? Lstly, one of your commenters said to give Gingrich credit for the budget surplus. OK, so why not pout nthe blame for the Bush era deficts on the GOP-dominated Congress? No, you blame Obama. How hypocritical can you get!

  6. Mr.Sarga says:

    Facts: 1)We are fighting 2-wars. #1) Afganistan #2) Economic war at home to save Our Country>** Together we must find a solution: Regardless you are Republican /Tea party advocate / Democrata. Our final Goal is to put our House in order: Solution #1) Bring back the jobs In the USA. ***Proposed Solution:** a) Tax Break for the companies willing to relocate: Max. 10% tax B) for Corp. who manufacture goods outside of USA and selling goods in USA charge 39 % tax + additional duty.*** Result: Reduce Unemployment/Would Solve our Soc.Sec./solve our Housing Problems etc:#2)Eliminate Subsidy for Oil Companies a)Limit what % they can sell outside of USAso the consumer not paying the outrages price which present time Equal or more than a house hold spends for Food in 1 year.[if you think This Natural research belong to us not the congress/not the goverment but owned by The Usa residents.]
    #3) Banks regulation: :Fact: Our Banks willing to lone your money overseas for 8-12 % Interest and pays Overseas Depositor 4 % Interest /Ask your self What are getting for your money** may be a penny on the dollar;] a)Honestly you beleive our Sons and Daugthers Who are figthing for our Freedom should loose their home to the banks or You or your relatives or neighbors should loose their home even if they have $20,000.00 or any Equity in their home *** no fault of theirs** Because a Greedy bunch willing to pay themself outrages bonuses from our [Tax payers)*** BALE OUT MONEY** But willing to do anything to help our country survive.[Compare the money supply as you blood supply if you can not get it you DIE]
    4) TOrt reform must be changed including Lawyers fee. 5) Health care: I want to be able to buy the same health insurance what** MY SENATORS & COMGRESSMAN receive THANKS TO MY TAX CONTRIBUTION***Must be available for all of us of course with contribution from all.;Suggestion:1)All heath insurance companies BE PART OF THE RISK INSURANCE PLAN AND THIS WOULD BE A PERSONEL DECISION TO JOIN OR NOT** Final note: Our workers Can Conpete If: The wages are relation to our living Expenses. *** BE REALISTIK: How can i compete with a Mexican /Chinese /etc Worker ( who’s wages are $2.00/hr )
    This Idea laid out is possible if we have the proper representation.
    Final Note: I am retired small Business man and I never see a divided country as we are now[ may be the Divide and Conquer idea at work]

  7. stsintl says:

    Here are the facts. Republicans were in the White House for 28 years from 1969-2008 [Nixon/Ford, Reagan, H.W. Bush, and G.W. Bush]. With their tax cuts for the rich, they added $ 8,057,138,717,544 to the national debt and created 34.682 million jobs. Democrats were in the White House for 12 years [Carter & Clinton]during the same 4 decades. They added $ 1,886,223,544 to the national debt and created 34.085 million jobs. If Presidents are responsible for creating jobs in a capitalist economy, then Democratic Presidents have created as many jobs in twelve years as the Republican Presidents have done in twenty eight years. Also, Republican controlled Congresses are responsible for $ 8 trillion deficit as compared to $ 1.9 trillion for the Democratic Congresses. TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH DO NOT CREATE JOBS. Finally, we can group Republicans in to three types. Paliniots- their IQs are equal to or less than Sarah Palin’s. Newt-Wits- Their IQs range between Sarah Palin’s and Newt Gingrich’s. Murdochites- They directly or indirectly work for Rupert Murdoch and his ilks.

  8. jimmyags says:

    You usually have some very poignant comments but why are you supporting a LIE made by BOTH sides? Newt didn’t create a surplus,neither did Clinton,they did it TOGETHER. That is the problem with the politics of today, bi-partisan and cooperation are now dirty words.

  9. Rman says:

    I appreciated the exposure of Daniels’ record as Budget Director of the Bush administration. It is a stunning contrast to the inflated opinions I have heard Hoosiers express, where Mitch is ALWAYS the smartest man in the room. I also appreciated the analysis. However, there is one inaccuracy in the article that I must point out. Daniels is not the former Governor of Indiana. He is still in office. I just went to the State official web site to check. I believe he has been in the news recently for actively promoting anti-union legislation. So I believe he is less a case of bombast past, and more of a bombast present.

  10. Raysea says:

    The problem with giving Speaker Gingrich credit for the surplus that appeared under President Clinton is that Clinton raised taxes in his first year in office. Gingrich wasn’t speaker until 1995, around the same time the “contract with America” was detailed. By then, the economy was already expanding and the deficit was already rapidly decreasing. I know that Newt wants to claim credit, but it’s a stretch to think there’s any truth to that claim.

  11. negative.comment says:

    I do not like to comment on individuals — I would rather comment on ideas.

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