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Friday, October 28, 2016
  • Grannysmovin

    He is not a “working politician”” either, but that doesn’t stop him.

  • Clara Goossens

    PLEASE get him to work that’s what he was elected for.

  • MichelleRose3

    As Dr. Tyson once commented: “Where are the scientists?” (I’m paraphrasing) The Clowns in Congress are all bankers or lawyers who couldn’t even tell you what the Pythagorean Theorem is and why it’s important. We have idiotic policies because we have idiots in power who can’t do basic algebra, haven’t a clue about simple physics and stare blankly when someone mentions the word “science.” Or they throw a temper tantrum because they don’t understand science and think it’s just a conspiracy to make them look stupid.

    Hmm, I don’t think they need any help looking stupid, so a conspiracy is kinda contra-indicated here.

  • Russell Byrd

    McConnell is not much of anything, and after 30 years of working against the people of Kentucky, it is a little late to try to get him to do what he was elected for. Like most of his ilk, all he has been interested in is making nice with a bunch of rich bullies thieves.

    Anyone that is interested should look up his call-in to the Kentucky Wildcats sports show. He graduated from U of L, and he is a fanatical fan, but during his call he tried to convince the commentators that he was equally a fan for either team. During the entire call he seemed agitated. But the fun part was after the call ended. The commentators discussed his call quite negatively, noting his agitated state, and his falsehoods. When one of them said McConnell had come off a some jerk, I nearly fell out of my chair. With joy, I might add.