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Monday, January 16, 2017

The message sent on election night was undeniable.

Sixty percent of voters said they want higher taxes on the rich. America has a deficit to close, and taxes on the rich remain about as low as they ever have been since before World War II.

For most Americans, starting by asking the rich to pay a little more isn’t just logical. It’s personal.

Thanks to Mitt Romney, Americans now have a face to put to the trillions in tax breaks we’ve been giving the richest Americans since 2001. The former CEO of Bain Capital wasn’t only a candidate who supported continuing the failed Bush tax breaks for the rich. He was their poster boy.

When Romney was forced to finally volunteer his tax rate, he had to fudge the numbers to justify his claim that he’s never paid lower than 14 percent. The fact is, for last year he’ll end up paying closer to 9 percent after filing an amended return.

When asked if it was fair that he pays a lower tax rate than many bus drivers and nurses, Romney said that it’s the “right way to encourage economic growth—to get people to invest, to start businesses, to put people to work.” He was expressing the basic Republican tenet that investors should get a better deal on taxes than workers.

But Romney never explained how his tax breaks, mostly collected since his “retirement” from Bain Capital, helped create any jobs. And any American can compare the economy of the 90s (when we asked the rich to pay a bit more) with the first decade of the 2000s (when the Mitt Romneys of the world got a huge break) and see which works better for all Americans. Romney probably could afford a car elevator whether or not he was asked to pay the same rate as young doctors or lawyers.

Letting taxes breaks on the rich expire isn’t just popular. It’s the most painless way to cut the deficit, according to the Congressional Budget Office. However, letting all the Bush tax breaks expire would have a serious effect on the economy, costing as much as 1.25 percent in gross domestic product growth—a painful measure when millions of Americans are still out of work.

Yet the GOP remains unwilling to compromise, despite the fact that the “fiscal cliff” means trillions in tax cuts are set to expire along with trillions in automatic spending cuts. House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have vowed not to raise tax rates on the rich

This leaves the president with two choices: he can compromise against the will of the people, or he can let all the Bush tax breaks expire and let the GOP explain why they are against the Obama tax cuts for the middle class.

Thanks to Mitt Romney, the president has the people on his side. And for them, it’s personal.

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53 Responses to Mitt Romney Is Gone, But The GOP Is Still Fighting For His Tax Breaks

  1. Time for a wake up call. we need to return to the tax rates fdr set after the last depression.

    if the traitors dont like it, they can move to france where the tax rate for millionaires is 75%.

    • I favor expelling the Romney class to any country other than the United States of America, maybe Putin would welcome them, then throw them in jail and take away their millions!

  2. Damn straight it’s personal! How can they constantly bitch about the defecit while refusing to pay a fair share? I pay twice what romney does in taxes and never complain.


        • so you really think you have a greater “tax liability” than Romney, Buffet, etc.?You must be one of the wealhtiest men in the world!What about services how many more services do they use than you? They create the jobs, how many have you created……..and the police don’t count on this!

          • We may not pay more taxes than Romney but I know I pay a higher effective rate of 19.2% on an icome that is less than 1% of Romeny’s $21mm in 2010. He paid a little more than $3mm on an income of $21mm. The rich especially the hedge fund/private equity guys get their income to be declared as capital gains or dividends which are taxed at 15% not ordinary income rate of 20% – 35%. The deal these guys get is a tax loophole that should be fixed. So unless you are one of the 1% you probably pay a higher effective rate than Romney. So save your sarcasm for someone else. Since you are so smart explain how fees earned by Private Equity people are considered dividends and not ordinary income. The ordinary working person can’t do that with their salary.

          • speak for yourself, “ordinary working person” thanks for the “self-segregation” piece! Do you think wealthy people are EXTRA ORDINARY? They are not….they just have more money. Everyone should be aware of what their tax dollars are spent on right? Right! However, most don’t pay attention and those are probably the ones who don’t own businesses, create jobs, or take risks! Having said that, what do you think teir tax liability should be given the fact they do NOT USE any of the services they are demanded to pay for….and at a substantial number I might add.

          • They don’t use the services of the country? I guess they have their own military, police departments, fire departments, roads, schools, airports, seaports, food and drug agencies, hospitals, universities, disease prevention agency, state department, immigration agency, interstate commerce and many other things that constitute a civilization.
            13 your arguments are hollow.

          • Hollow arguments???? Some of the wealthy pay MORE (dollars) in a year than you do in a lifetime! So, how much MORE can (one) wealthy individual use services than (one) non-wealthy individual??? So why should they pay any more?? Because you say so?

          • social welfare, food stamps, healthcare, free school lunch, earned income tax credits, how much time you got bro?

          • What jobs has Romney, the Koch brothers, Robert Murray, Anniston created in the last 12 years is the better question to ask 13oserver? Buffett has been paying more in taxes than other millionaires and has created jobs. Matter of fact he and at least 40 other millionaires and billionaires told Congress not to extend the Bush 2 tax cuts for them in 2010 but the Republicans blackmailed the Democrats into extending the cuts for the rich. If the tax cuts for the rich expire in 2013 that means that all the members of Congress will also be paying more taxes than they do now and that is why the Republicans want that tax cut made permanent.

          • you are attacking the wealthy and if you didn’t notice Romney is the small pea in that pod! Romney’s job was not to create jobs…it was to trim the fat if you will, and he did a good job of it! But that was his job! The bigger question is why are we paying taxes that give federal relief to the unemployed for out to two years? Because Obama is letting the illegal aliens steal American jobs. My hope is that they do not continue to further supplement the unemployedAmericans so that the illegal aliens can work in their place while the U.S. Taxpayer pays the bill. Perhaps this will shine the light on the problems with “ILLEGAL” immigration and deter AMNESTY that would just lead to more of the same!!!! They are noe demanding that English shouldn’t be the “official” language of our country! Also, the 0-30 children of illegals who were given work visas are now demanding we provide them with Obamacare! doesn’t surprise me a bit!

  3. I do believe that our President has an obligation to act in the nation’s interest despite GOteaP intransigence.

    Besides, I’d kind of like to see Limbaugh’s head explode if Obama enacts emergency powers.

  4. If Obama compromises it is the American’s people’s fault, they gave control to the house of Representative to the Republicans.

  5. All that money that was spent on campaigns and they worry about a few percents tax increase? Does anyone in the whole of the Republican party and their buddies have even a smidgen of a brain ?

    • You should know better than to use the words REPUBLICAN and BRAIN in the same sentence… You are an educated Democrat!! But, in this case, it is apropos!

  6. Still mad that there was not a national outcry regarding Romney’s refusal to release, at least, his last 12 years of tax returns. “You people (have seen all we deem necessary).” Let them eat cake! He should have lost by 40 points. The Money people must really have been afraid of what Romney’s tax returns would reveal. Their fear was reflected in the Entertainment “News” Media’s relative silence.

  7. When Romney was forced to finally volunteer his tax rate, he had to fudge the numbers to justify his claim that he’s never paid lower than 14 percent. The fact is, for last year he’ll end up paying closer to 9 percent after filing an amended return/// and the ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY wants every one else to pay at least 35 % him and the greedy bastards 2% by them selfs are holding the country back . thy are the reason why we owe CHINA so much money . them and there dirty BUSH clown . BUSH >> hey we got so mush money in the country,s account why dont i just maybe start 2 wars and give the ppl. that dont even need the money all the money we have in the bank . and while im playing santa i can do a drug deal that we can put on our credit card. its ok we dont need our bridges or roads fixed . so santa got started giveing the rest of the world our hard earned money (all but the greedy bastards 2 %) to fix their countrys roads and what ever thy want to use it for . who cares if thy use the moneyu and give it to ppl. that wants to buy arms you use against us . after thy use all the arms on us we can just give them mone to fix there houses . and i plan to give all the money to those who dont need it (or who need it to fight us and or my buddy,s the greedy bastards ) and i vow to give every thing i can till this countrys dead so help me god . thats what i belive america stands for .////next

    Mitt Romney Is Gone,/// he,ll only be gone when he,s 6 ft under untill then he,s like a cancer that will keep eating the life out of ppl. . and the only time ppl. can get a break from the ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY is when he,s DEAD. thats a day ill cheer for him . would like to know where he,s buryed id like to put the chreey on top of his grave and a deserving one at that a dump of chit. its maybe more then he realy deserves . but what the heck i,d be nice like that to him because he,s dead

  8. The problem is that many of the states that romney won are low or no tax states. The GOP rhetoric appeals to many in those states.

    Many retirees are in Florida because of the low taxes.

    Many people leave high tax states to go to low tax states.

    However, these people aren’t necessarily conservatives. That is why the demographics are changing.

  9. The taxes for the rich are to help build the infastructure of America! The rich and the corporations depend on the Roads, bridges, and railroads to get their products to the consumers. The rich feel they do not need to support the system! When the money is invested in the stock markets and in corporate bonds the money does not multiply in the economy! The money has to be in the hands of the people of the nation that spend and consume! This is demand economics! The same thing was occurring in 1929 when the stock market crashed and big businesses folded. The majority of the money supply was in the stock markets, and in the bond markets. The people did not have good paying jobs. When the stock market crashed the businesses closed because there were no consumers. This caused a world wide depresssion!
    This time the Democrats are determined to get the tax increases for the rich or they will allow all of the tax cuts to expire! This is the only way to return our economy to profitability is through a temporary recession if the Republicans will not deal!

  10. My drumbeat. Let ALL the 2001 tax cuts expire. Bring them down 34% in each of the next 3 years.
    And at the same time we’re letting the deficit recover a bit, do some serious rewrites to the tax code that place limitations on the more exotic tax breaks that necessitate lawyers and accountants. If someone with a HS diploma can’t read the 1040 instructions and understand the deduction, it shouldn’t qualify as a deduction.

    • I’m more resentful about ALL of the Corporate and Elite Welfare that has been getting worse by the decade. What the “illegal aliens” get is miniscule in comparison. At least the non-citizen residents haven’t purchased our democratic process and attacked our rights as workers (and in so doing attack American Families and the American Dream); engaged in Voter Suppression; monoplized the banks, allowed multi-national corporations to influence our elections, attempt to deny a woman’s right to choose; own our media and propagandise our populous; eliminate or reduce environmental and health and safety protections; conspire to destroy The New Deal, The Great Society and our Social Safety Contracts: drive our economy to the brink of a Great Depression; utilize hate and fear to attempt to divide and conquer the 99%… To paraphrase 130bserver… Pay taxes for the Corporatocracy and Oligarch’s welfare…….. you will feel it increasingly!

        • C’mon 13o.,

          Explain yourself. Looking at your response, I get anger and fear. True? How so? I’m most certainly interested in how you came to believe in that Fox News response.

          I think that The President will go down in history as one of the greatest. He has guided us past a great depression and we’ve had consecutive years of job growth, despite historic obstructionism.

          How do you justify welfare for non-living entities that are not even loyal to America (Corporations), and for living people who have benefitted most from taking advantage of the American economy, while contributing less and less; and working for the demise of the Middle Class? . Are you for that? How do you feel about the Wall Street and Big Bank bailouts (welfare)?

          I’m really curious how you came to think the way you do, but can only see Fox Entertainmnet talking points to this point.

          • Really? you tell me how AMNESTY fixes our problems with unemployment and the strain on welfare services not to mention the sovereignty of our great nation! Corporations are the jobs and investment instrument for investors who invest your money per your 401-k, defined benefit pensions etc. “non-living” are you kidding? the life blood of our economy! Do you think we would have this discussion if there were an abundance of jobs? The “corporate world” has skin in the game as they must be profitable for your 401-k to be solvent. The manipulation of the market is the result of such manipulators who represent your investment interests as well so there is blood on your hands by virtue of your investments. Finally, labor unions share the same faceless identity when it comes to trying to BUY our democracy! Romney was not correct when he said 47% of the people were takers…………………… it’s accurately more like 97%! but who is counting now?

          • 13, you say a lot but offer no proof. A 401K, relies on the employee contributing and a good company adds to that contribution. But the companies don’t invest the money they hire mutual funds to do that and have no skin in the game. They make a small contribution and then it is up to the employee and the market to fund their retirement. The company washes their hands of the whole thing and tells their employees that they are on their own. By the way when companies lay off employees, they look at who is contributing the most and then lay them off so they don’t have to provide the matching funds.
            401K plans are just another way of screwing employees.

          • do some homework please! did you think these investments consisted of stuffing money in a fruit jar and burying it in the back yard hoping it would grow like a fu*king plant? God almighty…..i’m going to fu*king hang myself if I keep communicating with THESE people! We all have skin in the game professor! I will get a union (defined benefit) pension. Obama has done nothing to secure my pension! What has he done for labor! Promises! He puts party and the poor ahead of country. His first priority now is a path to AMNESTY! No surprize here! Not unemployment…OBVIOUSLY! Not the economy!!!

          • 13o…
            Thank you for giving me the opportunity to converse with a genuine 3%er. I don’t get to do that very often. In fact, I don’t think that I’ve ever gotten to do that. Wow!
            I’ve got to ask your help, did I mention the subject of Amnesty? It’s not usually on my agenda, so I wasn’t sure how it ended up in your response.

            In considering your OPINION, I think that I need more information. What are the stats regarding the impact of unregistered imigrants on our employment and welfare services? I know that for some, the idea causes strong emotional reactions, but do you have any verifiable statistics from an unbiased source regarding the actual impact?
            For me, that would help the discussion greatly.

            As far as our nations “sovereignty,” that’s a word that I hear thrown around alot, but I’m guessing that you and I have fundamentally different definitions of just what a soverign nation is, and does.

            I choose to act from the perspective that a, “Great Nation,” is defined by more than the bottom line. A Great Nation does not consist of a small percentage of people pulling the ladder up, and leaving the rest behind, once they have gotten theirs. In essence, that analogy represents the direction in which I see this country going, and the thought is disturbing.

            I refuse to see corporations as people. People are people. Corporations are tools for providing services, and creating income. Nothing more or less. If used properly, there is no reason that all involved should not benefit. However, what is occuring, is taking us further and further away from a democracy, and closer to a corporatocracy, or oligarchy. The power and control is moving ever further away from We The People, and into the hands of the rich, and the non-living, bottom line, profit at any cost driven, un-feeling corporations. They currently control all of our seats of power. Though We The People are beginning to wake up and fight back. They are the ones writing the legislation, working behind the scenes against all of the protections and benefits for We The People. Corporations have no heart, they have no soul. As they stand now, they are simple profit driven tools. We can always start new corporations. We are nothing without an educated, empowered, We The People.

            Sure, I want my 401-K to be solvent, but the ends do not justify the means. And by the way, Wall Street now owns the equity I used to have in my home. I was forced to use up my 401-k’s when I lost my job (due to the Wall Street, banking crimes that contributed to the recession, of course). I think we can have reasonable profits without creating a nation of Romney’s “47%’ers.” Of course he sees a lower tax rate for him and the Aristocracy as “fair.” They see themselves as, “Job Creators.” Better, more important than the rest. 13o.. that myth has been debunked by history. Everybody now knows that the economy is demand driven, and that the engine of a strong economy is a strong and empowered middle class, with good jobs (not the Staples and Walmart variety), and a living wage (only gained by workers uniting to form unions). Again, clearly it is We The People that are the “life blood,” of our economy. I fear that Corporations as People (propaganda put out by… corporations!), will lead to facism, and the death of our great nation.

            13o… From where I sit, people are the life blood of our economy and democracy. If we don’t invest in our people, then we will be left with a nation of poor, uneducated, sick, individuals left to their own dwindiling devices, and living in a decaying system; and our “Great Nation,” is doomed. The few at the top will have access to all the best. They will continue to become richer and more powerful, until our nation is Great in imagination only. If we continue to play the game by the rules of the last thirty years, we will have witnessed the death of the middle class and democracy, and the rise of the Aristocracy. How do yo feel about the fact that our elected officials now must devote 70% of their time to fundraising? Of course Congress has the lowest apporval rating in history! They are beholdin’ to the CORPORATIONS!

            Our employment problems will be “fixed,” with a return of manufacturing to the U.S., as well as realistic trade policies, investments in education, job training, infrastructure, and provisions for workers to earn living wages again, in order to drive the economy. If we listen to the non-living corporate line, the only way to do that is to destroy unions, pay third world wages and eliminate taxes. This philosophy comes from Non-American, Non-Human, Multi-National Corporations. They don’t care if the American Worker receives poverty wages, in fact, they want that. It is they who are driving down wages, off-shoring factories and jobs, working to eliminate benefits, increase productivity demands… They don’t care about you, they don’t care about us. They are not a people, they are profit driven machines, run by people who think they are better than you and me (unless you really are a 1%er, 13o..), and think that we are lazy “takers.” They are drunk with power, and it is time for them to go through detox. It’s also time for a certain segment of our electorate to quit drinking the corporate Kool-Aid, and to wake up, because they’ll be coming for you soon too. We need each other in order to save our democracy from them.

            So, let’s do the math. What is 97% of the population of America? Are we around 350 million? Let’s go with that. Do you really see over 320,000,000 million people as “takers?” And I’m assuming that you see yourself as “better,” than all those people?


          • well, we agree on one thing, UNIONS! but the problem is workers don’t believe in us anymore because they are all waiting around for the free sh*t from uncle sam! The people want those in public office to “LEGISLATE” their wages and benefits but the LAW provides for them to get some balls and organize a UNION at their workplace per the NLRB. The wealthy and corporate folks have reached out to TAKE theirs……but working folk are reluctant to do the same……….. I know, I am a UNION ORGANIZER! I like when legislators make laws that help UNIONS and working folks but I can’t say the dems have helped us much lately! As far as the illegal aliens and data I have to substantiate my claims. well, I know that “day laborers” compete with good UNION jobs as many of our people are on the bench due to “contractors” (many of them latino) have figured out how to misclassify their workforce as 1099 employees……… such, they pay no healthcare, taxes, etc. and send a greater portion of their earnings back home which is not circulated in our economy. They have many excuses for not joining the UNION or for that matter, even supporting a campaign where non-hispanics work! They screw the legal workers because they are afraid of being deported! so……….. because they chose to be here illegally, those that want to organize suffer knowing the illegals will stay to keep the job when the others get fired. They play the system like no others. They feel obligated to their employer because who else would give a job to an illegal alien? hence their loyalty. I hope I have given you enough information so you understand that I am “IN THE LOOP” so to speak!

          • Thanks so much, 13o… That helps me understand you much better. You are not against the American worker, as I had assumed. I’m sorry!

            When I was writing in response, the thought crossed my mind that you are in “the trades,” as I can see how contracting, construction and the trades, are directly impacted by unregistered workers. A true problem.

            I, like you, don’t understand how so many workers can be against unions, but I can see how the unregistered imigrants can disrupt union efforts. It seems like we are working against our own best interests. It is so much easier to hear you from your position FOR UNIONS, rather than against unregistered imigrants. Your points are valid, and I fully agree we have to protect American workers and living wages! Maybe it’s time to stop supporting the corrupt regimes in Mexico and South America, so that they can have a better quality of life down there. Maybe we do have to focus on those that hire Unregistered’s. This is a tough one. I know that if my family were starving, I’d do anything to help them survive.

            I admit, I am not in the construction/trade field, but it seems to me that there has been a concerted movement over the past 30 years, to villify unions, and workers. I am not waiting for the Free Sh..,” from Uncle Sam, nor do I believe that most Americans are. I have just seen productivity demands go crazy to the point that I have no time for my family, while my wages continue a steady decline, all the while, Wall Street, Big Banks, Corporations and the 1%, make record profits, get bail outs and tax breaks, and are gaining more and more power in our government; in addition to owning the media, and villifing the middle and working class. I don’t want free stuff, and I don’t think most do. I just want a fair chance and a level playing field. I’ve worked hard and played by the rules all my life, 13o… but that alone, doesn’t always cut it anymore.

            I can see why you see the unregistered as such a problem. I see it as a symptom of a much bigger problem. The corporatization of the world.

            Again, thank you very much for taking the time to educate me. I hope that you will consider my perspectives as well.


          • are you kidding??? Really???? how about education, pre-natal care for expecting mothers, free school lunchs, healthcare, to name a few!


  12. The main problem is who funds the races in the GOP People like the Koch Bros, Sheldon Adelson, and the contributors to the Rove fund for economic regression. They want to be paid back for their investment even though study after study has said that they don’t create jobs, or spend it across all sectors of the economy. It is the middle class that is the biggest stimulator of the economy. We are the ones buying cars, refrigerators, new carpeting, and all the other goods in industries that ceate job. If the republicans really care about the middle class they would not hold their tax cut hostage to the 1% getting theirs as they have. You can’t hope to be the party of everyone if you only want to reward the few

  13. Raising taxes everywhere would really cure this madness – but only one step at a time. If anything, we need to get rid of some of these thieving corporations, first. That, and keep the crazies (regardless of side), out of power for as long as possible!

  14. If republicans continue following Romney, ryan, Cantor and Trump, they will certainly fall again on the sharp edge of their blade in the next midterm election. If they continue with capital “NO” as usual, they will lose in Arizona, Tenesee, Alabama, South Carolina and Mississippi. The House is the last chance for Republicans to become responsible or they may have that party on life support or vegetable status.

  15. The election is over and the Republicans need to get over and move on with their lives! This is so petty! As for Misfit Romney; go bye and good ridance! Nanh Nahny Nanh Nanh! HPHLMAO!

  16. Mitt Romney will soon be nbothing but a bad Republician dream. The rich feel that they are entiltled to tax breaks where they earned it through hard work or just inherited it. They like to claim that the middle class & poor are takers, as seen by Bill O’Reiley’s comment that Obama got put into office by people “that want stuff”. As if the rich don’t, they just want more money, they are never satisfied,”how much is too rich?” A poor man is happy with is belly being fed, a roof over his head and a happy family.

  17. When asked if it was fair that he pays a lower tax rate than many bus drivers and nurses, Romney said that it’s the “right way to encourage economic growth—to get people to invest, to start businesses, to put people to work.”

    I guess then dishwashers should get a tax cut because we all want clean plates?

    Or maybe, people who can better afford it should pay more as the majority of Americans decided in the last election.

    Republicans realize fighting the extension of tax cuts for 98% of Americans is a losing issue. The fight is over and the decision is in.

    It’s all over but the crying.

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