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Sunday, February 17, 2019

People who lie a lot also tend to whine a lot, particularly when their prevarications are exposed. As a presidential candidate, Mitt Romney gives the impression of never having been in a fair fight. He’s remarkably thin-skinned for somebody in public life.

Everybody expects politicians to embellish the truth, but Romney’s epic misrepresentations continue to astonish. Yet he appears flabbergasted that anybody’s allowed to talk back. Why, my dear fellow, it simply isn’t done.

Maybe this works in the executive suites and country clubs where Romney’s spent his life. But it’s a dubious strategy in an American presidential campaign. Regarding his taxes, for example, Romney could easily quell suspicion that he’s hiding something politically disqualifying. Release five years’ worth of returns (half the number President Obama’s put on the record), and move on.

Instead, he essentially demands that voters take his gentleman’s word that he’s never paid less than (a meager) 13% in taxes. However, his recent statement didn’t specify “federal income taxes,” a significant omission for somebody who made his fortune manipulating the tax code. If Romney’s arrived at the 13% figure by combining state, local, sales, excise, as well as real estate taxes on his several mansions, voters deserve to know.

Reporters should also ask, straight up, if Romney took advantage of the IRS’s 2009 one-time amnesty for money hidden in foreign bank accounts.

Yes or no?

But Romney’s taxes are trivial compared to the ugly falsehoods his campaign’s spreading about Medicare—sowing fear and division among seniors in a transparent attempt to divert attention from his and Paul Ryan’s plan to “save” the program by turning it from a guaranteed insurance benefit to a privatized voucher system.

Here’s the script of a new TV ad the Romney campaign’s running:

“You paid in to Medicare for years. Every paycheck. Now, when you need it, Obama has cut $716 billion from Medicare. Why? To pay for Obamacare. So now the money you paid for your guaranteed health care is going to a massive new government program that’s not for you.”

Got that? Your benefits, paid for by your Medicare taxes, are supposedly being taken away and given to others. In case that’s too subtle, Romney himself has said “there’s only one president that I know of in history that has robbed Medicare.” He told an audience in Ohio that Obama “has taken $716 billion out of the Medicare trust fund. He’s raided that trust fund.”

And do you know what he did with it? He used it to pay for Obamacare, a risky, unproven, federal takeover of health care.”

On “Meet the Press,” Republican National Committee chairman Rience Priebus declared that “This president stole…$700 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare. If any person in this entire debate has blood on their hands in regard to Medicare, it’s Barack Obama.”

Robbed, stole, raided, blood on his hands.

Then who IS Obamacare for, if not for you and yours?

A recent letter to my local newspaper spelled out what Romney’s too tasteful to say: “obese, lay-about, cigarette-smoking, drug-taking, welfare-sucking, emergency-room-visiting no-accounts…[who] expect the government to provide them everything for free.”

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659 responses to “Mitt’s Most Shameless Lie”

  1. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    He did NOT “make his fortune” by manipulating the tax code…Initally he DONATED his ENTIRE inheritance to CHARITY….the he simply WORKED HARD to become a success on his own. Currently he gives 20% of his income to charity, while the “generous” Obama gives only ONE PERCENT! It’s liberals who whine. No one cares what anyone else pays in taxes, only what THEY pay….and 51% of Americans pay NO TAXES while the rest of us pay ALL TAXES! Is that what liberals mean by FAIRNESS?????

    • Are you suggesting children under 18 should pay taxes? How about the handicapped, seniors trying to survive on a meager Social Security check, the unemployed and others who for a variety of reasons can barely make ends meet? In answer to your rhetorical question, yes, it is fair for people like Romney to pay more than they currently do. Nobody is talking about changing their tax rate to Eisenhower era levels, what is being proposed is rolling it back to Clinton era levels when everyone – the rich, the middle class and the poor – prospered. Our present tax rate is inadequate and insufficient to sustain our standard of living and national security. I realize the latter is not important as long as they can buy the latest cell phone, but hopefully there are still enough responsible people out there able to set priorities that separate what is essential from what is frivolous.

      • CPANY says:

        Mr. Vila:

        I liked your comment, but regarding the last sentence, I wouldn’t count on there being enough responsible people to separate essential from frivolous.

    • middleclasstaxpayer ought to get the facts… and the facts are, you only have Mitts word for any of what you are spouting and judging from all his lies and flip flops from the time we have ever heard about angry, entitled Mitt, I wouldn’t go around repeating this crap!

    • scareygary says:

      I’m a ‘middle class taxpayer’, too, but not in your sense of the word. I don’t EXPECT that the unemployed, seniors on fixed incomes, students working part time, nor folks who are underemployed or working for minimum wage SHOULD bear the burdens of supporting this society. It’s those who have benefitted MOST who should pay back the most. MY tax rate should be 28%, but it was a meagre 12.9% ‘effective’. Quite a bargain for my share of clean air, water, food?, the world’s most expensive military by far, our justice system, roads, bridges, schools (the fed part), help for beleaguered state budgets (fire/police, etc.), National parks, the FBI, CIA, and the list goes on. I don’t begrudge it, and would pay MORE if only the fat cats at the top would pay a fair share back. So, Romney paid 13.9% on his 20 million plus? Ha! I TIP better than that! Even if he paid the Buffett Rule’s 30% on all he’s raking in, he’s still clear 14 million a year. It would take my wife and me 140 YEARS to GROSS that amount. We have Master’s Degrees and work just as hard as Mittens (or more….) Is that what you Greed Over People folks mean by FAIRNESS????? LOL Wake UP! You’ll wake up someday soon to see this country in rubble, with about 1,000 people on top of it all waving billions and laughing at you for giving this country away to just a few silver spoons! Ain’t gonna be ‘terrorists’ who defeat this country. It will implode due to infathomable GREED at the very top. The country isn’t BROKE, Man, it’s FIXED!

    • old_blu says:

      Him donating to his church is like a self promoting donation. Do you know how a mormon says ef you? —————— Trust me

      • neece00 says:

        The 10% tithing that Mitt Romney give to his “charity” goes to the church. From there it goes to large temples all over the country and the business adventures that the mormon church can hide under. Does this sound like the less fortunate are benefitting from his 10% tithing to the mormon church?

    • I am a middle class taxpayer at 15%. Why should a rich may pay a lower percentage, and bullshit he didn’t manipulate the tax code. Worked hard, laying off other people, taking over business, making a profit and closing them down. Is this fair to anyone, but himself.

      • You are paying income tax, Romney is paying capital-gains tax. Two different things! when you invest money you take a chance of losing it all. Would you be willing to take a chance on losing your income, if you could pay the same tax rate? God, some of you people are really ignorant! Your trying to compare apples to oranges!

        • old_blu says:

          I take a chance on losing my income everytime a Republican President gets in office.

        • BDD1951 says:

          Capital gains tax is still Income Tax. Any way you look at it. I am a former tax preparer and you file capital gains on your income tax the same as wages and other income. It’s income just like wages or interest or dividends.

          • Justin Napolitano says:

            It is not taxed the same as earned income. That is the problem.
            Money a person works for is taxed at a higher rate than money earned though capital gains and dividends.
            Yes, there is some risk when investing but not if you are able to manipulate the system.
            I think capital gains should be taxed at a lower level but that a limit should be placed on those lower taxes. Making million on dividends and paying 10% is just wrong when people earning much less pay a greater percentage.
            There should be a limit of, say, $100,00.00 on capital gains allowing anything over that to be taxed as ordinary income. 99 percent of Americans would not be affected and the rich would pay a fair share of the unequal share they now enjoy.

        • Justin Napolitano says:

          If I manipulate the accounting, load companies with debt and then take a huge share I haven’t taken a risk at all. You would think that Romney would play up any losses he has had to make it appear that he did take some chances but it appears he has never had a loss because he rigged the game.
          He amassed great wealth while screwing the people that worked for and built the companies. And he did by draining the companies and bankrupting them.

        • Sam_Dobermann says:

          Some 1,400 with over $1 million in income paid no income taxes whatsoever in 2009, according to tax data from the Internal Revenue Service. And those who, like Mitt, had only cap gains, interest and dividends paid no Social Security at all.

          But all workers, even when their incomes are so low that they don’t pay federal income taxes, pay a little over 15% on everything then earn, half by deduction and half by the employer on their account.

          So most in that 47% that Romney disses pay more in Federal taxes than Romney himself does.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Yes, 51% pay no taxes, and Romney was one of the 1500 multi-millionaires in the 51% club.

      Businesses deduct operating costs. Millionaires are their own businesses, so deduct office expenses (at least a mansion or two), travel expenses (a Cadillac or two), meal expenses (the chef on staff), etc.

      I’m surrised that they’re not touting his ability to lower his income tax bill to zero as part of his business accumen.

    • SharonJ says:

      Are you crazy well ask Willard the Rat Romney to prove it!!!!!! We can’t just take his word because he has been caught in lies too many times!!!!

    • How do you know that he tithed 20%? Do you have access to the mysterious tax returns. IF he did donate that much (I stress IF) then good for him. It probably reduced his tax bill substancially. If I made 20 million for doing nothing but holding a lot of money off shore then I could afford to give that much as well. We just want to see proof.
      Also please cite your source for the other claims you make. If your source is Fox News or Limbaugh and the likes, then you have drunk the GOP Kool-aid and there isn’t much hope for you, my friend.

      • adguy2121 says:

        C’mon, you guys, give Mitt a break. Do you have any idea what it costs to keep a family that size in Magic Underwear?

    • TheSkalawag929 says:

      How do you know how Romney made his money? Better yet how do you know so much about Romney’s finances period.

    • Justin Napolitano says:

      Where in the hell did you come up with that bullshit. Romney himself never said he gave away all of his fortune and started from scratch.
      I sincerely hope you come out of your coma soon and rejoin reality.
      Also, the Americans that do not pay Federal income taxes happen to be the very poor, retired folks, students, handicapped, ex-military unable to get a job. In other words people that must try to survive while people like Romney, who do not work live off of money they earned through the tax code.

    • 51% pay no taxes at all . . . That’s because many don’t make enough money to have to pay taxes. It’s not that they are evading taxes or even, as Romney, avoiding taxes. They just don’t make enough money to even file a return! Some people have an idea that since the top 5% of earners pay 57% of all taxes (in terms of dollars), they pay too much already. Let’s look at this another way. Say you earn $10 million this year and pay, as Romney claims he has paid, 13% income tax on those earnings. That’s $1.3 million–quite a chunk of change! But wait, what do you have left after Uncle Sam takes his bite? $8.7 million–quite a chunk of change! Now say you earn $60,000 this year (Actually, the U.S. median income is more like $50K) and pay something like 20% after deductions. That’s $12,000–chump change for people like Romney. What do you have left? $48,000–easily enough to support a family of four, make car payments and mortgage payments, right?. Oh, and don’t forget health insurance–about $10,000 since your employer decided to scrap health insurance benefits. Fortunately you have a credit card to which you can charge all those things you can’t afford. . . . Just think, if all the $10 million people paid 14% instead of 13%, the $60K guy might actually have enough money to keep from sinking deeper into debt. Now think about all of the $10 million people who pay NO taxes. (They are included in the 51% who pay no taxes, too.) Do you think it’s fair for some people who can easily afford to pay more to pay less, proportionally, than someone who can barely scrape by? Do you? Are you saying that the $60,000 person does not work hard and deserves to pay more, proportionally, than someone who invests and makes $10 million from the labor of the $60,000 people (or underpaid people in China or India or Bangladesh)?

    • CPANY says:

      That 20 percent to charity: Was that really given to charity or to the Mormon church?

    • highpckts says:

      middleclass – all I can say is show me data and figures for the 51% paying NO taxes then break that down to how many are unable to work, who won’t work, are working but at low paying jobs etc. I agree with scareygary! I would be willing to pay more for the privilege to live in the USA as long as it’s fairly done!

    • RUKIDENME says:

      Isn’t it sad argument that 51% of the people in this country don’t make enough money to pay Federal Income Tax. However those people pay payroll taxes, sales tax, gas taxes to name a few. They spend every cent they receive and pay taxes on almost every cent they spend.

    • grammyjill says:

      Did you pull those numbers out of your ass? Not one is right! How do you know how much mitty gave to charity? The only half tax return he’s put out said he gave $800.00 to his church, which by the way is not even close to the 10% the church requires. Start actually checking before you stick your foot in your mouth.

    • Eduardo says:

      YEP !!
      That’s EXACTLY what they mean by “fairness”.
      … go figure !
      Oh brother !!

    • Justin Napolitano says:

      Middle class be grateful that you make enough money to pay taxes 49% of Americans don’t because they make very little money. They do pay Social Security and Medicare taxes, Federal gasoline taxes, excise taxes and sales taxes so to say they don’t pay taxes is wrong.
      I have told everyone that I would like to pay even more taxes each year because it means that I have prospered.
      The demise of the middle class is a disgrace. Some have said that the greatest transference of wealth in the history of the world has taken place in the US in the last thirty years.
      I agree with that. Business has taken over our democracy and we now have a Plutocracy. Only 17% of companies have a conventional pension plan the rest have placed the responsibility for retirement squarely on the shoulders of their employees, through 401K programs or have dropped their plans completely. It is the middle class that is in jeopardy not the upper class. it is time to shift the game to the middle class; the rich have enough.

  2. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are well aware of the fiscal problems afflicting MEDICARE and the need to reduce spending to keep the program solvent. In fact, Rep Ryan led the charge in Congress to implement savings in projected MEDICARE spending focused on better control of service provider claims, elimination of unnecessary or redundant testing, and the use of some facets of ACA to reduce future MEDICARE spending. Romney’s promise to restore the money that “Obama took away” is nothing more than a scare tactic to influence the opinion and gain the vote of senior citizens in states like Florida. The dichotomy of his claims, which shift from restoring funds, which by default means an endorsement of big government and increased spending, follows calls to reduce spending to reduce our budget deficits and national debt. To make matters even worse, his discourse ignores Rep. Ryan’s plan to dismantle MEDICARE by moving people under 55 to a voucher system a plan that, if implemented, would destroy MEDICARE for everyone, since that program relies on contributions for much of its funding.

    • ivory69690 says:

      you idiot vila ,Romney’s promise to restore the money that “Obama took away” // only to use it for his greedy bastard freinds and give it back to them in tax breaks . you cant be that stupid to belive what your saying . can you ? if so your in need of help for ur brain is on life support and just about all the way to brain dead . now hurry pull ur head out of ur butt so you can use ur butt for what you always have used it for to talk out of

      • Please consider a crash course in English comprehension.

      • TheSkalawag929 says:

        I don’t think DV is saying what you think he’s saying. It looks pretty much like he agrees with you.

      • karinursula says:

        Yes maybe you should go back to school. I cannot take you serious!

      • CPANY says:

        If you read the article that spawned all these comments, you’ll see that the ACA does’t cut anyone’s benefits. Further, the $700+ billion isn’t “stolen,” as Mittens likes to say. In fact it goes into paying for the ACA.

        All this has been explained, but you seem to have missed it. I’m not surprised that you missed it, because you appear to me to be the typical uneducated clod who doesn’t read much of anything.

      • BDD1951 says:

        Please cool it down some, Ivory.

      • old_blu says:

        @ivory– Really?—— Did you even read what Dominick said?

      • sambaDemba says:

        I think we should speak with respect toward each other. I think Ivory doesn’t know what he is talking about. If Mitt Romney were sincere, he would first put his tax online like his predecessors and opponents did. Mitt was not able to govern one state, how would he be able to govern 5o states? Please, think before you say a word. Mitt and Ryan is a band of ideologists that would like to bring confusion among voters, but Americans are aware and conscious. Mitt has the worse economic record ever.

      • Junebug78 says:

        Have you ever noticed how a Democrat will allways attack the indivudal instead of talking about the subject? Democrats like to call people names and degrade them because they don’t know anything about the subject matter!

      • Soldier64 says:

        YOU probably paid zero in taxes, Romney gave 19 million to charities and 18% in taxes. and his 18% is normally three times what the normal person makes in a year. He hasn’t drawn a job paycheck in many years. Watch the debates before you make your decision for whom you will vote.

        • DurdyDawg says:

          Where the hell did you spew those stats from? Limburger isn’t here now so you can speak the truth. Even from his own gob Mittens said he paid 13% on taxes.. You’re ‘18%’ is way off when you’re talking millions AND he never mentioned payroll taxes. And this 19 mil to charities, where’d that come from? I don’t know where these debates your talking about is coming from.. If it’s from the Mittwit then he’s blatantly saying one thing in debates and quite another in front of the american people. Damn! How many times do we have to correct you neocons?

        • tuns222 says:

          Where did you get your “facts”? Did you actually see his tax returns?

        • docmon says:

          I beleive Romney paid about 15% on millions in income, mostly “investments” thru Bain Capital. He hid money overseas. His tithing is required by his church. He has done amazingly little out of the goodness of his heart.

      • 1concernedsenior says:

        Right on Ivory, I like your take on mutt romney !!

      • davia55 says:

        Oh Look!!! A psychic…HA! Predicting what Romney will do, and having total amnesia of whats gone on the past 4 years. What a gift you have…lol

    • Alvin says:

      The only one that is brain dead is ivory69690 or he is one mitts and mutts kiss ass follower. The draw bridge Republicans will rape this country of all its wealth for the 1% and leave the rest of us with nothing but blood,sweat,and tears,and our children will have to fight for there freedom.This is the French revolt all over again will history have not taught us a lesson.The greed of the rich will always suppress the less

      • Soldier64 says:

        I know the more we give = the more Obama and his cronies Want!!!

        • It is the Romney/Ryan plan that will raise your taxes by eliminating deductions for mortgage payments and student loans. Taxes are at a historic low. It is Romney and Ryan who are asking more from you to reduce the tax rate on the people who matter – the billionaires.

          • Ron Monks says:

            Joan, you are confused. I have never thought the mortgage interest deduction was proper and indeed it led people to take out second mortgages or refinance their firsts in order make purchases at a lower and tax deductible rates. The Romney/Ryan plan eliminates most deductions for people earning over $200k, in order to offset the 20% across-the-board rate reductions. I realize you think the fiscal problems can be solved by simply taxing billionaires harder. But you could tax them at a 100% rate and still not come close to resolving the deficit. Keep in mind, the Federal government is spending $4.5 billion more every day than it takes in, so as you see, we would quickly run out of billionaires to tax and then what?

          • wake up reb . are destroying us greed greed do you have more than one home a nanny a penison plan if thay have there way there will be no more middle class

          • That’s just a little short-sighted. It’s not simply “taxing millionaires harder” it’s about paying your fair share. It’s the American way. I am amazed that Mr. Romney has said that the Middle Class is defined as those who make 225, 000 dollars, so I’m Middle Class. Think: just another 25 K would make me, what, Upper Class?

          • grandbaby1 says:

            you are right, but is 225,000 is middle class then I have been in poverty for a long time. The most I earned is 60,000 and I have a BS and was assistant director of nursing at a medical facility

          • Time to stop putting people into ‘upper, middle and lower’ classes and realize there are workers and contributors and non-workers and non-contributors living off the contributors. As the non-contributors is growing so is the country going down hill.

          • If they shop. they are contributors! No one goes without paying ANY taxes!!

          • micky says:

            Ron Monks, I will make sure to tell Romney to protect your
            BILLIONS I am sure you are a BILLIONAIR that is the
            reason you are worring about BILLOINAIRS. Why should
            a poor person like yourself be concern about rich people’s
            money? I think you are BLINDED WITH HATE for President Obama.

          • Apparently you don’t know what you are talking about Micky . Most billionaires have business that create jobs for people. If we didn’t have the rich we might not have jobs. If we didn’t have rich & middle class we could not provide for the poor.

          • CPANY says:

            Yes Dolores, billionaires own businesses that employ large numbers of people, but that doesn’t mean that they’re good, honest people. I believe that by and large, our billionaires are a greedy bunch that would strip everything from the poor and the middle class and give it to the rich.

            I also believe that our billionaires want to setup a plutocratic dictatorship in America
            to consolidate the power of the rich.

          • highpckts says:

            Seems to me I remember another billionaire saying “only poor people pay taxes” !! Leona Helmsley!! That is how they think!!

          • 345_719 says:

            Also a republican senator said ,”social security is nothing but a cash cow” REAL SMART!!

          • 345_719 says:

            Thats why one millionaire told his employes if you don’t vote like I say I’ll close down and to hell with all of you.

          • Canistercook says:

            Why is someone ‘blinded with hate’ just because one disagrees with someone’s politics? Sure is a ‘stupid’ opinion.

          • TheJAG57 says:

            Ron, you are not confused, you are just not stating the facts. As of this year, there are over 200 billionaires in the U.S. and with the off-shore accounts calculated, they have double the amount of the deficit…so the rich should be careful what they ask for, if they say that taking everything from them would not pay for the deficit – it would. But, the economic system has always been set up for the lower and middle class Americans to pay taxes on everything, and they do NOT have the ability to send their money to off-shore accounts because of the tax laws. Also, there are so many people who lost their jobs to corporations going over seas because of the tax breaks when we were in war – unprecedented actions considering we always have supported our own nation, the U.S. during conflicts by using our own businesses to make our economy work during war. Alas, some also took advantage of the war and profited mightily from the wars…but, did not go near the danger. Just where is the line that says neither rich or poor must cross? People say that there are jobs out there but they can’t find anyone to work for them…maybe the “people” can’t afford the insurance and gas on their automobiles to get to the job any more. How many people lost their homes and jobs during these times when the “rich” said they couldn’t do anything to help, all the while taking their money to foreign markets and “helping themselves”? I don’t like politics. Too much rhetoric and not enough truth. Most employers now do not want to pay the wages it takes to work for them; but, that has been going on since I had my first job at the age of 14. So, Ron, it’s a matter of facts, not of fairy tales and fiction. Will the rich ever have to pay their “fair share”? No, this economy doesn’t allow that; but it does allow the middle class and the lower classes to lose everything they have in order to prop up the wealthy so that they can “provide jobs”. Just how close is that to Marxism? It might not be exact – but it’s what made this country and what killed more American Indians than any other holocaust other than in Africa and other nations that have been wiped off the face of the earth. Oh, my, and of course you can always blame the American Indians, the poor, medicare, medicaid, and everything else – but who has been running this government? It sure wasn’t the poor, the American Indians and those who are disabled or retired. Your statements try to use intelligent language to cover up the facts – that doesn’t work for me – some of us have studied economics and can see right through the mess that the politicians have made.

          • CPANY says:

            Our economy doesn’t allow the rich to pay their fair share? Sure it does. The problem for us poor suckers is that we don’t use our greatest asset, numbers, to force the rich to pay. The tax laws are made by the rich, for the rich.

          • highpckts says:

            thejag57 – AMEN!!!

          • Mr Ron , you the one is confused, billionaires are afraid to loose money, eavent whent have to pay taxes, and what mitt/Rian is triying , is getting you for every penny you have. you can tell this Republicans are liying throug their teeths.


          • You wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for the rich and middle class and if you don’t work you wouldn’t have them paying for government assistance. The small amount obama wants from the rich will not put a dent in the debt. What it will cause in increase in anything they sell. This means from movies,merchandise, and what ever else do business as

          • highpckts says:

            In short – Bulls–t! You believe anything! You are ok with being the lowly peon! You deserve whatever you get!!

          • And it will cause more people to ‘retire’ and live off the government

          • Canistercook says:

            Guess you know a lot of billionaires since you seem to know a lot about them!

          • CPANY says:

            Is that a serious posting Canistercook? Must you know the billionaires personally to judge their actions?

          • Canistercook says:

            Yes, and I don’t know any billionaires and don’t blindly believe all that is written to credit or discredit them by biased journalists. Whether one likes or dislikes Romney he is probably one of the most honest men ever to run for office as I feel were Carter and Reagan. He sure lacks Clinton’s charisma tho. The big question now is ‘Who best can put our country back on a firm fiscal footing”. With such a large chunk of our GDP going to healthcare before enlarging it I just think Obama should have worked on reducing the cost. Our healthcare is costing 50% more of our GDP than in the other countries with socialized medicine! We just cannot afford the existing system let alone the cost of Obamacare unless we get those costs under control. Bush goofed with the expensive new Drug program that rewarded the drug companies and the TV producers with ads that all say ‘Ask your doctor’. We need fiscal management of our tax dollars!

          • CPANY says:

            I don’t think that Mittens is honest. On the contrary, I think that he lies a lot and makes up “facts” on the fly to gain a point. Saying at the debate that we have 23,000,000 unemployed when the government figure is 12,000,000 is blatently dishonest.

            Constantly changing positions to satisfy his immediate audience is also dishonest, as it’s demagoguery. To counter such tricks and to make the debates more educational for the voters, fact checkers should be present. They could interrupt a debater on the spot to correct misinformation.

            I agree that our healthcare costs are going through the roof, but I want to maintain or raise the standards. That means coming down hard on the fraud that has become endemic to the system. That will take legislation, which will make it difficult to get much done because the insurance companies will lobby like crazy to stop any investigations and resulting legislation. There are a lot of Rick Scotts and John Edwards around and bringing them to heel will be a major task.

          • He would say anything to be Pres….

          • highpckts says:

            The problem is that we are a generation wanting instant gratification!! Nothing gets done over nite!! Obama care is already proving it’s worth but no one is paying attention because you are so intent in getting this man out off office!! So who cares about this country?? Not you of the instant gratification class!!

          • Canistercook says:

            It’s because I care about this country I want to get rid of socialistic Obama. For many years this country led the world in productivity. No longer does. Obamacare is another BIG poorly thought out entitlement program that rewards the health care providers and Insurance and drug companies. No other country that has universal healthcare has such an expensive and stupid program. Bush’s drug program is going broke, Social Security is going broke and now we add another boondoggle program! When will we ever learn?

          • Jon Savage says:

            but is daddy rommneycare is awesome right???? GOD YOU ARE FULL OF IT!!

          • Canistercook says:

            No I’m not full of ‘god’ but the left wingers did a good job of destroying Romney’s image because he inherited some wealth from a hard working father.
            Sent from my iPad

          • Canistercook says:

            Probably the most who care are the ‘independents’ like me that don’t buy into the ‘party line’ and think for ourselves and ask ourselves “If i needed a person to RUN MY COMPANY” which person would I choose. Someone with a law degree and a couple of years in politics or someone who has run businesses for years? I want the business to prosper and that business is the USA.

          • highpckts says:

            First I am an Indepednent who happens to use a little common sense and some math and Romney’s numbers just don’t add up! He hasn’t “run” a business! He just brought deals to the table!

          • Canistercook says:

            Since neither Romney nor you have ALL the numbers I am wondering just what you are ‘adding” He RAN Bain as CEO for several years and Ran the Salt Lake City Olympics organization. What has Obama run?

          • Romney ran the Salt Lake Olympics with LOANS from the government because the original managers were crooks!

          • And Solydra ran with loans from the Gov and failed!

          • Bad ideas at that … rape the corporations pocket the money and hide it overseas…

          • And produced jobs and income to America!

          • You are really a left wing Demo I think.

          • Not even goin there…

          • foolsdance says:

            “Romney he is probably one of the most honest men ever to run for office” – are you insane???

          • Canistercook says:

            No, but you are if you think Obama is not selling the country out!

          • I am laughing my ass off on that one… that guy has to be a faux news loser… LOL

          • 345_719 says:

            Don’t know many millionares, but sure have meet a few dumb asses here.

          • Canistercook says:

            Me too and some anti Mormon bigots!

          • grandbaby1 says:

            problems could be solved if everyone paid their fair share Ron. gov. sets caps on how much income people have to pay taxes on. Like SS tax after 100,000 people don’t pay taxes. I paid more in SS taxes for my 50,ooo than my sister for her 200,000 per year job.

          • Not true everyone but people with low income pay taxes. There different taxes. Income tax, investment tax and so on. Look it up

          • Highly_Amuzed says:

            This ridiculously illogical argument keeps getting re-parroted over and over! Which is: Since making the rich pay their fair share won’t wipe out our ENTIRE national debt in one fell swoop, then we shouldn’t do it at all, huh?
            WOW, that is THE DUMBEST argument I have heard yet!
            Making the rich pay their fair share may not solve the ENTIRE debt, but it would certainly HELP pay off a HUGE AMOUNT of debt!!!!!!!!! Anyone with even a tiny bit of intelligence will tell you that there is NO ONE SINGLE MEASURE that will, by iteslf, pay off the entire debt all at once! So, why do you fools keep pretending that the rich shouldn’t have to pay their fair share in taxes!!????
            Either YOU are rich (which I highly doubt) or you are just a M0R0N!

          • markymark714 says:

            George W Bush’s tax cuts for the rich have cost us 5 trillion so far. What 5 trillion wouldn’t help the deficit? Mitt Romney has made a career out of borrowing massive amounts of money from companies Bain Capital purchased controlling interest in using borrowed money to buy the controlling interest of course. Then they would bill that money they borrowed to purchase controlling interest to the company,then pay off all of its upper management with multi million dollar hush payments so they sould borrow as much money they could on the companies credit before charging the companies millions in consulting fees to tell them who they had to lay off and what benefits they had to cut to stop the company from going bankrupt due to the financial chaos they created. This man isn’t a job creator this man creates economic chaos. Now you want him on America’s purse strings I don’t think that is a very good idea.(call me crazy)

          • KurtofLA says:

            We borrow 40 cents of every Dollar we spend. How are we going to change this and pay the 16 Trillions??

          • Hugh says:

            Wish Republican Congress would have asked Bush tt before he spent the money

          • grandbaby1 says:

            make people like Bush pay for the wars he started. he didn’t pay for them, all the documents prove it, now it shows up on Obama’s record and we were there in those places for nearly 7 yrs before he became pres.

          • Joan Maurer you are rithg on that………

          • grandbaby1 says:

            vouchers, we tried similar things before and they never worked. I am in health care and I remember ppo’s that set limits of length of stay for diagnosis and amount paid and if needed doctors had to defend longer stays. It didn’t work then and wont work now. You can’t predict length of stay, complications and the such for anyone.

          • Canistercook says:

            Can’t recall ever having access to a ‘voucher’!


          • Oh, I had a PPO at work, they are worthless, and you still payed through the nose for them.

          • Canistercook says:

            And I wonder how long private hospitals will keep you if they have a lot of empty rooms and someone else is picking up the bill!

          • Right now, the insurance companies are the ones that decide how long a patient can stay in a hospital and which treatments they will pay for. Following my hysterectomy and the possibility of a subsequent problem, the nurse’s first concern was that insurance might not pay since the insurance company had contracted for a certain number of days. Fortunately, the problem did not develop. The insurance company’s doctors also denied payment for a heart monitor that would determine whether I was still having episodes of atrial fibrilation. If not, then I could stop taking a dangerous blood thinner. Upon appeal, the insurance company still denied the monitor. SO — there IS a “death panel”! It’s just that it is your insurance company! I completely understand that insurance can only pay for certain things, but we all should understand that we have never been guaranteed anything like pull-out-all-the-stops health care. Whether private insurance company or government backed coverage, realistically, there have to be limits. Someone has to make these professional medical decision. We can appeal them — but we can’t make them!

          • grandbaby1 says:

            I know that insurance makes all the decisions. I was a nurse and a case manager for many years and always had to run everything by the insurance. Put vouchers are not the way. If the insurance knows that you will be payed 1000 they will charge 2000. Young people do not realize this as they usually are very healthy but us in our 50 and 60 need to seriously think about this and how much eventually comes out of our own pockets. And insurance companies should be mandated to consult the doctor before making decisions. I as a case manager was in the middle of doctor vs insurance many times. Pat Skinner

          • Canistercook says:

            Billionaires take off big mortgage deductions on estates and two or three ‘second’ homes! Sounds like this would stop the!

          • You sure have a big imagination!

          • Canistercook says:

            Buffet, Romney and Trump and the rich love their 1,000,000+ interest deduction on their estates! Mortgage payment interest benefits the rich more than the poor so the uneducated think that deducting their $300 a month interest payment is great! Interest payments should either be non-deductible or 50% of a tenant’s rent should be deductible if you want something to be ‘fair’. I think eliminating the mortgage interest is a better idea since we are broke!

        • starman12 says:

          you must be one of the braindead republicans

          • Soldier64 says:

            I didn’t insult you so please don’t do it to me. I am a 64 yr old Disabled Vet and watch a lot of C-span, read the proposals, listen to a lot of varied programs on dicussions. I have been a registered Democrat for 46 yrs, voted Republican twice during that period. I voted for Obama too; however, I will NOT make that mistake again.  I could care less who you vote for and all I’ve asked anyone to do is listen to the debates, read the proposals and addendums and watch the joke (I meant to say Congress) on C-span before you make up your mind. Soldier64
            ‘In God We Trust!’

          • DurdyDawg says:

            That’s exactly what I’m waiting for… The debates. If they don’t pick some dumb ass to ask questions then neither of them will be able to wiggle out of their obligation to reveal the truth to the American voter.. My money is on Obama for that diddy because, the Mittwit will not revel his sins no matter what. You think Obama is fleecing you? You have no idea what’s in store if Robme and his sock puppet ekes through.. Just remember, what you hope for can turn around and bite you on you’re ass. But you go ahead and vote you’re way, because…. That’s what it’s ALL about!!

          • ttiwforpres says:

            I hate reading trash. Especially when the one writing it doesn’t know the difference between the word you’re and your. Go to school, get educated.

          • ttiwforpres says:

            Praying for Robme and sock puppet to eke through. Obama has already bit us all in the a** . Four more years of that and this country will no longer exist. All Americans will be bowing down.

          • Hugh says:

            It survived Bush for 8 years

          • Bigspender says:

            Soldier64 — I’m 65 and unlike you apparently, I do pay attention to facts and the problems we face as a nation. And I’m also rational. For this and many other very valid reasons, I’m voting for Obama/Biden. Voting for Romney/Ryan is simply unthinkable.

          • catball says:

            yes sir. I completely agree. I have not recovered from the eight years of Dubwa. I hope mistakes like that never happen again.

          • michael says:

            Soldier64….if you listen to what the republicans have said you would still vote dem. You must not have listened to McConnell when he said he hoped Obama fail and congress would do all they could to do it.

          • Yes, the conservative And libertarian representatives in Congress will resist socialism and will block Obama’s socialist policies at every turn. If they don’t, we will replace them with someone who will. You socialists must fail in order for our Constitutional Republic to survive. Period.

          • albertm says:

            You have identified the problem..Congresses that are either Republican or Democratic. What is needed is a third party Congress that just might represent the average person.

          • Apparently, you do not remember the mess GW gave to Obama in 2009. I think Obama’s croneys did an amazing job turning that around. I am a little frustrated with the way he did it, but he did it with what he had at hand. He turned a -700000 job creation to a positive job within 2 months. Gingrich/Romeny/Obama Care is not the best, but it is a start. I will vote again for Obama, because the atlernative is not what America needs.

          • And socialism is? Never. You are asking for civil war by backing Obama. We will not allow our country to become United Socialist States of America. Obama is not what the mainstream media has convinced you into believing. Just watch 2016: Obama’s America and open your mind.

          • But Obama puts on a good act. Just what he is and what he thinks does not seem to tie into his fine speeches. As the old saying goes ‘Talk is cheap’.

          • ttiwforpres says:

            Well said.

          • grandbaby1 says:

            and I am a 62 yr old professional and my husband is a 69 yr old vet, who doesn’t agree with Republican views at this time.

          • Thank you for your service…and for coming to your senses. God bless.

          • Daylo says:

            that was so…”clever”? Not really, yet you gained 55 likes. Lemmings, each and every one.

          • I would rather have a lobotomy than believe late term abortions should be legal. And that’s just for starters. The first gay president is an abomination.

        • srsly are you THAT fucking ignorant? I sure hope you’re not one of OUR soldiers, I’d hoped we had smarter people in the military but I guess standards are lower now…oh and while you’re sucking off the govt military whore tit I’M the one working my ass off to pay your freaking salary and health care as a ‘soldier’ for corporate ‘Merka, moron

          • michael says:

            You are right Joseph but be respectfull to our vets

          • ChristoD says:

            Amen Michael BUT, Mr Soldier guy is either a fraud or is watching FOX news and buys the lies. Either way, to say he voted for Obama and then imply that Obama has failed is ludicrous at a minimum and laughable on the other end. The MAN has done a yoman’s job for what he was given and since 2010, he has got NO help from the House and obstinance from O’Connell in the Senate. He has taken the filibuster or threat of it to absurd levels. The FedDef is a DIRECT result of REPUBLICAN admins’. More than $12 trill happened on His Eminance Ronald, Bush I and Bush II watches and they controlled the house and congress for almost all their years in office….THAT is a FACT. Now THEY want to call the shots on how to fix it…F— THEM ! Obama for four more years is the least we should do. DESTROY the far right, Tea Party and extreme ideological positions in the name of a FAIR Democracy needs to be our goal.

        • Carl Millholland says:

          Specifically, what have you given? What has Obama taken? Taxes? You enjoy the lowest tax rate in modern history.

        • Why would you say that? It is so far fetched from the truth! Nobody wants anything from Republicans, the party of no, who have intentionally blocked any progress so that the President, elected by the people, can fail and they can be in power. Never once have they thought of the “people” only their election. It’s disgusting!

        • poppabear42 says:

          The truth is, romney, and that other punk aren’t going to ask you for one damned thing…They are just going to take your money and give it to a bunch of billionaires. So keep your damned money, and keep your stupid mouth shut, and be ready for the “High hard one ” that your buddies have for you!!

        • louisy8 says:

          What world are you living in you forget Bush’s last 8yers? tell us what happened to all the money Pres. Bill left for Bush? do you realy think four years would ever fix the mess bush @ the GOP left. how much money did The GOP left for Obama? do you realy think tax cuts for the rich is right? while Mitt hide his money out of US @ don’t pay his fair share of taxes, while the poor @ middle class pay more taxes & all Gop dose is lie & block everything Obama try to do for the people, what is wrong with you all ask GOD to help you all to see the truth, what is he hiding about his taxes, why can’t he show 10yers like his father, he say he is a christian and he can’t tell the and show thw truth, what up with that, American are smart on act on it

          • Soldier64 says:

            I live in the present NOT THE PAST, When I used to go to different Military duty Stations I was always given 90 days to produce improvement or I was relieved for someone else to do the job. I always succeeded because I made hard choices others would not do. Bush inherited a surplus on paper ONLY, check the CBO report for Jan 01. True Bush probably should not have also went into Iraq, but we did get rid of a murderous dictator, we should have gotten out sooner, and wedid get out on Bush’s timetable NOT Obama’s. No one twisted Obama’s arm (except maybe George Soros and the other terrorist cronies like Bill Ayers) to spend 813 Billion for his Stimulus Plan or American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 which snowballed instead of only 11 Trillion National Debt we are now 5 Trillion over because of his policies NOT Bush’s. I am a 64 year old Disabled Vet, spent 42 years serving the Governemnt (24 years Active duty, 18 years in Civil service) been retired 6 years due to disabilities. I have been a Democrat for 46 years and voted for Obama, but I seriously doubt I will this time, I’m still waiting for the one on one debates. Fact checking both conventions, my Dems lied 70% more than the Repubs. Don’t know about you but I’m 10 times worse off than I was 4 years ago and don’t want it to get worse. The only person trying to kill my Medicare is Obama.
            ‘In God We Trust!’

          • louisy8 says:

            Sorry from your reply you live in the past, a country in free fall is not the same as the military
            great of for serving your country, but please do some more fact checks about the GPO


          • CPANY says:

            “Bush inherited a surplus on paper ONLY, check the CBO report for Jan 01.” What does “…on paper ONLY” mean?

            What do you expect? A little pot of gold? Run off at the mouth types like you spout a lot of words but you don’t say anything.

          • Hugh says:

            louisy8 I wish I could give you 10 more thumbs up

        • But they want it for the whole country not themselves. They think that maybe a few billionaires should be willing to give a little more so that a few million kids won’t suffer from hunger and millions more won’t die from lack of health care. Outrageous!

          • WillyHze says:

            That is absolutely insane. That are not even pretending that raising taxes on ‘millionairs’ and ‘billionaires’ will even come close to closing their budget gap. That lie is even too big for Barry to try and pass off. A 100 billion dollar a year tax will not fix a trillion dollar a year deficit. It will not save or solve a medical program that is already insolvent, broken, and will be larger than the whole current budget in twenty years. No plan is a disaster and I don’t think Barry Or Mitt have any plan at all that will solve anything.


          • docmon says:

            Our only hope is true tax reform. End Bushes cuts…for all, Cut spending, as Obama offfered. Romney’s 20% across the board tax cut idea is a disaster waiting to happen. Truly scary stuff!

          • CPANY says:

            Any economy is stimulated by jobs and industry. The rich bastards like Romney exported our most important assets.

            We can’t make up the deficit by taxation. We need to take back the assets that produce wealth.

          • We live in a big world and we need trade. Do hope some of those to the far left will wake up before it is too late.

          • Wonder if the founding fathers ever thought that the ‘Government’ would take almost 40% of what a man earned plus like in some states like California another 12.5% along with property taxes, sales taxes and lots of other taxes. No wonder more and more people are dropping from the work force. Why work for less than 50% of what one earns!

        • micky says:

          Are you asleep, or you just don’t get it? May be you are blind with HATE
          for President Obama! God forbid Romney wins, if he does you will understand what we are saying, Romney could not care less about you or
          any other poor person.

        • nmjayd says:

          I know Clinton had to take 6 years to get out of Republican big government and wasteful spending of President George Bush, Sr, and he still left President George W Bush with a 67 million dollar surplus to begin office, and no “bigger” government. Then again George W Bush had the surplus coming in, then gutted the bill of rights, and the separation of 3 equal powers of the legislature, judicial branch, and the presidential powers….by neutering and rendering helpless the judicial branch. Then President George W Bush increased the government and reduced our rights during his term, and having the incompetency to leave us with HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS IN NATIONAL DEBT. So Soldier 64, you can try and make Obama and his cronies look greedy, but President George W Bush bellied up to the table and ate up everything our country had, and then some. We will probably never get out from under President George W. Bush’s having destroyed our economy. Obama has just been dealing with the economic disaster that means the Republican party.

        • dggrundhoffer says:

          Be more informed when you make a statement. If elected , Romney would make you want to vote for Gov. Wallace again!!!!

        • Mr soldier, wake up you better off with Obma and he’s cronies than with Mittins Romney, and he’s big lies, LOL………

        • grandbaby1 says:

          really, better study your history again soldier

        • Robert_13 says:

          Sounds like you can’t read, along with those few who liked your goofball, meaningless chant based on flat-out zero understanding of much of anything, .

        • dont dare use the name soldier unless youve earned it and i mean properly not as some weekend warrior but in the field of conflict

          • CPANY says:


            Go to hell. Who are you to dictate to anybody?

            While we’re at it, what does it take to “earn” the title “soldier”? Rhetorical question: All it takes is to join the Army. I believe that for every combat soldier there are ten or twenty support troops, men and women who aren’t risking their lives but have the title “soldier.”

            Many of them joined the military because they cannot get civilian jobs.

        • currychicken says:

          The biggest crony is Romney.

        • Highly_Amuzed says:

          What on earth are you babbling about????…

        • Thomas C. McCartney says:

          How do you mean? He hasn’t raised taxes, taxes and government don’t make people broke, the corporations that underpay people make people broke. We have the lowest tax % for ALL embrackets than any other modern country!! The rich don’t know what its like to have their children starve or die from preventable sicknesses, yet they crave more money, as if they were starving.

          • Soldier64 says:

            You explain why I am retired and a disabled vet and yet my annual pay has went down about $60 per year but my TRICARE increased $4 per month and I’m told this year will go up from $42 to $144 per month. I paid taxes on the money I paid into Social Security and yet I have to pay tax on it again to receive it. Used to pay $1.80 per gal for gasoline, now $3.72 plus per gal. Food has gone up, schools have gone up, etc.etc. Pay isn’t going up, Jobs are not being created like promised. I am 64 yrs old and been a registered Democrat for 46 yrs and voted for Obama. NOT making that mistake again. He keeps blaming Bush for everything and yet the last two years of Bush’s term, Dems controlled the House and Senate and allowed Pelosi and Reid to undermine Bush and push through things that snowballed on them. Still haven’t changed parties, but am contemplating the idea.
            ‘In God We Trust!’

        • highpckts says:

          Are you a total dunce??? Check it out!! The math doesn’t work! How many times do you have to be told this!! You are being used big time but you want Obama out so bad you will chew off your own foot to do it! Amazing!!


        • xxxx says:

          They ask for little amounts only and what one can only afford. What is $8 compared to Mitt Romney with a dinner meal of $3K per head?!!! and billions from his Ritz Billionaire supporters!!!

        • What are you giving and what does President and his so -called “cronies want?

        • “Spoken” like a true Republican… I can only say, “Thank God OBAMA WON!!” And you damn Repubs, take the spin from these jerks and believe it is Gospel! It is pure horse manure! My degree is in Health Care Management and I have read a lot of the Affordable Care Act (aka- Obamacare)… and I was impressed at how good and how solid it is! I don’t just take the politicians’ word on anything… that would just be stupid.

        • Soldier64, I feel sorry for you!! Really! I bet you don’t have much other than hate. Stay tuned, it is gonna be a long 4 years for you and then you will have to deal with HLLARY for 8 more. I LOVE IT!! David Matoke

        • Gilbert says:

          President Obama is a millionaire in his own right. I don’t think he got a dime of it from you. Stop talking like a victim. Educate yourself so you don’t sound so ignorant. Stand-up. Be a man. Stop whining! Where is your sense of shame???

          • Soldier64 says:

            I really pity people like you, I’ve been a Democrat for 46 years and voted for Obama the first time. I did NOT this time, I don’t trust him or Romney to lead this country. Now that he’s been reelected, I sure hope he gets his head out of his ___ and at least compromise. I am a disabled Vet (24 yrs active duty and 18 yrs civil service for 42 yrs in the Gov) and there is too much waste, fraud and abuse by all the politicians (both parties). Obama’s Foreign policy scares me, he is so naive and just doesn’t get it and spaghetti brain Joe is such a dunce, and he does say what he means. BUT people let him off with saying BS as “Oh, its just Joe”. I pray we do not regret his being reelected. My conscience is clear, I could not vote for either party and voted for a write in Ron Paul. Obama obtained his millions under shady conditions, at least Romney made his legitimately. Obama is a product of the Chicago Political Machine (dirtiest, most corrupt organization in existence), Romney is a shrewd business man to be envied and I would trust him with business side of things but not Foreign Policy. Can’t trust Obama on either – but I do hope that changes. You should do a lot more research and maybe watch C-span to see what the dummies in congress say and do. You evidently are one of the ones receiving his gifts to spout your BS.
            ‘In God We Trust!’

          • Did you ever ask who he used as his stepping stone on the way to becoming a millionaire. The low income left is sure easy to brainwash and he was sure smart to use them!

        • Barbara says:

          bull puckey.go back to your bud light redneck..then get off your fanny and find out what is going on in the real world…it will baffle you.

        • you have it reversed congress and the republican cronies Ryan and Bohnner

          • Soldier64 says:

            You must be asleep all the time or just not very observant. Look around you WHO wants more taxes!!!!!!
            CHARLES H. CRISEL
            ‘In God We Trust!’

      • WillyHze says:

        The big government left is trying hard to do that right now. Every single Obama policy has been bad for the middle class…unless you believe his spin, which you might.

      • KurtofLA says:

        I see a loser and Obama kisser. How about the money spent on Obamas travels for vacations and fund raiser all over the country

        • CPANY says:

          How about the billions pissed away in Iraq and Afghanistan? That makes the money spent on Obama’s vacations seem like pocket change.

          KurtofLA, you’re an asshole.

      • Alvin…the missing chipmonk…….Want to see a revolution, let the Piece of SH*T in the White House try to hijack the election with his Acorn Mafia. The Emperor has no clothes, no American pride and is a dyed in the wool Islamofascist.
        At least Nero knew how to play the violoin. This Republic will survive and become once again the greatest country on Earth, no matter how many times you apologize to HIS-HIGHNESS.

      • Joe Flinn says:

        I love idiots, 14 of the 15 people who worked for me were idiots like you…need a job?

        • CPANY says:

          Fourteen of the fifteen people who worked for you were idiots? Maybe you were the fifteenth idiot, but are too stupid to know it.

          You sound like a typical managerial prick.


      • Canistercook says:

        Spoken by a truly jealous individual.

      • wow, Little Alvin you are one indoctrinated little robot. You have been brainwashed your whole life by liberal spew I am sure. Or you are a college student currently being filled with the passions of professors that have never made a dime worth of profit, or created a single job. Keep in mind college life is not the real world, but your professors would not want to admit that. So consider the source when listening to their spew, it comes with very litte real world experience. Must admit, I did not realize that either in my college days. Expand your mind and look for the whole truth on your own without prejudices.
        Get class envy out of your mind and just learn true economics.

      • Anna Drake says:

        U R misguided one. Pray U don’t need any medical help w/out insurance. U will be broke before you know it and your Buddies Ryan/Cantor, Bonehead and other repukes will not help you they will want/let u DIE. Deal with facts not spins. Truth is like an oil, slowly will surface to the top. And is coming.
        Obama gave more than Gorge Bush killed his own on a lie. Was it worth it ?? Yes according to Cheney and he would do it again – watch it we are going to a war w/Iran on a lie by Natanyahooo. Another spin.
        They wanted privatized because SS and Medicare is a CASH COW – steady flow of money for them to manipulate the market. They will beta the drums until all their minions will believe anything they sell.
        Obama will sell us out at the end, sad to say, Sequester is already kicking in and not in your benefits Alvin – it will not affect that much the 5% but will affect the rest of us especially the very poor and VETERANS.

    • 1guy2 says:

      Good post,and pretty accurate.

    • And The Fact That His Whole Damn Campaign Is Built On Lies Which Lie Do One Need To Point Out!!!

    • Soldier64 says:

      You obviously do not read and comprehend the Ryan plan as most people do. Over 55 will never changed as long as they need it. Under 55 will be taken care of in a different manner but will still be the same except instead of 65 you you would be 75 for it to take effect. Romney and in particulare Ryan are trying to save programs the best they can while reducing the deficit. Obama has no idea how to proceed (the reason the Dems have NO plan at all) except to TAX and PRINT and both will dig us deeper in dept and recession – READ the CBO’s report!!!!

      • grammyjill says:

        You obviosly don’t understand the Ryan plan. He says that he will not change the plan for current seniors, but if he changes the plan for under 55 then the under 55 would be taken of the pay in rolls. If that happens then there is no money going in to sustain the program. Surprize to seniors. No money, no medicare.
        And just so you know, it just came out. The deficit for the year 2012 is 1.1 T.
        That’s ALOT less than the 4 trillion a day the republicans would have you believe.

      • AdamMos says:

        You cant start a deficit reduction conversation with a plan to cut taxes across the board by 20%. Most seniors will not be able to afford the additional 6,000 per year to cover their new voucher based health insurance premiums and those opting to stay on the current system will be priced out due to massive premium increases. As a result many seniors will move from Medicare to Medicaid which is also being dessimated by the Romney/ Ryan . Therfefore tens of millions of seniors will end up without any health insurance at all which will bring the whole health care system down because the health care proividers will not be able provide all of these free services without any reimbursement. To make things worse they want to also repeal Obamacare which will eliminate 716 million in savings they have identified by cutting fraud , waste and abuse. Obamacare repeal also eliminates the medicare sur taxes on the wealthy which helps pay for the expansion of Medicaid and Medicare which is being driven by the demographics( baby boomers}. The Romney/Ryan plan is completely irresponsible and will result in only the wealthy having access to health care. People will die! Talk about class warfare.

      • Soldier, you are correct in pointing out that Rep. Ryan’s plan to dismantle MEDICARE, purportedly, affects people younger than 55. The part that Ryan’s four page plan does not address is how or who will pay for MEDICARE once the overwhelming majority of contributors are taken out of the system. MEDICARE, like Social Security, depend on the contributions of workers to pay the benefits senior citizens receive. Without those contributors the entire system will collapse immediately, unless Mr. Ryan plans to raise taxes to offset the lost contributions, raise the MEDICARE fees seniors pay, or plans to move everybody to a voucher system.

      • Bigspender says:

        You left out at least one very important fact — the Ryan plan will balloon the deficit beyond measure while the richest Americans enjoy a huge tax holiday. You like this idea?

      • Justin Napolitano says:

        Soldier, are you out of your mind? Do you have any idea what insurance will cost for people over 65 that do not have a full Medicare program. How about $1500.00 a month. I have friends that are in their early 60’s that are paying $1800.00 a month now which is double what most people receive in Social Security benefits. Where do you think the extra 5 or 6 hundred a month is going to come from for people over 65?
        The Obama program is the only one that makes sense since it makes an effort to contain costs and does not take anything from Medicare recipients. Containing cost should be the primary concern not giving billions more to people that don’t need it and will not do anything with the extra money but invest it overseas just like they have done with their money now.
        Romney will not tell us about where his money is because it makes him look like a hypocrite.

      • CPANY says:

        Ryan says that those over fifty-five will not have to change plans, but I don’t trust that piece of shit not to lie.

        Ryan and Romney aren’t trying to save anything. They’re both a couple of pricks who don’t give a damn about anybody not in their upscale class.

    • starman12 says:


    • EGA19 says:

      Dominick the 716 billion that Ryan would restore under his plan goes back to the Insurance Companies so they can keep over charging for their services too is the way I understand it. No?

    • daves says:

      This article sounds just like the attacks Republicans make on the president. They are always calling him whiny and has to get his way and is childish. Oh – and they do point out the many lies President Obama has told.

      I still plan to vote for President Obama but I wish the left would show a little more integrity.

    • Wallace25 says:

      Take your head out of the sand. Please do your research before repeating things that are not true. Mitt and Ryan will destroy this great nation by raising taxes on the middle class, destroy Medicare as well as healthcare for all Americans and make their rich friends richer on the backs of the people. CNN and MSNBC reports everyday that their plan will not be good for American. Pres. Obama has extended Medicare for another 8 to 10 years. Do you know: Ryan is responsible for most of the debt under Bush and now he want you to pay for his mistakes. Romney wants to restore the money Pres. Obama took for his greedy friends.

    • These two liars will be defeated!Imagine Romney’s still concealing his past decades of taxes!How could you elect such hiding guy?No way…Ryan was also born to lie,attacking President Obama on stuff he supported!These two crooks Romney & Ryan needs both LOBOTOMIES!

    • KurtofLA says:

      The real answer is as follows “IT IS HOPELESS” There is no way we can pay the debt, the retirement benefits to federal employees and reduce the size of government and function as a country. Just look at the disaster in California. Some police chiefs making $200’000 a year in retirement. Most of the states and the country are bankrupt and we have the enemy sitting in the WH

    • KurtofLA says:

      It is a real load of dog shit that we stepped into. I don’t think that there is a way out except hyper inflation and screw all the bond holders.

  3. bcarreiro says:

    dumb and dumber will eat crow when we the people vote for obama. get a real job smuck

  4. gargray says:

    You would think people would be smart enough to see through the Romeny campaign. They picked a good name for his running mate Lying Ryan, they can’t tell the truth.

  5. johnr says:

    All I say is the GOP could have came up with alittle better candidate for president, maybe one that does’t put his foot in his mouth here and abroad, and now he is going to take on medicare which the seniors paid for already and expected to last but past adminstrations pilfred along with social security. I know that there are problems in Washington ,but they started along time ago and won’t end anytime soon no matter who is in there,Its the nature of they beast!!!

  6. ivory69690 says:

    Mitt Romney gives the impression of never having been in a fair fight./// well you never fiught fair even back in ur scnool years when you and ur preppy gang of thugs held down that kid and cut his hair . if it was me anti-christ romney we,d be even by now for by the time my hair grew back one inch i,d already got you back for i would been waiting around a corner with a bat and when you walked around the corner i,d have scrambled what lil brains you had back then . who know thjen maybe now when you whine you might drule all over urself too now

  7. ivory69690 says:

    Romney’s epic misrepresentations continue to astonish. Yet he appears flabbergasted that anybody’s allowed to talk back. Why, my dear fellow, it simply isn’t done./// its done now when one lies and is only thinking of their own greedy ways . and dosent want to do nothing good for the ppl. of the country

  8. ivory69690 says:

    Romney could easily quell suspicion that he’s hiding something politically disqualifying. Release five years’ worth of returns (half the number President Obama’s put on the record), and move on./// and less then half that his dear ol,dad released

    • Why should he? The President has his records sealed, and then wants Romney to show his tax returns. There is no legal bases for the request! All smoke and mirrors from an inept President!

      • highpckts says:

        Mr bombastic – showing school records proves what??? Showing tax records shows whether he is a tax fraud and cheater, in which case I don’t want him for President!!

      • neece00 says:

        Could you give us some specifics as to why you think he is inept.

      • RUKIDENME says:

        Where do u nitwits come up with the “SEALED RECORDS” stuff. He has been the most vetted President in history.

      • old_blu says:

        Obama showed his taxes.

      • Justin Napolitano says:

        The president does not have his records sealed. All college records are sealed as are Romney’s. The President has shown his tax returns ; Mitt Romney’s father showed 12 years of his and said that all Presidential candidates should show their returns so that the American public knows how they conducted their financial life and that they were not involved in dealing that while being legal, were immoral or counter to American citizens interests.
        Show your returns aristocrat Romney to the little people. Or to quote queen Anne “you people”.

  9. ivory69690 says:

    Instead, he essentially demands that voters take his gentleman’s word that he’s never paid less than (a meager) 13% in taxes. However, his recent statement didn’t specify “federal income taxes,” a significant omission for somebody who made his fortune manipulating the tax code. If Romney’s arrived at the 13% figure by combining state, local, sales, excise, as well as real estate taxes on his several mansions, voters deserve to know./// gentleman,s word take the word of a lieing POS that enjoys takeing down companys that are in trouble and going bank-rupt and making money off then as the pll. lose every thing in their lifes and he like to call that business. if you just look at words in business one stand outs to me and thats SIN and the SIN OF THE ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY show clear where his minds at

  10. ivory69690 says:

    ppl. you have to understand the anti-christ dosent want to be PRES. at all you can see by what he,s doing . picking the lil eddie monster like-a-like he and eddie rageing war on women . romney has plans and thy are of how he can pockety a % of the money thats given to him to campain all the donners money he is making money off thar he already took a trip to other countrys on it . and the reason he dosent want to show 5 years taxes . because it will showe how much he stole from the 2008 campain . the PRES. dosent make enough money for him id call it chump change . id call it tipping change . but he,s too cheap to tip any one the greedy bastard

  11. ivory69690 says:

    Got that? Your benefits, paid for by your Medicare taxes, are supposedly being taken away and given to others. In case that’s too subtle, Romney himself has said “there’s only one president that I know of in history that has robbed Medicare.” He told an audience in Ohio that Obama “has taken $716 billion out of the Medicare trust fund. He’s raided that trust fund.”

    And do you know what he did with it? He used it to pay for Obamacare, a risky, unproven, federal takeover of health care.” // at least he puts the money back into health care and like you wants to take the money out and put it in you and your greedy bastard freinds pockets with tax breaks

  12. ivory69690 says:

    A recent letter to my local newspaper spelled out what Romney’s too tasteful to say: “obese, lay-about, cigarette-smoking, drug-taking, welfare-sucking, emergency-room-visiting no-accounts…[who] expect the government to provide them everything for free.”/// such a clown . and forgot to say that him and lil eddie monster want top take the same amount of money and more to give the greedy bastards 2% more tax breaks . every one cant be this blind can thy . theres 98% of the ppl. out there dont let this POS-SOB get the house 98% is alot more then 2% . if he get the sit (the anti-christ romney) then there will only be 2% of the country happy

  13. clarenceswinney says:

    He would have continued Clinton/Newt Fiscal Policies of Pay Your Way
    We would continue to have Surpluses not Debt as far as the eye can see
    Debt today would be 6000B not 12000B
    2010 Budget would be 3000B not 3800
    Unemployment would be 5% not the real 17%.
    Food Stamp Roll would be 10% not 40%
    Unemployment Insurance Roll would be low
    Redistribution of Wealth back to Middle Class would have continued
    The top 1% would own 20% not 43% of Total Financial Wealth
    He would have continued Taxing the top 1%
    Wall Street Regulators would be under experts not Partners In Crime
    We would have 400 military bases not 800 worldwide
    We would not have two wars
    We would not have lost thousands of lives of young youths
    Hundreds of thousands of Muslims would still be alive
    Thousands of young Muslims would still have legs feet and minds
    America would still be the most admired nation on Earth not the most despised
    We would go back to behaving as a Christ-Like nation via our national policies
    Millions would own homes not foreclosure notices
    States would not be laying off hundreds of thousands in such important jobs as
    Teaching and Policing California would have a balanced budget
    John Kerry would be President.
    Sound common sense policies would continue.

  14. ijac234 says:

    It seems that spots do not change on the leopard,once a bully,always a bully.Romney has always been that bully.As for misleading ads , tell me about Romneycare again.I’ve seen it live and in color people.I live in Massachusetts.

  15. Plain and simple. Older people as a hold don’t read about politics, they believe what they here the most,(of course most people are like that) that’s called brain washing, and the GOP is best at it. they’ve practiced it much longer, and people as a hold, still fall for their lies.
    If the public understood what the GOP plan for medicare is, and I don’t mean the things Romney say like, (I’ll give you the details after the election) AFTER the election ???
    You people have to be kidding me to really believe some B.S. like that !!!

    • karinursula says:

      I’m 68, Democrat and read a lot. I also understand what the GOP is all about, and no I’m not brain washed.

    • old_blu says:

      @LeRoy– I’m 58 , I don’t vote along party lines, and read everything I can, so I can find out who I think would be good to vote for. (I do lean a little left this year)

    • Mildred says:

      I am 93 and still have a reasonably good mind. I do read all the stuff politically, both Dem and Rep but I will have to say the Republicans have never appealed to me with one or two exceptions, Dwight Eisenhower and Henry Bellman from Oklahoma. There is hardly an elected official in Oklahoma who will not put party ahead of what is good for state or nation and we are that famous state where all 77 counties voted the Republican ticket. I am proud to say I wasn’t one of them.

  16. george says:

    This story is about Obama, Right? He whines about anything and reminds people that he inherited all problems from Bush. No doubt Romney is a politician, but at least he doesn’t lie about everything and pass his problems off to others.

    • Are you kidding? Mitt the Twit couldn’t tell the truth if it slapped him int the face, even if it was Ryan doing the slapping.

    • BDD1951 says:

      My God, do you not own a TV. His campaign is one lie after another. Splicing tapes so it will look like the president said something he didn’t say? I happen to see some of those speeches that they spliced to make him look like he said somthing that he didn’t. Like saying that they didn’t build their business. The President said that they didn’t build the roads and bridges that they haul their goods over. Take the ad that says he laughing about unemployment. Can you actually understand what the president is saying? I have perfectly good hearing and I have tried every time the ad comes on but, I still can’t understand what he’s saying. The ad about Obama not deserving a second term? That one actress is having a hard time remembering her lines. Wake up George.

    • Landsende says:

      No matter how brainwashed you are from listening to Faux News and Rushbag President Obama DID inherit an economic mess from 8 years of Bush policies and missteps. And considering the obstructionist teapublicans that have opposed everything everything he proposes things are better now than three years ago. The only thing he has ever said about Bush is that things were worse than they thought when he came into office. That’s because the cost of the two wars were not included in the national debt figures. It was like a Ponzi scheme where on paper everything looks good but after so long the house of cards starts collapsing and you find out that the billions of dollars you thought you had is no longer there because of mismanagement. If all the facts had come out when Bush was still in office he would have been impeached. As for Romney not lying that may be true. He just flip flops on everything so you can’t tell if he’s lying or just can’t make up his mind which position will benefit him most. I’d rather have a presidential candidate that says what he means and stands by it, so far that’s not Romney.

  17. joseph says:

    I can see why mitt romney and paul ryan can’t look in the mirror in the morning. They would see the devil himself. It”s time to get real. Stop your whining, Stop your lies. Stop your pandering to the lowest of the low republicans , the tea-baggers. They say that the truth will make you free. Come clean mitt and paul. Your fear mongering and complete misrepresentaions are uncalled for. If you can’t explain your plans now, you don’t belong on that platform. You have nothing to run on except your hot air and tall tales.

  18. What romney is doing is a crime against humanity. Destroying Medicare in under 4 years
    and lie staight to the American people is worthy of a visit to the Hague.

  19. “People who lie a lot also tend to whine a lot”! President Obama would know! Unseal your records Mr. President, then we can talk about Romney’s tax records. As for medicare, nothing will change for people over 55, so seniors don’t have to worry. For people under 55, they can choose medicare or voucher program. On this program some seniors will pay more (those that can afford more), and some will pay less (those who can’t afford to pay what they are paying now). Hasn’t Obama been saying “those who have more should pay more” the whole time?

    • RUKIDENME says:

      O.K. so your confused! Obama has not changed Medicare, except for removing waste, fraud, over-payments to providers, and negotiating lower payments to providers. That’s a 716 billion dollar savings for taxpayers. I thought Republicans/Conservatives want to reduce spending?
      As to the voucher system for the under 55 crowd you are so appalled at, that is the Romney/Ryan plan.

  20. Doctor T says:

    Romney has stalled in releasing taxes for 2010 so that he can doctor them up. And it’s questionable when he says he paid taxes, just exactly that means. I doubt if it is fed income tax. Plus, the arrogance to say he’s never paid less than 13% like that’s a big sacrifice? Over the last 5 years I worked, I was paying 35 to 38 % to the IRS and I was making well under $200k! Give me a break you people out there who fail to use your own brain on this concept. Why would anyone in their right mind vote for someone who acts in a manner that befits an aristocrat who doesn’t have to pay the piper like the rest of us???

  21. PaulCindy says:

    Instead of continuing to ignore the insolvency of Medicare & S.S. we should be glad that Romney is focusing on fixing it and picking Paul Ryan shows that he is serious about doing so, not just for politics. Obama indeed had taken $716 BILLION from an already bankrupt Health Care Program to fund Obamacare, and some of you actually think that Romney is the one that will hurt it? Medicare will sieze to exist under Obama by ignoring doing anything about it and using class warfare over & over.

    • RUKIDENME says:

      PaulaCindy- U can’t be serious as Medicare in your words will “sieze to exist”. It will be dismantled under Romney/Ryan.
      Did u read the article?

    • DukeDacat says:

      Cindy, Cindy and Paul, You absolutely have to stop listening to Faux no News and get out in the REAL world for the truth and light of day.

  22. highpckts says:

    Romney was NEVER in fear of losing anything! If he’s as smart in business as he says he is, you can bet he damn well had his butt covered!!

  23. politicalhack1 says:

    What you see here is a campaign in self-destruction. The Romney campaign wanted to stay on message, which was the President’s weak point, the economy and jobs, although the Republican’s blocking strategy is really responsible for that. One issue or another has prevented them. Now they are stuck in their Medicare debate, and are prolonging it by continuing to lie about it.

    Basically what the ACA did was trim the Medicare budget of waste and fraud, and agreed on cuts in recompense to Hospitals in exchange for increased patient population. Part was funneled back into Medicare, to begin expanded total coverage of certain preventative procedures. Ryan adopted the savings part into his budget. But the Republicans turned that into Obama Cuts Medicare Benefits, Ryan proposes saving Medicare money. This long time Republican talking point has been disproven over and over by independent sources, by the CBO, etc. Yet, to their own detriment, they still continue the lie. And remember, this 716B figure they are talking about is a ten year total.( of course now, the savings are out of their proposed changes, since Medicare will be changed, and Obamacare repealed, if they win.)

    The other side calling Romney on it just isnt fair, so he repeats his lie? If he just changed the subject and started talking about the economy again, he could exercise a little damage control.
    Of course I want to see him continue with his ludicrous exercise in futility.

    • sigrid28 says:

      I know what you are saying is true, but the severity of the situation for the most vulnerable in our society (count me as one) makes me wonder whether Obama’s campaign is doing enough to defeat Mitt Romney and his kind. I’m lucky. I can at least speak my mind. But like many others, I am dependent on those running the Democratic campaign to go on offense and not just sit back and watch the GOP shoot themselves in the foot. Sometimes Republicans seem like Zombies that just won’t stop coming.

      If only there were not so many disadvantaged Americans who cannot see through Romney’s lies, which put them in panic mode. Next comes despair, then rage–what to do about it? They try to vote, but on Election Day they discover they do not have the correct ID; or they go to vote after church, as they have in years past, only to find polling sites closed. What’s worse, these lies and voter deceptions are intended to scare people and, cynically, cut them out of the democratic process at the same time. While Romney’s whining, he’s terrifying people on purpose. Wealthy as he is, it seems he has no shame and no limit to his greed: he has the unmitigated gall to worry about his election prospects while literally and figuratively cheating the poor out of their last penny. When his victims are so threatened, it is little consolation to recognize that for both sides this is a spirited competition. For some of us, it is a life and death matter.

      • politicalhack1 says:

        I think that the Obama campaign is going to stay on offense. They apparently knew that (thanks to the Supreme Court) they would be far outweighed by all the moneys flowing in from unpatriotic billionaires and. of course, from the corporate greedy, so they began early trying to eliminate Romney from consideration. They have successfully kept Romney off his single talking point that would have any effect on the economically challenged, and politically uneducated voter (which comprise most of the voters in the country.) I think they will continue to act pro-actively

        I too am less than fortunate, but I do have a mind. We must do our part as voters and not give these people a chance to take over the country. I see that as a potential game changer – changing the US from a democracy to a plutocracy. We must make sure we are aware of the voter suppression attempts by republican controlled state legislatures, and do
        whatever is necessary at this point to get ourselves ready for election day.

        • sigrid28 says:

          O.K. Let’s talk about “doing whatever is necessary at this point to get ourselves ready for election day.” Because we, too,”have a mind,” we’ve registered to vote and ordered our absentee ballots. I keep nudging people on these comment threads to act now to do the same.

          From our local election office, however, all I get is double-talk. We wanted to be poll judges. ” We’re not ready to set this up yet,” we’re told. “Call us later.” When will we receive the ballots? “September.”

          The Internet is no better. Check out RegistertoVote and other like websites, that purport to help people, whatever state they live in. I can read papers by dyslexics who cannot even spell their own names the same way twice, but I can’t navigate these showy dead-end websites, with no actionable advice. When you ask simple questions: What do I have to show to register? Where do I go to do it? You get instructions for printing out a registration form or registering on-line. It’s like a play by Samuel Beckett, where questions and answers have nothing to do with each other. Where ever Republicans have had any input into these sites, pages flip by meaninglessly (on purpose I think), and links lead nowhere. Is this the supercharged, grassroots ground game the Democratic National campaign promised us?

          Our local Democratic campaign office cannot receive any voice mail because its message system is overwhelmed and no one has bothered to clear it out. How quaint it would be for anyone to answer the telephone in person. I’d sit there everyday answering the phone if anyone would take my call so I could volunteer. We have a big car, which is old and finicky. We thought we’d offer to drive voters about on Election Day, or do whatever. But no one at city, county, or state Democratic campaign headquarters seems interested enough in our help to even answer the phone–let alone return a call. And we live in a swing state.

          How hard would it be for the Democratic National campaign to take this vital process, of helping voters register and get to the polls, out of the hands of disinterested locals and amateurs? Why can’t the DNC assign their A-team to put together a simple, clear, directive for each state, user friendly, with dates for voting, addresses of polling sites, and phone numbers of election offices?

  24. jarheadgene says:

    There is one way to prove Skalawag wrong….WILLARD can show his tax return….he hasn’t even shown ONE…..NOT ONE…complete one. It is missing the page that shows his total value of his SWISS Bank Account. HE IS A LIAR….But you want another NIXON/AGNEW…rolled into 1 candidate ….vote like an idiot….’cause you seem to be one.

  25. jarheadgene says:

    While you’re at it ask him why the Angel Maroni and Joseph Smith never produced the “Magic Plates” that the book of moron..ooops mormon speaks of. I think we would see that before we would see ROMoNEY’s tax returns. MORMON LIAR ….Donny Osmand smile on the OUTSIDE…death, hell and condomnation on the inside. Or maybe he can produce some of that “special vaginal” secretion that protects women when being raped. If he could he would have bottled it by now and sold it for Billions. They guy is bought and paid for by the Koch Bros.

  26. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    Just look at France….for the “privilege” of paying ONLY 75% of your earnings to the French Govt, you get a job you can’t be fired from (really “helps” businesses???), questionably medical care and about 4-6 weeks vacation. Ask yourself how hard you’d work to have these “benefits” and then don’t wonder why Europe is tanking quickly with no sure sign of survival.

    • metrognome3830 says:

      MiddleClass, when you’re stuck in bullshit so deep your wheels are off the ground and your hanging by your bumpers, it’s time to get off the accelerator. Take some time out to do a little studying of real facts, relax, have a couple more shots of bourbon and try to find a way to extract yourself from the BS.

      • Eduardo says:

        metrognome: Please enlighten us mere mortals by explaining and pinpointing exactly where are middleclasstaxpayer’s facts about France “bullshit”?
        Methinks it’s you carrying the bullshit …

        • metrognome3830 says:

          Well of course you do Eduardo, I would be sorely disappointed if you didn’t. I would begin to question your right-winger credentials. I call bullshit on statements like “the French pay 75% of their income in taxes” for poor healthcare, etc., etc. made by a guy who probably couldn’t find France on a map much less know anything about their tax structure, their healthcare or anything else. That 75% tax rate is only a proposal by Hollande. A proposed tax is not a tax. And therefor the statement is “bullshit” because it was made as a statement of fact. If you want to prove me wrong, however, go for it! Your problem, Eduardo, is that you consider anyone left of Rush Limbaugh and idiot. That might make you feel better, but that’s not a fact either. That’s just more . . . well, you know what it is.

  27. highpckts says:

    LeRoy – I am 68 and I read everything about both candidates. I’m an Independant and will vote for the best man to do the job! Romney is not for me – too evasive and shifty!!

  28. jarheadgene says:

    I keep having to try and bear in mind, that these are the same people that believe in the secret spermicide a vagina creates during a rape….DUUUUUHHHHHHHH!

  29. highpckts says:

    PaulCandy – either you are illiterate or on crack when you make statements like that! Why don’t you truly read something and try to comprehend what you are reading instead of relying on others to give you the interpretation of it! Like Limbaugh, Beck and Fox news er I mean lies!

  30. highpckts says:

    George – you say we are brainwashed?? That is too funny! Listen to yourself! It wasn’t Bushes fault?? Where were you living when Bush was in office??
    Romney doesn’t lie? You should take your act on stage!!

    • grammyjill says:

      OK. While Bush was in office, he started two wars: unfunded. Psssed 3 stimulas plans, including money to solundra: unfunded. Passed medicare part d: unfunded. So, who’s fault would that be? Oh! I know, Ryan’s since he voted for every one of these unfunded things.

  31. jarheadgene says:

    You are not REALLY a middleclass taxpayer, like I am, or you would be outraged by WILLARD’s B S. Not to worry you RICH F**K (in disguise) it took a French Revolution to get to that …apparently they may have gone a bit far….but the PLUTOCRATS “of old” had their heads lopped off just the same. Which is more important to finally “pony up” and pay a fair share of taxes….or the former? One thing at a time. If you are not a Rich person in disquise my apologies and look at this pic…..

  32. jarheadgene says:

    I have seen your post before…’re a talking meatpuppet for RUSH LIMBlah….blah…blah…blah……come one ! Do you believe in the SECRET Vaginal SPERMICIDE that is produced during a rape? Voting GOP…..I bet you do.

  33. jarheadgene says:

    I CALL BULL SH*T!…..The POTUS could show you the moon and ROMoNEY would find another distraction away from displaying his Tax Cheating ways.

    • Steven W says:

      I will start with Semper Fi, then I will call Bull,Sh*t. If the potus did not hide so much of his past, pass executive orders contary to the constitution and the American way of life. distracting from his taxes is a non issue. Make it transparent as promised, one rule for all, I want Obamacare for the Obamas

      • jarheadgene says:

        You’re an ex Marine? …Semper Fi, back, if so. O.K. so what exactly is Obama hiding from his past that is more important than seeing what a SPIRO AGNEW, Willard RoMney is? And as you know The president of the United States has executive order priviledge….and before anyone pipes up….NO Romney has not used them the most….look it up. He should have, though, since he has such a lazy combative GOP Congress to deal with. Although his Administration is not perfectly transparent, most stuff is posted. But let’s compare that to Romney’s track record on transparency, which he said he would have, while rescuing the Olympics, and saving some of his corp. cohorts from criminal charges. Then when the Olympics ended he had all paperwork involved shredded. Then as Gov. of Mass. he had
        his people buy their own harddrives for swiping… about lack of transparency.

  34. Andrew says:

    To add to Dominick wrote, while the Mittens/Munster ticket say that no changes are made to Medicare immediately, they do make Draconian cuts and changes to Medicaid NOW…when you add the fact that Lyin’/Ryan would repeal the PPACA, those two changes ALONE kick nearly 50 million Americans off the rolls of getting healthcare; that’s nearly 1 in every 7 Americans that would lose their healthcare coverage because of the GOP ticket’s adherence to the Reverse Robin Hood fiscal policies they’ve had in place since Ronnie Reagan was in office. There’s something else to remember: during the debt-ceiling fiasco last year, the GOP put Draconian cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid NOW on the table as a way to try and balance the budget and reduce the deficit. My guess is that, should the Mittens/Munster ticket win the White House and the GOP takes over Congress, those Draconian cuts will return and no one will have any power to stop them from being made. If you think this doesn’t get any worse, think again: many people don’t know that the Social Security Trust Fund is our national debt’s biggest creditor at several trillion dollars (most think it’s China, but we only owe them $1 trillion…as if $1 trillion could be considered “only”). So, if the GOP succeed with their plan to completely eliminate Social Security, that money doesn’t have to be paid back, and all of us who put our taxes into it lose our benefits. There are things that could be done to make Social Security and Medicare solvent for many years to come, but all the GOP want to do is steal from them and give the cash to their Fascist Corporate Plutarch masters in tax cuts. If you’re a senior citizen or a person with a disability on Medicare (as I am), you’d have to be competely insane to vote for the GOP.

  35. Junebug78 says:

    Someonr reading your article in The National Memo might junp to the conclusion that you don’t like Mr Romney. I know that can’t be true, because everyone just loves Mr. Romney and they
    all want him to be our next President of the United States.
    On the subject of Medicare, it would be easy to fund it and a lot of other programs if Congress would stop giving other countries large sums of money and use it here in this country for our citizens. You do realize that all the financial problems we are having in this country, the USA, came about due to the stupid things our Congress has been doing for many years and it isn’t Mr. Obama’s fault. Oh, I ment to tell you, Mr. Obama is also a great big LIAR too.

  36. Lead_Dog says:

    I subscribe to the National Memo as part of my endeavor to get both sides of the teeter totter of politics. But some of the completely false statements and conclusions made by some of the readers is beyond comprehension.

  37. the only thing this nazi needs? gilliotened.

    • Eduardo says:

      EAT: Your posting (chosen) name says everything about you …
      Then again, I guess if you want to be on the same wavelength as Barry Obama you really want to “EAT (and EXTERMINATE) the RICH”….
      And that’s great, sir!
      My hat goes off to you, sir…

  38. Steven W says:

    Not sure jarhead is not on the heavey meds. I guess he missed all of the press and statements made by the libs last election and the 1st 2 yrs of the current admin. Gene does not represent any of the leathernecks at the VFW post I frequent

    • jarheadgene says:

      Really….here is one YOUR VFW post maybe doesn’t know…..When our country was engaged in a war in VietNam. Many college students started protesting the war, as a movement, they wanted the troops home and thought it an unjust unprovoked war.
      WILLARD is such a brave and courageous guy *NOT* he protested the protestors to say he was “In Favor” of VietNam and “In Favor” of the draft….then he took differments and ran off to France to pay homage to the drunken Joseph Smith. At that time my oldest brother had just finished serving 4 years in the uS Navy, and my 3 oldest brother was about to go off to boot camp in the USMC, he did 3 years active…a couple of years later my cousin did he USMC active duty in VietNam where he was KIA. I served 4 years active during the cold war. Show me a Marine who wants to vote for a HYPOCRIT daft dodger…let me chat with him.

  39. 1guy2 says:

    Take Mitt Romney’s word?? are you kidding?

  40. It’s become clear since 2000 that, when a Republican politician runs for office, they remove his or her capability to be embarrassed, especially by rank hypocrisy. Republicans are now flamingly, horrifically, unbelievably hypocritical, and they don’t give a rip. It’s incredible.

  41. I don’t understand why there is no ‘truth in advertising’ board, to substantiate this garbage or keep it off of the airwaves!

  42. There is no point in arguing on these blogs with idiots that are voting the R & R ticket. Look, there are only four types that will vote for Robme and Dopey Ryan:

    1) Those too ignorant to understand the issues and the direction this country will go if they’re elected.
    2) those that are gray matter challenged
    3) racists
    4) Those who make gazillions of money and don’t want to pay more taxes.

    • middleclasstaxpayer says:

      Why don’t you help all of us by explaining???

    • Steven W says:

      Elisabeth, the direction this country is going is whywe need Gov. Romney, Grey matter challenged is what has been going on with the current admin{must have been all the drugs they enthusiasticaly did]. So not liking this Potus policies makes someone a racist, only for those that cannot tink for themselves. While dont make gazillions I built my business by my self dispite the govt

      • ClydeMcWhorter says:

        Did you get a grant to go to college? Did you go to public schools? Do you use Public roads Do the police protec you from crimes?Do Your Kids To Public Schools? What Other public services do You Use? You say You Did It By Your self, BUT “THAT IS BULL SH**”!!

    • middleclasstaxpayer says:

      Great description of liberals…thanks for clarifying!

      • Joseph Hemphill says:

        more like noclasstaxevader, like your hero Robme….

      • CAThinker says:

        Here’s an idea – just go away. You never agree with the premise of any of these articles and you never have anything of substance to add to the forum. So why don’t you save yourself some grief and just go away. If you are truly the patriot you think you are, why do you continue to read articles you know you will be opposed to and frequent forums that you vehemently disagree with? Are you seeking to change your mind? Or are you seeking to change the mind of others? Either way, you’re wasting your time and our space. So just go away.

    • CAThinker says:

      I agree – so I’ve been telling them all to go away. They need to find their own forum where they can get a groundswell of agreement.

  43. Romney Rules, Obama sucks!!!!

    • grammyjill says:

      I see in your picture that there is a lady with you. Do you hate her enough to wish for her possible death to put r&r into office? cause they will take ANY control she has over her body away from her. and i’m not talking just about abortion cause basically i don’t like it, but sometimes it’s necessary. i’m talking about pap smears and mamograms and hell even a flu shot. those as*holes want to take that away from All women. ok, now lets say your lady ends up with a tubal pregancy. the doc says it needs to come out or she dies. under the r&r plan, she dies!
      at least under obama your lady will be safe and those pap smears and mamograms just became free, to make sure all women can get them.
      listen to the debates with minda open and eyes shut!

      • Eduardo says:

        grammyjill: Read what you write, girl !! Oh, brother, get a grip on reality!
        Do you realize that what you are saying makes NO sense whatsoever and that FACT has nothing to do with whether you or I are liberal and/or conservative?
        Listen to yourself: “… i’m talking about pap smears and mamograms and hell even a flu shot. those as*holes want to take that away from All women. ok, now lets say your lady ends up with a tubal pregancy. the doc says it needs to come out or she dies. under the r&r plan, she dies!”
        You have a very “feverish” imagination, lady.

        • grammyjill says:

          No, watched Ryan’s speach on the matter in which he said that the life of the woman clause is big enough to drive a truck through and needs to be cancelled. Ryan has also co authored bill HR3 which denies abortion for any reason. Also Hr212 which gives a fertalized egg all rights of a person and more rights the the woman who’s egg it is. I’m not the one that’s nuts. Look to the republican party that is trying to put cathlic policy on all of us. Watch the convention on monday it’s part of their program.

    • KentPerry says:

      There is a difference?

  44. Romney, you are a politician full of money that do not need to worry of expenses when you or a member of your family will be get sick. There different ways of winning a vote than making this the worst lie of the Republican ticket. Martha

  45. ClydeMcWhorter says:

    Mit Romney IS A liar!! He Can not tell the truth. He learned How To Lie And Twist the truth from His days as a Missionary In The Mormon Church… IT IS CALLED “LYING FOR THE LORD”! These missionaries Can Not Tell the Whole Truth About the Doctrines of the Church, Because If They Do, They could Never Convert Any New MeMbers!!!

    They Don’t Tell about their belief that when “YOU go to the “Celiestial Kingdom Of Heaven” You become”EXALTED and BECOME A GOD of YOUR OWN WORLD”. Just As GOD IS!!

  46. Privatizing anything places a person at the capitalistic mercy of a private owner whose sole principle in business is money. If a voucher does not cover a certain procedure, that procedure will be denied whether it is life threatening or not. Okay, if you’re hungry, desperate for food, and all you have is a penny, can you go into a grocery store to buy even a small candy? You won’t have enough. Will the owner feel empathy and give you atleast the candy because he sees that you’re hungry? You won’t get it, and he/she will politely ask you to leave. Well, in essence, that’s the voucher system. It’s about capital, and capital for whom? CEO’s, Super PAC’s, and the friends of Romney? It is exactly what Republican and Tea Bagger governors are doing in every State they are representing: cutting back on education, healthcare, and social services. If someone dies from being denied a procedure that would save their lives, then the person authorizing the cutting has blood on his/her hands. The instigator of murder is worse than the murderer. If a mentyally ill person is killed or kills someone because of a lack of mental-health services, the person authorizing the cut-back on that serve has blood on his hands. When we hear Romney saying that President Obama is styealing from Medicare and Social Security, he is basically expresseing what the Romney/Ryan ticket would do if they are successful. They will do the same thing Bush/Cheney did in their administration. Bush/Cheney has shown them how to destroy the economy of a country by profiteering off of two wars and a historical disaster. Romney/Ryan will continue that legacy by looting Medicare and Social Security and profiteer off of America’s involvement in the Israeli/Iran war that will happen right after the presidential elections. Stay tuned.

  47. ykhalim says:

    Many of us noticed months ago that Romney is a serial liar. MSNBC anchors, Daily Kos, Newt Gingrich, etc., etc. have talked about this and wrote about it. Romney cannot say just a few sentences without outright lying or distorting and deceiving. Some have said that Romney has no soul. He has a soul – the soul of the devil.
    How can it be that over 40% of Americans would select a certified serial-liar to be President of the United States? And what is he hiding in his tax returns? There must be something so immoral and un-American in his tax returns that he may drop out of the race for president, rather than show Americans what is in those tax returns.

  48. jarheadgene says:

    Clyde finally……someone else who speaks the truth about the MORMON Church. If you have ever actually let them in off the porch you would find out how much CRAP they spew. And try to corral them back to the bible, while they tell their stupid mormon stories, they will constantly change the subject FROM the bible…..SOUND FAMILIAR…..Mitt Romney learned to LIE CONSTANTLY way back when. He never stopped he never will, til death.

  49. ClydeMcWhorter says:

    middleclasstaxpayer. You ARE S-T-U-P-I-D-!!! Wake up, Quit watching ” FOX NEWS? “You call yourself “middle class tax payer?”? The MIDDLEClass PAYS A Larger Per Centage Of Their “Income” On TAXES than Millionaires And Billionaires PERIOD>. Why do you think Romney Does Not Want To Show How He GAMES The System?? These Wealthy Person s get Rich By not paying Taxes, How would you like to keep 15- 20% more of your paycheck?? And not have the IRS coming after you?? These People that are spending millions on “Buying Con_gress and the Presidency Are Not doing so for the “General Welfare” of the People, They are only Thinking of ThEIR Own Bank Accounts. W-A-K-E-U-P- Before It Is Too Late!! Don’t Take The Rest Of Us Down With YOU!!

    • ClydeMcWhorter says:

      Remember this Guy? Who HIS “BRain” Was? The Same Guy That is Behind ROMNEY! CARL ROVE Should Be Charged With T-r-e-a-s-o-n!!

  50. LadyDeb says:

    King Rommey, has never had anyone question him. If he wants to run for President then his life is an open book. Sorry Mitt the Twit, your word is not good enough for the American People. Whats so scarey is he may win, because people are so narrow minded and believe him. Show us your taxes.

    • KentPerry says:

      I think Romney had his tax returns “Sealed” so to paraphrase all you liberals

      “Get over it” you’re all bigots and hate people just because they are successful”

      Oh and by the way, I can’t stand either one of them because they are so alike it is hard for me to understand how you can criticize Romney when so many things we can’t stand about him, are the same issues we can’t stand about Obama.

      I guess you just don’t like Obama Lite

      because he’s white


    • KentPerry says:

      I got to save this one “King Rommey, has never had anyone question him. If he wants to run for President then his life is an open book. Sorry Mitt the Twit, your word is not good enough for the American People. Whats so scarey is he may win, because people are so narrow minded and believe him. Show us your taxes.”

      If you knew how many republicans said the EXACT same thing about Obama’s records. Hey! Maybe Mit Romney can use a Forged Tax Return!!

  51. Jackmack says:

    Mitt & Ryan are worst than I thought , I wonder if those two are on drugs of some kind

  52. Robert says:

    I’m afraid of his VP pick. That man just does”nt give a DAMN!!!! HIS MOTHER DOES’NT NEED MEDICARE.

  53. The President did not “steal” $716 billion or any money at all. He very sensibly identified $716 billion in savings (something Republicans are supposed to be in favor of) by eliminating overpayments and double billings. He did not take one penny away from patient care. Romney and Ryan know this. That they nonetheless claim he “stole” money is one more indication of how desperate they are, and of how little integrity they have. The sad thing is that the media simply repeat the Romney-Ryan lie without exploding it. It is high time for the media to do their job, which is to get at truth and expose lies.

    • middleclasstaxpayer says:

      The fact is, under the “affordable care act” doctors, if they accept Medicare, will be paid about HALF what they are reimbursed now under current rules. Therefore MANY more doctors will REFUSE to accept Medicare patients. When you remove that much from ANY system, something has to give. Doctors don’t spend 12 years of their life in med school to earn less than an auto mechanic. Your leader is a loser!

      • old_blu says:

        You sir are a jack ass, I was an auto mechanic for years and proud of it, most likely paid more taxes to keep this country going than three doctors, and damn sure paid more than Romney, and although I didn’t go to school for 12 years I spent many years learning my trade.

        I am the back bone of America paying my 33%, while You and the tea baggers leader (we think) 13%.

      • grammyjill says:

        just so you know, doctors love what obama is doing. they will now be able to be paid what they earned instead of having to fight for it through all the wrong doing and double billing. check facts!

        • Eduardo says:

          grammy: Oh, yes, you are right !! Doctors are ELATED with what “Obama is doing”. GIMME a break !!

          • grammyjill says:

            yes they are. they have always had some insurance person saying wether said doctor can treat their patient properly. that is done. my doctor is thrilled. he’s had to fight insurance companys to take care of his patients since he got out of school many years ago, not anymore.

  54. Joe Narusiewicz says:

    This shill for the rich and 1% whole life is a lie. He wants power. His record of being Governor of Massachusetts is so much different then what he says now. His life is a lie. His deal with the tea party is strictly for power. He outsourced jobs to China while laying people off from his own country and made money from it then hid the money in tax shelters around the world. He is a legal crook taking advantage of every loophole. His shameless lies about medicare are par for the course. I am not surprised . The fanatics and zombies will stick with him but I do hope anyone who still has a brain and heart sees through this big fake and phony power hungry sick human being.

  55. Tom Gagie says:


      • Eduardo says:

        Wow, grammy !
        You keep making obtuse assertions about things you do not (and can NOT) know. How do you know that the answer to Tom’s question is “yep” ?
        And just so other “posters” here get to know you better:
        TA DAAAAA !!!: grammyjill has stated (2 times) before that the 2012 deficit is “only” 1.1 TRILLION (she’s obviously proud of THAT!!) “…. and NOT the 4 TRILLION A DAYthe Republican will have us believe…” Grammy: 4 TRILLION A DAY ??!!! You are too old to be smoking what you are smoking, lady….

        • CAThinker says:

          Here’s an idea – just go away. You never agree with the premise of any of these articles and you never have anything of substance to add to the forum. So why don’t you save yourself some grief and just go away. If you are truly the patriot you think you are, why do you continue to read articles you know you will be opposed to and frequent forums that you vehemently disagree with? Are you seeking to change your mind? Or are you seeking to change the mind of others? Either way, you’re wasting your time and our space. So just go away.

        • grammyjill says:

          so you have not listened to romney and ryan saying that the president is adding 4 trillion a day to the deficit? I’ve heard it on almost every channel. it’s one of their ads. maybe it doesn’t run where you are. i’m sure you get ads i don’t see. i’m just really sick of all the lies. and yes they are lies! watch the conventions, both of them and the debates.

  56. Ken Ashe says:

    Mitt needs to release his tax returns.

  57. Gammaanya says:

    “I hope we shall crush in it’s birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strenght, and bid defiance to the laws of our Country” – T. Jefferson
    “Every kingdom divided against itself is destroyed and every city or household divided against itself will not stand” – Bible passage.

    Sorry to tell you – YES he MANIPULATED the tax code, and there is nothing wrong with that, after all it’s legal and all do it. But it’s morally wrong, because people who live hand to mouth pay more than they should because they don’t have the adavantage of wealth to deduct. Ask you CPA how donations are taken into account – in some cases they get it back their money.
    He can take a trip to a moon and will be 100% deductible but you can not unless U R Coeporation. You see Corporations are people my friend but not you> ONLY CORPORATIONS.
    You have a dog /cat/horse or guinea pig – you can’t deduct their care/vet/train whatever, he can.
    Create Corp. – All DEDUCTIBLE. You can buy a palace and as a Corp you can deduct all exp.
    He made his money by bankrupting Corp. Most of them Under Title 11, Chapter 7. Look it up how that works and how it’s tax free. It will blow you little mind. That’s why he claim that he wasn’t CEO from 1999 on most of them bankrupted in 2000-2003.
    His plans denied the basic right of fair taxes for us, based on income and less benefits. If he gets his way you will not be able to deduct your mtg interest, student loans interest etc, he can. You wanted to get all these breaks – GIVE A BIRTH TO CORPORATION.
    Since Clinton surpluss the rich got tax breaks and did not create any jobs to speak of.
    Get you head out of Faux News, Rushies or Hannities – They don’t know squat. Repeating their mantra only makes you look stupid. and ignorant to facts. Facts can not be denied. K.Marx.
    Sprinkle som pepper spray on your salad, Faux News said it’s good for your mind and vision.
    Ignorance is a bliss for you I guess is it???
    His comment on a visit to NH speak for it self – NH have no state taxes like Nevada or Washington.
    How much is enough. Now, how much did you give to charity??($250.00 max w/o proof) he files a little form and can say he did donated this much etc, and his income shrinks – don’t forget he donated only to Mormon Church where he is a bishop so part of the money he gets it back – Salary????
    U R wrong also everybody pays taxes , look at your phone bill, you pay many taxes incl. Fed. State, local etc – we can’t deduct that expense – Corp can. SO don’t give me that 50%+ don’t pay taxes. We do, even shopping for grocery, gasoline, eating out etc. You can’t deduct these things but Corp. can. It’s called entertainment expense. I am sure he does take it to maximum.
    I have a horse and I can deduct his care and I have Corp. but it would be morally wrong to claim it because my business have nothing to do with horses/therapy or dancing (he is ex dressage horse and off the race track) therefore I don’t do it and my income is not in millions but I can afford to keep him and the 3K or less a year will not make me or break me.
    Who knows what will happened to the horse – she did not win at the Olympics and is all expenses (1/4th ) she might end up in a slaughter house in Mexico where sledge hammer will do the job.
    They did not profit from it – no money no life. Sledge hammer and $1.00 /lb still worth something.
    What we need is a fair tax code and stop charity for Corporations.

  58. To everyone out there without a trust fund, that cares about themselves or anyone else, please vote to keep Romney out of the White House. There are only two choices for the White House this election year, Romney or Obama, a vote for Romney, is a vote for our country to become a third world country. A land where the working class and unemployed are expected to just shut up and take it. If you hadn’t noticed, no one is outsourcing work to America, and what little work we had for the common masses is mostly gone. What job will your child get after Romney gets into the White House?

  59. howa4x says:

    Obama has a lot of true accomplishments, ending the combat mission in Iraq, passing health care reform,getting Wall st reform through, killing Bin Laden and most of the top Al Qaeda leadership, passing a stimulas to get people back to work, contraception for women and averting another great depression. The health care system is full of waste and fraud, with un needed surgery,and perscriptions, the over reliance on testing, and sloppy record keeping. The system costs 2.5 trillion/year so removing 700b over 10 yrs is not exactly gutting the system.
    Romney on the other hand made his money in vulture capitalism with questionable dealings and offshoring his money. He set up a corporation in Bermuda, not in NYC. During his time as governor his state ranked 47th in Job creation, with a crumbling infastructure. He was once ok with gay marriage and abortion, and after championing health care reform got on TV and said he was a progressive.
    So is this what you are going to run on with this Republican base or are you going to lie about what the other guy is doing?
    What do you think?

  60. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    You are INCORRECT….in order to make up for the over $700 BILLION REMOVED by Obama, doctors will be paid about HALF what they currently receive under the “new” affordable (???) care act for the same services. He’s lied to you and you’ve lied to us..

  61. nomaster says:

    Willard the Rat man’s motto is (Born To Lie). When you want something so bad I guess you will grovel in the dirt.

  62. shovelDriver says:

    Whoever taught you to believe that there is any such thing as a “fair” fight has done you a severe injustice. Almost as much as that side of the political spectrum which believes it – and only it – gets to set the rules on using unsupported innuendo as character assassination.

  63. davia55 says:

    I miss real journalist. This is nothing more than a tabloid.

    • CAThinker says:

      Here’s an idea – just go away. You never agree with the premise of any of these articles and you never have anything of substance to add to the forum. So why don’t you save yourself some grief and just go away. If you are truly the patriot you think you are, why do you continue to read articles you know you will be opposed to and frequent forums that you vehemently disagree with? Are you seeking to change your mind? Or are you seeking to change the mind of others? Either way, you’re wasting your time and our space. So just go away.

  64. sleeprn01 says:

    Soldier 64 I guess that Mitt’s cronies are just very altruistic people; they would never want anything in return for their 10’s of millions of dollars. Well maybe just a tax break here or there, or maybe have a criminal investigation dropped, or maybe have a few inspectors for the SEC and the EPA turn their heads for a minute or two. Yes I’m quite sure that the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adilson, big oil don’t want a thing. And speaking of taking more and wanting more lets look at the murderer President Bush; over 5500 young Americans murdered, over 35,000 maimed for the rest of their life. All just so Industrial-Military complex can make more money; so Haliburton can get billions in no bid contracts and because these bastards are so grateful to their country they moved their company to the middle east. Don’t shoot you mouth off about President Obama’s cronies when he can’t even hold a candle to the GOP’s thievery!!! Just remember if you are middle class, the middle class has stopped growing since the Reagan administration and under the Bush presidency there has been the biggest transfer of wealth since the guilded age. Our economy is gradually turning into an hour glass shaped economy; with a lot at the top, a lot at the bottom, and very few in the middle.

  65. ever watch spy vs spy? the white spy always tries to top the black spy and visa versa. the opening line to this whole piece is ” Everybody expects politicians to embellish the truth, …”
    My question is this… does that include democrats??? I hate the whole political system but weak kneed politicians have created it and weaker Americans have permitted it.
    lets us look behind the smears and the party rhetoric let is see who is paying the bills.
    the guy with the Gold makes the rules. What we see is not what we are buying. We are expected to believe one man is better than the other simply because he is less evil. Since when is this a qualification for President of the U.S. ?
    When you have seen one rat in the wood pile, you better believe you have more you haven’t seen.

  66. starman12 says:

    tell mitt to stop his lying about the president’s policys, the AFC and medicare

  67. Eduardo says:

    Hey, “reporter” Gene Lyons! Yada, yada, yada, yada, yada ….
    Talk about Obama’s RECORD !!!
    THAT’S what is going to get Obama BOOTED from the White House on November 6.

    • CAThinker says:

      Here’s an idea – just go away. You never agree with the premise of any of these articles and you never have anything of substance to add to the forum. So why don’t you save yourself some grief and just go away. If you are truly the patriot you think you are, why do you continue to read articles you know you will be opposed to and frequent forums that you vehemently disagree with? Are you seeking to change your mind? Or are you seeking to change the mind of others? Either way, you’re wasting your time and our space. So just go away.

  68. Problem Mr Lyons, President Obama himself said in an interview with ABC news that “cuts” were being made to Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Here is a report with the interview segment at 1:30 into the report. Care to twist the truth anymore sir?

  69. DurdyDawg says:

    “Romney could easily quell suspicion that he’s hiding something politically disqualifying. Release five years’ worth of returns”…

    He won’t do that because he IS hiding something.. He knows it, you know it.. Everybody knows it.. why? Because he refuses to release it, conceding instead to release the rest of his 2010 and soon 2011 (that he had time to amend and doctor up). He’s fooling nobody, even his minions and the brain dead aren’t fooled, their just committed (which is what all of them needs be be).. OH! And by the way… Those:

    “Obese, lay-about, cigarette-smoking, drug-taking, welfare-sucking, emergency-room-visiting, no-accounts…”

    THEY will be the ones who will keep him out of the oval office.. should have been more tolerant of them Mittens.. but that would mean you’d have to be human.. (I just can’t see it).

  70. Lie,lie,lie & Lie some more.That seems to be the GOP/Teanderthals this election cycle.The Conservatives are in for a nasty shock Nov 6.2012 when they learn that thinking voters see through the lies and vote the GOP out of office Nationwide

  71. Bigspender says:

    “I don’t remember what I said on that particular occasion. But whatever I said, I stand by it now.” — Mitt Romney.

    In truth, how can Romney be expected to remember anything he’s said in the past? As a serial liar, Romney makes up his stand on issues to suit his audience of the day. Since he holds no firm views on much of anything, he can easily shift gears as needed. Fortunately for Romney, his core constitutency is unconcerned about the truth so he’ll be just fine.

  72. DHFabian says:

    This campaign reveals something about this generation of Americans that is both unique among modern nations, and truly alarming. A strategy used to alarm people is to indicate that we, the public, might be wasting our taxpayer dollars on (eek!) actually helping a fellow citizen in need. Never mind the trillions of taxpayer dollars used to pay the taxes actually owed by the richest, or all the money handed to corporations to cover the costs of building factories in foreign nations, exporting our jobs. Never mind the truckloads of taxpayer dollars “lost”/unaccounted for by the military. Today’s American is outraged that any crumbs might trickle down to help Americans in extreme poverty (interesting note: Extreme poverty in the US had alm0st become non-existent by the 1980s. It was reintroduced with Clinton’s welfare reform of 1996, and has doubled since then. This level of poverty does kill. This reflects a deep moral decay in our culture.)

  73. The nationalmemo is a leftist socialist lying rag and should be outlawed

    • CAThinker says:

      Here’s an idea – just go away. You never agree with the premise of any of these articles and you never have anything of substance to add to the forum. So why don’t you save yourself some grief and just go away. If you are truly the patriot you think you are, why do you continue to read articles you know you will be opposed to and frequent forums that you vehemently disagree with? Are you seeking to change your mind? Or are you seeking to change the mind of others? Either way, you’re wasting your time and our space. So just go away.

  74. drdavidgreen says:

    Mitt says he’ll “replace” Obamacare, but he never says he’ll replace it with Romneycare. Why not? Is he ashamed of Romneycare? The President stands by Obamacare. Whom should you trust, the man who runs away from what he’s done, or the man who stands by what he’s done? Think about it.

  75. michael says:

    there is no get….you already are…..idiot repubs

  76. bashfulpeck555 says:

    who actually put us in this mess to begin with? bush-he lied about weapons of mass destruction in our soldiers killed because of his lies.mitt will take over where bush ended with more lies.

  77. Vtswfe says:

    in regard to Mitt Romney releasing his tax records – Wow. whatever happened to ‘in this country one is innocent until proven guilty’!?! You say he has to prove he did nothing wrong. what!?! you demonize someone until they can prove they did nothing wrong? That’s ass backwards. IMHO

  78. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    Yours’ is typical liberal thinking…PLEASE DON’T confuse me with the facts! Well, at least you won’t have trouble making up your mind about what you choose to believe. But I have a question… a “discussion group” ONLY to hear what you believe in?

  79. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    I’m glad you were NOT in the “discussion group” that Christopher Columbus was in (the world is Flat vs Round)…or none of us would be here.

  80. James says:

    Wake up Florida!! Your republican governor has put medicad on the voucher plan and aready people are going without medical care!!!

  81. James says:

    Just remember the country didn’t get this way in 3 years!!!

  82. James says:

    All I know is I have 7% held out of my social security and 20% held out of my Pension on 51000 ayear income!!

  83. Simpleisbetter2 says:

    Romney is correct. My wife and I have paid in money to obtain medicare when we need it, and I did not pay all that money into the system to suddenly have it go for something I don’t want it to go for. If people are out of work and need a roof over their heads, there are plenty of army barracks open right now where they can get a cot to sleep on, a blanket to use at night, and a shower to use until they can get on their feet and back to work. I prefer that I give to my own charities rather than have OBAMA give for me. I don’t need someone to run my life thank you very much. I do just fine running my own finances, and deciding where my money goes without Obama and his crooks deciding this for me.

  84. If you enjoy the impersonal, diminutive manner in which you are treated by large organizations; if you enjoy the doublespeak rendered to you at the hands of large organizations; if you enjoy the helplessness that is inflicted upon you by large organizations; if you enjoy wading through a minefield of asterisks, fine print, and obfuscation in the unilateral terms of any customer service agreement, contract, or guarantee, then YOU ENJOY CORPORATE CULTURE, AND THUS SHOULD VOTE FOR THIS MAN.

    I know about Taliban in Afghanistan and they are KARZAI’s brothers from same tribe as PASHTON and KARZAI IS TRAITOR

    I know about Taliban in Afghanistan and they are KARZAI’s brothers from same tribe as PASHTON and KARZAI IS TRAITOR


  87. Bud says:

    Romney = corporate puppet

  88. Kent says:

    Oh hoh, ha ha, har har, hee hee. The word´s been leaked in the meantime about how Mitty boy made his fortune on playing with accounts on the Grand C’ayman island “ofshore tax thing- i guess maybe some Jersey and Guernsey Island stuff, a little bit of United Arab Emirates, and some Hong Kong holdings. never bringing it onshore where the I.R.S. could get a better look at it. it is a clear cut case of “tax haven” income tax avoidance, A lot of people use that. But where is that razor sharp ultra thin line between quasi-legal income tax avoidance and outright income tax evasion?
    No wonder he´s literally scred shitless about showing his income tax returns now. He´s probably afraid some smart D.A.s somewhere could take a closer look lined up with shrewed income tax advisors. Goodness, Agnew had to resign and plead “‘nolo contendere”.
    In order to elminate that embarrassing possibility, it is far easier just to re-elect Obama – Biden.

  89. imabrummie says:

    It’s my belief that his most shameless lie is his claim to be honest enough to be the President of the United States and to represent the interests of ALL it’s people and not just the one percenters!

  90. @Simpleisbetter2…… Since you don’t like the government ‘running your life’….Is it safe to say that we may eliminate all Social Security and Medicare benefits for yourself and all other seniors collecting? You haven not paid for all of the so said ‘earned benefits’… we taxpayers pay a portion of what you are collecting. The system is broken but it is not Obama’s fault. I’ve grown weary listening to those that are blessed to have medical coverage refer to ‘those people that would benefit from Obamacare’ as not deserving. My father and mother are two of those people and they have five grandkids that now have coverage because they fall between 21 and 26 years of age….They would not have coverage if the law had not been altered. What aren’t you folks understanding?……The middle-class can’t make ends meet any longer. Salaries have not kept up with the cost of living and the Republican party is all about shifting even more fiscal responsibility to private individuals and families that are already strapped for cash.

    I am a union member of an airline that is currently in bankruptcy. The Bain Company has been hired by the airline to oversee the bankruptcy negotiations and bust the unions. The past week we had to either vote for a pre-bankruptcy term sheet or a best offer from the company. Both offers were bad news for the middle-class employees!!!!…….We have not had a pay raise since 1993!!!!!! Meanwhile the CEOs and upper management have given themselves bonuses every year since 1993! I would like the luxury to run my own life and determine where my money goes but the ‘Romneys/Bains of the World’ keep sucking it from me.

    Best of luck this election……
    “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth!”

    • titainiumman says:

      And you don’t think your economic illiterate president didn’t have anthing to do with the failure of your company?I was a union member for 30 years and never voted for a democrat because i have seen how every democratic president prints money and spends and them prints more money.
      If your job is so crappy then why haven’t you change jobs or companies?
      Your just another whining liberal that wants to blame others for you inaction.
      Obama is depending on the moron vote,i see he will get yours.

    • Steven says:

      Bankruptcy…dont you get it ? Its the end of the line.True ..the CEOs,shouldnt be getting a bonus…but the fact of the matter is your airline is in salvage mode…its the only method of keeping the airline functional and not shutting down entirely. Its not the Romney/Bains that are sucking it from you…its oversized federal government (and some state governments) haveing spent like there is no tomorrow.
      Wealth is now more global and mobile than ever before ,especially at the upper scale. Why do CEO’s get bonuses to stay? Because CEO’s report primarily to stockholders first and foremost ….and stockholders are global now. Its NOT just Americans investing in the USA stock market .
      Why would an international stock owner care about an American union worker?
      All Democrats need to see the harsh reality of whats going on.Many Republicans see it.Trump sees it(but people dont like his irritaeing personality) The USA has been bleeding for quite some time. We have been in a global trade war ( and looseing ) for over 30 years.
      The trade defecit has been outrageous for over 30 years
      Soon,we should all be expecting to earn similar wages as our trade competetors companies
      because ALL of US have allowed it to happen. We went to war, (an expensive one) but DID NOT protect our own industries and our own markets.
      Obama was a smoothtalking soothsayer …but the simple fact of the matter is he and his administration DONT have what it takes. Idealism is NOT going to fix the multitude of problems.God forbid he gets reelected.Yes ,I did use the G word The country would be surely doomed and our international credit rateing will take another plunge.
      By the way , when I was 18 ,I had my own job and the “evil rich corporation” I worked for
      helped pay for my medical insurance

  91. flyinfun1 says:

    So how’s this “Hope and Change” thing working for you now? 16 TRILLION in debt…can’t blame that on Bush, 700 BILLION taken from Medicare to pay for Obamacare…can’t blame that on Bush, highest unemployment in generations…nope, can’t blame that on Bush either. So Liberals, whose fault its it now?

  92. shawsac13 says:

    Romney began his campaign with a “lie” and he has not stopped lying. He will do and say anything to appease his followers. The last appeasement effort was to bring up the “birther”
    issue and then lie about what he meant. It was perfectly obvious to the woman interviewed at the rally. Who still doesn’t believe that President Obama’s birth certificate is legal.

  93. Gilbert says:

    Mitt Romney is not capable of telling the truth. This becomes more apparent every time he opens his mouth. Even when he talks about his business exploits he lies. i.e., Take the case of Staples, Inc., which Romney likes to take credit for creating all those jobs. Romney did not create Staples, Inc., nor did he manage or cause to grow Staples, Inc. It was Tom Stemberg and Leo Kahn who established Staples, Inc. Mitt Romney wasn’t even the 3rd man on-board. Romney was unconvinced up until he actually saw Staples, Inc. rolling on its own wheels. Staples had at least $3 million in operating capital and a talented board of directors, and was up and runing, before Romney decided to use $750,000 of one of Bain’s limited partners to buy into Staples. Read the book: “STAPLES, INC., How Tom Stemberg Built a $1 Billion Company in 10 years.” There are a whole lot of people who deserve credit for assisting this effort ahead of Mitt Romney. Contrary to current propaganda, venture capitalists are not “job creators,” nor do they start-up companies. A venture capitalist will only invest money after the company has proven itself, and then, they take a disproportionate amount of profits to the size of their investment. As for ObamaCare… It is the exact same thing as RomneyCare, only adapted nationally rather than state-wide. RE: Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich’s attacks on Romney during the primaries. ObamaCare is RomneyCare. As for Medicare… President Obama simply cut-out the duplicative administration costs and the waste. Medicare is still in place. Romney wants to replace it with a voucher system, a food-stamp-like version of healthcare insurance. Last but not least: The United States Government cannot be run like a “Private Equity” club. A non-profit organization like the U.S. government cannot issue “common stock,” nor any other kind of stock… therefore… there exists no possiblity of converting the debt instruments {U.S. Treasuries} into an ownership stake {evidenced by the issue of stock certificates} as a way of eliminating the debt, as was the case with WorldCom/MCI under the guidance of David Matlin back during the collapse of WorldCom. Mitt Romney is, therefore, a bare-faced liar when he claims he will pay odwn the National Debt in four years… and he knows he is a liar… but he thinks the average American is not sophisticated enough to apply the kind of reasoning that I apply here. He thinks we are all stupid and don’t understand what is being said anyway, so he can say whatever. There is only one way to save the United States from ruin… and that one way involves several steps or processes be implemented and maintained until the desired objectives have been achieved. The 8 years of wholesale destruction of our economy between January 2001 and January 2009, + 11 years of war, the greater part of which saw us prosecuting two wars simultaneously, on credit, + 30 years worth of interest due on the borrowings… keeps our economy down. Add to that the recalcitrance of republicans in Congress, and 4 years of stone-walling and filibuster… it is nothing short of Miraculous that President Obama has been able to bring us back to the degree that he has. Mitt Romney believes he can capitalize on “White Privilege” and skate into the White House on that. Why else would he bring back the stupid birther issue??? The base that he relies on for volume votes, for the most part, are backward, igonorant, illiterate folks who can easily be tricked by subtle racial undertones. As President Clinton… the surplus creator says… the Choice is Clear!

    • titainiumman says:

      Obama is depending on the MORON vote to get reelected,I see he has yours firmly in hand.
      Obama is the biggest FAILURE as president since the last failed democratic leader Jimmy Carter.
      Why is it that liberals like yourself can ignore the facts concerning the economic illiteracy and incompetence shown by your muslim sympathizing ruler who has given 3.5 billion dollars to the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood,While at the same time taking billions out of our military budget?
      Obama has shown that he it a total stranger to the truth,he is the most prolific liar to ever attain the presidency and probably the most corrupt.
      What is a poor lib like yourself going to do when Romney wins in a landslide and the republicans take the senate and hold the congress?,Maybe the democrats can set another historic record for losing seats like they did in 2010.
      I guess you haven’t noticed that the enthusiasm for Obama just isn’t here this time around,you have his campaign trying to explain the small crowds he is attracting by saying that they are keeping the crowds small for a more intimate setting.
      This is a president that held a campaign kickoff rally at Ohio State University and only half filled the venue even though the democratic party canvassed neighborhoods for two weeks prior in an attempt to gin up attendance.
      Romney/Ryan in a landslide 2012 !!!

      • Brian_R_Allen says:

        …. Obama is the biggest FAILURE as president since the last failed democratic leader Jimmy Carter ….

        That’s neither true nor fair!

        Obama is the biggest FAILURE as “president” EVER.

        Including the the last several drug-addicted abjectly-corrupt crime-family-member recidivist treasonous lying looting thieving mass-murdering co-serial-rapist convicted fined impeached disbarred failed “Democrats” — AND Mr Carter.

      • Michael says:

        Putting an abusive rant in capital letters doesn’t make it true.

  94. monilla75 says:

    To your comment above……….

    “People who LIE alot WHINE alot….EXactly… They are BULLIES… They will attack someone else… but can’t take the HEAT themselves… He and his wife… Democrats always sit back and take a lot criticism from there counterparts… But this outright LYING deserves a response… Thank you President Obama for fighting back for US and not letting them lie on you… Thank God

  95. mitt romney …is dishonest, a liar and a cheat!
    he wants my vote, so he can steal my toilet paper if he wins!

  96. Romney lied, It is not the first time.won’t be the last. That is what Republican politicians do.What is sad is people will vote for these people that almost ruined our country,and demonize thos that saved it.And they ruined our bond rating!!That is the republicans

  97. mtb says:

    i am an independent undecided voter .. here’s what I’d like to see from Romney and Ryan – a plan on how they’ll get us out of debt.

    I am tired of the age old republican mantra – Cut taxes (and raise deficit in the process) and hope that that extra $ in each pocket will somehow kick start the economy…

    Romney and Ryan – if you are worth the ticket, come up with a good plan and you will get our votes !

  98. ChristoD says:

    One last question. Where are the JOBS that the Republicans promised when they took control of the House ? WHERE ? They would rather attack womens rights and try to overturn the Affordable Care Act more than 30 times. They are pathetic. WHERE ARE THE JOBS you Greed Over People frauds….WHERE ARE THEY ?

  99. Richard says:

    romney is astinking liar he cheats steals moves his business off shore hides money off shore ,claims socialsecurity is a ponzi sceme WHERE IS THE 3 TRILLION DOLLARS TAKEN FROM SOCIAL SECURITY ????? stolen by congress&senate ,look like romney is aleftover from a bad miscarage,like no brains .

  100. edwardw69 says:

    Hey, he’s already ready with those tax returns you all want. He’ll release them.
    He said on Chris Wallace on Sunday, that all his money was in a blind trust–he didn’t know where it was. And if the trustee didn’t pay taxes, well, it’s not his fault, is it? Sure, he took advantage of the amnesty, but he didn’t, because it was the trusty who took advantage.
    Mr. Romney knew nothing.
    “I know nothing!”
    I’ll bet it flies with the Tea Party.

  101. Thomas says:

    What is Mitt’s most shameless lie. I actually took time to look for it on the first page and it is just not there? What is it? That Obama promised to give the Medicare money back in the form of Obamacare? Since it is okay to shift money between programs and not get held account? The natural assumption is it is double-dealing. So it is the job of the accuser to prove that this particular double-dealing is not perfectly honest? Shameless lying.

  102. I also just read Matt Taibbi’s (“Rolling Stone”,& “Reader Supported News”) article about Mitt’s terrible, terrible actions in business, and frankly, I cannot understand how he has avoided becoming Bernie Madoff’s cell mate!

  103. Maynard says:

    It is obvious that here we are preaching to the choir. Now, let us get out there and educate on sites like Yahoo. Come back here often to get the cogent facts and information. Let me suggest a few strategies to help persuade people that many of you already follow:

    1. Be patient and polite. You can’t convince people if you tell them all the angry, hostile, insulting things you actually and understandably think.
    2. Stick to simple facts, such as “Obama cut waste in Medicare. No seniors were deprived of 1 penny in payments.” ” Obama killed Osama in three years which Bush couldn’t do in eight.”
    “Obama ended one war, Bush started two.” “Obama did NOT raise taxes. R&R want to cut your mortgage deductions and your college tuition deductions. ” “Obama saved General Motors and Romney said let ’em go bankrupt.” “Obama showed ten years of tax statements. Romney only shows two. ” “Obama is half white.” “Under Obama unemployment has steadily decreased.”
    “R & R will cut taxes on the rich and raise taxes on the middle class.” “R&R will end a woman’s right to chose, even in cases of rape, incest and to save a woman’s life.”

    Now let’s get out there and inform and educate, not belittle and berate.

  104. Fran says:

    I have said at the beginning…that “Mitt” with the two t’s in his names is a true leopard…and in mid-october…a lot of things that he has been hiding will come out to the light..and just the Bain Company which used tactics on how they paid taxes will come out…they used unorthodox ways…to scheme and plan on how they would get away with certain things…it is amazing…how I truly believe, that “Mitt” is too rich to run for the President’s office..and what he has done behind closed doors with these dispeputable companies will come to the light…believe me…educated people will do all the work to bring stuff out…he is a swindler..and con-artists..he has all the descriptions of a NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY”…and remember how he was the biggest bully when in school…that is a behavior problem associated with narissicism…believe we want a liar for President…I mean one that lies about his tax records…and about his so-called unreputable associations to make more monies..he thinks he is a god…and about the medicare system it is a separate entity..that was set up for the people that pay into social security…it is never going long as people pay into the program..and believe me just like Clinton did he borrowed monies as many presidents did when we had a big deficit…but, they paid social security all the money back…so, I wish that people were not so stupid and would do their homework to look into matters such as these before they insert their foot into their mouths. I do believe that there is a saying…that “Stupid is as stupid does and you cannot fix stupid. it is all going to come out in the wash…when he and Bain Company is forced to come clean.
    Oh well…on the outside of the man he is good-looking…but on the inside of him he is nothing but filthy rags…and a true narcissistic person…sounding like he really has empathy and compassion for others when the narcissistic person does not have any of those qualities they are just pretenders…his own sons don’t want him to run to be president can you blame them..he is going to embarass the whole family when the truths come out…and the truth don’t have to defend itself.

  105. Abbie Goop says:

    the only thing that will keep the medicare program solvent is earned income

  106. Carolyn Stine says:

    President Obama did NOT STEAL $700 billion from Medicare! If Romney becomes president, they want to give ‘vouchers’ to states and the states will increase the costs that people have to pay for health insurance whenever they want. The STEALING has been the Federal Government’s stealing money from Social Security!

  107. …….. and ovomit could quell a lot of speculation by un-spending the 10 million dollars he has spent in trying to keep his college records and his past fr0m becoming public knowledge. Because, if and when it does, this slimeball is toast. I think he is anyway.

  108. The_Truth_Will_Set_You_Free says:

    If this article isn’t a propaganda piece not sure sure how to describe it.

    propaganda |ˌpräpəˈgandə|
    1 chiefly derogatory information, esp. of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view

  109. Tom Key says:

    Thank you Gene Lyons! Telling the truth. You took the trouble to confront the Lie.

  110. WillyHze says:

    ‘People who lie a lot also tend to whine a lot, particularly when their prevarications are exposed.’ I am almost positive that every non-extreme left ditto head herd mentality sheep in the country thought of President Obama when they read that sentence.

  111. Daylo says:

    What? No mention of the multitude of LIES by Obama? Come on people. Fair is fair…We know the vast lies told by Obama. Aren’t you people just a wee bit worried about Solyndra? What about the other missing monies given to donors? Aren’t these more important than Romney’s tax returns? They are to me!

  112. middleclasstaxpayer says:

    LIBERAL FOLLIES: There is NO God & NO Jerusalem. Wait: we need to win bible-belt votes..OK, we’ll “say” there’s a God now, then take it back after Nov 6. Isn’t that flip-flopping? NO, we’ll just say our thinking has “evolved.” What about Jerusalem? Oh boy, we really need those 78% of Jews to vote us back in….OK, Jerusalem IS the capitol of Israel (for NOW).After Nov 6, we’ll “reconsider” and go back to the way things really are (in our minds). What about the Palestinians & Iranians? No Problem, we’ll just make a “secret deal” with them, like we did with the Russians. Problems solved! Go Obama!!!

  113. John says:

    You lieing Liberal make me sick. There is no voucher program, read the details. Yes BO took, stole or otherwise removed 716 BILLION from the present program, plain and simple as well. How can you say its not removed from the present program, it is in fact to bolester the cost of Ocare. it should be OMG care$$$. We need a system where by the govt is out of the picture administering a program, you pay, you get insurance, from your company or private, same price, no pre-existing I’ll give you that. 26 years old, no 22, since a single person does not cost the same as a family. come on any 22 year old who can vote, fight in a war, drink booze buy contraceptives can fork over 50/month for health care. also if you do not want it you should not be fined. No health Czars, no govt employees feather bedding their jobs. Cross state or universal coverage regardless of or from state to state. that is called resiprosity. doctors get reimbursed for medicare and medicade based on 2000 or I believe 2004 rates. I think they are higher than now but don’t hold me to it. We do not need 2000 pages of rules. come on it will be a worse program and get even more cumbersome as it progresses. why can’t i make my own decisions. for those who want a hand up, ok i will help you IF you help too, like kick in 30-50 5 of the cost. You must have some skin in the game especially if your at the same total cost of someone paying full tilt.

    Your arguement about the 716 because OMGcare will limit fraud is BS. How can you claim fraud when the new system is to remove it from day one. saving fraud is like counting chickens before they hatch. Or better yet double jeopardy[ that’s illegal in a court of lay].
    716 was moved out of Medicare to OMG care. live with it.Liberals.

  114. w w says:

    Hypocrisy rules in the Romney camp! Forbes reported in an article dated 1/21/12 of the Medicare fraud by Damon Corporation under Romney. See ‘Romney Supervised Medical Testing Company Guilty Of Massive Medicare Fraud’. During the time that Bain held ownership of the company, Mitt Romney personally sat on the Board of Directors. And during that same period, Damon Corp. was busy submitting fraudulent reimbursement claims to Medicare to the tune of millions of dollars charged for unnecessary blood tests.
    According to federal government prosecutors, Damon was misleading physicians into ordering unnecessary blood tests, assuring the doctors that the testing would be covered by Medicare.
    By the time Damon Corp. pleaded guilty to defrauding the United States Government of $25 million—and paid a total of $119 million in what was, at that time, the largest penalty of its kind in Massachusetts history—Bain was long gone having sold the company in August,1993, mere days ahead of the Federal subpoena. Romney has claimed he blew the whistle on Damon. Not true! The new owners did & that’s a documented Federal fact!
    The only party I have ever been affiliated with is the small party of TRUTH seekers. Truth is, Romney has always ‘saved’ Romney!

  115. w w says:

    A vote for “the lesser of two evils” is STILL a vote for evil. Should stand to reason that a vote for the lesser of two liars is still a vote for a liar! If we continue to empower either set of liars with our votes, knowing they both lie, we’re just spreading our ‘cheeks’ for what they both have for us, no?

  116. ramszone says:

    Romney and Ryan are running on lies, lies,and more lies. Cheaters never win. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012.

  117. obama shame on you your a pig and so are you dumb Democritus

  118. matthew says:

    I stood among the ruins,
    in Rome where sorrow lies,
    near its shattered columns broken fingers
    stretching to the sky.
    Where the Senate long has been adjourned
    and where Caesar’s now a salad…
    While beneath the teeth of cata-combs,

    clench bones, stained brown and pallid.

    Statues of former heads of state
    left headless, anonymous torsos,
    Relegated to oblivion,
    marking their loss even more so.
    An empire left in rubble piles,
    all forsaken by their gods
    A monument to man’s follies,
    a warning to more recent odds

    Perhaps a century from now,
    New York, Cleveland and Paris
    will also lie in disquieted ruins…..
    marking all that we once cherished.
    The Eiffel tower a rusted mass
    of twisted metal groaning
    And that great Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame,
    turned into rocks no longer rolling.
    The Statue of Liberty headless
    like the queen of Ozymandias,
    Each shadowing the remnants,
    of earth where mistakes unmanned us

    We stand on the brink of such a fate,
    as our infrastructure’s soften,
    With issues of vital importance postponed
    by our Senate adjourned to often.


    Vote with your head
    and not with your heart,
    ignore the bias ancestry imparts,
    don’t vote just cause you think
    they’re good looking or smart
    even snakes have a skin
    that’s as lovely as art….

    Listen close to the lies
    that they polish each day,
    Listen harder to proven facts
    they have to say,
    Note the lobbyist’s most
    greedy fists on display
    full of candidate puppets
    for the money they pay.

    We all have a voice
    and an arsenal of lead,
    let’s target the ballots
    where our pencils are wed,
    don’t let apathy bring credence
    to the words of this song
    lest we’ll wind up like ancient Rome,
    stripped to the bones.

    I toss Roman coins bought
    at shops of antiquities,
    into dry beds of fountains
    left emptied by history,
    and then I make wishes
    that my children’s grandchildren,
    will end this decay of man’s vast legacy
    and share lasting bounties
    in each splendid city,
    that has learned to survive
    among nature’s glory.

    Vote with your head
    and not with your heart,
    ignoring any bias
    that the media imparts,
    don’t vote just cause you think
    they’re good looking or smart
    even snakes have a skin
    that’s as lovely as art.
    Listen close to the lies
    that they polish each day,
    Listen harder to proven facts
    they have to say,
    Note the lobbyist’s most
    greedy fists on display
    full of candidate’s as puppets
    for the money they pay.

    We all have a voice
    and an arsenal of lead,
    let’s target the ballots
    where our pencils are wed,
    Don’t let apathy bring credence
    to the words of this song
    or we’ll wind up like ancient Rome,
    stripped to the bones.

    Art~Whimsically Yours Studio
    MFB III Productions-(C)-2012
    Matthew F. Blowers III

  119. When you tell anybody something that they know is untrue, you insult their intelligence. The American people who support Romney surely will understand that if he lies about the Presidents record, he will continue to lie to them.

    • WillyHze says:

      Around half of the US know that Barry Obama lied to them about trying to solve anything, besides his egomaniacal need to be reelected. You even know he lies a lot, you just believe that the right lies more. I disagree. I feel that the left only believes the lies of the left and the right only believes the lies of the right. Food for thought.

  120. WillyHze says:

    Barry lied his whole speech. Roughly half of the US know that. Biden lied about every point he made. Pretending that a left middle, big government New England moderate is a radical liar is retarded.

  121. Mitt the guy hiding dough far away from his own country and concealing how he earned those money!was born mismatched to LIE!He is a bloody misleading offshore guy!Same like Paul Ryan!They were both born to LIE…

  122. Reporters may ask but do not expect mittey to do anything but lie in his answer.

  123. evon23 says:

    WHO are the stupid dupes who even listen to Mitt Romney??????

    When Romney comes on I’m gone to do something worthwhile I can believe in.

  124. Polygamyman says:

    Romney is a narcisstic sociopath that will do anything to get elected..He is afraid to debate his culti mormon faith with someone knowledgeable because he knows he will be seen for what he is..marginalizing woman..damning every other religion as false and needing converted..a bully that is a bi product of a manipulative evader..draft dodger..lying to Israel about where the New Jerusalem will be established (Not in Israel)..flip flopper extrordinaire.
    He is very interested in making money on the backs of american workers..brashly states the “Automotive Industry is not worth saving” and let the banks fail. HE DOESNT HAVE ONE HONEST BONE IN HIS BODY

  125. Definitely something to hide – probably scads of cash overseas, twisting the tax code or ignoring it altogether. How anyone can believe this guy is beyond me.

    • WillyHze says:

      That’s interesting. I feel the same way about Barry Obama I feel sure he is lying about almost everything. Maybe it’s everything. How can anyone believe that guy? His lying henchman, Joe, is just as bad.

      • I’ve always been pretty good at determining who’s lying to me. I think some people wake up in the morning practicing their lies. Ryan comes to mind. Others simply toss any dissembling statement that presents itself when challenged. That’s Romney. Then there’s the type that starts out with good intentions, includes a good amount of truth, but embellishes beyond the point of believability. That’s Obama.

        Out-and-out liars, dissemblers, embellishers, all are liars, imo.I can’t tolerate either of the first two. But with the embellisher, at least there’s some substance in there, you just have to learn to spin dry the extra fluff out of it.


      Have you research about Barack Hussein Obama?????
      See how much money is missing, just see how much is unaccounted for.

      Mitt Romney doesn’t need to steal money—-He made his own!!!!!!!!
      Mitt Romney wont be sneaking MILLIONS to KENYA!!!

  126. Fairplay4 says:

    In Romney’s business world he is the boss. In business circles you are not allowed to argue with the boss, you do as you are told. He is, therefore, very uncomfortable when he doesn’t get his own way. He is accustomed to being surrounded by yes men who do his bidding without question. That is where the comment about liking to fire people comes from. If you don’t do his bidding he will fire you. However, when it comes to electing a President we the people are in charge. We will not be pushed around by the likes of Romney.

    • Ron Monks says:

      Romney does not have the reputation which you have creatively described. His reputation, by all accounts coming from those who worked with him is that he invites and listens intently to all points of view, then decides. This is how one becomes as successful as he has done. You well know his remark about firing people was not in regards to employees around him but vendors who don’t do a good job. You knew that, didn’t you but you misrepresented anyway. Sad.

      • f4xtrafn says:

        Mitt and Ryan are masters of the art of misrepresentaion and flip flopping depending on which way the wind blows. Being a take-over specialist – downsizing and employee termination are not credentials useful for the job of President, in fact quite the opposite, it all but disqualifies him. The more caring Mitt that ran for governor might have had a chance, but the Mitt of today that panders to the extremist right and super wealthy doesn’t have a chance. People are beginning to see through his shallow policies and personal dishonesty more and more every day.

      • Patricia says:

        When Romney’s campaign manager said, ” We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers,” and Romney nor Ryan refuted that statement — that’s all I needed to know about R&R. Americans can’t vote for someone who is purposfully trying to hoodwink us with blatant lies — like the Medicare one. Americans can’t vote for someone who gets ticked off when they are called out for their untruths. It would be different if it was just a mistake, a misuunderstanding or a difference of opinion — but when it is a blatant, purposeful lie intended to hoodwink the American public, I say that Romney and Ryan have crossed the line and have lost all credibility and respectabilty and have no place in America.

  127. Steven says:

    Mitt doesn’t remember bullying other kids. I personally can say: I never, never bullied. Someone who never bullied another kid in school, will never say: I don’t remember. You say ‘no I didn’t’. All evidence makes it very very likely that Mitt was a bully. Bullies have a scary psychological make up. If years later they are still in a state of denial, it shows that they didn’t learn much and still have the scary psyche. Mitt should never be president. He might though want to start a self-help group with types like Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh, similar psychological wrecks.

  128. Ken says:

    I am a fan of Romney. I think he has the skills to right the country. I think that arguments against him tend to be trivial and mean-spirited. I see an intelligent, kind person with a wealth of business experience.

    • Patricia says:

      I see a blatant liar. When Romney’s campaign manager said, “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers,” Romney nor Ryan refuted that statement. That told me right there that they did not care about the truth — and in fact, were ticked off when fact-checkers called them out for lying in their ads and their speeches. I could never support anyone who is so obviously anti-truth because it means they are trying to hood – wink the American people and we just can’t let that happen.

    • Michael says:

      Romney? I see a callous, arrogant, selfish, cold and manipulative liar who feels “entitled” to be President of the United States, just as he felt entitled to everything else.

  129. Robert says:

    You liberals are so hung up on this tax return thing.

    Others have been trying to get Obama to release something as harmless as his college transcripts – but he refuses.

    Just what is it in his secretive past that he is so desperate to hide?

    The story you should have written before this one would be “Barrack’s Most Shameless Lie”

    But I guess being Barrack Obama means never having to explain.

    • Patricia says:

      Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard.

      I see that you have nothing to say about Romney’s lie about Medicare. It does not surprise me. Romney’s campaign manager said, “We’re not going to let our campagin be dictated by fact-checkers,” Romney nor Ryan refuted that statement. That statement had to be the most harmful thing the Republicans ever said — and one of the stupidest.

  130. auggiedoggy says:

    Thin-skinned – that’s the pot calling the kettle black. For Libtardians, that’s what we call “irony.” Bet he didn’t get his head stuffed in a toilet, like Oblamo.

  131. Stay the course and bankrupt Medicare by 2020? Or make painful adjustments to save what is left of a broken system. As A struggling american I hold The success of Mitt Romnety as something to be praised and repeated. And as for those OBESE LAY-ABOUT CIGARETTE SMOKING , DRUG TAKING, WELFARE SUCKING, EMERGENCY ROOM VISITING, NO ACCOUNTS who expect to be handed everything for free…… The time has come for you to get off your asses, or suffer the consequences. THE DEBATES WILL TELL THE TALE AND MITT ROMNEY WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT…….DEAL WITH IT

  132. Joe Flinn says:

    You are full of shit as a Christmas Goose!

  133. Michael says:

    Romney is a man of weak character who will say anything, reverse whatever he said yesterday, to get elected. To elect him and Lyin’ Ryan would be a catastrophe for America — but, thank God, it’s not going to happen. Americans have too much decency and good sense for that to happen, now they’ve found out (despite the ceaseless lies from the Republican propaganda machine) who these two wierdos really are.

  134. Mitt was born mismatched and misled!he was born to LIE!

  135. micky says:

    Thanks Bigspinder I am a 73 year old female, who
    would never consider voteing for Romney. If he was runing against the dog catcher, I would vote for the dog catcher. I think Soldier64 is a little confused. Obama/Biden 2012

  136. mr. romney
    do you have any morals , sir there is something deeply wrong with you, to pin point
    deadly desire is say that you realy don,t give a damn about miggle class seniors the
    poor any that is less than you, sir in ur book we the 47% of that r under gun we r
    not shit in ur book,

    what goes up must come down


      PLEASE don’t tell me you guys are that uneducated!!!!!!!!!!
      PLEASE don’t tell me that you believe that is what he was saying!!!!!!!!!!!
      He was saying he WILL NOT get votes from the Blacks, minorities, illegal’s, single moms, gays, lesbians, & baby killers Because Barack Hussein Obama supports all that and gives money to them—Freeeee EVERYTHING!!!!! JUST VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!! He WAS NOT talking about normal good American middle class people that work hard to make a living and take care of themselves.

      • Laura Garcia says:

        Don’t waste your time even explaining this… I’m all pooped out from doing so. It’s as if these people don’t have a brain to think for themselves. They heard/saw the story about that video and literally are all repeating what’s been publicized by the current administration. Smh they’re all like robots, good Lord help this country and these lost sheep!

  137. ayayaboy says:

    Romney said he was retired from Bain while he was still incharge of firing workers and making $20,000.00 on each employee that was fired. What a shameless corporate raider!


      You do what you got to do to make a Business run!!!!!!!!
      Have you EVER ran a business in your life???
      Maybe you should try it and see how fun it really is when you have
      to fire people because you can’t pay them anymore!!!

      • ayayaboy says:

        Romney has to release his taxes from 2000 – 2010. We, the ordinary people do not hide our tax papers when offices ask us to provide them. Romney has a lot to hide and that’s why he accuses us (47%) of not paying taxes, but refuses to show his own tax returns for twelve years. Romney said he doesn’t care about us the ordinary people but he wants to rule us. Americans are good people – in many other countries, people would have matched on the street asking Romney to show his tax returns or to step down as a nominee. Travel out of America and hear people laughing and ridiculing Romney and American tax system with favoratism for the super rich. The problem with Republicans is that they abhor and forbid John Rawls, Jeremy Bentham, Mill, Kant, Hegel, Dworkin, Plato, Aristotle and Cicero on Common Good. Romney and Republicans embrace favoratism for the billionnaires and discrimination against ordinary people. Such belief by Romney and Republicans is not only a danger to America’s future but a big threat to a peaceful America. Dismiss Romney!!!

        • Laura Garcia says:

          When I travel outside of America I hear laughter and ridicule, but it’s of our CURRENT POTUS. Unless you’re on any one of the many govt entitlements when you actually could be working, basically abusing the system, then you are not part of the 47% Gov. Romney referred to. If you’re on temporary assistance because you’ve encountered a bump in the road of life and were part of the U.S. workforce you are not part of the 47% Gov. Romney referenced. Please to not jump on the Ignorance Bandwagon.

      • Laura Garcia says:

        Agree as a small business owner! Many like to criticize based on what they read but don’t stop to take a look at the big picture. Yes it’s unfortunate that many workers end up without work due to those Bain Cap. take overs followed by bankruptcies. BUT look at all the the companies Gov. Romney has saved, who’ve flourished and are still around today versus the few who didn’t make it.

      • ayayaboy says:

        America is really heading in direction economically. Thereis more hiring, lives stablizing and now unemployment drastically dropping fast. Thank you President Obama. If not for the republican “NO” and road blocks, America would be having less than 5% unemploymet. All President’s economic policies for job creation since 2010 were blocked by Republican majority just to have campaign talking points. That’s selfish on republican party’s part. That Romney supporter – Mr. Welch who is complaining about job numbers and polls is just a cranky whiner. He did not pay taxes at G.E. like romney didn’t. ROMNEY moved his family wealth from Michigan to California to New England to New Hempshire to Arizona than to Cayman Island and Swiss Bank and offshore.

      • ayayaboy says:

        Obama needs to call out Romney for his tax returns and stop him when Romney begins to flipflop around new positions. I wish Romney was facing RESCUER Biden who would call him out as lying – MALARCHY. Americans want someone to question Romney’s leadership honesty about his tax returns like Biden told Ryan that Romney insulted 47% who pay taxes which romney does not pay. Biden also told Ryan that him and his party brought down the economy by waging a war that was not focused on Bin Ladin. Obama should also tell romney when he raises issue of 716 billion dollars that his VP solicited for bailout money, When romney talks about job creation, Obama must tell romney that he was 47th out of 50 in Massachussetts; he was in Bain and Sensata and fired people making money and outsourced jobs. Remind romney that he cannot fool voters because they know that he changes positions in so many things day by day. If romney changes position on rape and incest, Obama should dramatize it by addressing the Tea party and republicans to hear their candidate. If romney changes position on immigration, challenge romney’s support for Arizona law. Tell Romney that Obamacare and Plan Parenthood are here to stay. If Romney talks
        about foreign policy, challenge romney that America was attacked while his party was in power for eight years and I Obama took the fight to Bin Ladin. Tell romney that he the candidate for billionaires and wall street, and Obama is candidate for middle class.

  138. SharonConway says:

    Romney said that if he paid more taxes than he owed it would be illegal. If makes me wonder if he has ever seen a tax return. At the bottom of the return is a block that states “if you would like to help pay down the national debt, please enter the amount here.” I don’t think anyone has ever done it but the point is the line is there. So it would not be illegal to pay more. By the way, I earnm $20,000 and my tax rate is more than his. Shocking isn’t it? But nothing will change. Our government is bought and sold by rich people. Citizens United only made it more obvious. They no longer have to pass envelopes under the table at fancy restaurants. Or perhaps they still do.

    • NMC says:

      He never said it was illegal. You are making this up.

    • Laura Garcia says:

      Agree on the point of “helping to pay down the debt”, but that doesn’t apply to only Romney it applies to the Obamas and all members of congress as well as all the wealthy in this country don’t you think? (Like Buffet saying he doesn’t pay enough taxes but then sues the IRS because they over charged him… lol It’s comical) It is horrible that making $20k a yr that your tax rate is more than his. I’m not a tax expert but is his huge tax break due to his $4 million charitable contribution?

      • SharonConway says:

        apparently you missed my point. romney is the person who said if he paid more than he owed it would be illegal. the remark was made by him, not by obama or anyone else.

      • SharonConway says:

        You will have to forgive me. I’m old and this computer stuff is new to me. My point was that Romney said it would be illegal for him to pay more in taxes than he owed. The remark was not made by Obama, Biden, Bush, Cheney, or anyone else. The statement was false. It made me wonder if he had seen a tax return.

  139. Solveig Mølgaard says:

    I find Mitt Romney absolutely ….. horrible!

  140. Solveig Mølgaard says:

    Seen from “my Planet” mr. Mitt Romney is so so Wall Street 🙁

  141. NMC says:

    Distractions and more distractions. Romney has moved on and good for him. This distortion is really getting ridiculous. He is a very good, honest and upstanding man. Notice the article never mentioned the $4 million he gave to charities in 2011? It was 30% of his income. I add very generous to the list of his character attributes.

    • Laura Garcia says:

      No that fact is never mentioned while they’re bashing him regarding his taxes… I’ve lived in MA for 15 yrs., have done lots of volunteer work and have personally seen all the Romney’s are very involved in volunteer work aside from their generous monetary contributions. 😉

  142. widollar says:

    Mitt Romney gives the impression of never having been in a fair fight. He’s remarkably thin-skinned for somebody in public life.

    The above quote from the excellent article is right on target. This guy is a king size cry baby and little els!. Most of the members of the GOP are cry babies.


  144. KurtofLA says:

    The liar and thin skinned is referring to Obama I am sure

  145. Vote for rep and you will live under the tree with you family .

  146. George Bush caused the oblama/holder culpability in the murder of 2 border patrol agents…..a 15 minute film caused the 9/11 anniversary planned alqaeda murder of 1 diplomat, 1 correspondent and 2 navy seals…..the lies you demoncrats tell rack up dead bodies……the clintons, the kennedys……you all don’t have the goodness in you to call another a liar…..

  147. Mary Ann says:

    What then is President Obama’s economic silver lining? A look at the state-by-state unemployment numbers over the past three years suggests ironically enough that the silver lining may be Republicans. My analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment reports for 2009 and 2012 and the current political party makeup of state governments plus the District of Columbia (raw data here) yields rather lopsided results. (For purposes of my analysis, “control” is based on a party holding at least two out of three of the following: governorship, upper legislative house, and lower legislative house. ”Complete control” means holding all three.)

    9 of the 10 states with the lowest current unemployment rates are under Republican control, including six under complete Republican control, one of which is North Dakota with the lowest rate of 3%
    5 of the 10 states with highest current unemployment rates are under Democratic control, and the four worst are all under Democratic control, one of which is Nevada with the highest rate of 12%
    8 of the 10 states with the greatest improvement from 2009 to 2012 are under Republican control (and 7 of those are under complete Republican control)
    7 of the 10 states with the worst performance from 2009 to 2012 are under Democratic control
    10 of 17 states with current unemployment rates greater than the national average are under Democratic control
    The state with the greatest improvement from 2009 to 2012 (36%) is Michigan, under Republican control
    The two states with the worst performances from 2009 to 2012, Louisiana and Idaho (the rates actually went up,) are under Republican control, but their current rates are still less than the national rate of 8.2%
    States under Democratic control saw an average decrease of 7.7% in the rate of unemployment
    States under Republican control saw an average decrease of 15.3% in the rate of unemployment, virtually double the improvement of states under Democratic control

  148. KartofflMuter says:

    Dontcha just love a white boy who can tell a whopper and never even break out in a blush? How long do you think he’s been praticin’ that pitiful “I didn’t steal from you.I has annuities.” And me and the missus lived in a basement apartment and our diningroom table was an ironing board.”
    (Does that make you kind of think they have NO IDEA how tall and how wide an ironing board is? But thank the Lord almighty,if it’s true,they saved on chairs. And that remark about “don’t let them see Ann too much.” Now just between you and me-I know what I think that means- ha ha. She’s crude and obnoxious,and needs more botox every year but nothing will fix her deviant personality.
    But what was he thinking and WHY WAS EVERYBODY IN ON THE JOKE?

    • Laura Garcia says:

      I enjoyed those stories just as much as Michelle’s stories of her and Barack after they first were married… Newsflash! They all spin a good story and lie! Only difference here is the Romney’s are rich but very down to earth, all of them. You can’t always judge a book by it’s cover OR believe everything you hear. I’ve live in MA for 12 yrs, I do a lot of volunteer work throughout the entire state, so do the Romney’s they are genuinely humble, caring and giving people. Do some of your own research if you don’t believe me and find out for yourself. 😉

  149. Leftcoastrocky says:

    Is flagrant lying something that a Mormon bishop should do? Is it part of the Mormon religion?

  150. I sure wish people would read this….or read something with the FACTS. We really need this.

  151. mans a moran and only morans would fall for his brand of lying

  152. abebird says:

    The most important thing for America is that Obama is loosing credibility, momentum and election!

  153. Wow, this article has been severely discredited.

  154. Folks you better wake up. sure romney won the first debate on style but he lost on substance.If the candates were arrested for purgery he would be in jail right now because he won the debate with a bunch of lies.He must think that we the people are stupid enough to believe him when the proof has come from his own lips. obama is for the people. Romney is for the republican rich party. his plan is not much different then George Bush.We have tried that plan and look where we landed. The worst economy in decades.The republicans are mean spirited, greedy, and are only concern about the wealthy. Don’t let the results of the debate fool you into voting for the republicans.

  155. Where is SC’s Joe Wilson (Republican) when you need him? It’s time to yell from the audience to Mitt, “You lie!”

  156. KartofflMuter says:

    I loved that down home picture of Mitt with cash in his mouth. And his humble attitude when he was at the Olympics and insulted the British. I never believe everything I hear.It’s the repeated stories of that beautiful dog enduring a 1200 mile drive on the top of the car and Mitt stating “he liked it” that reminds me of rapists. But that’s just me-and millions of animal lovers.

  157. This is such a bias article almost sounds like obamas distortions of facts.

  158. Health care cost have been off the charts for ages. The Affordable Health Care Act would cover those folks who use emergency rooms for routine services and then have that cost rounded into everybody else’s. By creating the AHCA, those who once couldn’t pay will now have coverage and we, the majority of people will no longer have to foot that bill as part of our health care costs and insurance premiums. The money saved by that alone could put health care back on track. Again, long before the Health Care Act, health care costs were not already out of control, but in case you have forgotten, insurance companies already make plenty of decisions for you as to what gets covered and what doesn’t. There is an old joke about an HMO CEO who dies and finds himself at the gates of heaven talking to St Peter. He is very surprised to end up there because of all the health clains he and his company turned down. The CEO was questiong St Peter who assured him that he was in the right place. But as the CEO was gushing about his good fortune, St Peter told him though he was indeed in the right place . . . but, he could only stay two days. That joke must be at least 20 or 30 years old. So when the anti health care act folks talk about costs and eliminating care choices, people need to remember that this has been going on for years. as such, it introduces nothing new as to treatment choices.

  159. why is obama even allowed to run for president when he has a forged birth certificate, which even that took months if not years to prepare. he was not born in the US and thus is not allowed by your very own law to become president.the states is a complete joke

  160. By his own words and that of Paul Ryan the other but kissing lier you now know that they are lieing to the people of this country, they both should be arrested and put on trial for crimes against America. WHat are you doing Justice Department, sitting on your hands doing nothing about people who lie to our Nation ? I thought it was your Job to go after these scum bags, get off your butt and do your

  161. Canistercook says:

    Guess we need to decide who is the biggest ‘ liar’ of the two! Like Clinton’s “I did not have sex” statement! They all ‘bend’ the statistics to support their side. I just hope today’s ‘job’ percentage has not been bent too far!

  162. I’m not a fan of Obama tax care that’s masqueraded as ‘health care” and which was not compromised on nor shown to the public before being crammed down our throats… Romney did not lie and it’s a proven fact… and of course you all must be aware of the fact that our Senior’s rates will increase in Jan of 2013 and then again double in Jan 2014? So much for not damaging the poor..
    “ For Now, There Is Little Evidence That The Affordable Care Act Has Made Healthcare Any More Affordable For The Vast Majority Of Americans.” “President Obama reiterated a claim that his healthcare law will reduce costs, a promise he made when he started pushing for an overhaul as a candidate four years ago. Then, Obama said he would cut family health insurance premiums by $2,500 by the end of his first term. Today, this stands as one of the president’s biggest unfulfilled promises. In fact, the average employee share of an employer-provided health plan jumped from $3,515 in 2009 to $4,316 in 2012, an increase of more than 22%, according to a survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust. The total cost of an average employer-provided family health plan – shared by the employer and the employee -reached $15,745 in 2012. When the law is fully implemented in 2014, some low- and middle-income Americans will qualify for government subsidies to help them afford health insurance. And other provisions of the law could help slow the growth in healthcare costs over the long term. But for now, there is little evidence that the Affordable Care Act has made healthcare any more affordable for the vast majority of Americans.”(Noam N. Levey, “Fact Check: ‘Obamacare’ Hasn’t Yet Reduced Health Insurance Costs,” Los Angeles Times’ Politics Now , 10/3/12)

  163. lmallak99 says:

    I am SO sick of all the BS! It indicates that the truth is too ugly to share, that’s scary! Don’t kid yourself, propaganda is extremely powerful, and it seems like Romney’s campaign is to continue telling falsehoods over and over, and hope that people forget what the truth is. The truth is the $716 Billion that the right claims is being “raided” from Medicare, was removed from the budget because we were able to trim costs by getting rid of wasteful spending and duplicate efforts. Because of Affordable Care Act healthcare costs are becoming more affordable for everyone, including Medicare recipients. If you are worried about losing what you’ve paid into the Medicare system then you best take a good look at what the Republican’s plan for Medicare is – getting rid of it and leaving seniors at the mercy of greedy insurance corporations. THAT’S WHY MEDICARE WAS CREATED, TO ASSURE THAT SENIORS AND THE DISABLED WILL HAVE AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE. Giving them a voucher to go and buy their own insurance is going to costs them an average of $6,000 in additional healthcare costs. Does that sound like a solution to you???

  164. builders2011 says:

    almost like mitt isn”t it
    thats bs

  165. iamajimm says:

    They hit the nail on the hear; he’s a CEO, their used to being deferred to. They rarely make decisions, they usually just endorse whatever their subordinates have come up with and it’s always whatever makes them look the best to their board.

  166. ancientWisdom2 says:

    Nothing Obama has done would reduce anyone’s Medicare benefits. What he did do is reduce the flagrant profiteering by corporate interests that adds to the cost of Medicare. Ryan’s plan would make Medicare insolvent eight years sooner than otherwise. Every other industrial nation has single-payer healthcare and universal coverage. We saw it in France. We see it often here in China. The GOP has already shot down green jobs and energy-efficient rail transportation, opening the door for China to beat the pants of us–again. Now RomRyan want to make us even more of a laughing stock with their profit-before-people feudalist agenda. One Chinese photovoltaic panel company in Baoding has 66 percent of the EU market share. We have zilch. China has a world-class public transportation system; we have a third-world fiasco. Let’s stop racing backward.

    • CPANY says:

      Medicare’s not insolvent and it’s not going to become insolvent if we just reaise the cap on contributions.

      I tried making that suggestion to two Democratic politicians in Congress. They didn’t even answer me, probably because they didn’t want to offend their rich contributors.

  167. De says:

    Universal coverage in China???? Free band-aids is considered Universal coverage???

  168. De says:

    I wonder why Obama turned down the CEO of IBM’s offer to build a system that could save $10 billion a year in excess Medicare costs?????? IBM would have delivered it to the US gov’t for FREE! The obvious reason is it would also show the which companies were making obscene profits at public expense!!!!

  169. Kay Bright says:

    Romney is SUPPOSED TO BE AN OFFICER IN HIS CHURCH! How UNFORTUNATE he’s campaigning on habitual lies. Isn’t lying against their church doctrine? SHAMEFUL!

    • ChowT says:

      Donates to clear his conscience.

      • Ibsyboy says:

        The LDS demands 10% of his earnings. A tithe or tax if you like. What I am not sure of is; whether the tax/tithe is on the gross or the net. If he did not have to tithe then we would have to take his word for it that he is charitable. He seems to want us to take his word for everything he doesn’t say. And whatever he does say we have to weigh it on the international honesty scale. His desire to become President supersedes basic Family Values; the truth, Empathy, Caring for the Poor, the disenfranchised, the lower 80% of the United States. That part of America who are not rich or wealthy.

        He is part of the 20% of Americans who control 93% of the nation’s financial wealth. Do you know how much influence you get for 93%? What ever your heart desires is what. Tax cuts, subsidies, exemptions, deregulation of the Financial markets. For the 7% left over for most of America, the 80%. The amount of influence you get is None, Nil, Nada. We are the great unwashed, the underclass, the only value we have is our votes and a source of cheap labor.

        • ChowT says:

          King Mitt Romney and Lady Ann to the 99% of America,…………………….peasants shove it, eat cake and work for me at Chinese level wages.

    • v e says:

      I guess Obama doesn’t have that problem in Rev Wrights Church.

      • Ibsyboy says:

        You have got to be kidding. Nearly 4 years of your life dedicated to bringing down Obama. And you’re still dragging that old canard around. I would think after all of the practice you got carrying water for the Right Wing, you would have some fresh material.

        You must be one of those anti Obama votes. So this is the deal. You’re prepared to vote for a guy who made his money shipping jobs over seas, destroying businesses for profit. A prevaricator who no ones knows where he stands on anything. He Flips and Flops like a fish struggling for air. He tossed 47% of the population on the trash heap. I assure you, if you count your money in 20s, 10s, 5s, 1s and change, you are part of the 47% in his eyes. He can only relate to people like himself; privileged millionaires. His speech to the Millionaires which was taped, was the most comfortable speech the guy has ever made. He was with his peeps. The Yacht and Country Club crowd. They hold the under class, which is 80% of the country, in contempt.

        He and they are elitist snobs who judge you on the size of your bank account. You are the underclass to them. He is one of those people. An Elitist, privileged, never worked a hard day in his life, freeloader. Obama came in to office. The Dow was at 6500 and sinking fast, Corporate Profits were down, Unemployment was at 10% and going up. The Dow is now at 13, 500. Corporate Profits are at historic highs. Unemployment is at 8%. The auto industry is rebounding. GM is back on top as is Ford and Chrysler. Can things be better. A billion dollars could always be 2 Billion dollars. All things are relative to whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. Mitt is a supply sider, he is Bush III. His interests benefits his fellow Multimillionaires, not the average American. He hides money in the Bahamas. He has interests in Communist China. He picked an Atheist as a running mate. He’s anti Women.

    • Jominith says:

      The Church of LDS allows members to lie for a higher cause! Just google “mormons lie for a higher cause”

      • gobrenda3 says:

        Obviously you know nothing about Mormons. They don’t lie and Romney doesn’t lie. Obama lies. Just look at the Libya scandal- which they knew was a terrorist attack within 24 hours of it happening so they lied about it being about a “protest over a anti-Islam movie trailer” BIGGEST LIE EVER AND 2 SEALS DIED and a US AMBASSADOR (who was probably a democrat- doesn’t that make you feel a little bad or have a little conscious?) plus one other american. But because we do anything to “cover” for Obama, including LYING, we’ll let him off the hook everytime- cuz he’s the Democrats Savior.

        • John says:

          Joseph Smith lied when he said he could walk on water, when the truth was he had a wooden bridge under the water. It took two young smart boys to figure that one out!

        • highpckts says:

          Obviously you didn’t watch the debates! That lie has been debunked and it was Romney who jumped to judgement even before the President, with his protest before he even knew anything about the situation! Trying to score votes on the lives of other people! And you think Romney has any morals! I think not! He’s all about getting something that he has wanted badly for 8 years! Hopefully he still won’t get it!!

    • Ibsyboy says:

      He is not even lying on his feet. This are prepared prevarication. He’s the Used Car salesman, with a scripted pitch, we don’t trust. The window and siding guy. He sells you the car then refuses to back up the story he uses to sell you the car.

      How can you trust a guy who will not spell out his plan. He’s saying “TRUST ME!”
      Please, that was Tony Soprano’s favorite line.

      Not a good way to pick a President. He is a member of a pack of Foxes , he wants the keys to the hen house. And, wants you to trust him. You wake up and all the chickens have been eaten, and he has a big grin on his face. That’s Romney. He is a cold hearted pernicious Fox.

    • Ibsyboy says:

      LYING is against the high Morals the Right always talks about. Family values. His wife and sons watch him LIE. What kind of example does that set for his sons. If you want to succeed, LIE. Throw those wimpy ethics out. You will lose if you are honest.

  170. wow I get the author of this story is going to vote for obama but this passage is far from factual and more or less someones biased opinion. MITT FOR PRESIDENT!!

  171. DYleaky says:

    Ombama is reducing government subsidy to Medicare Advantage programs. He promised my medical insurance premium would not increase if his Obama Care Health Program were passed. I just received notification that my 2013 Medicare Advantage insurance plan increased 100% in cost. Who lied to me?

  172. keith says:

    Romney went to France in 1967 as a missionary but more likely to avoid the draft for the Vietnam war. He has no military experience or foreign diplomatic experience unless you count sending American jobs overseas. Yea he’ll balance the budget by cutting the military, cutting social security, and Medicare.
    Romney used every dirty political trick and over 200 million dollars to smear his republican rivals to get the nomination now he crying when the Democrat’s bring the truth out on him. Romney is just another rich lying crook who sent American jobs out of the country then keeps his money overseas so he does not pay taxes. This guy should be charged with a felony for lying on legal documents to the SEC about his company.

  173. v e says:

    The National Memo — the first stop for hard news.
    For those seeking embellished truth packaged by the media.

  174. Well, here we are 5 months later and now Mitt’s claiming Romneycare again. But he’s still trying to pit groups of people against each other. I’m a senior and will soon be eligible for Medicare. But I have a daughter with a family who can’t afford proper health care because of high copays, so only the kids get proper health care while the adults go without. And I have an adult son who is out of work, with no health coverage, so I am paying for his care and medication. It’s not us against them. Undoubtedly there are many others in similar situations.

    What I paid in to Medicare covers my parents medical bills, care that my siblings and I could not possibly afford otherwise. Romney is wrong in trying to turn groups of people against each other to divert attention away from the fact that he does not support health care for all.

  175. El Infidel says:

    It’s really academic. We are bankrupt and neither program is viable.

  176. ROMNEY BOASTS about how he saved the Salt Lake City Olympics by becoming it’s CEO. A couple of things I remember about those Games were two events connected with Figure Skating that took place under Israel worshipping Mitt Romney’s watch. Suddenly out of nowhere came a new Ice Dance Pair from Israel; would have been average if competing in inter-club competition but were not up to the standard they met at the Olympic venue. Unbelievably the judges voted them to be 3rd. Knowing that Romney would call an investigation it was left to the skaters themselves to get a petition together to have the results changed. The Bulgarian couple had the courage to head the Petition and present it to the judges……… worked. The Israelis were removed from the Podium and it was an embarrassing episode that should not have happened but was political and Romney was involved. Later that night, the diplomat father of the female skater of the Israeli team actually managed to get the information of her room, telephone number, etc., which is off limits and then begin to threaten her for “humiliating his daughter.” Also the judges were called out on the Ladies Championship and forced to award 2 gold medals because they had misjudged the competition and would not tell the Russians they had lost. Good old Mitt Romney and his political ambitions actually almost saw the end of Figure Skating as a competitive sport… has taken at least 10 years and a new scoring system to save Figure Skating and keep it both as a sport and in the Olympics. He is a complete moron.

  177. ovidb says:

    I know that Obama will win because he is a just and peaceful man. Not a hawk. People at the Nobel Prize saw it in the man. The world will be better off when he wins. Let’s root for him and peace in the world.

  178. ovidb says:

    Remember some people think the Mormon Religion is a Cult, and has a link with Freemasons.
    Something to think about.

  179. So nobody here read the Oped article from the Galen Institute in the 2008 Wall Street Journal article about how Romneycare had many short comings and failings. America does have a short memory.

    In short
    Everybody had insurance but didnt have a doctor. Not all Massachusett’s doctors took the Romneycare insurance.

    Where did these patients go? They went to the ER, flooding the facility with nonemergent complaints

    Plain and simple.

    Add the following to that process,
    Private practice equals private business. The docs arent paid efficiently and sometimes not at all by medicare or medicaid. They have to fight to excess and must hire extra staff just to secure their pay for medicare and medicaid patients

    Private insurance pays more promptly and more fairly. So my colleagues stop seeing medicare/medicaid patients in their practice.

    Who loses continuity of care with Obamacare. You do. You see ER doctor after ER doctor. Never the same doc twice.


    What new government program will take in your money and not pay it out to the doctors……Obamacare? Think not….take a hard look at medicare and medicaid

    What will flood the ERs throughout the United States with non emergencies? Obamacare. ERs can’t refuse care. So when you show up with your real emergency the facility could easily be overwhelmed the nonemergent Obamacarees.

    Obamacare is about money going into the government coffers and not coming out. Thats how it works with medicare and medicaid. Watch read and see what really happens. You’ve got a brain, turn it on and use it. Trust the history, not false flashy promises from either party. This is about you and your REAL healthcare

    Don’t think the government would misuse your hard earned money? Review the history of our governments reappropriation of our social security for non related projects. Thanks United States Congress. Another great job for the people ……..and for yourself? Of thats right you have your own insurance not Obamacare. That ain’t leading by example. No it ain’t.

  180. lerob says:

    It’s not a lie, it’s a fact that Obama did take the money from Medicare, how is it that you liberals see this as a lie? How is it that your brains are miswired so completely?

  181. Where does the $700,000,000.00 “cut in cost” monies end up going?
    Is is wiped from the budget?
    It goes into funding The affordable Health care act.
    What monies are used to start the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act?
    Hello!…. The Monies “taken, borrowed, stole, appropriated”. From the medicare trust fund.
    Then those monies in theory will be paid back into the medicare trust fund as “savings”…

  182. Terry Albers says:

    you seem to forget or are you just plain stupid who caused all of this mess George Bush and the rest of the republicans , dick Rob Me would be just as stupid if not worse .

  183. Wow – still talking about Romney’s taxes. Like Obama hasn’t figured out how to get the IRS to vet this guy seventeen ways to whatever the Mormon Sunday is. The taxes he released showed that not only did Romney do the right thing with taxes, he was hugely generous in the millions to charity – compared to the couple of hundred dollars that Joe gave – you know – Joe, the “man of the people” and one of the stingiest pol on record. And the accountants released a statement regarding Romney’s past 10 years. Can you show one hard, real, solid piece of evidence that Romney is the crook the Libs want him to be, instead of some vague Harry Reid assassination piece that demeans the accuser?

  184. there was a recent medicare fraud case that was solved a couple of weeks ago which found doctors & hospitals fraudulently charging medicare for services NOT rendered! to the tune of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars! The ACA addresses this!

    • CPANY says:

      Defrauding the government by submitting false Medicare claims must be extremely easy, because it’s such a frequent occurrence. Rick Scott, the present governor of Florida, got in trouble over false claims filed by his company.

  185. FedUpTwo says:

    Watch as Romney turns the White House into the Waffle House!

  186. Hoa Vu says:


  187. Ralph says:

    Romney has already received threats from the church to be excommunicated ….his 27 lies in the wednesday debate in a 38 minute time frame didn’t help him any….and now he is flip floping on his abortion stancer…even Republicans are starting to doubt him…I know I do…

    • gobrenda3 says:

      Now I know that is a downright lie. You would never know that even it was true because those things are NEVER published. You are wrong and what is soooo funny is that you are accusing him of lying, when you are a big, fat liar yourself.

      • Ibsyboy says:

        Tsk tsk. Mitt’s mendacity is of the worst kind. He is not avoiding the truth, he is making things stuff out of whole cloth. It’s pernicious behavior. He uses prevarication as a means of communication, with no shame. Whatever it takes. He’d sacrifice a son if he thought it would win the election. He is a cold hearted man. How could he not be. He sat in his office at Bain and signed of on deals that sent American jobs to China. Profit taking with no thought whatsoever of the devastating effect it would have on the people who lost their jobs and the impact on the economy of the town which relied on the business for it’s financial stability. And this is the kind of man people think should be in the White House? Why not just put a gun to your head and let your family collect the insurance, because that’s the only equity most of us will have left, if we were able to keep up with the payments or sold it for the money.

        The man is just flat out dishonest. He is selling America aluminum siding they do not need.

      • Ibsyboy says:

        He is a prevaricator. Pernicious mendacious prevaricator. One who has his untruths written for him before hand, meaning he knows he is about to LIE.

        The $716 Billion is not cut from Medicare benefits, although Ryan’s plan does cut $700 Billion directly from the benefits. Obama’s is cut from Hospitals and insurance companies to reduce fraud. Now Mitt knows that, yet he will go out in public and state the cuts as though they are cuts directly to the beneficiaries. A blatant untruth, or what my dear Mom would call a LIE. The 5 trillion tax cut he has been pushing all through the primaries and up to the first debate. He claims he is not doing that now. A calculated LIE. Claiming his 47% remark was not what he intended. So he LIED to the $50,000 a parson lunch attendees, then LIED to us saying it’s not what he meant. Then why did he say it? And where did the LIE come from? It is something he has thought of, but found inappropriate to say in public. But with a room full of his Millionaire Peeps, he was comfortable enough to be honest and speak his true feelings. Then back tracking, by LYING to the public that that is not what he meant to say. HE SAID IT. If he expects you to believe him and take him at his word. Every word he speaks must not be false. His Religion compels him to be honest. He has no respect for his Faith. How can you vote for a man who breaks the laws of his Faith to gain public office.
        He is a prevaricator of the worst kind. His LIES are prepared in advance for strategic reasons. LYING on purpose with forethought. Evil.

      • TammieO says:

        hahahahaha! you repubs are like ineffective school yard bullies.. “no, you’re the big fat liar!” Jeez – too stupid to vote, please stand back from the voting booth!

      • 1guy2 says:

        Brenda, educate yourself before saying something so ludicrous. If you kept up with things, you would know it was a lie, instead of the way you would like for it to be.

      • Ibsyboy says:

        Well, it doesn’t speak well of the church if they are not bother by his mendacity.
        But, given that the church was created by a con man, maybe Mitts lies are acceptable behavior in the LDS.

    • Ibsyboy says:

      If this is true, I am impressed that the LDS holds their laws to such high standards. Something the Politicized Evangelical Right Wing fail to do. The famous theologian Roger Williams (Massachusetts Bay Colony) said: If you mixed Politics with Religion you get Politics.

      If the LDS is holding Romney to such a high standard, to suggest excommunication for his mendacity. Why would any sensible American vote for him. If they are voting for Mitt as an anti Obama vote. Let me suggest they aim their guns away from their feet, and consider their own self interests. Mitt dues not share interest with the underclass. The Underclass: It’s 80% of all Americans. The other 20% are Mitt’s folks. The ones who control 93% of the Financial Wealth of the USA. The 80% control 7%. Can’t get much influence with 7%. That’s why we are the underclass. Now 93% control of the Wealth gets the 20% just about anything they want. Tax breaks, subsides, deregulation. Any and everything their little hearts desire. They hate Obama, because he threatens their little kingdom of financial privilege.

      The Billionaires putting up 100s of millions for Romney, they don;t care anything about the Muslim, birther, Socialist, Racist stuff. None of that means anything to them. They are only concerned with Obama’s idea of taxing them more. It’s all about Money. They don’t even know who the people are who; believe Obama is a Muslim, Socialist, hater of America, a Negro, a bisexual, foreign born, anti White person. None of that means anything to Billionaires. That’s for losers only. The Billionaires only care about money. Nothing else. They have no loyalty to America. Only to the dead presidents on our currency.

      • fred37ify says:

        No they aren’t ! The billionaires are backing Barack slick ! Bill Gates , Warren Buffett and George Soros and all their friends !

        • Ibsyboy says:

          I’m sorry Freddy. I thought you were aware of the difference between Liberal and Right Wing Billionaires. One doesn’t mind being taxed to uphold the social contract we have with the Elderly, the Poor and the Children. And they love Big Bird. The others moan and groan about having to have compassion for anyone. Anything that costs them money, any thing that does not offer the opportunity of profit taking, they hate. Which is different than profit making. Something we used to do in this country, along with good wages, benefits for the laborers, and representation for the laborers. All Romney wants are tax cuts, deregulation, subsidies, exemptions and loopholes Also, they have no idea of how people, who count their money in 20s, 10s, 5s, 1s and change, live day to day. Romney has dumped 47% of the population on the trash heap. There are more percentages he cares less about. That’s the people who count their money in currency. Their the underclass. All you are to Romney and his Billionaires is a vote and a source of cheap labor. That’s it. That’s your prize for helping them steal the country. Walmart is the future of your children’s employment. There will be more companies like Walmart if Romney wins. Cheap shitty Chinese crap and low wages to be able to barely buy the cheap Chinese shit. Every reason you do not like Obama, means nothing to Romney and the Billionaires, they don’t care about all the s**t you hate about him. They want him out becasue the want the combination to the safe at the Treasury. Your doomed if Romney wins. He can’t create jobs. How is giving the Billionaires tax cuts going to help you and other Americans? And if they get their deregulation, the first thing they want gone is minimum wage, and any interference in how much they can pay their employees. No Benefits, no health care, no student loans, no chance for the under class to rise up into the middle class. The middle class is a pain in their ass. They have to pay them more. That is why they are beating down the middle class. All they want is cheap labor, and you are right there helping them to screw the workers of America. Look at the deal they have given you so far. Tax cuts for the wealthy, deregulation of the financial markets. We should be drowning in frigging jobs. The Job Creators are never going to spend money they don’t have to. The future for your kids is bleak if Romney becomes the President. Bush III. More tickle down nonsense. You saw how well that worked already, why give it a mulligan.


          • dentalmagic says:

            Dude you need to step back take a deep breath and tell yourself to not be so envious. Remember there is always going to be someone better than you.

          • Ibsyboy says:

            I have no problem with someone being better than I. Mitt Romney does not pass that test.
            I can not feel envy for him. He is an elitist, snob, who has nothing to say. If you support him I’d love it if you could do something he has been unable to do.

            What is his plan? He changes his mind depending on the direction the wind is blowing. Can you spell out his plan for America. What is it he intends to do that is so appealing to his supporters. Being the anti Obama choice is not good decision making.

            Buying a pig in a poke. Not wise.

    • fred37ify says:

      Baracks been whining and lying for almost 4 years ! But the muslims still love him !

      • highpckts says:

        You are a scared little bigot! Not a person that really cares for this country! Just one who lives in fear of anything different! By the way, the President is NOT a Muslim! I’m surprised you can go outside for fear of being attacked by a Muslim! So sad!!

    • Ken M says:

      A lot of BS there if you make the remarks .Back them up!!

  188. gobrenda3 says:

    MSNBC is so shamefully biased and disgusting. I would rather vote for a MAN like Romney instead of that sneaky, media invented , sorry excuse of a “commander in chief”- y’know the one that BOTCHED Libya and 4 American’s got killed. The one who won’t give Marines BULLETS so they are dying – just so Obama can kiss the Muslim Brotherhoods butts.

  189. gobrenda3 says:

    Obama is the liar- can’t you people see that? Honestly, he has the whole nation blinded- and you guys allow yourselves to be “played” by this incompetent.

  190. gobrenda3 says:

    At least one business in America would start making a profit again. Better then Obama’s wasting 5 BILLION a day!!

  191. gobrenda3 says:

    Well Obama is gutting Medicare by 716 BILLION so ask yourself, do you really want to stay with Obama? Big big changes are coming, BIG recesssion is coming, skyrocketing interest rates are coming, and skyrocketing medical bills are coming if Obama wins. HE MUST cuz there isn’t any money left and he doesn’t have a CLUE how to generate money or how to fix the economy. Oh yea, tax the rich (which would bring in 800 million a yr under o’s plan- he’s wasting 5 billion a DAY) That isn’t a plan- that is a disaster!

  192. gobrenda3 says:

    That isn’t true- you are sorely misinformed. Romney/Ryan is the last hope for America as we know it. Move to Cuba and see if you like Socialism and the crap that is coming down under Obama…. CUZ SUFFERING is coming if Obama gets back in! Just look at Libya- we’ll see more and more of that crap with economic suffering.

  193. gobrenda3 says:

    What do you think the $4 gas is? Isn’t that a form of a tax on the middle class? Is Obama helping you with that? NO- because he knows exactly what he is doing. He wants to bring the country DOWN so everyone is poor- so he can change the constitution and be the dictator. C’mon, his buddy is George Soros who delights in destroying economies- and don’t say I’m being an alarmist- LOOK AT THE WRITING ON THE WALL. Romney said 5 times he would not impose a tax hike on the middle class, just the opposite because he UNDERSTANDS WHO creates the jobs- it’s the small business owners. O only wants to destroy.

  194. gobrenda3 says:

    Romney has created thousands of jobs and saved companies like Staples and Sports Authority. Obama has only been a community organizer. Community organizers only know how to organize communities- they know nothing about business, payrolls, profit & loss statements, giving the public an excellent product or service, controlling costs so there is a profit (cuz no one can stay open if they work for free- unless they are subsidized by the gov’t like community organizers want). Obama has NO CLUE how to run the country because he’s never run anything before in his life.

  195. gobrenda3 says:

    Hey Moron, the rich pay over 50% of all the taxes paid in in this country. Shut up about “paying their fair share”. Stop making it sound WRONG that someone makes a profit and employs gobs of people. You are just regurgitating what Obama keeps spewing with his shameful class warfare. He loves splitting and dividing this country like no one ever has ever done before- civil war excluded.

  196. Ibsyboy says:

    Liar. Liar. The worst kind of pernicious prevaricator. He knows all well and good that the $716 billion was not cut from the Beneficiaries. Those Medicare cuts are achieved through reduced waste, fraud and abuse by insurance companies and hospitals..

    The R&R plan would repeal the entirety of the Affordable Care Act — and cut $700 Billion directly from the Beneficiaries of Medicare. And introduce vouchers. This is according to analysts with the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.

  197. Melissa says:

    And he did supply the returns although Obama still hasn’t supplied anything and no offense but I’d rather he lie about that than lie to our faces about Lybia and the middle east. Yours seems like a rather petty issue no doesn’t it… nobody died over Romney’s tax returns. Keep your head in the sand though – keep promoting your liberal agenda and when it sinks your country and your free speech which I would think would be very important to a newpaper – we can all say told you so. In the meantime, make sure nothing you post has ticked off a muslim on the other side of the world, lest the government drag you to the police station.

  198. LiberalsConservativessuck says:

    liberals and conservatives….children arguing over who broke the lamp. Neither one of you want to fix anything, you want your way….you pout, scream, call each other names and lie, then you put on your best “I-am-wonderful” face and blame the other. You are all pathetic pessimists and have no business in government at all. I wish you would all go to your rooms and let the adults run things for a while.

  199. I found This article incredibly offensive. if the author of this had hoped it to be ‘informative’, it was very poorly written.

  200. mikey6666 says:

    Obama and his minions LIED about the torture, sodomizing and killing of the Libyan Ambassador and 3 servicemen. Then they lied about lying. And then Lied about those lies. Like Communist Russia, Obama lies about the 1%, he is creating a country of .01%, the workers and those like him the politboro.

  201. mikey6666 says:

    Carlos Sims, the world’s richest man with a net worth over 70 billion dollars and one of President Obama’s biggest supporters is getting richer from the US Governments program that supplies so-called Obama phones to the poor. Sims who owns controlling interest in TracFone which makes $10.00 per phone for each device it provides to “poor” Americans. The company also makes extra money off of extra minutes and data plans

  202. Obama’s despicable campaign tactics have no bounds. They are hateful, cheap, and have sunk to the lowest America has even seen from a politician. Is this who we want for president? A dishonest, corrupt president who resorts to the Sol Alinsky book for radicals, because HIS TRACK RECORD is nothing but FAILURES, deficit, scams and scandals. Americans deserve a decent, honest man of integrity, and given the choices, Romney is the ONLY CHOICE if we want to survive the disaster that looms if Obama gets re-elected. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…. enough of the SICK SCUMMY CAMPAIGN TACTICS FROM OBAMA.

  203. Obama’s despicable campaign tactics have no bounds. They are hateful, cheap, and have sunk to the lowest America has even seen from a politician. Is this who we want for president? A dishonest, corrupt president who resorts to the Sol Alinsky book for radicals, because HIS TRACK RECORD is nothing but FAILURES, deficit, scams and scandals. Americans deserve a decent, honest man of integrity, and given the choices, Romney is the ONLY CHOICE if we want to survive the disaster that looms if Obama gets re-elected. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…. enough of the SICK SCUMMY CAMPAIGN TACTICS FROM OBAMA.

  204. Obama’s despicable campaign tactics have no bounds. They are hateful, cheap, and have sunk to the lowest America has even seen from a politician. Is this who we want for president? A dishonest, corrupt president who resorts to the Sol Alinsky book for radicals, because HIS TRACK RECORD is nothing but FAILURES, deficit, scams and scandals. Americans deserve a decent, honest man of integrity, and given the choices, Romney is the ONLY CHOICE if we want to survive the disaster that looms if Obama gets re-elected. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…. enough of the SICK SCUMMY CAMPAIGN TACTICS FROM OBAMA.

  205. Jaron McMullin says:

    The healthcare industry agreed to $700 billion less in Medicare payments? REFERENCE THIS PLEASE. Even if hospitals agree to, that doesn’t mean *%$# if the MD providing care in the hospital doesn’t take Medicare. MDs already limit Medicare/Medicaid patients in their practice – when the payments (already a fraction of private insurance payments) drop off even more, do you think they are going to take more or less Medicare patients into their practice? Survey says… You don’t have to be an MD or rocket scientist to see why I will not be increasing the number of new Medicare patients I see. If anything, with decreased reimbursement, I will be taking even fewer.

  206. code says:

    I will NEVER vote for ANY Republican. They have been trying to dismantle Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security through all kinds of trickery since these programs began! I’ve read it in numerous political histories and heard it first-hand from my ancestors!

  207. code says:

    We need a “show-us-your-taxes” movement like the birthers did; no easing up; keep the pressure on him like they did to Obama. Some of them are STILL denying that he submitted his birth certificate because they didn’t see it personally!

  208. MikeBellTX says:

    Now this article optimizes what a rag is and what yellow journalism is.

  209. tanasi says:

    Romney is a bishop in the church of Mormon, the name of which appears to be a 19th century wordplay on Mor(e)Mon(ey). The angel given credit for leading the church’s founder, Joseph Smith, to find tablets of gold in a New York mountain, was named Moron(i), which probably also has implications. What else can we expect from a bishop of the Mormon church, also known as the Church of Latter Day Saints?

    Such behavior has been a given with the religious scammers Jim and Tammy Faye Bakkers of the 1980s and other religious charlatans of the past, and the media took them to task for it and held them accountable. Why aren’t Mitt and Wife Ann held to the same degree of accountability?

    Why is the media so hesitant to call out Romney and make clear the dangers to our country of electing a member of the Mormon hierarchy? Most Americans probably wouldn’t want a member of the hierarchy of any religious order as president of the U.S. However, Mormon history — and especially that religion’s extreme focus on the genealogy of those admitted as members (and therefore eligible for sainthood) — would seem to put them in stark contrast not only to American values but also to some laws.

  210. batavier says:

    “Mitt’s Most Shameless Lie”

    This former (retired, defrocked, excommunicated, voluntarily-retired) Mormon Bishop is BEYOND SHAME – so why go to the trouble grading his LIES?

  211. REM1875 says:

    Any thing that goes to the govt will not be used to pay down the debt but will go to another drunken spending orgy buying votes and enriching more democrats.
    How about all the green stimulus money sent to china, Finland, al gore’s foreign Fisker cars – do you really think that is not shipping jobs offshore – that’s not Bain capitol that’s zero’s shovel ready jobs.

  212. itmgr2 says:

    lets grow up here. This is pretty petty and we can not win acting like a buch of 3rd graders. But is seems like we are anymore.

  213. 1SRD54 says:

    Romney is a liar! Say whatever you want, he is still a liar!!!! Silver spoon, crybaby, country club, rich boy, pampered LIAR!!!!!! You Romney fans just don’t get it. The man is a LIAR!!! He is a tax cheat, and a liar!!!

  214. 1SRD54 says:

    Just like the Golden Tablets, no one has ever seen them, the Mormon church says that they exist, the tablets are just like Romneys tax returns, nobody is going to see them either, If he did release his tax returns, he would no doubt loose this election, and probably be in dutch with the IRS!!!!!!!

  215. widollar says:

    Mitt Romney is a one man train wreck for America. He panders, he lies and his giant ego and thin skin make him a dangerous canidate for the oval office. Throw in his total lack of caring for the struggling middle class and you come up with the most dangerous character ever to run for Commander In Chief! But most people in this country are not engaged in the political process, so this guy could end up “buying and lying” his way into the White House. I sure hope NOT!

  216. nobsartist says:

    when willard moved American manufacturing jobs to China, he entered into a partnership with the Red Chinese Army who owns ALL manufacturing in China. willard is the minority partner. when Chinese manufacturing companies send someone here to negotiate, the person is always an officer in the Red Chinese Army. When willard goes to China to negotiate, he negotiates with an officer of the Red Chinese Army.

    I know this first hand having been forced to work there since 2008 since there are NO jobs for experienced, older engineers here in America, unless you want to work on defense projects.

    EVERY office has a wall dedicated to the Communist Party and Army just as every unionized company in America has a wall dedicated to the union. the difference is, not every company in America is unionized but every MANUFACTURING company in China is owned by the RED CHINESE ARMY.

    That is why mccain picked an idiot like palin over the Cranbrook/Harvard educated willard.

  217. WillH says:

    Barry has raised the level of presidential nondisclosure to record levels, literally(twice the former record holder, George W’s number of classified secrets). Whenever you call Romney a liar, even when you are right, it is insane to pretend that your candidate is not lying often too.

    Recent presidents have started with around 40% of US citizens believing everything they say. It took Bush about six years to really begin losing the trust of his base. Obama has lied far more than Bush did. Every time he says he created millions of jobs, that is a lie. He has lost more jobs than he created. ‘Created or saved?’ Orwellian lie. The economy creates and loses about 200,000 jobs a month. Barry only counts the jobs ‘created’ while ignoring the jobs lost. When he says he is for individual rights, while raiding California doctors who distribute medicinal pot, that is a lie. When he says he is for free trade while continually sacrificing trade and jobs to shore up union support, that is a lie. When he blames the policies of George W, after having changed none of his economic policies and just tripled down on Keynesian massive government spending ‘stimulus’ economics(Bush had three such plans), that is a lie. We can’t keep giving our presidents six years of lying.

  218. Professor46 says:

    One more liberal-biased media tirade that distorts the truth about Romney’s positions and their consequences. With 80+ percent of the media self-admitted liberals, the next two presidential debates have already been declared victories for Obama, and the Romney arguments labeled as lies . . . before the events occur. Hopefully, the American people are smarter than this.

  219. 2001zg11 says:

    All Romney is doing is lie to get a vote. He wants to privatize Medicare and his “comprades” the ceo and Executives will take the money just like the ENRON “crooks” According the CBS News today his Tax Plan doesn’t add up, if he elected he make money for the defecit by taking Tax Write off [ Most important like mortgage interest, property tax, etc,} then you middle class will pay Unckle Sam around $2,000. Wake up people , Romney is always for the rich. Romney did not even payFederal Tax thats why he doesn’t want to present his prepared Tax for the last 10 years, his secret will be exposed. I know how to prepare taxes, I even self thought myself being “cerebral” I even challenge mathematical calculations of the lottery thats why I win all the time.

  220. Ford Truck says:

    I’ll admit, I can’t swear its a fact because I’ve never read the Book of Mormon, but I work with a guy who was raised in a very strict Mormon family, but he left the church years ago. He has told me that according to the Book of Mormon, there is a provision that says it is alright for a Mormon to lie to a non-Mormon in order to protect the church, themselves, a fellow Mormon, or to further the advancement of Mormons. If so, Romney was raised in a religion that, like Muslims, believe its alright to lie if they “need to.”

    Seems Romney has expanded it to mean he can lie if he WANTS to and it suits his current need!!

    • WillH says:

      That’s awesome. Do you believe for one second that the religion of politics doesn’t have that provision? The ends justify the means sums up the entire career of Bush, Obama, Clinton, Romney etc. Liberal ‘fact-checkers’ aside, both sides do lie an awful lot. I believe that is a fact.

  221. unhypenated1 says:

    President Obama is a failure…you can write all the articles and spin all you want…in a time of need, the President has completely let done the American people…he is slick and slithers – you would not even feel comfortable buying a used car from this guy…he accusses Romney of playing politics with the Liyba “terror” attack on 9/11/12 – but never mentiones that he “spike the ball” regarding killing of Bin Ladin…he’s a pathetic President and he cannot be trusted to get the country out of this funk…If he was a used car salesman (or anything other than the illigimate son of the press) – he would be fired…Good riddance Obama – it will take years, possibly a generation, to fix all the things you messed up!

  222. mominwa10 says:

    Gene, this biased one sided piece iis written like a true socialist. You’ve got all points down. But in reality, Romney did all that smart investors should do. His people have taken advantage of the lawful tax shelters and he is a wealthy self-made man. I goes against your socialist keen but it’s very American. That’s what we on the right feel everyone ought to have the chance to become by our innovation and hard work. I know that you would like to take it from those who earned it and give it to those who haven’t but donations yes, meal ticket no. Don’t be jealous now.

    Romney should not have to teach the world aneconomy 101 class. Medicare does need help. I work with elderly and see their docs rip off medicare all the time. It is really poorly regulated! He would like to improve it. The Romney/Ryan ticket is very compassionate about needs of the people. Romney is a patriot. They will try to improve everything. They just are not far off to the left giving everything away. The believe in American exceptionalism. They don’t think of themselves as global citizens first and foremost as BO does. The playing field that B.O. want to level is the worlds, with our money and resources. Why do you think we gave money for drilling in South America and more to refine it elsewhere instead of opening our oil reserves. All B.O. ever offers is green energy. It’s funny that he sighted Holland in wind power in a speech. Actually they get only 6% from their windmills. They are not cost effective and we’ re going to have to use some dirty energy for a while until we’ve got the green stuff figured out. We can’t be slaves to the middle east.

    Please use a little common sense. Take off the blinders just a little.

  223. douglas says:

    Can’t you just imagine your medicare benefits invested in the stock market. Look what happened to our 401K savings at the end of the Bush years. I guess we could wind up with no medicare

  224. NO_More_Bama says:

    Liberals never cease to amaze me with their righteous indignation toward conservatives. Ibsyboy, you have completely maligned wealthy conservatives with such fervor. You have painted them with a very broad, very vicious stroke of a hateful brush. My God, in your mind, they appear to be the devil incarnate! Heartless, soul-less creatures who would kick a starving baby if it was blocking his path to snatch up quarter on the sidewalk. Congratulations, you’ve swallowed the liberal doctrine hook, line & sinker! Preach against hate speech and accuse conservatives of it but fail to take a serious look at what’s in your own heart. Please stop propogating the lie that conservatives have no compassion for others when it is well-documented that they are far more generous with their money (as well as their time) than liberals. Look it up. Wealthy conservatives give an average of 30% more than liberals. How about you take a deep breath and realize that you don’t know everything and make a concerted effort to better understand the heart and mind of someone you’ve been taught to abhor.

  225. The only good thing about Romney is that he isn’t Obama. The only good thing about Obama is that he hates Netanyahoo and won’t bomb Iran on his orders. The rest is just hellish. Ron Paul was the only credible candidate in this whole fiasco.

  226. #1 any wealthy american could reduce taxes to zero by purchasing taxfree muni bonds, which help the cities to raise money. I guess you want that done away with.
    #2 There is no need for amnesty for “hidden” money is foreign accounts since all foreign monies were declared on his taxes.
    #3 Reagan only offered 2 years tax returns and B Hussein Obama paid lawyers to insure his college records were kept private. Bush even released his college and grad school records. What is Hussein Obama hidding?
    #4 The medicare proposal is not a volcher system and it is voluntary as you already know. Anyone who wishes to keep their medicare as it is, can. You know this.
    #5 There is no Medicare trust fund or Social Security trust fund. All the money was spent long ago.
    #6 The Medicare program is the government paying the medical bills of seniors to doctors and hospitals. Reducing the payments by 700 billion is a reduction in benefits. But you know this already.

  227. ChiBender says:

    Here’s why this article is a total fraud. The $700 million looted from Medicare is supposed to be offset by lower payments to the doctors and hospitals as well as rehab centers. So what doctors or hospitals will accept Medicare patients. Only those who can’t survive any other way. So in the end, Medicare patients WILL suffer and suffer dramatically.

  228. irmaajeanne says:

    Obama’s four years of shameful lying.

  229. irmaajeanne says:

    Just keep on running Mr. Romney.