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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The polls must be crazy.

A survey released by the the Associated Press last Friday said that 18 percent of Americans believe President Obama is Jewish, while only 10 percent believe he’s Muslim.

Perhaps this explains why 65 percent of American Jews support the president over former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, up from 61 percent in April.

Only 33 percent of Americans correctly identified the president’s religion — Christian — while 35 percent said he had no religion at all.

The idea that the president isn’t Christian has been a constant theme of the far right, who often claim he was educated in a madrasa, a Muslim religious school. He wasn’t. This rumor was complicated by the scandal surrounding Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whose church Obama attended. Many Republicans hoped John McCain and Mitt Romney would use Wright’s controversial statements against the president. But neither chose to do so.

Meanwhile, 67 percent of respondents correctly identified Mitt Romney as a Mormon, and 77 percent said that the religion of either candidate would have no effect on their vote.

Romney’s campaign has helped to ease tensions between the Mormon and fundamentalist Christian communities. After the Reverend Bill Graham endorsed the GOP nominee, he quickly had his website swept clean of any reference that called the Church of Latter Day Saints a “cult.”

UPDATE: AP has correct the poll. The 18 percent result was a typographical error. Less than 1 percent of Americans think President Obama is Jewish. Whew.

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  • foolsdance

    Oh that’s rich. Jewish? Where is that even coming from? I understand all the conspiracy theorists ridiculous stupidity is their excuse for calling him a marxist, communist, nazi… but this is a new one.

  • dtgraham

    Jewish? I heard he was a member of the Winnebago Church. They’re a cult group out of California. They believe that after you die, your soul gets towed to a garage in Buffalo. Well, I hope he gets reelected whatever he is.

  • A Mormon is still a Mormon with all its grand plan to control US politics/government. Billy Graham is a very good man and well respected and having to choose between two: one who is pro-marriage between man and woman vs endorser of same sex marriage, he chose the first which is the stand of Mitt Romney. However, has Billy Graham erased from his memory the history of the Mormons particularly with their founder, John Smith who advocated the worst kind of marriage (worst of all things) – poligamy!!! Joseph Smith had hundreds of wives; even with his own children and if you dig in more to that story … cobwebs will come out – the very reason why they were massacred for their practices. And there are still many of them in USA that still practice poligamy. Reports are also coming out about abuses of boys. How can you trust the words of Mitt Romney when it has been evident that his words do not match his actions and for what he really stands for.

    • Mitt loves Polygamy.

      • amen to that and praying for dead atheist souls so they can go to heaven ha ha ha

      • I thought it was illegal to make employees undergo a polygamy test as a condition of employment.

    • Looks like you are OK with Mormons, except for polygamy, which drives you up a wall. Aside from the criminal life of John Smith, the Mormons behave exactly like a cult, demanding (and getting) 10% of every member’s earnings. Romney took a huge deduction for religious donation. Guess what government helped him to benefit from that.

    • Sierra111

      Not all Mormons, including Mitt Romney, don’t believe in polygamy. But why they can believe in a religion that had its beginnings in polygamy, is beyond me. I think it all began as a result of John Smith’s love for women and he found a way to sleep with them. Mitt worships money and power. The Mormons were run out of town due to their suspicious banking practices.

  • Who really cares what religion anyone is. It really has no bearing on how good you are at running a country. That’s my opinion and I stick to it. Religion and politics do not belong together at all. I truly believe that the best man (the one who truly cares about us ALL) is Obama and I pray he wins. With no hope from the Republican Congress (who stated openly their only objective was to get him out of office) I think he has done a good job with an extremely bad economy. He had no idea of what was on his plate (since most of it hit the fan after we was elected). Now, at least most of the world again likes us, and our economy has started to turn around. Sure it took longer than expected but it isn’t easy considering the congress wouldn’t do anything to help. I think a government by the 99% (Obama’s) is a much better arrangement than a government by the 1% (Romney’s). Heck, the people of Massachusetts don’t even want him. That must mean something!!

    • I care if someone’s religious beliefs determine their values as anti-science, anti-woman and anti-everybody who doesn’t agree with them.

  • mahmoud_ibrahim

    congratulation to american people for obama re elect,hope he will have the golden opportunity
    to push for long waited two state solution in middle east .that will bring peace to both arab & jews
    president obama will memorised over history if he could manage peace to prevail inchalla(with GOD will)

  • Im Jewish and You are nuts, what difference does it make who is who, I think people that say what you just said is from outer space,and you were hatched from a egg. no Brain no Gain.

  • People that don’t get along will be the end of all people.

  • Then there was the white Christian woman in Virginia who firmly believed Obama was a Muslim, but said she was going to vote for him, anyway, because Romney was rich.

  • rr3A

    the election is over….let’s go to work….forget the birther, muslim et al issues….some will never forget that’s their problem…..Romney, who??…..

  • The headline remains at 18% thinking Obama is Jewish, and the article mentions a correction, in the last words, that the number is incorrect. It is really less than 1%. What rotten journalism this is.

  • Sigrid Smith

    If it was a typo as the update indicates, why not just delete the article or write new one about the typo, linking to this one?

  • Canistercook

    If this is how stupid much of the electorate is no wonder he won. All I know is he attended a black area church in Chicago run by a minister who appeared to have a very low opinion of America! What does that make him? Someone who has learned how to ‘use’ a base to climb the ladder in my opinion and is still using a base now to attack ‘the rich’.

  • Glad for the update-perhaps it should have preceded the story but then there really wouldn’t have BEEN a story.

  • Christian is not the name of a religion; it’s the name of a group of people who subscribe to membership in a number of religions that believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. Knowing only that a person is a Christian tells one little about their actual beliefs. Christianity is not a religion either. It is the umbrella term for all religions that believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ.

  • i think he is a anti AMERICAN anti constitutional GODless sole. a terd floating in the urine filled toilet called socializim.

    • Lynda Groom

      Another one who can’t define socialism….or spell it.

  • John_in_Exile

    Given the nature of the fundamentalist Christian right wing politics, it is ironic and a bit amusing that the Republican slate in 2012 was the first one in the history of the nation which did not include a Protestant Christian. Try to make sense of that!

  • I don’t care if he is Muslim or Jewish. I’m just happy he is our first gay president.

  • Sierra111

    28 percent of Americans in this survey aren’t very bright!

  • ZenBonobo

    I thought he was a Methodist?

  • tax payer

    I have ne ver been contacted to do a survey, so is that some sort of Racism? So, who is Obama? Is he for us or for those not living in our country? He may have a Religion and maybe he doesn’t, but is he the worst President we have had in the last 50 years or so? Just asking.

  • Lynda Groom

    So a full 28% of Americans are idiots. I would have sworn the number of idiots was higher. BTW, what the hell difference does it matter what religion a President might be?