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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Mourdock Collapses In Polls In Indiana Senate Race

Mourdock Collapses In Polls In Indiana Senate Race

According to a new Howey/DePauw Indiana Battleground poll, Republican Richard Mourdock’s infamous remarks about rape have doomed his chances of winning Indiana’s Senate election.

The poll shows Democrat Joe Donnelly leading Mourdock by a 47 to 36 percent margin. 11 percent are undecided, and 6 percent support Libertarian Andrew Horning.

Mourdock and Donnelly were statistically tied in nearly every survey of the race, until the candidates met for a debate on October 23rd. There, Mourdock explained his total opposition to abortion by saying “even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape… it is something that God intended to happen.”

According to the Howey/DePauw poll, those fateful words all but ended Mourdock’s campaign, as 87 percent of respondents were aware of Mourdock’s remark, and 40 percent said that it made them less likely to vote for the Republican state treasurer. Additionally, Mourdock’s favorable/unfavorable rating has cratered to 30/49 percent, down from 26/32 in Howey/DePauw’s previous survey in September. And among the crucial independent vote, his favorable/unfavorable numbers stand at a distinctly unimpressive 12/48 with women and 23/51with men.

The poll, which was conducted by Democratic pollster Fred Yang and Republican pollster Christine Matthews, surveyed 800 likely voters with a partisan split of 45 percent Republican, 34 percent Democrat, and 21 percent independent.

If these results hold, then the Republican Party would essentially have no hope of winning a Senate majority. The GOP needs to gain a net of four seats to claim control of Congress’ upper chamber, a challenge that has become much more difficult due Republican candidates’ inability to stop talking about rape. In Missouri, Senator Claire McCaskill — who was once considered to be the most vulnerable incumbent Democrat — is on track to win re-election with the help of Rep. Todd Akin’s startling comments that a woman cannot become pregnant as a result of a “legitimate rape.” Now Mourdock’s “gift from God” comments appear likely to cost Republicans a seat in Indiana. Depending on how competitive races play out in Arizona, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Virginia, and Wisconsin, the Democrats may actually increase their Senate majority — something that seemed impossible just a few months ago.

If Mourdock and Akin lose, then this would be the second straight election cycle in which erratic candidates cost the GOP a chance at a majority. In 2010, right-wing candidates Sharron Angle, Ken Buck, and Christine O’Donnell defeated more mainstream opponents, and went on to lose to vulnerable Democrats.

Photo credit: AP/Michael Conroy

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48 responses to “Mourdock Collapses In Polls In Indiana Senate Race”

  1. Diogenes67 says:

    If he loses, God intended it to happen. Works for me.

  2. Man proposes, God disposes, but it is also said that God helps the man that helps himself. Unfortunately, the republican Righteous Rapist wing misinterpreted that last one to assume they had the holy right to help themselves to other people’s stuff (or sex).

    Not so.

    God helps the people who help each other.

  3. bcarreiro says:

    maybe he will collapse twice…………….god willing

  4. joef says:

    I had the pleasure to vote against Mourdock in the primary and will be happy to repeat that act in the general election.

  5. Fake Sound says:

    Thank goodness for today’s technology, for being able to get the crazy things elected officials believe in aired across the world. This isn’t new. Politicians, aristocrats and people in power believing in utterly inane things isn’t new. Us holding them accountable for it is.

  6. Lynda says:

    Words do indeed have consequences as many politicians are too slow to realize. Perhaps this gentleman will be more selective in his choice of words in the future…if he has one.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Unfortunately, the net result is that they will just ignore the questions in the future, like Romney is doing with FEMA questions today.

  7. rustacus21 says:

    … & it was inevitable, as he’s pretty much on the xtreme end of ‘loco’! This is the eventual fate of ALL T-partiers, as they had no handle on issues & proving it each time they jump in2 debates. The backwards, neolithic, primate thinking that reminds us of conditions during the ‘flat earth’ debates, when the Enlightenment thinkers were on the run for their lives, has now come full circle. Why voters need psycho talk to convince them conservatives have no business in government & tax cuts are an all-or-nothing proposition (tax cuts that fund nuts out of the T-party, if U will), is a real challenge to the thinking person – so U can understand the demands on a conservative voters coming to the realization they’ve been made suckers of by such a whacko. I normally don’t call names, but seeing Women beaten up on by the likes of Mourdock, Aiken, Romney, Ryan, etc., gets my blood boiling & makes me want to yell in a conservative Woman’s face “what were U thinking!!!” electing him in the 1st place?! But the test will be in 100 days after the swearing in, to see if voters can remain engaged & undo the damage of the entire conservative debacle of 2001-2012. It’s time we send conservatives on a LONG vacation, reject media propaganda & let them all watch as Liberal/Progressives put the house of state back in order, to the form it was when President Clinton left office. If that was the epitome of ‘good governance’, what’s our problem in not making sure we have it? ALL THE TIME!?!? It’s only as close as the polls on Nov 6th…

    • David L. Allison says:

      Rusta: you demonstrate one of the tragedies of the whackos coming to power. They have given conservatives who have some reasonable perspective and analysis to offer to voters an undeserved bad name. I used to be a conservative decades ago and remember some mainstream politicians in both partys that governed to the right of center on economic issues and to the left of center on social issues. The swing to the radical right that began with the Gingrich clan and morphed into the Tea Party cult with a Norquist twist has made governing at the Federal level nearly impossible, given fuel to mean-spirited racism, misogeny and gun frenzy among previously moderate people and made a mockery of conservativism.

      The crazies have also screwed with the whole body politic turning center-right politicians like Clinton and Obama into being widely perceived as crusading progressive left-wingers and true progressives being perceived as wallowing in the horrors of socialism. The radical right wing of the republican party and their foxy friends have taken us down a terribly dark road of war, debt, corruption, corporate control of government and into a raging valley of resentment and recriminations in the U.S. and the rest of North America. It will be a long road back to sanity, justice and a recognition of the promise of America but, as you note, re-election of Barack Obama can at least bring us back toward the center where truly progressive ideas and politicians can be recognized once again as part of mainstream America.

      • ExPAVIC says:


        Very nice in fact.

      • rustacus21 says:

        I take it U are talking about conservatives, who, on the whole, don’t have the slightest idea what Democracy or its functions are all about. The Constitution & subsequent amendments are all Liberal/Progressives – save the anti FDR XXII Amendment, that prohibited another FDR from saving the country from conservatives in the now traditional & customary 3 terms required (as was needed by President Clinton, we are NOW ALL in agreement, which would have averted the cataclysm of 2001-2009 conservative admin). Funny thing tho, whenever Liberal/Progressives have the W.H. & majority Congress/Senate, the nation runs smooth as clockwork. Conservatives, a whole different (1928-1932, 1981-1992 & 2001-2009) story. Match up the years & the facts. Research that & come on back. U’r take above is pure fantasy, gossip & hear-say. Nothing more…

      • northroader1775 says:

        What kind of muzzel can we legally put on Fox News??? Can we at least make them say it’s just entertainment…other counrties don’t let them broadcast because they are not news. MSNBC is just as bad but they admit their bias, Fox lcaims fair and balanced….bull shit…is there a legal way to get them to at least label themselves correctly??

        • David L. Allison says:

          Make it part of the constitutional amendment that establishes money is not speech, that corporations are not people and that restores the fairness doctrine on the use of the public airwaves.

  8. David L. Allison says:

    Joe Donnelly who has served long and well as an elected official in Indiana will do a good job for Hoosiers and for the country but the tea party cult punished Indiana, the Senate, America and the world by defeating Dick Lugar. The radical right wing of the Republican party that has been growing stronger every year since the election of Doc Bowen as governor and Dick Lugar as Mayor of Indianapolis, deserves Murdoch and the defeat that appears to be impending for him and for them. If there is justice in politics, and I still believe there can be, these absurd and absurdist right wing cult followers will lose control of the Senate and the Congress this election. Maybe history will see this year as the beginning of America’s return to reason.

    • ExPAVIC says:

      Plus the End of the GOP

      Finally there appears to be the bitter end of the bitter, old, old, used up GOP.

      After the election, where can we send flowers and will there be an open casket or closed? Wonder who they will put in the coffin to be spit on by all moderate GOPs?

  9. Lovefacts says:

    Words having meaning and impact. In this case, these politicians are espousing their religious beliefs. Well, my religion doesn’t agree with theirs and I resent like heck “Conservative Christians” trying to turn the US into a Christian theocracy and, when others disagree, having the nerve to say they are being persecuted.

  10. Tj Irish says:

    I am in Indiana and already voted straight Blue. If Obama wins and Mourdock loses… SWEET BABY! See me in the bar wed nite. I am buying a round.

  11. bstockinger says:

    Dumb is the only word to describe some Republican candidates for Senate. Too bad more of them don’t have mouths like Angle and Mourdock. Both sank their campaigns by opening them.

  12. docb says:

    And the gooder news is Bachmann is in trouble too! Walsh is a goner…Kaine is beating Allen who had to loan himself $$$! Warren is ahead of Brown..Thing are looking up!

  13. Jim Lou says:

    Polls are just that. Are people really honest? Do the questions reflect reality? Maybe not.

    Lets see what happens on election day.

  14. HajjaRomi says:

    Losing the race would be too good for him. He should be sentenced to supporting TEN “rape babies” for the rest of his life, and their mothers to boot.

  15. ExPAVIC says:


    Wow, the Hoosiers kind of had me scared.

    In light of Mourdocks remarks, I though all the Indiana folks would turn out to be as retarded as he, but at the last moment they saved themselves.

    What is about rape and old, old, used up GOP senatorial candidates? Or, maybe it could be the water.

  16. God should be especially thanked for the Tea Party.

    I hope voters will take into account how far to the right the Republicans have moved, with almost no moderates left.

    Their denial on climate change and other environmental threats, willingness to reduce funding for FEMA, the EPA, Planned Parenthood, and other programs that most Americans depend on, eagerness to continue and expand tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and highly profitable politicians, positions on abortion, equal pay for women, and other women’s issues, and much more provide plenty of reasons to vote Democratic.

  17. Max Orbit says:

    Can you hear me now Mr. Mourdock?

  18. Jim Myers says:

    I simply do not understand why there are still so many people willing to vote for this bigot.

  19. Brian says:

    Is he naturally stupid or does he take supplements? I say stupid rather than ignorant.

    One can overcome ignorance by training and education.

    But you can’t fix stupid.

  20. moribund9ja says:

    The major issue should be for the Americans to begin a thorough head re-examination of who they think God is, and this is if they believe in that Supreme Being at all. For years now, ‘abortion’ has shamefully remain a recurring topic on American moral discourse and many have never been able to understand that abortion is ‘passive murder’. Those who are now speaking in favour of abortion, I don’t just know how they would’ve been doing that if they were aborted in the first place.

    • rothgar says:

      Just because something is alive does not necessarily make it HUMAN Life. See Exodus 21 when God was dictating their law he left the most obvious ancient equivalent to abortion as a civil/commercial issue at the fathers’ choice. If a fetus was a human life that same activity would be a CAPITAL Offense. As I said above it is NOT. Also, if the fetus was human why wait 8 days for a male infant to be admitted into the tribe of Israel as a result of circumcision. Both of these strongly suggest that no matte how alive a fetus is NOT HUMAN – yet. Also, when commanded to conduct censuses the Hebrews were directed not to count children less than 30 days old. Noone of these states confer full human rights in a godly environment.

      The idea of granting rights as a consequence of eventual status a la a person-hood amendment makes Salvation logically impossible. If as stated by the cultists supporting things like the personhood amendment, our rights are based on our next state (fetus’ may live to be humans so we grant them human rights. Thus, we can’t be granted salvation because we are already dead.

      Also, if Human Life is sacred what does that say about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I’d say it turns him into a fraud since he violated the sanctity of life by letting the Romans crucify him. That makes him a mere sinner not a savior.

      • moribund9ja says:

        Be your godless all the way, I’ve no problem with your godlessness. You’re now talking because you weren’t aborted! Be your godless, have a nice day!

        • highpckts says:

          Please!! He’s a thinking person which is the way were created!! I abhor people that are led around by fear in their religious beliefs! I believe in a loving” God that implores us to seek knowledge and ask questions so we can live up to our potential!!

        • rothgar says:

          You obviously don’t bother to read what is said to you. For if you did you might realize I’ve come to my current position based on several sets of relevant passages in the Bible.

          No I am not a member of the Cult of Fetal Life for I beleive in the written word of God.

  21. Cee Gee says:

    I’m glad he expressed his views so the voters knew where he stood on this issue. The GOP continues to have extremist views not in the mainstream of the American voter. We don’t want this guy making decisions for woman.

  22. grannysm says:

    The same fate should befall Paul Ryan and his running mate. Both are hiding behind their religious beliefs, feigning a “respect for all human life “while hoping to gut the lives of any but the most prosperous among their supporters, who are either too greedy or too stupid to know what is afoot.

  23. anyasnote says:

    R/R will WIN. But if Obama wins and the Senate, Congress is the same we will have another 4 yrs of Filibusters and gets even worse, because their HATE for Obama will extend beyond Filibusters. Each red state will do everything in their power to fight any democrat in the state, Senate, Congress etc.. Hate is a powerful tool for self destruction, but most Americans are gullible and stupid to know the difference.
    Just look at the Storm Sandy – people were warned way before to prepare for the worst storm and what some did??? NOTHING – some just wanted now help and freebies and blame Obama, God and others for their stupidity, laziness. World owes them NOTHING.
    If they are in trouble, hungry and have nothing it’s not my responsibility to feed them and give them anything. Vote on ISSUES not Parties. Vote for your COUNTRY and yourself well being. The choice is yours.

  24. Felix says:

    The United States fighting a war agaisnt fanatism in Afghanistan and we here in the United States have Religious fanatics traying to bring America into a Taliban pype of regime.

    This man has to be crazy when he said that is God will to have a child from a rapist and the reason he is losing the election is because this nation is an educated nation and not religion is going to take on our lives.

    One of the reason this country is free and democratic is because is stated in the Constitution that governmen and religion are two separeted institution and now there are those fanatics trying to impose thier will on the Citizen of this nation. Women,blacks and minorities fought too hard for their right to make choice in their lives and America never will go back to the past!

  25. northroader1775 says:

    Let’s hope
    A. he doesn’t have a future!
    B. If he stays in politics, he keeps telling us what he really believes
    C. People wake up and realize that even a vote for a modreate republican centerist is a vote for these nutbags too.

    We have to send a message to Washington that is clear…WE DO NOT WANT TEA BAGGING IDIOTS TO MAKE UP ANY PART OF GOVERNMENT.

  26. northroader1775 says:

    SO WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY?? Sorry caps lock. You are saying essentially the same thing that God wants all fertilized eggs to become human and anything else is murder? So once two cells have joined and become the building blocks upon which an embryo becomes a fetus becomes a baby…at any point in that cycle determining that you don’t want to have the baby is a SIN and Murder?

    You know what I think is the saddest part of this churchyness? The churches have spent untold billions trying to reverse Roe vs Wade and comparitively nothing building orphanages or clinics to care for underfed under clothed children.

    It’s all about money and politics and not about reality and real people who need help.

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