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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) gave a stinging rebuke on the floor of the Senate Friday morning to the “anarchists” behind the government shutdown and the philosophy that government is the problem, not the solution:

You can do your best to make it look like government doesn’t work when you stop it from working. You can do your best to make government look paralyzed when you paralyze it. You can do your best to make government look incompetent through your incompetence, and ineffective through your ineffectiveness. But sooner or later the government will reopen. Because this is a democracy, and this democracy has already rejected your views. We have already chosen to do these things together. Because we all know that we are stronger when we come together.

When this government reopens, when our markets are safe again, when our scientists can return to their research, when our small businesses can borrow, when our veterans can be respected for their service, when our flu shots resume and our Head Start programs get back to teaching our kids, we will have rejected your views once again.

We are not a country of anarchists. We are not a country of pessimists and ideologues whose motto is ‘I’ve got mine, the rest of you are on your own.’ We are not a country that tolerates dangerous drugs, unsafe meat, dirty air or toxic mortgages. We are not that nation. We have never been that nation. And we will never be that nation.

Today a political minority in the House that condemns government and begged for the shutdown has had its day. But like all the reckless and extremist factions that have come before it, their day will pass and our democracy will return to the important work that we have already chosen to do together.

Elizabeth Warren Shutdown

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34 Responses to MUST SEE: Elizabeth Warren Tells Extremists Who Hate Government That They Will Lose

      • Oh gosh, lighten up! After seeing Elizabeth Warren preach the good word, I just felt extremely patriotic…and I guess you haven’t seen Team America: World Police.

      • What home, bare-foot, pregnant & waiting for her big man to tell her she doesn’t have a say? Ms Warren, like most women of the country….realize who wonderful bigoted men out there, have run this country into the ground long enough. Time to pull your heads out of your ass, & start using it for something other than repopulating this world.

  1. 15% of the government is shut down ie… (non-essential workers) what don’t you get about non-essential? And before you get all teary-eyed over those employees not getting a paycheck…they will. I was a federal employee in ’95 during the 3 week paid vacation i mean government shut down. Try learning about our government. It’s pathetic how many people are duped….SMH

    And by the way… we are not a democracy(mob rule) we are a Constitutional Republic – what’s left of it. Though I am quite sure many of you prefer mob rule

    • Honestly? I would prefer a parliamentary democracy, with 3 or 4 or even 5 major parties, instead of the incredibly limited choice between “well-intentioned but somewhat corrupt/wasteful socialism-lite” and “no-compromise, screw-the-poor, laissez-faire economics with a dash of inchoate rage”.

      Such a change would also mean that the country wouldn’t be guaranteed to be stuck with a bad leader for 4 (or 8) years if the parties put forward bad candidates; elections could be called whenever.

      And if a party went off the rails in that system, a new one (or multiple ones) could actually rise to displace it! Which hasn’t happened in the US in over 150 years, since the Big Two dislike competition.

    • I’m willing to bet that whatever you do is also ‘non-essential’ (that is, if you even work at all), so why should we even listen to your ‘non-essential’ opinion?

        • Oh Waggoner, that is probably right. Try not to listen to these two people anymore, just can’t the pain my ears go through. So my mistake on the origin. thanks for the “heads up”

    • Just what constitution are you a cowgirl of? It doesn’t seem to be our Constitution.

      Think about it. The Preamble says “We the people” created the government. The people=demos or democracy.

      The Tenth Amendment says all government power comes from the people. The people=demos, i.e. democratic power.

      We are a republican form of government based on democratic principles. i.e. a democracy.

      Nazi German was a republic; but a republic based on fascist principles.

      The Soviet Union was a republican form of government based on Marxist principles, as interpreted by Lenin.

      China is a republican form of government based on Marxist principles, as interpreted by Lenin and defined by the Chinese Communist Party.

      And by the way people who claim we are republic, not a democracy have no idea what we are.

    • First, where do you get your 15% number? I suspect the same place that folks get hemorrhoids. Second, you need “non-essential” employee explained. Non-essential, when referring to employees, does not mean these are people that do not have important jobs that have an impact. It means that they are not among the handful of folks that are required to keep things barely afloat. My wife was a registered nurse at our local VA in the ICU. During blizzards, she was not allowed to go into work as she was not “essential”. This in no way means that she was not a vital important part of providing healthcare for the veteran population. Keying on the term “non-essential” is just parroting a recent tea-party talking point that was not well thought out. Not surprising, as none of the tea-party platforms are well thought out. if you are drinking their kool-aid, you are the one being duped. Unless your last name is Koch, or you are receiving campaign contributions (read; bribe money) from them, the tea-party leadership could give a rats ass about you.

    • * CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC* you are correct, but you never knew that until Rush told you to repeat his talking points..or was it Glenn ?

      • The essence of democracy is elections. The Constitution stipulates that there shall be elections. We are a democratic republic (ironic that the Mob of Stupid rails against “mobocracy”). Democracy is majority rule — it couldn’t be more obvious, as that is how the Congress has always operated. Yet those who deny we are a democracy insist upon minority rule — which is tyranny.

    • Active-duty military is not being paid. That’s your “non-essential”?

      The essence of democracy is elections. And the Constitution you’ve not read stipulates that there shall be elections. We are a democratic republic; a representative democracy.

      Take your history- and law-illiterate anti-American anti-Constitutional teanut tyranny of the illiterate minority and shove it.

  2. The idiotic middle class that gravities to the republican party should realize that she is the only one out there fighting for all of us and especially our children

  3. Any organization that gets too large and doesn’t have accountability or transparency can be a problem. That goes for government, corporations, unions, and non-profit organizations.

    • “We the people” are the gov’t. Watch the video: as Warren makes clear, the gov’t is not an entity separate from “We the people”; gov’t IS “We the people”. Those who insist otherwise are anti-Americans; anarchists.

  4. Conservatives believe that government cannot do anything right, and when THEY are running the government, it’s TRUE!

  5. Somehow,my post from yesterday was lost.So,I will repeat it.You ROCK LIZ!! I can envision you and Hillary running as a team in 2016.Down with the Teabag nutcases!!!

  6. It’s about time someone stopped the “polite” pussyfooting and called the extremists what they are: extremists. Anarchists. Enemies of the republic.

    And it all began with bobble-head puppet Reagan, saying that gov’t is the problem, not the solution; and saying that there is a “right” to be racist — Reagan announced his run for the presidency in Oxford, Mississippi, where three civil rights workers were murdered for engaging in voter registration of African-Americans.

    That is what unleashed the poisonous hate of such as the FOX cesspool — which is run by Reaganite Roger Ailes. And the extremist right-wing attacks on gov’t lead by such as Edwin “Mr. Ethics” Meese.

    They are anti-American, and its about time we all stopped being afraid of saying so.

  7. This is one awesome lady. She should either become the next president, or even better, the next pick for the supreme court, which has the advantage of a longer tenure.

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