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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Norman Rockwell is dead. So is his America.

If you find that declaration sad, or possibly slanderous, you probably have fond memories of “the way we were” during a supposedly kinder and gentler time before the civil rights movement, women’s lib and cellphones. If you don’t shed tears over that America, you may have grown up as I did — oppressed by the strictures of a social and political system that didn’t show much respect to those who were not white male Christians.

Either way, the overwhelmingly white nation that Rockwell depicted in his sentimental paintings is gone. (I intend no disrespect to Rockwell, whose portrait of 6-year-old Ruby Bridges integrating a New Orleans school stands out in civil rights iconography.) Just last week, new data from the U.S. Census Bureau confirmed a trend long in evidence: The nation continues, inexorably, to grow darker.

For the year ending July 1, 2012, deaths among non-Hispanic whites exceeded births, the Census Bureau reported. The majority of births in this country are now to blacks, Asians and Latinas.

That trend helps to explain the discomfort among older conservative voters with immigration, which has been the driver of the nation’s increasing diversity. They see the country in which they grew up, in which they held the political, social and economic power, slipping away, becoming a place with which they are unfamiliar. Their anxiety boils down to a misplaced fear that they will be strangers in their own land.

Their misapprehensions are stoked and amplified by the right-wing media axis, which has spent years defining undocumented workers as barbarians at the gate and all people of color as suspect. Even as support grows in mainstream America for legalizing undocumented immigrants, the pit bulls of the right continue to denounce any attempt at comprehensive immigration reform as an unjustified “amnesty” to lawbreakers.

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, the magazine founded by William Buckley, says so. So does former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, now head of the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Rush Limbaugh, as usual, doesn’t attempt subtlety as he argues that conservative voters would lose all political clout if undocumented immigrants gain citizenship: “There are legitimate fears that … Republicans/conservatives are gonna end up … outnumbered.”

If Limbaugh conflates conservatives with his listeners, he’s right. But they are dwindling, anyway. The Limbaugh audience, like the GOP primary voter, skews older. Looking toward voting patterns 10 to 20 years from now, Republican strategists have fretted over the party’s failure to appeal to younger voters.

227 Responses to Nation Should Welcome Darkening Demographic

    • It already is … ever researched whose big bucks elect officials and legislators, local to federal? It ain’t me, though I choose the lesser evil on election day. And some of the statistics these days are staggering: 400 individuals own more than the aggregate of the bottom 150,000,000 people together.

      “Looking specifically at the United States, the top 1% own more than 36% of the national wealth and more than the combined wealth of the bottom 95%. Almost all of the wealth gains over the previous decade went to the top 1%. In the mid-1970s, the top 1% earned 8% of all national income; this number rose to 21% by 2010. At the highest sliver at the top, the 400 wealthiest individuals in America have more wealth than the bottom 150 million.”

      And that economic power all too infrequently is in the hands of someone who takes Christianity or Judaism seriously, and individually donate millions per annum to the vulnerable. What they have done through owning the Republicans and a good slice of the Democrats, and through shamelessly manipulating the Tealiban, is not only reduce their own contribution to society through taxes, but also cause government to reduce its own contributions to society.

      The me:me:me greed of capital today, the me:me:me disdain of the poor of Libertarianism, and the me:me:me of the deluded poor, is the spirit that runs America today. We have a lot of corruption (largely on the part of the White folks who are terrified of the future that faces them unless somehow they can seize control in advance). I do not see a poor immigrant underwriting ALEC. I do see ALEC running certain legislatures. Go weep on the shoulders of the ‘oh so honest’ Koch brothers.

  1. I am a member of the Rockwall memory, so I soon will join my fathers and mothers.
    Never mind, because during the heady years of the Rockwall America, many good
    things happened. Of course, civil rights and women’s liberation have come but with
    the Second Emancipation of Civil Rights and the War on Poverty’s destruction of the black family, and Women’s Freedom billed as liberation to now provides unlimited abortion has America not slipped several notches.
    Responsible freedom was American’s Rockwall years. Today, we have tossed responsible freedom into the trash can and claim to be “a brave new world” with
    uneducated immigrants and an abundance of children.
    I am glad I am slipping off the scene in a few years, or perhaps less, because the
    demographics are not the larger problem. The larger problem is who will make a living
    for the America that will not work, get an education, find a good job, or know enough to
    get in or out of the rain?

    • Lincoln Rockwell was more likely your hero. And still is. More bad things happened during the time of your memory than good things. You just did not care! That is why you are paying the price now – at least you think you are.

    • I’m likely not much younger than you are, but I enough so that I am glad to have seen the liberation of women you bemoan. My aunt/godmother had no children of her own, worked full time as a secretary at a well-known company in Milwaukee where she was the fastest typist. Despite a great income and no debt, she was unable to get a loan to buy her own home because she was a woman, and credit for a woman did not exist.

      Abortion was always an option – for the rich – but only became safe with legality, and is hardly unlimited except in the eyes of those who do not believe women have the right to control their reproductive lives. It was only a few years before Roe that birth control pills became available, – to married women, only. I remember having to lie that I was getting married to get a prescription, despite being over 21. So sorry you are offended that women no longer have to kiss the asses of men like you to get pocket money, and depend on men like you to wear a condom to prevent pregnancy.

      As for your contention that the War on Poverty destroyed the black family, I can only say – are you kidding? African American families were routinely broken up in the 19th century and earlier, since slaves were property. The end of slavery ushered in the age of the 100% white male quota system, which limited men of color and women of all races to the lowest-paying jobs, and a few select positions. (Porters on trains for black men, teachers for women.)

      Those same “rules” kept the vast majority of women and non-white men out of colleges and universities. Even with that history, though, there are millions of intact black families; you just don’t see them portrayed on TV. If neighborhoods weren’t de facto segregated, perhaps the sheltered white population would have a less filtered view of the reality of black families in America. Instead, they see a very distorted picture.

      Norman Rockwell painted what he knew, and the country he knew then was segregated. I believe if he were alive today, he would be painting the diversity of our country in a loving and accurate way, showing both the good and the laughable as he always did.
      Your true colors come through at the end. Plenty of Americans still work hard every day, and millions more would if the jobs hadn’t all been shipped off by your white brethren, so they could be filthy rich at the expense of the middle class, and ultimately of the country.

      • Excellent point. The top one percent are primarily white, except for a few black, Hispanic, and other minority members who were lucky enough to get the breaks, smart enough to take advantage of them, and hard hearted enough not to want MORE breaks for MORE people.

        Most careers are partly skill and partly lottery: there are only a few higher paying jobs available, and others who are already higher make the decisions about who moves up. As a result, some people with no skill (or with skills primarily in manipulation of other people) undeservedly get promoted, and many with good skills happen to be working for people who dislike them (or their “group”) and therefore undeservedly do not get promoted. The problem is that the “lottery” does not have as many sub-jackpot payoffs as it used to; today’s generation will either get one of the few lucky tickets or vegetate until retiring in poverty, as long as the top one percent control everything.

        If you are not a billionaire you have no reason based on rational self interest to vote for those clowns.

        • Allan, I am a “true” small business owner, and I will never be part of the 1% or even the 2%. I am not cutthroat and ruthless, I like people and especially their differences. I know not all people get rich by being that way, of course. Most of them are born into their money, like the Koch Brothers.
          I would love to win the lottery. I think there are many ways to help the poor and the middle class in this great nation of ours, and I would welcome the opportunity to spend my remaining years on earth promoting equitable solutions and countering the loud, ugly voices on the right.
          God Bless the REAL America , where equal opportunity was once the goal.

          • Thank God for people like you. It is a shame, but getting ahead in one’s career in America IS too much like a lottery. The main thing you and I can do is take every opportunity to educate anyone you know who is unknowingly supporting kleptocracy and promote leaders (both political and private sector) who want to give all of us truly equal opportunity.

            What many fail to realize is that there is inequality in the distribution of the necessary TOOLS to make our own way: education (K-12 intentionally short-funded and micromanaged to thwart good teaching, college becoming again a luxury for the wealthy as it was before WWII), jobs (in some industries the only entry level jobs that exist are unpaid internships, which only the wealthy can afford to take), background checks (young people who got in trouble as teenagers, even non-violent trouble, unable to be hired), drug tests for jobs for which they are not relevant (especially cannabis, which stays in the system long after the user is sober, and false positives for opiates caused by some regular foods), health care (kids born with disabilities for which the medical care needed to make them employable is not available), and the need to put resumes online for low level jobs (non computer literate need not apply even to sweep floors). And the biggest of all, LOW WAGES. The one percent seem to have no idea of the fact that someone needs to BUY what they sell!

            Keep up the good work. I am doing it for my son and his generation, and I imagine you are doing it for the same reason.

          • I so agree Allan. The right clearly hopes to eliminate public schools and make that yet another for-profit venture. Arizona, at least the Phoenix area, has many charter schools. I had my daughter in a few before I realized her issues were not being addressed, despite laws requiring it. Many are poorly run, there have been problems with embezzlement, and they do not educate any better than public schools. I also detest the voucher system, which at least here has become a way for the well-off to get a free private school education. Even the guy who started the system and fought for it admits it has become a windfall for the guy running the program (who now had two Lexus’s) and the poor who were supposed to benefit have been left in the cold. I was lucky that my daughter was referred to an excellent private school that deals with kids with behavioral issues. She attended from age 12 and graduated at 19.

            Don’t even get me started on public universities! In 1966, when I first went to UW-Milwaukee tuition was $80/semester. Next year was a huge increase to $120. But I could still work at a summer job and earn enough for a full year of tuition and books. The decimation of the tax base since Eisenhower has pushed a higher education out of reach for the middle class, unless the student and/or parents are willing to go into debt for the equivalent of a second home.

            I have a handicapped daughter, age 21, with cognitive disabilities and mental illness. I have also taken in two other
            young adults (brothers) with similar problems, ages 19 and 21. Your comment on job applications so resonated. All three are currently on SSI or SSDI (one boy was adopted by his grandparents, thus eligible for SSDI). My daughter works one day a week, one boy is still in the same special high school my daughter attended. The older boy finally got his SSIaward after a 2 year battle. He was so eligible that the judge, in his award decision, essentially dissed the AZDES doctor who denied him, sight unseen. He should never have been denied, and I foolishly hired a lawyer who did little, and got 25% of his back award.

            Anyhow, even if these kids can get online to do the job application, they have trouble reading the forms, spelling correctly when filling them out, and understanding what they are being asked. Voc-Rehab is a must for them, as is assistance with their everyday lives. None drive, nor want to. (An immediate red flag that something is not right!) I am rep payee for all three, as they are unable to budget, in some cases count change, and in the case of the boys, their birth mother tries to get their money all the time for herself. I am the barrier between them and being used by her.

            All of these kids want to work, but their disabilities are apparent, and can be a barrier, and they do not have the focus needed for full time jobs. In my daughter’s case they use it to limit her hours, co-workers can be cruel. The boys suffer anxiety and PTSD, which makes it very hard to be around people. I hope I can get them all to a point where they can be at least somewhat self-sufficient, even if they need to live in special housing where they have some assistance. As you might guess, they cannot live very high on the hog on SSI and SSDI, although at least their healthcare is covered. Even at about 8-10 hours per week employment, my daughter’s SSI is reduced, so she does not get very far ahead. Nor can adults on SSI save money – they have a $2000 asset limit, above which they are no longer eligible. Apparently they can have a house (or a car), but I have yet to figure out how they are supposed to save for that. Maybe special permission. SSDI does not have that limitation, and once I retire, I plan to get my daughter on it for just that reason.

            Between them and my business, which I run as office manager, and now my husband’s health failing due to Agent Orange exposure in Viet Nam, I am ridiculously busy. I look forward to being able to retire in a few years (I’m 64), but financially it will be tough. Self-employment did not make for a cushy Social Security monthly payment, and of course, no pension. We never had enough extra to put in an IRA. Maybe if we had realized or been advised that our daughter was eligible for SSI as a child, we would have been able to save a little more, especially on doctors bills as she would have been insured. However, we were clueless, and did not know until she was almost 18. Why her psychiatrist and psychologist did not advise us, I will never understand.
            We supported the one young man while working on his adult SSI/SSDI. I got him into the mental health care system, which no one had ever done, despite his obvious problems. Now the younger man is in the appeal process, and I expect another long battle. No lawyer this time!

            In truth, none of these kids wants to spend their lives on SSI or SSDI. They may not have a choice, as minimum wage is so low, and their abilities for self-care are limited. But I have the same hopes for them as you do for your son. We need a society where the barriers are lowered, not raised ever higher, and those with problems are helped with love and empathy, not denigrated as losers and leeches. So far I have been able to protect my kids from the latter, even as I explain to them that they are supported by the largesse of others, through the tax system, and they need to value that help and use I wisely. Those with mental illness are so stigmatized, and so many end up in jail. My main goal has been to keep my boys especially from that, and so far, so good. They both have anger issues due to their PTSD and crappy childhoods, but they are coming along.

            Sorry for rambling, but my kids are my other full time job, and the most important one!

          • I expect that if some right-wing nuts read your post, they probably laughed all the way through it, making jokes like “what a loser” or “should have been aborted” or the like. To these people, some other people’s lives are not worth saving, at least after birth. Facts do not penetrate their brains, and compassion does not penetrate their hard hearts.

            One thing I have noticed about HR web sites on some companies is that the contain numerous errors in their data validation logic that make an application IMPOSSIBLE to complete online; and they require it to be completed in ONE unbroken session, but there is no way to get technical help while filling one out. I have come to the conclusion that these web sites have two versions of their programs: the one full of bugs (deliberately?) that is installed when they do not REALLY want any more resumes but do not want to say so, and the one with the bugs fixed that is installed when they are actually LOOKING for new employees. But an applicant has no way of knowing when that event will happen! They also show a long list of “open” positions even when their applicant buckets are overflowing.

          • Why am I not surprised by either or your conclusions Allan? Yes, the same folks think a fertilized egg deserves full Constitutional rights have no problem marginalizing the post-born. Once they draw breath, and especially if they draw SSI, well, leeches!
            Oral Roberts – not alone in considering birth defects as the mark of the devil. (Along with obesity. Had my cute, chubby grandma known all those years ago, when watching his show every Sunday. I hated it even as a little kid – must have been instinctive.)
            Now your comment about online applications explains a lot! There have been times we could not even access the app! Grrrr!

          • You don’t know what you are talking about. You absolutely know sweet fuck-all (FA) about “right wing nuts”. Because when I read her post I was NOT thinking “should have been aborted” or “what a loser”.
            I was thinking what a great person this woman and her husband are to take in kids with disabilities and help them like this because I know what it is like to have a child with a disability – and I could not handle more than one. I was quietly blessing her in my mind for her goodness.
            Don’t be so quick to think you know people.

  2. I would willingly take less Social Security in the future if I could be rid of all of these “dark people”. What does the future hold? Prosperous, intelligent, hard-working white people will leave the cities, public institutions and civic organisations to the “dark people” and take their money with them. We will form new private associations in which these people and their white Progressive allies will be unwelcome. We will set up new youth organisations to replace things such as the Boy Scouts. We will set up private schools or homeschool our children removing them from Communist indoctrination. The US will become increasingly balkanized and will break up and cease to exist. Congratualtions you African-American moron and enjoy your pyrrhic victory.

    • Your first sentence shows what is wrong with your attitude. You cannot keep another person down in the ditch unless you stay down there yourself. Lift up your brother and you will both be lifted up. And it may be prosperous white people, but not necessarily the intelligent and hard-working ones. You will set up Hitler Youth chapters to replace the Boy Scouts? That sounds typical. Try to explain to Comrade Jesus when you meet him why you burned His cross and violated Matthew 25.

    • You are a perfect example of the person who has a conniption if someone displays a Mexican flag, while flying the confederate flag.
      Can we all say “BIGOT”?

    • By the way, southern, you DO realize you are genetically descended from those “dark people”, right?

  3. Until this planet gets past skin and eye color and religion, we will have the same ole same ole history repeating itself.

    A planet of equally mixed red, black, yellow, white and in between.

    This is what John Lennon Imagined for the future:

    Imagine there’s no heaven

    It’s easy if you try

    No hell below us

    Above us only sky

    Imagine all the people living for today

    Imagine there’s no countries

    It isn’t hard to do

    Nothing to kill or die for

    And no religion too

    Imagine all the people living life in peace

    You, you may say

    I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one

    I hope some day you’ll join us

    And the world will be as one

    Imagine no possessions

    I wonder if you can

    No need for greed or hunger

    A brotherhood of man

    Imagine all the people sharing all the world

    You, you may say

    I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one

    I hope some day you’ll join us

    And the world will live as one

    • Hey useful idiot, You want the “planet” to get past skin color, etc? Here’s a clue: There is NO SUCH THING AS THE NEW SOCIALIST MAN.

      We are all HUMAN BEINGS. Human beings are HARD WIRED to want to be with their own. IT’S CALLED SURVIVAL.

      That’s why NOTHING has changed since the dawn of man. Because you left wing fascists have been trying to force the humanity out of the human race and replace it with your fascist politics.

      Left wing politics is an attempt to undo the Laws of Nature. In other words, there is no God but FASCISM.

      You are truly a blunt tool.

      • And you are truly a blind fool. I suggest you read C. S. Lewis’s little book entitled “Mere Christianity” to learn what the Laws of Nature are all about. You make them sound more like something from Ayn Rand.

      • Clarice, it’s not a problem for people to want to be with ‘their own’. What is a problem is not being able to co-exist peacefully with ‘others’. Live and let live.

      • Ignorant, by definition, YOU are the FASCIST. Get a life. Get an education or at least get informed. Get the truth (hint, stay away from right wing pundits),

      • What you speak of is that human beings are nothing more than animals. The truly human traits, i.e. the things that make us human rather than just an animal, curb the behavior you speak of. If it does not, then we are just animals. Therefore, even if there could be some truth to your drivel, it is irrelevant. You cannot make the spacious claims that you do and expect that they will come true. Nor can you expect any decent human with half a mind to agree with them. Just waving your nappy little troll hand will not change the truth of things.

        • Russell, even the animals get along better than this bitch can imagine. Many a great picture I have been of interspecies-love and affection. This idiot seems not to have noticed that we ARE all the same “kind” – humankind, and the color of our skin is of no more relevance the the color of our hair and eyes.

      • Your are truly an evil person. You not only do not know much about being a human, but you do not realize that your spiel is pure Fascism. Something maybe a little worse even. (Seig heil?) As well, you have crossed into the area of blasphemy, for you are one that thinks that God is an evil god, that had evil intent, and only put us here for the sake of spectacle and his own sick entertainment. More likely a real God intends for us to go above this base behavior. . . .

        • It is the right that seems to foster bigotry. As for people wanting to be with their own kind being natural. It might be an instinct, but intelligence tells us bigotry is wrong. As for our canine friends, poodles can like German Shepherds and terriers, and Great Danes. My dog even likes cats.

    • While I believe in John Lennon and his words–and will always think some governmental agency was behind his death somehow–I think the country needs to get rid of things like affirmative action, the voter’s rights act, and a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens in order for society to move forward. In other words, to get to the utopia Lennon sang about, government has to uphold honest laws and cannot discriminate against anyone.

      • Which is exactly why the Voter Rights Act came to be, along with ALL Civil Rights legislation. Without these, a large group of Americans would be at the mercy of the white majority, which is NOT what DEMOCRACY is all about. The tyranny of the majority is NOT an ideal for us to worktoward.

          • What tyranny? Does the Black Caucus in Congress direct the course of legislation? Are there any states of the fifty that are governed by a minority government? I didn’t think so.

        • Which just means the struggle is a longer haul, but when one gets to the end of it one would have a feeling of accomplishment. The way it is now, many minorities walk around will feelings of inadequacy and guilt. Whites understandably feel resentment.

          • As when the Civil Rights movement began in the 1940’s, when so many blacks came back from WWII expecting equality and integration, many felt inadequate. They kept asking themselves what they had to do to get their share of the American Dream. They finally realized that those on top in the status quo will NOT relinquish their position of privilege unless they are forced to do so. Kennedy was confronted with a choice during the battle for the hearts and minds of Third World countries during the Cold War, which basically asked the question, “How can we believe in America when they support apartheid in South Africa, and have their own issues with their black population?” America could back up its oratory with concrete actions, or we could lose the Cold War. Kennedy chose the pragmatic approach, and Johnson followed through with Kennedy’s promises. However, the battle is not yet over, as is evidenced by the battle over renewal of the Voter Rights Act, and the all-too frequent acts of Republicans to disenfranchise certain segments of the population. We are closer than we were 50 years ago to realizing a color-blind society, but there are still MANY people who oppose our president for the simple reason that his is black.

          • Robert, I agree with your statement but we have moved from the immigration issue to the one of our own black community. Blacks in the US have a unique history here. Denying them their civil rights is egregious. This country was built on their backs and present-day success of American black people is to be commended. They have a lot to contribute and always have. It has been a slow process for them but gradually they are reaping the benefits of their hard work, which they deserve. There are plenty of blacks who just can’t make it here. There are also plenty of whites with the same problem. Color is not the measure of ability and effort. When we talk of our skepticism about immigrants, however, we are not unique. When the Wall came down in Germany, there was no rush on the part of West Germany to integrate East Germany and they were the same ethnicity. The question is, how much can we as a nation give without destabilizing ourselves?

          • Just curious TennisMom – what nationality are you? Because if you are not Native American, you are the descendent of immigrants to this continent. “Mexicans” and those of Hispanic descent have been in this country for centuries, and along the southwestern border, were free to move back and forth until very recently. Probably way more history than your gente.

            Too many people seem not to realize that the huge number of immigrants from the south who now live here do so because of the tightening of the border. Where people once could come, work, and go home, they were in a position of not being able to get back in for seasonal jobs they and their families depended on. (As their employers here depended on them, as finding Americans who will pick crops is virtually impossible.) Soon, their families followed, as families were being split up by the new normal. As is often the case, the “cure” was way worse than the problem.

          • POIA, you may go even further back in history to a time where our part of the continent was populated only by Native Americans. Spanish conquistadors were the carriers of ‘guns, germs and steel’ (reference to Jared Diamond’s book). Present-day Mexico’s problems, and that of much of Central and South America, stem from overpopulation. Shortage of arable land means the country cannot sustain all of its people. Why should North America be expected to pick up the slack? Seriously, please answer my question.

          • Which shortage of arable land are you referencing? The dustbowl, created by white people plowing up the gamma grass? The global climate change caused by dependence on oil? The new corporate farmers that decimate the land with unsustainable growing practices? Giant feedlots poisoning the land and water?
            Do you think the entirety of Central and South America is desert? Skipped geography, huh?
            The reason so many Mexicans and others south of our border arrive here is because they have the same problem we had 100 years ago and are heading for again: wealth concentrated in the hands of the few, at the expense of the many.
            Countries with high birth rates often have low survival rates early in life. It was proven decades ago that raising the standard of life and education level of WOMEN resulted in lower birth rates.
            By the way, where do you stand on abortion and birth control? Because the right is “overpopulated” with those who want to end both.

          • If Mexico weren’t so corrupt, perhaps there wouldn’t be so much wealth concentrated in the hands of a few. Americans are worried that the same corruption which has ruined an otherwise beautiful country will be brought here with them. We have a similar situation in the USA but We the People are managing to fight back (Obama’s re-election proved that).
            BTW, no need to be patronizing; I didn’t skip geography and probably have a more advanced education than you do. Also, I didn’t say ‘desert’. That was your assumption.
            Playing that game is beneath me.
            So, you are saying that if Mexicans did not illegally cross our borders in such large numbers that they would otherwise die? Got any proof of that? No, I didn’t think so. But I’ll ask again, why is this the USA’s problem? Why doesn’t Mexico encourage smaller families? Perhaps their country could sustain them. Currently, that growth cannot be sustained. AGAIN, why is that our problem? Canada doesn’t seem to suffer from the same need to enter our country illegally in huge numbers.

          • “Got any proof of that? No, I didn’t think so.”
            Now who is being patronizing?

            Now, in order:

            Mexico is no less corrupt today than the US 100 years ago, and as the US is on its way to becoming again, as the wealth is being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

            How is it that the poorest of Mexicans, who are the ones coming here, are going to bring the patronage system and corruption of the wealthy with them? (Got any proof of that?)

            People who cannot feed their families will risk their lives to do so. You think people aren’t dying in Mexico, as well as while crossing the desert in search of wages? Do you get that families of ten live in the space of a bedroom and kitchen here happily, as it is better than the hut or tent or cardboard box they had back home?

            Why did the US discourage birth control with the Mexico Policy under each GOP administration? Why did US job expansion in Mexico in the 1980’s create a generation of wealthier people who could afford their families, until those jobs were moved away to someplace cheaper, and the former employees had to move into the wooden crates that once carried the equipment into the country that they used to work on? Why did the Catholic Church destroy the existing culture way back when, and how did that affect birth control? Why does the GOP still fight birth control, and then turn around and complain about people having too many kids? Are you aware that, as women become more educated, birth rates drop?

            Why doesn’t Canada have the same immigration problem? Seriously? I think we have circled back to the geography comment.

            Lastly, why is this the USA’s problem? Because for over 70 years, we have relied on cheap Mexican labor to pick our crops, nanny our kids, clean our motel rooms and pick up after us. We were too damn busy making the rich richer with corporate welfare and allowing ex-Nazis into the country, no questions asked, to create and pass fair, comprehensive immigration legislation. Ignoring problems never makes the solution easier. (Sequestration anyone?) And I believe we are our brothers and sisters keepers. We are all connected, ALL.

            Out of order, but, yes, you probably have more education that I do. I was reading at 4, and into the adult library by 12, and my mom was told my IQ was one of the top 3 in my high school. But I had trouble focusing on one subject, and to my great regret, never finished college. But a degree doesn’t necessarily make you any smarter. Some of the dumbest people I ever met had degrees, and some of the smartest high school drop outs.

          • Off topic because I addressed each one of your points? You may not agree with me, but that hardly makes me a troll. Seems you are the only one who feels this way, too.

          • My earlier reply was flippant and your post deserves more consideration than that.
            Your stance on this issue is admirable but not practical. I would love to open the floodgates and let all the world’s wretched refuse to enter and make better lives for themselves. It is NOT practical to do that. Yes, we have relied on cheap Mexican labor. That’s not to say that a desperate person from China should have to wait years to come here because so many Mexicans come illegally. MY point is that we have a system in place which is summarily ignored by our southern neighbors, whatever the reasons. Everybody has a story.
            I don’t disagree with you about the GOP and their dicta on birth control. These are the same people who decry a woman’s right to choose only to turn around and complain about Welfare and food stamps for impoverished families. Go figure.

          • And once again, THERE IS NO SYSTEM IN PLACE FOR LOW SKILL IMMIGRANTS FROM MEXICO. if you think there is a system they have ignored, you are mistaken. Has not been one for decades, which is exactly why we have the problems we have now. You can’t skip in line when there is no line to begin with.
            When there was a system, during the second world war, the Bracero system, the workers were cheated out of their money.
            Look both of these up if you don’t believe me.

          • POIAZ, when the floodgates were opened in the 19th century, half the country was still unsettled (by white people). The government gave free land to people via “The Homestead Act” to extend our presence in the west. Whether that was good or bad is not germane to this discussion. Applying the same criteria to present-day immigration is moot.

          • You kind of did that with your comment about your relatives, T-Mom. My dad’s people came over with Jean La Fitte. Neither had to worry about laws or quotas.

            This is a huge country, and the idea that we cannot take more people in is not truly accurate. We take in those who benefit us, and by us I mean corporate America. There is finally some discussion addressing K-1 visas, long used abundantly to bring in those with skills said to be in short supply. Turns out what was in short supply was employers willing to pay adequate wages to fill those jobs with Americans. So much cheaper to have those qualified citizens train those immigrants, then can them.
            Immigration is a game. The lowest group on the ladder always has come in and done the shit jobs, and today that is Hispanics, predominantly Mexicans, who have no legal path even for work visas. That doesn’t mean we don’t need them, and they certainly pay their own way, all the rhetoric aside. If the noisemakers established proper channels and work permits, many would likely go that route happily.
            Those who have families here, especially children who are citizens, absolutely need to have a path to either citizenship of legal resident status. Those who were brought here as children and know no other country also need a path. I believe people are more important than the letter of the law, especially laws that have benefitted the wealthy, and when the shit hits the fan, the children and workers are the ones who are punished, not the guys on top counting their millions.

          • Wow, what have you been smoking? The corruption of Mexico and other countries with a tiny minority having all the money and power is precisely where this nation is heading, and it doesn’t need the help of a single Mexican to do so. Trying to blame it on them in advance?

          • It is the USA’s problem because our big corporations and large farms want the workers here to fill in their shifts. Illegal workers are easy to control and really cheap.

          • No one has addressed who is bringing undocumented workers here. It is those who wish to cheat and exploit a person who doesn’t say much about it for fear of being deported.

          • Why don’t you answer? You’re the one justifying continued persecution based on your ignorance.

          • Sandy, you are exactly correct in that this country is headed in the same direction in terms of the One Percent. In fact I did mention that earlier. We, the 99 percent, are here and making a stand against it with our right to vote. We’re not sneaking across the border into Canada in huge, destabilizing numbers.

          • Too many Americans live in substandard housing and/or are homeless. That is not acceptable in this, the world’s richest country. We need Universal Health Care for ALL and more opportunities for our citizens.

          • Well, there is something we can agree on 100% TM! I am a single-payer supporter from way back. I never understand people like that jerk from Papa Johns not promoting it as well. It is in their best interest, as well as the best interests of the government and all citizens.

          • I don’t know your ethnicity, but you appear to be a person who is able to understand and empathize with those of different ethnicities. For blacks in this country, the Civil Rights activity of the 50s and 60s did much to advance their legal standing and legal equality. However, the black community in the US, having been subjected to generations of racism directed at them from the white majority, a condition that persists today regardless of supposed advances, live under the constant onus of being black. Some whites have even tried to get into this situation by living in the black community for a period of time; but, as with all such experiments, at the end of the day they can still go home to their white wives, their white children, their white neighborhoods, in effect leaving behind their assumed black persona. Generations of establishing a societal tradition of the fractured family makes it difficult for whites to look at them as stable or competent, and the fact that racism among whites does not die easily serves to exacerbate the problems associated with fractured families, making the failed black male a stereotype that in effect proves the validity of white stereotyping. For generations, entirely too many intelligent and capable young black men have been left behind, simply for the fact of their being black. Pile this phenomenon up for several generations, and it is easy to guess what the cumulative effect is – it is the rare individual who can pull himself out of this hole white society has dug for him.

          • Robert, when I was a kid in the 50’s and I thought my parents lived in the “olden days”, I believed, as the young will, that what happened a hundred years ago or more was ancient history. The older I got (and get) the more I realized that only a few short generations have passed in that time, only two when I was little. There were still people alive who had been slaves, or first generation non-slaves. The stories were fresh in the minds of the young whose grandparents carried the tales.

            I totally agree with you about the male black stereotype and how it is perpetuated. This generation is seeing the backlash of decades of that, as white youth have become more tolerant, and now have begun to emulate “stereo-typical” black youth. My mom used to say “Beware of what you want, for you will get it.”

            I don’t know if you were addressing me, but I am a white woman, married to a Puerto Rican man. I spent my first 25 years in a white neighborhood and white schools, but was fortunate that my parents, while products of their generation, respected people of color enough not to use pejoratives or tolerate it around their kids. I played with black kids in my grandparents’ neighborhood, and later as a young adult had black and Hispanic friends at work.

            My folks were not very political, and I regret my ignorance during the civil rights movement. My first intro to politics was from an uncle who was a life member in the John Birch Society. While visiting, he took me to an American Opinion bookstore. What I read sounded ok (ah, what evil webs were woven!), and, at 19 I walked into work on Monday sporting a Wallace Lemay button. I will never forget Cheryl Braddock asking me if I knew anything about George Wallace and “Bombs Away Lemay” and I had to admit I did not, really. She hauled me off to the women’s lounge and updated me in very short order I learned the importance of knowing both sides of an argument. The Wallace Lemay button hit the trash can, and I have been a liberal ever since!

          • POIA, we had similar upbringings, only my exposure to ‘others’ was limited to Jews and Italians. My parents were always aware of the ethnicity of our playmates but didn’t deter us from those connections. I’ve been to a seder and always thought last names that ended in a vowel were as American as apple pie. I’ve been a liberal and a democrat since I could vote. That does not negate the fact that our nation should protect itself against too many immigrants from arriving from anywhere. We have a system which is not fair because so many people come in illegally, jumping the line. There is a reason for this system, which I believe should be honored by all Americans.

          • If the system had been in place for those immigrants to come here legally to work, and then return home, there would not be the problem we now have. I have a post somewhere in this discussion that describes it in detail.
            Nonetheless, our country has never been hurt by the arrival of large immigrant pools, all of whom successfully assimilated in a generation or two. The problems have always been with the backlash and lack of empathy for those who come here out of need, not to plunder our system.

          • That is right. If there was a way for them to come legally and not be in competition with the coyotes and their benefactors (Greedy employers) it would solve the problem.

          • Actually, we may have had similar upbringings, but after 25 years in white neighborhoods, I bought a house in the inner city, with a mix that was about 50-50 lower income white/ Hispanic, and lived there for 20 years. It was the best place I ever lived, and I still regret selling my home there. I loved the ethnic mix, the closeness of my neighbors, and how we all worked together to keep it clean, graffiti free, and to get city services. Newer areas can afford isolationism and divisiveness; not so in older, marginalized areas.

          • Thanks for sharing that. I feel many of us had quite similar circumstances. I would like to suggest an excellent book that I recently finished regarding MLK and the Civil Rights Movement, especially his “Letter From Birmingham Jail”. The book is entitled Gospel of Freedom, by Jonathan Rieder. It is new, so I hope you can find it in your library.

          • Thank you! I would love to thank Cheryl as well. That was a long time ago, I left that company in 1979. I may have to do a people search. She was a pistol!

          • Robert, I couldn’t have said it better. That is what makes the situation in the black community unique in this country – the legacy of slavery.

          • Actually, West Germany did go to great lengths and expense to re-integrate the East. Where are you getting your “information” from?

          • They did eventually, Sandy, but at first they were very wary of what large numbers of non-integrated citizens would do to their economy, education system and overall infrastructure. To the credit of West Germany, they did a stellar job. The former Eastern Block countries still have widespread poverty and the UK is leery of ‘Polish plumbers’. Things have been settling down as those former Satellite Countries find their feet but the transition was bumpy in the beginning.
            Those countries have stabilized. When can we expect that from our brethren to the south of us? It never seems to end.

          • I know people in Germany. I was there when the wall was up. Those people on both sides were friends and relatives. The West was thrilled when the wall came down.

          • The good news is that the younger the person the less they notice color of skin. The even better news is that the older people are dieing off leaving the more tolerant to take over.

          • Even some of the older ones are repentant, like George Wallace., although I can imagine not too many people were standing in line to forgive him

          • How long a haul do you have in mind for the others you are talking about? About 190+ years after the nation’s founding, they were still treated as subhuman and prevented from doing anything about it by being denied the vote until the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights act were passed, and even today (as evidenced by various posts on this site, and one in particular on this article) they have not advanced at all in the minds of a fairly substantial minority which is strongly supported by one of the two major parties. How much longer do you think is reasonable for some one else to be forced to wait? Would you be willing to wait another 100 years? 200? 1,000?
            I doubt you’d be willing to wait at all if it were you. And you might believe in John Lennon, but I can’t imagine his agreeing with you, so please don’t drag his name through the mud to support your own rather nasty ideas.

        • In 1870, the kkk was born and proceeded on a lynching program that was lynching 29 Black people a month. Mississippi and Alabama hurried to enact Jim Crow laws and to intimidate and keep Black people from voting. It was a horrible society. If a what (isn’t that how they pronounced white back then?) man killed a Black man, he was either never charged or immediately acquitted. The other pattern was to starve the Black people by not allowing them decent jobs. Since we are not Nazis, we need Affirmative Action, Voter Rights, and Civil Rights.

          • While much has been done, legislatively, since the 1870s, to assure blacks in our society equality before the law, one cannot legislate morality. For too many years for too many people, racism has not registered on their moral compass and, despite the best intentioned legislation, blacks still endure a life that many white people cannot even imagine and, unfortunately, don’t want to imagine.

      • Catskinner, you do not believe in John Lennon’s words. Nor do you seem cognizant of the fact that the only way this country was able to move ahead was because of the Voting Rights Act, Civil Right’s Act, and affirmative action.
        Affirmative action became a dirty word. along with quotas. when whites, mostly white males, were no longer getting 100% of the good jobs.
        I am reminded of a study done after it was notices that teachers were favoring boys in classrooms. It was set up so the girls and boys each got called on and selected for things 50% of the time. The boys soon began complaining that the girls were “getting all the attention”!
        Perception. perception, perception.

        • Of course I believe in John Lennon’s words, Pissed, that’s why I think the government ought to treat everyone equally.

          • Unfortunately, treating everyone equally does not necessarily mean treating everyone fairly. You are confusing two different things.
            When writing living trusts for families, it is normal and even desirable. for disabled children to be treated differently when the parents’ assets are distributed. If impairments are mental, they may never have the inheritance given to them directly. If they required caregiving the rest of their lives, that will require an unequal distribution of funds.
            Right now, women still make far less than men for doing the same work, and both women and men of color are under-represented in upper management. Even if someone suddenly waved a magic wand and all people were indeed treated equally in hiring, it would take generations for those imbalances to be righted. And that is, of course, a pipe dream at this time and for many years to come.
            If the government treated all people equally, those with disabilities will not be eligible for any assistance. Only those lucky enough to be born wealthy would have proper care and opportunities.
            And of course, the deck is heavily stacked in favor of the rich and powerful. They have no problem with access to government, (programs or running for office), education, health care, transportation, food, housing, in short, almost everything. The rich are always a little more equal than the rest of us.

          • I don’t disagree with anything you say here, POinAZ. I’m only saying it’s not government’s place to play favorites. With affirmative action, for instance, a young man arriving in American from Kenya tomorrow might be desperately poor, but he would be able to take advantage of all kinds of government programs. However a young man arriving from Poland could be just as broke and just as desperate, and not qualify for any of them.

            If you happen to be born to grow up to be seven feet tall, and have a little athletic ability, you can play for the NBA and make millions of dollars a year. So should the NBA be required to hire a certain number of short people? It just doesn’t work and it breeds a whole lot of resentment.

          • Catskinner, I think you may not be aware of how affirmative action works. Your Kenyan vs. Polish immigrant argument is not even pertinent. (although under immigration rules, the Polish guy would likely have a better chance at getting into the country, but that is a different argument.

            Affirmative action did not and does not give people access to government programs such as food stamps or health insurance. Nor do any of the government programs I most often hear about as favoring people of color actually do so. (Example: My spouse has health problems due to exposure to Agent Orange in Viet Nam. We have just begun the process of applying for some degree of service-connected disability. A long-time customer who really likes my husband asked “Is he black enough?” I didn’t miss a beat. I said that all veterans were equally eligible, and that race would not be a determining factor. It was a stupid, racist comment, and reflected the incorrect view of way too many people that should know better. My husband is Puerto Rican, to boot!)

            Now, the purpose of affirmative action was not to get short people on NBA teams, but to get people into colleges and universities when they were qualified but routinely denied entry, as well as into jobs for which they were highly qualified but never even interviewed. This was no different than laws that stopped discrimination in housing and that eliminated white-only water fountains, public facilities and restaurants.

            Quota systems were necessary because the powers that were refused to even the playing field, and sadly, the (white) courts upheld that narrow-minded view. It was all good when the quota system was virtually 100% white, but the same people suddenly cried foul when they no longer had not only the edge but the whole platform. There were ways around the affirmative action mandates, such as requesting schools and temp agencies send “All-American” applicants. That was code for white. Even now, there is plenty of discrimination in hiring.

          • Well, PO’d, there might be a difference between how affirmative action is “supposed” to work, and how it works in actual practice.
            I was a contractor for a number of years, and I had to fill out forms about how many of this kind of minority I had on the payroll, or that kind of minority I had on the payroll, and if I didn’t have enough of one kind or another, my bid was thrown out. And if a minority contractor was bidding the job, I might as well not bother because he/she was given such a huge advantage there was no way I could compete.
            So the Kenya vs. Polish immigrant example works, and it works very well.

          • This would only apply to government jobs, so your company was free to bid on all the private jobs it wanted without interference. However government jobs do pay well, and you can count on your money. That is a big lure.

            Many states have a % set aside for minority business. Know why? Because prior to that, NO minority business ever got a contract. Same 100% white quota system I have mentioned before. So while you may have had a tougher time getting some jobs, you were not disqualified all the time due to being white.
            So the Kenya vs Polish immigrant example has no bearing on this either, unless they are both male, both become US citizens, and both start companies and both want to go to all the trouble of bidding on gov jobs. A bit of a stretch.
            By the way, if you were married and had made your wife a 51% owner of your company, you, too, could have qualified for that minority contractor set aside. Ditto a woman or minority partner.

          • When you’re in a recession, PO’d, there aren’t a lot of private jobs to bid on. In fact, most of the time there aren’t any. The Kenya vs. Polish example works just as well if the two people are simply applying to work on the job.
            And what if I were gay and had a male partner. You’re scenario still doesn’t work, so affirmative action is still government sponsored racism.

          • As a contractor, I know all about the recession. Weathered it, still in business, and didn’t find the need to blame some other group for lack of work. Technically, being that I am a white woman, and my husband is Hispanic, you would think that we would be eligible for those contracts, but since we are 50-50 partners, we aren’t. Minority owner has to be 51%. But gov jobs are a pain to get, so didn’t change paperwork.

            Are you gay? If your assumed partner white? If no, and no, then there is still the partnership option. Could have asked your mom, or sister, or any female friend or relative.

            Or you could have busted your chops looking for more work like the rest of us. I repeat, did not find the need to blame some other group of people for taking away “my” jobs.

    • I often ask these multiculturalism is good morons to show me the benefits …. real benefits …. or ask them what society they would chose to live in … one in Central America …. South America …Africa …. the Middle East ….Asia …. or the examples we have here in the U.S. of the joys of multicultural bliss ….Detroit ….Camden …. Flint … Gary ….. St Louis …. Washington D.C. …. L.A. ….. New Orleans ….. East St Louis …. Birmingham ….. Philly …. Harrisburg ….. Newark…. Chicago …. SHRUG * …… I don’t recall any of them having ever made the choice ….but they do call me names

      • So you are basically saying that there are NO cases in the US of successful multicultural communities, and, basically, that only whites have contributed to making this country as great as it is. Do I have that right, or have I left something out?

          • Do you have any idea who developed the process for isolating plasma from whole blood, thereby saving the lives of millions? And do you have any idea regarding the circumstances of his death?

          • You are going to scare these folks with factual information. But don’t worry, they have no idea of what you are talking about and they won’t take the time to find out. Tragic what is happening to our country so full of hate and ignorance.

          • Plenty of dark-skinned immigrants and those born here are successful because they have been inculcated with our value system. Skin color is not a way to measure ability. Those who arrive on our door-step and bring their problems with them are not going to be welcomed with open arms, nor should they be. They are the ones who inspire mistrust among American-born citizens. One example is Sharia Law. No, we don’t allow honor killings here. Should we be worried that a large majority of Muslims might try to push through a law which would allow this? I don’t have an answer but it’s part of what separates ‘us’ from ‘them’.

          • The Constitution is the law of the land in our country. You have nothing to fear on the Sharia Law front. Don’t allow yourself to taken in by fraudulent hyperbole. There are ten of thousands of Muslims in the country and Sharia Law is not something to fear, no matter what Beck and his ilk state.

          • I am not worried about Sharia Law. It has become an issue in place where there is a large concentration of Muslims. My point was that if Muslims wish to come here, they should not expect things to be the way they are ‘back home’. We have laws which need to be respected. This is an age-old issue with immigration, of course, but most of the old ‘groups’ have assimilated. Birth control may be illegal in Ireland but doesn’t deter Irish-American women from obtaining them, if that is their choice.

          • Sharia law is not a monolithic, precise code for all Muslims, as Canon law is for members of the Catholic church. Each of the communities that embraced, or were ruled by, Islam in the past has had centuries of discussion about Sharia, which is simply the interpretation of the Koran by many scholars in many places over many years. The extremists are the ones who want to push THEIR strict interpretation as the ONLY one, and collectively they have no more power in the Muslim world as a whole than their Christian equivalents. Many aspects such as honor killing are the cultural baggage that came into Islam from the ethnic groups that adopted it, which OTHER Muslims do not accept as authoritative. At any rate, Muslims living in nations not ruled by Muslim leaders generally accept that they have no more power to ENFORCE Sharia than Jews have to enforce Kosher laws: namely, shun the person perceived as misbehaving, and at worst for that person to leave their community.

          • OMG, sharia law? Get an effin’ life, fool. Muslims have been here since the 18th century or before.
            The “us” and “them” argument has been used against every single immigrant group that ever came to this country. You look like you might be European or Irish. Your grandparents or great-grand parents were exactly the kind of “problem” you are now citing.
            I might add that your ancestors felt absolutely no need to assimilate into the Native culture here. They overran and destroyed it, killing thousands of men, women and children, stealing their lands, and oh, just incidentally, leading us into a way of life that is so unsustainable that it now threatens the planet.
            Nice work, white woman!

          • POIA, I refer you to my earlier statement whereby the earliest invaders of North America were Spanish in origin. They began the exploitation of native peoples starting with Hernando Cortez. My family arrived off the boat from Ireland and were welcomed into the Civil War. My great-great-great fought in the NY 69th regiment. We still have his rifle and Union Army discharge papers. He did not come here illegally, nor did the rest of the family. We have a system in place which is ignored by our neighbors to the south, which is unfair to immigrants from other countries who are waiting in line. I’ll ask you again, why should the USA be expected to pick up the slack for Mexico, which is overpopulated and cannot sustain this kind of growth?

          • Your greatx3 did not enter illegally because all immigrants were welcome then. There were no laws to break. THERE IS NO SYSTEM for the neighbors to the south, a fact you are obviously unaware of. And I will tell you again, go pick your own fruit and veggies in the field, clean your own motel rooms and do the towels and bedding, mow your own lawns and those of your rich white neighbors, pick up your own dishes at the restaurant, slaughter your own chickens, etc.

          • Did you personally ask the native americans for passage or just assume the previous illegal immigrants were all the permission you needed?

          • FWIW, I believe Native Americans have been treated egregiously in this country and in many ways still are.

          • They were rounded up and forced into death marches. Then a parcel of land was given to a tribe until oil or some other asset was discovered on it. Then the boundaries changed. Whole tribes were systematically killed. I read an old newspaper in the archives in the Boise Capital (Idaho). There was a call for blankets from small pox victims who had died. They wanted to give them to the Native Americans

          • And they are so blissful in their ignorance, fully into their belief that their God has given them dominion.

          • I agree to an extent. But the youth show us there is hope. They are much more tolerant of others and see nothing wrong in being different.

          • I do not remember his name, but I remember the story. A black doctor living in the deep South made blood transfusions safe enough to be a viable alternative to standing by and doing nothing. Which is why he died in a car crash when he could have been saved … the WHITE ONLY hospital near enough to save him refused to admit him.

          • Unfortunately that, too, was my understanding of the circumstances surrounding his death. I have subsequently learned that I was in error, and that he did, in fact, receive good medical care. However, the legacy of his work in making blood transfusions available, especially on the battlefield even before the US got into WWII, is credited with saving millions of lives, even white lives. His name was Charles Drew. The article in WIKIPEDIA is fairly comprehensive.

          • One of the best episodes ever of MASH taught me that one, Robert. In fact, when Alan Alda years later denigrated his role as “only an actor” and said you could not really learn much from TV. that was the first thing that jumped to my mind! I learned plenty from Hawkeye and BJ!

          • MASH had an impact on an entire generation. Even in reruns it is still quite popular, and still quite timely.

          • Who physically built the railroads? Who invented peanut butter, and promoted crop rotation? Who sent the code in WWII that the Japanese could not break? These are just the top of the list, everybody ought to know stuff. And Aggie and buffalo, you are ignorant fools.

            Quick list of George Washington Carver’s inventions & contributions.

            About 300 peanut-products
            Sweet potato products
            Soybeans into plastic
            Wood shavings into synthetic marble
            Cotton into paving blocks
            Crop-rotation methods giving special stress to nitrogen replenishing role of legume products
            And that’s just one guy, who had to fight to get into a university.

        • I guess it is an easy reach for Aggony95. When you only invite one team to play and everyone else is cleaning up your s**t, the conclusion becomes simple (but incorrect).

      • If you know the answer to every question before you ask it, how do you learn anything? I can predict any answer you choose to make, so I will only say, you do deserve everything you have been called.

    • The benefit is that you get the smug satisfaction of believing you’re morally superior to people who don’t think like you.

    • Today, there are at least 3 million jobs available in the US for which Americans simply are not qualified. In a decade, that number will quadruple. Without a workforce that can effectively fill those jobs, it will be eminently reasonable for the companies that supply those jobs to take them somewhere else. For today, the best way for us to keep those jobs here is for us to allow people who are qualified for those jobs to either emigrate here, or stay here when they finish schooling HERE. Until our educational system provides businesses with qualified applicants by educating our children (something Republicans are resisting at every step of the way), the only way we can compete with the world and keep good jobs in this country is to accept immigrants. If you do not understand that as a benefit, then may God protect us.

        • If you don’t believe our educational system is a major part of the problem, then how are we going to fill the current backlog of 3 million technical jobs, and the 12 million in our short term future? Where are the skilled workers going to come from, if our system does not educate them? And if we cannot educate them to be prepared for the jobs of the future, do you really think the companies that are providing those jobs are going to stay here?

          • I don’t think Americans object to immigrants with good qualifications coming here to contribute their skills. The hordes of dark-skinned people who illegally cross our borders in destabilizing numbers with not much to offer except themselves in large numbers cause resentment.

          • Interestingly, as mall town just north of a major Southern city is hosting some Chinese representatives of Chinese business, and the Chinese are considering moving to the area.

        • Right-wing wackos have been trying to shove their religion and their love for rule books (except those rules that apply to them) into our schools. Their intent is too destroy that “liberal” education that these ignorant, bigots hate. Unfortunately, this “liberal” education WORKS WORLDWIDE and our lack of its embrace is largely responsible for our decline. This nation does not need creation museums and arguments over schools teaching evolution. We waste a lot of money on charter schools, religious schools, arguing over curricula, and useless tests. The only thing this creates is more neat, right-wing mindless drones that are only fit for business The “business” of fleecing the public and the system. Of course, this is the 1950’s paradise that the right-wing wants. Unfortunately, they will eventually lose. Why not make peace with other ideologies now? When they finally are defeated, and on demographics alone it is inevitable, will we still have a nation? Will it be worth living in? Training and rational ideas will make America move forward, not closed minds basing their theories on falsehoods.

  4. Their vitality ought to be welcomed.

    The vitality of Detroit, St. Louis, Mexico, Haiti, Somalia, Bosnia, etc.

    Diversity isn’t a strength. It’s endless conflicts and power struggles for ethnic, racial, and religious supremacy.

    What we’ll have in a few decades is massive ethnic corruption and power plays for dominance.

    This is America’s future.

    • Excuse me, please, for differing with you, and those few that have preceded you with their postings. Detroit and St. Louis ARE parts of the US, the rest that you have mentioned are NOT. Just a little hint about your geography. Corruption? Apparently you have NO idea of how your beloved country works. Corruption has been a way of life in this country since before the Civil War. Tammany Hall and Teapot Dome may not ring a bell with you, but they do for many who are apparently much better read in this country’s history. Eisenhower presciently warned us to beware of the military industrial complex, which has essentially taken control of this country away from the individual voter. As the Occupy movement clearly demonstrated, money in this country has become the main corruptor, and the chief pathway to political power, WITHOUT the intrusion or input of your dreaded immigrants.

      • Corruption does exist in every culture. However, the difference is how pervasive and the end result.

        While corruption happens in white nations, things still get built and society progresses. When blacks take control, corruption is without limits, nothing is built, and societies degrade.

        Maybe there’s a pay off or kick back to build new roads but in white nations, roads get built.

        That’s the difference between white corruption and black corruption.

        • Who is in charge of our US Congress? Who is making decisions to allow our infrastructure to decay and collapse. In fact, what is the racial makeup of our Congress, who is in the decided majority, and who is making the legislative decisions that are taking this country to hell in a handbag? Blacks have never held the reins in this country, so whatever bleak future we can see for this country is one created by whites. White corruption in this country has been nicely documented from the time of the Tea Pot Dome scandal up to today, at levels of power and influence not even open to blacks.
          “in white nations, roads get built”? Really! The state where I live, North Carolina, which for the past 100 years plus has been dominated by whites, had some of the best roads in the country in the 1940s and 50s. Today, White politicians have allowed them to deteriorate terribly, along with bridges and railroads, schools, airports, seaports, etc. Blacks, except for a brief period during Reconstruction, have had virtually no part in making those decisions. Are all whites in your neighborhood as historically ignorant as you are?

        • The difference is you are a racist that would not understand the answer when it is given. Unfortunately, though you are apparently naturally ignorant, your intent to remain so makes it impossible for you to observe the truth.

        • The difference between white and black corruption is: NONE.
          The difference is more often between the corruption of poor and rich.

        • On the other hand, I can just point out that you obviously have not looked out beyond the limits of your own narrow mind to see how the world really is. I do realize, that with the help of the likes of Rush Limbaugh, you have just imagined how the world works. Once again, you have made up a discussion topic and manufactured the evidence to prove it. And once again, your point is invalid. I will not waste further time giving you dozens of counter arguments. True ones I might add, based on fact, not fantasy like yours.

      • And betting on derivatives and making money speculating and paying little or no taxes on the ill-begotten gains.

        • Actions for which, much to the chagrin of most Americans, have not resulted in prosecutions or any kinds of penalties. Every time gas prices go up (again – it seems that is the only direction they go), it becomes apparent that it is NOT the result of the availability of oil, but the actions of speculators. Attempts to regulate derivatives are thwarted at every step, by those who stand to benefit the most. Both aspects of our financial markets should be regulated much more than they are.

    • Societies without diversity, DIE. Proven historically. Think of inbreeding on a large scale. The diverse society is smarter, more active, more upbeat, and especially more innovative. Of course, as you are part of the problem, you will not see this.

      The examples you give are nonsense. You chose areas that are extremely impoverished, even for this country, or are only diverse due to having mixed religions (one of which you hate) and are impoverished. In other words, your point is invalid. . . .

  5. And all those “dark” people having slipped in and become “citizens” will be told over and over again about racist America. They will NEVER assimilate and they will be an ever increasing vanguard of HATE against those of a different race. Never made to feel a part of this country, in the years to come, will they give a damn about its historical sites? It’s history? Preservation of something they hate? And how will they treat those aging white Americans? Will those in the health professions (those few with brains) see it as an opportunity to abuse an elderly white patient? As their numbers swell will we see more and more stories about white VICTIMS of brown RACISM? You have some gall writing this article. There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve something you love and everything wrong with murdering it willingly WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THOSE WHO PROTEST. In 1965 when the vile Kennedy changed the immigration laws of this country Americans were told there would be no dire consequences. That was a flat out lie. No one has the right to be a part of our American family unless Americans want them to be. And for those who have a brain, this was never about “diversity” or any other dog whistle Marxist word. It was always about bringing in more useful idiots for the Marxist cultural revolution. Lenin believed the mixing of the races was a precondition for revolution and conquest. And he was right.

    • And how long has your family, from both parents, through grandparents, on back as far aw you can trace, lived in this country. Since the Revolution, the vast majority of people who live here are the direct descendants of second to fourth generation immigrants. Very few who now live in the US can actually trace their lineage directly back to those white settlers of the Revolution. Look at the DAR and its extensive documentation of lineages. Their totals, compared to the current population of this country of 310 millions, are meager. The simple, cold fact is that the vast majority of the inhabitants of the United States of America are the descendants of immigrants. And none of what I have said even accounts for the ORIGINAL Americans. The total population of the Americas in 1491 has been demonstrated to have exceeded that of the rest of the world known to Europeans. Look at Census figures over the past 100 years in the US and explain how we could have such population numbers (with average natural growth rates of 3 – 4 %) WITHOUT immigration.

      • Will you be happy with US birth rates of countries comparable to India and China? How many people will be enough for you?

        Is that what America is to you? A business enterprise for foreign workers?

        The love of money is the root of all evil.

        • Couldn’t come up with an answer that you were comfortable with, could you? I have no problem with the inescapable FACT that my ancestors were immigrants. I do have a problem with claims that the ills of this country are due to immigrants. Hell, every white man in this country is an immigrant, from the colonial descendants of Captain John Smith down to today.
          The point you do seem to dwell on, however, is our birth rate as it relates to our population. Why don’t you send your little quote to the US Congress? Apparently you didn’t even understand what I was talking about, that our current workforce cannot fill the jobs that are out there, and we need skilled immigrants to keep those jobs here.

          • If you want to talk about the facts of immigration, the United States of America prospered when immigration was limited to whites.

          • The largest influx of foreigners in this country, based upon the ratio of immigrants to the existing population, was prior to the Revolution, when slaves were brought into this country to support a system of agriculture based upon their labor. This country’s initial economic success was, quite simply, based upon the forced immigration of slaves. If you are naïve enough to believe that many of the non-white immigrants entering this country are going to do less to help this country, you are mistaken. Among the top 30 industrialized countries (including our neighbors to the north and south), we rank about 25th in the quality of education, so pretty much ANYONE who comes here, legally or illegally, will be better educated than those he may find here already. The less educated Irish, Italian, Polish, German, etc. who migrated to this country prior to WWI, bringing their skills with them, were sorely needed to build this country into the powerhouse it eventually became, and what was being said against them when they were arriving in droves pretty much reflects what you seem to believe. Non-white Asian and Asian-Indian immigrants come from educational systems far superior to ours, and these people coming to the US today are a Godsend.
            You need to use toilet paper more frequently before you start putting your crap down on paper.

          • Yeah, he really couldn’t, could he? It is amazing that they can argue both sides at the exact same time. Of course, we both know that it is not about “a kinder and gentler America” that G. W. Bush spoke about, but about having their way and living in a nation they feel they “own,” regardless of all those “others” they hate so badly.

        • Fact and truth seem to create an allergic reaction for you.

          1. Do you want a birth rate that is that high, but only if it is White?

          2. Birth rates fall greatly when people are well off, well-cared for, and fully employed. If we have a huge, and growing, group of impoverished people, will you be happy that you have plenty of slave labor?

        • Continued

          3. Is this really just about total population or about who comprises that population?

          4. Finally, and you have got nerve, buster. This nation has turned into an “enterprise for foreign workers.” How do you think it got that way? Your last line answered that question, already.

        • “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Then out of your own mouth, America is doomed. That is ALL we care about. We cannot keep the rich from subverting our government. We cannot make sensible laws because the money people may be affected adversely. We cannot correct immoral business conduct, unless “business” wants it done. Even our justice system cannot dispense “justice,” because it would be too expensive. Everything the right-wing does is based on money rather than ethics and morality, EXCEPT when it comes to controlling those untermensch they believe god has given into their hands. And weak minded people like you will sell your vote to them, ensuring your own misery (AND mine), because of expensive propaganda aimed at making you hate your neighbor.

    • Clair Hair is a troll and not to be taken seriously.

      A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages for persoanl engrandizement in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[ or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

      He is an illustration of Clair.

  6. Those of us who can see the world we are losing is much better than the world that the uninformed are trying to replace it with, will continue to oppose these efforts to drive the US down into third world status with every bone in our collective bodies.

    • If you and most of the other posters on this site could for just one minute get your heads out of your asses, and LOOK at the world around you that has been created by the greed of America’s ruling class, you just might begin to realize how foolish you have been.

        • Yeah all of those greedy illegal aliens coming here to work for minimum wage. Yeah those are the greedy ones alright. Do you have any idea just how ignorant you sound? The 1% have been screwing you and using folks like you as cover for generations, and yet you still don’t get it. Your are being played like a $2 fiddle by the owners of this country. They belong to an exclusive club and you and the overwhelming majority of the American people are not invited. Get it?

        • You are a disgusting hell bound piece of shit. I wish you could change places with some of the “greediest” of them. You would starve or commit the criminal acts you so obviously are prone to. Catskinner = Troll

  7. I don’t care about skin color, period, all I care about is that people are civilized human beings with consciences and empathy.

    People who are obsessed with skin color possess none of those characteristics, which is why they project lack of them onto everybody else.

    • The reason I see skin color is because skin color is a good proxy for behavior.

      The fact is, black behavior is universal. Detroit, Haiti, Liberia, et al. Even the Chinese in China have the same problems with their African workers.

      • Behavior? Really? Have you taken the time to study the “behaviors” of the different cultures? I assume you are white and of European ancestry. Please go beyond the white-washed (no pun intended) history lessons that were taught in our pro-white American schools and learn world history from a real-world perspective. You will find that the “behavior” of your ancestors to be the most brutal, ugly, racist, murderous and dehumanizing of all cultures. Over time, when given the equal amounts of ingredients to produce good behavior and good citizenry, we all have evolved to produce good communities and good society. No single race holds a monopoly on this.

        • Dez, no doubt white society has a lot to answer for in terms of exploitation of non-whites around the world. The word we need to think about is ‘culture’. Do darker societies have cultural values similar to our own, present-day values? The answer is no. Why? That’s beyond my purview.

          • Seriously, if you think about it, the United States does not and never had a “culture” of our own.

            Everything we know and do has been transplanted, adapted, brought over from other countries by legal or illegal immigrants.

            There never was and never will be anything truly American. We are far from being the “Exceptionalistic Country” some are trying to paint us as.

          • What about our novel form of Republican government with its checks and balances? What about our Bill of Rights guaranteeing individual freedoms? Most nations throughout history never had anything like that.

          • Do you really consider what has been going on in our government as being Balanced? Congress has never had such a low public opinion of it in the entire history of this country.

            Actually, there is no Bill of Rights. Our entire Constitution is nothing more than a document displaying “concepts”. There is really nothing “guaranteed” in it other the concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness. And, these so-called rights have to be legislated for by our large body of laws to make sure someone else don’t take them away from you.

            And, I can guarantee you that what we think of, of these so-called rights, many parts of the world are way more serious in enforcing those rights.

            No, tdm, what we think of as rights is really brainwashed illusion, Uber Patriotism, Blind Faith cloaked in a system of government which has always screwed everyone else except those at the top of the food chain.

            The rest of us, the bottom 90% of our society, are nothing but bottom feeders. Only we are too brainwashed, ignorant, bigoted, fearful, hate-filled to realize it.

            You are right though, most nations throughout history never had anything like we have here. Some of these nations would NEVER tolerate what their government would do them as ours is doing to us.

            Take this for granted, our great grandparents would NEVER have tolerated all this crap that’s going on today, 100+ years ago.

            Our system of government today needs to be totally torn down and rebuilt from scratch and I mean all the way down to the local level. That’s how bad things have evolved due to unchecked capitalism and greed which it fosters to the hilt.

            Sorry, at the rate it’s going, I have very little faith in our government, our country lasting another 100 years.

        • IF anyone studies world history, they’ll find out that ALL cultures at one time or the other was modernized and highly advanced for their time in history.

          The reason for their eventual downfall into chaos is in the nature of Entropy. In a broad term of the word, it basically means the more complex a system becomes, the more unstable it becomes and leads to many problems that for the most part become unsolvable as we are experiencing now.

          Eventually the system become too complex, too unstable and falls from its own weight.

          Our society, our culture, our civilization is no different than any other.

      • You kind of made that racist s**t up, didn’t you? That last line kinda shows the racist fantasy world you live in. How many African workers are in China? A country that has a multitude of unskilled workers. In Europe, most of the same behavior you allude to is associated with whites. Of course, there are blacks and asians, but the key here is poverty and lack of opportunity. Of course, this is how the right-wing capitalist always wants things. This mass of humanity is where they have always drawn their human fodder to do their lousiest jobs. Unfortunately these days, they seek their grunt labor in foreign lands that are even more impoverished.

      • What you call “Black Behavior is simply “disenfranchised, disrespected, persecuted in childhood, economically deprived, poor ‘other.'”

        It is not the behavior of my former law partner, but it was the behavior of Irish and Italian immigrants who were in their day “disenfranchised, disrespected, persecuted in childhood, economically deprived, poor ‘other.'”

        And those of us who are White and frightened should remember that the White race is not indigenous to North America, that the indigenous peoples were dark, and were deprived by you of their birthright by simple trespass theft, supplemented by ‘agreements’, Treaties, negotiated at gunpoint, and then largely ignored by you for your benefit.

        So relax, and let the darker folks in. You can’t afford (or at least your conservative/libertarian politicians would think not) to track down, take into custody, feed, house and process to a decree, and then haul to the border, eleven million people. Speaking of austerity budgets/continuing resolutions.

        Besides, it is they and their babies who will cause your social security to be funded.

        • I live where there is an atomic energy plant. The Black people who came here with the plant are well educated and yes, many are nuclear scientists. I would much rather be with them than an ignorant racist from Buffalo. I suppose Buffalo is ashamed of that person.

    • Everyone’s skin color comes from the pigment melanin. Some people have more and some people have less. Choosing your skin color before birth is not something that has been accomplished. Racists show how little worth they have when the only thing they have to brag about is the color of their skin. The Bible explains it very well in Songs of Solomon. “Look not upon me because I am black. I am black because the sun has looked upon me.” I interpret that to mean the intensity of the melanin is related to protective coloring.

  8. There’s an app for that, Ms. Tucker.

    It’s called “Zimbabwe,” and you deserve everything that your Robert Mugabe is going to dish out.

    And you aint’ gonna like it.

    • And your ideal program to fix all ills is called “Nazi Germany,” where a nice group of fine white people will give you Hitler Version 69. Yeah, you can ram that s**t up your sorry troll a**. And there are plenty more examples of dictatorships in the Euro and Euro dominated world.

    • Daniel, that may be but it is worth listening to people like Clare because there are many who feel as she does. Turning a blind eye to those of similar sentiment isn’t enlightening. Forewarned is forearmed.

      • Baloney. All trolls want to do—and their apologists–is to distract those of us who want constructive dialogue THAT IS ON TOPIC.

        Go post at foxfauxnews, or rush limbaugh…

        What do her comments have to do with a Nation Should Welcome Darkening Demographic? Nothing.

        CLair: ” In 1965 when the vile Kennedy changed the immigration laws of this country Americans were told there would be no dire consequences. That was a flat out lie. No one has the right to be a part of our American family unless Americans want them to be.”

        And the best one: “Hey useful idiot, You want the “planet” to get past skin color, etc? Here’s a clue: There is NO SUCH THING AS THE NEW SOCIALIST MAN. We are all HUMAN BEINGS. Human beings are HARD WIRED to want to be with their own. IT’S CALLED SURVIVAL. That’s why NOTHING has changed since the dawn of man. Because you left wing fascists have been trying to force the humanity out of the human race and replace it with your fascist politics. Left wing politics is an attempt to undo the Laws of Nature. In other words, there is no God but FASCISM. ou are truly a blunt tool.

        Troll rant. Ignorant. Uneducated. The worst thinking in humans. It is useless drivel wrapped in racism.

        Back to to topic: “Either way, the overwhelmingly white nation that Rockwell depicted in his sentimental paintings is gone….For the year ending July 1, 2012, deaths among non-Hispanic whites exceeded births, the Census Bureau reported. The majority of births in
        this country are now to blacks, Asians and Latinas…..That trend helps to explain the discomfort among older conservative voters with immigration, which has been the driver of the nation’s
        increasing diversity. They see the country in which they grew up, in
        which they held the political, social and economic power, slipping away,becoming a place with which they are unfamiliar. Their anxiety boils down to a misplaced fear that they will be strangers in their own land.”

        Comment on that nothing else…

          • When one doesn’t have an answer to a question, especially if that answer conflicts with one already believes, they revert to name calling in general; ‘troll’ specifically.
            I disagree with most of what Claire says. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a right to say it.

          • see response above:

            no—only those who intentionally post off topic bulls@! like you…that’s all…

            the name troll is universal for your behavior and thinking….sorry…

            “if it posts like a troll, reposts like a troll is offended by being called a troll….well…it is a troll.”

            Simply stay on topic, and post a well though out statement and quit trying to distract people ok?

      • There are many stupid people in the world, Numbers does not mean we should embrace that stupidity. Ignorance is like lice. The shame is not in having it, but keeping it.

        • Yes, Ida, but we should be aware of what the ignorant among us have to say. Sticking our heads in the sand is not the answer, however comforting that thought might be.

  9. Folks there is no such thing as race. There is only one species of ‘homo sapiens’ on the planet at this time. Genetic variation accounts for a great many things including skin color, but we are the same under the skin. It is time for the species to mature and get over this nonsensical racial bias. Hate, fear and distrust all work well to divide people, and it helps maintain the status quo…for better or worse. Which will it be?

  10. One of the reasons white Americans may not be reproducing themselves is because they can’t afford it. The cost of having a child in a hospital is enormous, even with medical insurance. Illegal immigrants who give birth are often supported by Medicaid. No wonder they aren’t afraid to have five-plus children in their families. It’s not ‘color’, it’s ‘culture’. I don’t see the hispanic culture as being particularly desirable in the US. Other immigrant groups (Asians, Jews) have usually pursued excellence in the arts and education. Mexicans do work hard and the ones I know personally have the same goals as the rest of America. The culture of having huge families is the root cause of the problems in Mexico, which drive them to seek financial redress in the US. Do the math – if you have an honorable, hard-working Mexican man who is contributing a few thousand dollars to the local tax base, that is a good thing. If he has six children in the public schools at $5000 per child, well…..

      • How so? Are we not debating the effects of immigrants, specifically dark-skinned ones, on the future of our country? Is it not germane to question the reasons for the large numbers of immigrants to the US regardless of their country of origin?
        BTW, I doubt you will find anyone more liberal than myself. If I could register as a socialist, I would. So it is fruitless to put me in a box with a label.

    • The reason the birth rate is slowing down is because when women be come more autonomous they find that being barefoot and pregnant not all that pleasant.

  11. The point of the article to refresh memories:

    “Whatever the long-term problems with our Social Security and Medicare
    programs, they’d be far worse without the Latinos, Asians and Africans
    who have revitalized rundown neighborhoods, invigorated popular culture
    and shared in the American Dream. As Brookings Institution demographer
    William Frey told The New York Times, the new census figures
    make “more vivid than ever the fact that we will be reliant on younger
    minorities and immigrants for our future demographic and economic
    growth….Their vitality ought to be welcomed.”

    Now–this article is about the concept of demographics and how they are changing for the better….nothing else from what I can read.

    Ms Tucker: “Without them, the United States would be doomed to the kind of
    demographic “bust” that countries from Japan to Russia are experiencing,
    with birth rates so low that the population is not reproducing itself.
    That has all sorts of dire economic consequences.”

    Ms; Tucker: “The Limbaugh audience, like the GOP primary voter, skews older.
    Looking toward voting patterns 10 to 20 years from now, Republican
    strategists have fretted over the party’s failure to appeal to younger

    The article is about demographics and the fact that as a nation we need to embrace the changing demographics not DEMONIZE those of the changing demographic as Rush Limbaugh and other media “trolls” do.

    Fear mongering is the worst trait in humand and particularly media pundits and other demogues like Limbaugh.

    Finally: “Their anxiety boils down to a misplaced fear that they will be strangers in their own land.”

    • Well, Daniel, I mentioned this earlier but will do so again. Many American families who would like to have more children are hindered by the expense of giving birth. My daughter would love another child (she has two) but cannot for financial reasons. Why should her taxes go toward subsidizing large families from immigrant groups, especially of the illegal variety? I would question this dichotomy even if all the illegals were from northern Europe, btw. So we are told that without immigration, we cannot sustain ourselves in the future. I call b.s. on that one.

      • Your comment simply has nothing to do with the point of the article. It is about demographics.

        You are entering the land of trolls unfortunately with off topic observations….sorry…

        • Okay. If you don’t like what the poster has to say, that poster is a troll. Correct? Heat in the kitchen too much for you? Lol.

          • no—only those who intentionall post off topic bulls@! like you…tha’s all…

            the name troll is universal for your behavior and thinking….sorry…

            “if it posts like a troll, reposts like a troll is offended by being called a troll….well…it is a troll.”

            Simply stay on topic, and post a well though out statement and quit trying to distract people ok?

        • Why don’t you simply disagree with my assertions and provide some proof to back up your own? Surely that is more constructive than merely dismissing me as a troll.

          • its time to let it rest….your continued responses only prove my point vividly.

            Go back toi the tennis court OK?

  12. I’m white and am glad that our numerical dominance will soon fade away. One of the big lessons I have gotten out of the Obama years is an appreciation for the ugliness and stupidity of too many white people, as embodied in the Tea Party and Republican Party generally. Loosening the grip of white stupidity will mean we can have the kind of more modern society we want. Bring it on.

    • Oh, that doesn’t sound too racist now, does it? I am a white person who also deplores ignorance on the part of white Tea Partiers. I voted for Obama and don’t see his color as a barrier to his intelligence or achievement. I also don’t think his negative qualities have anything to do with his color.
      Our country is supposed to be a melting pot. We are increasingly seeing immigration from one specific race of people (Hispanic) which does not comply with our ideals of diversity. It is not right that they are given priority just because they are here illegally (many of them). Why is it fair for a person from Poland or Norway to wait extra years to come here because our borders are porous?

  13. I agree that Norman Rockwell painted what he saw as the good in America. Knowing that there were grave injustices, he tried to show the good side of human nature anyway, and in the one painting referring to a political issue, the little black girl walking into school escorted by U.S. Marshals, he was showing hope for the future. He would be just as happy to show the positive side of our “darker” America if he were here today.

    It is ironic that the nations we helped to defeat in World War II had built their evil regimes on racism; in Germany, only “true Aryan” Germans counted; in Italy, Mussolini promoted the “new Roman Empire;” and the Japanese had long isolated themselves because they believed they were the only true human beings (some in the older generation still feel that way, which is why they are busily trying to build robots to care for their elderly rather than hire excellent, but racially unacceptable, Filipino nurses). We helped those nations not only to rebuild their governments and economies after their defeat, but to begin their — and our — progress out of racism.

    If any racists are interested in SCIENTIFIC explanations for why some nations are more advanced technologically than others, check out Jared Diamond’s book “Guns, Germs and Steel” at your local library. The accidents of geography and ecology have a lot more to do with it than the biology of the people in each nation.

    Some ancient Romans felt the way these people do; they were afraid to let Gothic immigrants in, much less let them obtain Roman citizenship, for fear that Rome would be less Roman. And it is true, Rome eventually changed … to CHRISTIAN; then fell (in the West anyway), because of the corruption that had been there all along. The resulting post-Dark Age civilization became greater than Rome had ever been, partly because it WAS a mixture of people from Ireland to Iran, and partly because its Muslim neighbors preserved classical literature and added their own creativity in tolerance (see Synagogue of Toledo), economics (universally recognized banking with checking accounts), science (chemistry and math), and legal scholarship (the THEN liberal interpretation of Sharia law). The Islamic world TODAY is an example of what happens when these advanced ideas give way to jingoistic prejudice; the only prejudice NONE of today’s Muslims have is that based on biological race, but too many (and that is a problem for their fellow Muslims to solve, ultimately) have hatred of other religions and of secular civilizations, just like … American hyper-evangelical Christians.

    • I can also assume you’ve read Will and Ariel Durants 13 volumes ‘THE HISTORY OF CIVILIZATION?”

      Your premise and statement is very much appreciated given some of the moronic postings here. While off topic, you give a historical view of “demographics” as it relates to other civilizations approach to the predominant race being threatened by outside “hords” ie The Mongolians entering ancient Rome…etc…

      Demographics, if ignored by the rich and powerful, at any point in history, leads to change that is most times messy and violent.

      • Unfortunately, not that particular book, but I have read so many other sources that I probably have picked up most of what they say. When I was younger, I read almost all of Asimov’s history books and his books about the Bible. I subscribe to Biblical Archeology Review (and formerly to its late sister publication, Bible Review), Scientific American, Asimov’s Magazine, and a computer publication. I have read the Foundation Trilogy, which was inspired by Asimov’s reading of Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and the general outlines of European history that he used as source material in a number of other books about the Irish, the Jews, and other peoples who contributed to our civilization, such as it is. Alternate history novels by Turtledove and others. And I do see a repetition of the mistakes of the Muslim world, China, Japan, and other former civilizations in the right wing movement in America.

        I especially lament the failure of our extremists to learn from the lessons of other extremists. In regard to the latest phony scandal, they seem to be saying “OUR Big Brother good. YOUR Big Brother double plus ungood.” I appreciate being able to converse with a degree of intelligence. What they cannot seem to realize is that the “white race” is a mixture of, as I put it, everyone from Ireland to Iran, and its good points are a RESULT of that mixture, and thus a reason to welcome further mixture rather than to strive for “purity” which is an illusion anyway.

        As I noted, the ONE good thing that can be said about communism and about the Muslim extremists is that both consider BIOLOGICAL “race” irrelevant, hating people for other reasons (ideology and religion). Classical communism is dying, and hopefully Islam will revert to its original tolerance stance, and hopefully America will also. At least most Americans are doing so.

        • I will ponder the broad viewpoint you offer for a bit. I need to think about demographics throughout the ages as it relates to religious-socio-economic trends today in the USA…because the articles narrow focus is this:

          “But there are good reasons for older white Americans to welcome
          immigrants, too — whether or not they entered the country with legal
          documents. Without them, the United States would be doomed to the kind of
          demographic “bust” that countries from Japan to Russia are experiencing,
          with birth rates so low that the population is not reproducing itself.
          That has all sorts of dire economic consequences.”

          So–your statement:
          “Classical communism is dying, and hopefully Islam will revert to its original tolerance stance” is to be pondered in relationship to the authors original premise of demographics…

  14. WASHINGTON—According to a new report released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau, by the year 2043, the majority of the American population will be composed of those people. “Based on future projections of childbearing, mortality rates, and net international migration, we can safely say that the number of those types in this country will double, if not triple, within the next 30 years,” said report co-author and Census statistical analyst Ken Shefner, adding that as the baby boomer generation begins to die off, Americans can expect to see “more and more of those kinds hanging around every day.” “Going even further forward, we expect the U.S. populace to reach 439 million by 2050, of which approximately 54 percent will be made up of, you know...them. You know who I mean.” Shefner stressed, however, that despite the population shift over the next several decades, Americans should expect no large changes to national policy from the federal government.

  15. The ethnic makeup of our society is irreversibly changing, and will continue to change regardless of what the small minority that remains intent on preserving their Norman Rockwell world. The changes that are evident in every city and town in America and one of the reasons for the overt hatred that so many show towards our first African American President, and the bile that was evident when an 11-year old Mexican-American born in San Antonio, Texas, sang the National Anthem.

  16. Its easy for racists Bigots to quote Black populated places(mainly poor) where crime is high and blame those people for America’s problems but fail to show real facts that most henious crimes in America and around the world are indeed done by white men,also the white men were the 1st undocumented illegals and stole America from dark people.Europe is the white men native land so they crossed borders like everyone else.

    • It is always important to view demographics in terms of many decades if not hundreds of years of history of one’s culture. Kayahoo is correct in this observation about Racist colonial invaders taking over the land we now call the USA.

      History always repeats itself, because WE FAIL AS A HUMAN SOCIETY TO RECOGNIZED PATTERNS OF DEMOGRAPHICS as it relates to the human condition.

      Bruce Cockburn’s lyrics says it all ion his song “Democracy” which is a metaphor for all of history when money and greed create a demographic of power and corruption.

      The lyrics are courtesy Bruce Cockburn via his manager Bernie Finklestein a business associate:

      Padded with power here they come
      International loan sharks backed by the guns
      Of market hungry military profiteers
      Whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeared
      With the blood of the poor

      Who rob life of its quality
      Who render rage a necessity
      By turning countries into labour camps
      Modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom

      Sinister cynical instrument
      Who makes the gun into a sacrament —
      The only response to the deification
      of tyranny by so-called “developed” nations’
      Idolatry of ideology

      North South East West
      Kill the best and buy the rest
      It’s just spend a buck to make a buck
      You don’t really give a flying fu…
      About the people in misery

      IMF dirty MF
      Takes away everything it can get
      Always making certain that there’s one thing left
      Keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

      See the paid-off local bottom feeders
      Passing themselves off as leaders
      Kiss the ladies shake hands with the fellows
      Open for business like a cheap bordello
      And they call it democracy

      See the loaded eyes of the children too
      Trying to make the best of it the way kids do
      One day you’re going to rise from your habitual feast
      To find yourself staring down the throat of the beast
      They call the revolution

      IMF dirty MF
      Takes away everything it can get
      Always making certain that there’s one thing left
      Keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

      And they call it democracy.

      I welcome a darkening and mixed race of human beings on this planet….a shade of grey for all would do just fine 🙂

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