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Friday, October 28, 2016

According to the latest round of polling, the 2012 presidential race is almost dead even with just 22 days to go until the election.

In two national polls released on Monday, President Barack Obama holds narrow leads over Mitt Romney that fall within the polls’ margins of error. The latest poll from Politico/George Washington University shows Obama leading Romney 49 percent to 48 percent among likely voters. The poll, which was in the field from October 7-11, has a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percent.

In the new Washington Post/ABC News poll, Obama leads Romney by a 49 to 46 percent margin. That 3-point lead is within the poll’s +/- 3.5 percent margin of error.

Both polls suggest that Romney’s performance in the first presidential debate helped to improve his image. The Politico/George Washington University poll shows that 51 percent of likely voters now have a favorable view of Romney, up from 47 percent in the previous poll last week. Similarly, in the Washington Post/ABC News poll, 37 percent said that they have a more favorable view of Romney following his performance in the Denver debate (compared to just 8 percent who now have a more positive view of President Obama).

Two daily tracking polls released Monday show Romney with narrow leads over Obama. The Gallup Tracking poll has Romney leading Obama among likely voters by a 49 to 47 percent margin. Among registered voters, Obama leads 48 percent to 46 percent. Both results are within the margin of error.

Republican-leaning Rasmussen Reports’ daily tracking poll shows a similar result, with Romney leading Obama 49 percent to 48 percent, with 2 percent preferring another candidate and 2 percent undecided. According to Scott Rasmussen, after the first debate “a very close race shifted ever so slightly from narrowly favoring President Obama to narrowly favoring Mitt Romney. Either way, it remains too close to call.”

Despite the virtual tie in the national polls, President Obama is still polling well in swing states. Real Clear Politics’ poll averages show Obama holding advantages in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia; without picking up at least one of these electoral-vote-rich states, Romney would essentially have to run the table in the other battlegrounds to reach 270 electoral votes.

Photo credit: AP/Charles Dharapak

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  • President Obama is leading Gov Romney in Ohio and Iowa by 59% to 31% in early voting. Obviously, that does not mean the final results will not change, but that is encouraging news. Democrats outnumber Republican early voters by a large margin, a fact that suggests more enthusiasm on the Dem side.

    • peteserb

      Exactly where did you get those figures?

  • highpckts

    The GOP voyrtd yhink Romney has changed to the middle! Wait and see if he gets in office!! Then they will see how “middle” he is!!

    • smartfemaleforobama

      Exactly, he’s only saying what he “needs to” to get elected, if he is the TRUE ROMNEY will be unveiled, unfortunately to the detriment of the citizens of the United States of America. God Help Us!

      • Put your energy and effort into the positive and stop STOP STOP imagining a world where he is pres. All that energy we put into fearing the worst is still energy…..put it where it will do the most good if wevery sane person convinces only one more sane person to go vote it will be a landslide for Obama…it’s not hard pick someone who is still on the fence and convince them to vote Obama…really think about it…convince ONE person and walk with them to the booth we will double the chances of a big win…just win one vote…each one win’s that easy…go for it.

        • Absolutely right on. If we can keep talking about Pres. Obama’s accomplishments and his care for the American people, we can raise a lot of positive energy. I had a cab ride this AM and I think I convinced the “on the fence” guy to get out and vote for O and bring his wife. If each of us is equipped to dispel the lies, we can make a difference. We can encourage folks to vote and vote for Pres. O.

  • Doris Forest

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why the presidential debates are held so very close to election day? Clearly this timing can unduly influence voting and after all the exhausting campaigning, skew the election day results. Why not have these not very informative debates in June? Or July? I know the conventions are held in the summer, however, the timing should be adjusted so these unhelpful debates will be out of the way and more realistic campaigning will be the definitive factor in the election. Doris Forest, Westport, CT

    • Both parties agree to the date, location and moderator. I prefer to look at the record, demonstrable performance, character and the vision of the candidates rather than how they perform on a given day for 90 minutes.

    • BDD1951

      They have to wait until after the conventions. They have to wait until the candidates are officially nominated.

    • I don’t know why they even hold these debates. It seems like the one who is more handsome and glib wins even though what is spewing from his mouth are mistruths. The president of Syria, Assad, is handsome and glib……. Where have those characteristics gotten the world.? Are the American people so fickle that they would allow the handsome and glib one to capture their hearts. Ah, because he looks so presidential. Do we have amnesia? Romney is spawned from the same nursery that gave us Dick Cheney, George W. , Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzalez. Who can forget that cast of characters.

  • notafoxfan

    romney changes like the wind depending upon which advisor he has listened to and which audience he is addressing..its sad that all the fox news watchers cant see was pointed out a few month back, there has never been such hatred spewed by ultra conservatives as there has been in this campaign,and as many lies spoken..i am not a poll watcher and i have never been polled, even though i have been registered to vote for many years…i am voting again for obama because there is no need to derail a train attempting to come into the station!

  • BettyDemocrat

    I find it difficult to believe that people would actually vote for Romney. He hasn’t said one thing about a specific plan to solve a specific problem. Obama is honest, hard-working, has only the improvement of the country on his plan. He said from Day 1 that it would take more than 4 years to iron out the problems the republicans got us in, yet from Day 2, people were yelling for results. I just pray that people will see the light and vote for Obama.

    • peteserb

      Obama’s exact words were , if he hadn’t fixed the economy in four years, he didn’t deserve a second term. But I’m sure that he has conveniently forgot that statement.

      • Dave_dido

        President Obama made an incorrect assumption when he made that statement about fixing the economy: he assumed that the Republican members of Congress would be able to make a few minimal compromises for the good of the country. He underestimated their loyalty to Grover Nordquist and Rush Limbaugh over their loyalty to the U.S.A.

        • Well said and the truth of the matter, GOP have held the people of America in chains and tried to blame the Dem’s and yet the tenacity of America keeps defying the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. The Dem’s will take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing them, end them.

          • The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Has Been Holding America And The American People Hostage, Trying To Get The President Of The United States Out Of Office!!!

          • BettyDemocrat

            Yo. Go Mac Macy. i just turned 60 (god almighty does that flip me out). i am a leftover from the 60’s and 70’s, but i know that what we need and want is truth and work. i am open, very open, about peoples’ opinions.
            Keep in touch. i just can’t BELIEVE the stupidity of people believing that idiot head Romney. i think he actually THINKS he knows what he’s talking about. Not a clue. Wind him up each morning and he’ll say what they want him to.
            Whew! Never was so political since Obama ran 4 years ago. IT’s a real war, but is between the learned and the delusional.
            have a great day.

        • Good answer Dave. You are correct, if it hadn’t been for Republican obstructionism the economic recovery and drops in unemployment we are seeing would have happened at least a year ago. The GOP deliberately sacrificed the well being of the American people for the narrow goal of making Barack Obama a one-term president.

        • Different With That Is Obama Had No Ideal That The GOP/Tea Party Were Plotting Against Him From Day One Not To Help In The Recovery Of The Recession And Has Stuck To Their Word!!! Big Different Do You Think When Your Fellow American Are Working Against You And The Country And The American People!!!!

          • Dave_dido

            Well said, Fern. Thanks for helping to clarify the point I was trying to make.

          • sheilab2

            Remember when that chinless, lipless mcconnel said that his main achievement would be to defeat President Obama? What a senatorial leader he is——-NOT.

        • so right.

      • WhutHeSaid

        That was before the vile and despicable Tea-Bigots lied their way into Congress and did everything in their power to ruin the economic recovery. Those are the people who need to be thrown out — they’ve done NOTHING WHATEVER for the American people.

        • DurdyDawg

          Oh, they’ve done one thing successfully. They disenfranchised the entire female population.

      • True. I guess you think the economy is the same as when Obama took office in 2008.

      • Yes, he did say that, but I don’t think he realized how John Boehner and the gang would stonewall anything the guy tried to do. His “jobs” package is still sitting on the desk of the House to be signed. Boehner said, “Obama is not my kind of guy” and the GOP house will not put their name on anything our Pres. puts forth. Pres. Obama is a low key guy who believes in remaining calm. Romney and his co horts are bullies. It was evident at the first debate, that Romney is a bully. Forcing his way, when he was told his time was up. Romney is now lying his way into the final lap. He’s going to slash taxes by 20% across the board. That really won’t help you and me, that will only help the wealthiest. The little guy will see a few bucks in his pocket. But the result will be devastating to the country. We will have little revenue, no “rainy day” account, no real ability to reduce the deficit. Bush did that to us and then when we went to war, he borrowed from the Chinese to pay for the war. Then our banks crashed and the ripple became a tsunami, felt around the world. There is no doubt this country was in deep trouble in 2008 and when Obama took over, I don’t think he or his best advisors could have imagined it would be so bad. He is bringing us back. Housing prices are going up and slowly things are getting better. Give Obama the other half of the chance he deserves or America’s “comeback team” will take us right back to 2008. Let’s keep moving forward.

        • Romney also promised to create 12 million new jobs by, among other things, pursuing a more aggressive energy policy to achieve energy independence, at a time when oil imports are at the lowest level in decades, domestic oil production is at record highs, and jobs are being created in alternative energy related industries.
          GOP policies did not work in the Reagan era, they did not work in the W era, and they will not work if Romney is elected.

        • nurselaidoff

          The presidents job bill didn’t have enough support in the senate to pass, so Harry Reid refused to let it come up for a vote. In other words, the senate which is controlled by the democrats, couldn’t even get the presidents job bill passed.
          Obama made a huge mistake in passing Obama care the way he did. The congress should have been working on job creation, instead it turned into an 18 month all out partisan battle with the Republicans being excluded from many of the meetings. Obama basically shoved it down peoples throats. With all the arm twisting and deals that he had to make with the democrats, there were a lot of hard feelings from some of the democrats as well.
          It put a huge rift in between the two parties and virtually ruined the working relationship between Obama and the republicans. A real leader would have developed a working relationship with both sides of the isle. However, Obama virtually ignored most of the Republican input and ignored the Republican leaders as well.
          The only effective president is one that can work with congress (both democrats and republicans). Obama doesn’t even seem interested in doing bipartisanship.

        • What Is So Sad is That The Lying Thugs Act Like We Don’t Know Whats Really Been Going On, As If We Are Blind, Cripple And Crazy But We Are Far From Being Stupid And Dumb We Are WAKE AWAKE AND WE SEE JUST WHAT HAVE BEEN GOING ON AND IT’S SHAMEFUL, It’s Done By Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight!! TRAITORS!! AND IT CALLED TREASON!!!

      • To Peteserb: What will Romneystein do for ya!?! At best put you in the poor house, at worst in the gutter. Think about that for awhile!!

      • He DID fix the economy in four years in terms of he got it turned around and it’s improving. It would have been “fixed” sooner had the obstructionist Republicans in congress not thrown their country under the bus.

      • BettyDemocrat

        Oh, Pete, C hill. I respect your opinion but with the mess the country is in (i am in the middle class; my husband is retiring and i am about to lose my insurance. i am disabled—emotionally, so that’s a REAL good thing…..not). i mean, get real. things don’t happen in a 4 year period after a ton of years of the rich supporting the rich. It’s what really makes me laugh. An instant presidential election, plus the people who want instant results, i mean, get real. this mess of a country can’t be fixed in 4 years. The repubs have done enough damage for many years. it’s going to take some time. Obama is real. He doesn’t have any magic tricks up his sleeve.
        i always respect your opinion..

      • Unfortunately, you too have ignored the mess he inherited!

      • And Romney stated that if he took $1 less than he was entitled to on his Federal Taxes he would not be qualified for the Presidency. Well on his 2011 tax returns he eliminated some deductions to have his effective tax rate be 14.% not in the 9% range. So I guess Romney should withdraw his candidacy.

      • dalnb

        IF – This president had been shown the same respect and cooperation every presidnet before him has AND, the Republican leadership had not enacted their “Mission of Failure” President Obama MAY have done just that. The problemes facing this country belong to the White House, Congress and the Senate. Not One Of Them Can Fix The Problmes By Themselves – but far too many people do not understand that and only want to repeat what the Republican leadership has convinced them of!Th The “Mission of Failure” means more to the Republicans than national recovery does!

    • BettyDemocrat

      Sorry, i only remember his saying what i wrote. How could anyone possibly believe that all the republican’s screwups could be undone so quickly? I believe in BO (hmm, that doesn’t sound so good…..) haha. Still for Obama. TAke care.

    • You Got That Right Romney Is A Con Man He Conning The American People With His Lies And Flip Flopping And Shape Shifting!! The Romney Today Once In The White House Will Morph Into???????? Romney Armed Himself With Over 17 Of Bush Old Staff He Lined His Pockets With The Tea Party Terrorists Money He Hiding And Lying About His Tax Returns!! Romney Till Hold 8 Million Dollars In Bain Which Is Till Shipping Jobs Overseas And Destroying American Workers Lives!!!

      • BettyDemocrat

        yes, Fern, we need all of us that we can get.
        i totally agree with you. R is a liar and kind of like a Ken-doll, repeating on stage what he’s told to, but every time he speaks his own thought, he sticks his foot in his mouth.
        how can ANYONE not see that Obama will work and solve, work and solve, no matter how many people think that Romney’s accolades are to be believed.
        I’m with you, friend.

    • Zoeyfor

      Human beings are hard to please. People want instant solutions. The war – to be instantly ended. Terrorism – to come to an end suddenly. Life – to be all roses. What is forgotten, is that even a rose has to mature to look beautiful and that takes TIME. How can a US President (one man) put all the wheels in motion in one term to ensure a nation’s good economic health which would reverberate worldwide? President Clinton accomplished much in two terms, he left a SURPLUS. President Bush ‘washed’ it all away in two terms and left an enormous DEFICIT. Now, they are adamant that President Obama should mend this broken economy in one term without co-operation from them. He would have to be of superhuman nature to do that. Romney/Ryan, with all their talk could never, never be able to do what this president has done in one term. They are too indecisive to make that mark. Wishful thinking could never accomplish anything – only action … and President Obama ACTED. THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO CHANGE. THERE WILL BE LOTS OF REGRET IF THE NATION MAKES THE WRONG DECISION. Trust GOD they will not. I will not. I am voting for President Obama. IT IS ‘FORWARD.’ And because of the Republican’s track record, I would like Mrs. Clinton to run for President to make it a full SIXTEEN YEARS or FOUR TERMS of Democratic rule. And I bet you, the Republicans will come and break it all down. You just wait and see!!!

    • AMADAL

      What makes the whole thing so sad about the Repukelicans demanding everything should be solved in less than 4 years while RoMoney is telling everyone his policies will solve everything in 8-10 years. What is so great about his policies and why can’t he get it done in 4 years or less?

  • BettyDemocrat

    I agree. IT’s way too close to election time to have debates. i am a fervent Obama fan, but he seemed to have had a bad day and lost his mojo on the last debate. He’ll get it back and if there’s a God in Heaven (which i’m sure they’re is) he will be re-elected.


    Does Not Compute

    You mean the American Taliban Republicans have spent nearly $1 Billion and the best they can claim is a “tie?” There goes the old adage, “If you put goat turds in a nice package, the American public will buy them.” Well they don’t seem to be buying Mittens very well.

    This is serious too, if the American Taliban (formerly the Old GOP) blow this election you can write them off as a contending political party. Why do you think Karl “the Pig” Rove has been working overtime to cook up distortions and lies about Obama and all the other Democrat politicians.?

    • Love it. Americans are cleaver and see through the Mittens BS.

    • You know EX I was out to dinner the other night and sitting at a table within ear shot were three angry old white guys…all talking about how big O was ruining America. It was kinda sad, I mean these guys realy did put their heart and soul into helping build a great country and they were really pissed, but everything they were mad about was a faux “news” lie. I wanted to go tell them hey fellas none of that is actually happening. then I kept listening and realized their slant on reality was sooooo out of touch that I had nowhere to start. The one comfort I found was when they started talking about how their generation was dying out. It’s sad to think that’s the way they are going out, pissed bitter and lied to, but it is also heartening to realize that the republican base is literally going to be dead within a generation or two.

      I felt bad that I felt good about it, you know what I mean.

      I think the whole lie machine should be shut down fox and msnbc too they are just as bad. We really need to get back to journalism real journalism. Thats what sucks about Mitt targeting PBS the only place in america that a fair and balanced version of whats happening is available. Good thing that Mitt is gonna lose in an unprecedented landslide. We really need to call people we know and tell them how important it is to get to the booth and vote for a sustainable future. I’ve never been a straight party ticket guy but I will vote demo this time no exceptions…I think this year a vote for repubs is the same as voting for Akin and the rest of the morons currently parading around as republicans.

      We really can’t afford to have ligitamate rape boy and earth is 6000 years old guy on the science and technology committee.

    • You Got That Right With All Their Lies And Money Romney Should Be Way Ahead But He Not Cause We Are Smart And We Will Not Be Conned By A Bunch Of Racist Greedy Self Center THUGS!!

  • peteserb

    As polls primarily indicate nothing, it doesn’t matter at this time, polls only show the intent of the pollsters.

    • WhutHeSaid

      Hmmm…anticipating an upcoming poll showing widespread rejection of the GOP anti-everybody-but-wealthy-white-males policies? Go ahead — it’s OK for you to make up excuses for Romney’s failure now. Try blaming Big Bird.

  • Hmmm. Romney must have lost a little ground over the weekend. LOL

  • Thanks again Domo’. If your stats are skewed, Dem’s are still going to win Ohio. Great. I tend to look at Rasmussen’s polls and reverse them. Based on that switched approach, Obama is still winning Ohio.

  • MsTricia

    My friends whether you want to believe it or not, it’s all about race. The fact that this Black man is in the White house is just too much for most Republicans to bare. From the day he was sworn it, before he took his seat in the Oval Office, before anyone knew what would happen next, the Republicans became seriously adamant, scarily adamant, dangerously adamant about ensuring he would not serve another term. In my lifetime, and I’m no spring chicken, I have never seen a President of the United States so disrespected. The rupublican treated Jiimy Carter and swore he was the worst President since Buchanan. I as a white former Republican, now democratic female am literally embarrassed by it all.

    • ExPAVIC

      In the Public Domain

      From staunch, die hard American Taliban Republicans the most frequently stated, or implied, reason that Obama should be defeated is the simple fact that he is black (well half black).

      To surmise briefly, the main contributing factor that has hampered this country’s recovery from dire financial straights left by the Bush Administration is the fact that the opposition party does not wish to work with the current POTUS to resolve or address the causative factors.

      To put this in terms of the infamous Taliban flag bearer, Rush Limbaugh, ” I hope he fails (in producing a solution to the current financial crisis).” Couple this with the current attitude and actions of the House Majority Leader John Boner and you get a clear picture of why few of Obama’s good intentions have been accomplished.

    • Me Either MsTricia That Is The Reason I Call Them Terrorists And Traitors To The American People And To Their Country!! That Only Shows People That They Really Don’t Give A Damn About America Or The American People!!!

  • MsTricia

    No peteserb, it’s not that he forgot his statement, it’s that he didn’t realize he would be working with a group of guys who would never support him even if what he wanted to do was good for their districts. If he had had the support, things would have turned out much better.

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

  • No, this presidential race isn’t tied.

    There is no viable path to an Electoral College victory for Mitt Romney. Even with voter disenfranchisement, Citizens United, and vote machine rigging, there is no path.

    The media, including NM, are desperate for subscribers and ad dollars, and they need the horserace.

    Want to report on a close race NM? Report on the House, Senate, State Legislatures and Initiatives. Much more interesting, much more indicative of the national mood.

  • Deskjet

    This is Romney Math!!! To get a re-bate from the IRS!!!
    America has is 100% people!! Romney said 47% are loafers then 50% are Americans who will get a tax increase on the Romney/Ryan plan and 3% are just like Romney/Ryan =100%.
    Romney commented that if he is elected president he will cut taxes across the board by 20%!!! Romney paid 15% tax in 2011!!!! so the math is 15% – 20% = -5% which means Romney will get a 5% re-bate from the IRS!!!

    • And the end result of the massive tax cut is that the Federal Bank Account dwindles as revenue slows. And there is no rainy day slush fund instead when we need to pay for something big, we have to borrow it by use of credit. Dah. Bush cut taxes then took us to war. Major expenditure – revenue = huge deficit.

  • Deskjet

    “Reaganomics” or Romneynomics!!! , advocated reducing tax rates to spur economic growth, controlling the money supply to reduce inflation, deregulation of the economy, and reducing government spending.

  • Deskjet

    Romney politics sounds much like “Regannomics” !!!!!!

    The first signs of impending trouble are the exploding budget deficits themselves. They began, of course, under the parlous economic stewardship of Ronald Reagan. Reagan cut the marginal tax rate on the wealthiest of Americans from 70% to 38%. He promised it would spur an orgy of investment and rocket the economy to new levels of production and prosperity. Instead, his supply side economics did the exact opposite. It produced the deepest recession since the Great Depression.

  • I so agree with you, Now the GOP has Big Oil raise the price of gasoline in California so that voters in a democratic state will suffer so much that they question Obama. This is just crazy, crooked politics the price of a gallon of gas in Republican state of South Carolina today is $3.37 why is it so high in California? Greed Greed and dirty politics!

    • nurselaidoff

      Actually the price of gas in California is not related to Obama or the election. The reason there is such a rise in gas prices is related to the blend of gas that California needs. The east coast and mid west have a different blend of gas, so the gas has to come from California. One of their plants was down (and some other issues) and the prices shot up because of the regulatory rules on gas in California. If there was only one blend of gas in the US, then gas could be shipped from multiple areas and the price of gas would fall.

  • Can you believe the Voter supression issues again in Florida? This is a sad day for the United States, seeing how they have blocked individual’s right to vote. We will never have an opportunity to correct this issue if we let it happen again in 2012. People removed from the registration list because they are older American, or that they are in a redistricted area, or because of the color of their skin. Shame on us! EVERY VOTE must be counted especially what they are calling Provisional Votes. Stand UP America

    • The Republicans have also done everything they can to keep Libertarians off the ticket, especially in large swing states. In Pennsylvania, tactics include hiring a private investigator who intimidates interviewees by flashing his identification as a retired FBI agent.

  • B4Real2012

    There is no rationale for him ever even becoming the head DOG CATCHER. It’s extremely sad and irritating when so many alleged intelligent people will still fall for the lying idiots of this world and vote against their better benefit. I guess the Obstructions jerks knew that they could get away with blaming the real person that was trying to fix things. Those of you who vote for RomNutts deserve whatever you get. Simply Stuck on Stupid. It’s pass being sad and ridiculous

    • We really need to stop imagining what it will be like if RR wins…it’s not going to happen have faith and get out the vote…the more people that vote the smaller the chance that the slick liar will win. We have them by the nuts squeeze and twist.

      But most of all move confidently forward knowing victory is assured!!!

  • Oh well… if Romney wins, the collapse of the American empire– which Morris Berman considers a foregone conclusion– will happen sooner and faster. Berman has wryly written in his blog that he hopes for a Romney victory for this sole reason: like ripping a band-aid off one’s arm in a quick instant rather than gradually over several seconds– perhaps more painless in the long run. I voted for Obama and other Democrats in 2008 (and will do so again) out of a desire to postpone the inevitable and maybe produce a soft landing. But I should be retired before this next Presidential term is over, and if Romney be the incumbent, able (and tempted) to exercise the monastic option abroad.

    These are times to make one more thankful to have kept it one’s pants with every passing year. I feel sorry for the innocent who will suffer, but there will be no slaves in my branch of the family.

  • latebloomingrandma

    It boggles my mind that one debate could put this race so close. Romney came off like a President right out of central casting. It was a performance. People in their 30’s and 40’s better be very aware of what this group wants to do with Medicare and SS. You don’t have enough time to save a half million dollars to get to your retirement, which you will need if you don’t have sufficient Medicare or SS, and the corporate plutocrats like the Koch’s succeed in killing all company pension plans. It’s not a pretty future for you “regular people.” And shame on current seniors who have theirs and don’t seem to care if the next generation will have the same thing. Both entitlements need tweaked and readjusted to gear up for the next genration, they do not need a chainsaw taken to them.

  • blueclouds123

    I am finding difficult that the race is a tie why are people voting for Romney. You Republicans,Independent if you are vot ing for Romney than young people and everyone involved in the armed services you had be prepared to go to war. Romney has said he would go back into Iraq, stay in Afganistan, one of the first things he would do is invade Iran, war with Libya and war with Syira, his words not mine. Have you questioned why he is saying he would give the Defense budget an increase of 2 trillion dollarsÉ The Defense people have said they do not need it. Is he increasing the Defense budget because he loves the U.S., he wants to protect the U.S., NO his agenda is to start a war and perhaps more than one war. This increase in the Defense budget is to prepare for these actions if he is elected. I read that Romney considers himself a product that he is offering to you, not a person, therefore he can change whatever he states according to the location or if it suits and will benefit him because he is a product, humans usually present themselves and their goals and explain how their plans will work, products do not.

  • blueclouds123

    On MSNBC tonight it showed Romney up by 3 in the deficit area. Can someone pls explain to me why you think Romney will reduce the deficit and how. One way is to increase the tax burden on the lower class and middle class, thereby bringing more money into the coffers. Romney will absolutely NOT increase taxes on the rich. Ŧhis has been proven by the Bain plant in Freeport. The American workers were replaced by chinese workers and trained by the American workers. Why, less pay and more money for the greedy rich. Just think these were not chinese people living in the U.S. but bought from China into the U.S. to replace American workers. Romney states he is no longer associated with Bain, not true, perhaps in body not involved, but money wise he still owns 51% of Bain stock and will make at least 8 million dollars on this deal. Yes, Romney really cares about U.S. workers, if you believe this I can sell you a bridge for 2.00. Do you not realize this may become a trend for the very rich greedy plant owers, Romneyès friends, and it could become a regular practice to bring in chinese workers, have them trained by the American workers, then bye bye to the American workers. Less pay more profit. What a deal. Once it starts it will continue Bain and Romney will make lots of money for their car elevators and you will be lucky to own a car, let alone an elevaator. Come on smarten up. Romney will not tell the country how he will reduce the deficit or his tax plan, it has been proven the math does NOT add up. Better start thinking real hard about your future in Romneys hands. Remember, do not forget Romney stated he does not care about the 47% only the rich 53%.

  • carsrus

    PURE BS, Obama is losing in a landslide, and his internal polls show it! This useless shill, the telepromter maven is unable to think critically unless he has a script on his teleprompter! The FAUX, phony fraud is on his way OUT by, WE, the PEOPLE who are kicking his ass out of the WH on November 6,2012! President Romney will NEED two terms to fix the S–T he’s left US with! Onto the “ash heap of history” for this fetid marxist-maoist muslim SHILL!

    • WOW! You and TuckerpFudpuker talk and sound like two uneducated and ignorant people, taking sounds bites from FAUX FOX NEWS. Do you really think Mitt the FLIPFLOPPER and the rest of the “plutocratics” give a damn about the both of you! No! they don’t, you’re nothing to them, just scum underneath their feet! All they want from you, is your vote!

  • Bright Quang

    I will do believe that President Obama will be won Mitt Romney because the American people would choose between the peace and the war. If the American people will vote for Romney, so they could choose the war that it will take place to Human beings and the United States of America. Thus, the American people could vote for President Obama that they will be loved peaceful more than the war.

  • TuckerpFudpucker

    GOP Members of Conguess did there job. Stopping the give-a-ways of our $$$$. The Democrat party in the 40 and 50’s is not the same today. It was the GOP gave the Blacks there right not the Democrat. The GOP has made some bad calls but they made a call. Obama will not make a call (he got to go and rase money) I do not think Mr Obama can get the U.S. out any problem he just makes more problems, almost 4 years he has no improvement in anything. What I have, I made it not Mr Obama. Mr Obama is not HONEST and some one said he was a hard-worker, when CNN said he will not start to work before 10:30 When Mr Bush started the first meeting at 0600. O-yes the is an improvement.
    Have a nice day. I’M going with a winner (going with the GOV.)

  • TuckerpFudpucker

    This is why he are paying $6.00 per/g for gas and 4.00 for d/fuel.
    If I put 200 gal in my truck at 6 MPG to go 1500 miles the cost is $1000.00 who pays for that?

  • TuckerpFudpucker

    7.8% on is only the people getting unp payments. how about 8.1 that is not as to CNN

  • TuckerpFudpucker

    Yes The Obama people has I do not think that was very nice

  • TuckerpFudpucker

    Its Reed and he has it in the back pocket

  • TuckerpFudpucker

    The numbers are 48 to 48 as of 4PM

  • TuckerpFudpucker

    All I want for Christmas is a white P- – – – – – – – .

  • TuckerpFudpucker

    If this is what you hope for you are like our administration.

    • at least our administration doesn’t go by a phoney name like TuckerpFudpucker unless your name IS Tuck

  • jeanemmanuel

    why should l vote for Romney?

  • Yes i know that it must be hard to even understand that but when you don’t like someone because of there race then it get a hole lot easier to accept.

  • Here’s a clue…in the first debate Mitt Romney stated no fact..he lied across the board. an if a simple thing like telling the truth by the President is not acceptable an the so called-polls say Mitt is winning with-no substance on the issues..what dose that say about polls/pools..?well well well.. it must all-be about appearances that’s right heavy so-called tough language/talk with no substance of fact!…so with that said — there is no tie or neck & neck race going on here’s another clue– NO– W.M.Ds found in a invaded country…??

  • MR President . You should not be nice to liar , Romney wants to lie , get high position , get in White house , Do you know ? After P Ryan ‘s debate , he knows he is bad guy , He wants to flirts voters by washing dishes in Homless’s kitchen , he is performing a good guy , but he sells himself to be very cheap , the more I know Republican , the less I like them ,

    • You know National you must be a part of Yahoo, as the orange sings come on like the flirts I see on the previous thing from thuy. I don’t like getting pornograsphy onthis sight.

  • Yes, Americans do like lies and Mitt tells them so good they believe him

  • jwuor111

    Mitt Romney in dead heat with Obama ?LOL!!! Flip Flopping really does work in America. This man is not consistent with his plans. Why should America believe him now? I hope American people really know what’s in package for them. I can not vote for this man. I’m still voting for the devil That I know, than voting for the angel that I haven’t seen.

  • Everytime Romney opens his mouth, he’s telling us what he will do to America and the American people. He’s not keeping it secret. He’s telling us to our faces that he will not only bring this country to its knees, he will all but bury it. WE need to do something about that and send Romney the message he will be able to hear on November 6th. VOTE!!!!!!!!

  • sheilab2

    Isn’t it a shame to think that an interrupting, prevaricating ,cheat can get a bump in the polls because he can lie like a rug? romney is an abomination and ryan is even worse-those eyes of his scare me.

  • dalnb

    How sad it would be to see that Mitch McConnell’s Mission of Failure” against President Obama actually worked. Before Obama even took office and again following the 2010 elections McConnell swore the Republicans number one objective was to see the Obama Administration fails.

    Anyone who has watched what has been happening over the past four years has to agree that virtually everything the Obama Administration has tried to do to get us out of the mess we are in has been blocked by the Republicans following the “Mission of Failure” agenda and the Tea Party guidelines.

    Without the massive efforts of the Republican leadership to ensure failure America may well be on our way to recovery.

  • bobkamath

    I have difficulty getting past his refusal to disclose his income tax returns for the last several years. He probably knows that we would admire his business acumen. What he fears, of course, is that we would probably not like or approve of his tax-avoidance strategies. His inclination to keep his wealth outside of the United States rather than investing it in America and American Industries suggests that he has little faith in the country he seeks to lead.

    In short, he is not proud of his tax-avoidance strategies and thinks that those strategies would turn off even Republicans!

  • I agree with you on that Betty Romney is a con-man and he knows it

  • BrightQuang

    In My opinion that President Barack Obama is the best of American President because he has three virtue, which are perfect and control oneself, perfect oneself and go up, and sanctify oneself.

  • BrightQuang

    President Obama is the best of American President because he has three virtue, which are Perfect and control oneself, perfect oneself and go up, and sanctify oneself. As Bright Quang, he has wrote about President Obama in his book’s “I Seek Me”
    An American president ought to service for all of his people and nation, but not service to the rich and not insult to the poor as like American leader Romney that he has insulted to the poor of Americans, as like Republic Party always insult to the poor Americans that it has been against for Obama healthcare when it always considers to the rich Americans and tramples down the poor Americans.
    President Obama seems not like any wars, but President Bush’s son of Republic Party was warlike and great passion for fame. Therefore, our America nation was bankrupted by invasion’s wars. in my opinion that President Obama is the best of American leader than Republic party’s leaders.

  • “A best of American citizen is paying full income taxes, voting for
    elections, and not violating to any American laws, but the American
    courts prohibit to share any American justice that is not justice,
    Bright Quang said.”

  • Dear Sir:

    why; I would like to submit to share my case to you because I am a weak-willed
    man without any guns, but I have my voices of wisdom let me build my life. In
    my opinion, I am living in modern country using my intelligence let me struggle
    with the injustices, which have been trampling my honor and dignity down and
    destroying my name and age and my voices of wisdom. If you may understand about
    my true life, you may help me by any meanings of your kindness.

    would like to thank you so much.



    Redwood City,
    April 30, 2014


    Bright Quang

    xxx Pacific AVE
    # x

    Redwood City, CA 94063




    Tax certificate # 46090


    # C.I.V 488313 & A128855


    President of the United
    States of America Barack Obama

    Washington DC. 20530

    My Civil Rights Petition to President Barack Obama

    Dearest President Obama:

    I would sincerely like to petition you may help me recapture honor, human

    dignity, and my voice of wisdom when Superior Court of County San Mateo and
    Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager in 1377 Fell Street Second Floor,
    Department of Motor Vehicle in San Francisco, California 94177, they put a
    label of mental case on my head in order to trample my Civil Rights down. Next,
    I do fight for

    the cause of justice from the low to the high court, but they have anti- even

    hand justice. They did not give me get equal when I am petitioning my case to

    Supreme Court because I am an innocent American citizen. Finally, they

    have been anti-civil rights of mine because my duty and responsibility have

    been paying for full income taxes, voting election, and not violating any

    crimes and traffic laws, I am indubitably protected by our American

    Constitution and I am equal before any American Courts. For that reason, no

    rich one or powerful influence’s one pushes my weak, my poor, and my honest

    life to a corner of wall without outlet, but they have calumniated me violate

    law in order to earn money me through San Mateo County Bar Association. In

    fact, my quality of legal person hasn’t lost, but there have not given me have

    right before the American Courts in order to complain compensation of my

    injuries. For these reasons above of my case, I would like to petition to you
    may help me take out of the mental case on my head, and here are:

    First of all, my dedication would like to offer my book’s “The Gift” to you;

    then, I would like to follow this; “The First Amendment

    provides that Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or

    prohibiting its free exercise. It protects freedom of speech, the press,

    assembly, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of

    grievances.” But some governmental employees have put a label of mental
    case on my head in order to defame and to destroy my honor, my human dignity,
    and my voice of wisdom when I have been building up my wonderful life for more
    than the sixty years. In fact, Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager in San Francisco, she has
    calumniated mental case for me in order to destroy my mane and age. Accurately,
    I am a Vietnamese American artist, poet, and writer when I have been exhibiting
    pieces of artwork and books for many places in the United States, I have
    created books’ publishing the fourteen subjects of the books and over one
    hundreds’ art subjects. But all of my works were nothing; I did not earn more
    money because I was insulted mental case by Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety
    Manager. In my case, on November 7, 2007, I was trauma when getting out of my
    house in order to get mails, but I was accident when falling down on the land.
    And then, I was visiting my family

    doctors for the few time, I was not driven any cars for one year by my family

    doctors’ order. That time, I was obeying them; I have never driven any cars and

    not violated to any traffic laws and crime laws. However, Department of Motor

    Vehicle has ordered me beg for writ of mandate from the court because it has

    put a label of mental case on my head.


    my civil Rights are discriminated by the low and the high court of the State of

    According to American Constitution is protected for Civil Rights for all

    American People if no one violates any American laws. When I have not violated

    any traffic and crime laws, I am treated equally by the American Laws. Thus, I

    went to the County of San Mateo of Superior Court on September 25, 2009 in

    to make an appointment for the judge. So there gave me get number case is

    C.I.V488313 and I was not paid any legal fees because at this time, I was fired

    off by my job. Let me recapture my driver license and my honor, my human

    and my voice of wisdom were lost in all by Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety

    Manager. However, on December 10, 2009, the County
    of San Mateo of Superior

    Court has not judge my case, but it gave an order me come to San Mateo County

    Bar Association’s phone is (650)369-4149. In my opinion that one hour of the

    attorney is at least from $600.00 to $2,500.00 when my salary of per month was

    the eight hundreds dollars ($800.00), I should not be able to follow my

    lawsuit, but I can be… because I do believe to Lawyer Referral Service than

    the others. Ironically, after discussing between I and Savas J. Loukedis Lawyer

    about my case on January 22, 2010 He was surveying from D.M.V in Redwood City and telling
    me pay him get $2,000.00 dollars (two thousands dollar). Lets him give notice
    of appeal—even though, D.M.V was wrong to my mental case, but it has ordered of
    suspension my driver license limitless. As a result, I told him and said,

    “I am unable to pay this legal fee because I was not wrong. Why did it

    me to go to the court? It was humorously been playing for unfair game’s

    anti-democracy of our nation, so I can’t believe to this court because one side

    of them told me to have mental case. The other sides of them acknowledged to

    award’s letter for my best citizen; and since, there had denied my case. In my

    opinion that they were super-demagogic; and therefore, Therefore, I have

    decided for complaining my case to Supreme
    Court of
    California State

    because this court seemed to make money me.

    Third, my excellence of legal person is value because my duty and
    responsibility have been carrying on the American Constitution as like voting
    election, adequately

    paying income-taxes, but not violating any traffic and crime laws—and
    therefore, I do fight for the cause of justice to the end. Subsequently, the American
    Laws ought to protect to my Civil Rights because I do not only dedicate my
    voice of wisdom for our nation but also I am awarded letter’s outstanding
    citizen by the County of San Mateo of Superior Court again. Accurately, when
    Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager and the County of San Mateo of Superior
    Court were abridged Civil Rights of mine, they have entirely destroyed my name
    and age and gross income by my mental condition—and therefore, I ought to
    complain my case to Supreme Court of the State of California because I did not
    sell any pieces of artwork and earn more money of my books. Truthfully, After
    graduating from California State University, I have been finding out the job,
    earning money, and repaying for student-loan when I have creating for the
    forty-three portraits of American Presidents and the fourteen books into the
    English language, I was not sold any pieces of artwork, the books, and hired

    any employees that they could work with me. Those were bankrupted by my mental

    condition. I was become to a worst artist, poet, and writer by a label of

    case. Give consideration to my fight for the cause of Justice, Supreme Court of

    has approved my complaint’s compensation for five millions dollars and

    gave me get case number is A 128855 on May 15, 2010, there could give me have a

    good chance if the court ought to judge my case. Suddenly, the County of San

    Mateo of Superior Court was displaying a law game, because my case was held in

    with camera on June 24, 2010 after I did fight for the cause of justice. Then,

    it showed its final decision and said, “With condition was for writ of

    mandate is denied.” In contrast, the conflict of the American laws makes

    me confuse—and in fact, when I did not violate any traffic laws, I was put a

    label of mental case— I petitioned for writ of mandate, but it did not judge.

    When I was appealing to high court of California,

    I was noticed deny by the County of San Mateo of Superior Court. Continuously,

    do fight for the cause of justice to high court of the United States

    in order to recapture my honor, human dignity, and wisdom of my life and to

    complain compensation of my injuries. Give encouragement to my struggles for

    the cause of justice, I was abridged civil rights from the low to high court in

    the State of California.

    My name and age were entirely destroyed by the discrimination color because I

    do not only bear a Native American but also have the poor and the weak. I was

    treated unfairness by the American laws when the United States of Department of

    Justice could try to delay my complaining for petitioning compensation five

    millions dollars. My present, my future, and my offspring have entirely been

    lost by a label of mental case of Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager. When

    the U.S of Justice has ordered me make up specific statement already, I will

    not receive any information after one year that I had made up my specific


    In conclusion, Dearest President,

    I am sincerely petitioning my case to President because my heart, my soul, my

    brain are very sufferings when I am an honest, innocent, not violating any

    traffic and crime laws, but I was put a label of mental case on my head by the

    powerful. First, I was abridged Civil Rights by Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety
    Manager. My quality of legal person was completely lost the freedom and own
    business by the discrimination’s courts of the State of California. Because from the days were
    notice of findings and decision of Barbara Schmidt Driver Safety Manager; my
    life was to be put in prison when my freedom, action business, and legal person

    were entirely lost by some governmental employees of our nation. First, a

    prisoner of the mental case could not carry out in the public because the

    police always oversee the mental case to violate laws when my mental case is

    very harmful to the public and my family is too.

    My business was bankrupted because on one buys my pieces of artwork and reads
    my books; even though, my books were supported for the historic America and

    college students because I was mental condition by Barbara Schmidt Driver

    Safety Manager. Some of American Courts have believed to my mental case when

    they did not judge for my injuries. As President should understand about a

    mental person that he does not only lose the present but also, the long run,

    be lost to so many offspring of my lineages that they will be ashamed by my

    mental condition when I have been creative for a big treasure of the art, the

    literature, and voice of wisdom. Especially, I have not been earned for good

    money because my quality is mental case. After standing up from a prisoner of

    conscience of the Vietnam War, my dreams are hopeful to build a new life in our

    nation. With evidently, my mental condition does not only destroy our nation

    face. I have been painted the forty-four portraits of our presidents’ including

    of your portrait and some of bronze casting’s American Presidents again but

    also crushes down our American Justice when my art, my literature, and my

    of wisdom have been living on the bookshelf of the human world. Therefore, I

    would decidedly entreat you may help me recapture all of my qualities from the

    United States of Supreme Court because there is represented by the American

    Justice, but the right comes to your decision.



    Bright Quang



    Notice of finding and decision for MENTAL CONDITION


    U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector general



    Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division


    Superior Court of California, County
    of San Mateo


    Lawyer Referral Service




    Also, this agency does not have jurisdiction over the Department of Motor



    DMV Evaluation result


    Notice of findings and decision, Lack of skills and knowledge…




    Health history of family doctor


    Health Analysis


    Health San Mateo Center


    First complain Is CIV 488313


    form 1099 published books


    TurboTax 2013


    Bill Clinton letter


    complain # A128855


    The Decision on Your case of mental condition


    Disability Determination Service Division


    on judicial Appointments


    I am returning your letter and the attachments for your file


    Democratic National Committee


    Direct Loans # $28.036.89


    Editor’s Choice Award of poetry


    Healthcare bill


    Benefit of Social Security Administration


    Business Tax certificate 37781, year of 2007


    Business Tax certificate 37781, year of 2014

    Dear Sir:

    I’d like to submit my books that are I Seek Me and The Gift
    to you because I have been giving ear to you and our American Congress and
    American President that our nation is very equal more than other nations in the
    world. However, I was awarded by the American Court since it awarded me to be
    good Vietnamese-American citizen, but the Court in San Mateo and the Court of
    the state of California did not judge for my case because Department of vehicle
    Motor of San Francisco in California that did not only destroyed my name but
    also trampled down my age since it insulted me have mental case from 2008 to
    the present. So I had requested to Inspector Department of the United States
    for reviewing my case, it had sent its letter for me since it made sure me had
    a best of Vietnamese American citizen and the United States of Justice had
    order me send all of my statements; and therefore, I had sent all of my books
    over fourteen books in order to prove that I am not having mental case. I am
    hopeful to the United States of Justice will give me enjoy a little of American
    Justice. By the way, I would like to submit my original manuscripts of my books
    are “I Seek Me and the Gift that’s meaning for dedicate to the
    American people and human beings should understand about my life and the
    justice of the United States of America offering for an honest man as like me.

    And here are:

    1. I Seek Me

    2. the Gift

    If you want to review my human dignity, you may tell me
    submit all of the fourteen books within the English language. I would
    like to thank of your consideration to a bad man of Vietnamese American paid
    sold of the United States of America when I did not only gotten any Imprisoned
    Benefit Insurance, and I was left on the battlefield of the Vietnam War to
    follow International Laws of War but also trampled down to destroy my name and
    age that I have been building up all of my life.

    Sincerely yours

    [email protected]

  • The morality treasure of a sublime leader is lost by his inequality, then his dignity will be faded by human history, Bright Quang said.

  • Republican Party should be reformed ideology

    the American people, would like to petition to Republican Party that
    you should be reformed your ideology in order to fill out the chasm of
    between poor and rich Americans. In fact, we have been seen for the
    political game of Republican Party is not fair. The morality of
    Republican Party is locked by your unreal ideology because Republican
    Party seems not care to the poor Americans when Republican Party has
    always been using the American taxes for the private Republican Party,
    but not service all of the American people.

    loyal oath of the Republicans has not surely been keeping with their
    American Constitution because the some of leaders of republicans has sat
    on the constitutional America. These are reasons of Republican Party,
    which has been revealed out for the many years in the past and the

    of all, the total poor of the American people is nearby the seventy
    millions men, but we have never heard Republican Party that it could at
    least show up one or two programs in order to helping the poor
    Americans, but it has been eager for interfering to the foreign
    sovereignty. In fact, our American Constitution has declared that
    everyone of American citizen who is over eighteen years, she or he may
    be volunteered applying for a candidate or is nominated for election at
    both houses. When she or he is collected by the American people, she or
    he ought to dedicate her or his ideology in order to helping her or his
    nation and people. Next, all of the rules of the candidates have before
    been sought out about the laws of elections of each candidate was
    carried on by the Constitution America since our Constitution did not
    allow every- congressman who should not be interfering to any foreign
    sovereignty because this duty was belonged of United Nations, which
    should be decision in all. In the meanwhile, we, super nation, have been
    leading the entire world when we are conquered all of the human beings
    by our happiness, our freedom, and our democracy—our justice and our
    humanitarianism or so-called is of our Human Rights.

    when all of the American candidates have been using sweet voice for
    conquering all of the hearts of the American people than a man who is
    sweetly coaxing his girlfriend, let him seize a woman’s heart; after
    that, this man did not keep any his sweet promises with hers. As like
    many American candidates that they were voted congressman already, they
    did not need any Americans again because the American people were
    transferred power to these congressmen by their casting vote. The
    congressmen were before beggars, but after that they are sitting on
    heads of the American people or so-called is of them powerful more than a
    king dictator. For example, they are not regardful to the poor
    Americans, but they are strongly protected the rich men. They have
    freely been taken the American taxes corruption to foreign countries or
    so-called is the American aids. Since they are utilizing collected
    thoroughly more kinds of the American taxes, let them freely play many
    war games. Really, the Vietnam War was taken placed by many memberships
    of the American republican Party since our Constitution America did not
    allow them to interfere to foreign Vietnam, but they were freely
    interfere in Vietnam. As a result, they did not only consider to any
    American men of the soldiers and the American finance but also not need
    any American honors and dignity ours because they have given an orders
    our American soldiers that they freely destroyed Vietnam and killed many
    Vietnamese men –before betraying Southern Soldiers, they would like to
    sell Republic of Vietnam to the China. Obviously, they have been built
    up the American bankruptcy when the American people have been jobless
    for many years. They then transferred our high technologies for helping
    China government of many face as like economics and military, let’s come
    to power because they did not wish any peaceful world, but likes the

    the few of American company of the modernized industries, these have
    been creative many more modern weapons that which are not only
    protecting for our nation but also may be sold out in order to earn good
    money. However, they were consumed for many unrighteous wars by their
    own pleasant ideas. They have not care to the homeless Americans and
    poor men. If the Democrat party should be deciding to help to these
    miserable levels of the American people, the members of Democrat party
    could be prohibited by its opposition. The members of Republican Party
    would take many taxes of the American people, let them buy more modern
    weapons of the American modernized industries; and since, they will be
    freely playing with unrighteous wars in the world because they did not
    need for selling out of our modern weapons to foreign nations. Thus,
    many members of Republican Party were wished to bomb down and by
    American weapons to some of the undeveloped nations as like the Vietnam
    War, the Kampuchea and Lao Wars and the Iraq War, they did not concern
    to any American jobless and the American bankruptcy, but they should be
    dreamed for one of members of Republican Party that they will be come to
    power by an American president and by Republic President. Let’s be
    pleasant with the iniquitous wars in the world because they are not
    loyal to Constitution America.

    conclusions, the both houses of Congress America should be faithful to
    their Constitution America, so they are estimated to the American
    society. For example, our nation is modern great than others countries,
    but why? Each one hundreds of our American men has one prisoner, so the
    percentage of the prisoners is very high when our nation is super modern
    one. If the percentage of thousands of American people that the only
    have one prisoner that it should be suitable to our nation because our
    congress has been creative so much unjust law. We have heard to our
    General Attorney of the United States when he has declared “Don’t
    defense our bad laws.” For that reason, our American Congress has been
    creative so many labels of the mental cases and many labels of terrors
    and so on let’s destroy name and age of many honest and innocent of
    American men. In order to trap for many honest men, that our American
    jails were crowded imprisoned more than the American schools because we
    have seen few of American schools to close, but the jails could not be
    closed by our American Congress decided it. As a result, if Republican
    Party can not be reformed ideology, it should submit to both of Congress
    America that should be rewritten our Constitution for the suitable with
    many congressmen. Let them freely interfere to foreign nations and
    foreign wars when we did not want any foreign man who could attack to
    our sovereignty. But why we wish for invading to the others what can we
    do for our super nation standard? If we will not invade to the others,
    we will not have any enemies when we have United Nations that it could
    be solved many conflicts of the own interests since we are one of many
    memberships of the United Nations we should be followed with them, so
    our Americans will not only be peaceful but also of our people are
    prosperously thriving and happy more than the present time.

  • Dear Alexander Salazar:

    I am
    appreciating for your art-exhibiting invitation so much, but this time I
    am unable to join with you. As you know that I am put a label of mental
    case on my head by the power. And therefore, I can not tour to anywhere
    in the United States of America and the world in order to exhibiting
    artwork and introducing books of mine because I am worrying to the
    American powers that they will use mental case in order to kill me if
    they tell me terrorist or rob airplane.

    We are in touch

    Bright Quang

  • Fair

    a democratic nation should be had fair laws, the nation is peaceful more than
    the chaos because the government ought to respect its people.

    a nation has been creating more bad laws, it ought to use the unfair laws let’s
    oppress its people, so this nation seems to be demagogic. The laws of nation
    should be educated its people than the punishment. However, if someone does not
    obey the laws, the one must heavily punish to following the current laws. When
    the police who ought to obey the laws, they are not abused the laws by their
    government protection let them murder the innocent and honest people because
    the police and people look like fish and water, they are not enemy.

    modern nation of the laws is fair when nation should be deleting more unfairness
    in society. Moreover, the unfair laws of nation ought to make its people that
    who are stressed heart and mind by an unfair society and then its people should
    take place many struggles in order to seek justice, but when people can not
    seek any justice of a nation, they should risk one’s life because they are
    pushed into corner of walls without outlet.

    these men seem not control themselves when their wisdom which is narrow than
    the brainy men. Because they are disappointed all dreams by the unfair laws.
    For example, according to a poor family, the hope of it is its cute child, but
    the unfair laws are seized its hope and pushed it to a corner of walls without
    outlet when its happiness was broken by the unfair laws; and therefore, it is
    risked body in order struggle with the justice.

    fair laws of a modern nation, the laws may delete so many crimes and chaos; and
    then, the society is peaceful more than not obeying laws. In fact, it carries
    on the fairness of laws, its police are represented government by the fair laws
    when the authorized laws of the police should be confronted with crime, the
    police can not shoot to any crimes if the criminals do not have weapons, which
    are not equivalent with the police, so the police are not authorized to shoot
    doubt case. Thus, the doubt crime is using a knife; so the police must use
    knife that is the same thing, but the police are not used any guns to shoot it.
    If the crime is used a gun, the police must have gun and fight with a crime.
    For example, it is same as the war laws when the enemy does not wear any labels
    and weapons, the opposition can not fight with enemy. In case, the police are
    doubt to opposition who has gun and the police shoot three times to point to
    heaven in order to warn it. If a doubt criminal does not drop down weapon, so
    the police must shoot in order to protection one’s self. However, the police
    will not authorize to shoot on the back of a doubt criminal, because it has cut
    and run, it could not be high risk to the police.

    fair police are protecting nation and people without enemy of their people.
    According to a modern nation, the police will freely not shoot their people by
    their favor. If the police are esteem bodies and happiness in them, they ought
    to esteem their people than the police’s life. Because the police get salaries
    from their people taxes, the police can not turn back their guns to kill their
    people. When the duty and responsibility of the police must arrest crime or
    doubt criminal, the police must bring them to the court, so the death, the
    jail, the forgiveness are belonged of the court, so the police do not authorize
    to finalized life of crime or doubt criminal. The police are not had evil
    intentions with their innocent people because we are ruled by the justice, but
    not police ruled.

    laws of a nation are happiness of everyone if unfair laws of a country are high
    risk of government and people. Because the duty and responsibility of
    government do not only bring happiness and peace to its people but also have
    equal judge courts system, the best of government ought first to protect the
    life of its people are peaceful, justice in all, but not discriminate races,
    not put any labels of the traps its people because the duty and responsibility
    of government workers must find out any dangerous oppositions, they must bring
    them to the courts. They are not lazy when they have been trapping for innocent
    people in order to accomplish a feat and receive the big salary.