Monday, February 8, 2016
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New Security Concerns At The New York Times

New Security Concerns At The New York Times

  • Lilly

    Danzinger’s political cartoons are the best.

    • Bill

      But where is Bozo the Idiots stupid and non-original one. He is always good for a laugh!

  • Phyllis Pebbie Bernstein Farre

    seems like China keeps attacking us on all levels–they’re constantly trying to poison us-baby formula-dog food- toxic sheet rock-lead painted toys etc…….when are we going to slam the door shut on all their low grade imports and start protecting ourselves?????

    • sleepvark

      Phyllis, please understand that we cannot slam the door shut on their imports without doing more harm to ourselves. Economically our two countries have evolved into the equivalent of Siamese twins living with a single heart and set of lungs between them. Hurting one hurts both. Our own importers should be held accountable for any shoddiness arriving from anywhere overseas. It’s a lot like computer programming; garbage in, garbage out. The Chinese have shown themselves to be amazingly amenable to suggestion and performance to spec, but you have to make like the Spice Girls, and tell them what you want, what you really really want. And then have the fortitude to reject that which is unfit. It’s really quite logical. What isn’t at all logical is the fact that the Chinese actually like us. We have absolutely no reason to expect this, given the nature of our respective recent histories, but it is indeed a fact. For proof, just look at the sacrifices the Chinese people willingly made to get US airmen home during the war with Japan. Getting most of the Doolittle Raiders home cost the Chinese around 250,000 casualties. That’s a quarter of a million people slaughtered just for that one event, for helping our guys get home. But it was no deterrence whatsoever. They still helped our downed airmen get home, and further hundreds of thousands of them were slaughtered for it. I can think of no other explanation for this than that they like us, God knows why. Perhaps it is in our own best interests that we should encourage that.

  • fidel

    This is The Revenge from China,That’s happen Because The New York Time ,Corrupted some Political People in China From the Last President.

  • commserver

    Maybe he should check that the food doesn’t have anything it that could cause a leak or two.

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