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Sunday, January 20, 2019

The controversial SB 5 is the latest case of the Texas GOP pushing anti-abortion measures that marginalize low-income women.

Some 5,000 orange-clad men and women invaded the Texas capitol in Austin on Monday in an emotional and enthusiastic show of support for reproductive rights. They faced off with Republican lawmakers still resolved to pass SB 5, the very bill limiting abortion access that was defeated last week after Senator Wendy Davis’s 11-hour filibuster. Yesterday, nearly 2,000 people showed up to testify against the bill as it was considered by the Texas House Affairs Committee, which approved it 8-3.

This latest effort to roll back women’s rights in Texas has met fierce opposition and resolve from Texans and other Americans who recognize the value of women’s health care. “When you silence one of us, you give voice to the millions who will continue to demand our lives, our choices, our independence,” Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, reminded us at Monday’s rally.

It has also highlighted the deep gulf between the lived experiences of women in Texas, particularly low-income women, and lawmakers who have inserted themselves into decisions that should only be made by women and their physicians.

Monday’s protest took place as Texas lawmakers convened for a second special session called by Governor Rick Perry. The bill they’re considering would make abortion after 20 weeks illegal, impose onerous requirements on abortion providers, and demand that all clinics meet costly and burdensome building requirements. If passed, 37 of the state’s 42 abortion providers will be forced to close their doors. This despite the fact that 79 percent of Texans believe abortion should be available to a woman under varying circumstances, while only 16 percent believe abortion should never be permitted.

This is just the latest in a seemingly never-ending assault on Texas women. In 2011, lawmakers decimated the Texas family planning program with a two-thirds budget cut that closed nearly 60 family planning clinics across the state and left almost 150,000 women without care.  Soon after, they also barred Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health clinics defined as “abortion affiliates” from the Women’s Health Program (WHP), a state Medicaid program on which thousands of poor women rely. Governor Perry insisted that former WHP patients could find new providers and claimed there were plenty to bridge the gap, but that simply is not the case. Clinics across Texas have reported a sharp drop in patients, and guess that former WHP clients are receiving no care at all.

To suggest so cavalierly that women simply find new providers is evidence that Republican lawmakers simply don’t understand – or don’t care about – the socioeconomic realities that shape women’s lives. Otherwise, they would recognize the absurdity of forcing women to navigate an increasingly complex health system to find new providers and then traverse hundreds of miles to receive basic care and services. This is a stark illustration of the privilege gap that exists between policymakers and the people they represent.

After it became clear that the warnings of public health experts – who testified that such policies would impose a heavy economic toll on the state, result in negative health outcomes, and increase the demand for abortion – were becoming reality, lawmakers last month restored family planning funding to the 2014 budget. While this is certainly good news, returning to pre-2011 funding levels still leaves nearly 700,000 women without access to care and so far has enabled only three of the nearly 60 shuttered clinics to re-open. And even before the 2011 budget cuts, only one-third of the state’s one million women in need of family planning services received them through the state program. A provider shortage will persist for the foreseeable future; it is no easy task to reopen a clinic once it has shuttered its facility, released its staff, sold all its equipment, and sent its patients’ files elsewhere.

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151 responses to “New Texas Abortion Law Could Be Worst Yet For Poor Women”

  1. tax payer says:

    Poor women have everything as long as long as they have sex with complete strangers.

    • Lynda Groom says:

      Lets not forget their husbands and in far too many cases rapist.

    • EdEKit says:

      What do you mean, “everything?” Some of what they get from sex with strangers can be passed on to the next strangers.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      That is perhaps the stupidest thing you have said on The National Memo. Hopefully, you will realize that you meant to say something else and it just came out wrong.

    • InsideEye says:

      I guess all that money we give for contraceptives like in NYC to teen agers going to proms and other youngins’ is not working, so you windup with a women’s health issue resulting in a need for an abortion. Anyone having waited i20 weeks for an abortion is an ignoramus and should abort offspring as well as having her male partner be truncated. Abortion should be mandated in large cites like NY, LA, Chicago, DC. Not in Boston, …Until you have reached the age of reason, or40 years old . It is a great way of keeping traffic in control and minimizing a proliferation of poor whites. We need rich whites and blacks, reds, yellows to pay for this. Abortion is less expensive in the long run …..then having riff raff cluttering the streets. The democrats are correct here on this matter.

      • MJRinPA says:

        “Anyone having waited i20 weeks for an abortion is an ignoramus…” Many women don’t “wait 20 weeks for an abortion”. They have a medical anomaly sometime during the pregnancy which requires the fetus be aborted. These things, such as a severe car accident, an ectopic pregnancy; don’t always happen in the first few months – and you can’t schedule them like a dental check up.
        These medical decisions must be made by a woman and her doctor when they have the facts. The government has no business making these medical decisions.

        • InsideEye says:

          Of course, these are extenuating circumstances best evaluated by medical staff and the patient along with the best imaging systems that are available. The government has no business in medical care of any sorts PERIOD….

  2. The great state now requires decorating a nursery and choosing a baby name required steps in obtaining access to an abortion.

    • Jim Myers says:

      If that is true, I would imagine that a lot of women who are planning an abortion will start naming the fetus Rick Perry.

      It would, after all, be appropriate.

  3. charleo1 says:

    If China can limit the number of births they allow their families to have.
    And require an abortion be performed, and the offending woman sterilized.
    What is so wrong about our government doing whatever is necessary,
    to make sure all pregnancies are carried to term? Or, investigating those
    that are not? Both of these policies are not really abridging anyone’s Rights.
    But are simply the government’s way of insuring what they think is best, is
    carried out. I don’t see what the big deal is. Governments are supposed to
    do those kinds of things for their people, right? I mean, to leave such decisions
    up to the woman, and a doctor, or worse, her husband! Is just asking for trouble.
    Can’t these stupid people see, their political, and Christian leaders, are in a much better position to make these kinds of decisions? And others, too! Like when they determine a woman has really had enough kids! No contraceptives! Just fix it!
    (The male procedure, is too invasive.) And, let’s let our leaders get back to work,
    stopping healthcare expansion, running these job killing unions out of the country.
    Putting the welfare slackers out in the tomato fields. And rounding up the lazy
    Mexicans, and their anchor babies, and shipping them back. And bring back the
    America that stood for good old fashioned Christian values, like freedom, and
    liberty. And, compassion for our fellow man!

    • EdEKit says:

      I apologize in advance for any insults you may perceive charleo1, I have a lot of them lined up, though I hope to edit out the more egregious of them. I could, of course, comprehend your comment as satire or sarcasm, and let it rest. Considering what I have seen and heard from some of the extreme reactionaries in the US, and abroad, it is easy to believe you mean every word you say and intend to strive for implementation.
      So, rather than insulting you, and risking insult to a tiny minority of Americans who might agree vigorously with your words, I will simply guffaw until my sides hurt, and get a huge shot of feel good enzymes rushing to my brain.
      Thanks, I needed the laugh.

      • charleo1 says:

        All insults are welcome. But as you can see, my fellow commenters
        are used to my brazen, and unabashed walks in the weeds of Right Wing absurdities. God bless them for their understanding. And,
        yours. As comedy, and your laughter, is my catharsis. So, I thank you!

    • ralphkr says:

      Indeed, it is a shame, charleo1, that we do not have a ‘sarcasm’ typeface with which to post.

      • charleo1 says:

        You’ve noticed that too? Sarcasm is a wonderful way to make a
        point. But, when someone compliments the concise way you have
        put into words the essence of their deepest convictions. It kinda
        takes all the fun out of it.

  4. ORAXX says:

    Of course this will be bad for poor women. No surprise there. Rick, ‘the wholly holy macho man’ Perry, never picks fights with people he thinks will fight back.

  5. Landsende says:

    All men that have sex with a woman that’s consensual that results in pregnancy should be forced to have a vasectomy and made to pay child support until the child is 21. If it is rape the man should be castrated and made to pay child support. If lawmakers can legislate laws as to what women can and cannot do with their bodies then they should also legislate laws pertaining to men. Of course this will never happen because it is men passing these laws against women.

    • Christopher Fowler says:

      Clearly you are unaware of the abusive and misandryst child support laws in this country, where most states treat child support obligors (94% men) as criminals even when they are already voluntarily stepping up to pay and/or cooperating to the best of their abilities while simultaneously being denied their visitation and THEIR voices in the courts.

      How about this; instead of bashing men, just stick to bashing the republican religious reich who are the cause of this problem.

      • stcroixcarp says:

        Men cause 100% of all pregnancies, at least since Jesus Christ. There simply is no treatment for men that compares with the cruel and overreaching humiliations that a woman must go through if she needs an abortion. If you noticed, most of the people who vote for these restrictive laws are , you guessed it, MEN, and the women they control. Men must be made to be responsible for their sexual behavior, and if that means working three jobs to support the children they father, then so be it.

        • RobertCHastings says:

          Been there, done that. I had no issues with supporting my two children when my first wife and I divorced. I saw it as my responsibility. What I did not care for was working three or four jobs and not being able to support myself, pretty much all of it going to my children.

          • stcroixcarp says:

            I salute you. You sound like a responsible and loving dad. You prove my point. Unwanted pregnancies and single parenthood can drive families into poverty, and someone will end up paying for it. The government shouldn’t be meddling in personal and family decisions. These restrictive abortion laws are so punitive and the punishment falls on women and their doctors while the men who father these pregnancies get off free.

          • RobertCHastings says:

            It has become a conservative mantra that women MUST be controlled, which is anything BUT Christian OR conservative, while conservative men who stray (ie. former SC gov. Mark Sanford, Jimmy Swaggart, etc.) need only show public repentance and they can pick up the pieces and start over again. I do not intentionally exclude Dems, like Anthony Weiner and Ted Kennedy, who are guilty of the same things, but I am, after all, a Democrat and I want to throw the failings of Republican leaders in their faces as much as possible.

        • Christopher Fowler says:

          So you are saying that men make kids without women? You must be either delusional or a right wing Christian yourself.

          Sorry, but biology is what it is and, the last time I checked, it still takes a woman to get impregnated by the man to make a baby….unless you are talking about test tube cloning, but then a woman still needs to carry that fetus until it becomes a viable baby. Fact is that a man cannot make a baby alone. It does require a woman, willing or not, so instead of bashing men because a few misogynists want to blame women for unwanted pregnancies, how about placing blame squarely where it belongs; in all but the cases of rape, it lies with BOTH people, so get off your high horse of misandry and start dealing with reality.

          • stcroixcarp says:

            No, I am not saying that men make babies alone without women. What I am saying is that men need behave in a sexually responsible manner. Maybe that means using birth control every time or having a vasectomy if you never want to father a child. It means being financially responsible for your actions.

          • Christopher Fowler says:

            Well, that same rule applies to women. They are, except in cases of rape/incest, equally responsible, so it’s time to take responsibility for your own gender.

            Equal rights DEMANDS EQUAL RESPONSIBILITY.

            Ignoring that fact shows that you want special rights, and special rights (with the exception of actual handicaps) are for those who are inferior to the rest of society, such as children who have yet to grow up. I support EQUAL rights, not special rights.

        • WhutHeSaid says:

          Are you for real? How can men be 100% responsible for all pregnancies? Are you saying that women have nothing to do with the process?

          I’m all for personal responsibility, but blaming one person for the actions of two is a bit ridiculous. What would make you offer such a ridiculous claim?

          • adler56 says:

            No woman can get pregnant by herself was the point. IF A WOMAN IS FORCED TO HAVE A CHILD SHE DOESN’T WANT THE FATHER (BLOOD TEST PLEASE) must then have a vasectomy.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            That’s just idiotic. First, a woman is not ‘forced’ to have a child she doesn’t want — that’s the law. Second, unless the father is allowed to make the choice (which I don’t advocate), then the decision is out of his hands. Both people took part in making the pregnancy, so both people are responsible for the outcome.

          • RobertCHastings says:

            Then what is the mother’s legal recourse re. termination of the pregnancy? When paternity is established, then parental right is established, and even rapists are legally allowed to sue to have the pregnancy continued, regardless of the wishes of the woman who was forcibly impregnated. Yeah, I watch “Law and Order: SVU”, so what’s your point. New York does have some different laws.

      • elw says:

        That is a bunch of BS. Any man who is not paying his child support should be treated as a criminal. If they have had changes in their income they can go back to court and get their obligation modified.

        • Christopher Fowler says:

          But you missed the point. Being a non-custodial parent does NOT automatically make you a criminal, nor should it be a case of being put on double secret probation as a criminal, even when you are doing everything and GIVING EVERYTHING to do for your kids while your ex denies you your rights as a parent and violates, willfully, the court orders that no one is willing to enforce when the non-custodial parent cannot afford to pay the legal fees to do it themselves (always because they are struggling to survive themselves with massive and artificially high child support obligations).

          The only BS is coming from people like you that seem to think that all fathers are bad and all mothers are good. Well I hate to shock you with facts, but that is nothing but propaganda by the extremists in the feminist camp and the child support agencies and family courts that profit from an unfair and prejudiced system that absolves custodial parents (almost always women) and themselves of any accountability, under color of law.

          • elw says:

            You are so wrong in every way. My sons’ father never missed a child support payment, never had to worry about seeing his sons and we worked together when there were money issues. He is and was a good person. I do not think every man is bad, anymore than I think every women is a good parent. You make it sound like every single father is cheated by his EX and the courts. That is pure BS. There are many men out there that never support their children and many women who should not be the custodial parent. My son was able to go into court without a lawyer and get his child support completely dropped because he had his two kids living with him full time for more than a year. All he had to show the judge was that he never missed any child support payments, fed and clothed and provided a roof over their head and how long he had been doing that. His EX took him back to court and lost. I do not know what your personal story is but it does seem to be effecting how you view the laws and women. What you see is BS.

          • Christopher Fowler says:

            Well, you would be the exception that makes the rule, because I have seen the system from the other side and it is not the rosey picture that you paint it to be.

            More than 80% of fathers struggle, not just to make support payments, but to make enough afterward just to pay the basic survival bills. Support enforcement has rules to deal with that, but they ignore those rules because they get their money based exclusively on collections, not proper distribution or whether the money is even used for the child. So if they complied with the rules that they are supposed to, they would get less federal money. Look it up in USC Title IV D.

            US CODE: Title 42,654. State plan for child and spousal support

            US CODE: Title 42,667. State guidelines for child support awards

            US CODE: Title 42,658a. Incentive payments to States

            US CODE: Title 42,Part D—Child Support and Establishment of Paternity

            Social Security Act Title IV

            Social Security Act, Title IV –

            Child Support Enforcement – Child Support Enforcement and Title IV-D of the Social Security Act

            Florida has $28M for child support, can’t find recipients – Orlando Sentinel

            DADS AMERICA – Undistributed child support that has been collected from the Father

            What the Government Needs To Do To Improve Child Support Enforcement

            Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Human Resources, 4-11-02 Testimony

            Social Security Act §467

            Child Support Enforcement Program

            Look it up for yourself and see how skewed the system is. I see the laws in a clear and unobstructed way. I can read and understand the legaleze that they are written in and I fully support laws that are fair and equal with all responsible parties being held EQUALLY responsible…..not just financially, but in all other ways that affect our children.

            But back to the point of abortion. I am all for laws that promote choice, laws that DO NOT promote abstinence only education (because they never work) and I fully support proper sex ed in schools, thus promoting responsible sexual behavior. We cannot point the finger of responsibility exclusively at men, because it still takes a man and a woman to make a baby. women are equally responsible as men. Women have the power to say “no”, just as a man can.

          • elw says:

            I am truly sorry if you feel the system cheats you. I make no judgments about your situation, but know that there are lots of women out there who never receive a penny of child support from their children’s father. I will grant you the law is not always fair, but that can affect women as well as men. My Ex and I ecided it was better for the kids to work together and stay riends, so we did by deciding things between us and not in court (other than the initial divorce). I am glad you support choice and comprehensive Sex ed. It would be a much better world for children if both men and women took equal responsibility for their children, but this is not a perfect world and that just does not happen. When it come to consensual sex many people of both sexes say yes when they should say “not now.” People do stupid things sometimes; it doesn’t make them bad people.

          • Christopher Fowler says:

            Those men that choose to not pay should be held accountable, however, all men should not be held accountable for the actions of a few. Fact of the matter is that, amongst child support obligors, the law is enforced at a rate of over 99% against men and at a rate of less than 5% for non-custodial mothers. The laws are not enforced equally and the propaganda makes all men the scapegoats……….and the courts and lawmakers go along with it, parroting the same old, dishonest rhetoric over and over again, in the hopes that the lie eventually becomes truth.

            NO law should do that.

          • elw says:

            I agree that all people should be treated equally by the law. If you feel that is not true about child support laws and men. Then do what women did when the laws did not allow them to vote, have property rights and get equal treatment at work, or have choice over their own bodies – organize. protest and use the power of your vote.

          • Christopher Fowler says:

            Great Idea, but too late.
            It’s already being done, but, unlike women’s rights, we have a ton of negative propaganda to overcome, thanks to women that helped to form these laws and the politicians and political appointees that wrote not only the laws, but the rules of the organizations that use them.

            There has been some progress, but the damage to future generations has already been done as has the lives ruined by what is, in effect, knee-jerk reaction laws.

            The fact that you are unaware that it is being done is very telling of the effectiveness of the tyranny and propaganda against fathers and men in general.

            Ever heard of the group “Fathers and Families”? How about any of the more than a dozen parents rights organizations that are working, quite diligently, to change these godawful laws?
            Until we get enough people to make enough noise and get rid of the profit motive under title IV D and end the increasing privatization of these agencies, things will never change.

          • elw says:

            Christopher you are being over dramatic, everyone who has wanted to make changes to laws that discriminate against them has had as many or more negative propaganda to over come as you. People have been killed fighting for their rights. Your have no more to overcome than Black people did to get the vote and equal right, or the women that faced the same discrimination; do you really believe that LGBTs have not had to face negative propaganda? Stop blaming women plus everyone else for your problems and playing the victim; if you do that maybe, just maybe people will start listening to you.

          • Christopher Fowler says:

            No, actually, I am not being “overdramatic” take a look at so much of the advertising right up until just this past year. Any time a father or man is shown for most commercials, the man is a fool or incompetent. it is no better than the advertising that showed all women to be just as stupid. The man-bashing needs to come to the same end that woman-bashing has been heading towards. I have many friends in the LGBT community and I know exactly the level uf propaganda that they suffer through…..propaganda that has been far longer in the making than the recent spate of man-bashing from the extremist end of the feminist movement.

            Try not making the problem less than it is, just because you are not living through it yourself.

          • adler56 says:

            some of you posting here obviously married a woman with serious mental health issues (borderline personality disorder)
            or you are a real redneck.

          • Christopher Fowler says:

            You got that right. My son’s mother has some serious mental health issues….mostly related to faithfulness and honesty. Not all women are like that. My current wife is intelligent, honest, supportive and caring….the exact opposite of my son’s mother.

    • tax payer says:

      Women are too dumb to realize they are being use because who would marry someone that has ten children from ten different men. No one!

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        Women aren’t so dumb. After all, they avoid you like the plague, and I’d say that’s pretty smart.

        • Christopher Fowler says:

          Let’s be real, here. There ARE women who are that dumb…..otherwise the religious reich would not be able to breed.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Your point is well taken. There are some dumb ones out there, but even most of those would know enough to avoid tax payer.

  6. Lovefacts says:

    I wish the women of Texas well. But until they and the men vote Perry and Republicans like him out of office, this will continue. Unfortunately, I don’t hold much hope of this happening in the near future. Too many people vote straight party, uncaring what the politician believes or bills enacted until it impacts them. Shortsighted, I know. Sadly, most Americans don’t think beyond the next quarter or their own self-interest.

  7. Christopher Fowler says:

    The biggest problem, and this applies to the entire country, is that we have these treasonous Republican thugs in office. The are regressive and want to turn this country into a giant slave labor camp where only the rich and powerful have rights or a voice, where hypocrisy is the rule, not the exception, as demonstrated by the way the party has turned to their divisive and destructive evangelical literal misinterpretations of the latest edit version of the bible.

    These so called “conservatives” have NEVER been anything but a bane on this country. They were the same ones that fought for the British during the Revolutionary War, fought to defend slavery during the American Civil War, opposed allowing blacks to marry, opposed integration of our military and our schools and our cities, opposed inter-racial marriage, oppose marriage equality, oppose worker’s rights and support the onerous and treasonous “Patriot Act” as well as NSA spying on our own citizens (just like the Soviet Russia used to to do to it’s citizens, and probably still does). They are responsible for “trickle down, which has never worked, responsible for austerity, which has also never worked, responsible for religious BS being forced on our children through the attempted implementation of creationism and science denial programs and a continuous dumbing down of our people.

    The Republican party used to be for the people, now they are for the highest bidder and they have become traitors that MUST be stopped, along with their extremist religious allies and corporate overlords, BEFORE it comes to another American revolution.

    • tax payer says:

      In this country the tax payers shouldn’t have to pay for those that don’t know how to have sex with the right person. Republicans are doing what is good for the country and not for what is good for these baby makers.

      • Jim Myers says:

        So, what you are saying is that only those who are NOT Republicans are responsible for ALL the sex that is out of wedlock and is NOT consensual.

        Don’t tell me, let me guess.

        You are a proud member of the Tea Party.

        You never had sex until you were married.

        And, never with anyone who was not your spouse.

        “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”
        John 8:7

        • Russell Byrd says:

          I think our boy “tea party,” oops, “tax payer” has some clinical issues.

          I would suggest one correction:

          You never had sex . . . ?

          • adler56 says:

            except in a men’s room.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            Good one!

          • tax payer says:

            With your mother.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            His name was Roger. You should have at least asked him his name, but I realize you were too eager to “get it on.”

          • tax payer says:

            No wonder she loved him so much. Roger did some good things to her and she kept inviting him to the Seashore for the weekends. I am referring to the nice Blond she knew that was good at sex.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            I guess we hit a nerve. Guys that are really getting any sex, rarely tell the whole world about it. Generally, the braggarts aren’t getting much. You do seem to need to dispel the rumors of your impotency and your perversions. A normal guy would have just shrugged it off.

          • tax payer says:

            At age 14 and it felt good. Ask the teacher because she was very happy, when we finished our exercise.

        • ralphkr says:

          Jim, you left an important part out of your diagnosis, namely:

          You never had sex until you were married and very little sex after you were married because you only had sex when you were ready to have a child.

          • Jim Myers says:

            Thanks for spotting my error. The message I sent was lacking in that respect.


          • tax payer says:

            I had sex at the age of 14 and the teacher loved it since her husband was impotent, and she needed a stud.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            If it were true, you would not need to even mention it. I guess you still have a fourteen year old mentality. Brag about the prowess you do not possess. Figures.

          • tax payer says:

            You mentioned I never had sex and I have responded to you I had plenty of sex in my youth with adult women, but never reported them like the teens of today do after having sex with these women. I prefer an Abortion for a woman and not to support a child ( no father ) for 18 years.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            Sure you did :-), like your teacher, she needed a stud, but she got a pud.

            That affair certainly existed as a schoolboy crush, in your own mind.

            Keep embellishing that story. NO ONE believes you, or is going to. Feel free to waste all the time you please trying to hide your sexual peccadilloes. You are only drawing attention to yourself.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            First your anti-abortion. Now you prefer it. Your pro-life, but you want to get rid of or starve children. You do not believe in God, but you say Atheists have their head up their “azz. Your term, not mine.

            I think you will soon be going “formal,” because you are definitely ready for the “white jacket and tie.”

            So what are you, if you are not just a neurotic troll bent on entertaining himself by wasting everyone’s time?

      • elw says:

        And who do you thinks gets to decide who the right person to have sex with is?

      • JDavidS says:

        “…sex with the right person…”? Just who in the fuck is “the right person”? And who gets to decide this? And when? When the bar closes do you have some puritanical zealot sitting at the door…”Yup, y’all can fuck him…Yup she’s good to go… Nope, only a blow job for him…No chance, sister, you ain’t doin’ him”… What colour is the sky in your world?

        • tax payer says:

          I have to look up after I put out my ( MJ ) to let you know what color is the Sky. See, now you can have it and smoke all you want in the comfort of your home or the home of a girlfriend.

      • AMADAL says:

        Public taxpayer money does not fund abortions. They are funded by private donations only

      • Russell Byrd says:

        That post shows just how sick and out of touch with reality you, and your kind, really are. What are your suggestions for having sex rightly?

        I guess the nonsense about “pro-life” just went out the window with that pile of s**t. You not only hate women, but children as well. On top of that, you equate all human value with a dollar amount.

        • tax payer says:

          Yes, I hate women you have to support because they have babies knowing ( you dumb tax payers ) have to support them. I don’t pay taxes anymore, so it’s your turn to pay for their food. Keep working, so my Social Security will never run out and by the time you retire there will be none for you.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            Yes you do hate women! And you do not make any sense. We both know most of these pregnancies can be prevented with education and contraception. Both of which you, and your disgusting ilk, oppose. As well, any pretense you had to pro-life has gone out the window long ago. You claim to care for the unborn fetus, but you HATE the fully formed child. If we do not provide some level of assistance, these children are destined for a life of misery. This leads to misery for all of our people (crime, etc.) and makes America weaker. Of course, you do not care as all you are interested in is judging someone that you do not even know and is too weak to harm you in return. The word bully is the mildest description I can use to describe you.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            For Social Security, I cannot deprive you of what you do not
            deserve. Shortly, however, you will be dead and burning in Hell. The change will come and you will be roasting rather than being a part of a righteous, decent solution.

            And again, TROLL, why do you keep sneaking back to old threads. Trying to re-write “history” like your Texass heroes?

          • tax payer says:

            Another one that believes there is a God. Grown up.

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        Just because no woman would willingly have sex with you doesn’t mean that situations don’t change and mistakes don’t happen. After all, can you imagine the second-guessing your poor mama’s done over the years after seeing how you’ve turned out?

        • tax payer says:

          Wasn’t that your mama I had sex with last week because she mentioned a ( WhuHeSaid ) was her son or something like that, when I picked her up at a Bar close to your home.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            I think that was your Ma. You just did not recognize her after she had a good scrub.

          • tax payer says:

            You seem to respond for everyone else, so are you their DADDY? I will go back and read my Satan book, so I can learn how to respond to Hypocrites like you.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            I just hate trolls and bullies. Of course, you are both. And you seem to have the same problem that you accuse me of. Clean your own house, right after you clean all that s**t you have been spreading. Read your “Satan book,” once more, I guess you really need some more pointers.

            Just remember, if YOU had not stirred up this stale subject with your childish, sniping posts, you would not be needing to ask whose DADDY I was. As has been determined, at least I can be one. Unlike a useless, all cock and no balls, freak like you.

          • tax payer says:

            The New Texas Abortion Law ( The Real Subject ) in this Blog went out the window since you decided to argue about something else. Say Four Hail Marys to your ( Pervert Priest ) and tell him your are a Sinner, and need Forgiveness. Wow, Not Bad For Someone That’s Not Religious.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            You are sad in many ways. Too bad you have neither deity nor conscience to govern the lies you tell. I prefer conscience myself. Truth be told, you have never been ON-TOPIC since you decided to troll this thread again. Not that you were ever on topic.

            Really, the only real sin I have committed is giving you the time of day. You spew evil nonsense in order to feed your sick sense of entertainment. I am more or less an Agnostic. This is mostly due to too much religion in my past and training in logic. I know religion is no good, but it is hard to become fully liberated.

            I generally have great respect for Atheists. They generally wrestle with their consciences and apply quite a bit of thought to come to that conclusion. Unfortunately, you are one of those few Atheists, and they are all Teapublicons, that came to that conclusion because this eliminates any check on your behavior. You can always say or do anything you want that gives you gratification. That may be why you can make a reference to “azzs” that are not religious and then can claim later that you are an Atheist.

          • tax payer says:


          • Russell Byrd says:

            Thanks. You replied exactly as I wished. I could not have asked for a better reply. You have just confirmed all that I have said.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            The short version: You are a sociopath that has little if any conscience. As such, nothing you say can be trusted or has any true, lasting merit. . . .

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Nah, my mama doesn’t have a hairy chest. Must’ve been someone else.

          • tax payer says:

            I guess it had to be the mother of your Buddy.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            Maybe, but I’d say the baritone voice and beard stubble should have been a clue you might pick up on. Oh well, you enjoyed yourself, so I suppose that’s what matters most.

      • charleo1 says:

        Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for those Presidents that don’t
        know how to pick the right country to go to war with, either. Do
        you believe taxpayers should still believe that Republicans are
        basically good people, that went out with a some military contractors,
        and things went a little too far, and before they knew it, they had this
        little war. Now, we’re all supposed to pay for it? Or, that’s okay?
        It’s just the 15 & 16 year old girls we really should crack down on?

        • tax payer says:

          What are you talking about? Make some sense and I will respond.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            It makes perfect sense. You are just doing the “Teaturd Spin.” The dance you always do when the posts hit too close to the bone.

      • terry b says:

        The republicans are nothing more than fascists. They make this country look bad. Why? Cause they don’t know the difference between right and wrong. Apparently must be someone just like them.

        • tax payer says:

          Republicans and Democrats are like Atheist. They don’t know which is which since they have their heads up their azz.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            You know what is odd? Tax piddler claims that God does not exist. So it seems strange that he would make the reference to Atheists that he does, since he is one himself.

            That guy is just a useless troll, here to entertain himself by causing mischief. He is just a pervert.

          • tax payer says:

            If I comment you respond, so who is the useless troll? I think you have won the prize. A pervert has sex with children, so you are describing yourself and maybe it’s little boys.

          • Russell Byrd says:

            You know what is odd? Tax piddler claims that God does not exist. So it seems strange that he would make the reference to Atheists that he does, since he is one himself.

            That guy is just a useless troll, here to entertain himself by causing mischief. He is just an admitted pervert.

        • Russell Byrd says:

          You know what is odd? Tax piddler claims that God does not exist. So it seems strange that he would make the reference to Atheists that he does, since he is one himself.

          That guy is just a useless troll, here to entertain himself by causing mischief. He is just a pervert.

      • MasterWes says:

        Republican’s mothers didn’t know how to have sex with the right person.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      Let it all out, Christopher, and you will feel much better. There is something definitely cathartic in saying what you have said in the manner in which you have said it. Bravo!

      • Christopher Fowler says:

        For me, this has been a very long term issue and I am often “letting it all out”. And it has been very cathartic, but action would be more so, if I could only motivate the people around me to action that makes a change for the better.

        But, sadly, I seem to be surrounded by sheeple that would rather bleat on about the wolf than just realize that they outnumber the wolf and take him down.

        We’ve become too complacent and that is part of what has allowed evil men like the Perry’s and the other teapublicans of the world to take and hold power.

    • ExRadioGuy15 says:

      A few points make here:
      There are three factions of the Republican Party and they’re all at war with each other (see failure of Farm Bill in GOP-dominated US House): “moderates”, Cons (Conservatives) and Teahadists (Tea Party Militia members);
      Two of the defining characteristics of Fascism are rampant sexism and the intertwining of religion and government;
      The GOP (Grand Old Phascists) practice each and every one of the 14 defining characteristics of Fascism (The Demos, perhaps three, at most);
      GOP “moderates” are now making the stupid argument that the Democrats have went far left and they’re the only group in the “middle”, an argument invalidated by Bill Maher’s truthful statement in 2011: “The Democratic Party has went to the right and the Republican Party has went right into the insane asylum”;
      GOP moderates need to overcome their fear, ignorance and cognitive dissonance and STOP VOTING FOR REPUBLICANS, something their predecessors did from 1930-1950, when they voted for Progressive Democrats, especially Franklin Delano Roosevelt;
      Until there’s another GOP moderate revolution, expect more GOP fascism, treason and sedition…

      • Christopher Fowler says:

        Well said.

        It is what happened to the GOP in the beginning of the Bush era that finally drove me out of the party. I was actually raised as a pre-McCartyism Republican, where they held to better, more progressive principles with a moderate leaning. I guess with my upbringing and experience, it has made me a real centrist.

        Our big problem with these “conservatives” is that they paint themselves as being patriotic when they are exactly the opposite.
        It was Conservatives that sided with the British during the Revolutionary War and the war of 1812 and supported slavery.

        It was the conservatives that wanted secession during the Civil War. It was conservatives that opposed blacks being allowed to marry, opposed women’s sufferage, opposed inter-racial marriage and the civil rights act as well as marriage equality (which the church originally supported as indicated in research done by the Jesuits at Fordham university).

        It is the conservatives that supported “trickle down” economics (which has proven to not work for any but the rich) as well as austerity programs (which also do not work for the common citizen).

        AND it is conservatives that are trying to institute Christian sharia/heresy laws in our secular nation and forcing their particular version of their religion on others while complaining about a fictional “war on (insert Christian holiday here)” and the impossible to happen institution of Islamic sharia here in our secular nation.

        Conservatives have a place in this country, but it is not in positions of power. We need their extremism to balance the extremism on the left. However, whenever they are in positions of power, they will, more often than not, violate their oaths of office for personal and political gain, than actually do their jobs. As grandma used to say; The proof is in the pudding.

        The ones in power have forgotten that their oath is to the Constitution and the people, not to their religion. If they can’t tell the difference and act accordingly, then they should give up their power. And if they refuse, then their power should be wrested from them, either through legal methods or, as an absolute last resort, acts of war by the people that they are supposed to serve.

    • terry b says:

      Nice to read your post. Well said. Your post is better than mine but very similar in the context. Keep up the good work.

    • AlfredSonny says:

      Conservatives are men who think through their wallets instead of penises.

      • Christopher Fowler says:

        Well said. It’s a shame that they can’t keep their mouths as closed as their minds and wallets.

  8. tax payer says:

    They don’t think with their brain, but with what they have b-t-e-n -t-r- l-g-.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      Go ahead, you can spell it out. Whatever you believe that they think with, it’s obviously far preferable than what you call ‘thinking’. You are an obvious ass-hat.

  9. RobertCHastings says:

    I THINK it was Sophocles, the ancient Greek writer of comic plays, who penned one based upon the refusal of women to perform their wifely duties in an effort to convince men not to go to war. I think this comedy could be readily updated to cover the situation in Texas. Other issues being dealt with on The National Memo clearly paint Texas as producing uneducated political leaders who care about nothing except extending their own shelf lives.

    • InsideEye says:

      Aristophanes. The power of a women lays, /lies, between her lays, lies. Does NOW know this consuming, consummating truth. Women must be revered, then indeed.

      • RobertCHastings says:

        They were great plays. Thanks for the info. Last time I read it was in World Lit in HS, 50 years ago. Amazing what stays with you over the years.

        • InsideEye says:

          They were great classic pieces, Greek and Roman. I thought it was the most clever story and good for moments like this to insert. We were only allowed risqué stuff in college, came from a strict parochial background…..but I turned out normal 🙂
          Thanks for bringing it up. Perhaps it should be used today, are there any real women left! ???, Robert C.

          • RobertCHastings says:

            Of course there are real women left. Hilary, Elizabeth Warren, even the girl from Afghanistan that the Taliban tried to assassinate because she insisted on becoming educated. Women who have the ability to become leaders ALL deserve our attention and support. A former governor of Texas, Ann Richards, and the two female associate justices on the Supreme Court appointed by Obama are just a few of the real women we can all engage with.

  10. Stuart51 says:

    Perry (7%! 😉 does not deserve the company of women – wife, mother, sisters, or daughter. Or any others.

    It the last abortion in Texas going to be the GOP?

  11. elw says:

    The GOP has a death wish. Do they honestly believe that women will sit back and let this happen? Women fought long and hard for the right to vote, for financial independence and for safe and legal abortion. If any man or women in the Republican Party thinks they can push back the clock to the beginning of the last century, they are in for a rude awakening. We are more than half the population, they cannot win elections without us, have babies without us and truth be known they cannot run this Country without us – we decide where to shop. So I raise my middle finger in salute to them and give them this challenge, bring it on; you may think you won this battle but you will never win in the end.

  12. nancyminter says:

    The one thing we should all be focused on is voter turnout in the next election. Get out and vote the Tea Party out! Crush them at the poles.

  13. ococoob says:

    Wished those Republican legislators would think with their heads and not their d**ks.

  14. ObozoMustGo says:

    uhhhhh…. hey leftist freaks…. isn’t the baby the MOST vulnerable in this equation? Talk about a war on women…. of the 56 MILLION Americans slaughtered since Roe v. Wade, at least half of them have been women! Slaughtering 23 MILLION women IS THE WAR ON WOMEN!!!!! What’s the matter with you leftist freaks? You like murdering babies? Call it what it is. Murdering babies!

    BTW…. you do have a CHOICE. The CHOICE is to keep your legs closed or open them up. Once you have made your CHOICE, you must live with the consequences.

    Have a nice day!

    “[Our objective is] unlimited sexual gratification without the burdenof unwanted children … [Women must have the right] to live … to love… to be lazy … to be an unmarried mother … to create … to destroy… The marriage bed is the most degenerative influence in the social order… The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

    — Margaret Sanger (editor). The Woman Rebel , Volume I, Number 1. Reprinted in Woman and the New Race . New York: Brentanos Publishers, 1922

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      So besides being a bitter bigot you are a misogynist too? Why am I not surprised?

      BTW, I have a bit of news for you:

      Obama is STILL black.

      And he’s STILL your leader.


      Have a nice day!

    • charleo1 says:

      Lincoln was the first Republican President. So, I guess things change
      over time. With Latinos, Jews, Blacks, Asians, and a plurality of the youth,
      now clearly in the Democratic camp. The old White Confederacy is looking
      at it’s own demise squarely in the face. And lying about being scared shitless. So it has reached out to the dregs, and outcasts, inhabiting the fringes of the American political hinterlands. The motley assortment of desperate ideologues, fatalist dead enders, and radical right wingers
      and, extremists, they have convinced, that now is the opportunity they’ve been waiting for! Some calling for the authoritarian tyranny of the Nazi State. Although they don’t see it as that. While the sovereign citizens, recognize no authority, and call for the dissembling of the entire apparatus. The racial purists, who see immigration, not as the result of corporate agriculture’s answer to rising labor costs. But as an intentional invasion of the sovereign United States by an illiterate hoard of mud races, determined to change the culture, and center of power of the White Protestant, hegemony, they believe is God’s will that they protect. The corporate elite, in their usual hubris, thought this poorly educated, gaggle of thugs, and misfits could be as easily managed, and manipulated as the White suburbanite pensioners that had served as their bread, and butter so faithfully, for so long. Largely due to the happenstance they were the single largest group their policies had not yet screwed over. But, their number were dwindling. And, to make matters worse, Bush had clearly fallen on his face. There was simply no way to
      effectively frame it in a better light. There were no WMDs in Iraq. A war we
      started, we were now being ignominiously thrown out. Without so much as
      a quart of oil, or a single soldier left on the giant military bases we had built. Even the corporations on Wall Street had joined the welfare roles. And the public had elected a Black President, and removed the GOP from their leadership positions in Congress. What is to be done? Was the question
      the Republican Right faced that cold November night in 2008. If we
      act like a minority said Mitch McConnell, we’ll be a minority! So, they invented you Obozo. Or, you were always there. They just elevated you,
      and called you a majority. Now you’re stinking up the joint.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Chuckie… you’re usuall more coherent in your posts. Judging from the time of your post, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were 1/2 way through your usual Saturday night bottle of Mad Dog 20/20.

        Keep supporting the war on women by killing them before they are out of the womb… or in all too many cases even when they are out of the womb. Unfortunately for clowns like you that like killing babies, the whole point of abortion was to abolish “undesirables” (Margaret Sanger’s words, not mine) from the face of the earth. With nearly 50% of black pregnancies ending at the abortionists scissors, I’d say they are doing what they set out to do with the approval of neanderthals like you.

        Have a nice day, and I hope your hangover isn’t too bad.

        “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with
        social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”
        — Margaret Sanger’s December 19, 1939 letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble, 255 Adams Street, Milton, Massachusetts. Original source: Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, North Hampton, Massachusetts. Also described in Linda Gordon’s Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America . New York: Grossman Publishers, 1976

        • charleo1 says:

          You’re beating a dead horse with your meaningless tripe
          about promoting abortion as a social tool. And, you’re not
          fooling anyone as to your opinion it has anything to do with
          the issue today. There are plenty of discussions to be had
          in honest conversations. Without introducing your dishonest
          trope. Or your juvenile mischaracterizations of pro choice
          individuals as promoting mass genocide, by overlaying your
          definition of a zygote, as a viable new born, put casually to
          death. You are in a word ridiculous. In two words, not correct. Aside from the obvious, that you believe you are one of brightest bulbs in the string. The serious, anti-choice,
          opponents of limited, yet legal abortion, would wince at
          your clumsy attempts to bring heat to a subject they feel
          needs much more light, if they are to prevail. But, in the
          final analysis, the deciding questions have nothing to do
          with being pro abortion. But, if the State should be given
          the power to suspend the Constitutional Rights of the Mother,
          the peripheral Rights of the Father. And, second guess the
          decisions of the attending Doctor. In the protection of the
          Rights of the fetus. And, if governmental power is extended,
          what other powers of governmental responsibility for the
          protection of this new type of citizen, may logically flow from
          that extension? Is this in keeping with the spirit of the document? That after all, spends the vast majority of it’s
          intention, limiting the power, and intrusion of the State on the
          individual’s Rights. And stating in very clear terms where the
          State may not tread. This is a serious issue, for serious people, Obozo.

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            Chuckie…. some key points:

            1) there is NO Constitutional right to abortion. We can discuss 150 years of bad “legislation” that has come from the SCOTUS another time. Roe v. Wade is one of those.

            2) In fact, the very Constitution you claim to “give” a right, does not “give rights” at all. On the contrary, it recognizes that humans have rights granted them by God, and the purpose of government is to protect those God-given rights…. amongst them are THE RIGHT TO LIFE…..!!!!!!!!

            3) The US Constitution does not grant State’s rights. Rather, it says what the Federal government can, and CANNOT do. And the 9th and 10th Amendments recognize the sovereignty of the States. Without the Bill of Rights and the recognition of State sovereignty, the US Constitution would NEVER have been ratified.

            4) Sort of off topic but related…It is the 17th Amendment where the States began to be overrun by the Feds because the States no longer had a say in the US Congress and their authority.

            5) The Texas law does NOT put any baby murdering mill out of business. Rather, it places good medical standards in place as a requirement so that the house of horror baby murder factories like Herbert Gosnell ran cannot be allowed to operate. How is insisting on higher medical standards for women’s clinics bad? They can keep murdering all the babies they want, they just have to uphold the same standards that any other medical facility performing surgeries must uphold.

            Have a nice day, Chuckie!

            “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” – Mark Twain

          • charleo1 says:

            You are the perfect example of why it’s pretty much a
            waste of time to attempt to discuss the issue with those without a willingness to accept the fundamental guiding concepts that produced the Constitution in the first place. You want to bog the conversation down with semantics.
            “The Constitution does not, “give Rights.” You proclaim it, as if sharing some great fundamental wisdom! Granted is a well accepted term for enumerating Rights. But, you’ve decided you’re going to lecture. Rather than get to the issue. Which
            is typical of those who do not care on what legal grounds the
            laws are changed to their liking, just so they are. There is this
            problem, for those who labor under the mistaken idea, the Constitution, and the Bible must not conflict. And if they are
            perceived to do so, well there are those for who nothing will
            do but to set about changing the law, or The Constitution, by
            whatever method it takes. That well, The Constitution doesn’t expressly grant the Right to an abortion, therefore it must leave the entire issue up to the States. It’s a ridiculous assertion, but they don’t care! Just change the law to suit them, and use whatever concept is necessary! It doesn’t
            matter. So fine, they now claim, they are given full authority to set up laws governing their own private bureaucratic theocracies, or whatever they choose, within the boundaries of an otherwise democratic Country. I can assure you, this issue was thoroughly hashed out, in the Civil War, around the matter of the institution of slavery. But it applies equally as well to all other law. Federal Law, trumps State Law, that trumps municipal regulation.
            And they may not conflict. As has been upheld in the Court’s
            decision, (not legislation) of Roe V. Wade. Addressed on
            the grounds of privacy, contained in the 4th Amendment.
            What is very obvious, is there are those spoiling for a fight
            on this issue. They will get it. And hopefully at that point,
            they will accept this area of settled law, that perhaps needs
            more defining, on the necessity of a consistent marriage law.
            Then, once, and for all, for the Dixiecrats of the Old Confederacy, and those that seem to believe, they may by
            invoking their, “State’s Rights, fashion their own micro kingdoms. That those Americans so confined by the boundaries of this State, must bend to their own, particular ideas about liberties. And the rest of the Country, must then, respect, and support them in their abridgment of the Rights of those citizens in that area of their lives. But, another State
            doesn’t share the opinion of the second State. And so, denies
            it’s own separate areas of freedom. Whereas an individual
            will find themselves unfortunate enough to be living in the wrong, separate sovereign Country, within the sovereign, United States. How arrogant and averse to the ideals of liberty is that? No, there will be a reckoning. In the end, these folk unable to discern where their business ends, and the next person’s begins. Are going to need to, at days end, be willing to do themselves, what they are demanding the rest of the Country do on their behalf. Obey a law with which they don’t agree, and move on. Hopefully sooner than the 150 years it took them to accept the Federal ruling on slavery. Or, indeed the idea we will be a Country united in all ways. Including under law.

    • Russell Byrd says:

      With a nick like yours, we realize intelligent, objective, open-minded conversation will not be forthcoming. Sort of lets the “cat out of the bag” before we even bother to read your drivel.

      Which means, I did not bother to read your filth.

  15. Lisztman says:

    Sadly, I can’t think of a retort for these legislators that fits the bill.

    Someone in Austin appears to be waving a Bible and trying to put women back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant — and be assuming that 19th-century health codes will keep everything safe. Or that “we didn’t want those indigent Democrats reproducing, anyway.”

    Perhaps we could introduce something into the drinking water in the State Capitol that causes men’s apparatus to wither and die. Assuming of course, that these jerks have the apparatus to begin with. I have friends in Austin. I can only say that I’m pleased I don’t live there.

  16. ChristoD says:

    Keep women’s reproductive rights OUT of politics ! It is a decision between a pregnant woman, the impregnator and God. Stay the f— away from this VERY personal AND PRIVATE decision !

  17. adler56 says:

    Rick Perry is a schmuck as are all rednecks in that state- secede- please.

  18. Allan Richardson says:

    If you want to protect your vote from the new wave of James Crow, Esq. laws being passed in Texas and elsewhere, go to, get a signon if you do not already have one, and sign the petititon “Resume Enforcing the Voting Rights Act Section 5 Immediately.” The petition explains what I believe is a valid loophole in the recent decision striking part of the VRA, and urges the President to exploit that loophole.

  19. terry b says:

    So many states have governors who are anti-women, anti-poor and worse. Why are all of these terrible politicians republicans? The people in Germany refer to the republican party as the Nazi party. Why is that? Guess we all know why they do that. They seem to be fans of Adolph Hitler but I suspect that even he would wonder why the republinazies are the way they are. What a country we live in. Politicians that want to make our country as despicable as Germany was in the 30’s and 40’s. Will this ever end? They scare the hell out of women, minorities, the poor and people like me who actually know the difference between right and wrong.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      and murdering babies is right?

      By the way… NAZI is an acronym for National SOCIALIST Party. Which of the 2 parties in America is most closely identified with SOCIALIST ideology?? Come on….. be honest, if you can….. that’s riiiiiiiiiiiight! The DemonRAT party is most closely related to SOCIALIST ideals. So…..

      NAZI = Socialist = DemonRAT party.

      By the way, while I’m at it… the more accurate comparison is Hitler’s “cleansing” of 6 MILLION Jews with the DemonRATS cleansing of 56 MILLION unborn Americans since Roe v. Wade. Hmmmmmm…. who’s more of a killer? Going by numbers, DemonRATS support for baby murdering makes them WAAAAYYYY worse than Hitler could have ever dreamed of.

      Stick that in your ingorant pipe and smoke it! And read the quote below from your hero of baby murder, founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger.

      Have a nice day!

      “[Slavs, Latin, and Hebrew immigrants are] human weeds … a deadweight of human waste … [Blacks, soldiers, and Jews are a] menace to the race.” “Eugenic sterilization is an urgent need … We must prevent Multiplication of this bad stock.”
      — Margaret Sanger, April 1933 Birth Control Review .

      • terry b says:

        Like most republican leaders you are brain dead and heartless like the Republinazis by imitating Hitler via the war on women. Hope you can deal with your obvious mental health problem. A 1st term fetus is not a person but they are very similar to you in the fact that they have no developed brain or heart. Have a nice day! Try to remember that any Supreme Court decision by 7 – 2 is considered not just the right decision but a great one. With your lack of intelligence I’m sure you will not agree.

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          TB… you ignore historical fact about how PP was started and why. You ignore scientific fact about the develpment of a human in the womb. And you call me brain dead????? Face the fact TB, you support infanticide. You support racial cleansing and the killing of blacks and other “undesirables” as your hero, Sanger, spoke truthfully about.

          Here’s a rare leftist freak that is honest about baby murdering in one of your leftist freak rags, Salon. Click the link to read the horror in this writer’s thinking.

          BTW… I suppose you support the Dred Scott decision since that was a 7 – 2 ruling. According to your smug attitude, any decision that’s 7 -2 MUSt be a great decision, right?

          You are a fool. Abortion is murder and is nothing short of genocide. Your thinking is no different than Hitler’s. Here’s another quote from your hero, Margaret Sanger.

          Have a nice day!

          “Our failure to segregate morons who are increasing and multiplying … demonstrates our foolhardy and extravagant sentimentalism … [Philanthropists] encourage the healthier and more normal sections of the world to shoulder the burden of unthinking and indiscriminate fecundity of others; which brings with it, as I think the reader must agree, a dead weight of human waste. Instead of decreasing and aiming to eliminate the stocks that are most detrimental to the future of the race and the world, it tends to render them to a menacing degree dominant … We are paying for, and even submitting to, the dictates of an ever-increasing, inceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all.”
          — Margaret Sanger. The Pivot of Civilization , 1922. Chapter on “The Cruelty of Charity,” pages 116, 122, and 189. Swarthmore College Library edition.

          • terry b says:

            You are an idiot. 7 – 2 in the last 50 years is a great decision. Dred “Scott was made over a century ago. Abortion in the 1st trimester is not murder. Only a moron believes differently. Your thinking is defective as is all the right to be wrong crowd that you are a part of. I would never force a woman to have an abortion that she doesn’t want but I know that you would force a woman to have a child that she does not want. Destroying the right to choose is a fascist idea. Apparently you are part of the crowd that doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. Have a great week Mr. Moron!!!

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            ohhhh…. so now “great” SCOTUS decisions have a timeline associated with them, huh? Typical situational ethics from the leftist freaks who wouldn’t know a consistent value or principle if it was bat beating you on the head. Any abortion is murder. No questions asked. It is the purposeful extinguishment of another person’s life. Even the rarely honest leftist freak writer at Salon admits what everyone already knows.

            I do find it interesting how you have stipulated that baby killing after the first trimester is murder, but before that point you think it is not. Maybe there is hope for you.

            Now, go wipe that drool from your chin. And for Pete’s sake, stay away from busy roads and traffic. It’s amazing how someone as stone cold stupid as you gets through a day without wandering out into traffic. On second thought…. maybe you should go check out that busy highway…..

            Have a nice day, dope! And ssshhhhhhhhh!!! Staying quiet is in your best interset.

            “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain

          • terry b says:

            I looked up the words moron and asshole in the dictionary. They pretty much described you. After 1st trimester, if a genetic defect is found or a threat to the mother exists an abortion is the best thing. Because of the dictionary’s description of you, you are incapable of believing what is the right thing to do. You must be part of the religious/retarded right. Sound about right to you?

  20. MollyBee64 says:

    This action effectively puts the health of women into the hands of men in dark suits.

  21. AlfredSonny says:

    Republicans are proving that the Bible can be manipulated and the Christians, especially the women, can be brainwashed.

  22. AlfredSonny says:

    What is the difference between Liberals and Conservatives?
    Liberals think through their brains instead of wallets while Conservatives think through their wallets instead of penises.

  23. bikejedi says:

    the bigger issue is how many stories they can find to distract people from the fact that Obama has delayed implementation of Obamacare past the midterms . this was done just to save Dem seats and…..This rewards those evil Capitalist Corporations that Liberals like to say Republicans favor .

  24. jointerjohn says:

    I suggest we all move beyond an attitude stated in the form of a question in the article, “do these republicans not understand women’s issues, or do they not care?” We do no good continuing to give them such an easy pass. The sad fact is they do know and they do care about these issues, only they see them as opportunities to politically slap women back into socio-political submission. Being the secessionists they truly are, they are hoping that those uppity women who refuse to obey the male masters move north and vacate their voter registration lists. Their corporate donors love the idea as well, for they would prefer to employ submissive women and sure don’t want any “Norma Rays” working in their lousy chicken processing plants. They know damn good and well what they are doing and the quicker we stop laughing them off as idiots and face their hideous schemes with strong candidates and campaign cash instead of redneck jokes about them, the faster we can send them into the history books.

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