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Rick Perry Destroying Women’s Health Care — And Punishing Poor Families — In Texas

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Rick Perry Destroying Women’s Health Care — And Punishing Poor Families — In Texas


A Texas judge recently upheld the Lone Star State’s attack on Planned Parenthood and its participation in the state Women’s Health Program, yet another victory for right-wing ideologues in their long war on women. In America’s second most populous state, poor women and families especially face new and dire circumstances — despite President Obama’s re-election on a platform guaranteeing the strongest state support for reproductive rights in a generation.

Last year, Texas barred Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health clinics from the Women’s Health Program, when Republican lawmakers decided that “abortion affiliates” (organizations that counsel on abortion, provide abortion referrals or are affiliated with clinics that provide abortions) could no longer receive public funds for family planning or any other health services. Denying the right to counsel patients is a clear violation of free speech, and the right of publicly funded family planning clinics to “affiliate” with privately-funded abortion providers has been a matter of settled law since 1989 (in the case of Webster v. Reproductive Health Services). But never mind.

Originally, the Texas Women’s Health Program came under Medicaid, serving more than 100,000 low-income women, with an annual cost of nearly $40 million —  paid 90 percent by the federal government. When the Obama administration threatened to pull federal funding because the new rules violated a Medicaid provision ensuring that recipients must be free to choose their own health care providers, Republican governor Rick Perry told the president to keep his money.  A new program, using state funds only and free of federal involvement, began on January 1 of this year.

What Perry did not explain, however, is that state lawmakers had already decimated the state’s family planning program in 2011 – forcing budget cuts of two-thirds that resulted in the closing of more than 50 clinics. All this in a state that already suffers a primary health care shortage of crisis proportions. Texas has only 70 active primary care physicians per 100,000 people, ranking it 47th among 50 states. Planned Parenthood and other such community clinics thus were filling a critical gap. Banning their participation in a state program only exacerbates the Texas physician shortage.

Still, Governor Perry insists that the state has enlisted enough physicians to compensate for the loss in care, but multiple studies contradict that claim. The Dallas Morning News recently found that of the 336 contacts listed online by the health department as participants in the new women’s health program, there are only 55 new providers (the rest are repeats, with only a handful prepared to accept new patients).

As a result, the state health department quickly removed the online list and now requires patients to call for referrals. When I called the number provided, however, I was informed that due to high call volume, my call could not be completed, and I should try again at a non-peak hour. Carla Holeva, the CEO of Planned Parenthood of West Texas, recently told me that when one of her former Women’s Health Program patients finally got through to the health department, she got three referrals: one for a physician who could not see her for over a month, one for a physician who now practices in New Mexico, and one for a physician who lives in Katy, TX… nearly six hours away from her home. Kristin Staples, former manager of the Planned Parenthood clinic that closed in Abilene, reported that she recently visited more than 20 private providers in the area to let them know about family planning services now being offered by the county health department, and nearly all admitted they are not taking any Women’s Health Program patients at this time.


  1. Sand_Cat February 4, 2013

    What? No wingnuts to defend Rick?

    1. plc97477 February 5, 2013

      maybe even wingnuts have their pride

      1. Fern Woodfork February 5, 2013

        No Pride They Know They Only Look Stupid!!! Plus They Know There ‘s Really No Defense For Rick Perry Dumb Ass, None What So Ever!!

  2. Daniel Jones February 4, 2013

    He means scarring, of course, Scarring For Texas Women.

    Rick hates women.

    He hates you, too, because you’re not Rick Perry.

    You Have Been warned.
    Have a nice day.

  3. nobsartist February 4, 2013

    What do you expect from a moron that is too stupid to remember the 3 federal agencies that he would close. Then again, somehow he got elected. I guess you get what you deserve.

    1. sn77339 February 5, 2013

      A lot of us didn’t vote for Gov. Stupid, but we can’t afford to move to a more civilized state. Wish I had stayed in California!

  4. AZepicFAIL February 4, 2013

    And to think this Texas Turd wants to be POTUS…. *shudder*

    Not only does Rickybaby hate women, he hates poor people too…most of his ilk do. After all, their god tells them that being poor is a sin. Qutoeth the Gospel according to Perry and the Tea Party: “If you are poor, you are a wicked, filthy sinner and Jeebus doesn’t love you. So we will rag you and nag you and take stuff away from you and constantly berate you and tell you what a horrible, disgusting, life-failing loser you are, until you finally pull yourself up by your (nonexistent) boot straps and go get a job and become one of our god’s chosen few…the filthy rich 1%. Compassion? Love thy neighbor? Help thy neigbor? Forget it. That’s for limp-wristed, yellow-bellied, liberal commie pussies who hate ‘Merica. The only thing the poor are entitled to is a swift kick in the ass, and they should be greatful they even get that.”

    “And if you are a poor woman? Oh you are an even lowlier creature. Don’t even think a sexual thought, much less actually have sex. You don’t need no burth control or birdz n beez edumucation…just keep your knees closed, bitch. Can’t feed ’em? Then don’t breed ’em. Get pregnant anyway? You are a filthy whore who deserves to suffer and carry that baby to term and raise it with no help. Unless you want to sell….er, give your baby away to be raised by a good 1% Tea Party family instead of a poor loser fornicator like you, then we might help you, maybe. Otherwise, your pregnancy is god’s way of making you suffer and pay for daring to fornicate.”

    Of course the really disgusting truth about Perry and his ilk is that even if they do succeed in denying abortion and birth control to other women, especially the poor and non-whites they despise, is that their own precious christian angel daughters shall never be so deprived. If their precious little angel has an inconvenient little bastard bun in the oven, Daddie Dearest will make sure precious angel gets her abortion, even if it means going out of state, or leaving the country, or paying a big wad of under-the-table hush money to a local doctor who will do the deed if the price is right. That’s how it was done in the good (HA!!!!!) old days before Roe v. Wade: poor girls got butchered with coat hangers on kitchen tables, rich girls got safe, sterile procedures. And the law did not stop either from happening.

    Tragically, I predict in a few years we will see a sharp rise in child abuse and neglect cases in Texas, followed by a sharp increase in crime in a decade or so, as more and more poor women are forced have children they cannot afford and don’t want. Wonder how long it will be before women start showing up in Texas ERs, bleeding to death or suffering massive septic infections from “back-alley” abortions…would not surprise me at all if that happens.

    It has been 40 years, people. Why must we continue to fight this war?!?!!?!?!?

    1. nobsartist February 5, 2013

      I am hoping to see texas part of mexico soon. It would help with our deficiet and rid us of a few million half-wits at the same time.

      Perhaps it is time to enact a special “stupid tax” on texass and the oil cabal hiding out there.

      1. Mary Martinez February 5, 2013

        Yep, you’re still going backwards, did you forget Texas was Mexico. Not all Texans voted republican. Texas is a state where there are a lot of retirees and they don’t want there comfort zone messed with, so they vote republican regardless of the idiots that are running for office.

        1. nobsartist February 6, 2013

          Then perhaps they should consider moving.

      2. Doctor T February 5, 2013

        Yes! Let them secede. They need to get the answer to their prayers. Fight the Alamo again, stupid bastards! Texas is a microcosim of what is wrong in this country. The rich few who like to be treated as aristocrats. Big Oil! Made this whole mess we are in now. Bush Sr and his cohorts and all the rest. Should have gone all the way during the Gulf War but chose not to. Why, I asked ever did we invade Iraq when there was no concrete evidence of WMDs? Because Jr Bush had a HO on the whole matter. Look back at old photos of the various dignitaries shaking hands with the leaders in the Middle East. Such hypocracy! And now I ask why and did then too, did we assert a preemptive strike? First time in our history and we were WRONG! We have a department of Defense, right? Not a Department of OFFENSE!

      3. Kindall March 27, 2013

        Don’t be daft…I’m a pro-choice, well-read, science loving atheist and I’m from Texas. Most people-including conservatives-think Perry is an embarrassment, especially after the last presidential election.

    2. Mary Martinez February 5, 2013


    3. Doctor T February 5, 2013

      So many valid points. Thank you for your thoughts.

    4. TrulyWonderfulPeep February 5, 2013

      BINGO! haha~!!!!!!

    5. InsideEye February 5, 2013

      God Speaks….do not make me come down there !!!!!

      That if any would not work, neither should he eat – That is, at the public expense. They should not be supported by the church. So it has been given, written for all and for further reading This was a maxim among the BIBLE and the same sentiment may be found in Homer, Demosthenes, and Pythagoras; see Grotius, in loc. The maxim is founded in obvious justice, and is in accordance with the great law under which our Creator has placed us; Genesis 3:19. That law, in the circumstances, was benevolent, and it should be our aim to carry it out in reference to ourselves and to others. The law here laid down by the apostles extends to all who are able to work for a living, and who will not do it, and binds us not to contribute to their support if they will not labor for it. It should be regarded as extending:
      (1) to the members of a church – who, though poor, should not be supported by their brethren, unless they are willing to work in any way they can for their own maintenance.
      (2) to those who beg from door to door, who should never be assisted unless they are willing to do all they can do for their own support. No one can be justified in assisting a lazy man. In no possible circumstances are we to contribute to foster indolence. A man might as properly help to maintain open vice.

      Here I created you all and you guys are using “Unplanned Parent hood” for …….

      1. Nikki June 26, 2013

        You should be commited to an asylum.

        1. InsideEye June 27, 2013

          My point is that everyone should put out to the max when being given temporary assistance. …unless there are extreme circumstances. Reciting similar thoughts from antiquity…..must have been a teaching moment even back then……where do you

        2. InsideEye June 27, 2013

          Why not wait till 21 weeks….or better yet, full term as the Doc in Philadelphia. , any one who waits 20 weeks before an abortion is not worthy to have a child anyway…..a complete idiot. It is used for failed contraception techniques and therefore should be paid by the bearer. …not under the guise of ” female health” issues. Abortion should be mandatory in large cities for such ignorami. As much as I am against it. It may be the best for all of society than propagating more stupid subhumans….that take up space. M

    6. jointerjohn February 6, 2013

      Unfortunately the monied end of the anti-abortion movement only see the fetuses of the poor as future low-wage employees. An impoverished underclass means that someday they can get someone to hand wax their Mercedes for a sandwich and a bag of old clothes. They don’t give a shit about protecting “the unborn”, they just want to protect the “not yet exploited”.

  5. Dominick Vila February 5, 2013

    Decisions like the ones being put in place in Texas is one of the reasons most women voted for Democratic candidates in 2012, and it is the reason more and more women will reject GOP policies and candidates in the future.
    Women understand, better than the pro-birth sycophants, that Planned Parenthood offers services that go well beyond abortion. Denying poor women the counsel and medical help they need to be healthy and cope with difficult situations may be trivial for some, but I suspect it is not for most women regardless of whether they need Planned Parenthood services or not. The GOP is putting the last nails in their coffin, and their chances of resurrecting any time soon are becoming more and more elusive by the minute.

    1. Fern Woodfork February 5, 2013

      I Agree My Friend!! These Morons Learned Nothing From This Last Election I Say Let Them Keep Putting The Nails In Their Own Coffins, Come 2014 They Will Be Easier To Get Rid Of Plus 2016 There Will Be No Way In Hell A GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Member Will Win The White House!!! Makes You Wonder Who In Their Right Mind Would Vote For A Dumb Ass Like Rick Perry?? With His Racist Niggerhead Hunting Club Ass!!! At The Primaries He Really Showed The World Just How Dumb He Really Is!!!

      1. Dominick Vila February 5, 2013

        If they keep it up they will soon be laying alongside ancient Egyptian mommies, without the benefit of pyramids to protect them!

        1. Bob Brindell February 5, 2013

          Let us not count the republicans out yet. I am old enough to remember the death of the Repubs after Berry Goldwater and after Tricky Dicky. We became over confident and they came back. Stay alart and vigilent! Do not repeat past mistakes.
          30 years ago I lined in a Democratic State with a few Republican pockets. Today it is a Repoblican state with a few Democratic pockets.

      2. James O'Flaherty February 5, 2013

        Fern…anywhere but Texas. They not only vote for Perry they favored Cruz over Dewhurst because Dewhurst was not right wing enough! No nails in coffins here and if Hispanics look like they’ll become significant at the polls they’ll just Gerrymander the state a little bit more.

        1. Fern Woodfork February 5, 2013

          LOL Guess They Why The Want To Secede From The USA!! And Rick Perry Said No Cause He Was Talking Crap At The Primaries But At Night He Was First In Line Begging Obama To Send Government Help To Send More Firemen And FEMA Cause Half Of His State Of Texass Was On Fire!!! LOL Perry Just Like The Rest Of The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Always Want The Make The Government Smaller Until They Need The Government!!! They Not Fooling nobody but Themselves And Their Dumbass Base!!!

          1. jointerjohn February 6, 2013

            Texas won’t secede from the Union because they hold more domestic military base operations, in dollar terms, than any other state. We in the north would be glad to have those back, many were stolen from blue states during the Bush era. I would love to see the states of the old confederacy secede, because this time we won’t fight a war over it, just throw a party and celebrate, “thank God and Greyhound they’re gone.”

        2. AMADAL February 5, 2013

          They allready have, and with the help of the Repukelican courts. I fear for the people of my state and hope they wake up and get rid of these Repukelican assassins

        3. Dominick Vila February 5, 2013

          Gerrymandering is ongoing at a pace never seen before, and that is not limited to Texas. The decision made by GOP state-controlled legislatures concerning electoral vote allotments is likely to produce results never seen before…and they are doing it with total impunity. Hopefully the Democratic party is paying attention and doing something about it, otherwise our votes – the votes of the majority – will be irrelevant in future elections. What they are doing will making hanging and pregnant chads look like a children’s game.

        4. judgeglenda February 7, 2013

          i was a winter texan who quit because even with insurance the health system along the border is so poor i could no longer risk my health i waited in er for 6 hrs the last time in tx. a lot of problems is due to mexican women coming to tx.

    2. Joan Maurer February 5, 2013

      In the mean time the people of Texas suffer. The “old dog’ Republican’s seem unable to learn any”new tricks”.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker February 5, 2013

    Texas had two very excellent women in the GOP, the late Ann Richards and Kaye Bailey Hutchinson. Ann Richards was the former Texas governor who so eloquently stated, “Poor George (GWB), he can’t help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth. Kaye Bailey Hutchinson retired last year from politics. The GOP just can’t wrap it’s male dominated brains around the fact that educated, politically savvy Texan women like these two won’t tolerate the gender demolition tactics.

    It’s incumbent upon Texan women to stand up for their rights before they have none left.

    1. english_teacher February 5, 2013

      Ann Richards was a Democrat not a member of the former GOP.

    2. bandrulz February 5, 2013

      Wasn’t Ann Richards a democrat?

      1. TrulyWonderfulPeep February 5, 2013

        Yes, she was. Ann Richards can never be held up next to these Republitard American Taliban bozo’s…

    3. Uwe Pickering February 5, 2013

      Ann Richards was a Democrat, if I remember correctly, but, I am sorry to say, Kaye Bailey was the standard stupid republican. She voted in lock step with the Tea Party. Other than this, Rick Perry is a brain dead Tea Party idiot that not only created a atmosphere of bigotry, hatred for women, the poor, but has all but destroyed education.

    4. Dominick Vila February 5, 2013

      I believe moderate Republicans will prevail in their efforts to move their party back to its traditional center-right position. They realize that the extremism of the Tea Party, ideologues, and religious zealots has done tremendous damage to their party and are trying to moderate their message. Recent decisions, especially in Congress, suggest they are going to be more careful and deliberate regarding issues they believe are worth fighting for, instead of the widespread obstructionism that characterized their behavior during the last four years. Ann Richards was a Democrat, and a good one at that.

      1. Independent1 February 6, 2013

        Let’s hope so!!

    5. jarheadgene February 5, 2013

      Woa now Ms. Whitaker….Ann Richards was a Democrat…a REAL TEXAN not a transplant like the Bush family using TEXAS as a tax dodge, even though they really lived in Connecticut. And she championed Women’s rights versus Kaye Bailey Hutchinson who goose steps to the GOP. TEXAS …. get your HEADS out of your Keysters. Toss the Bushes to the curb along with Perry.

  7. Eleanore Whitaker February 5, 2013

    If you think this issue is bad, wait till you hear about what Texas government wants to do to their universities….turn them into corporate job markets instead of institutions of learning and study.

    1. Independent1 February 6, 2013

      And Texan’s SAT scores are already 46th in the nation and they actually lead the nation in HS drop out rates.

  8. Polish_Princess February 5, 2013

    Wait til the ACA takes full effect. The Gov. will find that the groups he chooses to ideoligically punish will rise up and he is already on thin ice. THAT is the lesson he should have learned in Nov. 2012.

  9. smilelaugh February 5, 2013

    How sad that this man is putting politics ahead of caring for his people. But if they vote him in then this is what they want. I hope they wise up and see what he really is. Certainly not for them

  10. Annemb February 5, 2013

    …and Rick Perry calls himself a Christian?

  11. london717 February 5, 2013

    American Taliban at work

  12. Rex H February 5, 2013

    Rick Perry – The empty $700 suit.

  13. manfred February 5, 2013

    Where can I find Texas on the map? I had the impression it is part of the US, but it more resembles a country in Africa where people walk a day to find some sort of healthcare. And whats more, any help is graciously accepted!

  14. Mary Martinez February 5, 2013

    I live in Texas and it is a sad situation. Perry thinks he is smart by following the tea party & religious organizations thinking, concerning birth control, medical care and abortions. Religious organizations make a lot of money, and after the leaders line there pockets (because they sooo deserve it) they help their flock in need. They cry about the people on welfare, but begging is begging.

  15. Bryan February 5, 2013

    I am glad that slow dim-witted people with no rationale like Rick Perry are running our country.

  16. Mr February 5, 2013

    Perry’s idol is GWBush–what more needs said!!!!!
    Texas is a ‘bought’ state. The REDS for the time being own it.

  17. Nomoresmoke February 5, 2013

    For years Texans have believed that they are a separate entity from the United States. There mantra is similar to that of the old General Motors; “As Texas goes so does the Country”. Big money Texans want us to believe that they don’t need the rest of us. Rick Perry is a bigot, racist, and hypocrit of epic proportions. He is only dwarfed by his ego. Texas women know their place in the pecking order of control! (Yes, I’m being facetious) Put Texas with Misssissippi when it comes to mindless politicians.

  18. Jonny Dancer February 5, 2013

    Do not migrate to Texas! Not only does Perry and most of the GOP politicians are going to eliminate coverage for women, they are going to eliminate all other efforts such as Medicaid etc., for those who require medical services, food stamps etc.

    Living in Texas is living in HELL!

  19. Chris Doyle February 5, 2013

    Perry is a poor example of a human being, and the far right bible thumpers who hate abortion are all to willing to dictate to America that we can’t use birth control. What sick SOB’s.

  20. adriancrutch February 5, 2013

    In NW indiana,if your a woman that has no insurance or job and you need medical attention of any kind,you go on a merry go round of hospitals,med centers,etc. to find some help and then more rides to find monetary help. And this is urban jungle of within 20 mins.! Texas has alot of rural area which would make the distanse to a med. ctr. all the more daunting for the uninsured seekin help. It’s always the poor who get left behind for a profit driven society that soon will discover that universal health care is the only solution! Health insurance co’s. are just pyramid schemes when it comes time to pay, they know they won’t lose. So they deny and now there’s a huge cottage industry in debt collections. Profit Drive has ruined everyday life in general.

  21. ivory69690 February 5, 2013

    Perry’s an idiot anyways . showed that when he ran . but all it all one has to blame the ppl. in Texas for putting that GOP ding-dong in office .

  22. Lovefacts February 5, 2013

    And to think, Texas believes it’s because of demographics that it will go Blue. Try the true reason, female voters.

  23. Delores S February 5, 2013

    a lot of women here in texas don’t have any medical insurance 2 go 2 any doctor’s office at all a lot of them sometimes are found dead in their homes because they don’t have the money or no insurance 4 the doctors bill so that is what planed parenthood helps out with a lot of the health problems not just 4 child kill if you have a medical problems like cancer a lot of women have gone there @ found out that they might have cancer or not if you have it they will tell also if you don’t want any more kids in your life they talk 2 you first then go from there if you still say no more kids they’ll start you on the pills 2 stop having kids until you are ready 2 have kids again there is a lot they can do with health problems texas has lost a lot of money behind mr.perry time go let some one else run texas you have put us in a big debt problem[ like you said mr.perry read my lips don’t mess with texas] they got word alright that is why we didn’t a space ship here in texas at all texas is at the bottom of the pole

  24. Stella53 February 5, 2013

    I thought Rick Perry had plans to secede from the U.S.? What is he waiting for?

    1. Fern Woodfork February 5, 2013

      It Was Some People 28.000 Who Wanted To Secede Not Rick Perry Cause He Know His State Would Be On Their Own!! That Show You That Talk About Smaller Government Is Just A Bunch of Bullshit!! They Just Don’t Want To Pay For Government But They Don’t Mind Using Government When They Need It!!!

  25. quasm February 5, 2013

    Ms. Flynn;

    Texas is denying no one’s rights. There exist no right to force others to pay for my health care or reproductive services.

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

    1. Jim Myers February 5, 2013

      Replying to quasm –

      Clearly, you are not a woman who needs pre-natal care. And you certainly have NO compassion for those less fortunate than you.

      A truly Christian attitude.

      1. quasm February 5, 2013

        Mr. Myers;

        Clearly, you are a person who knows nothing about my compassion. Is it compassionate to force others to pay to provide services of which you approve?

        Best Regards;

        1. Terry Sellars February 5, 2013

          CLEARLY, you are male and have no say regarding my healthcare period! I am a longtime taxpayer and you have no right to deny quality healthcare to me or any other U.S. taxpaying citizen. We have all paid into this. I’m also pretty sure your “compassion” is not that of Jesus. Crawl back into your dark hole.

          1. quasm February 6, 2013

            Dear Terry Sellars;

            I deny healthcare to no one. You seem to have some idea that you buy rights by paying taxes. An interesting, but flawed, concept. Would you agree, since I pay my fair share of taxes and the Constitution guarantees my right to bear arms, that my fellow taxpayers should reimburse the purchase of my guns?

            Best Regards;

      2. InsideEye June 27, 2013

        Why not wait till 21 weeks….or better yet, full term as the Doc in Philadelphia. , any one who waits 20 weeks before an abortion is not worthy to have a child anyway…..a complete idiot. It is used for failed contraception techniques and therefore should be paid by the bearer. …not under the guise of ” female health” issues. Abortion should be mandatory in large cities for such ignorami. As much as I am against it. It may be the best for all of society than propagating more stupid subhumans….that take up space. M

  26. Bill Jackstat February 5, 2013

    Somehow we have got to take advantage of these idiot politicians in Texas and hold them up as an example of what can happen if this extreme ideology takes hold of this country.

  27. Nancy February 5, 2013

    Unless and until the ReTHUGlican Nazi/Fascists pull their heads out of their Anal Termini so they can see the light of day, things will NOT change for any woman in a ReTHUGlican ruled State. Most are southern, illiterate, Bible Thumping fanatics who want to keep women barefoot and pregnant. WAKE UP, Fools! the Genii is OUT of the bottle and she’s NOT going back in any time soon! The ONLY ones you are hurting are YOUR wives, Girlfriends, Daughters, Nieces, Granddaughters, et al. So sad. WHY do you want them to be second class citizens? Women in States governed by SANE, Reasonable Legislators will reap the benefits of a life unburdened by unwanted pregnancies and unnecessary deaths caused by Politicians making SERIOUS medical decisions where a Physician’s skill and knowledge are needed to help women make, sometimes painful and heartbreaking decisions regarding their Reproductive Health. Pitiful.

    1. Jim Myers February 5, 2013

      Replying to Nancy –

      Clearly the WAR ON WOMEN is alive and well in Texas. God help the women who are in distress in Texas.

      Lord only knows, the State will not help them.

      1. Terry Sellars February 5, 2013

        I believe all women in Texas need to leave there ASAP! Or continue to be prisoners of this man’s war on them, if they stay.

        1. Doctor T February 5, 2013

          Some women have no brains and will put up with anything. Part of the problem.

          1. johninPCFL February 5, 2013

            And some just can’t afford to move…

  28. stcroixcarp February 5, 2013

    Doesn’t Planned Parenthood offer vasectomies? It should, and for free too.

  29. Doctor T February 5, 2013

    Perry is a baffoon. He made “Dumb and Dumber” a goal to achieve. I love the way they interfere into the private cavities of a woman’s body but leave her laying in the gutter, their own self-righteous and callous regard being strung out in the name of “God” and “religion”. Please forgive me. I thought freedom of religion in this country was a right and not a subject to be monitored by a group of religious zealots and fanatics.

  30. dslocum February 5, 2013

    What else could we expect from a state like Texas? Their record of bad treatment of women is abysmal !!! And Rick Perry, clearly a mental midget, is only going to take the state backward.

    1. Terry Sellars February 5, 2013

      The neo conservatives are a retro-party. They want it like the good ole days, when white men were kings and everyone else were their property (including their wives/child bearers).

  31. gopersareignorant February 5, 2013

    How do Texans put scum like perry in office to begin with?

    1. Terry Sellars February 5, 2013

      My question as well. Are they reaping what they’ve sown? They got what they asked for when they voted for this scum. I would never put a foot in Texas.

  32. ObozoMustGo February 5, 2013


    This whole “war on women” crap is nothing more than a manufactured crisis invented by the Obozo propagandists to split and divide Americans pitting one group against another for Obozo’s reelction campaign. Only the dumbest of the dumb out of you useful idiots actually believe such nonsense.

    Instead, we should be focusing on what is actually important. Things like our declining economy and our out of control national debt. Witness last week’s announcement that the economy shrank in Q4 2012. All of the leftist freaks and useful idiots at The Memo and in the media chose to blame the decline on a decline in government spending. Well, well, well. SURPRISE! That too is a lie coming from Obozo and his very own Pravda. Here are the facts. Hat tip, James Agresti, at Just Facts(dot)com.
    original link with hyperlinked footnotes at: justfactsdaily(dot)com/economy-declined-as-government-spending-rose

    Economy declined as government spending rose
    By James D. Agresti

    February 4, 2013

    In the wake of stunning news that the U.S. economy shrunk by 0.1% in the last quarter of 2012, prominent media outlets and commentators are reporting that lower government spending is the cause of the economic decline. In reality, however, government spending rose by 0.8%, and the claim that it fell stems from a federal report that defines “government spending” so narrowly that it excludes 47% of all government spending.

    On January 30th, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) issued a preliminary report stating that gross domestic product (GDP) decreased by 0.1% in the fourth quarter of 2012. The report emphasized that this is an “advance estimate … based on source data that are incomplete or subject to further revision….” The report also stated that the decrease in GDP “reflected negative contributions from private inventory investment, federal government spending, and exports….”

    Seizing upon the “federal government spending” aspect of this report, some journalists, commentators and organizations have claimed that reduced government spending is dragging down the economy. This was the focal point of a combative exchange on CNBC between on-air editor Rick Santelli and senior economics reporter Steve Liesman. Attributing the decline in GDP to left-leaning government policies, Santelli stated, “When you act like Europe, you get growth rates like Europe, and our discussions with economists sounds like we’re in Europe!” To which Liesman shot back, “We reduced government spending by 15 percent! That’s not Europe!”

    In fact, government spending rose by 0.8%, and the decline that Liesman and others are citing only applies to a narrow segment of spending that excludes most social program benefits. This is shown in BEA’s report on GDP, which reveals that the “government spending” in this report consists of “government consumption expenditures and gross investment.” This is merely a subset of government spending that excludes 69% of all federal spending and 20% of all state and local spending. As BEA explains in its “Primer on Government Accounts” and its webpage on measures of government spending“:

    • “Consumption expenditures include what government spends on its work force and for goods and services, such as fuel for military jets and rent for government buildings and other structures.”
    • “Gross investment includes what government spends on structures, equipment, and software, such as new highways, schools, and computers.”
    • “Government consumption expenditures and gross investment … is a measure of government spending on goods and services that are included in GDP.”
    • “Total spending by government is much larger than the spending included in GDP.”

    In sum, what BEA categorizes as “government spending” in its GDP reports doesn’t include items such as unemployment benefits, food stamps, welfare payments, subsidized housing, Medicaid benefits, Social Security benefits, Medicare benefits, foreign aid, and interest on the national debt. This amounts to 47% of all federal, state and local government spending, largely consisting of social programs that advocates for more government spending say will spur economic growth.

    The BEA report in question estimates that “government spending” declined by 15% in the fourth quarter of 2012, consisting of a 22% decline in national defense, a 1% increase in other federal spending, and 1% decrease in state and local spending. Again, these figures are preliminary, they only apply to selected categories of government spending, and real total government expenditures actually increased by 1%.

    Hence, if one were to draw a simplistic conclusion from this data (as reporters and analysts have done), an accurate assessment would be that increased overall government spending—with more spending on social programs and less on national defense—accompanied the decline in GDP.

    It is important to note that the above-cited figures are comparisons between the third and fourth quarters of 2012, and quarterly figures on government spending tend to fluctuate. Thus, when journalists and commentators focus on short-term data as they have done in this case, they obscure the larger picture of what has taken place in the past several years and over the longer term. Consider the following.

    As shown in the graph below, total government spending rose dramatically in 2008 and 2009 and has since consumed more of the nation’s economy than at any time since 1960, which is as far back as this BEA data goes. BEA also tracks a slightly less inclusive measure of government spending (called current expenditures) that dates back to 1929. By this measure, government spending consumed more of the nation’s economy during 2009-2011 than ever recorded in the history of the nation, including the peak of World War II. And in 2012, current spending was just a hair below the peak of World War II.


    There’s a chart there as well and the article is cross linked with it’s sources. I encourage you all to go there and learn. Don’t get caught up in these stupid and moronic issues like “so-and-so’s war on women” that could not be more of a waste of time, except for the supreme idiots.

    Have a nice day!

    “Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction in stolen goods.” – H.L. Mencken

    1. Hillbilly February 5, 2013

      You and the likes of you are what encourage the likes of Rick Perry and the Republican-Tea party war on women. When women and children start dying in Texas because of the lack of medical care maybe the devil will leave Perry and his likes so they don’t lose the majority of Texas’s population to disease because he is hell bent on getting his way when it comes to abortion and other health matters regarding women. Perry and the other fools that believe the same things seem to forget a very important fact, if it wasn’t for a woman they wouldn’t be in this world and the fact that if there are no women there are no future geneations because man can’t be artifically inseminated (Spell check not working) like women can and have their own heirs without a woman, Every woman in Texas that cares about what happens when there is no health care for the poor women should with hold sex from their men until Perry and the Republican thugs in the state legisature rescind his new health plan for women and invites Planned Parenthood and other medical clinics that help the underpaid, and poor women of Texas have decent medical care.
      By the way no believes a word of what you post and your pathic attacks against the President.

      1. robert February 6, 2013

        You are correct, Hillbilly. In the law, if a person hands another a gun, then instigate or push that individual to kill someone, that person can and would be charged with murder. If a person merely instigates another to commit murder by his words, that person can be charged with complicity to murder. If a person harbors or participates in hiding a criminal from arrest, his/her actions could get them arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, harboring a criminal. There crimes are exactly what Republicans/Tea Bags are doing. These Republican/Tea Bags are cutting essential aide, Medicaide, health care, mental health, and dismantling public education. Any deaths that would occur from their actions against women, the elderly, and the sick, any economic crime commited by some desperate indiviual at the end of his/her rope, or a mentally ill person having a psychotic episode lashes out and kills someone because they are deprived of essential safety nets, beds, shelter. and medication, that blood is on the hands of Perry, jindal, and any republican/Tea Bag who are cutting and slashing aide across the country. That makes them murderers and criminals. Man, 2014 can’t get here soon enough!

      2. ObozoMustGo February 6, 2013

        I rarely relpy to you because you are a moron. Anyone that thinks that all hell is going to break out not because people don’t have healthcare (they do), but instead because someone else is unwilling to pay for it, is a total idiot. The issue is NOT access. The issue is who pays. You leftist freaks confuse the two. Go stuff your head back up your butt, you dope!

        And my post is 100% accurate and verifiable. It counters, with facts, the propaganda of the Obozo zombies that the economy shrank because government spending went down. The fact is that it did NOT go down. It went up. The facts are there. Use the link I gave you. Go there and click on the cross reference links to government data.

        How do you get through a day without wandering out into traffic, you slack-jawed idiot? You should learn to refrain from posting here. Stay silent. It’s in your best interest.

        Have a nice day!

        “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain

    2. robert February 5, 2013

      Talking loud and saying nothing. What’s your solution, trick? Let’s hear what you personally have to say instead of the throw up you spew every time you post. Don’t regurgitate Republican/Tea Bag garbage. Let’s hear YOUR solution. Don’t be a drone all your life. We want to hear what Bozo has to say from his own mouth without a Republican/Tea Bag hand up your ass, working your mouth, and turning your head.

  33. TrulyWonderfulPeep February 5, 2013

    When will this man be voted out and into obscurity? The American Taliban is alive and well. This bozo can go to the hell of his gods making. What a wack job…

  34. robert February 5, 2013

    Right next door to Rick Perry is Booby Jindal, Republican governor of Louisiana, who is cutting and slashing like Edward Scissorhands! It seemes to be a scourched earth policy of every Republican/Tea Bag governor and legislator across America. They know that 2014 is nearing and many of them will be fired by the disgusted people of their states, or they are on their way out by term-limits, so “Oh well!, let’s give ’em hell!” They are redistributing the money from their cuts and slashings to Republican/Tea Bag contractors, corporations, and industries, so they are not very concerned about crash-burning their careers. They will simply call in their IOU’s and become lobbyists, CEO’s, or spokesmen for these republican/Tea Bag contractors, corporations, and industries at lucrative salaries, essentially getting kick-backs from their support while in office. Man, nothing smells like the truth. I pray that Americans are learning from this. They have been doing this to us for a long time. It has to end.

    1. johninPCFL February 5, 2013

      Not sure about that. Rick “boobhead” Scott just reversed all of his cuts to FL government to try to raise his dismal poll results. Maybe by 2014 the dimwits who voted him into office will forget about his draconian measures and do it again…

      1. robert February 5, 2013

        It’s dirty tricks. 2014 is just around the corner. We’ll see.

  35. Nate February 5, 2013

    Texas should hide in a hole. They have a lot to be proud of. They rank near or at the bottom for insuring children, ensuring that women have re-prductive health. The only thing they lead the country in is executed death row inmates. And to put the cherry on top of this concoction is this is the 50 year anniversary of the assination of President Kennedy. Where was he killed? Dallas, Texas.

  36. Mark Ickowski February 5, 2013

    Ah another example of STUPID greedy repukes and DIRTY judges who need to go we hope that when 2014 rolls around there will be a bunch of repukes heads on the CHOPPING BLOCK.

  37. Michael Ross February 5, 2013

    The Republicans are quick to blame hardline conservatives like Senator Cruz or the rise in population among Hispanics, for gradually turning red states purple. But if nothing else, the shift of Texas from red to blue will be due to the crushing hypocrisy and stupidity of Rick Perry and his cohorts, who would rather subject their residents to crushing restrictions on critical services just so they can thumb their noses at the rest of the country over a single issue that is, in the larger scheme of things, a triviality at best.

    Perry will turn the reddest of the red states blue, not by failing to appeal to Hispanics, but by giving the people of Texas no other choice. They can either defy convention and look to a Democrat (or, more likely, an independent) to turn Texas back around, or they can continue to allow Rick Perry to lead them into ruin.

  38. beau10 February 5, 2013

    Gee, and this guy could have been president.

  39. InsideEye February 5, 2013

    Even Mayor Bloomberg is for ” Unplanned parent Hood” Clinics and giving Morning After Pills, It costs less that Welfare-ism and keeps away these unwanted huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Less traffic, less poor whites and knowledgeable people of color. always open at 44th and 3rd, Brooklyn.

    I do honestly see the value of less people, especially in NYC, Chicago, LA but not Boston, yet.

  40. InsideEye February 5, 2013

    Will Rogers agreed and stated ….” Do not vote for these bastards ( Politicians), It will only encourage them.” It is a time for the common to rise and kick them all out. They should be only given Poverty level wages…..after working…. and let them see how it i s to make it…..

  41. InsideEye February 5, 2013

    A lot of people are putting their feet into Texas ….strangely enough from California where they are reaping what they have sown….some do not like what is coming up.

  42. Hillbilly February 5, 2013

    There is an important fact that Republicans and others who act like Perry, they wouldn’t be on this earth to carry out their war on women if it had not been for a woman. Is Perry married, does he have a mother or any sisters? Perry and others like him want to have so many people born in this overcrowded world to make things worse not better that they will do everything they can do to force women to carry unplanned, unwanted, and rape and incest biogoical material until it becomes a baby then walk away for that baby to starve to death, to be nelegected, abused or killed, all they want is for a baby to be born they could care less if the baby makes to adulthood they just want that biogoical matter born.

  43. Jackmack February 5, 2013

    this is what I been saying all this time that the Republican party and the Tea Party are the Stupid case close

  44. Pamby50 February 5, 2013

    I wish my family (aunt & cousins) would leave that state. There is nothing good for them there. No health care for the women. No education for the children.

    Now Rick Perry is trying to get people from California to move to Texas. Who in there right mind would do that?

  45. Charvi3 February 5, 2013

    Rick Perry, confesses to be a Christian…well, I am an ordained minister..and the Jesus Christ, that is head of my life…would not approve of how he is acting like one of those Pharisees…from the Gospel of Matthew…telling others how to live…but, he isn’t living like the way that God is instructing us to live..meaning..to love one another…to serve one another, to baby one another…and to give to the poor till there is no poor to give to..then you save…and he is suppose to take care of the poor and the middle class that is struggling…what a hypocrite..and I am going to e-mail him…and call him one of those and let him know he reminds me so much of Mitt Romney…it isn’t even funny and the both of them were born in the month of March….that suffers from narcissism…enjoy hurting others…I don’t care what religion you are in…but, then again..I am not into any religion…because most of them are “man made” religions…I am into God..the Father, Jesus Christ, the Son, and the Holy Spirit..because most churches…are so much into money it isn’t even funny…they should read psalm 1…and and the fact…that this is a man who is thinks he is “god”…having the right to hurt the poor and the middle class and that means he isn’t a true christian..because when you have Jesus Christ, in your heart or just plain God…you will not go around hurting others as he has done being governor within the state of Texas…I guess he feels like since the people didn’t want him to run for president, he is still crying and wants to punish so many people because of his own failures…I feel for him…he is sowing bad seeds which he will reap, believe me..Jesus Christ loves us all in our sins, since the only one that is perfect is God..and Jesus Christ.
    I have a problem dealing with this man that speaks with a “fork tongue”…and he will have some consequences coming back on him for disobeying the word of God…when you have God in your heart..you will not go around hurting others as he is doing…he is no Chirstian, believe me…he is still crying over the fact…that the American people didn’t like him…there is a saying..”whatever is hidden will come out to the light” and it has been doing such that..now, the republicans are fighting amongst each other, what a pity…no good will come out of them when they want to deprive the poor or the middle class..so, sit back and watch the show…I am still praying my recipe of psalms that are so powerful they are the word of God…and God will take His wrath out on people like these…that don’t want to help the poor or the middle class and to worship money as a “god”…He said you will not take any other God before me…Rick Perry…is playing “god” as the other Mitt both born in March…thought he was “god” as well…oh, well…something bad is going to happen to him for the way he is treating God’s children..oh, well…what you sow…so shall you will reap…and there is a saying..”Stupid does as stupid is”…and you cannot fix stupid.
    He is digging the ditch that he is going fall into deeper..

  46. Amy Darnell-Fuchs February 5, 2013

    Perry is a class A a$$hole.

  47. TeresaB February 5, 2013

    Seems to me republicans want the women to just lay down and die. Taking away women healthcare like mamograms and checking for cervic cancer. But isn’t it funny no mention of stopping men from having their prostate checked.

  48. Lia Hrey February 5, 2013

    Hey Perry, you better start looking over your shoulder. Women will not take this crap from you for long and there are alot more of us than men. Does your wife brow beat you and make you feel like the worm you are? That must be the reason you can’t stand women

  49. Lia Hrey February 5, 2013

    Texas has become a pit of vipers and sick-o’s, can’t get out soon enough

  50. Richard Nichols February 6, 2013

    I have me stupid opinionated people before but never so many in one place. The Republican Party as it was known, is totaly against the people of the United States. Everyone who works for a living should vote against the Republican party. I am against abortion,however I do not have the right to tell a victim of rape or incest they must go through the hell of bearing that mans child. I also believe every working person should have the right to strike for a living wage and not work in the conditions that brought the depresion

  51. Phyllis Rogers February 6, 2013

    It all comes down to who gets to handle the money, Obama care implements documented practice, in what you are doing and why, every one knows who lobbies, until we prove as Americans that big business does not come first it will stay the same

  52. Independent1 February 6, 2013

    And Texan’s SAT scores already rank 46th in the nation and they lead the nation in high school drop out rates.

  53. Debbie Kiesel-Ryan February 6, 2013

    This is why Rick Perry never made it past the Republican debates. Does he not know he does not have the voters support, I hope the voters in Texas come out in droves when his time is up, he neeeds to go just like Corbett in PA!!!!!!! Doesn’t Perry know, decisions like this is what drove woment to the Democrats and voter polls in the 2012 Presidential election. He is just giving the women and minority voters incentive to get him out of office!!!!!

  54. Independent1 February 6, 2013

    And Texan’s SAT scores rank 46th in the nation and they they lead the nation in High School drop out rates. Can’t get much worse than that I guess!!

  55. Independent1 February 6, 2013

    What’s unfortunate is that millions of faux Christians in America who worship the Devil’s workshop (the GOP) also believe that he is.

  56. Lea Fox February 6, 2013

    Happy for TEXAS….Until we figure out who is really POOR or just plain lazy I am happy with this decision. We are sick and tired of women have child after child for us the working class to pay for. Time to cut them off unless they can prove they are disabled or are working and need additional assistance period! Hurrah for the state of TEXAS!

  57. kathymb317 February 6, 2013

    I bet George H.W. Bush had no trouble finding a doctor when he was ill recently! And, he probably had the best that money could buy! Lucky him. Forget about the other poor folks who can’t afford the health care that he can afford!

  58. kathymb317 February 6, 2013

    And my question still continues to be, where will all these men lawmakers be when all these babies are being born and need to be on welfare and food stamps? Then they will be “takers” and be part of the 47%! It’s ridiculous! They can’t see past their noses!

  59. Jerry Beck February 6, 2013

    need to read most of the comments.

  60. Valerie A February 7, 2013

    The dumb A$$e$ in texass voted for this dumba$$ let them live with it.

  61. fuzzball7 February 7, 2013

    Perry, Bush, and the GOP are more Islamic than most Arabs!

  62. Lea Fox February 7, 2013

    I’m happy about this…I praise Perry for standing up for Texas. If you don’t like it move.

  63. Lea Fox February 7, 2013

    I’m very happy that Perry is standing up for Texas, if you don’t like it move and if you don’t live here then butt out.

  64. judgeglenda February 7, 2013

    lets us put democrats in the house. we don’t need another bush or chaney. look at a mess they left the country in obama spent his first 4 years trying to correct it and occonnell definately needs to go.

  65. Joy February 8, 2013

    Texas is a good place to be FROM! Nothing but a bunch of Redneck trailer trash hillbillies! Think of the politicians that came from Texas. Good God, enough to scare the living daylight out of every one in America!

  66. Sterling Harris February 9, 2013

    >> And this is just ONE hospital !!!!
    >> Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas is a fairly famous
    >> institution
    >> and for a variety of reasons:
    >> 1. John F. Kennedy died there in 1963.
    >> 2. Lee Harvey Oswald died there shortly after.
    >> 3. Jack Ruby, who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, died there a few years
    >> later
    >> by coincidence On the flip side, Parkland is also home to the second
    >> busiest maternity ward in the country with almost 16,000 new babies
    >> arriving each year. (That’s almost 44 per day—every day.)
    >> A recent patient survey indicated that 70 percent of the women who
    >> gave
    >> birth at Parkland in the first three months of 2006 were illegal
    >> immigrants.’ Crikey, that’s 11,200 “anchor babies” born every year
    >> just in
    >> Dallas. According to the article, the hospital spent $70.7 million
    >> delivering 15,938 babies in 2004 but managed to end up with almost $8
    >> million dollars in surplus funding. Medicaid kicked in $34.5 million,
    >> Dallas County taxpayers kicked in $31.3 million and the feds tossed in
    >> another $9.5 million.
    >> The average patient in Parkland’s maternity wards is 25 years old,
    >> married
    >> and giving birth to her second child. She is also an illegal
    >> immigrant.
    >> By law, pregnant women cannot be denied medical care based on their
    >> immigration status or ability to pay. OK, fine. That doesn’t mean
    >> they
    >> should receive better care than everyday, middle-class American
    >> citizens.
    >> But at Parkland Hospital, they do.
    >> Parkland Memorial Hospital has nine prenatal clinics. NINE.
    >> The Dallas Morning News article followed a Hispanic woman who was a
    >> patient
    >> at one of the clinics and pregnant with her third child—her
    >> previous two
    >> were also born at Parkland. Her first two deliveries were free and
    >> the
    >> Mexican native was grateful because it would have cost $200 to have
    >> them in
    >> Mexico. This time, the hospital wants her to pay $10 per visit and
    >> $100
    >> for the delivery but sh

  67. jiggymama February 10, 2013

    What this country needs is a department, coaltion or some kind of legal womens issues organization at the top government level to protect womens rights. This should not and cannot be left up to neanderthal men.

  68. Rhonda February 18, 2013

    And Perry calls himself prolife??? His policies are going to backfire in about 5 years when the kids who survive their mothers being denied prenatal care show up in kindergarten with physical, mental, and learning disabilities that were preventable with things like prenatal vitamins, blood pressure medication, and control for gestational diabetes. The kids will go into special education and get an SSI check instead of regular education, college a good job and life as a taxpayer. Oh, but Perry is so prolife!

  69. Rhonda February 18, 2013

    I think the real plan of the Republicans in their “change of face” is to kill off the poor with neglect.

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